[20:24] == igorkorotayev [49a1fc29@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorAllStars
[20:24] <igorkorotayev> hi
[20:24] <SterlingArcher> (I legitimately can't do this because I won't be able to pm people)
[20:25] <cOnfessional> (don't pm idk)
[20:25] <SterlingArcher> (Lemme try google instead of safari)
[20:25] == SterlingArcher [458335a2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[20:25] == AudreyMiddleton [] has joined #OvivorAllStars
[20:25] == DeterminedSnail [uid59094@gateway/web/] has joined #OvivorAllStars
[20:25] <AudreyMiddleton> Hey guys! <3
[20:25] == AgathaTrunchbull [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorAllStars
[20:25] <AgathaTrunchbull> Hello, maggots.
[20:25] == mode/#OvivorAllStars [+o cOnfessional] by jeffprObst_
[20:25] <SisterMaryEunice> God has given me a message.
[20:26] <SisterMaryEunice> I'm here to spread his good word.
[20:26] <SisterMaryEunice> Oh joy.
[20:26] == Kelly_Goldsmith [48422c12@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorAllStars
[20:27] <SisterMaryEunice> We're all prisoners of a great design.
[20:27] == Espeon| [405c0f12@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorAllStars
[20:27] <Espeon|> I am the real eevee
[20:27] == SterlingArcher [458335a2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorAllStars
[20:27] == Kamek [440df3be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorAllStars
[20:27] <SterlingArcher> Yeah, sorry cannot play.
[20:28] <SisterMaryEunice> God is coming.
[20:28] <SisterMaryEunice> He's going to reap the sins of the damned.
[20:28] == Kamek has changed nick to Guest41115
[20:28] == Espeon| [405c0f12@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[20:28] <SisterMaryEunice> What fun.
[20:28] == Guest41115 has changed nick to kamek_wins
[20:28] <@jeffprObst_> guest change ya name
[20:28] <kamek_wins> Ahaha!
[20:28] <kamek_wins> I have arrived!
[20:28] <igorkorotayev> hi kameke
[20:28] == Twinkle| [405c0f12@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorAllStars
[20:28] <SterlingArcher> Archer was pulled out pregnant adtwe he was found to have a pulse of 300 beats a minute
[20:28] <igorkorotayev> i am redey to become basecely a badas and a manipulate of game
[20:28] <SterlingArcher> By some miracle he was still alive
[20:28] <igorkorotayev> i study survive politic
[20:29] <DeterminedSnail> Hello guys
[20:29] <igorkorotayev> and i did survive role play with boris
[20:29] <igorkorotayev> boris lose because he fuck shit stupid man
[20:29] <kamek_wins> Like you could beat a superior mind as me!
[20:29] <kamek_wins> Haha!
[20:29] <DeterminedSnail> I'm really excited to be playing again
[20:29] <DeterminedSnail> Hi Kamek!
[20:29] <igorkorotayev> hi snale
[20:29] <igorkorotayev> wes nale
[20:29] <SterlingArcher> So sorry, bye.
[20:29] <AgathaTrunchbull> A SLUG is in this game?
[20:29] <igorkorotayev> i got blesseng of chip chip and i am redey to compet
[20:29] == SterlingArcher [458335a2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[20:30] <AgathaTrunchbull> thought you couldn't stoop lower than my cast but apparently you found a way!
[20:30] <@jeffprObst_> %0607 test
[20:30] <kamek_wins> Hello Snail!
[20:30] * Umbreon saunters around
[20:30] <kamek_wins> I see you have returned to the game to be beaten once more by me, Kamek!
[20:30] <igorkorotayev> o m god is that time bob
[20:30] <igorkorotayev> from ovive venezuele
[20:30] <igorkorotayev> igor got sad that i did not make final counsel and time bob did
[20:31] <igorkorotayev> time bob not good playere
[20:31] <igorkorotayev> kelley went worth is BEST PLAYERE
[20:31] <Timebob|> bitch yeah it is
[20:31] <Timebob|> @igor
[20:31] <igorkorotayev> bitch i am monster no good blud suckere
[20:31] <AgathaTrunchbull> Your blabbering is INANE.
[20:31] <AgathaTrunchbull> Be quiet!
[20:32] <@jeffprObst_> #C06,C07 test
[20:32] <@jeffprObst_> #C0607 test
[20:32] <@jeffprObst_> wtf
[20:32] <@jeffprObst_> 06 test
[20:32] <@jeffprObst_> B06 test
[20:32] <@jeffprObst_> [B07] test
[20:33] == Twinkle| [405c0f12@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[20:33] <Timebob|> this
[20:33] <Timebob|> or this
[20:33] <@jeffprObst_> [B07] testsecond
[20:33] <@jeffprObst_> second
[20:34] <@jeffprObst_> Okay guys! We're just waiting for two people (Twinkle + Conch) and then we'll begin
[20:34] <@jeffprObst_> Sorry for the long wait lol
[20:34] <Timebob|> yeah whatever
[20:34] <Timebob|> fuck that
[20:34] <Timebob|> *rolls eyes*
[20:34] == MagicConch [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorAllStars
[20:35] <@jeffprObst_> Just waiting for Twinkle
[20:35] <kamek_wins> aha!
[20:35] <kamek_wins> there you are, conch!
[20:35] <@jeffprObst_> Shadowgeoff
[20:35] <@jeffprObst_> BRB for like 10 minutes going to eat dinner/remember who Twinkle is
[20:35] <@jeffprObst_> (that's what SG said, so we're just gonna start now)
[20:36] <SisterMaryEunice> don
[20:36] <SisterMaryEunice> don't start now
[20:36] <Umbreon> (idk if he's coming back)
[20:36] <@jeffprObst_> he will
[20:36] <SisterMaryEunice> if he doesn't come back and you start
[20:36] <SisterMaryEunice> you're gonna be a little disappointed
[20:36] <@jeffprObst_> tru ...
[20:36] <@jeffprObst_> alright I'm giving him until 8:40
[20:36] <Umbreon> and... then what...
[20:36] <Umbreon> doing it with 11?
[20:37] <SisterMaryEunice> ovivor exile peru island
[20:37] <AudreyMiddleton> (um...)
[20:37] <Timebob|> he's just gonna do intros
[20:37] <Timebob|> we're not like
[20:37] <Timebob|> starting the game
[20:38] <Timebob|> .
[20:38] <@jeffprObst_> Yeah let me just do intros
[20:38] <@jeffprObst_> ~
[20:38] <igorkorotayev> ok
[20:38] <MagicConch> *the mystical magic conch washes up with a half-peeled 99¢ tag adorning its shell*
[20:39] <@jeffprObst_> DEEP IN THE HEART OF HAWAII
[20:39] <MagicConch> try.
[20:39] <MagicConch> asking.
[20:39] <MagicConch> again.
[20:39] <@jeffprObst_> TO FINISH WHAT THEY'VE STARTED.
[20:39] <igorkorotayev> i start chili last night but i had BIG BIIIG BIG bowl so i did not finishe
[20:39] <Umbreon> Very... interesting, Igor
[20:40] <@jeffprObst_> Jaclyn Schultz, from Ovivor: Bali, was relatively quiet in the pre-merge, until it was time for Tribal Council where she would spill the secrets of her tribe. Her two immunity wins made her a threat, but when she played an idol on someone, it was her that received the second most amount of votes. Will her ego get in the way of a million dollars again?
[20:40] <DeterminedSnail> Woo!
[20:40] <JaclynMisch> ....
[20:40] <JaclynMisch> My name is Jaclyn Misch.
[20:40] <@jeffprObst_> Magic Conch, from Ovivor: Bali, was worshipped by the rest of their tribe. They were seen as a voice of reason, despite only repeating the same four sentences. At the final five, Conch sided with the men who turned on them at the very next Tribal. When it came down to a firemaking tiebreaker, Conch stuck to their morals and didn’t try. Will they once again stay true to themselves, even...
[20:40] <@jeffprObst_> ...if it costs them the game?
[20:40] <JaclynMisch> I got married.
[20:40] <@jeffprObst_> Eevee, from Ovivor: Bali, initially entered the game with crippling insecurities. When she found several evolutionary stones throughout the season, she needed to make a choice. She eventually learned to love herself without the use of any stones. Falling short of the final immunity challenge win by just one point, will Eevee come close to the title again?
[20:40] <JaclynMisch> *rubs ring in Jeff's face*
[20:40] * MagicConch awaits someone to pull string
[20:40] <JaclynMisch> Married!
[20:40] <@jeffprObst_> Sister Mary Eunice, from Ovivor: Transylvania, was shy at first. Due to a lack of bonds with anyone, she was voted out first… but not before being possessed by the Devil himself. When she returned due to an Outcast twist, her personality did an entire 180° as she blindsided people left and right. Will she break free from the spell, or will she once again be an evil force?
[20:40] <@jeffprObst_> Agatha, from Ovivor: Nova Scotia, was voted as the weakest of her tribe in the very first episode. She was given the option to mutiny to the men, which she took, and rode out until the merge. Although Archer dominated the game, she never listened to the women and stuck by his side… as he blindsided her at the final three. Will she learn to get over a grudge?
[20:40] <igorkorotayev> wow man fuck that big wall of text
[20:40] <@jeffprObst_> Archer, from Ovivor: Nova Scotia, was sexist and rude to many of his castmates, but still ran a tight ship. He played one of the best games, and made sure that everyone on his side stuck to the plan. Although many of the women realized what was happening and tried to overthrow him, he made sure their efforts were futile. Will Archer play the same game a second time?
[20:41] <@jeffprObst_> Kelly, from Ovivor: Ethiopia, entered the merge outnumbered by the Awasa tribe. Although her tribe had an idol on their side, and someone willing to flip, they were not united and so she had to survive on individual immunity challenges. Her win streak ended, and despite her best efforts, she was not able to infiltrate the Awasa women. Will she once again be a physical force?
[20:41] <AgathaTrunchbull> My enemy isn't playing any more!
[20:41] <AgathaTrunchbull> Ha!
[20:41] <@jeffprObst_> Igor, from Ovivor: Venezuela, was seen a positive person to be around. Although he spoke little to broken English, he was well-liked by most of his tribe-mates and no one recognized him as an actual threat to win. When it came down to the wire, Igor was only one challenge away from taking home the crown. Will he once again be cut just before making it to the end?
[20:41] <AgathaTrunchbull> Nothing can stop me now!
[20:41] <@jeffprObst_> Timebob, from Ovivor: Venezuela, was eager to find love in the game, Timebob formed a relationship with everyone and backstabbed them the very next round. They moved on from man to man, which ultimately cost them the game at Final Tribal Council. Will they lose unanimously again?
[20:41] <@jeffprObst_> Audrey Middleton, from Ovivor: Ireland, spread lies about people to turn them against each other, and ruled with an iron fist for quite some time. However, when a double tribal council shook up her plans, she chose to take a risk and play her hidden immunity idol on her lover: Bowser – even though it was her going home. Will she sacrifice her game for love again?
[20:41] <Umbreon> (CONF): After coming so close last time, I feel liek I've got what it takes to win now.
[20:41] <@jeffprObst_> Kamek, from Ovivor: Ireland, formed a strong bond with Bowser and made a final two deal with him. However, knowing that his personal game was more important, he frequently went behind his back to pull off moves that Bowser wouldn’t approve of. Making it to the final two with Bowser, he only lost by one vote. Will he make Final Tribal Council again?
[20:41] <@jeffprObst_> Determined Snail, from Ovivor: Ireland, was seen as physically weak by the rest of his tribe. Despite this, he kept an open mind and was optimistic about his future in the game. Despite being underestimated by everyone, he made it all the way to the final four - and just barely missed out on the Final Tribal Council. Can he overcome the odds yet again?
[20:41] <igorkorotayev> (conf): if i will win i will buy doggy treate for chip chip
[20:41] <DeterminedSnail> Woo!
[20:41] * AudreyMiddleton crosses arms
[20:41] <AudreyMiddleton> I don't think so.
[20:42] <AudreyMiddleton> Love isn't getting in the way of MY second chance.
[20:42] <AudreyMiddleton> Wait...
[20:42] <@jeffprObst_> *TWO BOATS DRIVE IN*
[20:42] <igorkorotayev> yes it is
[20:42] <igorkorotayev> it is love with igor
[20:42] <AudreyMiddleton> This is All-Stars?
[20:42] <igorkorotayev> call me audrey middelten
[20:42] <AudreyMiddleton> I'm an All-Star?!
[20:42] <@jeffprObst_> 21 DAYS.
[20:42] <Timebob|> listen up i'm not about that love anymore
[20:42] <@jeffprObst_> TWELVE PEOPLE.
[20:42] <DeterminedSnail> I am positive I will win this game!
[20:42] <@jeffprObst_> ONE. SOLE. OVIVOR.
[20:42] <@jeffprObst_> ~
[20:42] <@jeffprObst_> Come on in, guys!
[20:42] <Timebob|> i was burned TOO. MANY. TIMES. by my last time...
[20:42] <SisterMaryEunice> Fear not: God has a plan for all of us.
[20:42] <igorkorotayev> i am posotive too
[20:42] <Timebob|> i can't handle it.
[20:42] <SisterMaryEunice> Of course, so does the Devil himself.
[20:42] <Timebob|> i just can't.
[20:42] <SisterMaryEunice> Read your Bibles.
[20:42] <SisterMaryEunice> Understand the word.
[20:42] * AgathaTrunchbull walks in imposingly
[20:42] * kamek_wins immediately falls off the boat
[20:42] * Umbreon walks on in with arms crossed
[20:42] <kamek_wins> ah!
[20:42] <SisterMaryEunice> -sacrifices lamb to satan in the distance-
[20:43] <@jeffprObst_> Alright...
[20:43] <@jeffprObst_> Welcome to Ovivor: All-Stars!
[20:43] * MagicConch sits on the beach
[20:43] * Umbreon glances around
[20:43] <@jeffprObst_> You guys have been through a LOT to get to this point.
[20:43] <DeterminedSnail> Igor you're positive as well?
[20:43] <Timebob|> fuck yeah i have
[20:43] <MagicConch> Maybe someday.
[20:43] <Umbreon> Hey there, PrObst.
[20:43] <Timebob|> stupid bitches... always breaking up with me n shit...
[20:43] <igorkorotayev> i am not particulerly positive man i am just always good spirite
[20:43] <@jeffprObst_> Before we get started, I'm gonna divide you guys up into two teams.
[20:43] <AudreyMiddleton> Of course we have, Probst.
[20:43] <igorkorotayev> i see u agree determen snale
[20:43] <AudreyMiddleton> That's why we're All-Stars.
[20:43] <igorkorotayev> i like snails but not like es car go that is GROSS man
[20:43] * AudreyMiddleton wraps self in blanket and sunglasses.
[20:43] == Twinkle| [405c0f12@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorAllStars
[20:43] <SisterMaryEunice> (PM!!!!@OHF)
[20:43] <DeterminedSnail> That's amazing Igor!
[20:43] <@jeffprObst_> The first tribe is NAHEKA - you guys will wear PINK.
[20:43] * MagicConch awaits for string to be pulled
[20:43] <@jeffprObst_> Naheka consists of...
[20:43] * Umbreon blinks
[20:43] <DeterminedSnail> With an open mind you'll get through anything
[20:43] <@jeffprObst_> Agatha.
[20:44] <Umbreon> Please don't...
[20:44] <Twinkle|> At least I have returned to once again engage in this grueling game.
[20:44] <@jeffprObst_> Eevee.
[20:44] <AgathaTrunchbull> I DESPISE the color Pink.
[20:44] <@jeffprObst_> Twinkle.
[20:44] * Umbreon winces
[20:44] <@jeffprObst_> Timebob.
[20:44] <@jeffprObst_> Igor.
[20:44] <@jeffprObst_> Jaclyn.
[20:44] <MagicConch> nothing.
[20:44] <Umbreon> I'd prefer to be called by my new name, but okay...
[20:44] <Timebob|> TWO OF MY EXES ON A TRIBE WITH ME?!
[20:44] <Timebob|> HOW IS THIS FAIR?!
[20:44] <@jeffprObst_> The REST of you will be on "MANU" and you will wear orange.
[20:44] <igorkorotayev> o thank man
[20:44] <@jeffprObst_> That means...
[20:44] <@jeffprObst_> Snail.
[20:44] <igorkorotayev> i have chalenge beast on tribe
[20:44] <@jeffprObst_> Kamek.
[20:44] <@jeffprObst_> Kelly.
[20:44] <@jeffprObst_> Conch.
[20:44] <igorkorotayev> not as good as joe obtuse angle him
[20:44] <@jeffprObst_> Mary.
[20:44] <DeterminedSnail> Because like me I was once a slow snail, Igor, and with an open mind I overcame my slowness
[20:44] * Kelly_Goldsmith looks around
[20:45] <SisterMaryEunice> Interesting competition.
[20:45] <@jeffprObst_> and Audrey.
[20:45] <MagicConch> I don't think so.
[20:45] <Kelly_Goldsmith> We pretty much have the strongest tribe of all time, which is good.
[20:45] <igorkorotayev> o no oddrey m we are the opposite tribe
[20:45] <@jeffprObst_> Alright. What I failed to mention was that your FIRST CHALLENGE is RIGHT NOW.
[20:45] <igorkorotayev> it will be new romeo and julete storey
[20:45] <Twinkle|> The color pink undermines my masculinity
[20:45] <JaclynMisch> Ughhhhhh.
[20:45] <AgathaTrunchbull> Good.
[20:45] <Kelly_Goldsmith> I mean, it's not like I've ever lost pre-merge before, so that's comforting.
[20:45] <AgathaTrunchbull> I am ready to compete.
[20:45] <igorkorotayev> where fore fart thou ro meo AH AH AH
[20:45] <JaclynMisch> *grabs stomach*
[20:45] <JaclynMisch> Whatever.
[20:45] <@jeffprObst_> Here's how this works.
[20:45] * AgathaTrunchbull takes off trenchcoat and begins to stretch
[20:45] <Twinkle|> My state as a marvel horse does so as well.
[20:45] <igorkorotayev> we must do joega before chalenge
[20:45] <igorkorotayev> it relax joint
[20:45] <@jeffprObst_> You guys will HIKE to your tribe camp. In past seasons, you were given a map - this time, you'll need to find your way there.
[20:45] <Umbreon> (Didn't get any time to send you confessionals for intro rip)
[20:45] <DeterminedSnail> Everyone who was in my season is on the same tribe!
[20:46] <@jeffprObst_> The first team with all 6 members in their tribe camp wins immunity.
[20:46] <DeterminedSnail> Cool!
[20:46] <@jeffprObst_> However.
[20:46] * MagicConch 's nonexistent eyes glance intensely at the rest of the cast
[20:46] <@jeffprObst_> The first PERSON that gets there will win an immunity idol - that is only valid at their first Tribal.
[20:46] <@jeffprObst_> After that, it expires.
[20:46] <MagicConch> No.
[20:46] <@jeffprObst_> You can do this however you want.
[20:46] <@jeffprObst_> One person can do it by themselves
[20:46] <@jeffprObst_> Or you can all rush to your camp.
[20:46] <@jeffprObst_> It's up to you.
[20:46] <@jeffprObst_> Any questions?
[20:46] <JaclynMisch> No.
[20:46] <igorkorotayev> no
[20:46] <Umbreon> How do we get there, exactly?
[20:46] * MagicConch awaits to be carried back to camp
[20:47] <MagicConch> Try asking again.
[20:47] * AudreyMiddleton crosses arms.
[20:47] <Twinkle|> (Um how do we do this)
[20:47] <SisterMaryEunice> (will you set the topic)
[20:47] <@jeffprObst_> give me a sec
[20:47] <AudreyMiddleton> How the hell are we supposed to get there, then?
[20:47] <igorkorotayev> is jeff porbst dead alredey
[20:47] <igorkorotayev> rip man u were god god ferind
[20:47] <@jeffprObst_> This is kind of like TOR - you get a link and then you follow the clues in the IRC
[20:47] <DeterminedSnail> We got this Manu tribe!
[20:47] * kamek_wins sees a snake
[20:47] <@jeffprObst_> I'll give you guys a few minutes to strategize.
[20:47] <kamek_wins> Audrey hold me!
[20:47] <@jeffprObst_> One more thing
[20:48] <@jeffprObst_> Once you get to your camp
[20:48] * kamek_wins jumps into Audrey's arms
[20:48] <@jeffprObst_> You'll get a link to your hidden immunity idol.
[20:48] * AudreyMiddleton holds Kamek.
[20:48] <AudreyMiddleton> It'll be okay.
[20:48] <@jeffprObst_> You can follow the instructions there
[20:48] <kamek_wins> it blinked at me! :(
[20:48] <Kelly_Goldsmith> We got this, Manu!
[20:48] <Kelly_Goldsmith> ^_^
[20:48] * Umbreon stretches herself
[20:48] <AgathaTrunchbull> Do not slow me down.
[20:48] == Timebob2 [6ce40e0e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorAllStars
[20:48] <Timebob2> DONT KICK ME
[20:48] <AgathaTrunchbull> @all
[20:48] <igorkorotayev> naheka tribe we will destroy competition
[20:48] <Timebob|> DONT KICK ME
[20:48] <Umbreon> We've got this, guys!
[20:48] * kamek_wins kicks Timebob
[20:48] <kamek_wins> Don't tell me what to do!
[20:48] <Timebob|> fucking shit @kamek
[20:48] <Kelly_Goldsmith> Nice. We've got a rebel. @Kamek
[20:49] <@jeffprObst_> okay topics aren't changing
[20:49] <@jeffprObst_> thanks irc
[20:49] <kamek_wins> I am a wizard, not someone who listens to people's orders!
[20:49] <@jeffprObst_> but I prepared for 14 so I have back-ups
[20:49] <igorkorotayev> thank obama
[20:49] <igorkorotayev> ah ah ah
[20:49] <@jeffprObst_> ~~
[20:49] <Twinkle|> Kamek's behavior is extremely alarming yet admirable.
[20:49] <kamek_wins> Thank you!
[20:49] <@jeffprObst_> Ignore what I said
[20:49] <Twinkle|> Sometimes I find myself pondering
[20:49] <@jeffprObst_> Your first challenge is called CRYPTOGRAM.
[20:49] <Twinkle|> The state of authority
[20:49] <@jeffprObst_> Here's how it works.
[20:49] <igorkorotayev> is it like isnta gram
[20:49] <igorkorotayev> i join insta but i did not see babushka
[20:49] <Twinkle|> The host is asking me to erase my memory of his words.
[20:50] <@jeffprObst_> You guys will get a CUSTOM cryptogram from me. It'll be something like A=1, B=2, etc - but it's totally new.
[20:50] <igorkorotayev> i thought it call insta grandma
[20:50] <MagicConch> Yes.
[20:50] <kamek_wins> No!
[20:50] <Twinkle|> If I could erase the pain in a similar way
[20:50] <@jeffprObst_> Then, you'll get a group of numbers that represent a Hawaiian location.
[20:50] <@jeffprObst_> It's your job to solve it. The first tribe to 3 will win immunity.
[20:50] <@jeffprObst_> Any questions?
[20:50] <kamek_wins> Seven!
[20:50] <JaclynMisch> *raises hands*
[20:50] <Timebob|> got it.
[20:50] <Twinkle|> Hawaii is much more scenic than Medieval Scotland
[20:50] * MagicConch sits patiently, shell glowing in the summer sun
[20:50] <@jeffprObst_> THIS IS YOUR CRYPTOGRAM:
[20:50] <JaclynMisch> So, no idol?
[20:50] <Twinkle|> (or something IDK wher Dave the Barbarian lived)
[20:50] <@jeffprObst_> .
[20:50] <MagicConch> I.
[20:50] <MagicConch> don't.
[20:50] <MagicConch> think.
[20:50] <MagicConch> so.
[20:51] <@jeffprObst_> Don't worry, you'll still have tribe camps and idols and such - but that'll be dealt with after the challenge.
[20:51] <Timebob|> can we start the fuken challenge?
[20:51] <Kelly_Goldsmith> I'm a research analyst.
[20:51] <@jeffprObst_> Okay.
[20:51] <@jeffprObst_> ROUND ONE
[20:51] == cOnfessional [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[20:51] <Kelly_Goldsmith> I work with numbers every day. This should be easy ^_^
[20:51] <igorkorotayev> rip he wa good man
[20:51] <@jeffprObst_> 6 | 26 | 15 | 17 | 10 | 17
[20:51] <kamek_wins> Hawaii!
[20:51] <kamek_wins> Wait
[20:51] <@jeffprObst_> Wrong.
[20:51] <MagicConch> No.
[20:51] <igorkorotayev> kohala
[20:51] <MagicConch> Try asking again.
[20:51] <@jeffprObst_> Kohala is correct! Igor scores.
[20:51] <Umbreon> kohala
[20:52] <Timebob|> *shakes head*
[20:52] <Timebob|> *mutters*
[20:52] <igorkorotayev> the chalenge beast is unleash
[20:52] <AudreyMiddleton> ...
[20:52] <igorkorotayev> watch out tash fox
[20:52] * MagicConch doesn't have a head to shake
[20:52] <AudreyMiddleton> Come on guys! We can do this!
[20:52] <@jeffprObst_> Lemme update the topic
[20:53] == jeffprObst_ changed the topic of #OvivorAllStars to: #OvivorAllStars Naheka: Agatha, Eevee, Twinkle, Timebob, Igor, Jaclyn | Manu: Snail, Kelly, Conch, Mary, Audrey
[20:53] <SisterMaryEunice> There was a time that I was in love.
[20:53] <AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): So my tribe is full of people that weren't really physically or mentally strong in their past season. Luckily, Im here to lead.
[20:53] <SisterMaryEunice> His name was Doctor Arthur Arden.
[20:53] <@jeffprObst_> Naheka at 1.
[20:53] <@jeffprObst_> Next round
[20:53] <Timebob|> yeah fucking SAME till everyone ruined it
[20:53] <SisterMaryEunice> He retrieved earrings for me that were once drowned in the feces of a jewish woman.
[20:53] <kamek_wins> why do we have five?
