[20:25] == cOnfessional [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[20:25] == HillaryClinton [] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[20:25] <HillaryClinton> HELLO.
[20:25] == aubrybracco [] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[20:26] <@jeffprObst> Test
[20:26] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+o cOnfessional] by jeffprObst
[20:27] == Martha| [43564621@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[20:27] == JordanSamuels [~JordanSam@] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[20:27] == RedmondOvivor [60ff52a4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[20:27] == Heather [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[20:27] <Heather>HeatherArrives.png
[20:27] == Heather has changed nick to Guest49755
[20:27] <@jeffprObst> Starting momentarily!
[20:27] == Guest49755 has changed nick to Heather_
[20:28] == Tracer_ [44706235@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[20:28] <HillaryClinton> AND I ACCEPT YOUR NOMINATION.
[20:28] == FrancineTheFemin [] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[20:28] <@jeffprObst> PM ME WHO YOU ARE.
[20:28] == Slick_Rick [] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[20:28] == Tracer_ has changed nick to LenaOxton
[20:28] == Slick_Rick has changed nick to Leonard
[20:28] <Martha|> (CONF): No. I do not want to be here. Mexico is a place of sin, and while I am not afraid that I will fall to temptation, I am worried that others will. Sinners. *rolls eyes* What can you do?
[20:28] == Leonard has changed nick to Leonard_
[20:29] <Martha|> Relax, Shillary.
[20:29] == dickbutt [4354fa56@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[20:29] <Martha|> It's spelled calvary, genius. *rolls eyes*
[20:29] <Leonard_> (You aren't Tracer anymore)
[20:29] <LenaOxton> (Lena Oxton is Tracer's real name)
[20:29] <dickbutt> hey guys its me dickbut
[20:29] <dickbutt> t
[20:29] <LenaOxton> (Tracer_ was annoying me)
[20:30] * aubrybracco steps into Honduras looking somewhat uneasy
[20:30] == StaceyPowell [5f90723a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[20:30] <Leonard_> (Oh, I'm a fake fan)
[20:30] <StaceyPowell> Hello
[20:30] == Leonard_ has changed nick to Bradical_Savage
[20:30] <FrancineTheFemin> We need a woman president because all of the white males before Hillary messed things up!
[20:30] == BradyKelly [32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[20:30] <Heather_> (CONF) Ugh. Who are these losers? And this discount Chris McLean? Whatever-they don't matter, because I'M winning the million!
[20:30] <@jeffprObst> SEND ME YOUR USERNAME IN PM.
[20:30] <FrancineTheFemin> I don't care about her policies, I just want a woman!
[20:31] <dickbutt> i just want a dickbutt to be president heh heh
[20:31] <dickbutt> im just kidding i support hillary
[20:31] <StaceyPowell> Ooh yes I am FEELING that! @francinethefemin
[20:31] == Rochelle [bd1ef493@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[20:31] <Rochelle> I DON'T NEED THIS GAME
[20:31] <Rochelle> MY HUSBAND HAS TWO JOBSS
[20:31] <Rochelle> Oh, wait...
[20:31] <Rochelle> Yeah, I need this.
[20:31] <Rochelle> How you doing, my friends?
[20:32] <LenaOxton> I'm spectacular! How are you, my friend?
[20:32] <aubrybracco> test
[20:32] <Rochelle> I'm pretty good, thank you! Do I know you from somewhere? ...
[20:32] <aubrybracco> (is this readable at all?)
[20:32] <@jeffprObst> (yes)
[20:32] <@jeffprObst> SEND ME YOUR USERNAME IN PM
[20:32] <Heather_> (no)
[20:32] <aubrybracco> or this
[20:32] <LenaOxton> Mm.. do I know you?
[20:32] <Heather_> (no)
[20:32] <@jeffprObst> I'll voice you when you do so
[20:32] <LenaOxton> Do you ever have that feeling of deja vu? I think I know you!
[20:32] <LenaOxton> I think I've seen you on the tele!
[20:32] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v aubrybracco] by jeffprObst
[20:32] <Heather_> The telly?
[20:33] <Heather_> What continent are we on?
[20:33] * Heather_ scoffs
[20:33] <@jeffprObst> my brother asked me for the laptop
[20:33] <@jeffprObst> yeet
[20:33] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v FrancineTheFemin] by jeffprObst
[20:33] <Bradical_Savage>
[20:33] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v HillaryClinton] by jeffprObst
[20:33] <+FrancineTheFemin>
[20:33] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v RedmondOvivor] by jeffprObst
[20:33] <Heather_> (lock urself in the bathroom)
[20:33] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v LenaOxton] by jeffprObst
[20:33] <Bradical_Savage> (ya boy is testing)
[20:33] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v StaceyPowell] by jeffprObst
[20:33] <+LenaOxton> I like your sense of humor, Heather!
[20:33] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v dickbutt] by jeffprObst
[20:33] <Rochelle> Well, well, well... How can I say... I'm pretty famous, you know.
[20:33] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v Bradical_Savage] by jeffprObst
[20:33] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v Heather_] by jeffprObst
[20:33] * LenaOxton giggles
[20:33] <Rochelle> My son is a famous comediant.
[20:33] <Rochelle> I am a good mother.
[20:34] <Martha|> No, you aren't. I've never heard of you.
[20:34] <+FrancineTheFemin> The Dickbutt meme is a male construct in our society and needs to be stopped!
[20:34] <Rochelle> My husband has two jobs.
[20:34] == __Gwen__ [] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[20:34] <Martha|> Maybe he should get a better, single job then.
[20:34] <Martha|> Ever think of that?
[20:34] <+dickbutt> im not a meme im just dickbutt
[20:34] <Rochelle> And you are who, Ms...?
[20:34] == JordanSamuels has changed nick to SquilliamFancyso
[20:34] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v Martha|] by jeffprObst
[20:34] <+Martha|> Call me Martha. Nothing else.
[20:34] == SquilliamFancyso has changed nick to SquiliamFancyson
[20:34] <+LenaOxton> Martha. Kind of like Martha Stewart!
[20:34] <+StaceyPowell> You rude as fuck for a white girl. @Martha
[20:34] <+LenaOxton> She could be famous by association!
[20:34] <+LenaOxton> Are you related?
[20:34] <SquiliamFancyson> test
[20:34] <SquiliamFancyson> test
[20:34] <@jeffprObst> IF YOU HAVE A VOICE, I KNOW YOUR USER
[20:34] <+Martha|> (CONF) What is a dickbutt? You're either a penis or a butt. You can't be both. Ugh. This generation.
[20:34] <Rochelle> Martha? Who the hell has this name?
[20:34] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v Rochelle] by jeffprObst
[20:34] <+StaceyPowell>
[20:34] <+Rochelle> Looks like my mother's shit.
[20:34] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v BradyKelly] by jeffprObst
[20:34] <+LenaOxton> Martha Stewart!
[20:34] <+Rochelle> Look, stay away from my kids.
[20:35] <@jeffprObst> Gwen + Squilliam please send me a username
[20:35] <+Martha|> I am not Martha Stewart.
[20:35] <+LenaOxton> Are you related to her? MMMM?
[20:35] == SquiliamFancyson has changed nick to SquilliamFancyso
[20:35] <+Martha|> (CONF) Martha Stewart is a criminal. She deserves to rot in Hell. Or jail. Either or.
[20:35] == SquilliamFancyso has changed nick to _Squilliam_
[20:35] <+Heather_> Gwen?
[20:35] <+Heather_> As in.....
[20:35] * BradyKelly on the phone with his agent
[20:35] == _Squilliam_ has changed nick to Squilliam
[20:35] <+Heather_> WEIRD GOTH GIRL?
[20:35] <+Martha|> No. I am not. And I'm offended you would even suggest that, Lena.
[20:35] <Squilliam> test
[20:35] <+Heather_> Please no!
[20:35] <+FrancineTheFemin> White feminism is the WORST kind of feminism. We need an all inclusive feminism that Women can enjoy! @StaceyPowell
[20:35] <+BradyKelly> Okay but look, why can't I just say it? Who cares what the media thinks, it's 2016 Joss--
[20:35] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v Squilliam] by jeffprObst
[20:35] <+StaceyPowell> Mhm true gurl
[20:35] <+Martha|> Feminism is ridiculous. What's so bad about going home and cooking for your husband?
[20:35] <+Martha|> (CONF) Women. *shakes head*
[20:35] <@jeffprObst> (We have 13, I just need gwen to PM me her username)
[20:36] <+Squilliam> HeeellllOOO it's me, Squilliam Fancyson, the FANCIEST squid on earth.
[20:36] <+FrancineTheFemin> :O
[20:36] == HillaryClinton has changed nick to SquidwardTentacl
[20:36] * Squilliam pulls out a diamond encrested napkin and blows my nose
[20:36] <+StaceyPowell> (CONF) I like women who speak the TRUTH. No Halloween Jokes, Chuck e the Cheese jokes; just honesty and strength. *boop*
[20:36] <+Martha|> Squids can't talk. Stop.
[20:36] <+LenaOxton> Pleased to meet you, Squiliam! My name is Lena! But my friends call me Tracer!
[20:36] <+FrancineTheFemin> I can't believe you just said that!
[20:36] <+Rochelle> Oh, oh, oh. Hang on.
[20:36] == SquidwardTentacl has changed nick to Squidward
[20:36] <+FrancineTheFemin> You need HELP, sister!
[20:36] == Squidward has changed nick to Squidward|
[20:36] <+dickbutt> i need help getting this dick out of my butt
[20:36] == Squidward| has changed nick to HillaryClinton
[20:36] <+dickbutt> heh heh
[20:36] <+Rochelle> You are telling me all the women must to cook, wash and this things?
[20:36] <+BradyKelly> Ugh
[20:36] <+HillaryClinton> WEW THAT WAS STRANGE.
[20:36] <+dickbutt> im just kidding how are you all doing
[20:36] * BradyKelly hangs up on agent
[20:36] <+HillaryClinton> ANYWAYS.
[20:36] <@jeffprObst> (We will start momentarily!)
[20:36] <+Rochelle> You just can be kidding me.
[20:36] <+Martha|> Are you a homosexual, dickbutt?
[20:36] <+Rochelle> Kids should do that.
[20:36] * BradyKelly sits down and stares at everyone awkwardly
[20:36] <+Rochelle> They never do nothing else study.
[20:36] <+dickbutt> no maam im happily married
[20:36] <+Squilliam> nyESssss. This island will simply not do.
[20:37] <+FrancineTheFemin> Martha, feminism is great for all women!
[20:37] * Squilliam calls butler
[20:37] <+BradyKelly> I am! @ Martha
[20:37] <+FrancineTheFemin> :O
[20:37] <+Martha|> To a woman?
[20:37] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): I'm feeling... very overwhelmed right now. I'm not sure what types of characters I have lined up in this game with me.
[20:37] <+BradyKelly> I am NOT*
[20:37] <+FrancineTheFemin> MARTHA
[20:37] <+Martha|> Hmm. @ Brady
[20:37] <+BradyKelly> Not a homosexual
[20:37] <+Squilliam> Butler???? I demand a lavish condominium delivered to this island IMMEDIATELY.
[20:37] <+dickbutt> yes
[20:37] <+BradyKelly> Haha, got you all...
[20:37] <+dickbutt> a woman with a dickbutt
[20:37] * BradyKelly 's phone rings
[20:37] <+dickbutt> heh heh no just kidding just a woman
[20:37] <+BradyKelly> Oh no
[20:37] <+Martha|> (CONF) I don't juge. That's for God to do. I do observe, though.
[20:37] <+StaceyPowell> (CONF) I swear if I see someone like ... BENJAMIN ... here, I am LEAVING.
[20:37] <+HillaryClinton> Feminism is a ongoing movement that I have ALWAYS supported.
[20:37] <+HillaryClinton> You know what else I support?
[20:37] <+HillaryClinton> Gay marriag.e
[20:37] <+BradyKelly> That's great for me! Francine
[20:37] <+BradyKelly> I mean
[20:37] <+FrancineTheFemin> Yas, queen! @HillaryClinton
[20:37] <+BradyKelly> not that I'm LGBT
[20:37] <+HillaryClinton> Love is love, and I've NEVER thought differently. <3
[20:38] <+LenaOxton> The world could always use a couple more heroes.
[20:38] <+Martha|> That's a lie.
[20:38] <+BradyKelly> You can only know what my publicist wants you to know, I mean
[20:38] <@jeffprObst> Some things to clarify before we begin:
[20:38] <+LenaOxton> And a female one to kick butt!
[20:38] <+FrancineTheFemin> #Imwithher
[20:38] <+BradyKelly> But... no secrets here
[20:38] <+RedmondOvivor>
[20:38] <+aubrybracco> I... I guess I'm with her?
[20:38] <+RedmondOvivor> ICYMI
[20:38] <+dickbutt> hopefully not to kick dickbutt @Lena
[20:38] <+Squilliam> Everyone....It is time we all dance together in sequence!
[20:38] <+Martha|> Shillary, you once called homosexuals the "scum of the earth."
[20:38] <+Squilliam> ~dances~
[20:38] <+dickbutt> heh heh im just kidding
[20:38] <+Squilliam> Who put you on the planet? EUGH!
[20:38] <+FrancineTheFemin> We need a woman president, AM I RIGHT? @HillaryClinton
[20:38] <+Squilliam> ~dances~
[20:38] <+Martha|> I'm not saying I disagree with you but stop being so wishy-washy. Please.
[20:38] <+Bradical_Savage> Bradical Savage is hip with the gays, yo! He totally loves them! Unless of course the hip folks think them guys are whack! THen I'm not down for that shizzle/
[20:38] <@jeffprObst> You guys will be given a parchment before every Tribal Council, which you can decorate
[20:38] <+HillaryClinton> OF COURSE WE DO, FRANCINE.
[20:38] <+HillaryClinton> PRESIDENT*
[20:38] <+HillaryClinton> I AM HERE TO MAKE HISTORY
[20:38] <+FrancineTheFemin> YAS QUEEN #IMWITHHER
[20:38] <+HillaryClinton> AS THE OLDEST WINNER OF OVIVOR
[20:38] <+FrancineTheFemin> #DUMPTRUMP
[20:38] <+Heather_> (conf): Somehow the people here are WEIRDER than the Total Drama freaks. Ugh!
[20:39] <+BradyKelly> (Aubry's text is un-readable)
[20:39] <+FrancineTheFemin> #TRUMPMISOGYNY
[20:39] <+aubrybracco> (thx)
[20:39] <+StaceyPowell> Preach Hilary!
[20:39] == __Gwen__ has changed nick to AdoreDelano
[20:39] <+aubrybracco> test
[20:39] <+Martha|> (CONF) I am a petite winner. I will require assistance in this game, and I am not afraid to admit that.
[20:39] <@jeffprObst> OKAY.
[20:39] <+BradyKelly> (Better)
[20:39] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v AdoreDelano] by jeffprObst
[20:39] <+aubrybracco> (thx again)
[20:39] <+Martha|> (CONF) Oh, did I say winner? He he. I meant woman. *smirks at camera*
[20:39] <+Heather_> (i still can't read it rip)
[20:39] <@jeffprObst> IT STRIPS YOU TO YOUR CORE.
[20:39] <+FrancineTheFemin>
[20:40] <+StaceyPowell> Mmhmm.
[20:40] <+Heather_> Um
[20:40] <+Martha|> I don't strip.
[20:40] * Squilliam scoffs
[20:40] <+Squilliam> PLEASE talk softly.
[20:40] <+Squilliam> Your breath is disgusting.
[20:40] <@jeffprObst> FOR OUR NINTH SEASON
[20:40] <+FrancineTheFemin> Stripping is not good for women!
[20:40] <+Heather_> This is Total Drama Honduras, reject Chris.
[20:40] * Squilliam sprays elegant perfume into Jeff's mouth
[20:40] <+Heather_> You can't even get the NAME right.
[20:40] <+Martha|> (CONF) Tell me one stripper who's changed the world. Hmm? Exactly.
[20:40] <+FrancineTheFemin> It objectifies them into... ya know... an object?
[20:40] <+LenaOxton> Greetings, love!
[20:40] <+dickbutt> ive always wanted to go to honduras how special
[20:40] <+AdoreDelano> PARTY!!!!
[20:40] <+aubrybracco> test
[20:40] <+dickbutt> heh heh just kidding im a dickbutt
[20:41] <+HillaryClinton> THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH
[20:41] <+HillaryClinton> AND HONORED.
[20:41] <+BradyKelly> Oh, a country?
[20:41] <+Heather_> (betteR)
[20:41] <+AdoreDelano> CONF: I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED.
[20:41] <+BradyKelly> Did my agent clear this? @jeffPrObst
[20:41] <+Squilliam> I don't have to battle anything. My butler will do that for me.
[20:41] * BradyKelly calls his agent
[20:41] <+StaceyPowell> (CONF) What a trainwreck of a cast aheehee! I love it.
[20:41] * Squilliam rolls eyes including fancy unibrow
[20:41] <+BradyKelly> Oh wait, on second thought
[20:41] * BradyKelly hangs up
[20:41] <+AdoreDelano> CONF: I came up with 'adore' because I'm CLEARLY adorable.
[20:41] <+AdoreDelano> CONF: and then my last name delano means of the night. (moonemoji)
[20:42] <+Martha|> You mean slavery?
[20:42] <+LenaOxton> (Conf) My castmates are a bit odd, but I'm odd too, and that makes us all unique in our own way!
[20:42] <@jeffprObst> *large snakes slither on the steps of Maya temple*
[20:42] <+StaceyPowell> (CONF) Back on my first season my ~slaying~ game was cut short by BENJAMIN and his halloween Jokes and smack talk about loyalty.
[20:42] <+AdoreDelano> CONF: I appeared on AMERICAN IDOL™
[20:42] <@jeffprObst> 21 DAYS.
[20:42] <+FrancineTheFemin> Colonialism was created by WHITE MEN for WHITE MEN
[20:42] <@jeffprObst> 14 PEOPLE.
[20:42] <@jeffprObst> ONE.
[20:42] <@jeffprObst> OVIVOR!
[20:42] <@jeffprObst> ~~~~~~~~~~~
[20:42] <+dickbutt> hey hold on a minute im a white man
[20:42] <+dickbutt> @francine
[20:42] <+Martha|> No.
[20:42] <+AdoreDelano> CONF: and just for the record I'm from AZUSA so I'll stab a bitch.
[20:42] <+HillaryClinton> WE ARE ALL OVIVORS, prObst.
[20:42] <+dickbutt> now what gives you the nerve
[20:42] <@jeffprObst> *camera pans to large boat*
[20:42] <+StaceyPowell> (CONF) This time I'm gonna prove I can DO THIS.
[20:42] <+Martha|> You're a penis-butt hybrid.
[20:42] <@jeffprObst> Alright, guys.
[20:42] <+aubrybracco> I was wondering if there were any manatees here...
[20:42] <+dickbutt> to be so mean to me
[20:42] <+HillaryClinton> It isn't exclusive to one race.
[20:42] <+dickbutt> no
[20:42] <@jeffprObst> Welcome to the NINTH season of Ovivor.
[20:42] <+dickbutt> im a man
[20:42] <+StaceyPowell> *cheers*
[20:42] <+FrancineTheFemin> :O
[20:43] <+RedmondOvivor> Cast spoilers for Ovivor: Honduras coming soon. #Ovivor9
[20:43] <@jeffprObst> Before we get started, I want to explain a few things.
[20:43] <+FrancineTheFemin> WHITE MEN ARE NOT ALLOWED HERE
[20:43] <+AdoreDelano> Hi, I'm Adore Delano.
[20:43] <+aubrybracco> Maybe there will be a manatee at our tribe camp. It'll be a great good luck symbol, I know. <3
[20:43] <+FrancineTheFemin> BE GONE, WITCH!
[20:43] <+dickbutt> i need to be explained to
[20:43] <+Squilliam> What is this...........thing? It's SO not fancy. *picks up dickbutt and flings him into the ocean*
[20:43] <+Squilliam> HYEH
[20:43] <+Squilliam> what a pest.
[20:43] * Squilliam cringes
[20:43] * FrancineTheFemin punches Dickbutt
[20:43] <+RedmondOvivor>
[20:43] <+dickbutt> what the fuck guys
[20:43] <+RedmondOvivor> First contestant - AUBRY. #Ovivor9
[20:43] <@jeffprObst> Since we're in Honduras, it's only fitting that we model a lot of our themes after Maya culture.
[20:43] <+dickbutt> i just came here to have a good time
[20:43] <@jeffprObst> The Maya calendar consisted of several cycles of different lengths.
[20:43] <+dickbutt> and im feeling so attacked right now
[20:43] <+aubrybracco> Oh, you really couldn't have picked a less flattering picture of me. :|
[20:43] <@jeffprObst> By its linear nature, it was capable of being extended to refer to any date far into the past or far into the future.
[20:43] <+LenaOxton> Hello everyone!
[20:43] <@jeffprObst> So.
[20:43] <+Rochelle> [CONF] I'm the best. No one of this projects of floor's shit can fight against me.
[20:43] <@jeffprObst> Along with your initial tribes.
[20:44] <+Heather_> I want to go to a date far, FAR in the future.
[20:44] <+StaceyPowell> Oh shit ain't no damn twist screwin' me over.
[20:44] <@jeffprObst> This season's twist is that you guys will know your SWAPPED tribes.
[20:44] <@jeffprObst> Right here, right now.
[20:44] <+BradyKelly> tribes?
[20:44] <+BradyKelly> I'm good at team sports
[20:44] <+LenaOxton> Heather
[20:44] <@jeffprObst> You’ll be forced to determine who you need to keep around or take out to ensure you control over your switched tribe.
[20:44] <+StaceyPowell> Oh.... Damn.
[20:44] <+BradyKelly> I'm a baseball player, it's all I'm known for
[20:44] <+AdoreDelano> CONF: I was the /FIRST/ one to step foot on this island hahaha. Party < 333
[20:44] <+dickbutt> wow good twist
[20:44] <+LenaOxton> you ever get that feeling of deja vu?
[20:44] <+Heather_> Where I don't have to be with THESE people anymore!
[20:44] <+aubrybracco> ...That's... a twist.
[20:44] <+Bradical_Savage> We're in Honduras bros! Welcome to Bradical Savage: Spring Break In The Jungle And SUrvivng Homes! We'll be making a new society, that's totally hip! We'll be battling them WHACK elements! And even, um, whacker people! It's gonna be hot! There's gonna be colonies and MAYANS they invented HECKIN TIME MY BROHAMS, like, tubULAR?! I've heard words there might be GOSTES?!Are you ready? 14 DAYS!...
[20:44] <+LenaOxton> Where you think you've done something but then it happens in the future?
[20:44] <+Bradical_Savage> ...21 PEEEPS! ONE HECKIN GOOD TIME! Let's go WOAOAOAOAOAOAOAOAH! * does a freeze frame smile at the camera* *eyes water*
[20:44] <@jeffprObst> First off, let's focus on your CURRENT tribes.
[20:44] <@jeffprObst> When I call your name, you are on XBALANQUE.
[20:44] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): I've had an incredible amount of respect for the game of Survivor, but this right here might be pushing it. :|
[20:44] <+AdoreDelano> What the fuck is going on?
[20:44] <+dickbutt> a tribe that starts with x
[20:44] <+dickbutt> what a novel concept
[20:44] <+Bradical_Savage> We're asignng tribes now ADore!
[20:45] <+Heather_> How do you even SAY that?
[20:45] <+Squilliam> (CONF): All of these people are just...talking over me....which is irritating. I might need some....ibuprofen.
[20:45] <+Bradical_Savage> What tribe do you want to be on?!
[20:45] <+Squilliam> a twist?!?!?!?!
[20:45] <@jeffprObst> Redmond.
[20:45] <+Bradical_Savage> How do you like to party?!
[20:45] <@jeffprObst> Squilliam.
[20:45] == AdoreDelano [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 46.0.1/20160502172042]]
[20:45] <+Bradical_Savage> bummer
[20:45] <+Squilliam> Hommina hommina hommina!!
[20:45] <+Squilliam> Hommina hommina hommina!!
[20:45] <+aubrybracco> Already?
[20:45] <+Squilliam> Hommina hommina hommina!!
[20:45] <@jeffprObst> Francine.
[20:45] <+Squilliam> Hommina hommina hommina!!
[20:45] <+Squilliam> REDMOND!
[20:45] <@jeffprObst> Rochelle.
[20:45] <@jeffprObst> Dickbutt.
[20:45] <+Squilliam> Your hair is so FANCY
[20:45] <@jeffprObst> Lena.
[20:45] <+dickbutt> hey thats me
[20:45] <@jeffprObst> ... and Martha.
[20:45] <+Squilliam> may I comb it with my diamond encrested comb ?
[20:45] * FrancineTheFemin vomits
[20:45] <+dickbutt> i guess im on tribe x
[20:45] <+StaceyPowell> You got problems... @Squilliam
[20:45] <@jeffprObst> You guys will be wearing BLUE BUFFS.
[20:45] <+FrancineTheFemin> Why is THAT ON OUR TRIBE
[20:45] * FrancineTheFemin points to dickbutt
[20:45] <+LenaOxton> Xbalanque.. How do I pronounces that?
[20:45] <+Martha|> Why am I with the penis?
[20:45] <@jeffprObst> *throws to Xbalanque*
[20:45] <+dickbutt> im just a man
[20:45] <+LenaOxton> X. xuh..bal...anace kay?
[20:45] <+Martha|> (CONF): Disgusting.
[20:46] <@jeffprObst> It's pronounced
[20:46] <+LenaOxton> Xbalanckah?
[20:46] <@jeffprObst> Shee-bah-lan-kay
[20:46] <@jeffprObst> That means everyone else is on IXCHEL.
[20:46] <@jeffprObst> Pronounced, ee-shell.
[20:46] <+aubrybracco> That blue color is adorable. Seriously, I've painted crayon art in that exact same shade of blue...
[20:46] <+LenaOxton> .. Well, I was definitely... off.
[20:46] <@jeffprObst> Aubry, Adore
[20:46] <+Squilliam> I prefer the pronounciation of "Casablanca", the greatest and most FANCIEST thing to ever exist.
[20:46] <+aubrybracco> but it hasn't been nearly that good.
[20:46] <@jeffprObst> Heather, Brady
[20:46] <+Squilliam> Besides me, of course.
[20:46] <+dickbutt> wow is this seasons theme tribe names that are hard to pronounce
[20:46] <+dickbutt> heyo
[20:46] <+Squilliam> I'm the fanciest squid in Bikini Bottom.
[20:46] <@jeffprObst> Stacey, Hillary
[20:46] <+dickbutt> just kidding im just joking
[20:46] <@jeffprObst> And Bradical
[20:46] <+LenaOxton> @dickbutt
[20:46] <@jeffprObst> You guys will be wearing YELLOW BUFFS
[20:46] <+LenaOxton> Is the dick.. always attached to your butt?
[20:46] <@jeffprObst> *tosses to Ixchel*
[20:46] == Martha|| [43564621@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[20:46] <+LenaOxton> That's marvelous!
[20:46] <+Heather_> What is a buff?
[20:46] <@jeffprObst> (adjusting topic)
[20:46] <+StaceyPowell> (guatemala teas @yellow/blue)
[20:46] <+dickbutt> what are you talking about
[20:46] <+dickbutt> im just a guy
[20:47] <+aubrybracco> Is... Is Adore okay?
[20:47] <+FrancineTheFemin> Women squid can be fancy too, you PIG. @Squilliam
[20:47] <+Heather_> And it's TEAMS, not tribes!
[20:47] <+aubrybracco> I'm just looking out for my teammate here.
[20:47] <+StaceyPowell> *catches buff* I'm so ready for this mhm
[20:47] <+Bradical_Savage> (CONF:) When I first arrived on Hondoruas, my first thought was. Uh, it was. HOTDURAS. Like, do you get it? I found out which tribe I'd be on. I gotta say. I'm happy I'm with the hip kids. I've heard that the kids relate to me and my shows.
[20:47] <+BradyKelly> Oh
[20:47] <+Bradical_Savage> Hey kids! I mean, homies.
[20:47] <+BradyKelly> s-so U guess we're all here!
[20:47] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #OvivorHonduras to: XBALANQUE: Redmond, Squilliam, Francine, Rochelle, Dickbutt, Lena, Martha | IXCHEL: Aubry, Adore, Heather, Brady, Stacey, Hillary, Bradical
[20:47] <Martha||> What is my team again? I was momentarily disconnected.
[20:47] <Martha||> Thank you.
[20:47] <+Bradical_Savage> Y'all ever hear of that sick JAZZ music!?
[20:47] <Martha||> *nods to jeffprObst*
[20:47] <+Bradical_Savage> I happen to love jazz
[20:47] <+BradyKelly> Are there like...
[20:47] <+Bradical_Savage> And skateboards
[20:47] <@jeffprObst> Now, time for the twist.
[20:47] <+BradyKelly> lockerrooms?
[20:47] <+Bradical_Savage> *winks at camera*
[20:47] <+dickbutt> go team
[20:47] <@jeffprObst> Your SWAPPED tribes will be revealed right now
[20:47] <@jeffprObst> Let me just clarify
[20:47] <+aubrybracco> Jazz? Oh, I LOVE jazz. I harbor such a deep respect for the musical evolution of jazz.
[20:47] <+Squilliam> Excuse me, I have a question?
[20:47] <+Squilliam> Are we going to be air lifted to our camps?
[20:47] <+aubrybracco> It really makes me emotional.
[20:47] <+RedmondOvivor> Next castaway: STACEY. #Ovivor9
[20:47] <+Squilliam> we have to walk?
[20:47] <+RedmondOvivor>
[20:47] <@jeffprObst> If one swap tribes loses all of their members
[20:48] <@jeffprObst> Then you WILL swap uneven
[20:48] <+aubrybracco> I guess I won't get it into it now, but...
[20:48] <+StaceyPowell> I LOOK SO GOOD REDMOND AHEEHEE
[20:48] <+StaceyPowell> That weave.
[20:48] <+StaceyPowell> That pose.
[20:48] <+dickbutt> wow
[20:48] <+StaceyPowell> It can only be Stacey Powell.
[20:48] <+LenaOxton> Come on, Squilliam!
[20:48] <+Bradical_Savage> Wow, glad to see that I got stuck with the HIP crowd. You're totally tubular Aubry. *finger guns at a nonexistant camera*
[20:48] <+LenaOxton> We came here to be rough in the dirt!
[20:48] <+dickbutt> the twisty twist will be sure to shake up this game
[20:48] <+dickbutt> you know what they say
[20:48] <+LenaOxton> Like a squealing pig in the mud, let's get rough!
[20:48] <+dickbutt> expect the unexpected
[20:48] <+aubrybracco> Wow, thank you. You're pretty rad yourself. ^_^
[20:48] <@jeffprObst> SWAPPED XBALANQUE: Lena, Adore, Francine, Hillary, Aubry, Squilliam, Redmond ||| SWAPPED IXCHEL: Brady, Rochelle, Stacey, Martha, heather, Bradical, Dickbutt
[20:48] <+Squilliam> ......sure......@Lena
[20:48] <+RedmondOvivor> #ICYMI#Ovivor9
[20:48] <@jeffprObst> Alright.
[20:49] <@jeffprObst> One more twist.
[20:49] <@jeffprObst> Your first challenge
[20:49] <@jeffprObst> Is RIGHT NOW.
[20:49] <+RedmondOvivor> #ICYMI #Ovivor9
[20:49] <Martha||> What?
[20:49] <+dickbutt> wow
[20:49] <@jeffprObst> On this boat.
[20:49] <+dickbutt> what a twist
[20:49] <+dickbutt> who saw that coming
[20:49] <@jeffprObst> You will have 5 minutes to salvage anything you can.
[20:49] <+dickbutt> nobody
[20:49] <+dickbutt> definitely not me
[20:49] <+Bradical_Savage> WOAOAOAOAOOAOAOAOAOH! ALright, edit a star fade there guys.
[20:49] <@jeffprObst> Hidden inside one of the items
[20:49] <+Squilliam> Ew..........I have to swim?
[20:49] <@jeffprObst> Is a LINK to your TRIBE CAMPS.
[20:49] <+Squilliam> But...that's hard WORK! and it's NOT fancy!
[20:49] <+dickbutt> you literally live underwater
[20:49] <+RedmondOvivor> Got info on the marooning. Will be up later today #Ovivor9
[20:49] <+Bradical_Savage> Like a teleporter
[20:49] <+dickbutt> @squilliam
[20:49] <@jeffprObst> WILL WIN IMMUNITY.
[20:49] <@jeffprObst> Simple enough?
[20:49] <+StaceyPowell> OH DAMN!
[20:49] <@jeffprObst> I'll call time soon.
[20:49] <+Squilliam> Sure.................................
[20:49] <+StaceyPowell> I am READY.
[20:49] <+aubrybracco> Of course.
[20:49] <+Squilliam> Sounds fancy enough.
[20:49] <+Bradical_Savage> Am I in the future?! *frantically presses laugh track button*
[20:49] <+StaceyPowell> #aheehee
[20:50] * Squilliam brushes unibrow with fine tooth diamond and gold comb
[20:50] <@jeffprObst> (Also guys don't forget to send any CONFESSIONALS to cOnfessional)
[20:50] <@jeffprObst> OVIVORS READY?
[20:50] <+dickbutt> okay guys lets give this our all
[20:50] <+Bradical_Savage> um
[20:50] <Martha||> I haven't forgotten.
[20:50] <+dickbutt> try our best
[20:50] <+aubrybracco> Yes!
[20:50] <+dickbutt> work together
[20:50] <@jeffprObst>
[20:50] <@jeffprObst> GO!!!!!
[20:50] <+Bradical_Savage> what how do we
[20:50] <+StaceyPowell> Let's DO THIS tribe.
[20:50] <@jeffprObst> (Look through the items and make your way to camp)
[20:50] == Martha| [43564621@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
[20:50] <+BradyKelly> Oh what?
[20:50] <+BradyKelly> I wasn't ready
[20:50] <+LenaOxton> Wait, what's happening?
[20:50] <+BradyKelly> This isn't anything like baseball!
[20:50] <+HillaryClinton> Woah.
[20:50] <+HillaryClinton> Woah.
[20:50] <+HillaryClinton> Woah.
[20:50] <+HillaryClinton> Woah.
[20:50] <+HillaryClinton> HOLD ON,.
[20:50] <@jeffprObst> No one is at camp yet.
[20:51] <+HillaryClinton> CHANCELLER PROBST.
[20:51] <@jeffprObst> Remember, your entire tribe needs to make it.
[20:51] <Martha||> My tribe, #44444
[20:51] <+aubrybracco> (uh Jeff one of our tribe members isn't here)
[20:51] <Martha||> Join it.
[20:51] <+aubrybracco> #77777
[20:51] <+aubrybracco> @iXCHEL
[20:51] <@jeffprObst> (which one?)
[20:51] <+aubrybracco> (Adore)
[20:51] <@jeffprObst> Both teams tied
[20:51] <Martha||> I need to be plussed.
[20:51] <+Squilliam> XBALANQUE: #4444
[20:51] <@jeffprObst> Ixchel with a slight lead.
[20:51] <+Squilliam> Join!!!
[20:51] <@jeffprObst> 5 to 4.
[20:52] <@jeffprObst> YOU HAVE TO DIG DEEP.
[20:52] <Martha||> ....
[20:52] <+StaceyPowell> COME ON
[20:52] <@jeffprObst> Xbalanque slightly catching up, 5/7 now.
[20:52] <@jeffprObst> 5 to 6
[20:52] <+aubrybracco> (we don't have them though)
[20:52] <+aubrybracco> Adore...
[20:52] <+Heather_> (adore isn't even here)
[20:52] <@jeffprObst> (you'll have to wait for her then)
[20:52] <Martha||> That's ~your~ problem. Sorry. Not mine.
[20:52] <+HillaryClinton> Just chillin in Honduras
[20:52] <@jeffprObst> WE ARE TIED.
[20:52] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): We've been here for five minutes, and already one of our tribe members has gone missing. It's... *starts to cry* it's overwhelming.
[20:52] <@jeffprObst> 6 TO 6!
[20:52] <+HillaryClinton> ADORE.
[20:52] <+HillaryClinton> COME ON.
[20:52] <+LenaOxton> ADORE
[20:52] <+dickbutt> yay dickbutt
[20:52] <@jeffprObst> XBALANQUE WINS IMMUNITY!!!
[20:52] == AdoreDelano [] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[20:53] <+aubrybracco> ...
[20:53] <+StaceyPowell> crying
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> Adore Delano did not make it to her tribe camp in time.
[20:53] <+FrancineTheFemin> (same omg)
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> Ixchel... I'll see you guys at Tribal tonight.
[20:53] <+aubrybracco> Well, that was... that was something.
[20:53] <+StaceyPowell> I am unbelievably upset!
[20:53] <+Bradical_Savage> That's whack bro.
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> (5 MINUTES TO DISCUSS)
[20:53] <+HillaryClinton> UGH.
[20:53] <+FrancineTheFemin> Hillary, just chill in Cedar-
[20:53] <+FrancineTheFemin> I mean, tribal council!
[20:53] <+FrancineTheFemin> :)
[20:53] <+Rochelle> What the hell just happened here?
[20:53] <+HillaryClinton> But honey, we're not in Cedar Rapids, we're in HONDURAS!
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> Also, guys.
[20:53] <+HillaryClinton> I'm the BEST candidate for Foreign Affairs.
[20:54] <+LenaOxton> (who do we send transcripts too)
[20:54] <+FrancineTheFemin> Hillary, you are like my abuela.
[20:54] <+FrancineTheFemin> So kind and with me in the mind and heart <3
[20:54] <@jeffprObst> Idols have been posted.
[20:56] <+dickbutt> wow im glad we won guys
[20:56] == AdoreDelano [] has quit [Client Quit]
[20:56] <+RedmondOvivor> Exclusive intel:
[20:56] <+dickbutt> but were all literally here
[20:56] <+HillaryClinton> Oh dear.
[20:56] <+dickbutt> we know that
[20:56] <@jeffprObst> ... Ixchel, come on in.
[20:56] <+dickbutt> we are in the season
[20:56] <+HillaryClinton> @Adore
[20:56] <@jeffprObst> Grab a torch.
[20:56] <+dickbutt> youre weird
[20:56] * HillaryClinton walks in
[20:56] <@jeffprObst> Dip it in the flames.
[20:56] <+dickbutt> @redmond
[20:56] <@jeffprObst> In this game, fire represents your life
[20:57] <@jeffprObst> Once it goes out -- so are you
[20:57] <+aubrybracco> ...Well, good to know that Adore is interested in our team's success.
[20:57] <+StaceyPowell> *grabs a torch*
[20:57] <@jeffprObst> ALL - how does it feel losing the first challenge?
[20:57] <+HillaryClinton> Be careful with who you trust with your torch, everyone
[20:57] <+HillaryClinton> You never know when it may get snuffed.
[20:57] <+Bradical_Savage> Good iniative Redmond! Totally tubular to show your support for something!
[20:57] <+HillaryClinton> I learnt that lesson with my husband, Bill.
[20:57] <@jeffprObst> ADORE - do you think you have a shot at staying tonight?
[20:57] <+HillaryClinton> But that's in the PAST!
[20:57] <+StaceyPowell> Horrible Jeff... My old tribe was CRUSHED after each loss.
[20:57] <+Bradical_Savage> Would you make anything for my show? Bradical Savage Traveling And SUrviving ANd Having A Hecking Good Time?
[20:57] <+StaceyPowell> I'm not going through stuff like that again, aheehee no.
[20:57] <+aubrybracco> It feels disheartening, Jeff. To get here and pour so much of my heart and soul into that challenge... it was hard.
[20:57] <+Bradical_Savage> I was on Ghost Searchers too!
[20:58] <+aubrybracco> But I don't think this means that we're going to fail as a tribe, though. I sense a remarkable amount of unity.
[20:58] <@jeffprObst> Unity amongst who, Aubry/
[20:58] <@jeffprObst> ?
[20:58] <+BradyKelly> It feels really sad to lose. I don't normally lose
[20:58] <+Bradical_Savage> I feel like losing was completely whack Probst, my dude, I felt like we could have easily won.
[20:58] * BradyKelly is called by his agent
[20:58] <+BradyKelly> Oh no
[20:58] * BradyKelly picks up
[20:58] <@jeffprObst> Okay, guys, I will link you to parchment momentarily.
[20:58] <+HillaryClinton> It feels like a small loss, like a Rhode Island-level loss. It doesn't matter too much, because this loss will only make us stronger.
[20:59] <@jeffprObst>
[20:59] <+BradyKelly> Listen, Joss, please, I'm trying my hardest. Too obvious? I'm a master of subtlety, Joss, okay? Gosh, goodbye.
[20:59] <@jeffprObst> SEND ME A VOTE ASAP.
[20:59] * BradyKelly hangs up
[20:59] <+BradyKelly> Agents
[20:59] <+Rochelle> Wait.
[20:59] <+BradyKelly> What would the world be without them?
[20:59] <+Heather_> It feels AWFUL losing, and the people, person, need to GO.
[20:59] <+Bradical_Savage> I'm from Rhode Island yo! I know some cool people from there.
[20:59] == AdoreDelano [] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[20:59] <AdoreDelano> PARTY!!!!
[20:59] == jeffprObst [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 46.0.1/20160502172042]]
[20:59] <@cOnfessional> oops one moment
[21:00] == jeffprObst [] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[21:00] <jeffprObst> .
[21:00] <+BradyKelly> wb
[21:00] <jeffprObst> .
[21:00] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+o jeffprObst] by cOnfessional
[21:00] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v AdoreDelano] by cOnfessional
[21:00] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v Martha||] by cOnfessional
[21:00] <+HillaryClinton> Welcome back, Adore.
[21:00] <@jeffprObst> No votes yet.
[21:00] <+AdoreDelano> CONF: for all the other queens who tell me I'm not polished enough
[21:01] <+AdoreDelano> CONF: they just need to know i'm polish remover BITCH
[21:01] <+aubrybracco> Unity amongst... our tribe, I guess, Jeff.
[21:01] * aubrybracco smiles

