"Missing Just Like My Uterus"
Season Bali
Episode # 2/8 (2)
Broadcast 8:54pm EST
Episode Chronology
Previous Master of Stealth and Disguise
Next The Tides Turn Quickly

Missing Just Like My Uterus is the second episode of Ovivor: Bali. You can find the raw transcript of this episode here, and the edited transcript here.


Immunity/Reward Challenge: Letter Cipher
For the challenge, every letter will correlate to a number. A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, D = 4, E = 5, so on and so forth. Using this subsitution cipher, contestants will decode a group of numbers that spell out a location in Bali. The first person to post the correctly decoded area will score a point for their tribe, and the first tribe to three points will win immunity and reward.
Reward: Immunity, Beans
Winner: Sanur


Tribal CouncilEdit

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Darek, I'm sorry. This game is about deceit, and I might not be a deceitful human, but I am able to adapt to my surroundings. Sorry for throwing you under the bus, blessed one. Best of wishes.

– Hope

DereDerek? Holla!

– Crustle

I've decided and lead my legion into voting Derek! Me! I did it! *laughs evilly*. Why vote Derek? BEcause I'm eeevil! Or something along those lines.

– Chuckles

I have changed my mind! I have a dastardly idea! I shall vote for Hope! Mwaghy harghy! I am so ruthless!

– Chuckles

Hope. You're out to get me and I've got nowhere to go. Best of luck to ya.

– Darek

I'm voting Steve because he called me flat. Like, I'm very well-rounded and not just an American Barbie stereotype. :\

– Jaclyn

Hope. I might be safe tonight, but with you around, that'll change in an instant.

– Darek

Steve, I don't dislike you, but Hope is my girl.

– Crustle

Mwarghy blarghy I still vote for hop! For I am super duper fiendish!

– Chuckles

Steve, who's FLAT now????

– Jaclyn

Final WordsEdit

Still in the RunningEdit

Next Time on Ovivor...Edit