[20:53] <Timebob|> @mary eunice
[20:53] <SisterMaryEunice> How romantic.
[20:53] <kamek_wins> I call rigging!
[20:53] <@jeffprObst_> 15 | 11 | 17 | 10 | 17 | 10 | 17 | 23
[20:53] <Twinkle|> Love is only meant to tear out one's insides as its dark blade slowly tears your heart into a whirlpool of misery and despair
[20:53] <Umbreon> hualalai
[20:53] <Twinkle|> As Timebob would know.
[20:53] <igorkorotayev> fuck man umbreon swole as sin
[20:53] <igorkorotayev> i am jealouse
[20:53] <MagicConch> Yes.
[20:54] <@jeffprObst_> % Correct! Umbreon scores for Naheka!
[20:54] <kamek_wins> Goodness I am hurt!
[20:54] <Umbreon> Yay! :D
[20:54] <AgathaTrunchbull> Good job team.
[20:54] <@jeffprObst_> 2-0. Manu not even on the board. One more can do it.
[20:54] <AgathaTrunchbull> Maybe you are not as useless as I previously believed.
[20:54] <@jeffprObst_> 15 | 26 | 14 | 26 | 10 | 11 | 10 | 11
[20:54] <MagicConch> *after hearing the news that Umbreon had scored* No.
[20:54] <kamek_wins> honolulu
[20:54] <AudreyMiddleton> Honolulu
[20:54] <igorkorotayev> shit
[20:54] <SisterMaryEunice> Yes! Great job Kamek.
[20:54] <kamek_wins> Ahaha!
[20:54] <DeterminedSnail> Yes!
[20:54] <JaclynMisch> ...
[20:54] <JaclynMisch> *sits angrily*
[20:54] <SisterMaryEunice> I truly believe in your strength.
[20:54] <DeterminedSnail> Kamek!
[20:54] <@jeffprObst_> Honolulu is correct! Kamek gets it for Manu!
[20:54] <SisterMaryEunice> And charisma.
[20:54] <AudreyMiddleton> Great job, Kamek!
[20:54] <SisterMaryEunice> And other Godly qualities.
[20:54] <@jeffprObst_> 2-1.
[20:54] <Umbreon> Dang
[20:55] <@jeffprObst_> Next round. 6 | 17 | 14 | 8 | 26 | 15 | 8
[20:55] <MagicConch> Yes.
[20:55] * Kelly_Goldsmith raises eyebrows
[20:55] <kamek_wins> Thank you Sister!
[20:55] <Kelly_Goldsmith> I mean, at least we're still in it.
[20:55] * AudreyMiddleton raises hand.
[20:55] <AgathaTrunchbull> (CONF): This Kamek thinks he's allowed to score for the other tribe...revolting. I will crush him
[20:55] <AudreyMiddleton> Uh, Jeff?
[20:55] <MagicConch> Try. asking. again.
[20:55] <AudreyMiddleton> We do we only have 5 people on our tribe?
[20:55] <igorkorotayev> kaneoha
[20:55] <Umbreon> kauaii
[20:55] <@jeffprObst_> Oops, kamek is supposed to be there
[20:55] <Umbreon> kauai
[20:55] <Timebob|> kauai
[20:55] <Kelly_Goldsmith> ...
[20:55] * Kelly_Goldsmith blinks
[20:55] <igorkorotayev> kaneohe
[20:55] <@jeffprObst_> Wrong...
[20:55] <kamek_wins> kaneohe
[20:55] <@jeffprObst_> Kanehoe is right
[20:55] <@jeffprObst_> Kamek gets it!
[20:55] <igorkorotayev> WHAT
[20:55] <Timebob|> Nobody said Kanehoe
[20:55] <igorkorotayev> FUCK MAN NO I GET IT
[20:55] <Umbreon> Great job Igor! :)
[20:55] <kamek_wins> Ahaha!
[20:55] <Twinkle|> (He said Kaneohe)
[20:55] <MagicConch> Yes.
[20:55] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF) It's a seven letter word. How in the world do these all-idiots think it's Kauai?
[20:55] <JaclynMisch> Uh what.
[20:55] <Twinkle|> Kanehoe
[20:55] * DeterminedSnail looks yes!
[20:56] <@jeffprObst_> Igor, you spelled it wrong
[20:56] <JaclynMisch> Igor said it first but okay?
[20:56] <igorkorotayev> kamek and i spell same
[20:56] <Twinkle|> (So did Kamek)
[20:56] <kamek_wins> I feel vindicated!
[20:56] <kamek_wins> Haha!
[20:56] <igorkorotayev> i am not good spellere but i know thes shit man
[20:56] <@jeffprObst_> It's not kaneoha it's kaneohe
[20:56] <Umbreon> Aw man
[20:56] <AudreyMiddleton> kanehoe
[20:56] <JaclynMisch> They spelled it the same way.
[20:56] <igorkorotayev> i correct my self too
[20:56] <AudreyMiddleton> kaneohe
[20:56] <@jeffprObst_> FINAL ROUND.
[20:56] <igorkorotayev> i know how to lern from mis steak
[20:56] <JaclynMisch> NO.
[20:56] <Timebob|> uh what
[20:56] <SisterMaryEunice> -does not react to the funny word kanehoe-
[20:56] <igorkorotayev> this fuck bull shit man
[20:56] <Umbreon> wait
[20:56] <JaclynMisch> They spelled it the same way.
[20:56] <AgathaTrunchbull> we
[20:56] <AgathaTrunchbull> won
[20:56] <Umbreon> I'm confused
[20:56] <Timebob|> igor and kamek spelled it the same way
[20:56] <MagicConch> *after hearing Audrey's wrong response* No.
[20:56] <Twinkle|> (Kamek also misspelled it)
[20:56] <igorkorotayev> fuck man i did not know
[20:56] <igorkorotayev> this rig
[20:56] <AudreyMiddleton> Come on guys, let's go!
[20:56] <kamek_wins> Muahaha!
[20:56] <JaclynMisch> Ugh.
[20:56] <Umbreon> It is Kaneohe
[20:56] <igorkorotayev> this more rig than survive cok island
[20:56] <Umbreon> @Jeff
[20:56] <JaclynMisch> I'm just so agitated and hot right now.
[20:56] <DeterminedSnail> What's going on?
[20:56] <@jeffprObst_> Ohh
[20:56] <AgathaTrunchbull> Give us our RIGHTFUL point little man.
[20:56] <@jeffprObst_> I see it
[20:56] <kamek_wins> I spelt it right, my friends!
[20:56] * AudreyMiddleton facepalms
[20:56] <@jeffprObst_> Igor gets it!
[20:56] <MagicConch> Yes.
[20:56] <kamek_wins> Do not take this away from me.,
[20:57] <DeterminedSnail> So we don't win?
[20:57] <@jeffprObst_> NAHEKA WINS IMMUNITY!
[20:57] <Umbreon> HOORAY! :D
[20:57] <kamek_wins> You guys are making me feel sad.
[20:57] <Timebob|> cool. nice.
[20:57] <SisterMaryEunice> Great! Another loss at the first Tribal Council.
[20:57] <kamek_wins> I shall cast a curse on all of you!
[20:57] <@jeffprObst_> You guys can head on to your tribe camp. #NahekaTribe and #ManuTribe
[20:57] <AgathaTrunchbull> Obviously.
[20:57] * Umbreon hugs Igor
[20:57] <@jeffprObst_> TRIBAL SHORTLY
[20:57] <Umbreon> Great job!
[20:57] <DeterminedSnail> It's okay guys, we can get through this!
[20:57] <SisterMaryEunice> (CONF): This game is more important to me than anyone could imagine. I need to survive to reach the lovely holy status of Pope.
[20:57] <igorkorotayev> thank
[20:57] <@jeffprObst_> Guys, webchat's not working for me - send your confessionals HERE.
[20:57] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): This sucks!
[20:57] * MagicConch magically disappears to camp
[20:58] == jeffprObst_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[20:58] <kamek_wins> where is cOnfessional
[20:58] <JaclynMisch> #Naheka
[20:58] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): Not only am I on a tribe with four lunatics and a shell, I'm actually at tribal pre-merge.
[20:58] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): It's a novel feeling.
[20:58] <JaclynMisch> We were never given tribe camps, Jeff....
[20:59] <JaclynMisch> ...
[20:59] <JaclynMisch> *breathes*
[21:00] <DeterminedSnail> Hi Jaclyn!
[21:00] == igorkorotayev [49a1fc29@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[21:00] == AgathaTrunchbull [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[21:00] <igorkorotayev> i am here
[21:00] <@jeffprObst> don't leave the other one
[21:00] == MagicConch [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[21:00] == DeterminedSnail [uid59094@gateway/web/] has joined #Ovivor
[21:00] == Timebob| [] has joined #Ovivor
[21:00] <Umbreon> don't leave the other one what
[21:00] * MagicConch knows they are being used, but can't do anything as a shell
[21:00] <MagicConch> Yes.
[21:01] <AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): Every queen needs her loyal henchmen. And there's only 1 person on my tribe I don't have in my back pocket.
[21:01] * MagicConch awaits to solve a dilemma using one of the select few phrases it can repeat
[21:01] <MagicConch> Try asking again.
[21:01] * DeterminedSnail walks to the beach
[21:02] * MagicConch lies on the beach
[21:02] * igorkorotayev get high by beach
[21:02] * DeterminedSnail crawls into the water
[21:02] <@jeffprObst> Tribal soon
[21:02] * kamek_wins
[21:02] * MagicConch entices Snail
[21:02] <@jeffprObst> Test
[21:02] <kamek_wins> I can see you, you loser!
[21:02] <kamek_wins> Where is confessional?!
[21:02] <DeterminedSnail> Oh hello Conch!
[21:02] <@jeffprObst> IM HIDING IDOLS NOW
[21:03] * MagicConch lies in the sand
[21:03] <SisterMaryEunice> -sneaks into the forest to decapitate a squirrel-
[21:03] <SisterMaryEunice> -returns covered in blood-
[21:03] <SisterMaryEunice> This world is small compared to what lies beyond the grave.
[21:03] <SisterMaryEunice> God is coming to reap the sinners.
[21:03] <SisterMaryEunice> And the Devil will take hold.
[21:03] <SisterMaryEunice> -eyes change color-
[21:04] <Kelly_Goldsmith> ... Yeah, okay.
[21:05] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor Naheka: Agatha, Eevee, Twinkle, Timebob, Igor, Jaclyn | Manu: Snail, Kelly, Conch, Mary, Audrey, Kamek
[21:05] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys.
[21:05] <DeterminedSnail> Are you okay Mary?
[21:05] <MagicConch> CONF: Maybe. someday.
[21:05] <@jeffprObst> Manu - grab a torch and dip it in the flames.
[21:05] <igorkorotayev> credit to igor for topic change ah ah ah
[21:05] <kamek_wins> No!
[21:05] <igorkorotayev> i am smart than i lok
[21:05] <kamek_wins> also do we just send in confessionals to you now
[21:05] * MagicConch mysteriously appears at TC and is unable to grab a torch
[21:05] <MagicConch> Try
[21:05] <@jeffprObst> Fire in this game represents life.
[21:05] <MagicConch> asking
[21:05] <MagicConch> again
[21:05] <@jeffprObst> (yes send them to me, chatzilla slays)
[21:05] <Twinkle|> This blazing fire prevents me from slumber
[21:06] <Timebob|> (PM O)
[21:06] * Kelly_Goldsmith grabs torch
[21:06] * AudreyMiddleton dips tribe in
[21:06] <Kelly_Goldsmith> It's funny!
[21:06] <Twinkle|> But I am glad because my dreams are plagued by visions of bloodshed
[21:06] <Kelly_Goldsmith> The last time I did this, it was like, day 15 or something.
[21:06] <Twinkle|> Penguins
[21:06] <@jeffprObst> OTHERWISE IT'LL BE GENERIC
[21:06] <Twinkle|> And croquet mallets
[21:06] <@jeffprObst> YOU HAVE TEN MIN OR IT'S A SELF VOTE.
[21:06] <MagicConch> I don't think so.
[21:07] <AudreyMiddleton> (10 min?)
[21:07] <MagicConch> Yes.
[21:07] <igorkorotayev> 10 min becuase jef porbst has to shave hairy arm pit
[21:07] <igorkorotayev> ah ah ah
[21:07] <igorkorotayev> it take while man trust i know
[21:07] * DeterminedSnail grabs torch
[21:07] * DeterminedSnail dips it in the fire
[21:07] <AudreyMiddleton> Uh...
[21:07] <SisterMaryEunice> -stares at torch
[21:07] <SisterMaryEunice> -creates fire-
[21:07] <SisterMaryEunice> Interesting.
[21:07] <DeterminedSnail> I'm ready!
[21:07] <AudreyMiddleton> Being hairy is kind of a major turn-off for me---
[21:08] <AudreyMiddleton> How did you create fire, Mary?
[21:08] <DeterminedSnail> Mary created fire?
[21:08] <kamek_wins> i am smooth as a baby's bottom! haha!
[21:08] <SisterMaryEunice> In the beginning, God created all things.
[21:08] <SisterMaryEunice> And it was good.
[21:08] <SisterMaryEunice> Let there be light.
[21:08] <SisterMaryEunice> -stares at Jeff's hat-
[21:08] <SisterMaryEunice> -sets it on fire-
[21:08] <AudreyMiddleton> Is that a quote from Game of Thrones?
[21:08] <SisterMaryEunice> -turns to Audrey-
[21:08] <MagicConch> Nothing.
[21:08] <SisterMaryEunice> -levitates a coconut from a tree and smashes it into her head-
[21:09] <MagicConch> I.
[21:09] <MagicConch> don't.
[21:09] <MagicConch> think.
[21:09] <MagicConch> so.
[21:09] <@jeffprObst> I have two votes.
[21:10] * MagicConch is incredibly outspoken
[21:10] == kamek_wins [440df3be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #Ovivor []
[21:10] <SisterMaryEunice> What a shame.
[21:10] <MagicConch> Yes.
[21:10] <SisterMaryEunice> His ever lasting soul died and went straight to hell.
[21:10] == kamek_wins [440df3be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[21:10] <MagicConch> No.
[21:10] <kamek_wins> My apologies!
[21:10] <SisterMaryEunice> The antichrist will walk this earth some day.
[21:10] <MagicConch> Maybe someday---
[21:10] <SisterMaryEunice> Some say he may be among us.
[21:10] <SisterMaryEunice> Some say he could be female.
[21:10] <MagicConch> I don't think so.
[21:10] <SisterMaryEunice> You never know. The Devil works in mysterious ways.
[21:10] * Kelly_Goldsmith raises an eyebrow
[21:11] <MagicConch> Try asking again
[21:11] <SisterMaryEunice> -rips the cord off of Magic Conch-
[21:11] <MagicConch> Nothing.
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> 3 votes.
[21:11] * MagicConch is an indestructible, 99 cent plastic conch
[21:11] <MagicConch> Try.
[21:11] <MagicConch> again.
[21:12] * kamek_wins pulls string
[21:12] <kamek_wins> entertain me!
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> 4 votes.
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> out of 6.
[21:12] <MagicConch> Maybe someday.
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> 5 votes
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> Mary please vote
[21:14] <MagicConch> Try asking again.
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> Test
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[21:14] <kamek_wins> aaargh!
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> Now would be the time to do so.
[21:15] <SisterMaryEunice> -STANDS-
[21:15] <MagicConch> Maybe someday.
[21:15] <SisterMaryEunice> The powers that be have told me.
[21:15] <SisterMaryEunice> The DIVINE powers that stand above our MORTAL SOULS
[21:15] <SisterMaryEunice> ...and the one that lives beneath it.
[21:15] <SisterMaryEunice> In the FIERY pits of HELL.
[21:15] <SisterMaryEunice> Where most of you will end up going.
[21:15] <SisterMaryEunice> Once I'm FINISHED
[21:15] * MagicConch rolls nonexistent eyeballs
[21:15] <SisterMaryEunice> with your ASSES.
[21:15] <Twinkle|> I am already there.
[21:15] <SisterMaryEunice> -plays idol on myself-
[21:15] <MagicConch> Try.
[21:15] <MagicConch> asking.
[21:15] <MagicConch> again
[21:15] <kamek_wins> Cut out the theatrics!
[21:15] <SisterMaryEunice> We are surrounded by serpents and snakes.
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> This IS a hidden immunity idol. Hawaiian-tiki-god-of-money-194x412.jpg
[21:16] <@jeffprObst> Any votes for mary do not count.
[21:16] <SisterMaryEunice> The devil will reap your souls.
[21:16] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[21:16] * Kelly_Goldsmith raises an eyebrow
[21:16] <MagicConch> I. DON'T. THINK. SO.
[21:16] <DeterminedSnail> Oh wow
[21:16] <@jeffprObst>
[21:16] <@jeffprObst> Mary. Does not count.
[21:16] * AudreyMiddleton crosses legs.
[21:16] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[21:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:16] <@jeffprObst>
[21:16] <@jeffprObst> Mary, does not count.
[21:16] <MagicConch> No.
[21:16] <DeterminedSnail> Are those devil horns?
[21:16] <@jeffprObst> Third vote...
[21:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:16] <SisterMaryEunice> The only person that MATTERS to me.
[21:16] <@jeffprObst>
[21:16] <@jeffprObst> Mary, does not count.
[21:16] <SisterMaryEunice> Will RISE to power.
[21:16] <SisterMaryEunice> WE will come TOGETHER
[21:16] <@jeffprObst> Fourth vote...
[21:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:17] <SisterMaryEunice> And WE will rule this DISGUSTING earth
[21:17] <AudreyMiddleton> That's nice, Mary.
[21:17] <@jeffprObst>
[21:17] <AudreyMiddleton> I'm really happy for you. :)
[21:17] <SisterMaryEunice> and REAP it of the sinners that live above.
[21:17] <@jeffprObst> Mary does not count.
[21:17] <MagicConch> Yes.
[21:17] <@jeffprObst> We still have no votes for anyone.
[21:17] <DeterminedSnail> Mary what's the matter?
[21:17] <@jeffprObst> Fifth vote...
[21:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:17] <@jeffprObst>
[21:17] <@jeffprObst> Conch.
[21:17] <@jeffprObst> One vote conch.
[21:17] <DeterminedSnail> :o
[21:17] <@jeffprObst> ... First person voted out of Ovivor: All-Stars,
[21:17] <MagicConch> Yes.
[21:17] * AudreyMiddleton sits on stump
[21:17] <@jeffprObst> Conch.
[21:17] <@jeffprObst> ... Conch, you need to bring me your torch.
[21:17] * Kelly_Goldsmith looks at Audrey
[21:17] * DeterminedSnail waves goodbye to Conch
[21:17] <Kelly_Goldsmith> Next time.
[21:18] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch* Conch, the tribe has spoken.
[21:18] <SisterMaryEunice> Plastic is the most glamorous of all.
[21:18] <DeterminedSnail> Nice knowing you dude!
[21:18] <@jeffprObst> Thanks for playing!
[21:18] <AudreyMiddleton> Mary, just so you know.
[21:18] <SisterMaryEunice> and that is why you needed to go.
[21:18] <AudreyMiddleton> I don't give a shit about your threats.
[21:18] <kamek_wins> Poor idiot conch shell!
[21:18] <kamek_wins> Ahaha!
[21:18] <AudreyMiddleton> I've got god on my side, and I'm taking you down.
[21:18] <DeterminedSnail> Audrey calm down!
[21:18] <igorkorotayev> i am very religion to
[21:18] <igorkorotayev> i am mormen
[21:18] * AudreyMiddleton sulks in blanket and sunglasses
[21:18] * Kelly_Goldsmith rolls eyes
[21:18] <igorkorotayev> do u guy have twenty minute to sit talk about jesuse
[21:18] <igorkorotayev> i do
[21:18] <Kelly_Goldsmith> Another season, another vote that DOESN'T go my way.
[21:18] <@jeffprObst> Grab your stuff, head back to camp. It's clear that in this game - no one is safe.
[21:18] <AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): I cannot believe I just lost my closest ally in the game. It's time to start strategizing for real.
[21:19] <Kelly_Goldsmith> I've literally NEVER gotten my way in Ovivor before.
[21:19] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): The Ovivor gods have to be turned against me. It's chronic at this point.
[21:19] <AudreyMiddleton> It'll be okay, Kelly.
[21:20] <DeterminedSnail> (CONF): I made it through the first day!
[21:20] <SisterMaryEunice> We have a long road ahead of us.
[21:20] <SisterMaryEunice> Good luck, Manu.
[21:20] <SisterMaryEunice> And goodnight.
[21:20] <SisterMaryEunice> -Stares into the camera-
[21:22] * Kelly_Goldsmith rolls eyes
[21:22] <Kelly_Goldsmith> Sure.
[21:22] <SisterMaryEunice> Good morning, everyone.
[21:22] <AudreyMiddleton> Hello, Satan.
[21:23] <kamek_wins> Hello! ^_^
[21:23] == cOnfessional [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[21:23] <SisterMaryEunice> I would just like to say...
[21:23] == cOnfessional [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[21:23] <SisterMaryEunice> I would just like to say...
[21:23] <SisterMaryEunice> -Walks over to Jaclyn-
[21:23] <cOnfessional> im back
[21:23] <SisterMaryEunice> -feels her stomach-
[21:23] <SisterMaryEunice> It's a boy.
[21:23] <JaclynMisch> Ummm.....
[21:23] <AudreyMiddleton> I'm not gonna lie guys, I played Big Brother 17. i think astrology played a
[21:23] <JaclynMisch> Get away from me.
[21:23] <AudreyMiddleton> Astrology played a major part in my gameplay.
[21:23] <JaclynMisch> You know what UGH.
[21:23] <JaclynMisch> Thanks for RUINING it, Mary.
[21:23] <kamek_wins> all of them?
[21:23] <JaclynMisch> Everyone, I am pregnant.
[21:24] <kamek_wins> @cOnfessional
[21:24] <kamek_wins> or do you just want the first ones
[21:24] <DeterminedSnail> :O
[21:24] <kamek_wins> the last*
[21:24] <DeterminedSnail> Pregnant?
[21:24] <JaclynMisch> I wasn't going to say anything and I don't know how Mary found out but... Jon and I are having a baby. :)
[21:24] <JaclynMisch> I mean.
[21:24] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:24] <Umbreon> Congrats! :D
[21:24] <JaclynMisch> Well, I'm not pregnant.
[21:24] <JaclynMisch> But we have a surrogate.
[21:24] <@jeffprObst> Okay
[21:24] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[21:24] <JaclynMisch> And I'm getting empathy sickness and stuff like that.
[21:24] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your next immunity challenge?
[21:25] <igorkorotayev> no
[21:25] <igorkorotayev> i had night mare
[21:25] <AgathaTrunchbull> Ready to DESTROY the other tribe, yes.
[21:25] <igorkorotayev> about krampus fuck man
[21:25] <igorkorotayev> he real
[21:25] <igorkorotayev> and REAL SCAREY
[21:25] <Twinkle|> No I am not.
[21:25] <@jeffprObst> Today's challenge is MASK MATCH.
[21:25] <Twinkle|> I also had a dream
[21:25] <Twinkle|> About shrieking rats
[21:25] <Twinkle|> But this time Timebob was not involved.
[21:25] <@jeffprObst> I will show you two masks that have a similar build - but differ in THREE ways.
[21:25] <kamek_wins> no!
[21:25] <Twinkle|> Instead it was the grim reaper.
[21:25] <@jeffprObst> It's your job to figure out What the difference is on the SECOND MASK.
[21:25] <AudreyMiddleton> YES <3
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> So for example, if I posted a picture of Mask A and Mask B and Mask B was a different color
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> You would say, "Mask B has a different color."
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> Here's the thing
[21:26] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): The people on my tribe aren't very smart.
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> The point of this challenge is how you WORD things. So you can get your point across in 1 word or ten.
[21:26] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): Well, I mean, not as smart as I am.
[21:26] <kamek_wins> (CONF): ahaha I am so smart!
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> It depends. This isn't exactly speed - it's logic.
[21:26] <igorkorotayev> i am to smart
[21:26] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): So when these challenges require brains, it's SUCH a dire strait.
[21:26] <igorkorotayev> i graduate from harverd brown m i t cornel stan ferd yael and beloit colege
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> Alright, everyone ready for the first round? Remember, word your sentence like this: "The second mask has ____" + there are THREE differences.
[21:26] <igorkorotayev> all of them
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> Survivors ready?
[21:26] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): But really, it's FINE because who cares about winning??
[21:26] <igorkorotayev> and univeresetey of russia
[21:27] <DeterminedSnail> Yes!
[21:27] <SisterMaryEunice> Let's do it.
[21:27] <DeterminedSnail> We got this Manu!
[21:27] <igorkorotayev> we are going win fuck na heka
[21:27] <igorkorotayev> yes
[21:27] <AgathaTrunchbull> If we lose I will CRUSH all of you.
[21:27] <@jeffprObst> Round #1: |
[21:27] <igorkorotayev> o m god it look like uncel peter when he drunk
[21:28] <@jeffprObst> Both tribes inspecting the masks...
[21:28] <AgathaTrunchbull> The mask has a different colored mouth.
[21:28] <SisterMaryEunice> The second mask has pupils and the first does not
[21:28] <AgathaTrunchbull> The second mask has no holes in the earrings.
[21:28] <Kelly_Goldsmith> The second mask has different colored lips, earrings, and pupils.
[21:28] <Kelly_Goldsmith> Easy.
[21:28] <igorkorotayev> mask two hav diferent eareng different lip and pupeles
[21:28] <Umbreon> The second mask has pupils, different colored mouth, and different colored earrings.
[21:28] <Twinkle|> The mask has a different colored mouth.
[21:28] <kamek_wins> the second mask has pupils, different colored lips, and different earrings.
[21:28] <@jeffprObst> Kelly gets it!
[21:28] <DeterminedSnail> Lips earrings eyes
[21:28] <Timebob|> 1. mask 2 has a different colored mouth 2. mask 2 has pupils 3. mask 2 has guages
[21:28] <Timebob|> gauges *
[21:28] <@jeffprObst> There are THREE differences.