[21:02] <+Heather_> (do we send votes to probst or confessional)
[21:02] <+AdoreDelano> What is everyone smiling about ? haha
[21:02] <+HillaryClinton> A moment, Jeff.
[21:02] <+AdoreDelano> Welcome back the life of the PARTY!!! ;)
[21:02] <+StaceyPowell> Hmm..........
[21:02] * Squilliam sits back at camp filing his nails with a diamond nail filer complete with a holographic television attached to the end
[21:02] <+AdoreDelano> yeah motherfucker yeah
[21:02] <@jeffprObst> Adore, do you think you're in trouble tonight?
[21:02] <@jeffprObst> Only ONE vote has been sent.
[21:03] <+AdoreDelano> OH. Of course I am.
[21:03] <+Heather_> (who do we send votes to : /)
[21:03] <@jeffprObst> Only aubry has voted. Adore, Heather, Brady, Stacey, Hillary + Bradical -- vote.
[21:03] <@jeffprObst> Send votes to me.
[21:03] <+AdoreDelano> But the thing is.
[21:03] <+AdoreDelano> I give no fucks.
[21:03] <+RedmondOvivor> ICYMI: Swapped Tribes
[21:03] <+RedmondOvivor> SWAPPED XBALANQUE: Lena, Adore, Francine, Hillary, Aubry, Squilliam, Redmond ||| SWAPPED IXCHEL: Brady, Rochelle, Stacey, Martha, heather, Bradical, Dickbutt
[21:03] <+AdoreDelano> like I will search in the bottom of my purse for a fuck to give and I can't find one
[21:04] <+Bradical_Savage> (trying to draw on ur stupid parchment)
[21:04] <@jeffprObst> Three out of seven votes.
[21:04] <+Bradical_Savage> (where we upload it when we're done?)
[21:04] <@jeffprObst> (imgur)
[21:05] <+FrancineTheFemin> This tribal council is very long.
[21:05] <@jeffprObst> Yes it is
[21:05] <+Heather_> Who ASKED you?
[21:05] <+Heather_> @Francine
[21:05] <+FrancineTheFemin> WOAH.
[21:05] * aubrybracco is probably asleep or something at this point
[21:05] <+FrancineTheFemin> FELLOW WOMEN.
[21:05] <+FrancineTheFemin> WE ARE FEMINISTS AND ALLIES.
[21:05] <+FrancineTheFemin> NOT FOES.
[21:05] <+AdoreDelano> Hello!!!!
[21:05] <+AdoreDelano> Preach it SISTER!!
[21:05] <+dickbutt> guys make this quicker im getting sleepy
[21:05] <+AdoreDelano> * files multicolored nails *
[21:06] <+FrancineTheFemin> WE NEED TO COMBAT THE PATRIARCHY.
[21:06] <@jeffprObst> Brady, Aubry, Heather and Adore have voted.
[21:06] <+FrancineTheFemin> ARE YOU WITH ME? @Heather_
[21:06] <+AdoreDelano> CONF: Some other queens out there look at my drag as TACKY, but they can fuck all the way off. :*
[21:06] <@jeffprObst> I need votes from Stacey, Hillary and Bradical.
[21:06] <@jeffprObst> Please vote as soon as you can!

[21:06] <+StaceyPowell> Mhm.
[21:06] <+RedmondOvivor> Cast Member: ADORE DELANO
[21:06] <+RedmondOvivor>
[21:06] <+RedmondOvivor> #Ovivor9
[21:07] <+Bradical_Savage> (u got my vote if you want make it go faster)
[21:07] <@jeffprObst> (re-send?)
[21:07] <+StaceyPowell> (sent)
[21:07] <+StaceyPowell> I voted. *shakes head*
[21:07] <@jeffprObst> Four votes.
[21:07] <@jeffprObst> Five **.
[21:08] <@jeffprObst> I just need a vote from Hillary.
[21:08] <@jeffprObst> Hillary, I need a vote soon or it's a self vote
[21:08] <+FrancineTheFemin> Hillary queen please vote!
[21:08] <+StaceyPowell> I agree!
[21:08] <+FrancineTheFemin> Hillary always self votes...
[21:08] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): Hillary is a great member of our team. But if she doesn't vote soon, I won't be voting... for her.
[21:08] <+StaceyPowell> We need guidance from our future president aheehee
[21:08] <+AdoreDelano> Where the fuck is the spa !?
[21:08] <+StaceyPowell> I mean what oops.
[21:08] <+AdoreDelano> Take me there. I really wanna go!
[21:08] * BradyKelly drops his wallet on purpose
[21:08] <+BradyKelly>
[21:08] <+BradyKelly> Oh dear
[21:08] <+BradyKelly> how did that get there
[21:09] <+aubrybracco> Wha?!
[21:09] <+BradyKelly> I'm such a terrible straight actor ha-ha
[21:09] * BradyKelly picks wallet back up
[21:09] <+BradyKelly> I'm also an actor
[21:09] <+AdoreDelano> what the fk is going on
[21:09] <+BradyKelly> baseballer, actress, etc.
[21:09] <+BradyKelly> actor*
[21:09] <+BradyKelly> ha-ha
[21:09] <+Heather_> O....kay....
[21:09] * StaceyPowell rolls eyes
[21:09] <@jeffprObst> HillaryClinton
[21:09] == RochelleROCK [bd1ef493@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[21:09] <@jeffprObst> Please Vote.
[21:09] <+StaceyPowell> Kids these days mhm
[21:09] <RochelleROCK> #44444
[21:10] <+BradyKelly> Test
[21:10] == BradyBackup [32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[21:10] <@jeffprObst> It's a self-vote for Hillary.
[21:10] <@jeffprObst> ~~
[21:10] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[21:10] <+Martha||> Shocking! Shillary can't commit!
[21:10] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it,
[21:10] <+StaceyPowell> Dear lord.
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> Now would be the time to do so.
[21:11] <+AdoreDelano> * stands *
[21:11] <+AdoreDelano> * hands idol to Jeff *
[21:11] <+BradyKelly> An immunity idol?
[21:11] <+StaceyPowell> WOAH
[21:11] <+BradyKelly> That looks like a penis
[21:11] <+AdoreDelano> I'll be playing this on myself tonight!!! Need I explain?
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[21:11] <+aubrybracco> Wh... what?
[21:11] <+Heather_> What?
[21:11] <+StaceyPowell> Are you...
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> This... is indeed a hidden immunity idol.
[21:11] <+BradyKelly> I mean not that that's what's on my mind at this moment in time
[21:11] <+BradyKelly> or ever
[21:11] <+StaceyPowell> The fuck!
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> Any votes cast for Adore will NOT count.
[21:11] <+Heather_> Are you KIDDING me?
[21:11] <+StaceyPowell>
[21:11] <+BradyKelly> I like girls
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[21:11] <+aubrybracco> What?!
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:11] <+Heather_> (CONF): AHHHHHHHHH!
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:11] <+AdoreDelano> this isn't barney & friends gurl
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:11] <@jeffprObst>
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> Adore. Does not count.
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[21:11] <+Bradical_Savage> BO
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:11] <+AdoreDelano> the people on this lunatic island are OUT to get my ass!!!
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:11] <@jeffprObst>
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> Adore. Does not count.
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> Third vote...
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:12] <+AdoreDelano> Music to my ears. Haha.
[21:12] <@jeffprObst>
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> Adore. Does not count.
[21:12] == Rochelle [bd1ef493@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> Fourth vote...
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:12] <RochelleROCK> CONF: How this stupid girl found it?????
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> ..
[21:12] <+BradyKelly> This vote isn't very STRAIGHT forward, ha-ha
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:12] <+BradyKelly> unlike me
[21:12] <@jeffprObst>
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> Adore. Does not count.
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> That's four votes Adore.
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> None count.
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> Fifth vote...
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:12] <+StaceyPowell> *shifts*
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> Hillary (self-vote).
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> Sixth vote...
[21:12] <+StaceyPowell> *sideyes AdorA*
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> ..
[21:12] <+StaceyPowell> Adore**
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:12] <+Heather_> (sCREAM)
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:12] <@jeffprObst>
[21:12] <+AdoreDelano> yeah motherfucker yeah
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> Brad.
[21:13] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Hillary, 1 vote Brad.
[21:13] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote left.
[21:13] <+BradyKelly> What?
[21:13] <@jeffprObst> 7th and final vote...
[21:13] <+Heather_> :o
[21:13] <+aubrybracco> ...Huh?
[21:13] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:13] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:13] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:13] <+BradyKelly> Wait
[21:13] <+Heather_> What is going ON?
[21:13] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:13] <+BradyKelly> Which one...
[21:13] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:13] <@jeffprObst> ... Bradical (no parchment).
[21:13] <@jeffprObst> We have a tie.
[21:13] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Bradical.
[21:13] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Brad.
[21:13] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Hillary, due to a self vote.
[21:13] <+StaceyPowell> (jeff pm)
[21:13] <+BradyKelly> My name isn't Brad
[21:13] <+Heather_> (brad's name is brady)
[21:13] <+BradyKelly> It's Brady
[21:13] <+RedmondOvivor> Ovivor: Honduras Tribes
[21:13] <+RedmondOvivor> #Ovivor9
[21:13] <+Bradical_Savage> My name is though
[21:13] <+aubrybracco> (brad = bradical maybe?)
[21:13] <+Bradical_Savage> *guitar riff*
[21:13] <+RedmondOvivor> #ICYMI Meet Adore Delano
[21:13] * BradyKelly starts to cry a little
[21:13] <+BradyKelly> No, I'm straight, I
[21:13] <+BradyKelly> I can't cry
[21:13] * BradyKelly 's agent calls him
[21:13] <+BradyKelly> JOSS
[21:13] <+BradyKelly> I'M SORRY OKAY
[21:13] <+BradyKelly> I GET EMOTIONAL
[21:14] * BradyKelly hangs up
[21:14] <+StaceyPowell> A tie already...
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> AUBRY, ADORE, HEATHER, STACEY.
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> I NEED A RE-VOTE. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
[21:14] <+Bradical_Savage> Brady
[21:14] <+aubrybracco> That just blew up faster than that time I ordered fajitas at a Mexican restaurant.
[21:14] <+Bradical_Savage> if it is brad which one of us has to go?
[21:14] <+Bradical_Savage> I'm asking for a friend
[21:14] <+BradyKelly> My name isn't Brad
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> Aubry, need a vote.
[21:14] * BradyKelly wipes tears away
[21:14] <+Bradical_Savage> Neither is mine
[21:15] <+Bradical_Savage> But together. We're like both Brad man
[21:15] <+Bradical_Savage> It's magical. like.
[21:15] <+BradyKelly> My name is Brady Kelly, your local friendly heterosexual baseball player and occasional acting gay man
[21:15] <+Bradical_Savage> I've never had a brother before.
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[21:15] * BradyKelly sniffs
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> The re-votes are in.
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> Hillary.
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> Bradical.
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> That's 1 vote Hillary, 1 vote Bradical.
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes left
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> Bradical.
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .... The first person voted out of Ovivor: Honduras
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> Bradical.
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> Bradical, you'll need to bring me your torch
[21:15] * jeffprObst snuffs torch
[21:15] * BradyKelly sighs in relief
[21:15] <+BradyKelly> Oh thank god
[21:16] <+Heather_> Sorry....
[21:16] <@jeffprObst> Bradical, the tribe has spoken.
[21:16] <@jeffprObst> Time for you to go.
[21:16] <+aubrybracco> Sorry, Bradical. :(
[21:16] * BradyKelly starts to cry more
[21:16] <+Heather_> That...actually WASN'T my plan.
[21:16] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #OvivorHonduras to: XBALANQUE: Redmond, Squilliam, Francine, Rochelle, Dickbutt, Lena, Martha | IXCHEL: Aubry, Adore, Heather, Brady, Stacey, Hillary
[21:16] <@jeffprObst> -- EP 2 --
[21:16] <+aubrybracco> You were a good man. :(
[21:16] <+BradyKelly> I did it for you, Cheeks, I survived
[21:16] <+BradyKelly> I mean, who is Cheeks
[21:16] <@jeffprObst> NEXT CHALLENGE SOON.
[21:16] <+BradyKelly> I don't know him
[21:16] <+BradyKelly> her*
[21:16] == Bradical_Savage [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 46.0.1/20160502172042]]
[21:16] * Squilliam walks in to see that Bradical was voted out
[21:16] * BradyKelly falls back
[21:16] <+Squilliam> meh. he wasn't ~~~FANCY~~~ like the rest of us.
[21:16] <+AdoreDelano> Okay. THAT right there was the definition of a trainwreck.
[21:16] <RochelleROCK> OFF: With this name I would vote in myself to leave this. Should be very shameless a mother giving a name like this for her son. That's will I called my three kids with cool names.
[21:16] <+Heather_> What on EARTH?
[21:16] <+Squilliam> Would anyone care to taste the FINEST raspberry soda in Bikini Bottom?
[21:16] <+Squilliam> It's so FANCY the can has diamonds on it!
[21:16] <+Squilliam> haha!
[21:16] <+LenaOxton> (Conf) My tribe has been quite quiet, but don't you worry, when we get into the challenge, we'll be talking more than the Big Ben at high noon!
[21:16] <+Martha||> What a waste.
[21:16] <+dickbutt> no thanks
[21:16] <+dickbutt> that sounds awful
[21:17] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): That Tribal was... exhausting. I just don't know if I can do this. I'm genuinely so drained in every way possible from that disaster.
[21:17] <@jeffprObst> (give me a second to record confs)!
[21:17] <+AdoreDelano> CONF: YEAAAAAHH!!!! Party it up BITCHES!!!! I'm the bomb dot com dot org dot co uk
[21:17] <+StaceyPowell> The fuck just happened.
[21:17] <+Martha||> (CONF): Aluminum cans do not need diamonds on them. Women need diamonds on them. Paid for by their husband. *glares aggressively at camera*
[21:17] <+StaceyPowell> My god.
[21:18] <+LenaOxton> Good morning, loves!
[21:18] <+LenaOxton> How did everyone sleep?
[21:18] <+LenaOxton> Dandy like a peach tree in the spring?
[21:18] <+dickbutt> yes
[21:18] <+FrancineTheFemin> Good morning, everyone!
[21:18] <+FrancineTheFemin> Today is a perfect day to combat the Patriarchy!
[21:18] <+FrancineTheFemin> Who's with me?
[21:18] <+AdoreDelano> AWFUL!!! Hillary kept me up ALL of last night. Damn that bitch snores like a beached whale.
[21:18] <+RedmondOvivor> #ICYMI: Ovivor: Honduras Begins Filming
[21:18] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): Brady... he's a tortured soul. He reminds me of that one cousin in every family who desperately tries to deny that they're gay, but we can all see through it. But he's genuinely a kindhearted, emotionally intelligent person. I like Brady a lot and I hope I can help him out in this game.
[21:19] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[21:19] * Heather_ walks in angrily
[21:19] <+dickbutt> hey its me
[21:19] <+AdoreDelano> So... uh... excuse how much of a mess I am. Like, okay, I'm always a mess. But today the mess factor is going to be at a 10 instead of a 6.
[21:19] <+dickbutt> hey jeff
[21:19] <+StaceyPowell> *struts in*
[21:19] <+dickbutt> its me
[21:19] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your next immunity challenge?
[21:19] <+StaceyPowell> I am ready.
[21:19] <+BradyKelly> No cum in guys here, PrObst!
[21:19] <+BradyKelly> Oh, come in?
[21:19] <+StaceyPowell> Hell yeah!
[21:19] <+BradyKelly> Uh, sure
[21:19] <+Squilliam> (CONF): I arrived at the challenge today....and it all looked like really hard work....and it wasn't even put together well! I'm DISGUSTED.
[21:19] * aubrybracco arrives dejectedly
[21:19] <+Squilliam> (CONF): This is just like the time Squidward's band got to play the bubble bowl. They were AWFUL.
[21:19] <+dickbutt> i am ready
[21:19] <+Squilliam> (CONF): I mean..........I did faint...not because it was GOOD but because it was AWFUL.
[21:19] <RochelleROCK> Of sure boss.
[21:20] <RochelleROCK> l.
[21:20] <+dickbutt> guys are you all going to vote me off next
[21:20] <@jeffprObst> You’ll swim out to ten buoys and unscramble a phrase. The phrase will release a puzzle piece. Once a tribe unscrambles all ten phrases, by messaging me the completed words, a designated person will be linked to a vertical puzzle (resembling several Maya masks). Each puzzle piece will be associated with a letter. The first person to arrange the pieces in the correct order and yell out...
[21:20] <@jeffprObst> ...the letter string will win.
[21:20] <@jeffprObst> Sound simple enough?
[21:20] <+dickbutt> cuz
[21:20] <+dickbutt> i heard that

