This page contains the rankings for every castaway in Ovivor: Ethiopia.


Contestant Reasoning
12th IggyThumb
Iggy was... supposed to be the alien-Iggy from the "Pretty Girls" music video, I think? I couldn't tell from all of the obnoxious spamming (especially since it was only about Korra's sexuality, a plot that wasn't even hers). Iggy provided stellar quotes in the season such as "gaygaygay hehehe," and "I'm an alien, bish, I can't die." Then she complained that her elimination was unfair, demanded a re-vote, only to get eliminated unanimously in a re-vote. A+
11th JeffThumb
Jeff's schtick of being a huge conspiracy theorist could have been fun if he had actually acted on it. He was just this obscure, political reference (yawn) that spoke like once throughout the three rounds he was in. His entire presence in the season was just yelling "the NSA is wiretapping your phones" or spamming "JFK" in the first five minutes. Then he fell victim to Kobo's terrible challenge performance. Fin.
10th MelanieThumb
During the season, I was really rooting for Melanie. She was on a dysfunctional tribe and a total underdog, and I was crushed when she got decimated just before the merge. Yet, reading the transcript made me realize how weird the character actually was. The references to her abusive father, constant breakdowns, or trying to suck the blood out of her injured finger didn't do justice to the actual character Melanie Martinez plays in her album. It was just uncomfortable, and the rest of the cast felt the same. It was disappointing because the moment she got eliminated by default was really compelling stuff (especially as Melanie tried desperately to plead to the others). But now, reading the transcript, I find myself actually rooting for the other two tribes. I understand that Melanie was meant to be this twisted child, but there were no callbacks to childish things like in the album she references (pacifiers, dollhouses, etc). Melanie took it way too far, and instead of being a really unique character, it just came off as glorifying abuse.
9th KorraThumb
Okay, I have to admit that some of Korra's lines cracked me up, especially on a season with mostly women. The problem is that the whole lesbian storyline started to infect the entire cast, until the post-merge was just Korra denying the fact that she was lesbian when no one was even accusing her of being one. To put this into perspective, the word "lesbian" was said a whopping total of 126 times throughout the season. Korra would have been funny if she had gone early, but her act got really old, really fast. It's not her fault that the other characters decided to follow along, I guess, but she was completely one-note and outlasted her stay. Anything would have improved the character (like maybe accepting her sexuality or admitting that she was gay -- anything). The fact that she got second by having absolutely no depth and outlasting much better characters taints the season as a whole.
8th DestinyThumb
Destiny was in fact a contestant on Ovivor: Ethiopia.
7th MaryBennetThumb
Mary was in fact a contestant on Ovivor: Ethiopia.
6th OmarosaThumb
Omarosa was really outspoken, and made frequent mentions to her race and business credentials. I think she was a good parody, but her lines were a little uncomfortable at times (even if they were accurate). Omarosa was a paranoid, volatile mess who complained about the smallest things - and those kind of characters have been played to death before. Not to mention the fact that her idol play was frustrating and hurt the season in the long-run.
5th NatalieThumb
Like Melanie, I loved Natalie immediately after the season was over. But going through the transcript, I realized that Natalie Anderson is just not a character that works well in a roleplay. I think the usage of emoticons and "lol" ultimately didn't get across Natalie's fun and sassy behavior. A lot of her lines were just really underwhelming and robotic, like mentioning Nadiya or The Amazing Race. I did like how she called the rest of the Awasa tribe "her girls," but she really only served to enable them (excluding the failed flip). I think she would have been better had she not been trying to win or be this maternal figure to the Awasa girls. The real Natalie was great because she was hot-headed and not afraid to argue with people, or mention that someone's wine hobby makes her suicidal. The Natalie on Ovivor just seemed too generic for my taste. I definitely was rooting for her after the merge, but it was only by default since she was the only one not ranting about homosexuality.
4th AliceThumb
Alice was kind of adorable for the short time that she was there. I liked that her age played a role in the interactions she had, like not knowing certain curse words or throwing a temper tantrum when she didn't get the buff color she wanted. That being said, I wish she would have been a little more creative (I think her story could have been helped a lot if she believed she was already in wonderland, rather than going down the rabbit hole just before her evacuation).
3rd MeninistThumb
Meninist was a decent foil to a cast that was 90% women, and his really sexist comments were hilarious given the characters that he was playing with. Although there were a couple periods of inactivity early on, I liked how he constantly pointed out "double standards" and tried to advance his own agenda. Ultimately, I can't rank him higher due to the fact that he lasted one round.
2nd LaTashaThumb
LaTasha was a pretty enjoyable and spunky, though that's mostly because she reminds me of Tasha from Cagayan. She had some funny lines, but most of her song references went over my head. Although I think she was an underdog that got the short end of the stick, one of my favorite archetypes, it never really panned out due to the late merge.
1st KellyThumb
It's kind of hard to understand why I love Kelly without watching Survivor: Africa. Her lines, her confessionals, her eye rolls, her subtle sass - everything was really accurate and true to form. Her transition from being a gamebot narrator to being floored by everyone else's utter stupidity was great because she said exactly what I was thinking at the time. Her short-lived immunity run cemented her place as probably the only good thing about the season.