[21:28] <@jeffprObst> Kelly posted it in time, and in one post.
[21:28] <@jeffprObst> For future reference, let's change up the rules a bit
[21:28] <AgathaTrunchbull> oop
[21:28] <Umbreon> Oh gosh...
[21:28] <@jeffprObst> There are 3 differences - ONLY POST ONE.
[21:28] <AgathaTrunchbull> @one post
[21:28] <@jeffprObst> Survivors ready?
[21:28] <Timebob|> only post one?
[21:28] <Timebob|> like one difference?
[21:28] <Umbreon> boring
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> Yes, one difference
[21:29] <igorkorotayev> borenge
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> Or else it gets messy
[21:29] <Umbreon> then it is speed :(
[21:29] <Timebob|> k
[21:29] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (so it's speed)
[21:29] <igorkorotayev> too speedey
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> true
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> nvm, 3 differences
[21:29] <igorkorotayev> i am faster than usain bolt
[21:29] == Timebob2 [6ce40e0e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[21:29] <igorkorotayev> i am very fast
[21:29] <DeterminedSnail> Ok
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> yeah ignore what I said after kelly scored
[21:29] <Timebob|> (DO NOT KICK)
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> ~
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> Manu at 1.
[21:29] <Umbreon> Agility is my strong suit :)
[21:29] <Kelly_Goldsmith> When you're a research analyst, you get to be good at details.
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> Round #2: |
[21:29] <Kelly_Goldsmith> ^_^
[21:29] <JaclynMisch> Different eyebrows, front tooth, and wrinkles on forehead
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> Jaclyn gets it!
[21:29] <igorkorotayev> mask 2 have one teeth meseng it have line on forehed misseng and it have no
[21:29] <Umbreon> The second mask has eyebrows, a missing tooth, and colored eyebrows
[21:29] <igorkorotayev> FUCK MAN
[21:29] <Timebob2> Mask 2 has no unibrow, black eyebrows, and a tooth
[21:30] <AudreyMiddleton> The second mask lacks eyebrows, a front tooth, and wrinkles.
[21:30] <igorkorotayev> o wait jack lyn on my tribe
[21:30] <kamek_wins> I thought you had to say
[21:30] <Kelly_Goldsmith> The second mask has different eyebrows, a front tooth, and worry lines.
[21:30] <AudreyMiddleton> ...
[21:30] <AudreyMiddleton> o
[21:30] <igorkorotayev> go jack lyn
[21:30] <igorkorotayev> !
[21:30] <@jeffprObst> Naheka scores.
[21:30] <@jeffprObst> 1-1
[21:30] <kamek_wins> "the second mask has ______"
[21:30] <kamek_wins> @jeff
[21:30] <AgathaTrunchbull> Good job team.
[21:30] <AgathaTrunchbull> You haven't let me down.
[21:30] <@jeffprObst> (that's for my benefit)
[21:30] <JaclynMisch> One word or ten, bitches.
[21:30] <@jeffprObst> (not like a rule)
[21:30] <kamek_wins> : /
[21:30] <AudreyMiddleton> *...)
[21:30] <@jeffprObst> Third round
[21:30] <Kelly_Goldsmith> Ugh.
[21:30] <Umbreon> good job Igor!
[21:30] <Kelly_Goldsmith> That bimbo beat me?
[21:30] <igorkorotayev> thank umbreon
[21:30] <igorkorotayev> i like ur positivete
[21:30] <@jeffprObst> Round #3: |
[21:30] <igorkorotayev> even tho i did not win poynt
[21:30] <Timebob|> different beads, headpiece, and chin
[21:31] <Umbreon> The second mask has difference colored triangles
[21:31] <JaclynMisch> Different dot color, triangle color, and bottom triangles color
[21:31] <kamek_wins> different color chin beads headpiece
[21:31] <Kelly_Goldsmith> The second mask has different colored dots, hair, chin.
[21:31] <igorkorotayev> mask 2 have yelow arow instead of pink it also have diferent chin and it have no same eye brow
[21:31] <AgathaTrunchbull> WOO!
[21:31] <igorkorotayev> this mask look like aunt olg
[21:31] <igorkorotayev> olga
[21:31] <@jeffprObst> Give me a sec
[21:31] <AudreyMiddleton> The second mask is beautiful, the second mask isn't.
[21:31] <igorkorotayev> she put on so much make up it is FUCK GROSS MAN
[21:31] <@jeffprObst> Jaclyn scores again!
[21:31] <igorkorotayev> she fifty two year old
[21:31] <@jeffprObst> 2-1
[21:31] <AudreyMiddleton> I saw this challenge in one of my dreams, Jeff.
[21:31] * Kelly_Goldsmith glares at Jaclyn
[21:31] <SisterMaryEunice> Beautiful.
[21:31] <Timebob|> can i ask what was wrong with mine
[21:31] <Timebob|> ?
[21:31] * Umbreon high fives Jaclyn
[21:31] <JaclynMisch> *grasps boobs excitedly*
[21:31] <AgathaTrunchbull> It's so nice to be on a winning team.
[21:31] <AudreyMiddleton> This game is seriously plain and simple.
[21:31] <@jeffprObst> Jaclyn got it first
[21:31] <AgathaTrunchbull> I'm not used to the feeling. :/
[21:31] <Twinkle|> (No she didn't)
[21:31] <Timebob|> o k
[21:31] <igorkorotayev> who care man we all on same team
[21:32] <@jeffprObst> Round #4: |
[21:32] <Twinkle|> (o wait never mind haven't used this since like 2009 !)
[21:32] <SisterMaryEunice> different teeth, palm tree and triangle color
[21:32] <Timebob|> different triangles teeth and palm tree
[21:32] <igorkorotayev> THAT TIKI SO HAPPEY MAN IT SO NICE LOOK
[21:32] <JaclynMisch> Different trees, band triangles, and teeth
[21:32] <kamek_wins> teeth tree triangle
[21:32] <igorkorotayev> SO FUCK HAPPEY
[21:32] <igorkorotayev> IT LOOK LIK BOB MARLEY
[21:32] <Umbreon> The second mask has different colored teeth, tree, headband
[21:32] <@jeffprObst> Mary gets it! 2-2
[21:32] <SisterMaryEunice> Yes!
[21:32] <@jeffprObst> FINAL ROUND.
[21:32] <igorkorotayev> what are we playeng to
[21:32] <SisterMaryEunice> What are we playing to?
[21:32] <igorkorotayev> o
[21:32] <igorkorotayev> fuck
[21:32] <@jeffprObst> 3
[21:32] <AudreyMiddleton> Great job, Mary!
[21:32] <SisterMaryEunice> Oh.
[21:32] <SisterMaryEunice> Interesting.
[21:32] <DeterminedSnail> Great Mary!
[21:32] <Umbreon> We can do this, guys...
[21:32] <AgathaTrunchbull> Let's GO team.
[21:32] <igorkorotayev> we must win
[21:33] <igorkorotayev> go team go woo woo woo
[21:33] <Umbreon> (CONF): We can't do this. :(
[21:33] <@jeffprObst> ROUND FIVE
[21:33] <AgathaTrunchbull> If we lose I will DESTROY all of you.
[21:33] <@jeffprObst> Round #5: |
[21:33] <@jeffprObst> now
[21:33] <SisterMaryEunice> Different rings, hair and she's missing dots
[21:33] <Umbreon> hair dots chin
[21:33] <kamek_wins> hair rings dots
[21:33] <JaclynMisch> Different dots hair chin
[21:33] <Timebob|> different hair dots and chin
[21:33] <igorkorotayev> different hair dots on chin and different dots
[21:33] <AudreyMiddleton> Different hair, rings, and lack of dots
[21:33] <AgathaTrunchbull> hair, rings, dots
[21:33] <igorkorotayev> there is no diferense in ring
[21:33] <@jeffprObst> MARY GETS IT
[21:33] <AudreyMiddleton> YES!
[21:33] <igorkorotayev> wat
[21:33] <AgathaTrunchbull> Ugh!
[21:33] <Umbreon> (what rings?)
[21:33] <igorkorotayev> what is he talk about
[21:33] <JaclynMisch> No she didn't
[21:33] <Timebob|> there's no difference in the rings?
[21:33] <igorkorotayev> no rings
[21:33] <DeterminedSnail> Yes!
[21:33] <JaclynMisch> There's no rings
[21:33] <igorkorotayev> no different in ring
[21:33] <@jeffprObst> ... oops
[21:33] <igorkorotayev> are u blind
[21:33] <Twinkle|> (What rings)
[21:33] <@jeffprObst> Okay yeah we're gonna redo
[21:33] <JaclynMisch> Why?
[21:33] <igorkorotayev> blind like stevey wondere
[21:34] <Timebob|> why??
[21:34] <Twinkle|> (Why lol)
[21:34] <Umbreon> why
[21:34] <igorkorotayev> no redo
[21:34] <igorkorotayev> fuck
[21:34] <@jeffprObst> okay!!
[21:34] <JaclynMisch> People got it right
[21:34] <Umbreon> One of us won
[21:34] <SisterMaryEunice> I thought they were different.
[21:34] <JaclynMisch> Just because Mary didn't doesn't mean WE did.
[21:34] <DeterminedSnail> No!
[21:34] <@jeffprObst> alright one sec
[21:34] <@jeffprObst> Let me review the answers
[21:34] * Umbreon huddles with tribe to pray
[21:34] <@jeffprObst> Umbreon hair dots chin - The hair is correct, but there are dots on both the chin and sides. Incorrect
[21:34] <igorkorotayev> ill go talley the votes
[21:34] <igorkorotayev> pray to jesus christe
[21:34] <Umbreon> What
[21:35] <Umbreon> Those are all three
[21:35] <Umbreon> The dots on the forehead
[21:35] <Umbreon> PrObst, I feel as if you're reaching
[21:35] <@jeffprObst> JaclynMisch Different dots hair chin
[21:35] <@jeffprObst> This is more specific so
[21:35] <@jeffprObst> JACLYN SCORES
[21:35] <@jeffprObst> NAHEKA WINS IMMUNITY!
[21:35] <igorkorotayev> FUCK YES MAN
[21:35] <JaclynMisch> *jumps up and boobs jiggle* Yes!
[21:35] <Twinkle|> I am heavily pleased.
[21:35] <AgathaTrunchbull> Deservedly.
[21:35] <DeterminedSnail> What?
[21:35] <Umbreon> Congrats Jaclyn! :D
[21:35] <JaclynMisch> *shakes boobs at Umbreon* Shhhh!
[21:36] <DeterminedSnail> It's okay Manu!
[21:36] <Twinkle|> I regret that I could not help my team because horses do not have good eyesight.
[21:36] <igorkorotayev> jack lyn can you shake boob at me
[21:36] <Twinkle|> Hopefully our next endeavor will be a flying competition.
[21:36] <DeterminedSnail> (CONF): Well we lost another challenge, but I'm positive our tribe will be stronger after the next elimination!
[21:36] * Kelly_Goldsmith rolls eyes
[21:36] <Kelly_Goldsmith> Whatever.
[21:36] <@jeffprObst> Test
[21:37] <@jeffprObst> You guys have ten minutes to vote.
[21:37] <kamek_wins> ok!
[21:38] <igorkorotayev> so dead chat they are strategey
[21:38] <@jeffprObst> No votes as of now.
[21:38] <igorkorotayev> so game bot
[21:38] <SisterMaryEunice> We will bathe in the blood of virgins.
[21:39] <kamek_wins> I am not a robot you stupid dog!
[21:40] <igorkorotayev> i am not dog
[21:40] <igorkorotayev> i am big fuck strong 38 man
[21:40] <igorkorotayev> chip chip is my lovebele doggie
[21:41] <@jeffprObst> 0 votes
[21:41] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor Naheka: Agatha, Umbreon, Twinkle, Timebob, Igor, Jaclyn | Manu: Snail, Kelly, Conch, Mary, Audrey, Kamek
[21:41] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor Naheka: Agatha, Umbreon, Twinkle, Timebob, Igor, Jaclyn | Manu: Snail, Kelly, Mary, Audrey, Kamek
[21:41] <AudreyMiddleton> Seriously?
[21:41] <SisterMaryEunice> Contrary to popular belief, there is no light at the end of this tunnel.
[21:43] * DeterminedSnail squirms
[21:43] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote!
[21:43] <@jeffprObst> we're making progress.
[21:43] <DeterminedSnail> I'm a little nervous.
[21:43] * DeterminedSnail whispers to himself
[21:44] <DeterminedSnail> It's okay, don't give up hope! You'll pull through!
[21:44] <AudreyMiddleton> It'll be okay, Snail.
[21:45] * DeterminedSnail thanks Audrey
[21:45] <DeterminedSnail> I hope so.
[21:45] <kamek_wins> do we send the votes to you or to confessional?!
[21:45] <kamek_wins> @jeff

[21:45] <kamek_wins> @jeff
[21:46] <cOnfessional> to jeffpr0bst
[21:47] <AudreyMiddleton> Um
[21:47] <AudreyMiddleton> the time is up hun xo
[21:47] <kamek_wins> I sent in a vote!
[21:47] <kamek_wins> everyone else should self vote haha!
[21:48] <AudreyMiddleton> If I go home, it's about to be as boring as the BB17 house post-Week 4.
[21:48] <@jeffprObst> Mary
[21:48] <@jeffprObst> Kelly
[21:48] <@jeffprObst> Kamek
[21:48] <@jeffprObst> v o t e
[21:48] <AudreyMiddleton> Self-vote.
[21:48] <AudreyMiddleton> Hell.
[21:48] <AudreyMiddleton> o
[21:48] <AudreyMiddleton> It's been 10 minutes.
[21:48] <kamek_wins> I voted you idiot!
[21:48] <kamek_wins> @Jeff
[21:48] <@jeffprObst> send it again?
[21:48] <SisterMaryEunice> I voted.
[21:48] <igorkorotayev> jeses christe they are bad at vote
[21:49] <igorkorotayev> worse than pagonge at their first tribel counsel
[21:49] <AudreyMiddleton> Can we get on with this?
[21:49] <Kelly_Goldsmith> I voted, Jeffrey.
[21:49] <AudreyMiddleton> I have a reality show to develop./
[21:50] <SisterMaryEunice> this is boring the HELL out of me.
[21:50] <SisterMaryEunice> HahaHAhaHAHAHAHAHAhahAHAHAHAHA
[21:50] <kamek_wins> hurry up omfg
[21:50] <AudreyMiddleton> Be sure to catch Sequestered coming in June 2016 guys! <3
[21:51] * DeterminedSnail looks at the ground
[21:51] <@jeffprObst> Okay
[21:51] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[21:51] <@jeffprObst>
[21:51] <SisterMaryEunice> Stop.
[21:51] <SisterMaryEunice> I have something to say.
[21:51] <@jeffprObst> Snail.
[21:51] <igorkorotayev> god fuck this take forevere
[21:51] <SisterMaryEunice> -stands-
[21:51] <igorkorotayev> i am glad to stare at audrey t hough
[21:51] <igorkorotayev> she is HOT
[21:51] <DeterminedSnail> Me?
[21:51] <SisterMaryEunice> I just want a certain woman to know.
[21:51] <SisterMaryEunice> That I know everything.
[21:51] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[21:51] <SisterMaryEunice> -sits down-
[21:51] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:51] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:51] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:51] * DeterminedSnail whispers to self
[21:51] <@jeffprObst>
[21:51] <@jeffprObst> Audrey.
[21:51] <kamek_wins> That is true but you are a dog! @Igor
[21:51] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Snail, 1 vote Audrey
[21:51] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[21:51] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:52] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:52] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:52] <DeterminedSnail> It's okay because of what you did.
[21:52] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:52] <@jeffprObst>
[21:52] <AudreyMiddleton> Um excuse me?
[21:52] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Snail, 1 vote Audrey, 1 vote Kelly.
[21:52] * Kelly_Goldsmith raises an eyebrow
[21:52] <Kelly_Goldsmith> That's interesting
[21:52] <Kelly_Goldsmith> !!!
[21:52] <@jeffprObst> Fourth vote
[21:52] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:52] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:52] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:52] <SisterMaryEunice> Put those eyebrows down, Kelly.
[21:52] <@jeffprObst> ..
[21:52] <@jeffprObst>
[21:52] <SisterMaryEunice> You know what you've done.
[21:52] <@jeffprObst> Mary.
[21:52] <AudreyMiddleton> WHAT KIND OF MESS IS THIS
[21:52] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Snail, 1 vote Audrey, 1 vote Kelly, 1 vote Mary.
[21:52] <SisterMaryEunice> And what we have done as a result.
[21:52] * DeterminedSnail begins to tear up
[21:52] <@jeffprObst> 1.
[21:52] <@jeffprObst> Vote.
[21:52] <@jeffprObst> Left.
[21:52] <kamek_wins> woah!
[21:52] <AudreyMiddleton> Honey, I am truly sorry.
[21:52] <AudreyMiddleton> But...
[21:53] <AudreyMiddleton> Mary darling
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:53] <igorkorotayev> me to
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> ..
[21:53] <@jeffprObst>
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> Snail.
[21:53] * Umbreon blinks, dumbfounded
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> Snail, that's 2
[21:53] <kamek_wins> what?
[21:53] <DeterminedSnail> ITS OKAY!
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> Tonight - that's enough
[21:53] * Kelly_Goldsmith smiles
[21:53] <AudreyMiddleton> you were right.
[21:53] <kamek_wins> that's the same vote you idiot!
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> You need to bring me your torch,
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[21:53] <kamek_wins> or did they both submit the same vote
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> Snail, the tribe has spoken.
[21:53] <DeterminedSnail> I betrayed Audrey, and I'm sorry!
[21:53] <DeterminedSnail> It's for the greater good!
[21:53] <AudreyMiddleton> Goodbye, Snail.
[21:53] <AudreyMiddleton> You have failed me.
[21:53] <Kelly_Goldsmith> Next time, don't be wishy washy!
[21:54] <AudreyMiddleton> You were not worthy to be a henchmen.
[21:54] <Kelly_Goldsmith> If you even get one.
[21:54] <DeterminedSnail> I wish you all well, and I hope to see one of you Manu guys at tribal.
[21:54] <igorkorotayev> wish wash apple sause
[21:54] <DeterminedSnail> Best of luck, DeterminedSnail
[21:54] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor Naheka: Agatha, Umbreon, Twinkle, Timebob, Igor, Jaclyn | Manu: Kelly, Mary, Audrey, Kamek
[21:54] * DeterminedSnail crawls away, leaving a trail of tears in his place
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> Are you ready to get to your next immunity challenge?
[21:55] * Umbreon walks in
[21:55] <Umbreon> Yeah!
[21:55] <igorkorotayev> yes
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> Before we do so...
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> DROP>
[21:55] <kamek_wins> snail :(
[21:55] <igorkorotayev> i am more redey than i was to move out of russie and move to washengeten
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> YOUR.
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> BUFFS.
[21:55] <AudreyMiddleton> YES!
[21:55] <igorkorotayev> ...
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> We are SWITCHING tribes!
[21:55] <igorkorotayev> FUCK
[21:55] <AudreyMiddleton> YES!Y
[21:55] <kamek_wins> ok
[21:55] <AudreyMiddleton> ES!
[21:55] <Umbreon> Oh gosh...
[21:55] <SisterMaryEunice> -strangles a duck with her buff-
[21:55] * Kelly_Goldsmith smiles
[21:55] <SisterMaryEunice> Oh!
[21:55] <SisterMaryEunice> A swap.
[21:55] <igorkorotayev> u sly sly snake porbst
[21:55] <SisterMaryEunice> Lovely.
[21:55] * AudreyMiddleton stomps on buff
[21:55] <igorkorotayev> manu was going to ulonged
[21:55] <Timebob|> fuck
[21:55] <igorkorotayev> if it did not swap
[21:55] <SisterMaryEunice> It reminds me of when Sister Jude and I swapped places in the Asylum.
[21:55] <igorkorotayev> u smart fuck man
[21:55] <SisterMaryEunice> And I took over.
[21:55] <Umbreon> Um, Jeff
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[21:55] <SisterMaryEunice> And that MONSTER MONSIGNOR TIMOTHY HOWARD
[21:55] == DeterminedSnail [uid59094@gateway/web/] has left #Ovivor []
[21:55] <SisterMaryEunice> THREW ME OVER A BALCONY
[21:55] <Umbreon> Err...
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> One sec
[21:55] <SisterMaryEunice> TO MY SUDDEN DEATH!
[21:55] <AgathaTrunchbull> Ugh.
[21:55] * Umbreon drops buff
[21:55] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): In Ethiopia, the only reason I didn't win was because we never swapped tribes.
[21:55] <SisterMaryEunice> Only, of course, I survived.
[21:55] <AudreyMiddleton> That's good.
[21:56] <AgathaTrunchbull> This is disgusting.
[21:56] <SisterMaryEunice> You can't kill the unkillable.
[21:56] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): Well, here we are! ^_^
[21:56] <AudreyMiddleton> Can I pay him to do it again? @Mary
[21:56] <igorkorotayev> igor drop buff
[21:56] <AudreyMiddleton> The unkillable is me.
[21:56] <AudreyMiddleton> and all the tranns people
[21:56] <Twinkle|> This change of pace is strangling me.
[21:56] <AudreyMiddleton> If you mess with one of us, you mess with ALL of us.,
[21:56] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): I guess I'm winning.
[21:56] * Kelly_Goldsmith laughs
[21:56] <@jeffprObst> Alright, if I call your name - you are on the NEW NAHEKA TRIBE.
[21:56] <@jeffprObst> This is completely random.
[21:56] <@jeffprObst> Kelly.
[21:56] <igorkorotayev> say my name say my name if nobodey is around me
[21:56] <@jeffprObst> Kamek.
[21:56] <kamek_wins> Okay!
[21:56] <@jeffprObst> Igor.
[21:56] * Umbreon gulps
[21:56] <igorkorotayev> fuck
[21:56] <@jeffprObst> Mary.
[21:56] <@jeffprObst> Twinkle.
[21:57] * kamek_wins grabs igor
[21:57] <SisterMaryEunice> ..Are you kidding me?
[21:57] <igorkorotayev> hi kameke
[21:57] <kamek_wins> you stupid dog welcome to my team!
[21:57] <@jeffprObst> When I call your name - you are on the NEW MANU TRIBE.
[21:57] * Kelly_Goldsmith frowns
[21:57] <Kelly_Goldsmith> Is this real life?
[21:57] <@jeffprObst> Umrebon.
[21:57] <@jeffprObst> Audrey.
[21:57] * AudreyMiddleton places buff back on head
[21:57] <@jeffprObst> Timebob.
[21:57] <@jeffprObst> Agatha.
[21:57] <@jeffprObst> and Jaclyn.
[21:57] * Umbreon looks to Igor and Twinkle
[21:57] * Kelly_Goldsmith puts on new Naheka buff
[21:57] <Timebob|> oh man... oh shit
[21:57] <igorkorotayev> oh fuck mann
[21:57] <igorkorotayev> man fuck
[21:57] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor Naheka: Kelly, Kamek, Igor, Mary, Twinkle | Manu: Umbreon, Audrey, Timebob, AGatha, Jaclyn
[21:57] <igorkorotayev> i am god to be in naheka
[21:57] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor Naheka: Kelly, Kamek, Igor, Mary, Twinkle | Manu: Umbreon, Audrey, Timebob, Agatha, Jaclyn
[21:57] <igorkorotayev> it like naked
[21:57] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): I'm on a tribe with Mary again, who's completely mentally insane, but that's FINE.
[21:58] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): I mean, really, when you're out on an island, who needs sanity at this point?
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> Your first immunity challenge is soon, for now - JOIN #NUNAHEKA AND #NUMANU
[21:58] <SisterMaryEunice> (CONF): -levitates in the confessional surrounded by the blood of virgins-
[21:58] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): SUPER overrated and I don't like it.
[21:58] * Kelly_Goldsmith gives a blank face
[21:59] <AudreyMiddleton> This is almost a shittier situation than when I was in on Survivor: Venezuela and got kidnapped
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> WITH A SWAP COMES A NEW IDOL:
[22:01] <JaclynMisch> Cool.
[22:01] <igorkorotayev> i am in lov with michael fit gerald
[22:01] <@jeffprObst> Challenge soon ^_^
[22:01] <igorkorotayev> she SO FUCK HOT
[22:01] <igorkorotayev> i will go on crusade for michael fit gerald she is true god she will shine lighte upon my facce and skin to brigne me to heavan

[22:02] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[22:02] <Timebob|> comes
[22:02] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your 3rd immunity challenge?
[22:02] <kamek_wins> ah!
[22:02] <igorkorotayev> ah ah ah
[22:02] <igorkorotayev> yes
[22:02] <SisterMaryEunice> I've been thinking.
[22:02] <igorkorotayev> i am redey
[22:02] <SisterMaryEunice> I've been SEARCHING
[22:02] <SisterMaryEunice> the INNER PORTIONS OF MY SOUL
[22:02] <SisterMaryEunice> and I have decided.
[22:02] <@jeffprObst> This challenge is called YANK YOUR HANK.
[22:03] <SisterMaryEunice> That Audrey?
[22:03] <SisterMaryEunice> You're dead to me.
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> This... may be a little confusing so LISTEN WISELY.
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> I'm not gonna repeat it.
[22:03] <kamek_wins> This sounds lame
[22:03] <SisterMaryEunice> Luckily for you, you'll go to heaven.
[22:03] <kamek_wins> LAME!
[22:03] <SisterMaryEunice> Because not even SATAN HIMSELF
[22:03] <SisterMaryEunice> WANTS YOU IN HIS ARMS.
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> There are 4 large triangle ramps in front of you.
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> To get ahead, ONE person from your tribe needs to boost you guys up.
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> You will alternate until every member is across, and then solve a puzzle.
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> So for example
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> Say one tribe has: A, B, C, D, E
[22:03] <igorkorotayev> i yank my hank all day everey day
[22:03] <kamek_wins> eek!
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> To get across platform #1, person A will say *lifts B* and then *lifts C* and then *lifts D*
[22:04] <Kelly_Goldsmith> That's unfortunate.