[21:20] <+aubrybracco> ...I think?
[21:20] <+Heather_> ...No.
[21:20] <+Heather_> Not really.
[21:20] <+StaceyPowell> Damn... Sure.
[21:20] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): Puzzles aren't really my forte. That's more Debbie's thing.
[21:20] <+Martha||> Will I have to know the Mexican language to understand the phrases?
[21:20] <+Heather_> Remember when challenges used to be HIDE AND GO SEEK?
[21:20] <+BradyKelly>
[21:20] <+BradyKelly> Oh no
[21:21] * BradyKelly picks it back up and hides it
[21:21] <RochelleROCK> That's pretty easy, go ahead.
[21:21] <RochelleROCK> WE HAVE TO WIN THIS.
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> To clarify.
[21:21] <+dickbutt> no
[21:21] <+RedmondOvivor> CAST MEMBER: Meet Lena "Tracer" Oxton
[21:21] <+dickbutt> @Heather
[21:21] <+RedmondOvivor> #Ovivor9
[21:21] <+Martha||> Brady, that is disgusting.
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> Xbalanque - who will it be?
[21:21] <+FrancineTheFemin> we are Discussing.
[21:21] <+dickbutt> not me
[21:21] <+dickbutt> i can barely read
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> Ixchel, I need a decision too.
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> Once you get the link to the terms
[21:21] <+FrancineTheFemin> We have elected Lena as our puzzle solver!
[21:21] <+aubrybracco> Guys, I know this won't be easy for us and that it's been pretty rough so far... but there's no way we're going down without a fight.
[21:22] <@jeffprObst> You will MESSAGE ME PRIVATELY the completed, unscrambled terms
[21:22] <+aubrybracco> So who wants to be the puzzler?!
[21:22] <@jeffprObst> Then, I will link the puzzle solver the puzzle.
[21:22] <+BradyKelly> I think Aubry shoyld be the solver
[21:22] == Squilliam2 [~Squilliam@] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[21:22] <+BradyKelly> Unless she doesn't want to
[21:22] <+AdoreDelano> I spent three HOURS on this makeup bitch
[21:22] <+StaceyPowell> Well Aubry for sure is smart.
[21:22] <+AdoreDelano> Water is not my BFF to like, say the least.
[21:22] <+aubrybracco> Me? Uh, I'm not sure if I'm good at puzzles, guys.
[21:22] <Squilliam2> (reexplain the challenge please! I didn't see it)
[21:22] <+aubrybracco> :(
[21:22] * BradyKelly looks at Stacey
[21:22] <+BradyKelly> I didn't know you were on our team
[21:22] <+BradyKelly> Hi!
[21:22] <@jeffprObst> (Squilliam - you'll get a link to 10 scrambled terms. Unscramble them in my PM. Then I will send a link to the puzzle to your designated puzzle solver)
[21:22] <+AdoreDelano> Hiiiiii
[21:23] <+BradyKelly> I'm Brad, a straight baseball player
[21:23] * StaceyPowell looks at Brad
[21:23] <+aubrybracco> Heather, you're confident. Are you a good puzzler?
[21:23] <@jeffprObst> I need a decision
[21:23] <+BradyKelly> Brady
[21:23] <+StaceyPowell> Sure honey.
[21:23] <+BradyKelly> My name is Brady, silly me
[21:23] <+Heather_> Um....
[21:23] <@jeffprObst> Or it will be chosen at random.
[21:23] <+AdoreDelano> I'm Adore fucking Delano. I can PULL this one off! Yeaaaah!
[21:23] * BradyKelly sweats
[21:23] <+Heather_> I think ADORE should do it.
[21:23] <+BradyKelly> Y-you don't think I'm a baseball player?
[21:23] <+Heather_> Let's see her prove her worth on this team.
[21:23] <+LenaOxton> I'll do the puzzle.
[21:23] <+aubrybracco> I'd adore that.
[21:23] <+BradyKelly> ha-ha who would lie about that
[21:23] <@jeffprObst> Adore is doing the puzzle?
[21:23] <+LenaOxton> I'll step up for my team!
[21:23] <@jeffprObst> And Lena?
[21:23] <@jeffprObst> ADORE + LENA DOING THE PUZZLE.
[21:23] <+StaceyPowell> I'm Stacey... and yeah you're right honey
[21:23] <+RedmondOvivor> I believe Tracer can perform excellently at this challenge!
[21:23] <@jeffprObst> Momentarily, the bouys will be linked
[21:23] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): This is either the best or worst decision our team has ever made. I guess we'll find out.
[21:23] <+RedmondOvivor> Based on what I know about her, that is. Haha.
[21:23] <@jeffprObst> 3...
[21:24] <@jeffprObst> 2...
[21:24] <+Martha||> Wait, who's sitting out for She balankay?
[21:24] <@jeffprObst> 1...
[21:24] <+dickbutt> okay
[21:24] <@jeffprObst> (no one)
[21:24] <+dickbutt> wait
[21:24] <+dickbutt> how does this work
[21:24] <@jeffprObst> Unscramble terms. Solve a puzzle. Fin.
[21:24] == Squilliam [~JordanSam@] has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[21:24] <@jeffprObst> 3
[21:24] <@jeffprObst> 2
[21:24] <@jeffprObst> 1...
[21:24] <@jeffprObst>
[21:24] <@jeffprObst> GO!
[21:24] <+LenaOxton> (you pm us right)
[21:25] <+BradyKelly> ohhh ok
[21:25] <+FrancineTheFemin> OOOOOOOOOOOOH
[21:25] <+aubrybracco> Oooooh.
[21:25] <+Heather_> (TELL US THESE THINGS PRIOR)
[21:25] <+Heather_> : /
[21:25] <@jeffprObst> Do it with your team. I want one list.
[21:25] <@jeffprObst> Ixchel with a slight lead
[21:25] <+AdoreDelano> CONF: Hillary is SUCH a badass and I find myself looking up to her a lot of the time. She looks fuckin awesome. She's everything I want to be when I'm 68.
[21:26] <+LenaOxton> (CONF) I'm really scared, but I hope my team can believe in me like I believe in them!
[21:26] <+aubrybracco> I finished, Jeff!
[21:26] <+AdoreDelano> I appeared on American Idol by the way y'all!!!
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> Aubry + Redmond sent me the completed terms
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> Adore and Lena both have the puzzles and are working on them.
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> For the record - it is a VERTICAL PUZZLE.
[21:26] <+FrancineTheFemin> LETS GO LENA!
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> You need to send me the string of letters
[21:26] <+BradyKelly> You can do it Aubry!
[21:27] <+dickbutt> woah
[21:27] <@jeffprObst> If your tribe wants to help, here is a link:
[21:27] <+aubrybracco> That... really wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be, but we'll see what the puzzle holds.
[21:27] <+dickbutt> vertical
[21:27] <+dickbutt> thats like
[21:27] <+aubrybracco> I already did it, Brady. haha
[21:27] * BradyKelly does a perfect one-man cheer routine
[21:27] <+dickbutt> horizontal sideways
[21:27] <+BradyKelly> A to the U to the B to the R to the E to the Y
[21:27] <@jeffprObst> XBALANQUE IXCHEL
[21:27] <+BradyKelly> what's that spell?
[21:27] <+Heather_> Good job Aubry!
[21:27] <+BradyKelly> Aubry!!
[21:27] <@jeffprObst> IT HELPS TO HAVE AN ART PROGRAM
[21:27] <@jeffprObst> BUT.
[21:27] <@jeffprObst> YOU CAN DO THIS FROM SIGHT.
[21:27] <+aubrybracco> Thanks everyone! ^_^
[21:28] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): I probably shouldn't have gone beast mode in that challenge, but I needed to help out my team.
[21:28] <+StaceyPowell> Wooo gurl!
[21:28] <+StaceyPowell> You did it for the team!
[21:28] <+BradyKelly> Did we win?
[21:28] <@jeffprObst> Adore and Lena on the puzzle.
[21:28] <+StaceyPowell> Now it's down to our girl adore...
[21:28] <@jeffprObst> I want a string of letters, remember.
[21:28] <+BradyKelly> Oh, Aubry's not doing the puzzle
[21:28] * BradyKelly smacks head
[21:28] <@jeffprObst> HINT: THE FIRST LETTER IF "F".
[21:28] <+BradyKelly> stupid, stupid, stupid!
[21:28] <+aubrybracco> No, Brady, I already did the unscrambling. :P
[21:28] * BradyKelly sits on a stump and sighs
[21:28] <+BradyKelly> I wish... I wish...
[21:28] <+BradyKelly> Augh, what's the point
[21:28] * BradyKelly does another cheer routine
[21:29] <+aubrybracco> (ohusivhgsiurtit ojisjjijeifosay ojehierhitvbsesast)
[21:29] <+BradyKelly> LET'S GO ADORA
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> We last did this challenge in Ovivor: All-Stars, where Kelly won it for her tribe.
[21:29] <+aubrybracco> Go Adore!
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> This IS doable.
[21:29] <+AdoreDelano> BITCH
[21:29] <+Heather_> Go Adore.
[21:29] <+AdoreDelano> It's Adoe. Fucking. Delano.
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> SWAPPED XBALANQUE: Lena, Adore, Francine, Hillary, Aubry, Squilliam, Redmond ||| SWAPPED IXCHEL: Brady, Rochelle, Stacey, Martha, Heather, Dickbutt
[21:29] <+AdoreDelano> Who is this Adora!?
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> ^ for reference
[21:29] <+BradyKelly> Adoe?
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> The swapped tribes
[21:29] <+dickbutt> wow
[21:29] <+BradyKelly> Wait
[21:29] <+BradyKelly> I don't get it
[21:29] <+dickbutt> you always throw that in at such helpful times
[21:29] <+BradyKelly> what exactly is your name, Adora?
[21:29] <+BradyKelly> I don't want to keep getting it wrong
[21:29] <+BradyKelly> it's like people thinking I'm gay
[21:29] <+AdoreDelano> * Adore excuse me but I'm under A LOT of frickin stress right now!!!
[21:30] <+BradyKelly> when I 100% am
[21:30] <+StaceyPowell> Y'all.
[21:30] <+BradyKelly> am not*
[21:30] <+StaceyPowell> Let her concentrate
[21:30] <+StaceyPowell> aheehee.
[21:30] <+BradyKelly> You're not done with the puzzle?
[21:30] <+BradyKelly> But you're talking to me Adoe!
[21:30] <+BradyKelly> Go go go Adoe!
[21:30] <@jeffprObst> Lena and Adore have given ZERO guesses so far.
[21:30] <+RedmondOvivor> You got this Tracer!
[21:30] <+RedmondOvivor> Tracer is one of the smartest to play this game I believe. #Ovivor9
[21:30] <@jeffprObst> SECOND HINT: C
[21:30] <@jeffprObst> F, C.
[21:30] <@jeffprObst> I NEED THE OTHER EIGHT LETTERS.
[21:30] <@jeffprObst> BOTH lena and adore struggling on this puzzle.
[21:30] <+AdoreDelano> Don't try me hunny!!! @ Brady
[21:30] <+BradyKelly> Honey?
[21:30] <+AdoreDelano> I chipped a nail fuuuuck!!!
[21:31] <+BradyKelly> I'm married, only my husband can call me that
[21:31] <+BradyKelly> Er
[21:31] <+BradyKelly> I mean
[21:31] <+BradyKelly> sorry, just practicing my method acting. Again.

[21:31] <+FrancineTheFemin> LENA LETS GO!
[21:31] <@jeffprObst> You guys can switch out, if it's absolutely necessary.
[21:31] <+dickbutt> yay go lena
[21:31] <+dickbutt> shes nice
[21:31] <+AdoreDelano> Okayyy get in the fucking arena AUBRY!!!
[21:32] <+dickbutt> i hope she does not lose
[21:32] <@jeffprObst> Aubry, are you switching out?
[21:32] <+aubrybracco> No...?
[21:32] <+Heather_> Adore.
[21:32] <+aubrybracco> I don't think this is something I can do, guys :o (
[21:32] <+Heather_> Aubry did the ENTIRE first part.
[21:32] <+Heather_> You can do tis little bit.
[21:32] <+Heather_> The selfishness : /
[21:32] <+aubrybracco> I'm feeling tired. Yeah, I already contributed...
[21:32] <BradyBackup> I....
[21:32] <+HillaryClinton> OH MY GOSH.
[21:32] <BradyBackup> I might be able to
[21:32] <+AdoreDelano> Little? Woah okay now back up there motherfucker.
[21:33] == BradyBackup [32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[21:33] <@jeffprObst> Rather than work on the puzzle
[21:33] <+BradyKelly> Should I...
[21:33] <@jeffprObst> Adore is FIGHTING with her tribe.
[21:33] <+BradyKelly> do the puzzle?
[21:33] <+aubrybracco> Brady? You think so? Do it! :D
[21:33] <@jeffprObst> Brady switches out.
[21:33] <+BradyKelly> Okay!
[21:33] * BradyKelly dives into the sand
[21:33] <+LenaOxton> Yo, someone switch out!
[21:33] <+AdoreDelano> FUUUUUUUUCK
[21:33] <+LenaOxton> o_o
[21:33] <+LenaOxton> can I do that
[21:33] <@jeffprObst> Brady, your puzzle
[21:33] <+FrancineTheFemin> SOMEONE SWITCH OUT\
[21:33] <+LenaOxton> SOMEONE SWITHC OUT
[21:33] <@jeffprObst> THIRD HINT: H
[21:34] <@jeffprObst> F C H
[21:34] <@jeffprObst> I NEED THE OTHER SEVEN LETTERS.
[21:34] <+AdoreDelano> CONF: Even if that was a total flop on my behalf. I'm still fucking cool.
[21:34] <+LenaOxton> FCHJAEDIGB
[21:34] <+Martha||> Thank you. THANK. YOU.
[21:34] <+StaceyPowell> Go brady!
[21:34] <@jeffprObst> LENA IS CORRECT.
[21:34] <+LenaOxton> FCHJAEDIGB
[21:34] <+Martha||> Jeff, we WON.
[21:34] <+LenaOxton> !!!!
[21:34] <@jeffprObst> XBALANQUE WINS IMMUNITY!!!!
[21:34] <+Heather_> UGH!
[21:34] <+aubrybracco> :(
[21:34] <+FrancineTheFemin> WOO!
[21:34] <Squilliam2> Yes! GOOD JOB!
[21:34] <+Heather_> Thanks a LOT, Adore.
[21:34] <+Heather_> : /
[21:34] <Squilliam2> What do we win??
[21:34] <+Martha||> For the record, I solved it. NOT Lena.
[21:34] <+FrancineTheFemin> WOMEN POWER
[21:34] <+BradyKelly> ...
[21:34] <+BradyKelly> Aw
[21:34] <Squilliam2> FOOD? I'm hungry.
[21:34] <@jeffprObst> * gives to Xbalanque*
[21:34] * FrancineTheFemin high fives Lena
[21:34] <+HillaryClinton> wo adore.
[21:34] <+dickbutt> yay we did it
[21:34] * BradyKelly drops armfuls of sand
[21:34] <+AdoreDelano> FUCK oh my god.
[21:34] <@jeffprObst> Great job guys.
[21:34] <+LenaOxton> Good job, Martha :)
[21:34] <+dickbutt> lets celebrate by dancin
[21:34] <+AdoreDelano> Shit's getting real.
[21:34] <@jeffprObst> Ixchel - I'll see you guys back at Tribal Council.
[21:34] <+BradyKelly> I'm sorry, guys...
[21:34] <+StaceyPowell> Ugh man.
[21:35] * BradyKelly gets a call
[21:35] * BradyKelly answers
[21:35] <@jeffprObst> ~~
[21:35] <+AdoreDelano> (laughs)
[21:35] <Squilliam2> A better SHELTER? Don't think so! My shelter is the BEST:Squilliam's_House.PNG
[21:35] <+BradyKelly> JOSS I'M NOT EVEN SOBBING YET
[21:35] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys.
[21:35] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down and take a seat.
[21:35] <@jeffprObst> A second straight loss ...
[21:35] * BradyKelly hangs up
[21:35] * BradyKelly sighs
[21:35] <+Martha||> (CONF): Where is MY high five? I'm the one that solved it! Ugh. *shakes head* Women.
[21:35] <+StaceyPowell> Damn straigh Jeff.
[21:35] <+BradyKelly> Straight!
[21:35] <@jeffprObst> Aubry, why didn't you choose to swap out for the puzzle?
[21:35] <+BradyKelly> Just like me
[21:35] <+BradyKelly> ^_^
[21:35] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): Losing twice in a row really hasn’t been easy for me. I’ve been having a bit of a hard time. I might be going home tonight but I’m not going to go home without giving this one everything I have.
[21:35] <@jeffprObst> Adore, do you feel like you dropped the ball today in the second half?
[21:35] <+BradyKelly> (CONF): he-he...
[21:35] <@jeffprObst> ALL - How can you bounce back from this?
[21:35] <+aubrybracco> Jeff, you know, I thought I could do it, but that puzzle intimidated me, and I wasn't sure if I could catch up to Lena's lead.
[21:35] <@jeffprObst> Heather - You guys had a 3 way tie last night. Will tonight be crazier?
[21:36] * BradyKelly raises hand
[21:36] <+BradyKelly> That was only because of a mis-vote... I think...
[21:36] <+Heather_> Tonight will be perfectly normal. The person who should go home WILL go home.
[21:36] <+HillaryClinton> IT'S OKAY, TRIBE.
[21:36] <@jeffprObst> Stacey - with no idols to hide behind tonight, do you think tonight's vote will be much more united?
[21:36] <@jeffprObst><--- PARCHMENT. SEND ME VOTES ASAP.
[21:36] <+AdoreDelano> TO PUT IT LIGHTLY -- YES!!!
[21:37] <+StaceyPowell> Damn... I'm not so sure JEff.
[21:37] <+StaceyPowell> You never know in this game.
[21:37] <+BradyKelly> Jeff, can I get a question?
[21:37] <+BradyKelly> I like being... questioned
[21:37] <@jeffprObst> 1 / 6 votes.
[21:37] <+HillaryClinton> Jeff.
[21:37] <+AdoreDelano> And it's clearer than day that I'm the one packing my bags and going straight home tonight.
[21:37] <+BradyKelly> I mean, I had a TV interview once
[21:37] <+HillaryClinton> Are you really not going to ask the Democratic Presidential Candidate a QUESTION?
[21:37] <@jeffprObst> Brady - you chose to swap out during the puzzle. What was the incentive? Were you nervous you would be targeted instead?
[21:37] <+AdoreDelano> Nobody is even playing that Barney & Friends shit with me.
[21:37] <+AdoreDelano> GOOD.
[21:37] <+BradyKelly> .
[21:37] * BradyKelly remembers that one time...
[21:37] <+BradyKelly>
[21:37] <+AdoreDelano> They're keeping it 100. And in a way that's respectable.
[21:37] <+HillaryClinton> Excuse me.
[21:37] <+HillaryClinton> Jeff?
[21:38] <+HillaryClinton> Who do you we vote to?
[21:38] <+AdoreDelano> Till death do us PARTY!!!!
[21:38] <@jeffprObst> what
[21:38] <+BradyKelly> I wanted to help! I'm a team player in my daily life and when I'm with my not-husband, so I wanted to try and improve our situation
[21:38] <+BradyKelly> But I failed
[21:38] <+HillaryClinton> Who do we send our votes to?
[21:38] <+HillaryClinton> THIS IS AN IMPORTANT PRIMARY.
[21:38] <+HillaryClinton> THAT I MUST WIN.
[21:38] <@jeffprObst> Send your votes to me.
[21:38] == a_watcher [59d62b0e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[21:39] <@jeffprObst> Only two votes so far, from Brady and Aubry.
[21:39] <@jeffprObst> I need a vote from Heather, Adore, Stacey and Hillary.
[21:40] <+HillaryClinton> Jeff.
[21:40] <+HillaryClinton> I am running a campaign here.
[21:40] <+AdoreDelano> Even if I am sent packing tonight, you * have * to admit that I Look Fuckin' Cool (feat. Alaska Thunderfuck).
[21:40] * BradyKelly looks around
[21:40] <+HillaryClinton> I cannot be rushed.
[21:40] <+FrancineTheFemin> YOU TELL HIM, HILLARY!
[21:40] <+FrancineTheFemin> #IMFORHER
[21:40] <+FrancineTheFemin> #FIGHTINGFORUS
[21:40] <+LenaOxton> Guys!
[21:40] <+LenaOxton> Just be nice :(
[21:40] <+HillaryClinton> I WILL NOT BACK DOWN FROM A FIGHT
[21:41] <+LenaOxton> They are already down in the dumps from losing, you don't have to kick sand into their wounds!
[21:41] <@jeffprObst> Received a vote from Hillary
[21:41] <+LenaOxton> Be a hero! Not a villian!
[21:41] * Squilliam2 relaxes by the beach on a towel made from endangered bird feathers
[21:41] <+AdoreDelano> Check out my CHIC new clothing!!! Ya!!!!
[21:41] <@jeffprObst> I need a vote from Adore, Heather and Stacey
[21:41] <+BradyKelly> Yeah! Heroes!
[21:41] <+BradyKelly> We shall overcome!
[21:41] <@jeffprObst> Please vote soon.
[21:41] <+AdoreDelano> Fashion inspiration serving LOOKS.
[21:41] <+BradyKelly> Too intense?
[21:41] <RochelleROCK> OH GOD
[21:42] <+AdoreDelano> You can look bitches but you cant touch x o
[21:42] <+LenaOxton> Rochelle! I'm sure it was all a misunderstanding!
[21:42] <+LenaOxton> Sometimes I eat all the Digestives and I just think that there were a whole lot left!
[21:42] <+LenaOxton> Just like with the crisps!
[21:42] <RochelleROCK> Oh, wait.
[21:42] <RochelleROCK> It's here.
[21:43] <RochelleROCK> Sorry. *cof*
[21:43] <+BradyKelly> ....
[21:43] <+LenaOxton> See, love! Now, just calm down. <3
[21:43] * BradyKelly coughs
[21:43] <+FrancineTheFemin> GUYS GUY
[21:43] <@jeffprObst> Stacey and Heather please vote
[21:43] <+FrancineTheFemin> LETS EMBRACE, NOT FIGHT.
[21:43] <+AdoreDelano> To the cool cats out there who kept me in... I Adore U. You other bitches can GET LOST!!!!
[21:43] <+BradyKelly> Ixchel, Congress doesn't take this long
[21:43] <+BradyKelly> :(
[21:43] <+BradyKelly> well, they do, actually
[21:43] <@jeffprObst> Stacey, need your vote.
[21:43] <+BradyKelly> Gay marriage and all
[21:43] <+BradyKelly> not like I care...
[21:44] <+AdoreDelano> I'm a double Libra / double Scorpio....
[21:44] <+RedmondOvivor> CAST MEMBER: Heather
[21:44] <+BradyKelly> I keep forgetting Stacey is on our team!
[21:44] <+RedmondOvivor> #Ovivor9
[21:44] * BradyKelly turns to Stacey
[21:44] <+StaceyPowell> 1 sec
[21:44] <+HillaryClinton> Gay marriage has been legalized, which was a MAJOR victory FOR the LGBT communtiy
[21:44] <+BradyKelly> Hey! ^_^
[21:44] <+HillaryClinton> AND AMERICANS AS A WHOLE.
[21:44] <@jeffprObst> Stacey, I need a vote or it's a self vote.
[21:44] <+AdoreDelano>
[21:44] <@jeffprObst> Okay...
[21:44] * aubrybracco is looking stonefaced at tribal
[21:44] <+RedmondOvivor> #ICYMI Meet Lena "Tracer" Oxton
[21:44] <@jeffprObst> Once the votes are read the decision is final.
[21:44] <+AdoreDelano> Party!
[21:44] <@jeffprObst> Person voted out will be asked to leave the Tribal Council area immediately.
[21:44] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[21:44] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:44] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:44] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:45] <@jeffprObst>
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> Hillary
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:45] <@jeffprObst>
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> Adore.
[21:45] <+AdoreDelano> Keep me IN. I'm a fucking LIBRA.
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> Third vote...
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:45] <+Martha||> Please be Shillary.
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:45] <+AdoreDelano> WOW !!!
[21:45] <@jeffprObst>
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> Adore.
[21:45] <+AdoreDelano> BYEEEEEEEE
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Adore, 1 vote Hillary
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:45] <+BradyKelly> Everyone reusing their old parchments
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> Hillary. (no parchment)
[21:45] <+aubrybracco> Trees are DYING, Brady. :(
[21:45] <+BradyKelly> Thankfully, parchments are not like condoms after gay sex
[21:45] <+HillaryClinton> WHAT?
[21:45] <+AdoreDelano> THIS SHIT IS GETTING REAL!!!!
[21:45] <+BradyKelly> you should never reuse condoms
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Hillary, 2 votes Adore.
[21:45] <+BradyKelly> after any sex*
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes left.
[21:46] <+Martha||> ... @ Brady
[21:46] <@jeffprObst> 5th vote ...
[21:46] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:46] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:46] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:46] <@jeffprObst>
[21:46] <@jeffprObst> Adore.
[21:46] <+RedmondOvivor> More info on game elements coming later. #Ovivor9
[21:46] <+BradyKelly> I for one am a missionary position man, with a woman, in bed, with me, monogamously
[21:46] <@jeffprObst> 3 votes Adore, 2 votes Hillary, 1 vote left.
[21:46] <+Martha||> (CONF): Brady must like fire. He'll grow to like it, at least.
[21:46] <@jeffprObst> .... Second person voted out of Ovivor: Honduras
[21:46] <@jeffprObst> Adore.
[21:46] * BradyKelly turns his head
[21:46] <+BradyKelly> Fire?
[21:46] <+HillaryClinton> A VICTORY FOR ALL AMERICANS.
[21:46] <+AdoreDelano> I'd be a nervous wreck biting my nails right now but it took me FOREVER to achieve this chic nail job!!!
[21:46] <@jeffprObst> Adore, you need to bring me your torch.
[21:46] <@jeffprObst> Adore.
[21:46] <@jeffprObst> The tribe has spoken.
[21:46] <+BradyKelly> Bye Adora!
[21:46] * jeffprObst snuffs torch
[21:46] <+StaceyPowell> See you gurl.
[21:46] <@jeffprObst> Time for you to go.
[21:46] * HillaryClinton washes pantsuit
[21:46] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #OvivorHonduras to: XBALANQUE: Redmond, Squilliam, Francine, Rochelle, Dickbutt, Lena, Martha | IXCHEL: Aubry, Heather, Brady, Stacey, Hillary
[21:46] <+AdoreDelano> Bye motherfuckers!!!!
[21:46] <+BradyKelly> I'm sorry we couldn't get to know each other more
[21:47] <+aubrybracco> Bye, Adore. :(
[21:47] <+AdoreDelano> The life of the party.
[21:47] <RochelleROCK> Go by the street girl.
[21:47] <+BradyKelly> Patriarchy?
[21:47] <+AdoreDelano> Has LEFT the building.
[21:47] <+BradyKelly> Actually, our tribe is all women
[21:47] <+Heather_> Don't let the door hit you! :)
[21:47] <+BradyKelly> except me
[21:47] <+BradyKelly> We all like dudes
[21:47] <+AdoreDelano> Or island in this case!!! Either way, peace out!!!! :*
[21:47] <+BradyKelly> except me
[21:47] * aubrybracco makes crayon art of a manatee
[21:48] <@jeffprObst> Challenge momentarily. Give me a second to record.
[21:48] <RochelleROCK> I AM IN THE BEST TRIBE
[21:49] <+HillaryClinton> (CONF): Honestly, I'm not surprised I received vote. I'm used to seeing my name on a ballot. ;)