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> etc
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> until they're done
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> THEN you will alternate.
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> Then person B will lift everyone.
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> So person B will go, *lifts A* all the way to D
[22:04] <kamek_wins> this sounds incredibly boring
[22:04] * AudreyMiddleton raises hand
[22:04] <kamek_wins> i hate this!!
[22:04] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): Honestly, if I don't win this challenge, I might just drown myself.
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> To paraphrase: FOUR PEOPLE are lifting their tribe across
[22:04] <AudreyMiddleton> Why is B not lifting E?
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> they are
[22:04] <igorkorotayev> fuck christ man this take long
[22:04] <igorkorotayev> too longe
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> Then the person that doesn't push at all
[22:04] <igorkorotayev> longer than 190934989 year
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> Will solve a puzzle
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> Understood?
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> Any questions?
[22:05] <@jeffprObst> Speak now or forever hold your peace
[22:05] <AudreyMiddleton> Hm..
[22:05] <SisterMaryEunice> I have no questions.
[22:05] <Timebob|> manu can i do the puzzle man?
[22:05] <kamek_wins> I will go first because I say so!
[22:05] <JaclynMisch> I'm good.
[22:05] <SisterMaryEunice> However, I hold no peace.
[22:05] <AudreyMiddleton> Sure.
[22:05] <SisterMaryEunice> I will go second.
[22:05] <@jeffprObst> Okay, let's decide right now. POST THE ORDER OF PEOPLE GOING IN ONE POST SO I CAN SEE IT.
[22:05] <@jeffprObst> You can decide while I pee ^_^
[22:05] <igorkorotayev> o k i am flexebel i will go whenever u say
[22:05] <Umbreon> I can solve a puzzle
[22:05] <Timebob|> Umbreon im doing it man
[22:05] <Kelly_Goldsmith> I'm doing the puzzle.
[22:05] <Timebob|> you want it?
[22:06] <kamek_wins> ok! @kelly
[22:06] <Twinkle|> I shall go first.
[22:06] <Umbreon> Okay, sure then @ Timebob
[22:06] <Umbreon> Timebob does the puzzle
[22:06] <Kelly_Goldsmith> I mean, I'm the only one on this tribe with a PhD...
[22:06] <SisterMaryEunice> I'm second
[22:06] * Kelly_Goldsmith laughs
[22:06] <AudreyMiddleton> Timebob is doing the puzzle
[22:06] <@jeffprObst> Back
[22:06] <AudreyMiddleton> I'll be person A.
[22:06] <@jeffprObst> Let me just explain the puzzle
[22:06] <AudreyMiddleton> Umbreon, you'll be person B.
[22:06] <kamek_wins> me - mary - igor? - twinkle? - kelly?
[22:06] <AudreyMiddleton> Agatha, you'll be person C.
[22:06] <@jeffprObst> You'll get a link to an imgur album. There will be SIX VERTICAL PUZZLE PIECES
[22:06] <kamek_wins> is this good
[22:06] <kamek_wins> @all
[22:06] <AudreyMiddleton> Jaclyn, you'll be person D.
[22:06] <Umbreon> (do we actually say A B C D E or do we have to type names @ Jeffprobst)
[22:06] <@jeffprObst> Each puzzle piece has a letter on it from A to E
[22:06] <Kelly_Goldsmith> That's fine.
[22:06] <AudreyMiddleton> Timebob is person E.
[22:06] <@jeffprObst> (type names)
[22:06] <igorkorotayev> o k i will go thirde
[22:07] <kamek_wins> kk
[22:07] <AgathaTrunchbull> Sounds fine.
[22:07] <kamek_wins> the order is
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> The puzzle pieces have letters on it. Re-arrange it and then post the letters in order
[22:07] <kamek_wins> kamek - mary - igor - twinkle - kelly
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> Okay, Naheka will go: Kamek, Mary, Igor, Twinkle, Kelly
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> Manu? Post it in 1 post.
[22:07] <Timebob|> up to down? @O
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> Kelly solving the puzzle.
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> ? @timebob
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> what do you mea
[22:07] <Timebob|> like
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> n
[22:07] <Umbreon> audrey - umbreon - agatha - jaclyn - timebob
[22:07] <Timebob|> "in order"
[22:07] <AudreyMiddleton> Audrey - Umbroen - Agatha - Jcalyn - Timebob
[22:07] <Timebob|> what does this mean?
[22:07] <kamek_wins> do I lift all four of them?
[22:07] <kamek_wins> @jeff
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> Yes
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> In separate posts
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> Manu?? I need a decision
[22:08] <kamek_wins> so I just post lifts mary then lifts igor then lifts twinkle and then lifts kelly
[22:08] <igorkorotayev> do i lift keley too
[22:08] <kamek_wins> k
[22:08] <Timebob|> Audrey just posted it
[22:08] <Umbreon> we posted it
[22:08] <JaclynMisch> We gave it to you twice....
[22:08] <igorkorotayev> since she is do puzzel
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> Ah okay
[22:08] <AudreyMiddleton> we just posted our decision?
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> Manu goes Audrey, Umbreon, Agatha, Jaclyn with TIMEBOB solving the puzzle.
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> Got it?
[22:08] <JaclynMisch> Mhmm.
[22:08] <Umbreon> K
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> 3...
[22:08] <kamek_wins> do we lift kelly or no
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> 2..
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> 1...
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> GO
[22:08] <AudreyMiddleton> *lifts person B*
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> yes lift kelly
[22:08] <kamek_wins> lifts mary
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> lift everyone over
[22:08] <AudreyMiddleton> *lifts person C*
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> USE REAL NAMES
[22:08] <kamek_wins> lifts igor
[22:08] <AudreyMiddleton> *lifts person D*
[22:08] <Umbreon> no you have t say names
[22:08] <kamek_wins> lifts twinkle
[22:08] <JaclynMisch> Audrey what are you doing.
[22:08] <AudreyMiddleton> *lifts person Umbreon*
[22:08] <kamek_wins> lifts kelly
[22:08] <kamek_wins> go!
[22:08] <Twinkle|> *lifts B*
[22:08] * Kelly_Goldsmith climbs over
[22:08] <AudreyMiddleton> *lifts person Agatha*
[22:08] <kamek_wins> @mary
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> Kamek gets across the first hurdle!
[22:08] <SisterMaryEunice> *lifts Kamek up*
[22:08] <SisterMaryEunice> *lifts Igor up*
[22:08] <AudreyMiddleton> *lifts Jaclyn*
[22:08] <SisterMaryEunice> *lifts Twinkle up*
[22:09] <Twinkle|> (o)
[22:09] <AudreyMiddleton> GO
[22:09] <AgathaTrunchbull> wait
[22:09] <SisterMaryEunice> *lifts Kelly up*
[22:09] * Kelly_Goldsmith climbs over
[22:09] <JaclynMisch> No.
[22:09] <igorkorotayev> *lifts kamek up*
[22:09] * Kelly_Goldsmith climbs over
[22:09] * Kelly_Goldsmith climbs over
[22:09] * Kelly_Goldsmith climbs over
[22:09] * Kelly_Goldsmith climbs over
[22:09] <JaclynMisch> Timebob.
[22:09] <@jeffprObst> Audrey gets across!
[22:09] <igorkorotayev> *lifts mary up*
[22:09] * Umbreon lifts audrey
[22:09] * Umbreon lifts agatha
[22:09] <igorkorotayev> *lifts twinkle up*
[22:09] <AudreyMiddleton> LET'S GO GUYS
[22:09] * Umbreon lifts jaclyn
[22:09] <igorkorotayev> *lifts kelly up*
[22:09] <AgathaTrunchbull> go umbreon!
[22:09] * Umbreon lifts timebob
[22:09] <SisterMaryEunice> *climbs over* ?
[22:09] * Kelly_Goldsmith climbs over
[22:09] <@jeffprObst> Mary gets them across!
[22:09] <Umbreon> Go agatha!
[22:09] <igorkorotayev> GO TWINKEL GO
[22:09] <@jeffprObst> TELL ME WHEN YOU GET TO THE PUZZLE
[22:09] <JaclynMisch> Agatha GO.
[22:09] <AudreyMiddleton> Go Agatha!
[22:09] <AudreyMiddleton> AGATHA?!
[22:09] <kamek_wins> twinkle!!
[22:09] <AudreyMiddleton> HELLO!?
[22:09] <Twinkle|> *lifts Kelly*
[22:09] <@jeffprObst> We're down to Twinkle & Agatha to push their tribe over
[22:09] <AgathaTrunchbull> *lifts Jaclyn*
[22:09] <igorkorotayev> GO MAN TWINKLE FUCK GO MAN GO
[22:09] * Kelly_Goldsmith climbs over
[22:09] <Twinkle|> *lifts Kamek*
[22:09] <Umbreon> AgathaTrunchbull
[22:09] <AudreyMiddleton> WE'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A CHALLENGE.
[22:09] <igorkorotayev> NO WRONG ORDERE
[22:09] <Twinkle|> *lifts Igor*
[22:09] <kamek_wins> lift me then mary then igor then kelly
[22:09] <AudreyMiddleton> OH MY GOD NO.
[22:09] <JaclynMisch> Agatha lift EVERYONE.
[22:09] <kamek_wins> @twinkle
[22:09] <Umbreon> we have to do all 4
[22:09] <Umbreon> @ Agatha
[22:09] <Twinkle|> (Sorry I lagged and didn't see anything)
[22:09] <igorkorotayev> lift kameck marey igor kelley
[22:09] <AgathaTrunchbull> *lifts Audrey*
[22:09] <AudreyMiddleton> AUDREY - UMBREON - JACLYN - TIMEBOB
[22:09] <AudreyMiddleton> MOVE IT.
[22:09] <igorkorotayev> do it fuck man go
[22:10] <AgathaTrunchbull> *lifts umbreon*
[22:10] <igorkorotayev> in that ordere
[22:10] <Twinkle|> *lifts Kamek*
[22:10] <AgathaTrunchbull> *lifts timebob*
[22:10] <Twinkle|> *lifts Mary*
[22:10] <Twinkle|> *lifts Igor*
[22:10] <@jeffprObst> Manu with the slight lead
[22:10] <AudreyMiddleton> GO JACLYN!
[22:10] <Twinkle|> *lifts Kelly*
[22:10] <@jeffprObst> It could come down to the puzzle
[22:10] <JaclynMisch> *lifts Audrey*
[22:10] <Umbreon> ...
[22:10] <igorkorotayev> GO YES GO!!!
[22:10] <Umbreon> WE'RE IN THE LEAD?
[22:10] <kamek_wins> ok jeff we're at the puzzle
[22:10] <JaclynMisch> *lifts Umbreon*
[22:10] <Kelly_Goldsmith> It's going to.
[22:10] <AudreyMiddleton> WE'RE WINNING?
[22:10] <JaclynMisch> *lifts Agatha*
[22:10] <igorkorotayev> PUZEL TIME
[22:10] <JaclynMisch> *lifts Timebob*
[22:10] <Kelly_Goldsmith> We're at the puzzle, Jeffrey.
[22:10] <AudreyMiddleton> KEEP FIGHTING MANU, LET'S GO!
[22:10] <Timebob2> PUZZLE
[22:10] <AudreyMiddleton> GO TIMEBOB, GO!
[22:10] <JaclynMisch> GO TIMEBOB!
[22:10] <Timebob2> PUZZLE @JEFF
[22:10] <@jeffprObst> NAHEKA:
[22:10] <igorkorotayev> GO MAN I AM CHEER LOUDERE THAN FARM GUY 69
[22:10] <igorkorotayev> GO KELY GO
[22:10] <@jeffprObst>
[22:10] <@jeffprObst> MANU:
[22:10] <@jeffprObst>
[22:10] <kamek_wins> go kelly go!
[22:10] <Kelly_Goldsmith> oh my god I can't!
[22:11] <@jeffprObst> Both Kelly & Timebob solving the puzzle.
[22:11] <SisterMaryEunice> This puzzle seems difficult
[22:11] <@jeffprObst> It helps to use an art program or some sort of visual representation - though you CAN do it just from sight
[22:11] <igorkorotayev> i do not do god at puzzeles
[22:12] <Kelly_Goldsmith> EBACFD?
[22:12] <@jeffprObst> Wrong.
[22:12] <Umbreon> Oh my Gosh
[22:12] <igorkorotayev> dan is wronge again
[22:12] <@jeffprObst> There are 3 tiki idols split in 2.
[22:12] <Kelly_Goldsmith> CAEBFD?
[22:12] <@jeffprObst> Wrong.
[22:13] <@jeffprObst> HINT: THE FIRST LETTER IS E
[22:13] * Umbreon uses shadowball on Kelly's puzzle
[22:13] <Umbreon> Whoopsie
[22:13] <Kelly_Goldsmith> EBCAFD?
[22:13] <Kelly_Goldsmith> wait
[22:13] <AgathaTrunchbull> Timebob!
[22:13] <AgathaTrunchbull> HUSTLE!
[22:13] <@jeffprObst> Close, but no dice, Kelly.
[22:13] <Umbreon> ....
[22:13] <Kelly_Goldsmith> FDCAEB?
[22:13] <AudreyMiddleton> Is he fucking kidding me?
[22:13] <@jeffprObst> Wrong, Kelly.
[22:13] <Kelly_Goldsmith> UGH!!
[22:14] <@jeffprObst> FIRST LETTER: E, THIRD LETTER: F
[22:14] <JaclynMisch> Timebob2
[22:14] <@jeffprObst> That's all you need to solve it.
[22:14] <Umbreon> Can we switch out?
[22:14] <@jeffprObst> Yes, you can
[22:14] <Kelly_Goldsmith> EBFDCA??
[22:14] <Kelly_Goldsmith> That HAS to be it.
[22:14] <@jeffprObst> CORRECT
[22:14] <@jeffprObst> KELLY GETS IT
[22:14] <AudreyMiddleton> NO.
[22:14] <@jeffprObst> NAHEKA WINS IMMUNITY!
[22:14] * Kelly_Goldsmith smiles
[22:14] <SisterMaryEunice> Good Job, Kelly.
[22:14] <SisterMaryEunice> I guess.
[22:14] <Kelly_Goldsmith> FINALLY.
[22:14] <igorkorotayev> YES FUCK YES MAN!!
[22:14] * Umbreon drops puzzle pieces
[22:14] <@jeffprObst> Manu going to Tribal Council!
[22:14] <Umbreon> Dangitt
[22:14] <JaclynMisch> ...
[22:14] <SisterMaryEunice> Whatever sends Audrey to elimination.
[22:14] <AgathaTrunchbull> UGH!
[22:14] <SisterMaryEunice> Where HOPEFULLY her soul will be reaped.
[22:14] <JaclynMisch> *breathes heavily*
[22:15] * Umbreon hugs Jaclyn
[22:15] <@jeffprObst> (FYI, Timebob said his computer is dying)
[22:15] <Umbreon> we tried :(
[22:15] <AudreyMiddleton> Good try, tribe. :(
[22:15] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): At the challenge today, I may have won at the puzzle, but Mary tried to lead me astray by giving me a wrong answer.
[22:15] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): It goes to show that there are people in this game who you like that want to see you suffer and that's her.
[22:16] <SisterMaryEunice> Of course I want to see everyone suffer.
[22:16] <SisterMaryEunice> I'm the Devil.
[22:16] <SisterMaryEunice> Surprise!
[22:16] <Kelly_Goldsmith> That's a cute schtick.
[22:16] <AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): I have truly 0% interest in seeing anyone on my sucky tribe stay. This is my third tribal council apperance this season.
[22:16] <SisterMaryEunice> There was a priest, the dirty beast, his name was Alexander.
[22:16] <Kelly_Goldsmith> Does that work in job interviews?
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys
[22:16] <SisterMaryEunice> His mighty dick was inches thick, he called it salamander.
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down and take a seat.
[22:16] <igorkorotayev> sister marey
[22:16] <igorkorotayev> do u know debby waner
[22:16] <kamek_wins> What? @Mary
[22:16] <igorkorotayev> she is care taker of nun
[22:16] <Timebob|> *wakes up*
[22:16] <igorkorotayev> u are nun
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> SEND ME YOUR VOTES + REASONING + PARCHMENT (I can make one for you if you can't.)
[22:16] <igorkorotayev> it is god god match
[22:16] <Timebob|> what the fuck?
[22:16] <Timebob|> what happened?
[22:17] <Timebob|> who won?
[22:17] <SisterMaryEunice> Debbie Waner indeed is the caretaker of Nuns.
[22:17] <Umbreon> (Where's the parchment)
[22:17] <SisterMaryEunice> She also wins Survivor in a future season.
[22:17] <SisterMaryEunice> Just a fun fact.
[22:17] <Umbreon> (can I get a link)

[22:17] <SisterMaryEunice> I know everything.
[22:17] <AgathaTrunchbull> OHF
[22:18] <AgathaTrunchbull> peem
[22:18] <@jeffprObst> k
[22:18] <Timebob|> post the blank parchmetn
[22:19] <Timebob|> ?
[22:19] <Umbreon> ^
[22:19] <@jeffprObst>
[22:20] <SisterMaryEunice> (CONF): I walked back to camp today carrying firewood for our Tribe. I returned to see Twinkle and Igor giggling about something random and holy.
[22:20] <SisterMaryEunice> (CONF): INNOCENT children talking about INNOCENT things in this INNOCENT world.
[22:20] <SisterMaryEunice> (CONF): Hell is going to break loose.
[22:20] <igorkorotayev> i am not inocent i am 38
[22:20] <igorkorotayev> i am big strong grown man
[22:20] <igorkorotayev> i am not going sacerefise my sole to saten
[22:21] <SisterMaryEunice> When I was a child, I found a dead cat on the side of the road.
[22:21] <SisterMaryEunice> It broke my heart.
[22:21] <SisterMaryEunice> Now that I look back, it was a fond memory.
[22:22] <AudreyMiddleton> Was it now?
[22:22] <AudreyMiddleton> BREAKING NEWS:
[22:22] <Twinkle|> Images of death cloud my vision each time I lay to slumber.
[22:22] <SisterMaryEunice> When I was in college, I was invited to a party by my supposed friends. They tricked me into jumping into the swimming pool naked.
[22:22] <AudreyMiddleton> Nobody gives a shit, darling.
[22:22] <SisterMaryEunice> I look back on that, and I realize.
[22:22] <SisterMaryEunice> They aren't going anywhere.
[22:22] <SisterMaryEunice> they're going to live long lives and grow old.
[22:22] <SisterMaryEunice> I'm going to rise to power.
[22:22] <AudreyMiddleton> Maybe if you stopped bashing physically everyone left in this game you wouldn't have gotten votes.
[22:23] <SisterMaryEunice> I'm not talking to you, sir.
[22:23] <SisterMaryEunice> Oops.
[22:23] <SisterMaryEunice> I mean ma'am.
[22:23] <AudreyMiddleton> ...Excuse me?
[22:23] * AudreyMiddleton sprinkles holy water on Mary.
[22:23] <SisterMaryEunice> -screams-
[22:23] <Twinkle|> Yesterday I had a dream in which
[22:23] <AudreyMiddleton> You looked a little thirsty, bitch.
[22:23] <Twinkle|> Audrey
[22:23] <Twinkle|> You, Audrey
[22:23] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes!
[22:23] <@jeffprObst> Out of 5.
[22:23] * Umbreon gulps
[22:23] <Timebob|> did you get mine?
[22:24] <Timebob|> @o
[22:24] <Twinkle|> Represented all goodness in the world.
[22:24] <@jeffprObst> Yes.
[22:24] <Twinkle|> But you perished.
[22:24] <Timebob|> cool
[22:24] <@jeffprObst> need Umbreon, Agatha and Jaclyn.
[22:24] * AudreyMiddleton sprinkles more holy water on Mary.
[22:25] <AudreyMiddleton> I may have to hold on to this in case you want to start drama again.
[22:25] <SisterMaryEunice> -drags a dead carcass of a mule to camp-
[22:25] <SisterMaryEunice> I got us dinner.
[22:25] <SisterMaryEunice> -turns to Audrey-
[22:25] <SisterMaryEunice> -levitates-
[22:25] * AudreyMiddleton sprinkles holy water on mule carcass
[22:25] <SisterMaryEunice> ...I'll see you soon.
[22:25] <SisterMaryEunice> -returns to camp-
[22:25] * Umbreon sits at Tribal anxiously
[22:26] * AudreyMiddleton crosses legs
[22:26] <@jeffprObst> 4/5 votes
[22:26] <SisterMaryEunice> You forgot to tuck it in, sweetie.
[22:26] <SisterMaryEunice> @Audrey
[22:27] * AudreyMiddleton douses Mary in holy water.
[22:27] <SisterMaryEunice> -screams-
[22:27] <AudreyMiddleton> In the name of the father.
[22:27] <AudreyMiddleton> The son.
[22:27] <igorkorotayev> i am thirstey
[22:27] <AudreyMiddleton> and the holy fucking ghost.
[22:27] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[22:27] * igorkorotayev drink holey water
[22:27] <igorkorotayev> i am the masaya
[22:27] <SisterMaryEunice> -races away-
[22:27] * Umbreon deeps breath
[22:27] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol & would like to play it
[22:27] <AudreyMiddleton> I banish you from this GAME.
[22:27] * AudreyMiddleton stands up
[22:27] <@jeffprObst> Now would be the time to do so.
[22:27] <igorkorotayev> i am also the masaya because i am max dawnsen biggest stan
[22:27] * Umbreon stands
[22:27] <JaclynMisch> *stands up*
[22:27] * AudreyMiddleton hands Jeff bottle of holy water.
[22:27] <Timebob|> *stands*
[22:27] * AudreyMiddleton also hands Jeff idol
[22:27] <@jeffprObst> stop @ all standing up
[22:28] * AudreyMiddleton stands up again
[22:28] <@jeffprObst> STANDING UP W/O AN IDOL = PENALTY VOTE
[22:28] <AudreyMiddleton> Don't tell me what to do, Jeff.
[22:28] * AudreyMiddleton sits odwn
[22:28] <@jeffprObst> If you have a LEGIT idol, stand.
[22:28] * Umbreon stands up because she has something to do
[22:28] <Timebob|> *sits back down real quick*
[22:28] <Umbreon> Jeff
[22:28] <Umbreon> I might be wasting this
[22:28] <SisterMaryEunice> .
[22:28] <Umbreon> But I'd rather be in the game without an idol
[22:28] <Umbreon> than out of the game with one
[22:28] <@jeffprObst> This... IS a hidden immunity idol. Any votes for Umbreon do not count.
[22:28] * Umbreon hands Jeff her idol
[22:28] <JaclynMisch> *stands up*
[22:28] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[22:28] <JaclynMisch> Same here.
[22:28] == SisterMaryEunice [ac3a901c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:28] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:28] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:28] <JaclynMisch> JEFF
[22:28] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:28] <JaclynMisch> STOP
[22:28] <JaclynMisch> LOOK
[22:28] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:28] <JaclynMisch> MORON
[22:28] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[22:28] <JaclynMisch> There we go.
[22:28] <@jeffprObst> Are you playing it?
[22:28] <JaclynMisch> :)
[22:28] <JaclynMisch> Yes.
[22:28] <JaclynMisch> I thought that was clear?
[22:28] <@jeffprObst> Any votes for JACLYN AND UMBREON DO NOT COUNT.
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[22:29] <JaclynMisch> Or are you misreading again?
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:29] == SisterMaryEunice [ac3a901c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:29] <@jeffprObst>
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> Umbreon. Does not count.
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:29] * Umbreon sighs
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:29] <@jeffprObst>
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> Umbreon.
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> Does not count.
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> Third vote...
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:29] <@jeffprObst>
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> Jaclyn.
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> Does not count.
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> Fourth vote...
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> ..
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> ..
[22:29] <AudreyMiddleton> Oh my Jesus.
[22:29] <@jeffprObst>
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> Audrey.
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> Fifth vote....
[22:29] <SisterMaryEunice> (me missing a double idol play)
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> Third person voted out of Ovivor: AS
[22:29] <igorkorotayev> Oil
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> No one.
[22:30] <@jeffprObst>
[22:30] <AudreyMiddleton> ...
[22:30] <@jeffprObst> This vote is for Timebob.
[22:30] <AudreyMiddleton> What?
[22:30] <@jeffprObst> We have a tie.
[22:30] <Timebob|> man...
[22:30] <Timebob|> BITCHES man...
[22:30] <Timebob|> can't trust em..
[22:30] * Umbreon turns to Jaclyn
[22:30] <@jeffprObst> Alright...
[22:30] <SisterMaryEunice> For the love of God.
[22:30] <SisterMaryEunice> Vote out Audrey.
[22:30] <@jeffprObst> Umbreon, Jaclyn and Agatha will all re-vote for either Timebob or Audrey.
[22:30] <@jeffprObst> VOTE NOW.
[22:30] <@jeffprObst> PLEASE VOTE QUICKLY.
[22:30] <Umbreon> Who voted for me?
[22:30] <JaclynMisch> I did.
[22:30] <JaclynMisch> But you voted for me, soooo.
[22:30] <Timebob|> I voted for Jaclyn... like i said man...
[22:30] <Timebob|> fuck..
[22:31] <JaclynMisch> Oh my bad. :)
[22:31] <Umbreon> How wrong you are, Jaclyn
[22:31] <kamek_wins> owned
[22:31] <igorkorotayev> this is an evolusion of stradegie
[22:31] <AudreyMiddleton> Oh my god.
[22:31] <kamek_wins> @people
[22:31] <igorkorotayev> the game is evolve
[22:31] <igorkorotayev> like evie to pokey man umbreon
[22:31] <JaclynMisch> Too bad I CAUGHT you spreading shit to people, Umbreon.
[22:31] <kamek_wins> igor fishback
[22:31] <igorkorotayev> that me
[22:31] * Umbreon rolls eyes
[22:31] <AudreyMiddleton> Look, guys.
[22:31] <Umbreon> I voted for Audrey
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> I have 0 votes.
[22:31] <Umbreon> I'm re-voting for Audrey
[22:31] <AudreyMiddleton> Clearly, Timebomb blew this challenge.
[22:31] <JaclynMisch> Audrey TOLD me you told her I wanted her out and like that is NOT cool, okay?
[22:32] <Timebob|> man... i passed out... it wasn't my fault...
[22:32] <Umbreon> Sure, I get that
[22:32] <Timebob|> @audrey
[22:32] <Umbreon> At the end of the day this is just a game
[22:32] <AudreyMiddleton> Umbreon, quit spreading shit and shut the fuck uP.
[22:32] <AudreyMiddleton> Look.
[22:32] <AudreyMiddleton> Agatha, Jaclyn.
[22:32] <Umbreon> Audrey
[22:32] <AudreyMiddleton> I have done nothing wrong to either of you.
[22:32] <JaclynMisch> I voted Timebob
[22:32] <Umbreon> There's no need for the swearing
[22:32] <JaclynMisch> Audrey Timebob already said he voted for me.
[22:32] <AudreyMiddleton> Timebomb cost us the challenge.
[22:32] <Timebob|> MAN...
[22:32] <Umbreon> You people are so dramatic
[22:32] <Timebob|> CAN'T TRUST ANY OF THEM..
[22:32] <Umbreon> Can I remind Jaclyn and Agatha that audrey will flip
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> 2/3 re-votes
[22:32] <JaclynMisch> Umbreon you already flipped.
[22:33] <SisterMaryEunice> What an INTERESTING ordeal.
[22:33] <JaclynMisch> Get a brain, please.
[22:33] <JaclynMisch> Pfft.
[22:33] <Umbreon> I voted for Audrey like I said I would
[22:33] <JaclynMisch> *rolls eyes*
[22:33] <Timebob|> i won't flip, dude, just... keep me in the game... aw fuck
[22:33] <JaclynMisch> You told Agatha you were voting Timebob so WHAT now?
[22:33] <JaclynMisch> Hmm?
[22:33] <AudreyMiddleton> you already did flip, TImebob.
[22:33] <igorkorotayev> i am confuse
[22:33] <Umbreon> Timebob voted Jaclyn
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> Okay..
[22:33] <Umbreon> I voted Audrey
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> *comes back with urn of re-votes*
[22:33] <igorkorotayev> more confuse than rudey when he see gay peopel
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] * AudreyMiddleton crosses legs
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst>
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> Audrey.
[22:34] <AudreyMiddleton> <3
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[22:34] <Timebob|> dude man dude
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst>
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> Timebob.
[22:34] <Umbreon> ...
[22:34] <Timebob|> fuck shit DAMN dude man
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Audrey, 1 vote Timebob.
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> 1. vote. left.
[22:34] * Umbreon holds her head
[22:34] * AudreyMiddleton pats dress
[22:34] <Umbreon> I'm doomed
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> The third person voted out of Ovivor: All-Stars..
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst>
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> Timebob.
[22:34] <Umbreon> Sorry, Timebob
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> That's 2, that's enough. Timebob, you need to bring me your torch.
[22:34] <igorkorotayev> fuck man
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[22:35] <AudreyMiddleton> YES!YES!
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> Timebob, the tribe has spoken. Time for you to go.
[22:35] <igorkorotayev> i am sorrey time bob i like u
[22:35] <Timebob|> bye dudes...
[22:35] * AudreyMiddleton hugs Jaclyn and Agatha
[22:35] <igorkorotayev> that is comfort rite
[22:35] <igorkorotayev> igor like u
[22:35] <Timebob|> i guess i'll never love again...
[22:35] * Umbreon smiles as Timebob leaves
[22:35] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor Naheka: Kelly, Kamek, Igor, Mary, Twinkle | Manu: Umbreon, Audrey, Agatha, Jaclyn
[22:35] == Timebob| has changed nick to Timebob|Jax
[22:41] == cOnfessional [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[22:41] == Timebob|Jax [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 38.0.5/20150525141253]]
[22:42] <igorkorotayev2> what
[22:42] <JaclynMisch> ...
[22:42] <JaclynMisch> Hello?
[22:42] <igorkorotayev2> the fuck man
[22:42] <igorkorotayev2> i am confuse
[22:42] <igorkorotayev2> i do not know what marey is do
[22:42] <igorkorotayev2> she is sacrifise goat to devel
[22:42] <igorkorotayev2> sorry phil shepard
[22:42] <igorkorotayev2> u are dead
[22:42] == kamek_wins [440df3be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[22:42] <kamek-wins> what
[22:42] <@jeffprObst> O
[22:42] <@jeffprObst> k
[22:42] <@jeffprObst> a
[22:42] <@jeffprObst> y
[22:42] == JaclynMisch [457aac8a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:42] <@jeffprObst> People are lagging so, be patient please
[22:42] <Umbreon_> (CONF) I'm praying for a merge...
[22:42] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): This cast proves time and time again that Ovivor is really just an asylum.
[22:42] == JaclynMisch| [457aac8a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[22:43] <JaclynMisch|> :)
[22:43] == mode/#Ovivor [+o cOnfessional] by jeffprObst
[22:43] <AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): I am praying that we don't merge. I want Umbreon's annoying ass GONE.
[22:43] == mode/#Ovivor [+v AgathaTrunchbull] by cOnfessional
[22:43] == mode/#Ovivor [+v AudreyMiddleton] by cOnfessional
[22:43] == mode/#Ovivor [+v igorkorotayev2] by cOnfessional
[22:43] == mode/#Ovivor [+v JaclynMisch|] by cOnfessional
[22:43] == mode/#Ovivor [+v kamek-wins] by cOnfessional
[22:43] == mode/#Ovivor [+v Kelly_Goldsmith] by cOnfessional
[22:43] == mode/#Ovivor [+v MagicConch] by cOnfessional
[22:43] == mode/#Ovivor [-v MagicConch] by cOnfessional
[22:43] == mode/#Ovivor [+v SisterMaryEunice] by cOnfessional
[22:43] == mode/#Ovivor [+v Twinkle_] by cOnfessional
[22:43] == mode/#Ovivor [+v Umbreon_] by cOnfessional
[22:43] <+igorkorotayev2> (conf): i jus time chip chip an he can run at 45 mile per hour
[22:43] <@jeffprObst> Okay
[22:43] <@jeffprObst> Today's challenge is called Mix & Match
[22:43] <@jeffprObst> Naheka - sit one person out.
[22:43] <+igorkorotayev2> sir mix a lot like big but cannot lie
[22:43] <+AudreyMiddleton> Just like Mary's wardrobe!
[22:44] <+kamek-wins> me!
[22:44] <+kamek-wins> I'll sit out
[22:44] <@jeffprObst> Kamek sits out.
[22:44] <@jeffprObst> Alright, when one person comes up, they will pick 2 numbers.
[22:44] <+AudreyMiddleton> oh my goodness
[22:44] <@jeffprObst> This is a 5x5 board - so you can pick any number from 1-25 EXCEPT for 13, as it is dead center.
[22:44] <@jeffprObst> We are starting with Naheka first, and we'll go in the order of the topic.
[22:44] <@jeffprObst> So, Kelly - you're up.
[22:45] <+AudreyMiddleton> How the hell do you win this
[22:45] <+igorkorotayev2> you get jesus on your side
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> When you make a match, you score a point for your tribe.
[22:45] <+igorkorotayev2> like me because i am mormon
[22:45] <+igorkorotayev2> mormen
[22:45] <+SisterMaryEunice> Jesus is not on Igor's side today.
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> You'll see as we go along, for now it's basically luck
[22:45] <+SisterMaryEunice> Not with me here.
[22:45] <+SisterMaryEunice> :)
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> So KELLY GOLDSMITH - pick 2 random numbers from 1-25, except 13 as it is dead center.
[22:45] <+igorkorotayev2> jesus is ALWAY on my side man
[22:45] <+igorkorotayev2> u are lie
[22:45] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> Well...
[22:45] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> Okay, logistically, the numbers won't be that close together if they're a match.
[22:46] <+igorkorotayev2> is kelly @EMMarkham
[22:46] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> And, to make them a bit more difficult, the matches will be one odd and one even.
[22:46] <+igorkorotayev2> the strategey and perfecte scor on s a ts
[22:46] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> When you analyze data all day, you get to be good at this.
[22:46] <+igorkorotayev2> quanantataive stradegist
[22:46] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> No, I only got a 1520/1600 on my SATs. @Igor
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> Hurry please!
[22:46] == igorkorotayev2 has changed nick to igorkorotayev
[22:52] == cOnfessional [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[22:52] <@jeffprObst> 4 = love, 16 = love.
[22:52] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> You can backpedal all you want, but'cha can't beat grammar, sister @Mary
[22:52] <@jeffprObst> Match!
[22:52] * Kelly_Goldsmith laughs
[22:52] <@jeffprObst> Manu scores!
[22:52] <+JaclynMisch|> Jeff.
[22:52] <@jeffprObst> Manu - 1
[22:52] <+JaclynMisch|> Aggie never... said anything.
[22:52] <+Twinkle_> (Agatha didn't say anything)
[22:52] <+igorkorotayev> fuck shit man
[22:52] <@jeffprObst> (me)
[22:52] <+AudreyMiddleton> ^
[22:52] <Umbreon2> lol
[22:53] <+JaclynMisch|> *claps*
[22:53] <+AgathaTrunchbull> 4 and 16.
[22:53] <+JaclynMisch|> There we go!
[22:53] <+AgathaTrunchbull> See.
[22:53] <@jeffprObst> Okay
[22:53] <+AgathaTrunchbull> My challenge skills are unmatched!
[22:53] <+SisterMaryEunice> I say we both get a point to even out your stupid mistake.
[22:53] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Twinkle.
[22:53] <+SisterMaryEunice> Moron.
[22:53] * AudreyMiddleton high-fives Agatha and Jaclyn.
[22:53] <+Twinkle_> The precedent set by Agatha is unlikely to matched by I.
[22:53] <+SisterMaryEunice> 20 and 21 is a match.
[22:53] <+SisterMaryEunice> Pick it, Twinkle.
[22:53] <+Twinkle_> I am intimidated.
[22:53] <Umbreon2> no one picked those
[22:53] <+Twinkle_> 23 and 11.
[22:53] <+kamek-wins> Hello I am back! Please, hold your applause.
[22:54] <+Twinkle_> Because I enjoy prime numbers.
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> 23 = Shark fin, 11 = surfboard
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> No match.
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Jaclyn.
[22:54] <+JaclynMisch|> 6 and 23.
[22:54] <+igorkorotayev> u are not psichic marey
[22:54] <+igorkorotayev> satan is not psych
[22:54] <+AudreyMiddleton> 6 and 23
[22:54] <+igorkorotayev> she does not kno
[22:54] <+igorkorotayev> oh FUCK MAN
[22:54] <+AudreyMiddleton> 6 and 23
[22:54] * Kelly_Goldsmith rolls eyes
[22:54] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> How are we losing?
[22:54] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> Is this a joke?
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> 6 = Shark fin, 23 = shark fin
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> Match!
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> Manu scores again!
[22:54] <+igorkorotayev> i did not notice it was shart fin
[22:54] * AudreyMiddleton high-fives Jaclyn.
[22:54] <+igorkorotayev> we can not lose
[22:54] <+AudreyMiddleton> Way to go, girly! <3
[22:54] <+igorkorotayev> i will provied the motivation dedacation
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> Alright, Kelly goes again.
[22:54] <+igorkorotayev> GO TEAM GO
[22:54] <+igorkorotayev> WE SHALL GO
[22:54] <+igorkorotayev> AH AH AH LET GO
[22:54] * Umbreon2 holds out hands for Audrey to high five
[22:55] <Umbreon2> Good job ^^
[22:55] <+Twinkle_> The prospect of defeat is too much to bear.
[22:55] <+SisterMaryEunice> Disgusting.
[22:55] <+Twinkle_> But it was foolish to believe that our victory would go unchallenged for eternity.
[22:55] * AudreyMiddleton high-fives Umbreon.
[22:55] <+igorkorotayev> what day is chrismass for mormen
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> Kelly, I need a decision.
[22:55] <+AudreyMiddleton> Thanks.
[22:55] <+Twinkle_> For fate has our way with us all.
[22:55] * Umbreon2 blinks in surprise
[22:55] <+Twinkle_> *its
[22:55] <+Twinkle_> And to each of us comes an unspeakable atrocity
[22:56] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> Well...
[22:56] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> Give me a second to think!!
[22:56] <+igorkorotayev> u must rack ur giganetec brian
[22:56] <@jeffprObst> Alright.
[22:56] <+igorkorotayev> to think of the corect answere
[22:56] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> There's no way I can get an immediate match here.
[22:56] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> So...
[22:56] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> 12 and 14.
[22:56] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> Just to reveal those and increase our odds.
[22:56] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> It's not gonna be a match.
[22:56] <@jeffprObst> 12 = Turtle, 14 = dolphin
[22:56] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Umbreon
[22:57] <Umbreon2> 2 and 14!
[22:57] <+JaclynMisch|> Do 2 and 14 Umbreon.
[22:57] <+JaclynMisch|> YES!
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> Both are dolphins! It's a match!
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Igor.
[22:57] <+SisterMaryEunice> 21.
[22:57] <+SisterMaryEunice> and 22.
[22:57] <+AudreyMiddleton> WAY TO GO, UMBREON!
[22:57] <+Twinkle_> (How many points do you need to win)
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> 4.
[22:57] <Umbreon2> Thanks! ^^
[22:57] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> ...
[22:57] <+igorkorotayev> ok
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> Igor, your turn.
[22:57] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): I can't believe I'm about to lose again.
[22:57] <+igorkorotayev> anyon have a sugesten
[22:57] <+SisterMaryEunice> 21 and 22!!
[22:57] <+igorkorotayev> fuck man i am going to do underdog victerey
[22:57] <+igorkorotayev> ok what i have to lose
[22:58] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): I mean, REALLY? It's ridiculous. It's actively UPSETTING.
[22:58] <+igorkorotayev> 21 and 22
[22:58] <+igorkorotayev> fuck man
[22:58] <@jeffprObst> 21 = flower, 22 = turtle.
[22:58] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Audrey.
[22:58] <+igorkorotayev> i cant beleive i was trick by marey
[22:58] <+igorkorotayev> i am now going to becom satanist
[22:58] <+igorkorotayev> to punish me for my sin
[22:58] <+igorkorotayev> fuck man fuck
[22:58] <+SisterMaryEunice> You already are, darling.
[22:58] <Umbreon2> 22 & 14 wins
[22:58] <+JaclynMisch|> 21 and 8 Audrey.
[22:58] <+SisterMaryEunice> By just being in my sights.
[22:58] <+AudreyMiddleton> 12 and 22.
[22:58] <@jeffprObst> 12 = Turtle, 22 = Turtle
[22:58] <@jeffprObst> It's A MATCH!
[22:58] <Umbreon2> oh fuck
[22:58] <@jeffprObst> MANU WINS!
[22:58] <@jeffprObst> The board.
[22:58] <Umbreon2> not 14 sorry
[22:58] <+AgathaTrunchbull> YES.
[22:58] <+SisterMaryEunice> what a disaster.
[22:58] <+AudreyMiddleton> YES!!!! :D
[22:58] <+JaclynMisch|> *shakes boobs disappointedly at Umbreon*
[22:58] <Umbreon2> YAY!
[22:58] <Umbreon2> WE DID IT!
[22:58] * AudreyMiddleton hugs Agatha and Jaclyn
[22:58] <+igorkorotayev> FUCK MAN SHIT
[22:58] * Umbreon2 hugs Audrey
[22:59] * Umbreon2 hugs Jaclyn
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> Naheka, I'll see you guys at Tribal Council tonight...
[22:59] * AudreyMiddleton hugs Umbreon
[22:59] * Umbreon2 hugs Agatha
[22:59] <+igorkorotayev> shit man
[22:59] <Umbreon2> I'm so excited omg <3
[22:59] * Kelly_Goldsmith sighs
[22:59] <+JaclynMisch|> *hugs Aggie and Audrey*
[22:59] <+SisterMaryEunice> Well, that was a shame.
[22:59] <+AudreyMiddleton> LMAOO
[22:59] <+kamek-wins> well fuck :(

[23:01] <+JaclynMisch|> ...
[23:01] == JaclynMisch| [457aac8a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:01] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): My AS gameplay has been to hell and back. It started off weak with my allies leaving, and nOW.. IT'S THRRIVING.
[23:01] == JaclynMisch [457aac8a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[23:01] <+SisterMaryEunice> -searches for more symbols in the woods-
[23:01] <+SisterMaryEunice> Death lurks here.
[23:01] <+SisterMaryEunice> and I suspect someone on my Tribe is the traitor.
[23:02] <+Twinkle_> .
[23:04] <+kamek-wins> .
[23:04] <+AudreyMiddleton> ..Um
[23:04] <+kamek-wins> someone give me the blank thing
[23:04] <+AudreyMiddleton> Mary, you're killing us with your boring-ness.
[23:04] <+AudreyMiddleton> You would NOT get cast for Big Brother.
[23:04] <@jeffprObst> 2/5
[23:04] <@jeffprObst> votes
[23:04] <+AudreyMiddleton> You have a more Amazing Race vibe to me
[23:04] <+AudreyMiddleton> Because after you're done, nobody gives two shits about you.
[23:05] <+AudreyMiddleton> That's why Mary Eunice appeared only briefly in Freak Show :)
[23:05] <+igorkorotayev> i have band with Bruno mar
[23:06] <+kamek-wins> did you get my vote?
[23:06] <@jeffprObst> 3/5
[23:06] <@jeffprObst> Yes
[23:08] <@jeffprObst> We're just waiting on Kelly
[23:08] <+igorkorotayev> damn keley are u alive
[23:08] <+igorkorotayev> i cannot have my ferinds die everey day
[23:08] <+igorkorotayev> she must go to heaven
[23:08] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> Oh, my bad.
[23:08] <+igorkorotayev> which is where sister marey is not at
[23:08] <+igorkorotayev> ah ah ah
[23:09] <+SisterMaryEunice> They'll be drug to hell.
[23:09] <+SisterMaryEunice> The eternal flames.
[23:09] * Kelly_Goldsmith returns from the voting booth
[23:09] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> It's weird.
[23:09] <@jeffprObst> Alright.
[23:09] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> This is probably the easiest vote so far.
[23:09] <+SisterMaryEunice> -crosses legs-
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> Whoever has a hidden immunity idol & would like to play it
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> Should do so now
[23:10] <+SisterMaryEunice> -stands-
[23:10] <+SisterMaryEunice> -approaches JeffProbst-
[23:10] <+SisterMaryEunice> You know, Tribe.
[23:10] <+igorkorotayev> to the shok of absoluteley nobodey
[23:10] <+SisterMaryEunice> They say that if you go to a mirror
[23:10] <+igorkorotayev> i am not surprsie
[23:10] <+igorkorotayev> yawn
[23:10] <+SisterMaryEunice> And say my name three times.
[23:10] <+SisterMaryEunice> I'll appear.
[23:10] <+SisterMaryEunice> Bloody Mary.
[23:10] <+SisterMaryEunice> Bloody Mary.
[23:10] <+SisterMaryEunice> Bloody Mary.
[23:10] <+SisterMaryEunice> -hands over the idol-
[23:10] <+kamek-wins> oh fuck off lmao
[23:10] <+SisterMaryEunice> And I'll make your lives a living HELL.
[23:10] <+igorkorotayev> fuck
[23:10] <+SisterMaryEunice> HAHAahAHAHahaaHAHahAHahHAHAHAAHahAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[23:10] <+SisterMaryEunice> ahaHAHAHaHAHAHahaHAHAHahAHhaHAHAHAHAHAHA
[23:10] <+Twinkle_> I am not amused.
[23:11] <+igorkorotayev> nethere am i man
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> This... is a hidden immunity idol for Mary. Any votes for her will not count.
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> First vote
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <+igorkorotayev> this is worse then watching @fymaxwell eat kale for twenny houers
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst>
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> Mary, does not count.
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> ..
[23:11] <@jeffprObst>
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> Mary, does not count.
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> Third vote...
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst>
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> Mary, does not count.
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> We have no votes for anyone
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> Fourth vote...
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:12] <@jeffprObst>
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> Kamek.
[23:12] * Umbreon2 sighs
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> Fifth vote...
[23:12] <+igorkorotayev> FUCK MAN
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:12] <+kamek-wins> ah yes here we go
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> ...
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> Twinkle.
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> We have a tie.
[23:12] <+kamek-wins> who the fuck voted me
[23:12] * kamek-wins roars
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> Igor. Mary. Kelly. You three will revote for either Kamek or Twinkle.
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> Send votes now.
[23:12] <+SisterMaryEunice> Whoever did, you deserve it.
[23:12] <+SisterMaryEunice> Because frankly, you betrayed me for the LAST TIME.
[23:13] <+kamek-wins> i voted for you in the first vote you bloody idiot
[23:13] <+kamek-wins> with*
[23:13] <+kamek-wins> what the fuck
[23:13] <+SisterMaryEunice> I voted Twinkle.
[23:13] <+SisterMaryEunice> I'm just saying...
[23:13] <+SisterMaryEunice> You voted for me now.
[23:13] <+igorkorotayev> i am hard choise
[23:13] <+SisterMaryEunice> AHAHahahAhAHAaHAHaHAHAHAHAHAHa
[23:13] <+igorkorotayev> i do not know man this sad fuck man
[23:14] <+igorkorotayev> i am go thorough exestental crisis
[23:14] <+kamek-wins> easy way out: don't vote me
[23:14] <@jeffprObst> 0 re-votes...
[23:15] <+kamek-wins> lol I'm going home aren't I
[23:16] * Kelly_Goldsmith holds up vote to camera
[23:16] * AudreyMiddleton sprinkles holy water on urn
[23:16] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): This game is so dark-sided and it's making me sick.
[23:16] <+AudreyMiddleton> BANISH THAT BITCH
[23:16] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): For once, I'm actually sorry.
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> Alright.
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> 1st vote....
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> ..
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:16] <@jeffprObst>
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> Twinkle.
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:17] <Umbreon2> ...
[23:17] <@jeffprObst>
[23:17] <@jeffprObst> Kamek.
[23:17] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Kamek, 1 vote Twinkle.
[23:17] <@jeffprObst> 1.
[23:17] <@jeffprObst> vote.
[23:17] <+kamek-wins> thanks igor
[23:17] <@jeffprObst> left.
[23:17] <@jeffprObst> 4th person voted out of Ovivor: All-Stars....
[23:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:17] <@jeffprObst>
[23:17] <@jeffprObst> Twinkle.
[23:17] <@jeffprObst> Twinkle, the tribe has spoken.
[23:17] <@jeffprObst> Time for you to go.
[23:17] <+igorkorotayev> FUCK MAN I WAS NOT SUPOSE TO HAPPEN
[23:17] <+kamek-wins> thank
[23:18] * jeffprObst snuffs torch
[23:18] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor Naheka: Kelly, Kamek, Igor, Mary | Manu: Umbreon, Audrey, Agatha, Jaclyn
[23:18] == mode/#Ovivor [+o cOnfessional] by jeffprObst
[23:18] == mode/#Ovivor [+v JaclynMisch] by cOnfessional
[23:18] == mode/#Ovivor [+v Umbreon2] by cOnfessional
[23:18] == mode/#Ovivor [-v Twinkle_] by cOnfessional
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> oh no
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> Test
[23:19] * kamek-wins is blinded by the ugly font
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> Okay
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your next immunity challenge?
[23:19] <+kamek-wins> no
[23:19] <+igorkorotayev> wen the sun shines u shine togethere
[23:19] * AudreyMiddleton walks in
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> Before we get to that...
[23:19] * AgathaTrunchbull marches in
[23:19] <+igorkorotayev> u know i be there forevere
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> I want you guys to DROP YOUR BUFFS.
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> We are MERGED!
[23:19] <+igorkorotayev> i will alwayss be a ferind turn the note to the end
[23:19] <+SisterMaryEunice> FINALLY!
[23:19] <+AgathaTrunchbull> Thank goodness!
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> *throws teal buffs at 8 members*
[23:19] * Umbreon2 drops buff proudly
[23:19] <+igorkorotayev> thank
[23:19] <+kamek-wins> k
[23:19] <+Umbreon2> Woohoo!
[23:19] <+SisterMaryEunice> Away from the DISGUSTING FILTHJ
[23:19] <+SisterMaryEunice> OF MY TRIBE.
[23:19] <+Umbreon2> Guys, we made it!
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> One sec
[23:19] <+SisterMaryEunice> FILTH*
[23:19] <+igorkorotayev> i am redey
[23:19] == Twinkle_ [405c0f12@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:19] <+igorkorotayev> to not be posess by saten any more
[23:19] <+igorkorotayev> thank
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> With a merge - comes a merge feast!
[23:19] <+AgathaTrunchbull> (CONF): Now it's time to show the challenge skilsl of the olympic hammer-throwing champion!
[23:20] <@jeffprObst> Your challenge will be in the picnic basket that the merge feast is in
[23:20] <+AudreyMiddleton> YES!
[23:20] <+igorkorotayev> WILL IT BE TACO
[23:20] <@jeffprObst>
[23:20] <+igorkorotayev> AH AH AH
[23:20] <@jeffprObst> Good luck!
[23:20] <+igorkorotayev> O M GOD
[23:20] <+igorkorotayev> THERE IS KALE
[23:21] <@jeffprObst> Your challenge is to make a tribe flag/name. you have 10 minutes!
[23:21] <+AudreyMiddleton> (okay can we fucking not anymore @this 10 minute shit)
[23:22] <@jeffprObst> ok
[23:22] <@jeffprObst> 9 minutes
[23:22] <@jeffprObst> (better?)
[23:22] <+AudreyMiddleton> (yes)
[23:22] <+AgathaTrunchbull> what's our merge tribe name
[23:22] <+AgathaTrunchbull> :
[23:22] <+AgathaTrunchbull> or are we making tht up as part of the chall
[23:23] <+igorkorotayev> hey babby how about i give u somme stuffeng for thank give @cieraeastin
[23:24] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> I won this challenge last time.
[23:24] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> Now it's just...harder.
[23:24] <@jeffprObst> (the merged flag is teal btw, like ta keo turquoise esque)
[23:24] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> But I've been excelling at higher difficulty all my life, so it's FINE...