[21:50] <+Martha||> Are you? Are you really?
[21:50] * BradyKelly loiters talking on his phone
[21:51] == dickbutt [4354fa56@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[21:51] <+BradyKelly> Listen Joss I'm not going to do anything stupid. I have them all convinced. Trust me on this.
[21:51] <@jeffprObst> Don't forget to send confessionals
[21:51] <+RedmondOvivor> Ovivor: Honduras Twist
[21:51] <+BradyKelly> You think I'm not cut out for being secretive? Well, I'm in an alliance and none of them expect it!
[21:51] <+RedmondOvivor> #ICYMI: Meet Heather
[21:51] <+RedmondOvivor> #Ovivor9
[21:51] <+BradyKelly> If the closest people to me don't know, I guarantee you nobody else does.
[21:52] <+LenaOxton> (by send do you mean pm)
[21:52] <@jeffprObst> (my laptop is at 2% give me one moment)
[21:52] <+FrancineTheFemin> ("your" laptop = Your brother's)
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> (rude)
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your third immunity challenge?
[21:53] <+Heather_> No.
[21:53] <+FrancineTheFemin> Yes!
[21:53] <+Heather_> Can't we just rest?
[21:53] <+RedmondOvivor> I love challenges! :)
[21:53] <+aubrybracco> I'm ready!
[21:53] <+StaceyPowell> I wanna WIN Jeff.
[21:53] <Squilliam2> Yes sir! I'm ready to win it with all the FANCY in my veins!
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> In front of you are 21 Honduran flags. Each tribe will alternate turns, where they can remove 1, 2 or 3 flags from the challenge arena. Your objective is to be the tribe that removes the very last flag. You want to strategize and work backwards for this. The first tribe that grabs the last flag will win immunity.
[21:53] <+RedmondOvivor> Mostly because we always win but they are always a welcome change of events.
[21:53] * HillaryClinton walks in wearing white pantsuti
[21:53] <+HillaryClinton> I'm ready
[21:54] <+FrancineTheFemin> HILLARY
[21:54] <+Martha||> In this game, when it's normally played, don't you not want to be the one to pull it last?
[21:54] <+FrancineTheFemin> IT'S PAST LABOR DAY
[21:54] <+FrancineTheFemin> YOU CAN'T WEAR THAT!
[21:54] <+HillaryClinton> ...
[21:54] <+HillaryClinton> Francine
[21:54] <+HillaryClinton> It's the middle of June.
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> Simple enough?
[21:54] == Dickbutt [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[21:54] <+HillaryClinton> I'm on the campaign trail
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> – Initial challenge arena
[21:54] <+FrancineTheFemin> IT'S STILL PAST LABOR DAY.
[21:54] <+HillaryClinton> I'm making a 21-day stop in Honduras
[21:54] <+FrancineTheFemin> I'M TRYING TO HELP YOU.
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> Remember. You are simply removing ONE, TWO or THREE flags from the arena.
[21:54] * HillaryClinton strips down to bikini
[21:54] <+HillaryClinton> Is this better?
[21:54] <+aubrybracco> That flag... it's honestly really pretty.
[21:54] <+HillaryClinton> It's red white and blue.
[21:54] <+FrancineTheFemin> YAS HILLARY QUEEN.
[21:54] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v Dickbutt] by cOnfessional
[21:54] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v Squilliam2] by cOnfessional
[21:54] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v RochelleROCK] by cOnfessional
[21:54] * FrancineTheFemin bows to Hillary
[21:54] <+StaceyPowell> Let's do this y'all
[21:55] <+aubrybracco> Maybe it's just because all I've seen for the past few days is faded yellow fabric, but... I just appreciate that kind of art so much.
[21:55] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [-v AdoreDelano] by cOnfessional
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> We are starting with Xbalanque.
[21:55] <+BradyKelly> What country's flag is that again?
[21:55] <+Heather_> Sorry Xbalosers, but we are WINNING this one!
[21:55] <+FrancineTheFemin> 1 flag.
[21:55] <+FrancineTheFemin> @Jeff
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> Redmond is first in the topic, so he goes first
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> Redmond, are you removing 1, 2 or 3 flags?
[21:55] <+FrancineTheFemin> Oh, sorry!
[21:55] <+aubrybracco> I concur to what Heather said. Obviously in a less... uh, confrontational way, but still.
[21:56] <+BradyKelly> Let's not be mean to the other team
[21:56] <@jeffprObst> Redmond, need a decision.
[21:56] <+BradyKelly> Maybe they have to win for a good reason
[21:56] <+BradyKelly> X-blank, why do you win?
[21:56] <+BradyKelly> What hurt you? :(
[21:56] <+LenaOxton> We just
[21:56] <+LenaOxton> try our hardest!
[21:56] <+LenaOxton> Or, should I say..
[21:56] <+LenaOxton> our heartest!
[21:56] <@jeffprObst> RedmondOvivor
[21:56] <+BradyKelly> Oh, me too! Haha
[21:56] <+BradyKelly> in challenges
[21:56] <@jeffprObst> Are you removing 1, 2 or 3 flags?
[21:56] <+BradyKelly> not when I'm with men in bed
[21:56] <+aubrybracco> I bet he's spoiling the next season.
[21:56] <+RedmondOvivor> Inside Ovivor can reveal that I will be removing 3 flags.
[21:56] <+BradyKelly> Not that that's ever happened
[21:57] <+FrancineTheFemin> That wasn't the PLAN, REDMOND!
[21:57] <+FrancineTheFemin> Ugh, stupid men.
[21:57] <+LenaOxton> Francine.
[21:57] <+LenaOxton> Calm down.
[21:57] <+LenaOxton> I'm sure, Redmond, has a good reason why he did that!
[21:57] <@jeffprObst> (dickbutt has quit, by the way)
[21:57] <+LenaOxton> Trust <3
[21:57] <@jeffprObst> (meaning your swapped tribes are now:)
[21:57] <+aubrybracco> ...O... oh.
[21:57] <+FrancineTheFemin> (Who was dickbutt)
[21:57] <+FrancineTheFemin> (Was it Matt)
[21:57] <@jeffprObst> SWAPPED XBALANQUE: Lena, Francine, Hillary, Aubry, Squilliam, Redmond ||| SWAPPED IXCHEL: Brady, Rochelle, Stacey, Martha, heather
[21:57] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[21:57] <@jeffprObst> Let's move on
[21:57] <+RochelleROCK> OH I DON'T NEED MY HUSBAND
[21:57] <+aubrybracco> Dickbutt? I feel sorry for the man. I bet his parents were dopes. With a name like Dickbutt, how can you get ahead in the world?
[21:57] <+RochelleROCK> HE HAS TWO JOBS
[21:57] <+Martha||> (CONF): *smiling* What a shame. Poor dickbutt.
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> This is the last round before the swap.
[21:58] <+RochelleROCK> Wait.
[21:58] <+BradyKelly> Dickbutt? I'm turned on
[21:58] <+Heather_> Oh darn.
[21:58] <+BradyKelly> not* turned on
[21:58] <+RochelleROCK> What the hell am I doing?
[21:58] <+Heather_> Not Dickbutt.
[21:58] <+HillaryClinton> EXCELLENT!!
[21:58] <+Heather_> so sad.
[21:58] <+Heather_> : /
[21:58] <@jeffprObst>
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> Aubry, you're next.
[21:58] <+RedmondOvivor> According to my sources, the pre-swap quitter may have had a family emergency or some other type of crisis that resulted in them oulling themselves from the game.
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> Are you removing 1 2 or 3 flags?
[21:58] <+Martha||> Did dickbutt have the idol?
[21:58] <+aubrybracco> Hmm...
[21:58] * BradyKelly daydreams about
[21:58] <+aubrybracco> Jeff, I'm gonna remove 2.
[21:58] == AdoreDelano [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 46.0.1/20160502172042]]
[21:59] <+Martha||> Brady, can you stop posting porn? It's gross.
[21:59] <+HillaryClinton> Good choice, Aubry!
[21:59] <+HillaryClinton> #ImWithHer
[21:59] * BradyKelly snaps out of it
[21:59] <+BradyKelly> Porn?
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> Okay
[21:59] <+BradyKelly> I never said anything about porn
[21:59] <+aubrybracco> Thanks, Hillary!
[21:59] <@jeffprObst>
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Squilliam.
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> 1 2 or 3 flags?
[21:59] <+BradyKelly> but if I had, rest assured, it'd be straight porn, haha
[21:59] <+BradyKelly> or... gay porn?
[21:59] <+Squilliam2> Hmmm....
[21:59] <+BradyKelly> Do straight guys watch lesbian porn?
[21:59] <+Squilliam2> 1 flag seems fancy.
[21:59] <+FrancineTheFemin> Squilliam stick to the plan!
[21:59] <+aubrybracco> Brady... lately you've been acting kind of questionable. What's up?
[22:00] <+BradyKelly> I mean, I know what /I/ watch
[22:00] <+Squilliam2> The others.....EUGH....the others are too many.
[22:00] <+BradyKelly> but what about... the general populace
[22:00] <+aubrybracco> Brady, can we do some art therapy? Like right now?
[22:00] <+BradyKelly> Nothing, never been better! ha-ha! @ Aubry
[22:00] * aubrybracco takes out crayons
[22:00] <+aubrybracco> I promise, this soothes the soul.
[22:00] <@jeffprObst>
[22:00] * aubrybracco touches Brady's shoulder
[22:00] <+BradyKelly> Maybe after the challenge!
[22:00] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Heather.
[22:00] <@jeffprObst> 1 2 or 3 flags?
[22:00] <+Heather_> Hmm.
[22:00] <+Heather_> Hmmm.
[22:00] <+Heather_> Hmmm.
[22:01] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): Brady is obviously a Cancer moon sign. They're known for being emotional.
[22:01] <+HillaryClinton> Any kind of pornography is each citizen's right.
[22:01] <+BradyKelly> (CONF): *wiping away thousands of tears*
[22:01] <+StaceyPowell>
[22:01] <+HillaryClinton> They do what they choose.
[22:01] <+FrancineTheFemin> Hillary!
[22:01] <+Heather_> I'm taking THREE.
[22:01] <+HillaryClinton> I SUPPORT THEM ALL. <3
[22:01] <+Heather_> Power moves only.
[22:01] <+Martha||> Shut up, Shillary.
[22:01] <+FrancineTheFemin> Are you some sort of...
[22:01] <+StaceyPowell> @this deliberation
[22:01] <+FrancineTheFemin> LIBERTARIAN?
[22:01] <+HillaryClinton> I'M WITH YOU.
[22:01] * FrancineTheFemin gasps
[22:01] <+HillaryClinton> Is something wrong, Martha?
[22:02] <+Martha||> You.
[22:02] <+Martha||> But otherwise, no.
[22:02] <+Martha||> *smiles*
[22:02] <@jeffprObst> Heather removes 3 flags
[22:02] <+HillaryClinton> I'm sorry you feel that way.
[22:02] <+Martha||> Are you? Are you really?
[22:02] <@jeffprObst>
[22:02] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Francine.
[22:02] <@jeffprObst> 1 2 or 3 flags?
[22:03] <+Martha||> Didn't work, Jeff. Try again.
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> **
[22:03] <+aubrybracco> Good job Heather! Power moves are nice and impressive.
[22:03] <+FrancineTheFemin> I'll take off 2, jeff.
[22:03] <+RedmondOvivor> CAST MEMBER: Hillary Clinton #Ovivor9
[22:03] <+RedmondOvivor> #ICYMI Ovivor: Honduras Twist
[22:03] <@jeffprObst>
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Brady
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> 1 2 or 3 flags?
[22:04] <+LenaOxton> Good job loves!
[22:04] <+LenaOxton> I'm glad we're all trying as hard as we can <3
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> ** links aren't working not sure why
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> There are 10 flags left.
[22:04] <+BradyKelly> I'm gonna piiiiiick
[22:04] <+BradyKelly> 3 because it's as straight as me
[22:04] <+aubrybracco> Brady, don't make too emotional of a decision...
[22:04] <+Martha||> Why have I not gotten to choose yet?
[22:04] <+BradyKelly> wait um
[22:04] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): I knew Brady would be emotional. I'm emotional too. Brady is... such a kindred spirit. :')
[22:04] <+BradyKelly> ha-ha
[22:04] <+BradyKelly> (I picked 3)
[22:04] <+HillaryClinton> A vote for Hillary means that you will ALWAYS have a choice, Martha.
[22:05] <@jeffprObst> The entire second row is out.
[22:05] <@jeffprObst> Next up, Rochelle.
[22:05] <@jeffprObst> 1 2 or 3 flags?
[22:05] <+StaceyPowell> Come on tribe.
[22:05] <+Heather_> Brady....
[22:05] <+Martha||> How many are left?
[22:05] <+RochelleROCK> Give me a second, STOP PUSHING ME.
[22:05] <+RochelleROCK> I HAVE TO THINK.
[22:05] <+RochelleROCK> OKAY OKAY I CAN DO THIS.
[22:05] <+Martha||> Rochelle, wait.
[22:05] <+HillaryClinton> Rochelle, choose 2.
[22:05] <+RochelleROCK> HMMM I THINK WE SHOULD TAKE........
[22:05] <+Martha||> Jeff, how many are left?
[22:05] <+HillaryClinton> #ImWithYou
[22:06] <+Martha||> Jeff, answer my question.
[22:06] <@jeffprObst> 7 left.
[22:06] <+Martha||> God wouldn't ignore me like this.
[22:06] <+Martha||> Rochelle, pick 3.
[22:06] <+Martha||> They have 4. If they choose 1, we win. If they choose 2, we win. If they choose 3, we win.
[22:06] <@jeffprObst> Rochelle, I need a decision.
[22:06] <+Heather_> Rochelle, don't listen to her.
[22:06] <+Heather_> She's wrong!
[22:06] <+HillaryClinton> Rochelle, choosing 2 is clearly the best route.
[22:06] <+Squilliam2> ROCHELLE, pick three!
[22:06] <+Heather_> Listen to Hillary.
[22:06] <+FrancineTheFemin> PICK THREE!
[22:06] <+Heather_> She's going to be PRESIDENT.
[22:06] <+aubrybracco> I agree with Hillary.
[22:06] <+HillaryClinton> I HAVE NEVER LIED.
[22:07] <+Squilliam2> I'm on your team. Listen to me!
[22:07] <+Martha||> Rochelle, I swear.
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> Rochelle I need a decision.
[22:07] <+Squilliam2> I'm the FANCIEST person out here!
[22:07] <+aubrybracco> Her emotional intelligence is off the charts.
[22:07] <+RochelleROCK> JEFF
[22:07] <+RochelleROCK> I DECIDED... THREE.
[22:07] <+Martha||> Thank you.
[22:07] <+BradyKelly> I...
[22:07] <+Squilliam2> Thanks!
[22:07] * aubrybracco gasps
[22:07] <+BradyKelly> I screwed the challenge up
[22:07] <+BradyKelly> because of me...
[22:07] <+BradyKelly> We're going to Tribal
[22:07] <+Martha||> (CONF): Really, how hard is it to listen? I'm always right and they just won't listen to me. Honestly!
[22:07] * BradyKelly 's phone rings
[22:07] <+BradyKelly> GOD DAMNITT JOSS
[22:07] <+StaceyPowell> Well damn...
[22:07] * BradyKelly refuses to answer
[22:07] <+Heather_> You can announce they won immunity now.
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> Four flags are left.
[22:07] <+Heather_> We get it.
[22:08] <+aubrybracco> Yeah, there's no point anymore, Jeff. :(
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Stacey
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> It's a ~ formality ~
[22:08] <+StaceyPowell> Whatever.
[22:08] <+HillaryClinton> Never say never, ladies and gentleman.
[22:08] <+StaceyPowell> 1.
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> Stacey - 1 2 or 3 flags?
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> 3 flags are left.
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> Lena - I need a decision.
[22:08] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #OvivorHonduras to: XBALANQUE: Redmond, Squilliam, Francine, Rochelle, Lena, Martha | IXCHEL: Aubry, Heather, Brady, Stacey, Hillary
[22:08] <+LenaOxton> What?
[22:08] <+Martha||> Lena, pick three.
[22:08] <+FrancineTheFemin> THREE LENA THREE
[22:08] <+LenaOxton> I pick...
[22:08] * LenaOxton puts out hand with three fingers!
[22:08] <+StaceyPowell> No Lena! Two!
[22:08] <+LenaOxton> Three!
[22:08] <+Martha||> Thank God.
[22:08] <+aubrybracco> Oh...
[22:08] * FrancineTheFemin jumps in the air
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> XBALANQUE GRABS THE LAST FLAG.
[22:08] <+FrancineTheFemin> WOMEN POWER!
[22:09] <+StaceyPowell> For the love of...
[22:09] * aubrybracco looks pretty much sadder than she's ever been
[22:09] <+RochelleROCK> WE ROCKKKKKK
[22:09] <@jeffprObst> *hands to Xbalanque *
[22:09] <@jeffprObst> Ixchel. I'll see you guys at Tribal Council again.
[22:09] * BradyKelly sighs
[22:10] <@jeffprObst> Alright.
[22:10] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys.
[22:10] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down and take a seat.
[22:10] <+RedmondOvivor> Ovivor: Redmond Swapped Tribes
[22:10] <+RedmondOvivor> #Ovivor9
[22:10] <@jeffprObst> A third straight loss.
[22:10] <+HillaryClinton> Jeff.
[22:10] <@jeffprObst> Aubry, do you think you have any shot at the swap?
[22:10] <+HillaryClinton> Don't worry.
[22:10] <+RedmondOvivor> CORRECTION: Ovivor: Honduras Swapped Tribes
[22:10] <+HillaryClinton> I've lost SEVEN states in a row before.
[22:10] <+HillaryClinton> we can DO THIS.
[22:10] <+RedmondOvivor> #ICYMI: Meet Hillary Clinton #Ovivor9
[22:11] <@jeffprObst> Heather, do you think that there's a chance for a rebound due to dickbutt's quit?
[22:11] <@jeffprObst> Stacey, who's on the bottom of this tribe?
[22:11] <+RedmondOvivor> This cast is shaping up to be a very diverse and colorful one. #Ovivor9
[22:11] <+Heather_> No.
[22:11] <@jeffprObst> Brady, is the twist affecting any relationships?
[22:11] <+Heather_> Dickbutt being gone doesn't mean anything if we KEEP LOSING.
[22:11] <+aubrybracco> I really hope so, Jeff. I've been in a pretty huge pit since... well, since day 1, but I'm not ready to give up just yet.
[22:11] <+RedmondOvivor> If any former Ovivor castaways wish to weigh in on the new cast, DM me. I'll post some analyses as the season draws closer
[22:12] <@jeffprObst> Keep in mind the swapped tribes ... SWAPPED XBALANQUE: Lena, Francine, Hillary, Aubry, Squilliam, Redmond ||| SWAPPED IXCHEL: Brady, Rochelle, Stacey, Martha, Heather
[22:12] <+BradyKelly> Jeff, I don't even remember the swapped tribes at this point
[22:12] <@jeffprObst> I just posted them
[22:12] <+RedmondOvivor> Ovivor: Honduras Swapped Tribes
[22:12] <+BradyKelly> it's not really... effecting anything
[22:12] == a_watcher [59d62b0e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:12] <+BradyKelly> But am I going to take any time to remember them?
[22:12] <+BradyKelly> No
[22:12] <@jeffprObst> No votes so far
[22:12] <+BradyKelly> Probably not
[22:12] <+BradyKelly> :(
[22:12] <@jeffprObst> for reference
[22:13] <+aubrybracco> Jeff, this is tough. People are revealing their loyalties, and it's eye-opening but scary.
[22:13] <+StaceyPowell> *shakes head*
[22:14] <+StaceyPowell> This is brutal, man.
[22:14] <@jeffprObst> Still no votes.
[22:14] <@jeffprObst> *
[22:14] == Dickbutt [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:14] == SIA_ [b19e420d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[22:14] <SIA_> Hi!

[22:14] <SIA_> I'm here to give Squilliam 50,000 dollars
[22:14] <+RedmondOvivor> There may be a celebrity guest on the next Ovivor. I'll leave it at that for now#Ovivor9
[22:14] <+Squilliam2> Wow! Thank you so much!
[22:15] <+Squilliam2> You're the FANCIEST artist of this generation, Sia!
[22:15] <+LenaOxton> (conf) I love my teammates, and everyone here! Sure, I'm a little intimidated to switch tribes, but don't understimate little ol' tracer!
[22:15] <+Martha||> Cast your votes, please.
[22:15] <+Martha||> None of you are going to win anyway.
[22:16] == SIA_ was kicked from #OvivorHonduras by jeffprObst [SIA_]
[22:16] <+BradyKelly>
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> Please be silent if you choose to spectate
[22:16] <+BradyKelly> ...
[22:16] <+BradyKelly> Oh
[22:16] <+FrancineTheFemin> (that was bruno you idiot)
[22:16] <+BradyKelly> my bad
[22:16] <+BradyKelly> ignore that
[22:17] <@jeffprObst> Two votes
[22:17] <@jeffprObst> Three votes.
[22:18] <@jeffprObst> I need a vote from Aubry and Stacey
[22:18] * BradyKelly looks at Aubry
[22:18] * BradyKelly calls his manager
[22:18] <+BradyKelly> Hey look, Joss, I...
[22:18] <+BradyKelly> I'M SORRY, I THOUGHT IT WAS OKAY
[22:18] <+BradyKelly> WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S REALITY TV
[22:19] <@jeffprObst> Stacey, I need a vote.
[22:19] <+aubrybracco> I voted.
[22:19] * BradyKelly hangs up and sniffles
[22:19] <+aubrybracco> Brady, what's wrong?
[22:19] <+BradyKelly> The prying tabloid media of our time
[22:19] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): I'm continuously perplexed by Brady. He's a good guy, but... he seems to be a little stressed.
[22:19] <+BradyKelly> :(
[22:19] <@jeffprObst> StaceyPowell
[22:19] <@jeffprObst> Please send me a vote.
[22:20] <+StaceyPowell> *shrugs*
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> Okay, the votes are in.
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:20] <+StaceyPowell> It's game over, Jeff.
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> ..
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> Stacey. (no parchment)
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:20] <@jeffprObst>
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> Brady.
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Stacey, 1 vote Brady.
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:20] <+BradyKelly> Oh no...
[22:20] <+StaceyPowell> Hm.
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:20] <@jeffprObst>
[22:20] <+BradyKelly> I can't let myself go home on a note like this
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> Stacey. 2 votes Stacey, 1 vote brady
[22:21] <@jeffprObst> .... Fourth person voted out of Ovivor: Honduras
[22:21] <@jeffprObst>
[22:21] <+StaceyPowell>
[22:21] <@jeffprObst> Stacey.
[22:21] <@jeffprObst> Stacey, you need to bring me your torch.
[22:21] <+StaceyPowell> See you peeps.
[22:21] <+BradyKelly> Stacey, voting for me wasn't very... nice
[22:21] <@jeffprObst> Stacey.
[22:21] <+HillaryClinton> Best of luck in your ventures, Stacey.
[22:21] <+StaceyPowell> Stay cool.
[22:21] <@jeffprObst> The tribe has spoken.
[22:21] * jeffprObst snuffs torch
[22:21] <+BradyKelly> Bye, neat lady
[22:21] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #OvivorHonduras to: XBALANQUE: Redmond, Squilliam, Francine, Rochelle, Lena, Martha | IXCHEL: Aubry, Heather, Brady, Hillary
[22:21] <+StaceyPowell> Bye y'all!
[22:21] <+aubrybracco> I'm sorry, Stacey. :( You're a genuinely wonderful person.
[22:21] == StaceyPowell has changed nick to watching
=-= StaceyPowell is now known as watching
aubrybracco (CONF): Stacey was a great friend and a very emotionally mature person. I... it was sad to let her go.
BradyKelly (CONF): I think my tribe might know my secret. I think that they THINK I'm gay, so they kept me around over the black woman for diversity. Little do they know, I'm 100% absolutely positively straight.
jeffprObst Come on in, guys!
jeffprObst You've been expecting this.
jeffprObst Drop your buffs.
jeffprObst We are switching tribes.
Squilliam2 throws buff into the ocean
=-= jeffprObst has changed the topic to “ SWAPPED XBALANQUE: Lena, Francine, Hillary, Aubry, Squilliam, Redmond ||| SWAPPED IXCHEL: Brady, Rochelle, Martha, Heather”
Squilliam2 DisGUSTING
Squilliam2 And ENTIRELY unfancy.
Heather_ Sorry Stacey!
LenaOxton (are there new teama chats)
=-= jeffprObst has changed the topic to “XBALANQUE: Lena, Francine, Hillary, Aubry, Squilliam, Redmond ||| IXCHEL: Brady, Rochelle, Martha, Heather”
Heather_ Them's the breaks. : /
RochelleROCK OFF: Gonna pee, one second
aubrybracco Well... here we go.
jeffprObst Yep -- head on over to #NuXbalanque and #NuIxchel before your first challenge
RochelleROCK OFF: I have a husband with two jobs but I still needing to pee so excuse me
-->| BradyBackup (32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #OvivorHonduras
BradyBackup test
BradyBackup test
RochelleROCK .
<--| BradyKelly has left #OvivorHonduras
jeffprObst Your next challenge is soon. In the meantime, get to know your tribe.
RedmondOvivor #ICYMI: New Tribes
jeffprObst (dont send confs, it's lagging)
BradyBackup +v me
=-= BradyBackup is now known as BradyKelly_
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jeffprObst You can send them again
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BradyKelly_ O-oh
BradyKelly_ we swapped