[23:25] <+AgathaTrunchbull> OHF not answering my q.
[23:25] <+AgathaTrunchbull> :/
[23:25] <@jeffprObst> You have 4 more minutes.
[23:26] <@jeffprObst> We're ending this at 11:29
[23:26] <@jeffprObst> Oh
[23:26] <@jeffprObst> and that's part of the chall
[23:26] <@jeffprObst> @agatha
[23:26] <+igorkorotayev> o k almost done
[23:26] <+Umbreon2> what
[23:26] <+Umbreon2> 11:31
[23:26] <+Umbreon2> @O
[23:27] <+Umbreon2> you said 10
[23:28] <@jeffprObst> o ya
[23:28] <@jeffprObst> just keep working
[23:28] <@jeffprObst> I only have like 1 submission
[23:28] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor MERGE: Kelly, Kamek, Igor, Mary, Umbreon, Audrey, Agatha, Jaclyn

[23:28] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor MERGE: Kelly, Kamek, Igor, Mary, Umbreon, Audrey, Agatha, Jaclyn
[23:29] <@jeffprObst> I have 3 flags
[23:30] <+Umbreon2> It's been 10 mins
[23:31] <+SisterMaryEunice> (It's uploading)
[23:31] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> (give me like 1.5 min)
[23:31] <@cOnfessional> k
[23:31] <+AgathaTrunchbull> yeah mine is uploading rn
[23:32] <+igorkorotayev> i will play game in mean time
[23:32] <+igorkorotayev> who want to play fall out 4
[23:32] <+igorkorotayev> i am VERY GOOD i am best in world
[23:32] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> (ALMOST DONE)
[23:32] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> (UPLOADING)
[23:32] <+Umbreon2> hurrt tf up
[23:33] * igorkorotayev drinks copious amounts of rum at merged tribe feast
[23:33] <+igorkorotayev> fuck man i drunk
[23:33] <@jeffprObst> Okay!
[23:33] <@jeffprObst> I got 6/8 submissions
[23:33] <@jeffprObst> Audrey & Agatha did not submit
[23:33] <@jeffprObst> In 6th place is...
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> Yes, by Kamek
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> In 5th place is...
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> Bloody Mary, by Mary.
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> For making me go to dropbox and not imgur.
[23:34] <+SisterMaryEunice> Damn fool.
[23:34] <+AgathaTrunchbull> when u actually try in an art challenge
[23:34] <+AgathaTrunchbull> for the first time in RP history
[23:34] <+Umbreon2> (dead)
[23:34] <+AgathaTrunchbull> and you don't get to submit on time
[23:34] <+AgathaTrunchbull> (:
[23:34] <+AgathaTrunchbull> (:
[23:34] <+AgathaTrunchbull> (;
[23:34] <+kamek-wins> are you fucking kidding?!
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> Post it anyway I want to see it
[23:34] <+kamek-wins> my flag was the best!
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> In 4th place is...
[23:35] <+igorkorotayev> fuuuuck man i more drunk than boris at fameley reunen
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <+AudreyMiddleton> Like I have time to create a flag
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> Mother Russia, by Igor
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> I like the flag itself, but the name is lacking.
[23:35] <+igorkorotayev> FUCK SHIT
[23:35] <+igorkorotayev> i was going do chip chip 2.0
[23:35] <+igorkorotayev> but i did not have createvetey
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> f3: Audrey, Kelly, Umbreon
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> In 3rd place is...
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <+Umbreon2> (I'm next out)
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <+Umbreon2> (i know it)
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> Kelly, with Koha
[23:35] <+AudreyMiddleton> I'M IN THE F2 EEE
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> (oh I meant jaclyn* lol)
[23:35] <+AudreyMiddleton> oh fuck you Probst
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> F2: Jaclyn, Umbreon
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> The winner is.
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> ..
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <+Umbreon2> Jaclyn
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <+Umbreon2> grats :)
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> Pashwana, submitted by Umbreon!
[23:36] <+JaclynMisch> :)
[23:36] <+JaclynMisch> Oh
[23:36] <+JaclynMisch> :/
[23:36] <+Umbreon2> OH MY GOD!
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> This is Jaclyn's submission.
[23:36] <+kamek-wins> But that's not funny!
[23:36] <+Umbreon2> I...
[23:36] <+Umbreon2> I won
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> Pashwana means divine in Hawaiian
[23:36] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor PASHWANA: Kelly, Kamek, Igor, Mary, Umbreon, Audrey, Agatha, Jaclyn
[23:36] <+kamek-wins> Yes means Kamek Wins in Hawaiian
[23:36] <+kamek-wins> :/
[23:36] <+kamek-wins> get your fucking HAWAIIAN together
[23:36] <+igorkorotayev> mother russia means vlad puten is number 1 in world
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> Test
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> Alright, head back to camp, got nothing for the rest of ya.
[23:37] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys.
[23:37] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down & take a seat.
[23:37] <@jeffprObst> ALL - How does it feel to have made the merge in an All-Star season?
[23:37] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> I mean, it's not shocking.
[23:37] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> I'm a lot smarter than your average Ovivor loser.
[23:37] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> Shocked? Not really.
[23:37] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> Happy? Sure!
[23:37] <+SisterMaryEunice> Making the merge is part of my legacy.
[23:37] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> I'm psyched, but I have to stay focused on the game.

[23:37] <+SisterMaryEunice> After all, the merge is where my game truly began in Transylvania.
[23:38] <+AgathaTrunchbull>
[23:38] <+AgathaTrunchbull> my master piece
[23:38] <+Umbreon2> (link to parchment pls)
[23:38] <+AgathaTrunchbull> robbed by imgur sucking
[23:38] <@cOnfessional>
[23:38] <@cOnfessional> (you would have gotten like 6th, above kamek @agatha)
[23:39] <+AgathaTrunchbull> queen of the art game
[23:39] <+AgathaTrunchbull> picasso who?
[23:39] <+AgathaTrunchbull> @6th
[23:39] == kamek_wins [440df3be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[23:39] <kamek_wins> fuck!
[23:42] <+SisterMaryEunice> -slits the throat of a cow in the distance-
[23:43] == kamek-wins [440df3be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[23:43] <+AudreyMiddleton> This is why we can't have nice things, Mary.
[23:43] <+SisterMaryEunice> The devil laughs at you.
[23:43] <+SisterMaryEunice> He is pleased with everything you do to defy God on a daily basis.
[23:44] <+igorkorotayev> the devel laugh at me when i tell BIG BIG FUUUUUNEY joke
[23:44] <+AudreyMiddleton> that's nice.
[23:44] <@jeffprObst> 6/8 votes
[23:44] <@jeffprObst> I'm missing Igor + Agatha
[23:45] <@jeffprObst> Please vote soon!
[23:45] <+igorkorotayev> o k
[23:45] <+igorkorotayev> i will vote now sorey man
[23:45] * AudreyMiddleton crosses arms
[23:46] <+AudreyMiddleton> CAN WE GET ON WITH THIS?
[23:47] <kamek_wins> ^
[23:47] == igorkorotayev2 [49a1fc29@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[23:47] <@jeffprObst> hang on
[23:47] <@jeffprObst> I have 9 votes for some reason
[23:47] <+AgathaTrunchbull> messy
[23:47] <igorkorotayev2> sorrey i was watchen survive cambodie
[23:47] <igorkorotayev2> spencer girl ferind so HOT
[23:47] <+AgathaTrunchbull> Pull yourself TOGETHER Probst.
[23:47] <igorkorotayev2> if u are seeing this
[23:47] <igorkorotayev2> if u ever Ned anthing u can alway comme to me lick if u 2 ever break up
[23:48] <igorkorotayev2> @specner gf
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[23:48] <+AgathaTrunchbull> The MAGGOTS who learn math at my school are better at counting than you!
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.
[23:48] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> That's a problem @9 votes
[23:48] * Kelly_Goldsmith stands
[23:48] <+SisterMaryEunice> -stands-
[23:48] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> I...probably don't need this
[23:48] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> tonight at all
[23:48] <+Umbreon2> ...
[23:48] <+SisterMaryEunice> I would pull out an idol tonight, but the spirits below did not guide me to the light.
[23:48] <+SisterMaryEunice> -sits down-
[23:48] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> but...
[23:48] <+SisterMaryEunice> AHAHahAHahaHahAHAHAHAHAHa
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> Kelly, are you playing it on yourself?
[23:48] * Kelly_Goldsmith hands Jeffrey an idol
[23:48] <+JaclynMisch> Kelly.
[23:48] <+JaclynMisch> Wait.
[23:48] <+JaclynMisch> Play it on me.
[23:48] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> This is probably a waste of time.
[23:48] <+JaclynMisch> You aren't getting any votes tonight.
[23:48] * Kelly_Goldsmith turns t jaclyn
[23:48] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> I don't even know you.
[23:49] <+JaclynMisch> And?
[23:49] <+JaclynMisch> :/
[23:49] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> Why should I give you my idol?
[23:49] <+JaclynMisch> *squeezes boobs*
[23:49] <kamek_wins> wow!
[23:49] <kamek_wins> : o
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> This is an idol. Any votes for Kelly do not count.
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> First vote....
[23:49] <igorkorotayev2> wow man
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:49] <igorkorotayev2> so shockeng
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> ..
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:49] <+JaclynMisch> JEFF
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:49] <@jeffprObst>
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> Mary.
[23:49] <+JaclynMisch> She never said she was playing it on herself but WHATEVER.
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[23:49] <@jeffprObst>
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> Audrey.
[23:49] <+AudreyMiddleton> Groundbreaking.
[23:49] <+Umbreon2> .
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> Third vote...
[23:49] <igorkorotayev2> o m god no fuck man
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:50] <@jeffprObst>
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> Agatha.
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> Fourth vote...
[23:50] == igorkorotayev [49a1fc29@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:50] == igorkorotayev2 has changed nick to igorkorotayev
[23:50] <@jeffprObst>
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> Igor.
[23:50] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> I'm not surprised that /I/ didn't get any votes but...
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Mary, 1 vote Agatha, 1 vote Audrey, 1 vote Igor.
[23:50] <igorkorotayev> WHAT
[23:50] <igorkorotayev> FUCK WHAT MAN
[23:50] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> HONESTLY what is going on??
[23:50] <kamek_wins> what is with this mess
[23:50] <igorkorotayev> WHO VOTE ME
[23:50] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): What are these people on?????
[23:50] <igorkorotayev> some one vote igor
[23:50] <igorkorotayev> i am sorrey
[23:50] <igorkorotayev> to that persen who have no life
[23:50] <igorkorotayev> and vote igor
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> 5th vote...
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:50] <igorkorotayev> to fulfell black void in heart
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:50] <igorkorotayev> fuck shit man
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:50] <@jeffprObst>
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> Mary.
[23:51] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): There has GOT to be some kind of medication dealer on this island, and if there is then I want in because these votes are TOO mental for me right now.
[23:51] <+SisterMaryEunice> -rolls eyes-
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> 6th vote....
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:51] <+SisterMaryEunice> The Devil has told me that my time is up.
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:51] <@jeffprObst>
[23:51] <igorkorotayev> gee i wondere who did that vote
[23:51] <kamek_wins> I laughed @triple cross frontside
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> Mary.
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> 3 votes Mary, 1 vote Audrey/Agatha/Igor
[23:51] <+AudreyMiddleton> The devil was right, sweetie.
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> Fifth person voted out of Ovivor: All-Stars and the 1st member of our jury...
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:51] <+AudreyMiddleton> YEs!
[23:51] <@jeffprObst>
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> Sister Mary Eunice.
[23:52] <+SisterMaryEunice> -stands-
[23:52] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor PASHWANA: Kelly, Kamek, Igor, Umbreon, Audrey, Agatha, Jaclyn | Jury: Mary
[23:52] <igorkorotayev> o thank man
[23:52] <+SisterMaryEunice> I have to say.
[23:52] <igorkorotayev> i am no longer posesed by saten
[23:52] <@jeffprObst> Mary, if you need to go - send me a blacklist
[23:52] <igorkorotayev> i am free man
[23:52] <+Umbreon2> Evil won't shine this season, sister Eunice
[23:52] <kamek_wins> sucks to suck eh @Mary
[23:52] <igorkorotayev> @jesus forgive me man
[23:52] <+SisterMaryEunice> It has been a dreadful experience, living with all of you awful people.
[23:52] <+SisterMaryEunice> But I will have the last laugh.
[23:52] <+SisterMaryEunice> Audrey, sir, you will not win this game.
[23:52] <+SisterMaryEunice> ahahAHa
[23:52] <+SisterMaryEunice> haHAHAHAHAHAHA
[23:52] <+SisterMaryEunice> HAHAahahaHAHaHAHAHAHAHAhhaHAHAHA
[23:52] <kamek_wins> yes yes we get it go away
[23:52] <kamek_wins> @Mary
[23:52] <+SisterMaryEunice> aHaHaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[23:52] <+SisterMaryEunice> AHAHAHAHA
[23:52] <+SisterMaryEunice> -falls down-
[23:52] <+SisterMaryEunice> -a giant black mist rises from her mouth-
[23:52] <+AudreyMiddleton> I'll at least have the satisfaction of knowing that I made it further then you.
[23:52] <+SisterMaryEunice> -the black mist flies into the mouth of Jaclyn-
[23:52] <igorkorotayev> o a giant blak mist rise out of boris mouth some day
[23:52] * AudreyMiddleton pushes Mary in the fire
[23:52] <+AudreyMiddleton> bye honey
[23:52] <igorkorotayev> he then rush to bath room
[23:52] <igorkorotayev> it scarey
[23:53] == SisterMaryEunice has changed nick to Mary|Dra
[23:53] * Kelly_Goldsmith sighs
[23:53] * Kelly_Goldsmith smiles
[23:53] <+JaclynMisch> *coughs and spits out some dust*
[23:53] <+JaclynMisch> Tastes like desperation and irrelevance.
[23:53] <igorkorotayev> WHO HELL VOTE FOR ME
[23:53] <kamek_wins> truth @Jaclyn
[23:53] <igorkorotayev> am i roopert ham bone yet
[23:53] <igorkorotayev> i say yes
[23:54] <+AudreyMiddleton> ding dong
[23:54] <+AudreyMiddleton> the bitch is GONNNE <3
[23:54] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): Mary's gone.
[23:54] * Kelly_Goldsmith squeals
[23:54] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): Mary's OUT OF THE GAME and it's phenomenal.
[23:54] == Umbreon2 [32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:54] <+Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): No more creepy idol whisperer.
[23:54] <+AgathaTrunchbull> .
[23:54] <igorkorotayev> phew man
[23:54] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): Bye bye Hell diva
[23:54] == Umbreon [32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[23:55] <Umbreon> .
[23:55] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[23:55] <kamek_wins> (conf) fuck mary she suck
[23:55] <@jeffprObst> You may be wondering why I asked you to come here at night.
[23:55] * kamek_wins wizards on in
[23:55] <igorkorotayev> are we doing sruvive foke lore
[23:55] <+AudreyMiddleton> Um yes?
[23:55] <+AudreyMiddleton> This is EXHAUSTING.
[23:55] <igorkorotayev> are we tell story about how igor move to america
[23:55] <igorkorotayev> from russai
[23:56] <+AgathaTrunchbull> Top 7. HA. I knew I'd make it this far.
[23:56] <+AgathaTrunchbull> I'm surprised....
[23:56] * AgathaTrunchbull looks at Kamek/Igor
[23:56] <@jeffprObst> Today's challenge is Survivor Folklore.
[23:56] <+AgathaTrunchbull> SOME people made it here.
[23:56] <igorkorotayev> are u throw shade man agathe
[23:56] <kamek_wins> fuck you
[23:56] <@jeffprObst> You will listen to a 2 minute Hawaiian tale called "Kamalo and the Shark God."
[23:56] <igorkorotayev> u are not @BriceIzyah fuck man
[23:56] <+JaclynMisch> ...
[23:56] == Kelly_Goldsmith [48422c12@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:56] == JaclynMisch [457aac8a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:56] <kamek_wins> can you believe this bitch bastardo @igor
[23:56] <@jeffprObst> When it's done, you'll have to answer 5 questions. Answer them correctly, and you win.
[23:56] <igorkorotayev> help me fortinbras help @fortinbras
[23:56] == KellyGoldsmith [48422c12@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[23:56] == JaclynMishc| [457aac8a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[23:56] <igorkorotayev> i can not man it is fuck bull shit bro @kame k
[23:56] == JaclynMishc| has changed nick to JaclynMisch
[23:57] <@jeffprObst> Waiting for everyone to come back
[23:57] <igorkorotayev> igor is back
[23:57] <igorkorotayev> that is all u neede
[23:57] <igorkorotayev> i will automateceley win amunity
[23:57] == KellyGoldsmith has changed nick to Kelly_Goldsmith
[23:57] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[23:57] <@jeffprObst> Remember - you only have 2 minutes to listen to the folklore.
[23:57] == AgathaTrunchbull [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:57] <@jeffprObst> When it's done, I'll link you guys the questions
[23:57] <@jeffprObst> Give me just a few seconds to set up whoops
[23:57] <Umbreon> oh it's audio
[23:57] <Umbreon> (my influence)
[23:57] <igorkorotayev> is it audeo
[23:57] <igorkorotayev> it can not be as good as
[23:57] <igorkorotayev> survive with all the fix ins
[23:58] <igorkorotayev> thank max dawnsen
[23:58] <JaclynMisch> Can you repost the rules?
[23:58] <igorkorotayev> no
[23:58] <kamek_wins> who is max dawnsen
[23:58] <igorkorotayev> my idle
[23:58] <igorkorotayev> he has BIG BIG BIIIIG beard
[23:58] <igorkorotayev> and he love kale
[23:58] <JaclynMisch> You have an idol?
[23:58] <JaclynMisch> What????
[23:58] <igorkorotayev> and he did shit on survive ah ah ah ah
[23:58] <igorkorotayev> no i have no idle
[23:58] <@jeffprObst> You have 2 minutes exactly to listen to a folklore. Then you get links to the questions.
[23:58] <igorkorotayev> it like america idle
[23:58] <JaclynMisch> Did you guys hear that he has an idol?
[23:58] <igorkorotayev> diferent
[23:58] <igorkorotayev> i have no idle fuck
[23:58] <igorkorotayev> WHAT FUCK MAN
[23:59] <Umbreon> .
[23:59] <Kelly_Goldsmith> Did you hear that I don't know you? @Jaclyn
[23:59] <Kelly_Goldsmith> So why should I believe you?
[23:59] <+AudreyMiddleton> Simmer down, ladies.
[23:59] <kamek_wins> where is the thing
[23:59] <+AudreyMiddleton> Now is a time of harmonic convergance
[23:59] <JaclynMisch> We've never been on the same team so like of course you don't know me
[23:59] <+AudreyMiddleton> Mary is GONE
[23:59] <igorkorotayev> we will all con vert to morman
[23:59] <igorkorotayev> i am alredey morman
[23:59] <igorkorotayev> now i need six otheres to joyn me
[00:00] == AgathaTrunchbull [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[00:00] <Umbreon> ...
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> Survivors ready?
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> 3
[00:00] <igorkorotayev> yes
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> 2
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> 1
[00:00] <@jeffprObst>
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> Go!
[00:00] <JaclynMisch> can we.... not?
[00:00] <igorkorotayev> MICRO SOFT SAM IS SO FUCK HOT O M GOD
[00:00] <kamek_wins> <3
[00:00] <AgathaTrunchbull> wait
[00:01] <AgathaTrunchbull> wtf are the instructions to this challenge
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> (that works, right?)
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> Listen to the folklore
[00:01] <Umbreon> yes
[00:01] <JaclynMisch> Can't we just get text? :/
[00:01] <+AudreyMiddleton> (I don't have audio on my comp)
[00:01] <+AudreyMiddleton> So...
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> rip
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> we are 1 minute into the folklore...
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> TIME IS UP.
[00:02] <@jeffprObst>
[00:02] <Kelly_Goldsmith> this is actually the best challenge of all time
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> Post the letters in correct order to win immunity.
[00:02] <Umbreon> answer in PM?
[00:02] <Umbreon> ABBAC
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> Incorrect
[00:03] <Umbreon> ACBAC
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> In the order of the question.
[00:03] <Umbreon> what
[00:03] <kamek_wins> a b b a c
[00:03] <Umbreon> it is
[00:03] <Umbreon> BABAC
[00:03] <kamek_wins> a b c a c
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> Like, q1 -> q 2 -> q 3 etc
[00:03] <Umbreon> is it
[00:03] <Umbreon> it is*
[00:03] <AgathaTrunchbull> BBBAC
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> You're all wrong.
[00:03] <Kelly_Goldsmith> BCABC
[00:03] <Umbreon> cbbac
[00:03] <Kelly_Goldsmith> BCBBC
[00:03] <kamek_wins> a c a cc
[00:04] <igorkorotayev> fuck man i have attention span of gnat
[00:04] <Umbreon> cabac
[00:04] <AgathaTrunchbull> BABAC
[00:04] <kamek_wins> a c c a c
[00:04] <AgathaTrunchbull> BCBAC
[00:04] <Umbreon> ccbac
[00:04] <kamek_wins> a a b a c
[00:04] <Umbreon> bcbac
[00:04] <Umbreon> acbac
[00:04] <@jeffprObst> Wrong.
[00:04] <kamek_wins> I know I got it come on
[00:04] <kamek_wins> what
[00:04] <Kelly_Goldsmith> AABBB
[00:04] <JaclynMisch> 1. B, 2. A, 3. C, 4. A, 5. A
[00:04] <AgathaTrunchbull> BCBCC
[00:04] <JaclynMisch> BACAA
[00:04] <+AudreyMiddleton> BCAAC
[00:04] <Umbreon> cabac
[00:05] <@jeffprObst> Incorrect @ Jaclyn
[00:05] <kamek_wins> a a b a c
[00:05] <AgathaTrunchbull> AAAAA
[00:05] <igorkorotayev> 1) 100 2) maneater 3) 350 4) 8 hours 5) three
[00:05] <Umbreon> bcbac
[00:05] <AgathaTrunchbull> BBBBB
[00:05] <+AudreyMiddleton> bcaac
[00:05] <AgathaTrunchbull> CCCCCC
[00:05] <Umbreon> wtf
[00:05] <AgathaTrunchbull> how has NO ONE been right
[00:05] <AgathaTrunchbull> yet
[00:05] <@jeffprObst> wait
[00:05] <Umbreon> someone has gotten it by now
[00:05] <@jeffprObst> Igor may have it
[00:05] <kamek_wins> oh wait
[00:05] <JaclynMisch> BABAC
[00:05] <kamek_wins> I didn't realize they were in random order
[00:05] <kamek_wins> dude wtf
[00:05] <JaclynMisch> Oh wait what
[00:05] == AudreyMiddleton [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[00:05] <igorkorotayev> did i get
[00:05] <Umbreon> No he doesn't
[00:06] <JaclynMisch> AACAB
[00:06] <kamek_wins> b a b c a
[00:06] <AgathaTrunchbull> ...
[00:06] <AgathaTrunchbull> wait WHAT
[00:06] <igorkorotayev> igor korotayev chalenge beast be unleashed
[00:06] <AgathaTrunchbull> @random order
[00:06] <@jeffprObst> A, A, B, C, B is the answer
[00:06] == AudreyMiddleton [] has joined #Ovivor
[00:06] <AgathaTrunchbull> I'm so irritated why would you do that
[00:06] <Umbreon> AABCA
[00:06] <igorkorotayev> I GOT IT
[00:06] <AudreyMiddleton> did I win
[00:06] <igorkorotayev> FUCK YES FUCK MAN I DID
[00:06] <AudreyMiddleton> BACCA
[00:06] <@jeffprObst> I'm checking
[00:06] <@jeffprObst> Give me a sec y'all!
[00:06] <AudreyMiddleton> BACCA
[00:06] <igorkorotayev> fuck u are wrong it is three shark god in tempel
[00:06] <igorkorotayev> i know
[00:06] <igorkorotayev> i am god master of tempel run
[00:07] <igorkorotayev> i play for 100000000 hours evrey day
[00:07] <kamek_wins> ok
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> IGOR GOT IT
[00:07] <Umbreon> that's confusing @ Qs being out of order
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> IGOR! WINS! IMMUNITY!
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> (ya sorry imgur is a flop)
[00:07] <Umbreon> (and unfair...)
[00:07] <Umbreon> CONGRATS IGOR!
[00:07] <igorkorotayev> FUCK YES FUCK MAN
[00:07] <igorkorotayev> I AM GOD
[00:07] * Kelly_Goldsmith runs back
[00:07] <igorkorotayev> GOD GOD CHALENGE MAN
[00:07] <igorkorotayev> o k
[00:07] <Kelly_Goldsmith> Dang!
[00:07] <kamek_wins> well that was a flop
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> Test
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys.
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down and take a seat.
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> Igor - How does it feel to win immunity?
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> ALL - How does it feel to make the jury?
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> SEND IN VOTES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
[00:08] <igorkorotayev> it fels god god man
[00:08] <igorkorotayev> i am swole
[00:08] <igorkorotayev> swoler than shakeel o nele
[00:08] * AgathaTrunchbull slaps AudreyMiddleton around a bit with a large fishbot
[00:09] <AgathaTrunchbull> ....
[00:09] <AgathaTrunchbull> when you mean to PM someone
[00:09] <AgathaTrunchbull> but miss
[00:09] <AgathaTrunchbull> (:
[00:10] <igorkorotayev> ah ah ah ah
[00:10] <Umbreon> link to parchment pls
[00:10] <igorkorotayev> guy
[00:10] <igorkorotayev> i have anounsement
[00:10] <igorkorotayev> aftere my win in chaleng
[00:10] <igorkorotayev> i am ready to win something bigere
[00:10] <igorkorotayev> so i say now
[00:10] <igorkorotayev> i am runing for presedent of united state
[00:10] <igorkorotayev> my vp will be.....
[00:10] <igorkorotayev> .......