[22:26] == Heather__ [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[22:26] <+Martha||> .... Did you lose all of the confessionals?
[22:26] <@jeffprObst> No
[22:26] <@jeffprObst> I record them when you send it
[22:26] <@jeffprObst> FIRST CHALLENGE SOON.
[22:26] <@jeffprObst> GET TO KNOW YOUR NEW TRIBE
[22:26] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v Heather__] by jeffprObst
[22:27] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [-v watching] by jeffprObst
[22:27] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): Coming to a new tribe is like being reunited with your estranged uncle who you haven't seen for 20 years. It was amazing.
[22:27] <@jeffprObst> Tree mail is being posted in tribe camps
[22:28] <+FrancineTheFemin> (CONF): My new tribe is amazing. Women now are in the MAJORITY for the first time!
[22:28] <+Heather__> What are the tribe chats?
[22:28] <+Heather__> Um, HELLO!
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[22:29] <+Heather__> Am I chopped lver?
[22:29] <+BradyKelly_> what are they again
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> (#NuXbalanque, #NuIxchel)
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your next immunity challenge?
[22:29] <+Heather__> Blegh.
[22:29] <+FrancineTheFemin> Yes!
[22:29] <+aubrybracco> Of course!
[22:29] <+FrancineTheFemin> I am ready to CRUSH MEN'S SOULS
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> Today's challenge is called "Wheel of Fortune."
[22:29] <+FrancineTheFemin> I mean...WIN!
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> A circular cryptogram will be given in which a letter will correspond to a number (A = 4, B = 8, C = 18, etc). Using this substitution cipher, you will decode a group of numbers that spell out a location in Honduras. The first person to post the correctly decoded area will score a point for their tribe, and the first tribe to five points will win immunity.
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> Simple enough?
[22:30] <+RedmondOvivor> CAST MEMBER: Squilliam Fancyson
[22:30] <+Squilliam2> :O!
[22:30] <+Squilliam2> Thanks Redmond! that page is super FANCY!
[22:30] <+Squilliam2> o~o
[22:30] * aubrybracco dances hypnotically
[22:30] <+RedmondOvivor> #Ovivor9
[22:30] <+Heather__> What does that even MEAN!
[22:30] <+Heather__> @Jefff
[22:30] <@jeffprObst> This is your cryptogram.
[22:30] <+Heather__> (CONF) A "circular cryptogram"? I miss when the challenges were just dodgeball!
[22:31] <+RochelleROCK> Back
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> First round is soon.
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> Ovivors ready?
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:31] <+Squilliam2> I sure am, Jeff! This cryptogram is FANCY!
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> 18 . 15 . 6 . 4 . 16 . 4 . 23 . 11 . 4
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> GO!
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> Use the cryptogram to decode this.
[22:31] * BradyKelly_ stares at the cipher
[22:31] <+Squilliam2> COMAYAGUA
[22:31] <+aubrybracco> comayagua
[22:32] <+BradyKelly_> Are these all famous baseball players or something?
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> Squilliam is correct! Xbalanque scores!
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> Next round.
[22:32] <+Heather__> What the HELL.
[22:32] <+LenaOxton> Good job team!
[22:32] <+Heather__> Why are all 7 of them playing
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> 23 . 11 . 4 . 22 . 4 . 24 . 4
[22:32] <+HillaryClinton> WELL DONE, SQUILLIAM!
[22:32] <+RochelleROCK> What the HELL.
[22:32] == watching [5f90723a@gateway/web/cgi-irc/] has quit [Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client]
[22:32] <+Heather__> And 4 of us!
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> (you could have prevented this if you didn't vote out stacey maybe?)
[22:32] <+Squilliam2> GUANAJA
[22:32] <+HillaryClinton> Guatemala
[22:32] <+HillaryClinton> OH MY :]
[22:32] <+HillaryClinton> My foreign affairs is a bit rusty today
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> Squilliam scores!
[22:32] <+Heather__> That's not how SURVIVOR works!
[22:32] <+HillaryClinton> but MY HEART IS STRONG!
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> Xbalanque at 2!
[22:32] <+aubrybracco> Great job, Squilliam!
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> 2, zip.
[22:32] <+Heather__> or TOTAL DRAMA!
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> Next round.
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> 18 . 15 . 1 . 4 . 22
[22:33] <+Squilliam2> This is surprisingly fun! This is super FANCY! O~O
[22:33] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): I... didn't think he would be this good at challenges. Hidden depths, I guess. People do things you don't expect them to do.
[22:33] <+HillaryClinton> COPAN
[22:33] <+Squilliam2> COPAN
[22:33] <+aubrybracco> copan
[22:33] <+FrancineTheFemin> COPAN
[22:33] <+RochelleROCK> Copan
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> Copan is correct! Hillary scores!
[22:33] <+Heather__> Copan!
[22:33] <+HillaryClinton> YES!
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> Xbalanque at THREE! Ixchel not even on the board.
[22:33] <+HillaryClinton> #IMWITHHER
[22:33] <+LenaOxton> Good job team!
[22:33] <+Heather__> Thanks for reminding us!
[22:33] <+aubrybracco> (can we send confessionals again? @prObst)
[22:33] <+Heather__> You're so nice!
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> (yes)
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> Next round ...
[22:33] <+aubrybracco> (kk thx)
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> 2 . 25 . 23 . 11 . 18 . 3 . 23 . 4 . 10 . 1 . 4
[22:33] <+FrancineTheFemin> TEGUCIGALPA
[22:34] <+HillaryClinton> ...
[22:34] <+aubrybracco> uh
[22:34] <+Martha||> Tegucigapla
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> (how the fuck did you get that so fast)
[22:34] <+Heather__> How the HELL.
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> Francine scores!
[22:34] <+HillaryClinton> ...That was amazing, Francine!
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> Xbalanque at FOUR.
[22:34] <+FrancineTheFemin> (I knew that the T was 2)
[22:34] <+aubrybracco> Francine... I'm impressed.
[22:34] <+BradyKelly_> How many do we need again?
[22:34] <+aubrybracco> Wow.
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> Next round, and potentially the last ....
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> You need 5 to win.
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> 4 - 0
[22:34] <+Heather__> Shut UP Jef!
[22:34] <+FrancineTheFemin> (I also knew the capital of Honduras was Tegucigalpa)
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> 18 . 4 . 22 . 23 . 21 . 25 . 24 . 4 . 10
[22:34] <+BradyKelly_> Heather, it's okay
[22:34] <+BradyKelly_> we've taken on lots of Tribals
[22:34] <+LenaOxton> cagauyn
[22:34] <+BradyKelly_> we can do another one!
[22:35] <+RedmondOvivor> CAST MEMBER: Martha
[22:35] <+Squilliam2> CANGREJAL
[22:35] <+RedmondOvivor> #Ovivor9 #OvivorHonduras
[22:35] <+LenaOxton> cangrejal
[22:35] <+HillaryClinton> CANGREJAL
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> CANGREJAL IS CORRECT.
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> SQUILLIAM SCORES,
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> XBALANQUE WINS IMMUNITY!
[22:35] <+LenaOxton> CHEERS LOVE!
[22:35] <+LenaOxton> WE JUST WON!
[22:35] <+LenaOxton> !!
[22:35] <+Squilliam2> We did it! Good job TEAM! O~O
[22:35] <+aubrybracco> :O
[22:35] <+Heather__> U G H.
[22:35] <+aubrybracco> :D
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> Ixchel. Down to just four members, but you WILL be going to Tribal Council tonight.
[22:35] * aubrybracco squeals in excitement
[22:35] <+BradyKelly_> This is a 100% straight bummer
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> Tribal soon.
[22:35] <+BradyKelly_> But we can do it!
[22:35] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): After that horrible ulonging, being able to get a fresh start and win the challenge... It was literally like being brought up to heaven by a chariot pulled by winged horses. It was amazing. I could hear the angelic choir singing to me.
[22:35] <+BradyKelly_> I hope...
[22:36] <+RedmondOvivor> #ICYMI: Meet Lena "Tracer" Oxton #Ovivor9
[22:36] <+RedmondOvivor> #ICYMI: Meet Aubry Bracco #Ovivor9
[22:36] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys...
[22:36] <+RedmondOvivor> #ICYMI: Meet Stacey Powell #Ovivor9
[22:36] <+FrancineTheFemin> (Rude @Not having me yet)
[22:36] <@jeffprObst> Heather and Brady
[22:36] <+RedmondOvivor> #ICYMI: Meet Adore Delano #Ovivor9
[22:36] <@jeffprObst> You can set your torches down.
[22:36] <@jeffprObst> Rochelle, Martha
[22:36] <@jeffprObst> Grab a torch and dip it in the flames
[22:37] <+RedmondOvivor> #ICYMI: Meet Heather #Ovivor9
[22:37] <@jeffprObst> In this game, fire represents your life
[22:37] <@jeffprObst> Once it's gone
[22:37] <@jeffprObst> So are you.
[22:37] <+RedmondOvivor> #ICYMI: Meet Hillary Clinton #Ovivor9
[22:37] <@jeffprObst> ALL - On a four person tribe, there's no where to hide. Are tribal lines evident, since this is a 2-2 clean split?
[22:37] <@jeffprObst> nowhere*
[22:37] <@jeffprObst> SEND ME VOTES AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
[22:37] <@jeffprObst>
[22:37] <@jeffprObst> (in the case of a tie, there will be a re-vote, and then firemaking)
[22:38] <+Martha||> No.
[22:40] <@jeffprObst> 1 / 4 votes.
[22:40] <@jeffprObst> I need a vote from Brady, Rochelle and Heather.
[22:40] <+RedmondOvivor> (Brb)
[22:41] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes.
[22:41] <+Heather__> Give me a SECOND.
[22:41] <+Heather__> GOD.
[22:42] <+Heather__> So impatient.
[22:42] <@jeffprObst> 3 votes received
[22:42] <@jeffprObst> Need a vote from Rochelle
[22:43] <+RochelleROCK> IT'S UNFAIR
[22:43] <+RochelleROCK> LOOK
[22:43] <+RochelleROCK> I'LL DO THIS
[22:43] <+RochelleROCK> I DON'T NEED THIS
[22:43] <@jeffprObst> Rochelle, please vote.
[22:43] <+RedmondOvivor> Ovivor: Honduras Merge Information #Ovivor9
[22:44] <+BradyKelly_> Wait a second...
[22:44] <+BradyKelly_> Martha
[22:44] <+BradyKelly_> she mentioned something
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[22:45] <+BradyKelly_> about me and fire
[22:45] <+BradyKelly_> omg
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol & would like to play it
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> Now would be the time to do so.
[22:45] <+Martha||> What?
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> *no one stands*
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> Once the votes are read the decision is final.
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:45] <@jeffprObst>
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> Martha.
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:45] <+Martha||> Hmph.
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:45] <@jeffprObst>
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> Brady.
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Martha, 1 vote Brady
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:45] <+aubrybracco> :o
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:45] <+BradyKelly_> I mean... why
[22:45] <@jeffprObst>
[22:45] <+BradyKelly_> I didn't do anything
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> Martha.
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Martha, 1 vote Brady.
[22:46] <+Martha||> I do not like pornography. It's gross.
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> ... Fifth person voted out of Ovivor: Honduras
[22:46] <+BradyKelly_> I never posted any!
[22:46] <@jeffprObst>
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> Martha.
[22:46] <+BradyKelly_> A-and pictures of me and my husband
[22:46] * Heather__ flips hair.
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> Martha, you need to bring me your torch.
[22:46] <+Martha||> Rochelle, what the hell?
[22:46] <+BradyKelly_> I mean, who?
[22:46] * jeffprObst snuffs torch
[22:46] <+BradyKelly_> I'm not married
[22:46] <+BradyKelly_> I-I
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> Martha. The tribe has spoken.
[22:46] <+BradyKelly_> pictures of-- men kissing-- is not
[22:46] <+Heather__> I guess that's what you call a blindside.
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> Well. If tonight has proved anything, it's that tribal lines do not matter.
[22:46] * BradyKelly_ lets out a sigh of relief
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> Grab your torches.
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> Head back to camp.
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> G'night.
[22:46] <+BradyKelly_> bye bye Martha
[22:46] <+aubrybracco> Didn't really know Martha.
[22:46] * BradyKelly_ slaps his ass sassily
[22:46] <+BradyKelly_> kiss it
[22:46] <+BradyKelly_> (CONF): totally straight
[22:47] <+Heather__> Sorry Martha, it's a game!
[22:47] <@jeffprObst> Challenge momentarily, let me just pee + record
[22:47] <+BradyKelly_> brb
[22:48] <+RedmondOvivor> (Actually brb now)
[22:48] <+aubrybracco> (same gotta pee)
[22:49] <+BradyKelly_> back
[22:49] <@jeffprObst> Tree mail is being posted in tribe camps
[22:50] <+BradyKelly_> (I look to my left, I look to my right, nothing but vaughn dutch hats in sight...)
[22:50] == dynaisaspec [60ea9345@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[22:51] <+RochelleROCK> I am actually out of my tribe camp.
[22:51] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[22:51] <+RochelleROCK> Can someone send me the channel?
[22:51] <+BradyKelly_> #NuIxchel
[22:51] <@jeffprObst> (#NuIxchel)
[22:51] <+LenaOxton> Welcome back!
[22:51] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[22:51] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your next immunity challenge?
[22:51] <+LenaOxton> Hi Probst!
[22:51] * FrancineTheFemin comes in
[22:51] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #OvivorHonduras to: XBALANQUE: Lena, Francine, Hillary, Aubry, Squilliam, Redmond ||| IXCHEL: Brady, Rochelle, Heather
[22:51] <+LenaOxton> You look very nice today. <3
[22:51] <+FrancineTheFemin> I'm READY!
[22:51] <@jeffprObst> Today's challenge is called "Box Your Mind."
[22:51] * HillaryClinton walks in wearing a Democrat-Blue pantsuit
[22:51] <+aubrybracco> I'm ready@
[22:51] <@jeffprObst> Scattered in the challenge arena are twelve pairs of matching Maya symbols. The symbols relate to the months on the Haab’ Maya calendar system. One at a time, one person from each tribe will uncover two symbols. If it’s a match, they score a point. If the items do not match, they are re-covered and the next tribe takes their turn. The first tribe to earn five points will win immunity.
[22:51] <+aubrybracco> (oops I butchered that)
[22:52] <+FrancineTheFemin> Hillary, isn't democrat blue
[22:52] <+aubrybracco> That's better. I was feeling a little yellow.
[22:52] <@jeffprObst> Sound simple enough?
[22:52] <+FrancineTheFemin> (Literally this was a EBB Challenge smh)
[22:52] <+HillaryClinton> There are various shades.
[22:52] <@jeffprObst>
[22:52] <@jeffprObst> (ovivor all stars did it first bye)
[22:52] <@jeffprObst> This is the board.
[22:52] <@jeffprObst> It is 5x5, with the middle piece being empty.
[22:53] <+LenaOxton> (is redmond alive yet)
[22:53] <+Heather__> Do the colors matter?
[22:53] <@jeffprObst> One more thing
[22:53] <+Heather__> Or are they just ultrat acky decoration?
[22:53] <@jeffprObst> Xbalanque, you guys are sitting out 3 people.
[22:53] <@jeffprObst> Tacky decoration @heather
[22:53] <+FrancineTheFemin> Woah heather.
[22:53] <+FrancineTheFemin> You didn't need to go THAT far.
[22:53] <@jeffprObst> It will be Brady, Rochelle and Heather vs. ___, ___, ___
[22:53] <@jeffprObst> Make your decision now.
[22:53] <+FrancineTheFemin> I elect not to sit out.
[22:53] <+HillaryClinton> well.
[22:53] <+LenaOxton> I'll sit out, team.
[22:53] <+Squilliam2> I want to play.
[22:53] <+FrancineTheFemin> So I will play.
[22:53] <+HillaryClinton> I'll sit out as well.
[22:53] <+aubrybracco> Hmm...
[22:53] <+HillaryClinton> since I'm a #TEAMPLAYER!
[22:54] <+FrancineTheFemin> Squilliam, Me, and ?
[22:54] <+aubrybracco> I suppose I'll be the third to play.
[22:54] <+Squilliam2> play with us, Aubry! It's going to be FANCY!
[22:54] <+Squilliam2> o~o
[22:54] <+aubrybracco> Puzzles are a brain thing, right? Yeah, I think I'm up for this.
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> Squilliam, Francine, Aubry vs. Brady, Rochelle, Heather
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> This is also the order.
[22:54] <+LenaOxton> Aubry!
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> One more thing
[22:54] <+LenaOxton> LISTEN.
[22:54] <+LenaOxton> You've got this! :)
[22:54] * BradyKelly_ waves to Aubry
[22:54] <@jeffprObst>
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> Use this for reference
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> Those are the Maya calendar months
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> However
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> For the sake of time
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> We will only use the first 12
[22:54] <+LenaOxton> Squilliam!
[22:54] <+LenaOxton> Show them how FANCY you are!
[22:54] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): Man, Ovivor is a rollercoaster... but I'm ready to get my puzzle on.
[22:54] <+FrancineTheFemin> Yaxswim

[22:54] <+Squilliam2> I sure will, Lena!
[22:55] <+FrancineTheFemin> Pop through Ceh? @Jeff
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> First up is Squilliam
[22:55] <+Squilliam2> 12 and 8.
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> 12 is "pop", the first month
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> 8 is "Xul" the sixth month
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> Not a match.
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> next up is Francine
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> Oops
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Brady *
[22:56] <+BradyKelly_> Ummm
[22:56] <+BradyKelly_> 3 and 12
[22:56] <@jeffprObst> 3 is "chen", the ninth month
[22:56] <@jeffprObst> 12 is "pop" the first month
[22:56] <@jeffprObst> Not a match
[22:56] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Francine
[22:56] <+FrancineTheFemin> 2 and 25.
[22:56] <@jeffprObst> 2 is "zak" the eleventh month
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> 25 is "yax" the tenth month
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> Not a match
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Rochelle
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> Rochelle, pick two numbers
[22:57] <+RochelleROCK> 15 and 20.
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> 15 is "ceh" the twelfth month
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> 20 is "chen" the ninth month
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> Not a match
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Aubry
[22:57] <+Squilliam2> pick 3 and 20!
[22:58] <+Squilliam2> They're both Chen!
[22:58] <+aubrybracco> and 20.
[22:58] <+aubrybracco> oops
[22:58] <+RochelleROCK> Shit.
[22:58] <+aubrybracco> 3 and 20.
[22:58] <+Heather__> No they're not.
[22:58] <+Squilliam2> Those numbers are FANCY!
[22:58] <+Heather__> He's lying.
[22:58] <+Heather__> :/
[22:58] <@jeffprObst> 3 and 20 are both "Chen", the ninth month.
[22:58] <@jeffprObst> Match!
[22:58] <@jeffprObst> Xbalanque scores their first point
[22:58] <+RedmondOvivor> This is a relief!
[22:58] <@jeffprObst> It takes five to win
[22:58] * LenaOxton begins cheering for our team.
[22:58] <+BradyKelly_> how many do we need to win?
[22:58] <+LenaOxton> team, team, you're the best.
[22:58] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Heather
[22:58] <+LenaOxton> we won't go to tribal, because we're the best!
[22:58] <+Heather__> 15 and 17.
[22:58] <+LenaOxton> I believe in you guys!
[22:58] <+Squilliam2> (CONF): Lena always brings brightness to this otherwise bright day!
[22:58] <@jeffprObst> 15 is "ceh" the twelfth month
[22:58] <+Squilliam2> (CONF): Get it? Because everything's bright with ME in it!
[22:58] <@jeffprObst> 17 is "zotz" the fourth month
[22:58] <@jeffprObst> Not a match.
[22:59] <+Heather__> rigged.
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Squilliam
[22:59] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): Lena is a wonderfully positive figure. Having her around camp... it's just uplifting.
[22:59] <+Squilliam2> 17 and 6
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> Squilliam/Francine/Aubry vs Brady/Rochelle/Heather (reposting for myself)
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> 17 is "zotz" the fourth month
[22:59] <+RedmondOvivor> Putting sand on the bathroom floor is not the smartest decision Epic's Big Brother has ever made. But then again, this is Epic's Big Brother. #EBB4
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> 6 is "mol" the eighth month
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> Not a match.
[22:59] <+aubrybracco> These month names all sound like exotic candies you could get in Hogsmeade.
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Brady
[22:59] <+BradyKelly_> 9 and 11!
[22:59] <+aubrybracco> I love it.
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> 9 is "yax" the tenth month
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> 11 is "zec" the fifth month
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> Not a match
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Francine
[23:00] <+FrancineTheFemin> 25 and 9.
[23:00] <+RochelleROCK> Oh, come on.
[23:00] <+aubrybracco> Good job, Fran!
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> 25 is "yax" the tenth month
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> 9 is ... "yax" the tenth month
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> That's a match!
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> Xbalanque scores again!
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> 2-0.
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> Takes five to win
[23:00] * FrancineTheFemin jumps in the air
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Rochelle
[23:00] <+FrancineTheFemin> WOO!
[23:01] <+RochelleROCK> Lemme see
[23:01] <+RochelleROCK> 1 and 2
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> 1 is "uo" the first month
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> 2 is "zak" the eleventh month
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> Not a match
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Aubry
[23:01] <+FrancineTheFemin> Go for whatever, aubry.
[23:01] <+RedmondOvivor> I've never seen the tribal council set this season. Wonder if it's any good. #Ovivor9
[23:01] <+aubrybracco> Hmm...
[23:01] <+aubrybracco> Gonna go 2 and 13.
[23:01] <+BradyKelly_> (no 13)
[23:02] <@jeffprObst> 2 is zak, the second month
[23:02] <+aubrybracco> That was based on pretty much nothing, but here goes, I guess.
[23:02] <@jeffprObst> 13 doesn't exist
[23:02] <@jeffprObst> Pick again, aubry
[23:02] <+aubrybracco> oh
[23:02] <+aubrybracco> kk
[23:02] <+FrancineTheFemin> Oh.
[23:02] <+Squilliam2> pick 14!
[23:02] <+FrancineTheFemin> Go 14!
[23:02] <+Squilliam2> It's FANCY!
[23:02] <+aubrybracco> 2 and 14!
[23:02] <@jeffprObst> 2 is zak the second month
[23:02] <@jeffprObst> 14 is uo, the first month
[23:02] <@jeffprObst> Not a match
[23:02] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Heather
[23:02] <+aubrybracco> Aw.
[23:02] == RochelleROCK [bd1ef493@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:03] <+Heather__> 1 and 14! :D
[23:03] <@jeffprObst> Match! Both are "uo" the first month
[23:03] <@jeffprObst> Ixchel finally on the board.
[23:03] <@jeffprObst> 2-1
[23:03] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Lena, again
[23:03] <+Heather__> HA!
[23:03] <+Heather__> Take THAT.
[23:03] == Rochelle [bd1ef493@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[23:03] <+FrancineTheFemin> *Squilliam
[23:03] <Rochelle> Jeff
[23:03] <@jeffprObst> Squilliam yeah sorry
[23:03] <Rochelle> Can you please repeat what you said after I leave?
[23:03] <+RedmondOvivor> Ixchel scored? That's an #OvivorFirst
[23:03] <+Squilliam2> Please don't confuse me with my best friend.
[23:03] <+Squilliam2> That's NOT fancy.
[23:03] <@jeffprObst> Heather matched. Ixchel scored. We are now 2-1. @Rochelle
[23:03] <+Squilliam2> 8 and 24.
[23:03] <Rochelle> Oh, good!
[23:04] <@jeffprObst> 8 is "xul" the sixth month
[23:04] <Rochelle> Which numbers she choose?
[23:04] <@jeffprObst> 24 is "zip" the third month
[23:04] <@jeffprObst> Zip as in how many points you get.
[23:04] <@jeffprObst> None. Not a match.
[23:04] <+aubrybracco> Wow. Hilarious, Probst.
[23:04] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Brady
[23:04] <+BradyKelly_> 22 and 23
[23:04] * aubrybracco is stonefaced
[23:04] <+FrancineTheFemin> Funny!
[23:04] <+LenaOxton> Hey, Probst!
[23:04] <+LenaOxton> Be nice!
[23:04] <+LenaOxton> :)
[23:04] <@jeffprObst> 22 - mol, the 8th month
[23:04] <+RedmondOvivor> Ouch! Jeff PrObst roasting contestants is always hard to watch. Makes for awkward television. #Ovivor9
[23:04] <@jeffprObst> 23 - zec, the fifth month
[23:04] <@jeffprObst> Not a match
[23:04] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Francine
[23:04] <+Squilliam2> Pick 22 and 6!
[23:05] <+FrancineTheFemin> 22 AND 6!
[23:05] <@jeffprObst> Both are "mol", the eighth month
[23:05] <@jeffprObst> It's a match!
[23:05] <@jeffprObst> 3 to 1.
[23:05] <+aubrybracco> Good job!
[23:05] <+HillaryClinton> Let's go, XBALANQUE!! <3
[23:05] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Rochelle
[23:05] <Rochelle> 23 and 11.
[23:06] <@jeffprObst> Both are "zec" the fifth month
[23:06] <@jeffprObst> That's a match!
[23:06] <@jeffprObst> Ixchel scores!
[23:06] <@jeffprObst> 3-2
[23:06] <+RedmondOvivor> This is great for us. We get points and we get to work on tribe unity. #Ovivor9#JustXbalanqueThings
[23:06] <@jeffprObst> Next up is AUbry
[23:06] <@jeffprObst> Squilliam/Francine/Aubry vs Brady/Rochelle/Heather (reposting for myself)
[23:06] <+aubrybracco> Okay, Jeff, give me a sec.
[23:06] <+aubrybracco> This'll be a fun round.
[23:06] * aubrybracco spits, but it lands on her shoulder
[23:06] <+RedmondOvivor> Give me a sec? I see what you did there, Aubry ;) #GiveMeAZec
[23:07] <+aubrybracco> 21 and 16?
[23:07] <+aubrybracco> ...Redmond you're a genius. :O
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> 21 is "xul" the sixth month
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> 16 is "yaxkin" the seventh month
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> Not a match
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Heather
[23:07] <Rochelle> Heather
[23:07] <+Heather__> Me?
[23:07] <+Heather__> Um....
[23:08] <+Heather__> 21 and 8!
[23:08] <+BradyKelly_> 21 and 8 I guess
[23:08] <+RedmondOvivor> Heather is still in high school. I would be surprised if she were able to communicate effectively with her tribe. #Ovivor9
[23:08] <+BradyKelly_> Yeah, Heather! :D
[23:08] <+Heather__> Are you HEATHER?
[23:08] <+Heather__> @Brady
[23:08] <+Heather__> I didn't think SO.
[23:08] <@jeffprObst> That's a match, both are "xul" the sixth month
[23:08] <+Heather__> Um, I am right here!
[23:08] <@jeffprObst> Ixchel scores!
[23:08] <@jeffprObst> 3-3!
[23:08] <@jeffprObst> We are tied!
[23:08] <+BradyKelly_> No I'm gay
[23:08] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Squilliam, again.
[23:08] <+BradyKelly_> @ Heather
[23:08] <+BradyKelly_> straight*
[23:08] <+BradyKelly_> straight*
[23:08] <+BradyKelly_> Whoops ha ha
[23:08] <+Squilliam2> 16 and 10.
[23:08] <@jeffprObst> 16 is yaxkin the seventh month
[23:09] <@jeffprObst> 10 is zotz, the fourth month
[23:09] <@jeffprObst> Not a match
[23:09] <@jeffprObst> Next is Brady
[23:09] <+BradyKelly_> Um...
[23:09] <+BradyKelly_> oh gosh
[23:09] * BradyKelly_ glances at the other tribe
[23:09] <+BradyKelly_> I....
[23:09] <Rochelle> I KNOW
[23:09] <Rochelle> WAIT
[23:09] <+BradyKelly_> hang on
[23:09] <@jeffprObst> I need a decision brady
[23:09] <+BradyKelly_> let me think
[23:10] * BradyKelly_ breaths deep
[23:10] <+BradyKelly_> 10 and 17
[23:10] * BradyKelly_ buries head in hands
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> That...
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> Is a match.
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> Both are "zotz" the fourth month
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> Ixchel, for once
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> Has the advantage.
[23:10] <+LenaOxton> ...
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> 3-4
[23:10] <+LenaOxton> It's okay guys!
[23:10] <Rochelle> My husband has two jobs.
[23:10] <+LenaOxton> We got this!
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Francine
[23:10] <+LenaOxton> Cheers love!
[23:10] * BradyKelly_ 's phone rings
[23:10] * BradyKelly_ picks up
[23:10] <+BradyKelly_> I know, I know... I'm an idiot.
[23:10] * BradyKelly_ hangs up and sulks off
[23:10] == Squilliam2350 [~Squilliam@] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> Francine, I need a decision
[23:11] <+FrancineTheFemin> 15 and 25?
[23:11] <+FrancineTheFemin> Let's go with that
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> 15 is ceh, the 12th month
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> 25 is yax, the tenth month
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> Not a match.
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> Next up, Rochelle
[23:11] <Squilliam2350> 25 was already chosen!!!
[23:11] <Squilliam2350> That's NOT very FANCY.
[23:11] <Squilliam2350> o~o
[23:11] <+LenaOxton> Francine..
[23:11] <+LenaOxton> Are you throwing the challenge :(
[23:11] <+FrancineTheFemin> SORRY!
[23:11] <+FrancineTheFemin> I FORGOT
[23:11] <+FrancineTheFemin> :(
[23:11] <+Heather__> Ha!
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> Rochelle, I need a decision
[23:11] <Rochelle> One second
[23:12] <+Heather__> Looks like Xbassholes can't get it together!
[23:12] <+BradyKelly_> Heather, let's be nice, please
[23:12] <Rochelle> 4 and 5.
[23:12] <+aubrybracco> Wow, Heather. :(
[23:12] <Rochelle> Wait.
[23:12] <+BradyKelly_> We don't want them upset
[23:12] <+LenaOxton> Asshole?
[23:12] <Rochelle> 12 and 4.
[23:12] <+RedmondOvivor> Francine is still quite the mystery to me. I've only gotten her name so far, but it's similar with a few others #Ovivor9
[23:12] <+BradyKelly_> We might win immunity, but...
[23:12] <+LenaOxton> But Heather, love!
[23:12] <+LenaOxton> I haven't done anything wrong :(
[23:12] * BradyKelly_ glances into the other tribe
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> 12 is pop, the first month
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> 4 is ceh, the twelfth month
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> Not a match
[23:13] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Aubry.
[23:13] <+FrancineTheFemin> 4 and 15!
[23:13] == Squilliam2 [~Squilliam@] has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[23:13] <+FrancineTheFemin> pick 4 and 15!
[23:13] <Rochelle> Damn. I should choose 5.
[23:13] <+aubrybracco> 4 and 15, yeah
[23:13] <@jeffprObst> Match. Both are Ceh, the 12th month
[23:13] <@jeffprObst> We are tied.
[23:13] <@jeffprObst> 4 to 4.
[23:13] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Heather.
[23:14] <+LenaOxton> (CONF) I'm so proud of our team, even if we lose, we've made it so far and we tried so hard.
[23:14] <+BradyKelly_> Work it Heather!
[23:14] <@jeffprObst> Heather, I need a decision, or Brady or Rochelle will go for you
[23:14] <+Heather__> 4 and 15!
[23:14] <+BradyKelly_> already called...
[23:14] <@jeffprObst> Already said.
[23:14] <+FrancineTheFemin> (wow)
[23:14] <+Heather__> What!
[23:14] <+Martha||> (me)
[23:14] <+HillaryClinton> GO AUBRY <3
[23:14] <+Heather__> This is RIGGED.
[23:14] <@jeffprObst> Heather, I need a decision
[23:14] <+Martha||> (that should be her choice)
[23:14] <+Heather__> (CONF): Probst obviously wants me GONE and is trying to fix the challenges against me.
[23:15] <+Heather__> Give me a SECOND.
[23:15] <+Heather__> I am THINKING.
[23:15] <+BradyKelly_> Do you want the board, Heather?
[23:15] * HillaryClinton hands out #IMWITHER buttons
[23:15] <+Heather__> um....
[23:15] <+Heather__> 16 and 24?
[23:15] <+HillaryClinton> Everyone make sure to vote for me this November!
[23:15] * HillaryClinton sticks a pin on heather
[23:15] <+BradyKelly_> ...
[23:15] <@jeffprObst> 16 is yaxkin, the seventh month
[23:15] <Rochelle> ....
[23:15] <+BradyKelly_> Heather, are you THROWING this?
[23:15] <@jeffprObst> 24 is zip, the third month
[23:16] <+BradyKelly_> What h-happened to
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> Not a match.
[23:16] <Rochelle> 24zip
[23:16] <+BradyKelly_> playing to win
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Squilliam
[23:16] <Squilliam2350> 16 and 24.
[23:16] <+BradyKelly_> You gotta be straight with me!
[23:16] <+Heather__> How was I supposed to know?
[23:16] <+BradyKelly_> Just like I am with everyone!
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> Not a match ...
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Brady
[23:16] <+FrancineTheFemin> (me)
[23:16] <Rochelle> WE'RE GOING TO ROCK
[23:16] <+BradyKelly_> You've made the matches before...
[23:16] <+LenaOxton> Rochelle.
[23:16] <+HillaryClinton> Squilliam, they just chose that
[23:16] <+BradyKelly_> ...
[23:16] <+BradyKelly_> Oh
[23:16] <+BradyKelly_> I
[23:16] <+BradyKelly_> I see what's going on here
[23:16] <+LenaOxton> As much as respect your team, I think my team is very hardworking and they try their hardest.
[23:16] <+LenaOxton> <3
[23:17] <+aubrybracco> I... I'm confused, honestly.
[23:17] <Rochelle> Now you are my enemy, Lena?
[23:17] <+BradyKelly_> if I pick two NEW numbers
[23:17] <+FrancineTheFemin> Aubry, don't worry!
[23:17] <Rochelle> Are you trying to see me angry?
[23:17] <+BradyKelly_> I uncover one match for them
[23:17] <@jeffprObst> Brady, I need a decision
[23:17] <+BradyKelly_> so
[23:17] <+BradyKelly_> if I pick any new number
[23:17] <+BradyKelly_> and am wrong
[23:17] <+BradyKelly_> they win
[23:17] <+BradyKelly_> that's what this has boiled down to
[23:17] <+BradyKelly_> But... I'm straight as an arrow and I'm
[23:17] <+BradyKelly_> GOING
[23:17] <+BradyKelly_> FOR IT
[23:17] <Rochelle> BECAUSE WE'RE GONNA ROCK.
[23:17] <+BradyKelly_> 12 AND 19
[23:17] <+BradyKelly_> @ JEFF
[23:17] <@jeffprObst> 12 - pop, the first month
[23:17] <+BradyKelly_> cmon...
[23:18] <@jeffprObst> 19 - 19, yaxkin the seventh month
[23:18] <@jeffprObst> Not a match.
[23:18] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Francine
[23:18] <+BradyKelly_> No...
[23:18] <+Heather__> UGH!
[23:18] <Squilliam2350> 16 and 19!!!! pick 16 and 19!!!!
[23:18] <+FrancineTheFemin> 16, and 19.
[23:18] <+HillaryClinton> 16 AND 19, WHOEVER.
[23:18] <+HillaryClinton> 16 AND 19.
[23:18] <+HillaryClinton> #IMWITHXBALANQUE
[23:18] <+FrancineTheFemin> WOMAN POWER!
[23:18] <+BradyKelly_> I'm sorry guys...
[23:18] <+BradyKelly_> I lost another challenge
[23:18] <+aubrybracco> :o
[23:18] * BradyKelly_ sighs
[23:18] <+BradyKelly_> again
[23:18] <@jeffprObst> Francine.
[23:18] <@jeffprObst> I need a decision.
[23:18] <Squilliam2350> She said 16 and 19
[23:18] <+FrancineTheFemin> I said 16 and 19 can you read
[23:18] <Squilliam2350> o~o
[23:18] <+RedmondOvivor> Hillary likes to promote tribe unity, but we'll see where her unity stance goes when the tribes merge next episode. #Ovivor9MergesAt9
[23:18] <@jeffprObst> Oh
[23:18] <@jeffprObst> 16 and 19...
[23:18] <@jeffprObst> Is...
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> A MATCH.
[23:19] <@jeffprObst>
[23:19] <+LenaOxton> GOOD JOB LOVE
[23:19] * BradyKelly_ glances at Aubry
[23:19] <Rochelle> DAMN!
[23:19] <+aubrybracco> Congrats, team! <3
[23:19] <+Heather__> (CONF): IT'S NOT FAIR! NO NO NO NO NO!
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> Brady.
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> Rochelle.
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> Heather.
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> I will see you guys at Tribal Council again.
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> Come on in guys.
[23:20] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down and take a seat.
[23:20] <@jeffprObst> BRADY,ROCHELLE,HEATHER --
[23:20] <+HillaryClinton> WELL DONE, EVERYONE <3
[23:20] <@jeffprObst> :|
[23:20] <@jeffprObst> Send votes asap.
[23:20] <+BradyKelly_> You know, this is a real bummer
[23:20] <+BradyKelly_> but going to four straight Tribals really prepares us for the merge!
[23:20] <+BradyKelly_> Remember that one Ovivor?
[23:20] <+BradyKelly_> 5-3 deficit? They made the final 3?
[23:20] <+BradyKelly_> Let's stay positive!
[23:20] * LenaOxton puts hand on Brady's shoulder.
[23:21] <+LenaOxton> Hey Brady!
[23:21] <+LenaOxton> It'll be okay!
[23:21] * BradyKelly_ looks at Lena
[23:21] <@jeffprObst> this was the completed board
[23:21] <+BradyKelly_> I didn't know you were on our tribe
[23:21] <@jeffprObst>
[23:21] <+BradyKelly_> Hi! I'm Brady! ^_^
[23:21] <@jeffprObst> Send votes asap!
[23:21] <+LenaOxton> I'm not..
[23:21] <+LenaOxton> I just wanted to be friendly :(