[00:10] <igorkorotayev> @OddreyM
[00:10] <kamek_wins> wow
[00:10] <kamek_wins> no igor/kamek ticket?
[00:10] <kamek_wins> what the fuck igor
[00:11] <igorkorotayev> o kamek
[00:11] <igorkorotayev> u will be secreterey of education
[00:11] <igorkorotayev> since u so SMART MAN SO FUCK SMART
[00:11] <igorkorotayev> u have big glasses
[00:11] <igorkorotayev> or u will be shadey guy who donate $100000000000 to igor cam pane
[00:11] <kamek_wins> thanks

[00:11] <kamek_wins> thanks
[00:12] <Umbreon> (can someone link the parchment pls
[00:12] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes
[00:12] <@jeffprObst>
[00:13] <igorkorotayev> this my cam pain slogen
[00:13] <igorkorotayev> 'a vote for igor is a votte for macke amercica great agan'
[00:13] <igorkorotayev> i made it next
[00:13] <@jeffprObst> 3 votes.
[00:14] <@jeffprObst> 4/7.
[00:16] <Umbreon> .
[00:16] <Umbreon> (dead or lagging?)
[00:16] <kamek_wins> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> 5/7
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> I need: Kelly, Agatha
[00:17] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (uploading my vote)
[00:17] * AudreyMiddleton twitches eye
[00:17] <AgathaTrunchbull> rt
[00:17] <AgathaTrunchbull> @uploading
[00:17] * Umbreon messes with her hair
[00:18] <Umbreon> Wigs are kind of weird
[00:18] <igorkorotayev> are their any god memes on porn hub
[00:19] <Umbreon> ...
[00:19] <AudreyMiddleton> Um...
[00:19] <AudreyMiddleton> Not that I know of, Igor.
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a HII and would like to play it, now would be the time to do so.
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> Okay...
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> First vote....
[00:19] <@jeffprObst>
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> Umbreon.
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> Second vote....
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> ..
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:19] <@jeffprObst>
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> Kelly.
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> Third vote...
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:19] * Kelly_Goldsmith laughs
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:19] <Kelly_Goldsmith> Whatever.
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:19] <Kelly_Goldsmith> That's fine.
[00:20] <@jeffprObst>
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> Umbreon.
[00:20] <Kelly_Goldsmith> The handwriting looks nice.
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> 2 - 1
[00:20] * Umbreon takes a deep breath
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:20] <@jeffprObst>
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> Kelly.
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> 2-2
[00:20] <Umbreon> Good luck, Kelly
[00:20] * Kelly_Goldsmith rolls her eyes
[00:20] <Umbreon> Just so you know
[00:20] <Kelly_Goldsmith> ANOTHER one?
[00:20] <Umbreon> if I leave
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> Fifth vote...
[00:20] <Umbreon> you have my vote on the jury
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:20] <Kelly_Goldsmith> Sure I do.
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:20] <@jeffprObst>
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> Kelly.
[00:20] <igorkorotayev> dee jay kaled
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> 3-2
[00:20] <igorkorotayev> @kelly
[00:20] <Umbreon> You do, though
[00:20] <Kelly_Goldsmith> Everyone says that when they're scared.
[00:20] <Umbreon> You really do
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> Sixth vote....
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:20] <@jeffprObst>
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> Umbreon.
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> 3 votes Umbreon, 3 votes Kelly.
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> One. vote. left.
[00:21] * Umbreon holds up head
[00:21] <igorkorotayev> o shit i am scare
[00:21] <igorkorotayev> i am pee pant
[00:21] <Umbreon> Bon voyage :)
[00:21] <igorkorotayev> like steven fish bach
[00:21] <Umbreon> It's all a game...
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> Sixth person voted out of Ovivor: All-Stars and the 2nd member of our jury,
[00:21] <@jeffprObst>
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> Umbreon.
[00:21] * Umbreon sighs
[00:21] * Kelly_Goldsmith smirks
[00:21] <Umbreon> Well played, well played...
[00:21] <Kelly_Goldsmith> I'm never the pawn.
[00:21] <Kelly_Goldsmith> If anything, I'm, like...
[00:21] <Kelly_Goldsmith> at least a knight or something.
[00:21] <Umbreon> No, Kelly, you're a queen
[00:22] <Umbreon> You'll be getting my jury vote
[00:22] <AudreyMiddleton> Sorry, Umbreon.
[00:22] <igorkorotayev> not igor
[00:22] <Umbreon> It's alright, Audrey
[00:22] <igorkorotayev> that sad
[00:22] <igorkorotayev> fuck man
[00:22] <igorkorotayev> sorrey umber i like u a lot
[00:22] * Umbreon pulls off wig
[00:22] <igorkorotayev> i also have confeshen
[00:22] <AgathaTrunchbull> Umbreo, you were less awful than I expected.
[00:22] <igorkorotayev> i think u are slightele hot
[00:22] <AgathaTrunchbull> Goodbye.
[00:22] == Umbreon has changed nick to Eevee_
[00:22] <igorkorotayev> if u want to mary and have hunny moon in st vinsent and grenadines i wil say yes
[00:22] <igorkorotayev> @umbe
[00:22] <igorkorotayev> umber
[00:22] <Eevee_> That was tough, but oh well
[00:22] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor PASHWANA: Kelly, Kamek, Igor, Audrey, Agatha, Jaclyn | Jury: Mary, Umbreon
[00:22] <Eevee_> Bye guys!
[00:22] <@jeffprObst> Final six!
[00:22] * Eevee_ walks out of Tribal

[00:23] * AudreyMiddleton stands
[00:23] <kamek_wins> .
[00:23] <AudreyMiddleton> I made it farther than Ireland <3
[00:24] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): I spoke to FIVE people about voting for Umbreon and only FOUR people did.
[00:24] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): So, clearly that means someone thought they were smart enough to lie to me, and they're a snake in the grass.
[00:24] <@jeffprObst> give me a sec to record things!
[00:24] <AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): It seems like Kelly is getting too comfortable at the top. It's time to rip her down.
[00:24] <kamek_wins> .
[00:24] == igorkorotayev [49a1fc29@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:24] * kamek_wins falls over
[00:24] <kamek_wins> owie
[00:24] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): I'm paranoid as hell and I need to win Immunity so I can activate my PNS for once.
[00:25] * Kelly_Goldsmith laughs
[00:25] == igorkorotayev2 [49a1fc29@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[00:25] * Kelly_Goldsmith stares blankly at camera
[00:25] <igorkorotayev2> i am back man
[00:25] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): PNS?
[00:25] <igorkorotayev2> after lag take over life and try to kil me
[00:25] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): Parasympathetic nervous system?
[00:25] <igorkorotayev2> i am not redey for that
[00:25] == igorkorotayev2 has changed nick to igorkorotayev
[00:25] <AgathaTrunchbull> .
[00:25] * Kelly_Goldsmith rolls her eyes
[00:25] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): It's fine. Not everyone is as smart as me.
[00:25] * Kelly_Goldsmith laughs
[00:26] == AgathaTrunchbull [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:26] <kamek_wins> hello?
[00:26] <kamek_wins> HELLO?
[00:26] <kamek_wins> GIVE ME ATTENTION
[00:26] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[00:26] == AgathaTrunchbull [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[00:26] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your next immunity challenge?
[00:26] <AgathaTrunchbull> No.
[00:26] <JaclynMisch> Yes!
[00:26] <AudreyMiddleton> Yes!
[00:26] <AgathaTrunchbull> I need to stretch first.
[00:26] <igorkorotayev> i need stretch too
[00:26] * AgathaTrunchbull begins to limber up
[00:26] <igorkorotayev> put on bodey oil
[00:26] <igorkorotayev> that is major key to sucesse
[00:26] == kamek_wins [440df3be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #Ovivor []
[00:26] * igorkorotayev limbers up
[00:27] * igorkorotayev does joega
[00:27] == kamek_wins [440df3be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[00:27] <JaclynMisch> Oh, Igor, can I borrow some oil? :)
[00:27] <igorkorotayev> yes
[00:27] <@jeffprObst> For todays challenge, you will be using a map to draw a line through the locations I give you
[00:27] * igorkorotayev hands jack lyn oil
[00:27] <JaclynMisch> Thanks!
[00:27] <igorkorotayev> call me
[00:27] <@jeffprObst>
[00:27] == kamek_wins [440df3be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:27] <AgathaTrunchbull> You can't win a survivor challenge or do any hammer throwing without stretching
[00:27] <JaclynMisch> *takes oil from Igor and begins to rub it on legs and arms*
[00:27] == Eevee_ [32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:27] <@jeffprObst> The lines I give you will form a 3 or 4 letter word.
[00:27] <@jeffprObst> There are 3 words in total.
[00:27] == KAMEK_WINS [440df3be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[00:27] <@jeffprObst> This is NOT played in rounds - so whoever gets the 3 will win immunity.
[00:27] <@jeffprObst> Any questions?
[00:27] <+Mary|Dra> (this being the opening challenge of tv stars tokyo :\)
[00:27] <KAMEK_WINS> what @jeff
[00:28] <KAMEK_WINS> .
[00:28] <@jeffprObst> Okay, for example, if I say: "Line from Kauai to Oahu", you will (visually or mentally) make a line there. Eventually, the lines will form words.
[00:28] <@jeffprObst> Using this map:
[00:28] <@jeffprObst> Understood? Any questions?
[00:28] <igorkorotayev> yes i have questen
[00:29] <igorkorotayev> can i have food
[00:29] <igorkorotayev> weasele igor
[00:29] <KAMEK_WINS> um
[00:29] <KAMEK_WINS> i don't get the challenge
[00:29] <KAMEK_WINS> what are we doing
[00:29] <KAMEK_WINS> I just got back
[00:29] <@jeffprObst> I tell you to make a line on the map. The lines make a word.
[00:29] <KAMEK_WINS> k
[00:29] <@jeffprObst> It's a map of Hawaii
[00:29] <@jeffprObst> Alright, is everyone ready?
[00:29] <AudreyMiddleton> Yes!
[00:29] * Kelly_Goldsmith stares intently at map
[00:29] * Kelly_Goldsmith twitches
[00:29] <@jeffprObst> THERE ARE THREE WORDS.
[00:30] <AgathaTrunchbull> yes
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> YOU MUST POST ALL 3 OF THEM.
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 3.
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 2.
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 1.
[00:30] <igorkorotayev> o k
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> -- First Letter --
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 1. Na Pali Coast - Waimea Canyon
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 2. Waiymea Canyon - Kapaa
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> -- Second Letter --
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 1. Makaha - Laie
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 2. Laie - Diamond Head
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 3. Kahaluu - Waimea Bay
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> -- Third Letter --
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 1. Kaanapali - Kahoolawe
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 2. Lanai - Hana
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> -- Fourth Letter --
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 1. Kohala Coast - Kona Coast
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 2. Kona Coast - Pahala
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 3. Kailua-Kona - Kilauea
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 4. Kohala Coast - Mauna Kea
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> = LATE
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> SECOND WORD:
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> --First Letter--
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 1. Waimea Canyon - Na Pali Coast
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 2. Na Pali Coast - Mt. Waialeale
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 3. Mt. Waialeale - Hanalei
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 4. Hanalei - Kapaa
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> --Second Letter-
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 1. Lanai City - Wailau Valley
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 2. Wailau Valley - Wailea
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 3. Kaunakakai - Kaanapali
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> --Third Letter-
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 1. Kohala Coast - Hilo
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> 2. Mauna Kea - Hawaii Volcanoes Nat. Park
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> = MAT
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> wait
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> me when they say the answer
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> ^ _ ^
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> ... Okay ignore that, they say the answer at the bottom. Luckily, I have a third one prepared.
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> aight
[00:31] <AudreyMiddleton> lATE
[00:31] <AudreyMiddleton> MAT
[00:31] <igorkorotayev> me to
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> it says the answer there lol
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> %c08,10 I have a third one prepared, that's the only one you'll be doing
[00:31] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): This immunity is SO. crucial.
[00:31] <@jeffprObst>
[00:31] <+Mary|Dra> mess
[00:31] <AudreyMiddleton> ..
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> Survivors ready?
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> 5
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> 4
[00:31] <AudreyMiddleton> ready
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> 3
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> 2
[00:31] * igorkorotayev (CONF): imunetey is crushal
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> 1
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> --First Letter--
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> 1. Na Pali Coast - Hanalei
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> 2. Hanalei - Mt. Waialeale
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> 3. Mt. Waialeale - Waimea Canyon
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> 4. Waimea Canyon - Na Pali Coast
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> --Second Letter-
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> 1. Waimea Bay - Pearl Harbor
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> 2. Honolulu - Laie
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> 3. Laie - Diamond Head
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> 4. Diamond Head - Kahaluu
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> --Third Letter--
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> 1. Wailau Valley - Lanai City
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> 2. Lanai City - Wailea
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> GO!
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> Now we wait
[00:32] <JaclynMisch> One
[00:32] <Kelly_Goldsmith> OUT
[00:32] <JaclynMisch> ?
[00:32] <JaclynMisch> Oh.
[00:32] <Kelly_Goldsmith> OWE
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> Wrong.
[00:32] <AudreyMiddleton> OWN
[00:32] <JaclynMisch> Old
[00:32] <KAMEK_WINS> own
[00:32] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): I have no idea what I am doing!!!
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> All wrong.
[00:32] <KAMEK_WINS> owe
[00:33] <AudreyMiddleton> OWL
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> Incorrect.
[00:33] <AgathaTrunchbull> our
[00:33] <Kelly_Goldsmith> OWL
[00:33] <JaclynMisch> Oak
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> OWL is correct! AUDREY WINS IMMUNITY
[00:33] <AudreyMiddleton> YES!
[00:33] <AudreyMiddleton> YES!Y
[00:33] <AudreyMiddleton> YES!
[00:33] <igorkorotayev> FUCK MAN HOW I SUPPOSE GET THAT
[00:33] <AgathaTrunchbull> that challenge was lame :///
[00:33] <AgathaTrunchbull> Hmph,.
[00:33] <AgathaTrunchbull> The hammer throwing champion is not supposed to draw lineds on maps.
[00:33] <AgathaTrunchbull> That's childs play.
[00:33] <AgathaTrunchbull> And I hat children.
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> *puts immunity necklace around Audrey's neck*
[00:34] <@jeffprObst> Congratulations, Audrey, you have a 1 in 5 shot at winning this game.
[00:34] <igorkorotayev> i do not draw line eithere
[00:34] <AudreyMiddleton> Yay!! <3
[00:34] <@jeffprObst> As for the rest of you - one of you will become the 3rd member of the jury tonight.
[00:34] <igorkorotayev> since i am 38
[00:34] <igorkorotayev> i am to mature
[00:34] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys.
[00:34] <igorkorotayev> i do mature thing like balenceng check bok
[00:34] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down & take a seat.
[00:34] <@jeffprObst> ALL - Are you suspecting that this is a final 3 or a final 2? Are you thinking about who you're gonna sit next to?
[00:34] <igorkorotayev> i am think it is final 4
[00:34] <igorkorotayev> evolution of strategey
[00:35] <Kelly_Goldsmith> I mean, you NEVER know what to expect.
[00:35] <igorkorotayev> it is new
[00:35] <Kelly_Goldsmith> This game has had, what, fifty idols?
[00:35] <igorkorotayev> voting block
[00:35] <igorkorotayev> actueley good chalenges
[00:35] <igorkorotayev> what next
[00:35] <igorkorotayev> tyler perry idle
[00:35] * igorkorotayev find tyler perrey idle
[00:35] <igorkorotayev> o wait i find it
[00:35] <Kelly_Goldsmith> I wouldn't be surprised if you added 24 more and made it a final five just so we could all duke it out right now.
[00:35] <Kelly_Goldsmith> This show is THAT sadistic.
[00:36] <@jeffprObst> 2/6
[00:36] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): That Immunity was crucial and I was seconds away from it.
[00:36] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): I'm SO done tonight and it's just...REALLY upsetting at this point.
[00:37] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): To come SO far and lose because you can't spell OWL fast enough?
[00:37] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (CONF): Crushing. But I'm not giving up.
[00:37] <@jeffprObst> 3/6
[00:38] <igorkorotayev> i wont give up eithere
[00:38] <igorkorotayev> becuase it darkest before the don
[00:38] <igorkorotayev> i do not remembere who said that
[00:38] <@jeffprObst> I need Igor, Agatha & Kelly.
[00:38] <igorkorotayev> but it was wise person
[00:38] <igorkorotayev> maybey it was sherin
[00:38] <KAMEK_WINS> (CONF) I'm bored!
[00:39] <KAMEK_WINS> .
[00:39] <AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): My plan is full proof <3
[00:39] <igorkorotayev> pls ever one help robber tell me there will kill my babushka unless u guy all send me nude in my dm beter hurrey
[00:39] <igorkorotayev> now
[00:40] <+Mary|Dra> .
[00:41] == JaclynMisch [457aac8a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[00:41] <@jeffprObst> I'm missing kelly
[00:42] == qwebirc158568 [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor

[00:42] == qwebirc158568 [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[00:42] == JaclynMisch [457aac8a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[00:43] <qwebirc158568> d
[00:43] == qwebirc158568 [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[00:44] == AgathaTrunchbull [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[00:44] == AgathaTrunchbull [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[00:44] <AgathaTrunchbull> my chaos internet
[00:44] <@jeffprObst> *waits patiently*
[00:44] <AgathaTrunchbull> disconnecting every 2 secs
[00:45] <@jeffprObst> ALL - Is there anyone that doesn't deserve to be here?
[00:45] <AudreyMiddleton> Oh my god
[00:45] <AudreyMiddleton> Jeff,
[00:45] <@jeffprObst> I'm missing a vote
[00:45] <AudreyMiddleton> I've had enough of everybody's whining around here.
[00:45] <AudreyMiddleton> Just fucking vote
[00:45] <AgathaTrunchbull> who's vote are we missing
[00:45] <AudreyMiddleton> and get the hell over your immunity loss
[00:45] <@jeffprObst> Kelly
[00:46] <AgathaTrunchbull> Then she does not deserve to be here.
[00:46] <igorkorotayev> get keley out
[00:46] <igorkorotayev> she is take too long fuck man
[00:46] <igorkorotayev> it tire
[00:46] <AgathaTrunchbull> If she can't be courteous, her time in the game should be cut short
[00:46] <igorkorotayev> i could selep for 9894 hours in time she did not vote
[00:46] <AudreyMiddleton> okay Jeff
[00:46] <AudreyMiddleton> it's been longer
[00:46] * Kelly_Goldsmith sighs
[00:46] <AudreyMiddleton> than 12 minutes
[00:46] <AudreyMiddleton> I
[00:46] <AudreyMiddleton> WANT
[00:46] <AudreyMiddleton> TO
[00:46] <Kelly_Goldsmith> I've done everything I can do in this game.
[00:46] <AudreyMiddleton> MVOETHE HELLON
[00:46] <@jeffprObst> so vicious...
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> Once the votes are read the decision is final.
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> First vote....
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> (don't have a paper but) Agatha.
[00:47] <igorkorotayev> .
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> One vote Agatha.
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:47] <@jeffprObst>
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> Kelly
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> 1-1
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> Third vote...
[00:49] <@jeffprObst>
[00:49] <AgathaTrunchbull> Incredibly rude.
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Kelly, 1 vote Agatha
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[00:49] <Kelly_Goldsmith> When your competition is someone who won't stop grabbing their boobs and a weird old curmudgeon that hates children, it's just DIFFICULT.
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:49] <Kelly_Goldsmith> Especially when they all lie to your face and break promises.
[00:49] * Kelly_Goldsmith shes a tear
[00:49] <@jeffprObst>
[00:49] <Kelly_Goldsmith> sheds *
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Agatha, 2 votes Kelly, 2 votes left.
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> 5th vote...
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:49] <AgathaTrunchbull> That shouldn't even count!
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:49] <@jeffprObst>
[00:49] <AgathaTrunchbull> Look at the handwriting!
[00:49] <AgathaTrunchbull> It's atrocious!
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> Kelly. 3 votes Kelly, 2 votes Agatha.
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote left.
[00:49] <Kelly_Goldsmith> And it's for me.
[00:49] * Kelly_Goldsmith rolls her eyes
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> 7th person voted out of Ovivor: All-Stars & the 3rd member of our jury
[00:49] <@jeffprObst>
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> Kelly.
[00:49] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor PASHWANA: Kamek, Igor, Audrey, Agatha, Jaclyn | Jury: Mary, Umbreon, Kelly
[00:49] * Kelly_Goldsmith turns to Audrey
[00:49] <Kelly_Goldsmith> Audrey.
[00:49] <Kelly_Goldsmith> You broke a major promise to me tonight.
[00:49] <igorkorotayev> i like the way u werk it no diggitey
[00:49] <AudreyMiddleton> I did.
[00:50] <Kelly_Goldsmith> That's not something I'll forget for a long time.
[00:50] <Kelly_Goldsmith> To the others, good luck!
[00:50] * Kelly_Goldsmith laughs
[00:50] <igorkorotayev> ah ah ah
[00:50] <igorkorotayev> thank kelley
[00:50] <igorkorotayev> u are second best kelly after kelley went worth less
[00:50] <igorkorotayev> i agere
[00:50] <AudreyMiddleton> I don't imagine you will.
[00:51] <AudreyMiddleton> Sadly, in order to win this game, you've got to get blood on your hands.
[00:51] <AudreyMiddleton> Goodbye, sweetie.
[00:51] <AgathaTrunchbull> You voted for me.
[00:51] <AgathaTrunchbull> Thats's unacceptable.
[00:51] <AgathaTrunchbull> Goodbye.
[00:52] <@jeffprObst> Give me a sec
[00:53] <AudreyMiddleton> ?
[00:54] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[00:54] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your next immunity challenge?
[00:54] <igorkorotayev> go witches can u ride my broom stick AH AHA AAAAAH AH AH AAAAH AH AH AH AH AAAAH
[00:54] <igorkorotayev> aneyway
[00:54] <AudreyMiddleton> Yes
[00:54] <igorkorotayev> yes
[00:54] <@jeffprObst> Today's challenge is called "Simple Symbols."
[00:54] <@jeffprObst> I will post a picture of symbols pertaining to Hawaiian culture.
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> It's your job to figure out how many there are.
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> This will be played in rounds.
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> So, since there are 5 people
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> There will be 4 rounds in total
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> This is first come first serve
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> Meaning
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> If everyone guesses the same thing, for example
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> Whoever guessed it FIRST will move on
[00:56] <igorkorotayev> confesen time
[00:56] <igorkorotayev> i think kylo ren is hot man
[00:56] <@jeffprObst> The person that either: A) is the farthest away from the actual number or B) sends it last
[00:56] <@jeffprObst> Will be out
[00:56] <@jeffprObst> Survivors ready?
[00:56] <@jeffprObst> YOU PM ME YOUR ANSWERS BTW
[00:56] == TheTrunchbull [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[00:56] == AgathaTrunchbull [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[00:56] <TheTrunchbull> I disconnect every two secs
[00:56] <TheTrunchbull> I'm NOT about this life
[00:57] <AudreyMiddleton> ..
[00:57] <@jeffprObst> ROUND ONE
[00:57] <@jeffprObst>
[00:57] <@jeffprObst> PM ME YOUR ANSWERS.
[00:57] <@jeffprObst> YOU HAVE 2 MINUTES
[00:57] <@jeffprObst> SO AT 12:59
[00:57] <@jeffprObst> TIME IS UP.
[00:57] <TheTrunchbull> WHAT'S THE CHALLENGE
[00:57] <TheTrunchbull> ESTOA CONFUSA
[00:57] <@jeffprObst> NOT SENDING AN ANSWER = AUTO OUT
[00:58] <@jeffprObst> (count them and send me a #)
[00:58] <igorkorotayev> FUCK MAN THAT HUGE
[00:58] <@jeffprObst> (you should guess bc there's a lot)
[00:58] <igorkorotayev> SO FUCK BIG
[00:58] <igorkorotayev> it give me epelepsey
[00:58] <AudreyMiddleton> .
[00:58] <JaclynMisch> 73
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> I have 4
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> I'm missing Agatha
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> Time is up.
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> Agatha is out of this challenge automatically...
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> However, number wise:
[00:59] <igorkorotayev> sorrey fam
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> Kamek guesses 3. Audrey guesses 3. Igor guesses 84. Jaclyn guesses 73.
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> The answer was... 86.
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> Audrey & Kamek are tied for last.
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> Kamek sent it first
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> so Audrey is out of this challenge.
[01:00] <igorkorotayev> O M GOD
[01:00] <igorkorotayev> I AM ORACLE
[01:00] <KAMEK_WINS> lol
[01:00] <igorkorotayev> my new name
[01:00] <KAMEK_WINS> haha!
[01:00] <igorkorotayev> igoracle
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> Next round.
[01:00] <igorkorotayev> call me it
[01:00] <KAMEK_WINS> I have beaten you!
[01:00] <@jeffprObst>
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> 2 minutes starting now. Ends at 1:02
[01:00] <TheTrunchbull> ........
[01:00] <TheTrunchbull> ME
[01:00] <igorkorotayev> this chalenge a misnomere it is not fuck simple man
[01:00] <TheTrunchbull> YOU
[01:00] <igorkorotayev> christe
[01:00] <TheTrunchbull> KIDDING
[01:01] <@jeffprObst> I have 1.
[01:01] == Trunchbull [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[01:01] <Trunchbull> asdadfasdfa
[01:01] <KAMEK_WINS> aha!
[01:01] <Trunchbull> I sent my answer
[01:01] <Trunchbull> to cOnfessional
[01:02] <Trunchbull> instead of jeffprObst
[01:02] <Trunchbull> AND
[01:02] <Trunchbull> [21:58] <TheTrunchbull> 86
[01:02] <Trunchbull> I hate my life
[01:02] <@jeffprObst> 2/4
[01:02] <igorkorotayev> (laughing @trunchbull)
[01:02] <@jeffprObst> Uh okay
[01:02] <@jeffprObst> That's an easy mistake
[01:02] <KAMEK_WINS> Do not fret, Agatha! You still suck in many other ways!