[23:22] <+aubrybracco> Yeah, Brady, I agree with Lena.
[23:22] <+aubrybracco> Honestly you've grown so much as a person just in these few days. I'm really proud of you, Brady.
[23:22] <+BradyKelly_> Th-thanks, Aubry
[23:22] <+BradyKelly_> I...
[23:22] <+BradyKelly_> I almost feel like I have the courage
[23:22] <+BradyKelly_> To do something stupid
[23:22] * BradyKelly_ 's phone rings
[23:23] <+BradyKelly_> Uh huh? Okay. Yeah.. Okay. Right. Okay. :(
[23:23] <+aubrybracco> Oh no.
[23:23] * BradyKelly_ hangs up
[23:23] <+BradyKelly_> Nevermind
[23:23] * BradyKelly_ sighs
[23:23] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[23:23] <@jeffprObst> Once the votes are read, the decision is final.
[23:23] <@jeffprObst> Person voted out will be asked to leave the TC area immediately.
[23:23] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[23:23] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:23] * Heather__ stews
[23:23] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:23] * BradyKelly_ looks at Heather
[23:23] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:23] <@jeffprObst>
[23:23] <@jeffprObst> brady.
[23:23] <@jeffprObst> That's 1 vote Brady.
[23:23] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[23:23] <+BradyKelly_> ...
[23:23] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:23] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:23] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:23] <+BradyKelly_> the Samdan font...
[23:23] <@jeffprObst>
[23:23] * BradyKelly_ gulp
[23:23] <@jeffprObst> Rochelle.
[23:24] <@jeffprObst> That's 1 vote Brady, 1 vote Rochelle.
[23:24] <@jeffprObst> One.
[23:24] <@jeffprObst> Vote.
[23:24] <@jeffprObst> Left.
[23:24] <+BradyKelly_> Heather...
[23:24] <+FrancineTheFemin> (pls be 1-1-1)
[23:24] <+aubrybracco> :o
[23:24] <+BradyKelly_> Please tell me...
[23:24] <@jeffprObst> The sixth person voted out of Ovivor: Honduras
[23:24] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:24] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:24] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:24] <+BradyKelly_> You stayed true... to the plan
[23:24] <@jeffprObst>
[23:24] * BradyKelly_ looks at Jeff
[23:24] <@jeffprObst> Rochelle.
[23:24] * Heather__ flips hair
[23:24] <@jeffprObst> Rochelle, you need to bring me your torch.
[23:24] * jeffprObst snuffs torch
[23:24] * BradyKelly_ lets out a sigh of releif
[23:24] <@jeffprObst> Rochelle, the tribe has spoken.
[23:24] <+BradyKelly_> THANK YOUUUUU
[23:24] <Rochelle> I DON'T NEED THIS GAME
[23:24] <@jeffprObst> Time for you to go.
[23:24] <Rochelle> MY HUSBAND HAS TWO JOBS
[23:24] * BradyKelly_ tackle hugs Heather
[23:24] <+aubrybracco> Wow.
[23:24] <+LenaOxton> Rochelle.
[23:24] <Rochelle> THIS GAME IS A SHIT
[23:24] <+LenaOxton> Rochelle.
[23:24] <+Heather__> Get OFF of me!
[23:24] <+LenaOxton> Tell your husband if he wants a cheap flight, to call me. :D
[23:24] <+BradyKelly_> Don't worry I'm not sexually attracted to you
[23:24] <+BradyKelly_> I mean
[23:24] <Rochelle> LISTEN
[23:24] <+BradyKelly_> I could be
[23:24] <+BradyKelly_> but I'm just... not
[23:24] <Rochelle> MY SON CHRIS WILL GROW UP
[23:24] <+LenaOxton> Or your children.
[23:25] <Rochelle> AND BE A VERY FAMOUS GUY
[23:25] <Squilliam2350> Bye, Rochelle! You weren't very FANCY o~o
[23:25] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[23:25] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your next immunity challenge?
[23:25] <Rochelle> I DON'T NEED THIS
[23:25] == aubrybracco changed the topic of #OvivorHonduras to: XBALANQUE: Lena, Francine, Hillary, Aubry, Squilliam, Redmond ||| IXCHEL: Brady, Heather
[23:25] * HillaryClinton walks in
[23:25] <@jeffprObst> Before we begin.
[23:25] <@jeffprObst> I want everyone to DROP YOUR BUFFS.
[23:25] <+HillaryClinton> I am officially OUT of pantsuits!
[23:25] <+BradyKelly_> (wait)
[23:25] <@jeffprObst> WE ARE MERGED!
[23:25] <+BradyKelly_> (we didnt even get a pee break)
[23:25] <+BradyKelly_> (rigged)
[23:25] <+BradyKelly_> Merged?
[23:25] <+aubrybracco> The merge?!
[23:25] <@jeffprObst> (you'll get a 10 minute one)
[23:25] * BradyKelly_ squeals and jumps into Aubry's arms
[23:25] <@jeffprObst>
[23:25] <+BradyKelly_> WE MADE IT WE MADE IT WE MADE IT OMG <3
[23:25] <@jeffprObst> Tree Mail
[23:26] <Squilliam2350> I made the merge?! I made the MERGE!
[23:26] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #OvivorHonduras to: MERGE: Lena, Francine, Hillary, Aubry, Squilliam, Redmond, Brady, Heather
[23:26] <+LenaOxton> Merge?
[23:26] <Squilliam2350> That's so FANCY!
[23:26] <@jeffprObst> Here's how this works
[23:26] <Squilliam2350> Just like MY UNIBROW!
[23:26] <+Heather__> Thank GOD.
[23:26] <Squilliam2350> O~O
[23:26] <@jeffprObst> You'll have 10 minutes to send me your idea for a merged tribe name
[23:26] <@jeffprObst> In the meantime
[23:26] <+Heather__> Now that the teams are merged, we may actually be able to WIN something.
[23:26] <@jeffprObst> You can dine on a merge feast
[23:26] <@jeffprObst> (one sec)
[23:26] <+aubrybracco> Do we have to create a tribe flag?
[23:27] <+aubrybracco> You know, I practiced on my crayon art before coming out here. I felt like it was going to help me somehow.
[23:27] <+RedmondOvivor> As reported, Ovivor: Honduras merged into a black tribe at the final nine
[23:27] <@jeffprObst>
[23:27] <@jeffprObst> ^^ MERGE FEAST
[23:27] <@jeffprObst> YOU HAVE TEN MINUTES
[23:27] <@jeffprObst> I'll stop you at 11:37
[23:27] <Squilliam2350> This food looks...................disappointing.
[23:27] <Squilliam2350> Just like Squidward.
[23:27] <Squilliam2350> HYAH HYAH HYAH!!!
[23:28] * aubrybracco looks at merged feast
[23:28] <+aubrybracco> COLESLAW?!
[23:28] <+BradyKelly_> (can you link the honduras logo)
[23:28] <@jeffprObst>
[23:29] <+RedmondOvivor> CAST MEMBER: Meet Rochelle Rock #Ovivor9
[23:29] <@jeffprObst> 3 names so far
[23:30] <Rochelle> <3 @Rochelle wikia page
[23:31] == Rochelle [bd1ef493@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:31] <+BradyKelly_> Back
[23:33] <+BradyKelly_> Did we need to make a flag?
[23:33] <@jeffprObst> I have 6 names
[23:33] <@jeffprObst> No flag is necessary
[23:34] <+RedmondOvivor> I submitted my name based on what I have learned from being a spoiler figure for all these years.
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> The tribe names are in.
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> I'm gonna rank them from worst to best

[23:35] <@jeffprObst> In 8th place is...
[23:36] <+RedmondOvivor> What's with all these idol rumours!? #Ovivor9
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> Surprise Guys I'm Actually Gay by Brady!
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> In 7th place is ....
[23:36] <+BradyKelly_> oh how did that get there
[23:36] * aubrybracco makes the coleslaw face @ that
[23:36] <+BradyKelly_> who wrote that
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> PatriarchalDestroyers by Francine!
[23:36] <+FrancineTheFemin> That's sexist, why put the WOMAN IN 7TH!
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> In 6th place is...
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> Total Drama Honduras by Heather!
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> In 5th place is...
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> Fancy by Squilliam!
[23:36] <Squilliam2350> RUDE.
[23:36] <Squilliam2350> and UNFANCY.
[23:36] <+HillaryClinton> (dying)
[23:36] * Squilliam2350 scoffs
[23:36] <+Heather__> I was ROBBED
[23:36] <+aubrybracco> :o
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> Left: Aubry, Lena, Hillary, Redmond
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> In 4th place is...
[23:37] <@jeffprObst> Je Suis Avec Elle by Hillary!
[23:37] <@jeffprObst> In 3rd place is ....
[23:37] <+HillaryClinton> Well, that's alright!
[23:37] <@jeffprObst> Chin by Redmond!
[23:37] <+HillaryClinton> Like I always say, you can't win 'em all! :)
[23:37] <+aubrybracco> Wow.
[23:37] <+RedmondOvivor> Clarification:
[23:37] <@jeffprObst> That leaves Aubry, with "Manatí" and Lena, with "Aliykaya."
[23:37] <@jeffprObst> This is actually super tough
[23:37] <+RedmondOvivor> Chin is the Mayan god of homosexual relationships. I know the Ovivor fanbase well ;)
[23:37] <+BradyKelly_> Ha, no you don't
[23:37] <@jeffprObst> The winner is ...
[23:37] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:37] <+BradyKelly_> @ Redmond
[23:37] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:38] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:38] <+BradyKelly_> The Ovivor fanbase is straight
[23:38] <+BradyKelly_> like me
[23:38] <@jeffprObst> Lena, with "Alikaya"!
[23:38] <+FrancineTheFemin> (bland)
[23:38] <+aubrybracco> Congrats, Lena. <3
[23:38] <+BradyKelly_> Well, I guess...
[23:38] <+Martha||> Is it Alikaya or Aliykaya? Make up your MIND, Jeff.
[23:38] <+BradyKelly_> Congrats Lena!
[23:38] <+aubrybracco> (that was bs !)
[23:38] <+BradyKelly_> Guys, I have something to tell you
[23:38] <@jeffprObst> *places around Lena's neck)
[23:38] <+BradyKelly_>
[23:38] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #OvivorHonduras to: ALIYKAYA: Lena, Francine, Hillary, Aubry, Squilliam, Redmond, Brady, Heather
[23:38] <+LenaOxton> Yay!
[23:38] <+BradyKelly_> I'm actually gay
[23:38] <+Martha||> Thank you.
[23:38] <+BradyKelly_> please accept me for who I am and...
[23:38] <+BradyKelly_> thanks
[23:38] * BradyKelly_ walks off to deal with angry phone calls
[23:39] <@jeffprObst> (1 sec)
[23:39] <+HillaryClinton> Aw Brady.
[23:39] <+HillaryClinton> Congratulations!
[23:39] <+aubrybracco> Brady? I'm... I'm genuinely happy you felt comfortable enough with us.
[23:39] * BradyKelly_ blinks
[23:39] <+BradyKelly_> on what?
[23:39] <+BradyKelly_> am I pregannt? @ Hillary
[23:39] <+Heather__> Congrats Lena.
[23:39] <+Heather__> I'm so...
[23:39] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys.
[23:39] <+Heather__> happy for you.
[23:39] <+HillaryClinton> Squilliam.
[23:39] * BradyKelly_ smiles at Aubry
[23:39] <@jeffprObst> Lena.
[23:39] * BradyKelly_ picks up his phone
[23:40] <+HillaryClinton> Can I ask you a question rather quickly?
[23:40] <+BradyKelly_> Joss pls
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> Francine.
[23:40] <+BradyKelly_> Joss pls no don't do this to me
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> Squilliam.
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> Redmond.
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> Grab a torch, dip it in the flames.
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> In this game, fire represents your life.
[23:40] <+BradyKelly_> excuse me you're a fat son of a bitch and don't you even BRING UP BALI TO ME YOU BITCH
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> Once it's gone -- so are you.
[23:40] <+RedmondOvivor> TC set looks awesome this season. Production balled out #Ovivor9 #ItsMergeTime
[23:40] <+BradyKelly_> IT WAS A HOMERUN
[23:40] <+BradyKelly_> IT SHOULD'VE COUNTED
[23:40] <+BradyKelly_> GOOD BYE JOSS
[23:40] * BradyKelly_ hangs up
[23:40] <Squilliam2350> *grabs torch*
[23:40] <Squilliam2350> *dips it in*
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> ALL - is there any idol paranoia going on?
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> ALL - are tribal lines very much still intact?
[23:41] <Squilliam2350> I don't care about any of that. All I want is for you to be FANCY.
[23:41] <+RedmondOvivor> Idol paranoia is the name of the game right now. Everyone knows that three of them are out there, and Inside Ovivor can reveal that...
[23:41] <Squilliam2350> Be like me, and we'll be alright.
[23:41] <+RedmondOvivor> Just kidding ;)
[23:41] <Squilliam2350> o~o
[23:41] <+RedmondOvivor> No game spoilers.
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> (send in votes asap.
[23:41] <+aubrybracco> Jeff, paranoia is rampant here. It's hard to judge people who you've only met for the first time, but some people reveal themselves indirectly.
[23:42] * BradyKelly_ picks up phone
[23:42] <+BradyKelly_> Yes, Joss, can we talk this out civilly?
[23:43] <+BradyKelly_> What do you /mean/ I'm fired?
[23:43] <+BradyKelly_> You can't fire me
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> One vote received
[23:43] <+BradyKelly_> You work for /me/
[23:43] <+BradyKelly_> Unionization?
[23:43] <+LenaOxton> I'm..
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> We're ahead of schedule so take your time
[23:43] <+LenaOxton> Guys.
[23:43] <+LenaOxton> As much as I have this fancy idol on my neck..
[23:43] <+BradyKelly_> What does that even mean, Joss?
[23:43] <+LenaOxton> I'm scared.
[23:43] <+BradyKelly_> Joss you're making no sense
[23:43] <+BradyKelly_> Telling me to suck your dick after spending the last four years telling me not to admit I like sucking dick seems a little contradictory
[23:44] <+BradyKelly_> Goodbye Joss
[23:44] * BradyKelly_ hangs up and walks off
[23:44] <+LenaOxton> BRADY!
[23:44] <+BradyKelly_> ?
[23:44] <+LenaOxton> Oh, I read that as jumps off.
[23:44] <+BradyKelly_> oh
[23:44] <+BradyKelly_> Not to that point yet
[23:44] <+BradyKelly_> : ' )
[23:44] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes received
[23:44] * LenaOxton wraps arms around Brady.
[23:44] <+LenaOxton> Don't get to that point, please.
[23:46] <+BradyKelly_> I promise, Lena
[23:46] <+FrancineTheFemin> Everyone vote!
[23:47] <+BradyKelly_> Cheeks would meet me in Hell and slap me back to Earth if i did that
[23:47] <+LenaOxton> As much as this is a silly game.
[23:47] <+LenaOxton> I want us to all be safe and well.
[23:47] <+BradyKelly_> He's passionate about havign out second wedding on Sisyphus's hill
[23:47] * HillaryClinton pats Brady on the back
[23:47] <+BradyKelly_> having*
[23:47] <+HillaryClinton> Lena is right, Brady. Just relax and enjoy yourself.
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> 3 votes
[23:50] <+FrancineTheFemin> (.)
[23:50] <+LenaOxton> (.)
[23:50] <+aubrybracco> (.)
[23:50] <+HillaryClinton> ...
[23:51] <+LenaOxton> Is this suspense killing anyone?
[23:52] <+LenaOxton> Wait. That's what I was just thinking. Spooky.
[23:52] <+FrancineTheFemin> A little bit.
[23:52] * HillaryClinton gets box
[23:52] <+HillaryClinton> YES!!!!
[23:52] <+HillaryClinton> I GOT FOUR MORE PANTSUITS!
[23:52] <@jeffprObst> 6 votes so far
[23:53] <+HillaryClinton> Jeff, do you want a pantsuit?
[23:53] <+aubrybracco> This is exhausting, Jeff.
[23:53] <@jeffprObst> my blue shirt is iconic so no
[23:53] <+HillaryClinton> Aw.
[23:54] <+BradyKelly_> you got my vote, right?
[23:54] <@jeffprObst> Yes
[23:54] <@jeffprObst> I got a vote from:
[23:54] <@jeffprObst> Francine
[23:54] <@jeffprObst> Hillary
[23:54] <@jeffprObst> Lena
[23:54] <@jeffprObst> Squilliam
[23:54] <@jeffprObst> Heather
[23:54] <@jeffprObst> Redmond
[23:54] <@jeffprObst> Brady
[23:55] <@jeffprObst> So 7/8
[23:55] <@jeffprObst> I'm missing ....
[23:55] <+LenaOxton> Aubrey.
[23:55] <@jeffprObst> Aubry
[23:55] <+aubrybracco> Okay.
[23:55] <+aubrybracco> 1 sec
[23:55] * aubrybracco has been at the voting booth for maybe 10 minutes
[23:55] <+FrancineTheFemin> (same)
[23:55] <+HillaryClinton> She is a devoted citizen, she is making sure she made the correect choice. :)
[23:56] <+BradyKelly_> (Aubry's def a Bernie stan irl)
[23:56] <+aubrybracco> I voted, Jeff.
[23:56] <@jeffprObst> Okay
[23:56] <@jeffprObst> TELL ME BEFOREHAND
[23:56] <@jeffprObst> SO I KNOW
[23:57] <+HillaryClinton> My mother is my idol.
[23:57] <+HillaryClinton> How can I play her?
[23:57] <+HillaryClinton> That would be WRONG, Jeff.
[23:57] <+LenaOxton> You know.
[23:57] <+LenaOxton> Everyone here is my idol in some sort of way.
[23:57] <+HillaryClinton> My mother told me to never back down to a bully, which I think was pretty good advice.
[23:57] <+LenaOxton> They all are good people in some sort of way. <3
[23:57] <+RedmondOvivor> Jeff PrObst On His Wardrobe
[23:58] <+RedmondOvivor> #Ovivor9 #Ovivor
[23:58] <+RedmondOvivor> #ICYMI: Meet Rochelle Rock #Ovivor9
[23:58] <+BradyKelly_> ...
[23:58] <+aubrybracco> I'm nervous.
[23:58] <@jeffprObst> (people are switching votes sry)
[23:58] <+BradyKelly_> (switches get stitches)
[23:58] <+BradyKelly_> (100)
[23:59] <+Heather__> I say....
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> (can you say that normally so I can make it the ep title)
[23:59] <+Heather__> STICK TO THE PLAN.
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> The votes are in.
[23:59] <+BradyKelly_> Switches get Stitches
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol
[23:59] <+BradyKelly_> @ Jeff
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> And would like to play it
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> Now would be the time to do so ...
[23:59] * FrancineTheFemin stands up
[23:59] * HillaryClinton stands up
[23:59] <+aubrybracco> I've always said that it's good to go with the devils you know, but...
[23:59] <+LenaOxton> What
[23:59] * FrancineTheFemin hands jeff the idol
[23:59] <+Heather__> What the fuck!
[23:59] * HillaryClinton walks over to Jeff
[23:59] * RedmondOvivor stands
[23:59] <+FrancineTheFemin> Playing this on myself
[23:59] <+aubrybracco> ...What?
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> oh my god
[23:59] * HillaryClinton points to a star
[23:59] <+Heather__> I looked in every goddamn peice of food!
[23:59] <+HillaryClinton> That star is my idol
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[23:59] <+HillaryClinton> Because that's my mom.
[23:59] * HillaryClinton goes to sit back down
[23:59] <+LenaOxton> Oh.
[23:59] <+RedmondOvivor> Inside Ovivor can now reveal that I did, in fact, find the Hidden Immunity Idol at the merge feast.
[23:59] <+FrancineTheFemin> DONT DOUBLE CROSS ME.
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> Hillary - this is not an idol.
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> Redmond, Francine.
[23:59] <Squilliam2350> :O!
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> These are idols.
[23:59] * RedmondOvivor hands idol to Jeff
[00:00] <+aubrybracco> What?!
[00:00] <Squilliam2350> I'm....I'm utterly..........
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> Any votes for Redmond or Francine will NOT COUNT.
[00:00] <+BradyKelly_> ...
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[00:00] * Squilliam2350 faints over-exuberantly
[00:00] <+RedmondOvivor> I may not need this tonight, but I would like to be the safest I can. #Ovivor9
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:00] <+Heather__> WHAT?
[00:00] * Squilliam2350 lands on a pillow made of feathers
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> Redmond (no parchment).
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> Does not count.
[00:00] <+LenaOxton> What?
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:00] <+BradyKelly_> Somewhere, some place, somebody must be having so really good sex right now
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> Redmond (no parchment)
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> Does not count.
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> Third vote...
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:00] <@jeffprObst>
[00:00] <+FrancineTheFemin> (Did i just waste this omg)
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> Redmond, does not count.
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> Fourth vote...
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:00] <+aubrybracco> Reddy? Wh... who?
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:00] <@jeffprObst>
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> Redmond -- does not count.
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> We still have no votes for anyone.
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> Fifth vote...
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:01] <+LenaOxton> Thats' a funny vote!
[00:01] <@jeffprObst>
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> Heather.
[00:01] <+FrancineTheFemin> :)
[00:01] <+aubrybracco> :o
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> Sixth vote...
[00:01] <+Heather__> WHAT?????????
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:01] * BradyKelly_ 's jaw drops
[00:01] <@jeffprObst>
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> Hillary.
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> One vote Heather. One vote Hillary.
[00:01] <+HillaryClinton> WHAT?
[00:01] <+aubrybracco> What the...
[00:01] <+FrancineTheFemin> (me @when I waste that idol)
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> 7th vote...
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:01] <@jeffprObst>
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> Heather.
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Heather. 1 vote Hillary.
[00:01] <+FrancineTheFemin> :)
[00:01] <+BradyKelly_> Heather noooo
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote left.
[00:01] * BradyKelly_ hugs Heather
[00:01] <+Heather__> No....
[00:01] <+Heather__> no.....
[00:01] <+BradyKelly_> Don't leave me :(
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> Final vote...
[00:02] <+aubrybracco> I...
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:02] <+LenaOxton> Huh?
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:02] * aubrybracco looks like she might actually combust
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:02] <@jeffprObst>
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> We have a tie.
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> Two votes Heather.
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> Two votes Hillary.
[00:02] <+RedmondOvivor> My sources are never wrong. I needed that idol after all. #Ovivor9
[00:02] <+Heather__> Oh my GOD.
[00:02] * BradyKelly_ looks to Aubry
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> I need a vote from: Lena, Francine, Aubry, Squillian, Redmond and Brady
[00:02] <+LenaOxton> Mm.
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> Parchments not needed
[00:02] * LenaOxton looks at her alliance.
[00:02] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #OvivorHonduras to: ALIYKAYA: Lena, Francine, Hillary, Aubry, Squillian, Redmond, Brady, Heather
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> 2 re-votes received
[00:03] <+Heather__> Probst if I go home...
[00:03] <+Heather__> I swear!
[00:04] <+HillaryClinton> I'd rather not go home, either.
[00:04] <+HillaryClinton> You know?
[00:04] <+Heather__> How did he get the idol!
[00:04] <+HillaryClinton> This has been an exhausting campaign.
[00:04] <+LenaOxton> (is there gonna be a ponderosa @jeff)
[00:04] <+Heather__> How does he know everything about us!
[00:04] <+Heather__> UGH!
[00:04] <+FrancineTheFemin> :)
[00:04] <+FrancineTheFemin> @Heather
[00:04] <@jeffprObst> I have a vote from: Francine, Lena and Squilliam
[00:04] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #OvivorHonduras to: ALIYKAYA: Lena, Francine, Hillary, Aubry, Squilliam, Redmond, Brady, Heather
[00:04] <+HillaryClinton> Feminism is now dead apparently. :/
[00:05] <@jeffprObst> and redmond
[00:05] <+Heather__> Yeah Francine
[00:05] <+Heather__> if you're such a FEMINIST.
[00:05] <+Heather__> Why didn't you vote against the man!
[00:05] * Heather__ rolls eyes
[00:06] <+FrancineTheFemin> Feminism means Equality, not man-hating.
[00:06] <@jeffprObst> I have a vote from: Francine, Lena, Squilliam, Redmond. I need one from Aubry and Brady
[00:06] <+FrancineTheFemin> You will come to learn that.
[00:06] <+FrancineTheFemin> As I did.
[00:06] <+FrancineTheFemin> After hearing such horrible things about me
[00:06] <+FrancineTheFemin> said by my former FRIENDS.
[00:06] <@jeffprObst> need a vote from brady
[00:06] <+RedmondOvivor> At least I have nothing to worry about right now. I don't need a source for that information #Ovivor9
[00:07] <+Heather__> How does he know EVERYTHING about us!
[00:07] <+Heather__> Who are these sources?
[00:07] <+BradyKelly_> I voted
[00:07] <+FrancineTheFemin> :)
[00:07] <+FrancineTheFemin> @Heather
[00:07] * BradyKelly_ buries head in hands
[00:07] <+FrancineTheFemin> why do you think I invited you to the alliance?
[00:07] <+FrancineTheFemin> ;)
[00:07] <+LenaOxton> Francine, you're getting a little cocky over here.
[00:07] <+LenaOxton> :(
[00:07] <+Heather__> (CONF): Francine is like Gwen but EVEN WORSE.
[00:08] <+FrancineTheFemin> Lena, atleast you didn't say anything about me.
[00:08] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): Overconfidence is a weakness.
[00:08] <+FrancineTheFemin> You actually gave me the heads up about it.
[00:08] <+BradyKelly_> I voted
[00:08] <+LenaOxton> I know but..
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[00:08] <+LenaOxton> you don't have to be all mean to everyone, Francine!
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> I have the re-votes...
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:08] <+FrancineTheFemin> I'm not mean to everyone.
[00:08] <+FrancineTheFemin> I
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> Hillary.
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> That's 1 vote Hillary
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:08] <+HillaryClinton> Well.
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:09] <@jeffprObst>
[00:09] <+HillaryClinton> I suppose it's back on the campaign trail I go.
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> Heather.
[00:09] <+HillaryClinton> I appreciate the memor----
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> That's 1 vote Hillary, 1 vote Heather
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> ..
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:09] * BradyKelly_ holds his breath
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> Heather.
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> That's 2 votes heather, 1 vote hillary
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[00:09] * Squilliam2350 is still fainted on the pillow from earlier
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:09] <+BradyKelly_> Oh no...
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:09] <+BradyKelly_> Please...
[00:09] <+aubrybracco> (fuck)
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> Hillary.
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Heather, 2 votes Hillary
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> 5th vote...
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:09] * BradyKelly_ sigh of relief
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:09] <+Heather__> UGH.
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:09] <+FrancineTheFemin> (oh god its rocks)
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> Heather.
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> That's 3 votes heather. 2 votes Hillary. 1 vote left.
[00:09] <+aubrybracco> (oh good god I thought there were only 4 people)
[00:09] <+aubrybracco> (FUCK it's rocks)
[00:09] <+BradyKelly_> Please be rocks please be rocks...
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> 7th person voted out of Ovivor: Honduras
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> and the FIRST member of our jury
[00:10] <@jeffprObst> No one.
[00:10] <+BradyKelly_> ...
[00:10] <@jeffprObst> This vote is for Hillary.
[00:10] <+FrancineTheFemin> (FUCK)
[00:10] <+BradyKelly_> Phew
[00:10] <+aubrybracco> ...Oh noo.
[00:10] <@jeffprObst> We are deadlocked.
[00:10] <+Heather__> :O
[00:10] <+aubrybracco> *no
[00:10] <+Heather__> YES!
[00:10] <+Heather__> YES!
[00:10] <+BradyKelly_> I did it
[00:10] * HillaryClinton looks around
[00:10] <+FrancineTheFemin> (FUCK FUCK FUCK)
[00:10] <+Heather__> YES!
[00:10] <@jeffprObst> Here's how this will work.
[00:10] * HillaryClinton high-fives Heather
[00:10] <+HillaryClinton> YES!
[00:10] <+Heather__> TAKE THAT, FRANCINE!
[00:10] <+HillaryClinton> WE ARE SAFE! <#
[00:10] <@jeffprObst> Redmond, Francine -- you guys are safe due to playing idols.
[00:10] <+HillaryClinton> #IMWITHHEATHER
[00:10] <@jeffprObst> Lena -- you have immunity.
[00:10] * BradyKelly_ holds Aubry's hand
[00:10] * Heather__ high fives Hillary
[00:10] <@jeffprObst> Heather and Hillary - you guys are safe, too, due to rocks
[00:10] <@jeffprObst> That means
[00:10] <+BradyKelly_> we can do this!
[00:10] <+BradyKelly_> ....
[00:10] <@jeffprObst> The only eligible people are
[00:10] <@jeffprObst> Aubry
[00:10] <+aubrybracco> This... This is overwhelming.
[00:10] <@jeffprObst> Squilliam
[00:10] <+BradyKelly_> Wait...
[00:10] <+HillaryClinton> COME ON BRADY AND AUBRY, YOU GUYS CAN DO THIS! <3
[00:10] <+LenaOxton> (wait)
[00:10] <@jeffprObst> and Brady
[00:10] <+BradyKelly_> I...
[00:10] <+LenaOxton> (second deadlock)
[00:10] <+LenaOxton> (cant i change vote)
[00:10] <+BradyKelly_> I didn't think this through
[00:10] <+LenaOxton> (if i wanted to)
[00:10] <+BradyKelly_> I didn't...
[00:10] <@jeffprObst> (that was the 2nd deadlock)
[00:10] <+BradyKelly_> No
[00:10] <+LenaOxton> (oh)
[00:10] == Squilliam2 [~Squilliam@] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[00:11] <@jeffprObst> Aubry, Squilliam and Brady -- pick a number from 1 to 3
[00:11] <+BradyKelly_> Oh gosh
[00:11] <Squilliam2> (what did I miss)
[00:11] <+BradyKelly_> Aubry I'm so sorry
[00:11] <Squilliam2> :O!
[00:11] <Squilliam2> ROCKS ! ? ! ?
[00:11] <+BradyKelly_> I should've voted with you...
[00:11] <@jeffprObst> Squilliam, Aubry and Brady, pick a rock from 1 to 3
[00:11] * BradyKelly_ smacks his head
[00:11] <Squilliam2> I...I feel faint.....
[00:11] <Squilliam2> I choose number ONE.
[00:11] <+BradyKelly_> stupid, stupid, stupid...
[00:11] <Squilliam2> Because I AM NUMBER ONE.
[00:11] * Squilliam2 faints
[00:11] <+aubrybracco> ...3, I guess.
[00:11] <+BradyKelly_> Aubry, you should pick
[00:11] <+BradyKelly_> 2 for me, then
[00:11] * BradyKelly_ hugs Aubry
[00:11] <@jeffprObst> Squilliam (1), Brady (2), Aubry (3)
[00:11] <+aubrybracco> This is just all the more that makes Survivor so beautiful.
[00:11] <+RedmondOvivor> It's fitting that odds are a potential snake is going home. #Ovivor9
[00:11] <+BradyKelly_> we can do it aubry
[00:12] <+BradyKelly_> you gotta believe
[00:12] <@jeffprObst> Okay
[00:12] <+BradyKelly_> AUBRY YOU GOTTA BELIEVE
[00:12] <+aubrybracco> I don't like the feeling that I have right now. :(
[00:12] <+BradyKelly_> IT'S #1 THAT'S THE ROCK
[00:12] <+BradyKelly_> FUCK YEAH WE SHALL OVERCOME
[00:12] <+BradyKelly_> AUBRY
[00:12] <+aubrybracco> ...You're right, Brady.
[00:12] <@jeffprObst> 3...
[00:12] <+BradyKelly_> POSITIVE
[00:12] <+aubrybracco> We got this.
[00:12] <+BradyKelly_> MENTAL
[00:12] <@jeffprObst> 2...
[00:12] <+BradyKelly_> ATTITUDE
[00:12] <@jeffprObst> 1...
[00:12] * Squilliam2 trembles
[00:12] * BradyKelly_ reveals
[00:12] * aubrybracco reveals
[00:12] <@jeffprObst>
[00:12] * Squilliam2 reveals
[00:12] <@jeffprObst> Reveal.
[00:12] <@jeffprObst> Rock #2, aka, Brady.
[00:12] <+BradyKelly_> ...
[00:12] <+aubrybracco> ...Oh my god.
[00:12] <@jeffprObst> Brady.
[00:12] <+Heather__> ...
[00:12] <@jeffprObst> The tribe has spoken.
[00:12] <+BradyKelly_> No...
[00:12] * jeffprObst snuffs torch
[00:12] <+Heather__> wHAT?
[00:12] <@jeffprObst> Time for you to go.
[00:12] <+BradyKelly_> I should've... voted with...
[00:12] <+BradyKelly_> Aubry...
[00:12] <+aubrybracco> Brady...
[00:13] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #OvivorHonduras to: ALIYKAYA: Lena, Francine, Hillary, Aubry, Squilliam, Redmond, Heather || JURY: Brady
[00:13] * BradyKelly_ starts to cry
[00:13] <+aubrybracco> I'm not mad. Don't worry. You're fine.
[00:13] <+LenaOxton> (wait is there ponderosa)
[00:13] <+Heather__> But we survived TWO tribes together?
[00:13] * BradyKelly_ brings torch up
[00:13] <+Heather__> UGH! I hae you people.
[00:13] <+aubrybracco> This is overwhelming.
[00:13] * HillaryClinton hugs Aubry, Brady, and Heathe
[00:13] <+BradyKelly_> Aubry I'm sorry
[00:13] <+BradyKelly_> Give 'em Hell for me
[00:13] <+BradyKelly_> :(
[00:13] <+LenaOxton> Hey, Brady.
[00:13] <+LenaOxton> Love?
[00:13] * BradyKelly_ walks off and out of view
[00:13] <+LenaOxton> Keep your head up.
[00:13] <+LenaOxton> <3
[00:13] <+BradyKelly_> Love @ Lena
[00:13] <+aubrybracco> It's fine, Brady. It's just a game. Just a wonderful, awful game.
[00:13] * Squilliam2 jumps for joy
[00:13] <@jeffprObst> (okay give me a moment to like ... process and record all of that shit)
[00:13] <+Heather__> Bye Brady!
[00:13] <Squilliam2> I'M ALIVE!!
[00:13] <Squilliam2> That is the ULTIMATE FANCINESS!
[00:13] <+Heather__> I....actually didnt hate you!
[00:14] == Squilliam2350 [~Squilliam@] has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[00:14] <+Heather__> That's about as high a compliment you get from me.
[00:14] <@jeffprObst> You guys get a little break. The game will resume at 12:19
[00:15] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): I didn’t think I’d be crying this much on Survivor, but there have been ups and downs and right when I thought that… (sniffles) we were going to get some traction under us, rocks appear, and my biggest ally is out of the game. I'm thinking there's no chance at all for me anymore, but Survivor is a path. You pave your way by yourself. It’s like going on the Oregon Trail....
[00:15] <+aubrybracco> ...You have...
[00:15] <+aubrybracco> ford every river, you have to caulk every wagon, you have to up the hills and down the hills, and sometimes you get dysentery and die. You have to pave your own way.
[00:15] <+LenaOxton> (CONF) *Tracer with her head down* ... This game takes a lot out of a girl like me, you know? And, I don't know if lil' ol me can take it on muh longer.
[00:17] == BradyKelly_ has changed nick to Brady|Jury
[00:17] <+RedmondOvivor> CONF: The game heats up more and more as each second goes by, and I'm loving it as a true Ovivor fan. The question is...what can I do to make sure I'm here for most of it?
[00:18] <@jeffprObst> TREE MAIL:
[00:18] <+RedmondOvivor> #ICYMI: Jeff Probst On His Wardrobe
[00:18] <@jeffprObst>
[00:19] <+LenaOxton> (.)
[00:19] == Heather__ [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:19] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[00:19] == Martha|| [43564621@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
[00:19] <+RedmondOvivor> Rumours said that I'd be the merge boot of this season, but that's all they were.... rumours. Can't trust everything, can't trust everyone #Ovivor9
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> Lots of smiles and happy faces in the Ovivor auction ...
[00:20] == Heather__ [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[00:20] * Squilliam2 fwomps in
[00:20] * HillaryClinton walks in wearing a pantsuit
[00:20] * Squilliam2 get it because that's the sound squilliam makes when he walks

[00:20] * Squilliam2 fwomp fwomp fwomp

[00:20] <@jeffprObst> You all have $500 in cash
[00:20] <+LenaOxton> (.)
[00:20] <@jeffprObst> You can bid on an item in $20 increments
[00:21] <Squilliam2> an AUCTION!??!?!?
[00:21] * aubrybracco comes on in
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> You cannot give away money or items
[00:21] <Squilliam2> FINALLY. Some LUXURIES.
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> The auction will end without warning, so if you see something you like, bid on it.
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> Alright...
[00:21] == LenaOxton [44706235@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:21] <+aubrybracco> This is what I've been dreaming of. Food, nourishment...
[00:21] <+aubrybracco> (o)
[00:21] <+FrancineTheFemin> (Oh...)
[00:21] <Heather__> Wow.
[00:22] <Heather__> Guess the last tribal was too much for Lena/
[00:22] == Lena_ [44706235@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[00:22] <@jeffprObst> The first item is a "vote-seer." This will only be eligible for tonight's Tribal Council. You can choose to see how someone voted.
[00:22] <@jeffprObst> Bidding begins now.
[00:22] <Heather__> If you can't take the heat, stay out f the KITCH-oh
[00:22] <+HillaryClinton> 500
[00:22] <@jeffprObst> Sold to Hillary!
[00:22] <Heather__> Hi Lena!
[00:22] <Heather__> How's your day?
[00:22] <@jeffprObst> Hillary is out of this auction ...
[00:22] <+aubrybracco> Power moves only, I guess?
[00:22] <Lena_> Not good.
[00:22] <@jeffprObst> The next item will remain sealed.
[00:22] <Lena_> (voice me)
[00:22] <+RedmondOvivor> Hillary wants to see someone's vote, huh? Ironic that she doesn't want anyone to see her emails, though #Ovivor9
[00:22] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v Lena_] by jeffprObst
[00:22] <+FrancineTheFemin> (dead)
[00:22] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v Heather__] by jeffprObst
[00:22] <+Heather__> 20!
[00:22] <+aubrybracco> You know, it could be something amazing like coleslaw, but it could be cow brains. It's hard to tell.
[00:22] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+v Squilliam2] by jeffprObst
[00:22] <+aubrybracco> I'm not gonna risk this.
[00:22] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [-v Brady|Jury] by jeffprObst
[00:22] <+FrancineTheFemin> 40!
[00:23] <+Heather__> 60!
[00:23] <@jeffprObst> 60 to Heather
[00:23] <+FrancineTheFemin> Take it!
[00:23] <@jeffprObst> Going once
[00:23] <+Squilliam2> I'm saving my money for something good.
[00:23] <@jeffprObst> Going twice
[00:23] <@jeffprObst> Sold to Heather!
[00:23] <+Heather__> Wow, the ONLY nice thing you've done for me.
[00:23] <+Heather__> Ever.
[00:23] <+Squilliam2> Something...FANCY.
[00:23] <+Heather__> @Francine
[00:23] <+FrancineTheFemin> I saved you...remember?
[00:23] <+FrancineTheFemin> I could
[00:23] <@jeffprObst> Heather -- this will allow you to send someone back to camp and take all of their auction money.
[00:23] <+Heather__> Oooh...
[00:23] <+FrancineTheFemin> I could've gotten you out.
[00:24] <+Heather__> Eenie...
[00:24] <+aubrybracco> (will sims 2 work on my computer)
[00:24] <+Heather__> meenie...
[00:24] <+Heather__> miney....
[00:24] <+Heather__> Redmond!
[00:24] <+aubrybracco> That's evil.
[00:24] <+aubrybracco> ...But good.
[00:24] <+RedmondOvivor> It's fine.
[00:24] <@jeffprObst> Redmond, take your stuff and head back.
[00:24] <+Heather__> Bye hun!
[00:24] <+Heather__> XOXOXOXOXO
[00:24] <@jeffprObst> Heather gains $500
[00:24] <+Heather__> Suckers!
[00:24] <+FrancineTheFemin> (wait she can basically bid all of us out rip us)
[00:24] <@jeffprObst> Next item is a vote doubler.
[00:24] <+FrancineTheFemin> 60!
[00:25] <+Lena_> 500
[00:25] <+Heather__> 510.
[00:25] <@jeffprObst> Sold to Lena!
[00:25] <+Heather__> :)
[00:25] <@jeffprObst> Oh right
[00:25] <+FrancineTheFemin> Good bid!
[00:25] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): I may not look like it, but I've analyzed this show deeply. A vote doubler is just not something I want to be stuck with.
[00:25] <@jeffprObst> Heather
[00:25] <@jeffprObst> $20 increments only
[00:25] <+Heather__> UGH.
[00:25] <+Heather__> Fine.
[00:25] <@jeffprObst> You have $540
[00:25] <+Heather__> 520
[00:25] <@jeffprObst> $520 to Heather
[00:25] <@jeffprObst> Going once...
[00:25] <@jeffprObst> Going twice ...
[00:25] <@jeffprObst> Sold to Heather!
[00:25] <@jeffprObst> Heather, you can only use this at tonight's tribal council.
[00:25] <+aubrybracco> Wow, good job, Heather!
[00:25] <+Heather__> How do I have 540
[00:25] <+Heather__> I only spent 60.
[00:25] <@jeffprObst> (oh im dumb)
[00:25] <+Heather__> This is RIGGED!
[00:25] <@jeffprObst> (hang on)
[00:25] <+FrancineTheFemin> (she has 940)
[00:26] <+FrancineTheFemin> (well now 420)
[00:26] <+Lena_> (now she has 420)
[00:26] <+Lena_> (heH)
[00:26] <@jeffprObst> (you have 420 rn)
[00:26] <+Lena_> (HEH)
[00:26] <+Lena_> (HEH)
[00:26] <@jeffprObst> Okay
[00:26] <+aubrybracco> (420)
[00:26] <+Heather__> (blaze it)
[00:26] <+Lena_> (420)
[00:26] <@jeffprObst> Heather with 420, Redmond and Hillary out, everyone else at $500
[00:26] <@jeffprObst> Next item remains sealed
[00:26] <+FrancineTheFemin> 500
[00:26] <+RedmondOvivor> Inside Ovivor learned earlier today NOT to bid on the next sealed item, as it is river water.
[00:26] <+aubrybracco> Uh... yeah, I'm not gonna bother with that one.
[00:26] <+FrancineTheFemin> Wait
[00:26] <+RedmondOvivor> Just so others are aware #Ovivor9
[00:26] <@jeffprObst> Sold to Francine!
[00:26] <@jeffprObst> Francine, you have won ...
[00:26] <@jeffprObst> Water from the Goascorán River!
[00:26] <+FrancineTheFemin> It's gonna be shit
[00:26] <@jeffprObst> Congratulations!
[00:26] <+FrancineTheFemin> I KNEW IT!
[00:26] * Heather__ stifles laughter
[00:26] * FrancineTheFemin drinks the water
[00:27] <+aubrybracco> Wow.
[00:27] <+FrancineTheFemin> Yummy Cholera!
[00:27] <@jeffprObst> Heather with 420, Redmond/Hillary/Francine out, everyone else at 500
[00:27] <+Heather__> Don't get dysentery sweetie!
[00:27] <@jeffprObst> Next item is an advantage in the next immunity challenge
[00:27] <+Heather__> 40.
[00:27] <+Lena_> 500
[00:27] <+Heather__> Welp.
[00:27] * Squilliam2 gets nervous
[00:27] <@jeffprObst> Wait
[00:27] <+Squilliam2> I need to spend this 500 FANCILY.
[00:27] <@jeffprObst> Sold to Lena!
[00:28] <@jeffprObst> The next item will remain sealed.
[00:28] <+Squilliam2> 500!
[00:28] <+Heather__> Yay Squilliam!
[00:28] <+aubrybracco> Damn, Squilliam... going and ninjaing me
[00:28] * Heather__ claps
[00:28] <+Squilliam2> I'm not sorry, Aubry.
[00:28] <+Squilliam2> I know this is going to be FANCY.
[00:28] <+Squilliam2> ...I hope.
[00:28] <@jeffprObst> Squilliam, you have received a spa date at Palmetta Bay!
[00:28] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): Squilliam is a strange soul. Honestly, I think he's a Gemini.
[00:28] <@jeffprObst> Meaning, you won't be able to vote tonight
[00:28] <@jeffprObst> Nor be voted against
[00:28] <+Squilliam2> :O!!!!
[00:28] <+Heather__> Wow.
[00:28] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): He's friendly but... abrasive.
[00:28] <+Squilliam2> That's the FANCIEST OF ALL!!
[00:29] <+Heather__> That's fancy.
[00:29] <+aubrybracco> That IS fancy :O
[00:29] <+Squilliam2> HAHK HAHK HAHK!!!
[00:29] <+Squilliam2> SEE YA LATER, LOSERS!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
[00:29] <@jeffprObst> The next item will remain sealed
[00:29] <+Heather__> 40!
[00:29] * Squilliam2 jumps on the boat and heads out to the spa
[00:29] <+Heather__> Um.
[00:29] <@jeffprObst> 40 for Heather...
[00:29] <+Heather__> Hello.
[00:29] <@jeffprObst> Going once
[00:29] <@jeffprObst> Going twice
[00:29] <@jeffprObst> Sold to Heather!
[00:29] <+Heather__> Yes!
[00:29] <+Heather__> You guys are AWFUL at this auction.
[00:29] <@jeffprObst> Heather, you've won the greatest prize of all.
[00:29] <+Heather__> :/
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> Love.
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> Come on out, guys!
[00:30] <+Lena_> Love!?
[00:30] <+Heather__> What?
[00:30] <+aubrybracco> What?!
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> *Meninist from Ovivor: Ethiopia comes out for Francine*
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> *Bernie Sanders comes out for Hillary*
[00:30] <+Squilliam2> (CONF): The good news is....I get to skip out on Tribal Council, where a lot of UN-FANCY TWISTS will be ruining someone's game...
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> *Neal comes out for Aubry*
[00:30] <+aubrybracco> (crying)
[00:30] <+HillaryClinton> Hello, Mr. Sanders!
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> *Squidward comes out for Squilliam*
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> *missyae comes out for Redmond*
[00:30] <+FrancineTheFemin> EGH
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> *gwen comes out for Heather*
[00:30] <+FrancineTheFemin> AN MRA
[00:30] <+Heather__> (screaming)
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> *Lena's... father? comes out*
[00:30] <+Heather__> W...w...weird goth girl?
[00:30] <+Lena_> .. Where'd you get this urn..
[00:30] <+Heather__> What is SHE doing here!
[00:30] <+aubrybracco> Neal?!
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> And with that...
[00:31] <+aubrybracco> Neal, I made it past the first merge vote. I wish you could say the same, but...
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> The Ovivor auction is over.
[00:31] <+aubrybracco> Neal, I can barely hear your voice with that hushed tone
[00:31] <+aubrybracco> Speak up
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> I'll give you guys a few minutes to chat with your loved ones before you head to Tribal
[00:31] <+aubrybracco> Cool ice cream pants, though.
[00:31] * Squilliam2 relaxes at the spa
[00:31] <+Squilliam2> What's THIS!?!?! Chocolate ECLAIRS?!?!?
[00:31] * Lena_ sits with urn.
[00:31] * Squilliam2 props feet up on a fancy pillow
[00:31] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): It was absolutely amazing to see Neal tonight. His... well, "love" gave me the strength I needed. I'm just glad it wasn't Nick, honestly.
[00:32] <+Lena_> (wait tribal?)
[00:32] <+Lena_> (where's the challenge wtf)
[00:32] <+Lena_> Hey, dad. This has been really rough, but. I want to tell you..
[00:32] * Lena_ tear fell but immediately smiles.
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> (that was the challenge)
[00:32] <+Lena_> I'm still smiling.
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> (it should have been reward but time limitations honestly)
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> (squilliam is at the spa and so he is immune, he cannot be voted for)
[00:32] <@jeffprObst> (nor can he vote)
[00:34] <@jeffprObst> Come on in , guys
[00:34] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down and take a seat.
[00:34] * HillaryClinton walks in wearing a golden pantsuit
[00:34] <@jeffprObst> ALL - What happened at the last tribal? Will we see something similar?
[00:34] <@jeffprObst> ALL - Are there any lines in the sand, or is this more of a free-for-all, "voting bloc" kind of situation?
[00:34] <+RedmondOvivor> I feel very nervous about this vote. Most of my sources aren't feeding me much information, so I can't really report anything here. It's different from last time. #Ovivor9
[00:34] <+HillaryClinton> Jeff, I tihnk this tribal will definitely draw the lines in the sand. Alliances will be confirmed.
[00:34] <+aubrybracco> Honestly, Jeff, I have no idea what the hell is going on. This is going to be a clusterfuck, and I don't think anyone's ready.
[00:35] <@jeffprObst> Send votes asap.
[00:35] <+aubrybracco> Everyone needs to hold onto their pants because tonight is going to scramble things up.
[00:36] <Brady|Jury> .
[00:36] == Brady|Jury has changed nick to BradyK|Jury
[00:37] <@jeffprObst> Only one vote so far
[00:40] <+RedmondOvivor> CAST MEMBER: Meet Brady Kelly
[00:40] <@jeffprObst> Two votes received
[00:40] <BradyK|Jury> omg ily
[00:40] <BradyK|Jury> @ redmond
[00:41] <+FrancineTheFemin> (Am I the last person to get a wiki page rip me)
[00:41] <BradyK|Jury> Cheeks isn't a baseball player
[00:41] <BradyK|Jury> but
[00:41] <+HillaryClinton> Jeff, if there weren't any lines in the sand before, there definitely are now. I think this vote will SHOCK someone.
[00:42] <+Lena_> Jeff, I'm going to be honest.
[00:42] <+aubrybracco> I've voted. This is going to be a doozy.
[00:43] <+Lena_> If there's anything good right now, I sure hope the cavalry is here soon.
[00:43] <+HillaryClinton> Oh trust, the cavalry will show up. For one side. @Lena
[00:44] <@jeffprObst> Redmond + Francine, need a vote
[00:44] <+RedmondOvivor> (1 second)
[00:44] <+FrancineTheFemin> ( 1 sec)
[00:46] <+aubrybracco> As a Scorpio sun sign but a Gemini rising, I feel like I can easily talk to and connect with people.
[00:46] <+aubrybracco> At least I hope.
[00:46] <+HillaryClinton> Amen sister.
[00:46] <+FrancineTheFemin> (Done with the vote)
[00:46] * HillaryClinton high-fives Aubry
[00:46] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[00:46] <+Lena_> Ever get that feeling of déjà vu?
[00:46] <+Lena_> It feels just like last tribal.
[00:46] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it
[00:46] <@jeffprObst> Now would be the time to do so ...
[00:46] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:46] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:46] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:46] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> Once the votes are read, the decision is final
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> Person voted out will be asked to leave the TC area immediately
[00:47] <+aubrybracco> :o
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> ..
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:47] <@jeffprObst>
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> Hillary.
[00:47] <+HillaryClinton> WOWZA.
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:47] <+HillaryClinton> What a DECEPTIVE VOTE INDEED.
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> Redmond (no parchment).
[00:47] <+aubrybracco> Hmm.
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Hillary, 1 vote Redmond.
[00:47] <+Heather__> Well.
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> Hillary.
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[00:47] * HillaryClinton sighs
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:48] <+HillaryClinton> Here we go AGAIN.
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:48] <@jeffprObst>
[00:48] <+RedmondOvivor> I have a new source that indicates that I'm staying in this game. We'll see about that in a moment.
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> Hillary.
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> 3 votes Hillary, 1 vote Redmond
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> Next person voted out of Ovivor: Honduras & the 2nd member of our jury
[00:48] <@jeffprObst>
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> Hillary.
[00:48] <+HillaryClinton> :(:(
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> Hillary, you need to bring me your torch.
[00:48] * jeffprObst snuffs torch
[00:48] <+HillaryClinton> :(
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> hillary, the tribe has spoken.
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> It's time for you to go.
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> (PLEASE STAY ON FOR A MOMENT, PM ME ON CHAT)
[00:48] <+Lena_> Goodbye, love.
[00:48] <+HillaryClinton> Best of luck, everyone!!
[00:48] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #OvivorHonduras to: ALIYKAYA: Lena, Francine, Aubry, Squilliam, Redmond, Heather || JURY: Brady, Hillary
[00:49] <+Heather__> Sorry,
[00:49] <+RedmondOvivor> Just like your emails, you've been exposed #Ovivor9
[00:49] <+aubrybracco> Bye, Hillary. You're a talented woman.
[00:49] <+Heather__> Miiiight have jumped the gun on that one.
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> *squilliam returns from spa*
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> Give me one second
[00:49] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): This game, man... it takes you places.
[00:50] <+Heather__> Final 6.
[00:50] <+Heather__> I've already beat my Total Drama Action AND Total Drama All-Stars placements!
[00:51] <+Heather__> Score one for HEATHER!
[00:51] <+aubrybracco> Congrats to the final 6, everyone!
[00:51] * aubrybracco draws a manatee on the merged flag in celebration
[00:51] * Squilliam2 returns from the spa
[00:51] <+Squilliam2> Aha!
[00:51] <+Squilliam2> I am REFRESHED.
[00:51] <+Squilliam2> I'm feeling FANCIER than ever.
[00:51] <+Lena_> Welcome back!
[00:51] <+Squilliam2> Just LOOK at my unibrow! o~o
[00:51] <+Lena_> You look quite marvelous!
[00:52] <+RedmondOvivor> Just like manatees, it doesn't look quite like my game is endangered right now#Ovivor9
[00:52] <@jeffprObst> sorry one sec
[00:52] <+Heather__> That unibrow DOES look fancier!
[00:52] <+Squilliam2> Thanks!
[00:53] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[00:53] <@jeffprObst> TREE MAIL:
[00:53] <@jeffprObst>
[00:54] == Lena_ [44706235@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:54] == HillaryClinton [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]