[01:02] <@jeffprObst> You can play in this round
[01:02] <@jeffprObst> But for future reference, only send... confessionals to confessional
[01:02] <@jeffprObst> That's what the name implies :/
[01:03] == JaclynMisch [457aac8a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[01:03] == JaclynMisch| [457aac8a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[01:03] <Trunchbull> ya oop
[01:03] <JaclynMisch|> That feeling when you disconnect and don't realize it
[01:03] <@jeffprObst> Extending time to 1:03
[01:03] <JaclynMisch|> Did I get out?
[01:03] <Trunchbull> link to the picture?
[01:03] <KAMEK_WINS> Hurry, you stupid ugly face!
[01:03] <JaclynMisch|> It's 1:03 right now
[01:03] <Trunchbull> ,
[01:03] <@jeffprObst> Send an answer!!!
[01:03] <@jeffprObst> @Agatha
[01:04] <JaclynMisch|> Jeff, post the picture!!!
[01:04] <JaclynMisch|> Can you not read?
[01:04] <@jeffprObst> I posted it
[01:04] <@jeffprObst>
[01:04] <JaclynMisch|> *claps*
[01:04] <JaclynMisch|> Good job!
[01:04] <@jeffprObst> Agatha, Jaclyn - I am giving you guys one minute before I move on.
[01:05] <igorkorotayev> agere
[01:05] <@jeffprObst> Igor: 117, Kamek: 65, Agatha: 103, Jaclyn: 118
[01:05] <@jeffprObst> The answer is...
[01:05] <@jeffprObst> 131
[01:05] <@jeffprObst> Kamek is out.
[01:05] <@jeffprObst> NEXT ROUND:
[01:05] <@jeffprObst>
[01:05] == TheTrunchbull [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[01:05] <@jeffprObst> Hint: Smaller number but messier presentation.
[01:05] <igorkorotayev> o god that look like me when i do art
[01:05] <KAMEK_WINS> aaarhc
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> Agatha, I need an answer.
[01:06] <AudreyMiddleton> shit
[01:06] <AudreyMiddleton> (I gtg)
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> (lol)
[01:07] <AudreyMiddleton> (scream)
[01:07] <igorkorotayev> (me irl)
[01:07] == AudreyMiddleton [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[01:08] <igorkorotayev> o
[01:08] <igorkorotayev> is she died
[01:08] <Trunchbull> Hmph.
[01:08] <@jeffprObst> Audrey: What's it called when you ... the torch... smuff?
[01:08] <Trunchbull> She was going next anyways.
[01:08] * jeffprObst smuffs Audrey's torch
[01:08] <@jeffprObst> Okay, we're gonna do another challenge lol.
[01:08] <KAMEK_WINS> oh hey good job guys!
[01:08] <@jeffprObst> Alright
[01:08] <igorkorotayev> thank
[01:08] <igorkorotayev> that tribele counsel pass by so quickeley
[01:08] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[01:08] <igorkorotayev> i do not remembere
[01:08] <@jeffprObst> Today's challenge is ... Entrapment.
[01:08] <igorkorotayev> i was on halucinogenic mush roms
[01:08] <KAMEK_WINS> Congrats on being one step closer to being taken out by ME
[01:08] <igorkorotayev> oh FUCK YE
[01:08] == JaclynMisch| changed the topic of #Ovivor to: PASHWANA:
[01:08] <JaclynMisch|> oops
[01:08] <Trunchbull> I knew I would.
[01:08] <@jeffprObst> thanks! @jaclyn
[01:08] <Trunchbull> I've made it to the final immunity challenge.
[01:09] <Trunchbull> How could I NOT make the end.
[01:09] <@jeffprObst> This will take a while. You need to be patient. This is a game that's based on your interactions + skill.
[01:09] <JaclynMisch|> #Ovivor PASHWANA: Kamek, Igor, Agatha, Jaclyn | Jury: Mary, Umbreon, Kelly, Audrey
[01:09] <JaclynMisch|> ....
[01:09] <JaclynMisch|> *sighs*
[01:09] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #Ovivor to: PASHWANA: Kamek, Igor, Agatha, Jaclyn | Jury: Mary, Umbreon, Kelly, Audrey
[01:09] <igorkorotayev> just kideng
[01:09] <igorkorotayev> i am shit at this
[01:09] <JaclynMisch|> :)
[01:09] <igorkorotayev> fuck m life
[01:09] <KAMEK_WINS> laughs

[01:09] <KAMEK_WINS> ahaha
[01:09] <KAMEK_WINS> ahahaha!
[01:09] <KAMEK_WINS> ha
[01:09] <KAMEK_WINS> 1
[01:09] <@jeffprObst> Give me a sec.
[01:10] <KAMEK_WINS> another one
[01:10] <KAMEK_WINS> another one
[01:10] <KAMEK_WINS> another one
[01:10] <KAMEK_WINS> another one
[01:11] <KAMEK_WINS> another one
[01:11] <KAMEK_WINS> another one
[01:11] <@jeffprObst> OKAY
[01:11] <@jeffprObst> So
[01:11] <igorkorotayev> lion
[01:11] <@jeffprObst> This is first come, first serve
[01:11] <@jeffprObst> Meaning whoever says the coordinate FIRST will go there first.
[01:11] <@jeffprObst> So there is an element of speed.
[01:11] <@jeffprObst> If you are fighting for a spot
[01:11] <@jeffprObst> You need to get it first etc etc
[01:11] <@jeffprObst> Last person remaining wins
[01:11] <@jeffprObst> Simple enough?
[01:11] <KAMEK_WINS> k
[01:11] <Trunchbull> k
[01:11] <JaclynMisch|> Okay.
[01:12] <igorkorotayev> yes
[01:12] <@jeffprObst> Round one.
[01:12] <@jeffprObst>
[01:12] <JaclynMisch|> C4
[01:12] <igorkorotayev> i go b 2
[01:12] <KAMEK_WINS> b5
[01:13] <Trunchbull> D2
[01:13] <@jeffprObst> Round two.
[01:13] <@jeffprObst>
[01:13] <@jeffprObst> Make your moves now.
[01:13] <KAMEK_WINS> b4
[01:13] <igorkorotayev> b3
[01:13] <JaclynMisch|> C3
[01:13] <Trunchbull> C2
[01:13] <igorkorotayev> jack lin we are matcheng paths
[01:13] <igorkorotayev> it is prophesy
[01:13] <igorkorotayev> that we are matching paths in LIFE
[01:13] <igorkorotayev> u are going marry big igor
[01:13] <igorkorotayev> in 2 day
[01:13] <@jeffprObst> You can movediagonally, btw.
[01:14] <igorkorotayev> get ur dress
[01:14] <@jeffprObst> Round 3.
[01:14] <@jeffprObst>
[01:14] <KAMEK_WINS> a 3
[01:14] <igorkorotayev> a4
[01:14] <igorkorotayev> FUCK SHIT
[01:14] <KAMEK_WINS> lol
[01:14] <KAMEK_WINS> haha!
[01:14] <@jeffprObst> Igor is out of this challenge.
[01:14] <@jeffprObst> Agatha/Jaclyn, make your moves.
[01:15] <JaclynMisch|> D3
[01:15] <Trunchbull> C1
[01:15] <Trunchbull> wow I wonder who's winning this challenge
[01:15] <KAMEK_WINS> augh!
[01:15] <KAMEK_WINS> obviously.
[01:15] <@jeffprObst> Round 4.
[01:15] <@jeffprObst>
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> Kamek/Agatha trap themselves
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> Jaclyn still has 1 move left to make
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> JACLYN
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> WINS
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> FINAL IMMUNITY
[01:16] <JaclynMisch|> :)
[01:16] <igorkorotayev> i agere
[01:16] <JaclynMisch|> *squeezes boobs in happiness*
[01:16] <igorkorotayev> good job jack lin
[01:16] <igorkorotayev> am i keth nale
[01:16] <KAMEK_WINS> woah : o @boobs
[01:16] <KAMEK_WINS> do my eyes decieve me?!
[01:16] <KAMEK_WINS> igor do you see this
[01:16] <igorkorotayev> i see
[01:16] <igorkorotayev> fuck nick the galactic tit
[01:17] <KAMEK_WINS> I have no idea what you just said but I agree!
[01:17] <Kelly_Goldsmith> (just so ppl know im basing my vote off ftc answers so dont fluff those off ok)
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys. Set your torches down & take a seat.
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> ALL - How does it feel to be so close to FTC, yet so far?
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> Send in votes ASAP.
[01:17] == Trunchbull_ [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[01:18] <igorkorotayev> o k
[01:18] <KAMEK_WINS> I am always close to FTC, PrObst!
[01:19] <KAMEK_WINS> They don't call me KAMEK WINS for nothing!
[01:19] <igorkorotayev> fuck man i am not close
[01:19] <igorkorotayev> if i get snubed before f tc
[01:19] <igorkorotayev> i will be SALT SO FUCK SALT MAN PISS
[01:19] <igorkorotayev> but i will get overe it
[01:19] <igorkorotayev> like kely went worth got overe it wen she got out of cam body
[01:19] == Trunchbull [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> 2/4
[01:21] <+Mary|Dra> .
[01:22] <KAMEK_WINS> .
[01:22] <igorkorotayev> .
[01:22] <MagicConch> .
[01:22] <KAMEK_WINS> p j
[01:22] <KAMEK_WINS> haha!
[01:22] <KAMEK_WINS> i win!
[01:22] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[01:23] <@jeffprObst> One the votes are read, the decision is final.
[01:23] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[01:23] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:23] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:23] <@jeffprObst> ..
[01:23] <@jeffprObst>
[01:23] <igorkorotayev> ah ah ah
[01:23] <@jeffprObst> Igor.
[01:23] <igorkorotayev> FUUUNEY joke kamek
[01:23] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Igor.
[01:23] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[01:23] <igorkorotayev> o no i was expecteng that
[01:23] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:23] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:23] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:23] <@jeffprObst>
[01:23] <@jeffprObst> Agatha.
[01:23] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Igor, 1 vote Agatha.
[01:23] <igorkorotayev> o k
[01:24] <igorkorotayev> i wondere who drew that art
[01:24] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[01:24] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:24] <igorkorotayev> it is so fuck god man
[01:24] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:24] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:24] <@jeffprObst>
[01:24] <igorkorotayev> it is belong in loov
[01:24] <@jeffprObst> Igor.
[01:24] <igorkorotayev> shit
[01:24] <igorkorotayev> i am not surprise
[01:24] <Trunchbull_> That's the most beautiful portrait I've ever seen (:
[01:24] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Igor, 1 vote Agatha.
[01:24] <@jeffprObst> ..... 9th person voted out of Ovivor: All-Stars and the 5th & final member of our jury
[01:24] <@jeffprObst>
[01:24] <@jeffprObst> Igor.
[01:24] <igorkorotayev> O M GOD
[01:24] <@jeffprObst> Igor, you need to bring me your torch.
[01:24] <igorkorotayev> i would be sad SAD SAAAD igor
[01:24] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #Ovivor to: PASHWANA: Kamek, Agatha, Jaclyn | Jury: Mary, Umbreon, Kelly, Audrey, Igor
[01:24] <igorkorotayev> but sherrin buetiful face on parch ment
[01:24] <KAMEK_WINS> Rip Igor
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> Igor, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*
[01:25] <igorkorotayev> make me happey happey igor
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> Time for you to go
[01:25] <igorkorotayev> sorrey
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:25] <igorkorotayev> i made max and ferinds proud
[01:25] <@jeffprObst>
[01:25] <igorkorotayev> and boris
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> Well, you have made it as far as you can in this game.
[01:25] <igorkorotayev> that is all i need in life
[01:25] <igorkorotayev> good by
[01:25] * igorkorotayev disappears in puff of smoke
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> Now, the power shifts to the jury
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> The 5 people you had a hand in voting out will determine your fate in this game.
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys...
[01:25] == Mary|Dra has changed nick to SisterMaryEunice
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> Mary...
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> Umbreon...
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> Kelly...
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> Audrey...
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> and Igor, voted out at the last Tribal Council.
[01:25] <KAMEK_WINS> hi
[01:25] <+SisterMaryEunice> I just have to say, to this PATHETIC final three...
[01:26] <Trunchbull_> Hello.
[01:26] <+SisterMaryEunice> You are all UNDESERVING
[01:26] <+SisterMaryEunice> HOLY leeches on this world.
[01:26] <+SisterMaryEunice> DISGUSTING
[01:26] <Trunchbull_> Good....*gulp*...old....friends
[01:26] <+SisterMaryEunice> Jaclyn.
[01:26] <@jeffprObst> VOTE WHENEVER YOU FEEL READY.
[01:26] <+SisterMaryEunice> I wanted to see if you would play into the demon filling your body.
[01:26] <Trunchbull_> Who I did not vote 3/5 of you out.....
[01:26] <+SisterMaryEunice> But unfortunately, you did not.
[01:26] <KAMEK_WINS> if I'm so pathetic then why did you get 9th! @mary
[01:26] <JaclynMisch|> Yeah no I spit that out.
[01:26] <JaclynMisch|> It tasted like sadness.

[01:26] <+SisterMaryEunice> You may soon see a parallel into why you should play into things, such as a rabbit winning a popular roleplaying series.
[01:26] <+SisterMaryEunice> My vote tonight is between Kamek and Agatha.
[01:26] <+SisterMaryEunice> Which of the most unholy?
[01:26] <+SisterMaryEunice> Which of you will FOLLOW me into the darkness?
[01:26] <+SisterMaryEunice> And live on the first floor of Hell?
[01:27] <JaclynMisch|> What the hell is wrong with you?
[01:27] <KAMEK_WINS> I'm evil! I'm a wizard! Give me your vote! @Mary
[01:27] <igorkorotayev> i am going to vote son
[01:27] <+SisterMaryEunice> My vote has been decided.
[01:27] <igorkorotayev> but i must prepare for speeche
[01:27] <Trunchbull_> U.
[01:27] <Trunchbull_> If you think anyone here is more evil than me
[01:28] <Trunchbull_> Then you obviously don't know me. :|
[01:28] <igorkorotayev> i am most evel
[01:28] <igorkorotayev> i am evel mastermend
[01:28] == JuryEevee [32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[01:28] <igorkorotayev> O M GOD EEVY U ARE BACK
[01:28] == Kelly_Goldsmith [48422c12@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[01:28] <igorkorotayev> my true love everybod
[01:28] <JuryEevee> Hey fam
[01:28] <KAMEK_WINS> yeah but I know magic @Agatha!
[01:29] <Trunchbull_> Hello Eevee.
[01:29] <KAMEK_WINS> Hi Eevee!
[01:29] <Trunchbull_> What's....*gulp*....up....
[01:29] <JuryEevee> Hi guys!
[01:29] <JuryEevee> Congratulations on making it to the end!
[01:29] <JuryEevee> Agatha, for you I have one
[01:29] <JuryEevee> simple
[01:29] <JuryEevee> question
[01:29] <JuryEevee> Who did you vote for the night I went home?
[01:29] <Trunchbull_> Kelly.
[01:30] <JuryEevee> Jaclyn, Kamek
[01:30] <JuryEevee> Same question
[01:30] <Trunchbull_>
[01:30] <JaclynMisch|> I voted YOU out. *smiles*
[01:30] <Trunchbull_> (parchment votes prove to be useful!)
[01:30] <KAMEK_WINS> I voted you out, sorry man. You were a threat!
[01:30] <JuryEevee> Alright
[01:31] <JuryEevee> Hmm
[01:31] <JuryEevee> Agatha nad Jaclyn
[01:31] <JuryEevee> you were an alliance this entire game, correct?
[01:31] <JaclynMisch|> Yep.
[01:31] == Kelly|Juror3 [48422c12@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[01:31] <Trunchbull_> Yes.
[01:31] <JuryEevee> Interesting
[01:31] <JuryEevee> In this game
[01:31] <JuryEevee> I like to think I'm an honest person
[01:31] <JuryEevee> I was with Agatha and Igor
[01:31] <igorkorotayev> agere
[01:31] <JuryEevee> And if you two were allies
[01:32] <JuryEevee> Agatha,
[01:32] <JuryEevee> Why didn't Jaclyn vote with us at my vote out?
[01:32] <JaclynMisch|> I asked Aggie to vote you but I guess she didn't.
[01:32] <Trunchbull_> She, Kelly, and Audrey were set on voting you out.
[01:32] <JaclynMisch|> I know that I voted you. And Audrey did. And Kamek did. And Kelly.
[01:32] <Trunchbull_> I wanted to get Igor and Kamek to save you
[01:33] <Trunchbull_> but Kamek flipped
[01:33] <JaclynMisch|> The reason I voted Igor when Mary went home was because Aggie told me that Igor was your #2.
[01:33] <JuryEevee> So you two weren't really allies then
[01:33] <JuryEevee> Hmm
[01:34] <JaclynMisch|> No we were.
[01:34] <KAMEK_WINS> I decided you were a bigger threat to me and then Kelly went home right after anyways so it all worked out for me!
[01:34] <JaclynMisch|> She just didn't wanna vote you out and I did.
[01:34] <KAMEK_WINS> haha!
[01:34] <JuryEevee> Jaclyn, Agatha, congrats on making it to the end
[01:34] <JuryEevee> Your games are gray
[01:34] <JuryEevee> Kamek...
[01:34] * JuryEevee smiles
[01:34] <JuryEevee> So cute
[01:34] <JuryEevee> ^^
[01:34] * JuryEevee sits down
[01:35] <JaclynMisch|> At least my game isn't on the jury. :/
[01:35] <Kelly|Juror3> Can I stand?
[01:35] <igorkorotayev> yes
[01:35] * Kelly|Juror3 stands and faces the jury
[01:35] == igorkorotayev has changed nick to igorfinaljuror
[01:35] <KAMEK_WINS> : )
[01:35] <KAMEK_WINS> @eevee
[01:35] <Kelly|Juror3> Hey, guys! Just wanted to say hi since we haven't talked in a while.
[01:35] <Kelly|Juror3> I've had a long time to think about the ideal Final 3. It's been 20 days and I'll be honest, I was hoping to see some of you guys over here on my side of things...but it could have been worse!
[01:35] <Kelly|Juror3> Kamek, I was surprised and...disappointed by your conduct my last few days at camp...but you did do some great things as well.
[01:35] <JaclynMisch|> ...
[01:35] <KAMEK_WINS> .
[01:35] <Kelly|Juror3> Jaclyn, even though you were totally fake, I admire everything you've done...but I hope you know that part of your success tonight comes at my expense. If you think you did this on integrity, don't flatter yourself.
[01:36] <Kelly|Juror3> On the other hand, we have Agatha. I've had to sit here for a long time and hear Jeff say things about relationships...and I certainly didn't see you try and make one with me.
[01:36] <Kelly|Juror3> I don't know about everybody else...hence my dilemma.
[01:36] <Kelly|Juror3> Last time I played, I asked the final two to pick a number between one and one thousand.
[01:36] <Kelly|Juror3> This time, my question has a bit more flavor and substance to represent my upgraded gameplay.
[01:36] <Kelly|Juror3> My one question, which my vote will be entirely based off of, is this:
[01:36] <Kelly|Juror3> What type of cereal best represents your personality and why?
[01:36] == JaclynMisch| [457aac8a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[01:36] <Trunchbull_> Corn Flakes.
[01:36] == KAMEK_WINS [440df3be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[01:37] <Kelly|Juror3> (my speech causing 2/3 of the F3 to quit)
[01:37] <Trunchbull_> They're structured and play by the rules.
[01:37] == JaclynMisch|FTC [457aac8a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[01:37] == kamek_wins [440df3be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[01:37] <kamek_wins> can you post again Kelly
[01:37] * Kelly|Juror3 stands and faces the jury
[01:37] <JaclynMisch|FTC> Hey Kelly so.
[01:37] <Kelly|Juror3> Hey, guys! Just wanted to say hi since we haven't talked in a while.
[01:37] <Kelly|Juror3> I've had a long time to think about the ideal Final 3. It's been 20 days and I'll be honest, I was hoping to see some of you guys over here on my side of things...but it could have been worse!
[01:37] <Kelly|Juror3> Kamek, I was surprised and...disappointed by your conduct my last few days at camp...but you did do some great things as well.
[01:37] <JaclynMisch|FTC> (oh are you redoing it?)
[01:37] <Kelly|Juror3> Jaclyn, even though you were totally fake, I admire everything you've done...but I hope you know that part of your success tonight comes at my expense. If you think you did this on integrity, don't flatter yourself.
[01:37] <Kelly|Juror3> On the other hand, we have Agatha. I've had to sit here for a long time and hear Jeff say things about relationships...and I certainly didn't see you try and make one with me.
[01:37] <Kelly|Juror3> I don't know about everybody else...hence my dilemma.
[01:37] <Kelly|Juror3> Last time I played, I asked the final two to pick a number between one and one thousand.
[01:37] == cOnfessional [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[01:37] <Kelly|Juror3> This time, my question has a bit more flavor and substance to represent my upgraded gameplay.
[01:38] <Kelly|Juror3> My one question, which my vote will be entirely based off of, is this:
[01:38] <Kelly|Juror3> What type of cereal best represents your personality and why?
[01:38] <kamek_wins> hmm
[01:38] <JaclynMisch|FTC> I think Lucky Charms represents me best! I'm a little bit sweet, deceptively healthy, but ultimately bad for you. In this game I tried to be there for everyone, but in the end I was the reason a lot of them went home! :)
[01:38] <kamek_wins> I would say trix because I am a big bag of tricks! You never know where my vote is gonna land! I'm a free agent! Haha!
[01:39] <kamek_wins> does that answer your question?
[01:40] <igorfinaljuror> o k i am tired of wait
[01:40] <igorfinaljuror> are u redey for igor time
[01:40] <Kelly|Juror3> That's all.
[01:40] <Kelly|Juror3> Thanks guys!
[01:40] * Kelly|Juror3 sits down
[01:40] <@jeffprObst> 3/5 - missing igor & kelly
[01:40] <@jeffprObst> take your time though
[01:40] <igorfinaljuror> ok
[01:40] <igorfinaljuror> hi guy it is i igor
[01:41] <igorfinaljuror> you mite not remembere me since i was vote out yesterday
[01:41] <igorfinaljuror> but howevere i have lot to say and it is time for big BIIIG FUUUNEY poroject
[01:41] <igorfinaljuror> it is call igor rap
[01:41] <igorfinaljuror> i am roast time
[01:41] <igorfinaljuror> ferst up
[01:41] <igorfinaljuror> jack lin
[01:41] <igorfinaljuror> u are hot hot HOT but ur boy john mish has square head
[01:41] <igorfinaljuror> AH AH AH AH AH AH AH
[01:41] <JaclynMisch|FTC> I like his head. :(
[01:41] <igorfinaljuror> he like howlere monkey but howlere monkeye hav secks in trees
[01:41] <igorfinaljuror> and sherrin only one who can see
[01:41] <igorfinaljuror> and u cannot see just like u cannot see strategey
[01:42] <JaclynMisch|FTC> Shirin watches us have sex in trees? What?
[01:42] <igorfinaljuror> there was evelution of game in this seasen
[01:42] <igorfinaljuror> i am pioneere of voteng blocs
[01:42] <igorfinaljuror> and so
[01:42] <igorfinaljuror> jack lin i nevere voted with u but i do not know if i will vote for u to nite
[01:42] <igorfinaljuror> trunch bull u are VEYR COOL
[01:42] <igorfinaljuror> u remind me of boris and vlad putin mix
[01:42] <igorfinaljuror> which is scarey fuck very scarey man
[01:42] <igorfinaljuror> but it is god god god
[01:42] <igorfinaljuror> becuase u used scarey tactics to scare every bod include me
[01:42] <igorfinaljuror> ah ah ah
[01:43] <igorfinaljuror> kamek u did not do anything but that is god
[01:43] <igorfinaljuror> that is "igor strategy"
[01:43] <igorfinaljuror> igor do not do anything either
[01:43] <igorfinaljuror> i coast through game and let game bot tak every one out
[01:43] <igorfinaljuror> it is jeenius
[01:43] <kamek_wins> thank you!
[01:43] <igorfinaljuror> o k so i have one question for u all
[01:43] <igorfinaljuror> what food do u prefere
[01:43] <igorfinaljuror> mac n cheesy
[01:43] <igorfinaljuror> or
[01:43] <igorfinaljuror> kale
[01:44] <kamek_wins> what if you had mac n cheesy kale?
[01:44] <igorfinaljuror> O M GOD MAN THAT IS SO SMART FUCK MAN
[01:44] <igorfinaljuror> I NEVER HAD IDEA LIKE THAT
[01:44] <kamek_wins> that is my answer
[01:44] <igorfinaljuror> thank
[01:44] <igorfinaljuror> o and 1 more thing
[01:44] * igorfinaljuror pulls out ring
[01:44] <igorfinaljuror> eevy
[01:44] <igorfinaljuror> will u marrey me
[01:44] <JaclynMisch|FTC> Kale I guess?
[01:44] <JaclynMisch|FTC> In smoothies though.
[01:44] == JuryEevee [32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[01:45] <igorfinaljuror> i will take that as yes
[01:45] <igorfinaljuror> god god god i will plan honey moon
[01:45] <igorfinaljuror> o k i need one more answer for trunch bull then i am redey to vote
[01:45] <MagicConch> .
[01:45] <Trunchbull_> What is it?
[01:45] == SisterMaryEunice [ac3a901c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[01:45] <@jeffprObst> We have the votes.
[01:45] <igorfinaljuror> what food do u prefer
[01:45] <@jeffprObst> But
[01:46] <@jeffprObst> I'm not reading them here.
[01:46] <igorfinaljuror> mac n cheesy or kale
[01:46] <igorfinaljuror> but it too late ah ah ah
[01:46] <igorfinaljuror> sorrey
[01:46] <@jeffprObst> I'm reading them LIVE IN AMERICA.
[01:46] <@jeffprObst> ~
[01:46] <@jeffprObst> ~
[01:46] <@jeffprObst> ~
[01:46] <@jeffprObst> * gets on jet ski *
[01:46] <kamek_wins> woah : o
[01:47] == Trunchbull_ [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[01:47] == MagicConch [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]