[00:54] == Lena_ [44706235@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:54] == HillaryClinton [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[00:54] <+aubrybracco> Trivia? Finally. I don't want to get too cocky, but THIS is something I can get used to. 👌
[00:54] <+RedmondOvivor> Folklore is a classic Ovivor challenge! I'm excited for the return of this one.
[00:54] <@jeffprObst> You will be given a link to a Maya folklore called “The Hero Twins.” You will have roughly three minutes and thirty seconds to listen to it, before being linked to five questions. The questions themselves are in the form of a jigsaw puzzle you’ll need to solve. Once the puzzle is solved, the answer options will be next to a letter. Once you have completed every puzzle and...
[00:54] <@jeffprObst> ...answered it,...
[00:54] <@jeffprObst> ...attach all the answer letters in a string (in order). The first person with the correct answer string will win immunity.
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> Sound simple enough?
[00:55] == TracerLena [44706235@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> Lena:
[00:55] <TracerLena> Yes, love?
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> You will be given a link to a Maya folklore called “The Hero Twins.” You will have roughly three minutes and thirty seconds to listen to it, before being linked to five questions. The questions themselves are in the form of a jigsaw puzzle you’ll need to solve. Once the puzzle is solved, the answer options will be next to a letter. Once you have completed every puzzle and answered...
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> all
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> the answer letters in a string (in order). The first person with the correct answer string will win immunity.
[00:55] <+aubrybracco> (jesus)
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> ()
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> (?) **
[00:56] <+RedmondOvivor> #ICYMI: Meet Brady Kelly #Ovivor9
[00:56] <@jeffprObst> You guys will be linked to the folklore soon
[00:56] <@jeffprObst> Ovivors ready?
[00:56] <+Heather__> When are the EASY challenges coming, exactly?
[00:56] <@jeffprObst> After 3.5 minutes, you'll get a link to the questions.
[00:56] <+aubrybracco> I'm ready!
[00:56] <+FrancineTheFemin> Me too!
[00:57] <@jeffprObst> 3 ... 2 ... 1
[00:57] <@jeffprObst> – Folklore
[00:57] <@jeffprObst> GO!
[00:58] <+Heather__> what the fuck
[00:58] <+Heather__> @this
[00:58] <@jeffprObst> Time is ticking.
[00:58] <@jeffprObst> Listen carefully.
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> We are well halfway into this folklore
[00:59] <+Heather__> Can the brothers get their GODDAMN shit together
[00:59] <+FrancineTheFemin> "did not make the jump and DIED"
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> Roughly a minute left before the link is posted
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> TIME IS UP.
[01:00] <+aubrybracco> Done!
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> QUESTIONS:
[01:00] <@jeffprObst>
[01:00] <+aubrybracco> That... was horrifying.
[01:01] <@jeffprObst> The first person to post the correct letter string wins immunity.
[01:01] <+aubrybracco> Do we post it here?
[01:02] <@jeffprObst> Yes
[01:02] == mode/#OvivorHonduras [+o TracerLena] by jeffprObst
[01:03] <@TracerLena> AAAAA
[01:03] <@jeffprObst> Incorrect.
[01:04] <+Squilliam2> A, A, B, C, A
[01:04] <@jeffprObst> Incorrect
[01:04] <+Squilliam2> A B A B B
[01:05] <@jeffprObst> All wrong
[01:05] <+Squilliam2> A C B A B
[01:05] <@jeffprObst> Incorrect
[01:05] <+aubrybracco> A - C - A - B - A
[01:05] <@TracerLena> AABAB
[01:05] <+RedmondOvivor> A C A B B
[01:05] <+Squilliam2> A B A B A
[01:05] <@TracerLena> ACABB
[01:05] <+Heather__> B C A B A
[01:05] <+Squilliam2> A C B A B B
[01:05] <@jeffprObst> All wrong.
[01:05] <+aubrybracco> A C B B A
[01:05] <@TracerLena> A C B B A
[01:05] <@TracerLena> A B C C A
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> AUBRY GETS IT
[01:06] <@TracerLena> wait hwat
[01:06] <+FrancineTheFemin> BBBAB
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> A C B B A WAS CORRECT
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> AUBRY WINS IMMUNITY!
[01:06] <@TracerLena> RIGGED
[01:06] <+Squilliam2> Well.
[01:06] <+Squilliam2> That's not very fancy.
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> *puts around Aubry's neck*
[01:06] <+aubrybracco> :D
[01:06] <@TracerLena> Congratulations, Aubry!
[01:06] <+Squilliam2> Aubry, if you want to be FANCY, you'll give it to me.
[01:06] <+Heather__> tfw you were on puzzle 2
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> Congratulations, Aubry.
[01:06] <+Heather__> and people started guessing
[01:06] <+Heather__> Congrats, Aubry!
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> You will have a 1 in 5 shot at winning this game.
[01:06] <+aubrybracco> Thank you, Jeff. ^_^
[01:06] * Heather__ eye twitches
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> As for the rest of you -- one of you will be joining Brady and Hillary at the jury.
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> ~~
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down and take a seat.
[01:07] <+aubrybracco> You know, I didn't think I'd be a challenge beast. I'm still probably not. But being nerdy and meticulously marking down every detail to a story sometimes has its perks.
[01:07] <@jeffprObst> ALL - The last vote was almost unanimous. Can we expect the same tonight?
[01:07] <+Squilliam2> I don't know. I've only been to one Tribal Council in this game....
[01:07] <+Squilliam2> That's pretty fancy if I do say so myself.
[01:08] <@jeffprObst> Send votes ASAP.
[01:09] <+RedmondOvivor> We went from the most complex tribal of all time -- completely awesome -- to a unanimous vote.
[01:09] <+RedmondOvivor> But...they both got me further in the game.
[01:10] <+aubrybracco> Winning the immunity challenge... you know, it felt nice. It felt like I had posted a missing connection on Craigslist and it actually come true. Rare feeling, I'm telling you
[01:10] <+RedmondOvivor> Inside Ovivor subscribers received exclusive information on how this vote will go.
[01:11] <+RedmondOvivor> It's the first time we've leaked game spoilers...and I think we're right on the money with this one.
[01:11] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote sent
[01:11] <+Heather__> Really?
[01:11] <+Heather__> Because I don't think I agree.
[01:11] <+Heather__> : /
[01:12] <+Heather__> @Redmond
[01:12] <@jeffprObst> 2 now
[01:12] <+RedmondOvivor> That's too bad, then @Heather
[01:12] <@jeffprObst> I have votes from Lena + Heather
[01:12] <@jeffprObst> Aubry, Squilliam, Redmond, Francine - please vote
[01:12] <@jeffprObst> got francine's vote
[01:14] <@jeffprObst> Aubry/ Squilliam/Redmond, please send in your votes
[01:14] <+Heather__> (aubry always takes 8 years and I can never tell if she's just slow or planning a#powermove)
[01:15] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[01:15] <@jeffprObst> I have the votes.
[01:15] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it, now would be the time
[01:15] <@jeffprObst> ...
[01:15] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[01:15] <@jeffprObst> Once the votes are read, the decision is final
[01:15] <@jeffprObst> Person voted out will be asked to leave the TC area immediately
[01:15] <@jeffprObst> First vote..
[01:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:15] <+aubrybracco> 👌
[01:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:15] <@jeffprObst> Heather (no parchment)
[01:15] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> ..
[01:16] <+Heather__> Ugh.
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:16] <@jeffprObst>
[01:16] <+Heather__> You couldn't even make your vote for me look pretty? :/
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> Heather.
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Heather.
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:16] <@jeffprObst>
[01:16] <+Heather__> Are you KIDDING me?
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> Redmond.
[01:16] <+Squilliam2> :O!
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> That's 2 votes Heather, 1 vote Redmond
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:16] <+Squilliam2> This vote is so intense....I fear I might faint...again!
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:16] * Squilliam2 faints softly on a cute looking cat pillow
[01:16] <@jeffprObst>
[01:16] <+RedmondOvivor> Inside Ovivor can now safely reveal that Heather will be eliminated tonight.
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> Redmond.
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Redmond, 2 votes Heather
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> 5th vote...
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> ..
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:17] <@jeffprObst>
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> Redmond.
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> 3 votes Redmond, 2 votes Heather
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> Sixth vote...
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> Next person voted out of Ovivor: Honduras and the 3rd member of our jur
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> jury**
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> ......
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> No one.
[01:17] <+Heather__> UGH!
[01:17] <@jeffprObst>
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> This vote is for Heather.
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> We are tied.
[01:17] <+Heather__> Why can't you all EVER stick to the plan?
[01:17] <+RedmondOvivor> It's not over 'til it's over #Ovivor9
[01:17] <+aubrybracco> ...Oh lord.
[01:17] <@TracerLena> Um, Heather.
[01:17] <@TracerLena> ;D
[01:18] <@jeffprObst> Lena, Francine, Aubry, Squilliam - please send me a re-vote.
[01:18] <@TracerLena> You mean, my plan, right? Love.
[01:18] <@TracerLena> <3
[01:18] <+aubrybracco> Okay, I guess I can play a little more like how I wanted to play. I'm not really nervous for rocks, because you know...
[01:18] <+aubrybracco> immunity is great. <3
[01:18] <+RedmondOvivor> Three votes? Guess someone isn't as popular as they thought. #Ovivor9
[01:18] <+RedmondOvivor> And just in case you were wondering, I'm not talking about me.
[01:19] == BradyK|Jury has changed nick to BradyJury
[01:20] <+RedmondOvivor> I'm playing a risky game, but I signed up for a risky game when I leaked the entire Ovivor: All-Stars cast four months in advance.
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> literally 0 re-votes
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> so far
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> No parchment is needed fyi
[01:21] <BradyJury> ..
[01:22] <@jeffprObst> 1 re-vote
[01:22] <@jeffprObst> 2 re votes
[01:23] <+aubrybracco> This is... exhausting.
[01:23] <@jeffprObst> Francine, Aubry -- vote
[01:24] <@jeffprObst> Francine I need your vote
[01:24] <+FrancineTheFemin> Done.
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> Okay...
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> I'll read the votes.
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> Heather.
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> That's 1 vote Heather.
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> Redmond.
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> Third vote...
[01:25] <+FrancineTheFemin> (I have a feeling this is rocks)
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> Redmond.
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> That's 2 votes Redmond, 1 vote Heather
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> Final vote...
[01:25] <+Heather__> Yes!
[01:25] <+Heather__> I'm not going hoooome!
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> The next person voted out of Ovivor: Honduras and the 3rd member of our jury
[01:25] <@jeffprObst> No one.
[01:26] <@jeffprObst> This vote is for Heather.
[01:26] <@jeffprObst> We are deadlocked.
[01:26] <+FrancineTheFemin> (FUCK)
[01:26] <+aubrybracco> ...
[01:26] <+aubrybracco> ...Oh.
[01:26] <+Heather__> (SCREAM this is what happens you lil bitches)
[01:26] <+Squilliam2> :O!!
[01:26] <+RedmondOvivor> Well, I'm safe :)
[01:26] <+aubrybracco> Thank GOD I won this immunity.
[01:26] <+Squilliam2> That is NOT FANCY
[01:26] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[01:26] <@TracerLena> ( told you @francine)
[01:26] <@jeffprObst> Aubry won immunity, you're safe.
[01:26] <@jeffprObst> Heather + Redmond, you two are safe due to being in the tied vote.
[01:26] <+RedmondOvivor> #ICYMI: Meet Heather #Ovivor9
[01:26] * aubrybracco kisses immunity necklace
[01:26] <@jeffprObst> That means Lena, Francine or Squilliam will be going home
[01:26] <+aubrybracco> Thank you so freaking much.
[01:26] <@jeffprObst> Lena/Francine/Squilliam -- pick a rock
[01:26] <+Squilliam2> I am drawing rocks....AGAIN!?!?!
[01:26] <+Squilliam2> This cannot be happening!!!
[01:26] <@jeffprObst> #1 to #3
[01:26] <+Squilliam2> This is NOT fancy!!!
[01:26] * FrancineTheFemin picks rock 1
[01:26] <+Squilliam2> I pick number one!! AGAIN!!
[01:26] <@TracerLena> 3
[01:26] <@jeffprObst> Francine picked 1 first
[01:27] <@TracerLena> Second is the best, Squilliam!
[01:27] <+Squilliam2> but...
[01:27] <+Squilliam2> but...
[01:27] <+Squilliam2> okay....
[01:27] <+Squilliam2> I guess I will take second :(
[01:27] * BradyJury looks on from the jury
[01:27] <@jeffprObst> francine - 1
[01:27] <@jeffprObst> squilliam - 2
[01:27] <@jeffprObst> lena - 3
[01:28] * Squilliam2 trembles
[01:28] <@jeffprObst> 3
[01:28] <@jeffprObst> 2...
[01:28] <@jeffprObst> 1...
[01:28] * FrancineTheFemin reveals
[01:28] * TracerLena reveals.
[01:28] <@jeffprObst> Reveal.
[01:28] <@jeffprObst>
[01:28] <@jeffprObst> Rock #1
[01:28] <@jeffprObst> Aka, Francine.
[01:28] <+aubrybracco> Oh my.
[01:28] <+Squilliam2> ..........................
[01:28] <+Heather__> :O
[01:29] <+FrancineTheFemin> ;(
[01:29] <+Squilliam2> THANK YOU FRANCINE!!
[01:29] * BradyJury bows his head
[01:29] <+Squilliam2> I am so GLAD that I didn't get rock one like I wanted!
[01:29] <+FrancineTheFemin> Welp, it's time to go.
[01:29] <+Squilliam2> That's so FANCY!
[01:29] <@jeffprObst> Francine, you need to bring me your torch.
[01:29] <+FrancineTheFemin> Thanks so much.
[01:29] * TracerLena bites her lip and watches Francine get out.
[01:29] <@jeffprObst> Francine, the tribe has spoken.
[01:29] * jeffprObst snuffs torch
[01:29] <@jeffprObst> time for you to go.
[01:29] <+FrancineTheFemin> Remember to FIGHT PATRIARCHY!
[01:29] == FrancineTheFemin has changed nick to Francine|Jury
[01:29] <@jeffprObst> But.
[01:30] <@jeffprObst> Don't grab your torches.
[01:30] <@jeffprObst> Sit back down.
[01:30] <@jeffprObst> Tonight is a double tribal council.
[01:30] <+Squilliam2> ...
[01:30] <+aubrybracco> wha
[01:30] * Squilliam2 faints
[01:30] <@jeffprObst> You will vote off another person.
[01:30] <@jeffprObst> No one is immune.
[01:30] <@jeffprObst> Send votes ASAP.
[01:30] <+aubrybracco> Oh my god.
[01:30] <@jeffprObst>
[01:30] <+RedmondOvivor> What's with all these rock drawings? I'm confused #Ovivor9
[01:31] <+Heather__> Final 5. I always knew I'd make it here.
[01:31] <+Heather__> Anyone to vote me out earlier would be crazy/
[01:31] == TracerLena [44706235@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[01:31] == LenaTracer [44706235@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[01:32] <@jeffprObst> No votes so far.
[01:32] == Redmond_Ovivor [60ff52a4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[01:33] == BradyJury has changed nick to Brady_Jury
[01:33] <+Heather__> And to think thata any of you losers could blindside ME?
[01:33] <+Heather__> Ha!
[01:33] <@jeffprObst> No votes so far
[01:33] <LenaTracer> Heather is a villain, loves. Look at her arrogance, she reminds me of the archers that shot down the cavalry this game. :(
[01:34] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #OvivorHonduras to: ALIYKAYA: Lena, Aubry, Squilliam, Redmond, Heather || JURY: Brady, Hillary, Francine
[01:34] == RedmondOvivor [60ff52a4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
[01:35] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): Sometimes the guy in the middle of the road gets run over.
[01:35] <Brady_Jury> .
[01:35] <+Heather__> .
[01:36] <LenaTracer> .
[01:36] <+Squilliam2> .
[01:36] <@jeffprObst> No lag. Send votes.
[01:36] <LenaTracer> How many votes so far?
[01:37] == Heather__ [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[01:37] == Heather__ [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorHonduras
[01:37] <+Squilliam2> (I have to go soon please vote!!)
[01:37] <Heather__> When's the next CHALLENGE.
[01:38] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote
[01:38] <Heather__> (o I forgot @vote)
[01:38] <@jeffprObst> I have a vote from Lena and that's it
[01:38] <@jeffprObst> Aubry, Squilliam, Redmond, Heather -- vote.
[01:38] <@jeffprObst> If parchment is hindering you, just send me any vote
[01:38] <+aubrybracco> (VOTING CONF): I'm sorry. You're a threat, and I... I just don't really know. :(
[01:39] <+aubrybracco> (that turned out differently than I expected but wow @ that purple)
[01:39] * Brady_Jury BradyKellyJury
[01:39] == Brady_Jury has changed nick to BradyKellyJury
[01:40] <LenaTracer> (VOTING CONF): The world needs more heroes.
[01:41] <Redmond_Ovivor> According to recent rumours, tonight might not go as expected.
[01:41] <Redmond_Ovivor> However, as expected, they are likely...only rumours.
[01:41] <@jeffprObst> 4 votes
[01:42] <@jeffprObst> OKAY.
[01:42] <@jeffprObst> The votes are in,
[01:42] <+Squilliam2> .
[01:42] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it
[01:42] <@jeffprObst> Now would be the time to do so
[01:42] * Squilliam2 stands reluctantly
[01:42] * Squilliam2 walks up to Jeff
[01:42] <+Squilliam2> Jeff.....
[01:42] <Heather__> WHAT?
[01:42] <+aubrybracco> This is gonna be a doozy.
[01:42] <+aubrybracco> Wha?!
[01:42] <+Squilliam2> Idols are always more FANCY when you play them on someone else.
[01:42] * Squilliam2 turns to Heather
[01:42] <+Squilliam2> Heather, did you vote for who I told you to vote for ?
[01:42] <Redmond_Ovivor> I knew there was a trap.
[01:43] <Redmond_Ovivor> I knew it.
[01:43] <Heather__> Y-yes...
[01:43] <+aubrybracco> It's a trap. :o
[01:43] * Redmond_Ovivor looks over at Lena
[01:43] * Squilliam2 turns to Jeff
[01:43] <LenaTracer> ...
[01:43] <+Squilliam2> I play my idol on Heather.
[01:43] <Redmond_Ovivor> Did you know this would happen?
[01:43] * Squilliam2 walks back fancily
[01:43] <Redmond_Ovivor> This is a disaster.
[01:43] <Redmond_Ovivor> a DISASTER.
[01:43] <LenaTracer> Damn.
[01:43] <Heather__> HA!
[01:43] <+aubrybracco> This... This is not something I expected, to say the least.
[01:43] <+aubrybracco> Oh no.
[01:43] * Squilliam2 crosses legs fancily
[01:43] <Redmond_Ovivor> I heard nothing of this. Absolutely nothing.
[01:43] <@jeffprObst> This ... is a hidden immunity idol.
[01:43] <Heather__> Can't vote me out this time around!
[01:43] <+Squilliam2> This will be the -FANCIEST- vote of the season!
[01:43] <@jeffprObst> Any votes for Heather will not count.
[01:43] <@jeffprObst> I'll read the votes.
[01:43] <@jeffprObst> 1st vote...
[01:43] <Heather__> Thanks, Squilliam!
[01:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:43] <Redmond_Ovivor> I...
[01:43] <Redmond_Ovivor> Wow.
[01:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:43] <LenaTracer> Wow.
[01:43] <Redmond_Ovivor> I don't know what to say.
[01:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:43] <@jeffprObst>
[01:43] <@jeffprObst> Heather, does not count.
[01:43] <+aubrybracco> I'm in awe.
[01:43] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote ...
[01:43] <Redmond_Ovivor> I just don't know what to say I didn't report this. #Ovivor9
[01:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:44] <Redmond_Ovivor> What a blindside! #Ovivor9
[01:44] <@jeffprObst>
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> Heather, does not count.
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> Third vote...
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> ..
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> Heather, does not count.
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> (no parchment)
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:44] <Heather__> even AUBRY voted for me?
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:44] <BradyKellyJury> ...
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:44] <Heather__> REALLY?
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> ... Redmond.
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> ... Next person voted out of Ovivor: Honduras & the 4th member of our jury
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> Redmond.
[01:44] <Heather__> :)
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> Redmond, you need to bring me your torch.
[01:44] <+Squilliam2> Sorry, Redmond! o~o
[01:44] * jeffprObst snuffs torch
[01:44] <@jeffprObst> Redmond, the tribe has spoken.
[01:44] <LenaTracer> Damn.
[01:45] <+aubrybracco> (yo I SENT you a parchment)
[01:45] <Heather__> Did your inside info see THAT coming?
[01:45] <+aubrybracco> ...I'm sorry, Redmond. :(
[01:45] <Redmond_Ovivor> ...It hurts.
[01:45] * LenaTracer shakes her head speechless.
[01:45] <@jeffprObst> Final Immunity Challenge momentarily
[01:46] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): This game has been full of ups and downs, and you know, this final challenge is huge. Either way, I'm not going down without a fight.
[01:47] <Heather__> Wow.

[01:47] <Heather__> Wow.
[01:47] <Heather__> I'm so glad that I have ONE person in the final four I can depend on.
[01:47] <Heather__> Thanks Squilliam.
[01:47] * Heather__ glares at Lena and Aubry
[01:47] <+Squilliam2> Stay fancy!
[01:47] <LenaTracer> Silly, love. I never align with villains!
[01:48] <+aubrybracco> :(
[01:48] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[01:48] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your final immunity challenge?
[01:48] <Heather__> I'm READY to win!
[01:48] <+Squilliam2> I'm READY!
[01:49] <Heather__> I won the final challenge of World Tour
[01:49] <Heather__> I can win this one!
[01:49] <@jeffprObst> Today's challenge is called Entrapment.
[01:49] <@jeffprObst> It's simple.
[01:49] <@jeffprObst> On a 5x5 board
[01:49] <@jeffprObst> You will each start out on one corner
[01:49] <@jeffprObst> You can move diagonal
[01:49] <@jeffprObst> Horizontal
[01:49] <@jeffprObst> Vertical
[01:49] <@jeffprObst> Any way - but you can only move one space at a time
[01:49] <+aubrybracco> (fuck)
[01:49] <@jeffprObst> When you have no more moves to make, you are out
[01:49] <+aubrybracco> I'm ready, Jeff!
[01:49] <@jeffprObst> One more thing
[01:49] <@jeffprObst> When I post a link to the current board
[01:49] <@jeffprObst> That is when you make your next move
[01:49] <@jeffprObst> It's first come, first serve
[01:49] <@jeffprObst> Whoever jumps on the space first wins it
[01:50] <@jeffprObst> I want the exact coordinates (number and letter)
[01:50] <@jeffprObst> Simple enough?
[01:50] <+Squilliam2> .
[01:50] <LenaTracer> Fine.
[01:50] <@jeffprObst> Alright
[01:50] <Heather__> Let's GO.
[01:50] <Heather__> (I LIED I HAVE TO PEE LET'S NOT GO)
[01:50] <LenaTracer> (WAIT WHICH CORNER ARE WE IN)
[01:50] <+aubrybracco> Let's do this. There's no way I'm going to back down right now.
[01:50] <LenaTracer> (ARE U GONNA POST A PIC)
[01:51] <+Squilliam2> test
[01:51] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #OvivorHonduras to: ALIYKAYA: Lena, Aubry, Squilliam, Heather || JURY: Brady, Hillary, Francine, Redmond
[01:51] <@jeffprObst> (yeah I am)
[01:51] <@jeffprObst> (one sec)
[01:51] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): It's do or die for me. Today I need to win the immunity necklace.
[01:51] <Heather__> nacl
[01:51] <@jeffprObst>
[01:52] <@jeffprObst> Round one, make your moves
[01:52] <+Squilliam2> left one
[01:52] <LenaTracer> d2
[01:52] <Heather__> A2
[01:52] <+aubrybracco> B5
[01:52] <LenaTracer> wait no
[01:52] <+Squilliam2> D4?
[01:52] <LenaTracer> d4
[01:52] <@jeffprObst> Squilliam, that's not a valid move
[01:52] <+Squilliam2> I don't know what to say!
[01:52] <+Squilliam2> Put me left one!
[01:53] <+Squilliam2> D1
[01:53] <@jeffprObst> Okay
[01:53] <@jeffprObst> Round 2
[01:53] <+Squilliam2> D2
[01:54] <LenaTracer> c3
[01:54] <+aubrybracco> B4
[01:54] <Heather__> I said A2.
[01:54] <Heather__> Not B2.
[01:54] <@jeffprObst> Oops, fixing that
[01:54] <Heather__> I can't believe this obvious RIGGAGE against me!
[01:54] <Heather__> (CONF): If I lose this immunity challenge, OHF is getting SUED for everything he's got!
[01:54] <@jeffprObst> Round three
[01:54] <LenaTracer> d3
[01:55] <+Squilliam2> D2
[01:55] <+Squilliam2> no wait
[01:55] <+aubrybracco> b3
[01:55] <+Squilliam2> B2
[01:55] <Heather__> a3
[01:55] <+Squilliam2> no wait
[01:55] <+Squilliam2> d3
[01:55] <+Squilliam2> D3 is my FINAL answer
[01:55] <@jeffprObst> stop moving
[01:55] <@jeffprObst> you can't do d3
[01:55] <@jeffprObst> Lena moved there
[01:55] <@jeffprObst> I need a valid move squilliam
[01:55] <+Squilliam2> D2
[01:56] <@jeffprObst> Round Four
[01:56] <LenaTracer> e2
[01:56] <Heather__> B2
[01:56] <+Squilliam2> E3
[01:56] <LenaTracer> Bye, Squilliam. :)
[01:56] <LenaTracer> oh
[01:56] <LenaTracer> SHIT
[01:56] <+aubrybracco> b2
[01:56] <+aubrybracco> wait no
[01:56] <+aubrybracco> c4
[01:56] <+aubrybracco> can't do b2
[01:57] <@jeffprObst> Lena is out of this challenge
[01:57] <@jeffprObst> Round Five
[01:58] <+Squilliam2> E4
[01:58] <+aubrybracco> c5
[01:58] <Heather__> b1
[01:58] <LenaTracer> wwait
[01:58] <+aubrybracco> WAIT
[01:58] <+aubrybracco> d5
[01:58] <@jeffprObst> Squilliam is out of this challenge
[01:58] <+Squilliam2> Aubry, I TRUSTED you.
[01:58] <@jeffprObst> It's down to Aubry and Heather
[01:58] <+Squilliam2> That is NOT fancy.
[01:58] <@jeffprObst> Here's how this works
[01:58] <Redmond_Ovivor> (And I trusted you, Squilliam)
[01:58] <+aubrybracco> Sorry, Squilliam. I really want to win. :(
[01:58] <@jeffprObst> Heather, Aubry you each have 1 square left
[01:58] <Redmond_Ovivor> (#TheTablesHaveTurned)
[01:58] <@jeffprObst> When I post a link to the board
[01:59] <Heather__> (aubry has 2)
[01:59] <Heather__> (she wins)
[01:59] <@jeffprObst> (she doesn't)
[01:59] <@jeffprObst> (she only has d5)
[01:59] <LenaTracer> (tie)
[01:59] <BradyKellyJury> c5*
[01:59] <Heather__> o tru
[01:59] <@jeffprObst> When I post a link to the board
[01:59] <@jeffprObst> The first person to post their final option
[01:59] <@jeffprObst> Heather's being C1
[01:59] <@jeffprObst> And Aubry's being D5
[01:59] <BradyKellyJury> c5*
[01:59] <+aubrybracco> C5*
[02:00] <@jeffprObst> aubry you're on c5 right now
[02:00] <+aubrybracco> o okay
[02:00] <BradyKellyJury> no she moved
[02:00] <+aubrybracco> I switched at the last second but that doesn't really matter
[02:00] <@jeffprObst> wait no you moved
[02:00] <+aubrybracco> so
[02:00] <@jeffprObst> same thing
[02:00] <+aubrybracco> that's fine
[02:00] <+aubrybracco> oh okay
[02:00] <@jeffprObst> C5 ** then
[02:00] <+aubrybracco> yeah
[02:00] <+aubrybracco> C5
[02:00] <@jeffprObst> the first person to move gets immunity
[02:00] <@jeffprObst> simple enough?
[02:00] <Heather__> Get it TOGETHER.
[02:00] <+aubrybracco> Sounds good!
[02:00] <+aubrybracco> .
[02:00] <@jeffprObst> FInal Round
[02:00] <Heather__> c1
[02:00] <+aubrybracco> C5
[02:00] <@jeffprObst> HEATHER WINS FINAL IMMUNITY!
[02:00] <Heather__> YES!
[02:01] <+aubrybracco> What?!
[02:01] * jeffprObst puts immunity necklace around heather's neck
[02:01] <+aubrybracco> Congrats, Heather. You really deserved that one. :D
[02:01] <Heather__> I'm in the final three! And you guys aren't! Nah-nah-nah!
[02:01] <@jeffprObst> Congratulations, Heather, you will have a 1 in 3 shot at winning this game and you will be able to plead your case to the jury
[02:01] <Heather__> (CONF): Being gracious is overrated.
[02:02] <@jeffprObst> Aubry, Lena, Squililam - one of you will become the fifth and final member of our jury
[02:02] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys
[02:02] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down and take a seat
[02:02] <@jeffprObst> ALL - SEND VOTES SOON.
[02:02] <@jeffprObst> 1/4 votes received
[02:02] * Heather__ takes a seat as obnoxiously as possile
[02:03] * BradyKellyJury glances from the jury

[02:04] * aubrybracco takes seat as well, practically looking dead

[02:04] * LenaTracer sits in her seat, and looks down, seemingly defeated.
[02:04] * LenaTracer pops up.
[02:04] <LenaTracer> Cheers up, love!
[02:05] * LenaTracer tries to pick up Aubry.
[02:05] <LenaTracer> We played a good game.
[02:05] <LenaTracer> You too! @Squilliam.
[02:05] <@jeffprObst> Aubry, I need a vote
[02:05] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[02:05] <@jeffprObst> Once the votes are read the decision is finale
[02:05] <@jeffprObst> final *
[02:05] <@jeffprObst> Person voted out will be asked to leave immediately
[02:05] <+aubrybracco> (CONF): Well... almost at the end, and if there's any night that I'm going to be on the wrong side of a vote, it's tonight. But I just have to try my hardest and hopefully, I'll see Day 39.
[02:05] <@jeffprObst> First vote ...
[02:05] <@jeffprObst> .
[02:05] <@jeffprObst> .
[02:05] <@jeffprObst> .
[02:05] <@jeffprObst> .
[02:06] <@jeffprObst>
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> Lena.
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> That's 1 vote Lena.
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> .
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> .
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> .
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> .
[02:06] <@jeffprObst>
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> Aubry. That's 1 vote Lena, 1 vote Aubry
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> Third vote...
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> .
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> .
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> .
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> Lena (no parchment).
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Lena, 1 vote Aubry
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote left...
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> .
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> .
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> .
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> .
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> .
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> Next person voted out of Ovivor: Honduras & the 5th and final member of our jury
[02:06] <@jeffprObst>
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> Lena.
[02:06] <@jeffprObst> Lena, you need to bring me your torch.
[02:07] <+aubrybracco> :(
[02:07] <@jeffprObst> Lena, the tribe has spoken.
[02:07] <LenaTracer> Alright, loves.
[02:07] * jeffprObst snuffs torch
[02:07] <LenaTracer> GG.
[02:07] <@jeffprObst> (LENA PM ME ON WIKI CHAT)
[02:07] * BradyKellyJury lets out a sigh of relief
[02:07] <@jeffprObst> Well.
[02:07] <@jeffprObst> You've made it as far as you can in this game.
[02:07] <@jeffprObst> Aubry.
[02:07] <@jeffprObst> Squilliam.
[02:07] <@jeffprObst> Heather.
[02:07] * BradyKellyJury gives heart symbol with hands to Aubry
[02:07] <@jeffprObst> The power now shifts to the jury
[02:07] <Heather__> Duh.
[02:07] <+aubrybracco> Congrats, Lena. You played a great game. <3
[02:07] <@jeffprObst> The 5 people you had a hand in voting out
[02:07] <Heather__> Who DIDN'T think I'd make it this far?
[02:07] <@jeffprObst> Will now determine your fate in this game.
[02:07] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #OvivorHonduras to: ALIYKAYA: Aubry, Squilliam, Heather || JURY: Brady, Hillary, Francine, Redmond, Lena
[02:07] <+Squilliam2> Well...I've made it THIS far with ZERO votes against me!
[02:07] <+Squilliam2> How FANCY is that?
[02:07] <@jeffprObst> (give me one sec to organize ftc)
[02:07] == LenaTracer has changed nick to LenaTracer|Jury

Torch Final Tribal Council Torch