[20:33] == cOnfessional [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[20:33] == mode/#Ovivor [+ns] by
[20:34] == jeffprObst [] has joined #Ovivor
[20:35] == AnAlmond [457c408c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[20:35] == DeathWarMachine [d03646e8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[20:36] <DeathWarMachine> Guys, what if OHF had boobies?
[20:36] == Realta [63c024bf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[20:36] == thinking [60ead263@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[20:37] == AudreyMiddleton [] has joined #Ovivor
[20:37] <AudreyMiddleton> Hi guys!
[20:37] <AudreyMiddleton> I'm Audrey
[20:37] <AudreyMiddleton> and I'm the first transgender contestant in Ovivor history!
[20:37] == thinking [60ead263@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[20:37] == DeathWarMachine has changed nick to __Pepper__
[20:38] == Kamek_ [46b9d9ba@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[20:38] <Kamek_> Excellent!
[20:38] == TBA [ae3c3961@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[20:38] == mode/#Ovivor [+o jeffprObst] by cOnfessional
[20:38] == mode/#Ovivor [+v __Pepper__] by cOnfessional
[20:38] == mode/#Ovivor [+v AnAlmond] by cOnfessional
[20:38] == mode/#Ovivor [+v AudreyMiddleton] by cOnfessional
[20:38] == mode/#Ovivor [+v Kamek_] by cOnfessional
[20:38] == mode/#Ovivor [+v Realta] by cOnfessional
[20:38] * __Pepper__ runs around in a circle
[20:38] <+AudreyMiddleton> Of couse you are!
[20:38] <+AudreyMiddleton> Hi Pepper, I'm Audrey!
[20:38] == Bowser| [~Bowser|] has joined #Ovivor
[20:39] <+__Pepper__> PLAY WITH ME!! C:
[20:39] <+Kamek_> EEEEEEEEEEK!
[20:39] == mode/#Ovivor [+v Bowser|] by cOnfessional
[20:39] <+Kamek_> Bowser, sir!
[20:39] * __Pepper__ hands Audrey a rose with a prickly edge
[20:39] == Hetero_Hector [40cbbd8d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[20:39] <+Bowser|> Bwa-ha-ha! I'm HERE!
[20:39] == Disgust [ae19f218@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[20:39] <+Bowser|> Kamek! Is the castle cleaned up completely?
[20:39] <+AudreyMiddleton> Aw, thank you! <#
[20:39] <+Kamek_> ...Well, no but...
[20:39] <+Bowser|> After my "Koopa Pilates" session a few days ago, I... sure did a number on most of the rooms.
[20:39] <+Bowser|> ARGH!
[20:39] <@jeffprObst> By the way guys, I'm using Chatzilla not PJIRC so you CAN pm me on here. (sun)
[20:39] <+Kamek_> SCREEEEEEEECH
[20:39] <+AnAlmond> Hello, inferior beings.
[20:39] == RexTRex [] has joined #Ovivor
[20:39] <+AnAlmond> It is I, the mighty almond.
[20:39] <+Bowser|> Argh! What's that font?! My eyes are already weary, I'm getting old! Gaaaack
[20:39] == mode/#Ovivor [+v Disgust] by cOnfessional
[20:40] == mode/#Ovivor [+v Hetero_Hector] by cOnfessional
[20:40] == mode/#Ovivor [+v RexTRex] by cOnfessional
[20:40] == JaclynSchultz [457aac8a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[20:40] <+RexTRex> Hello?
[20:40] <JaclynSchultz> Hey everyone!
[20:40] <@cOnfessional> Send confessionals to me, though.
[20:40] <+Kamek_> Shall I fetch your reading glasses, Master Bowser?
[20:40] <JaclynSchultz> (oh wait this isnt all-stars)
[20:40] <JaclynSchultz> (me)
[20:40] == __Pepper__ has changed nick to DenzelCrocker
[20:40] <@cOnfessional> (me)
[20:40] <+RexTRex> Ah, here we go!
[20:40] <+DenzelCrocker> WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE??
[20:40] <+DenzelCrocker> WHY ARE WE ON AN ISLAND??
[20:40] <+DenzelCrocker> HOW DID I GET HERE???
[20:40] <+AnAlmond> You will all bow to my kind one day. Heed my warning.
[20:40] <+DenzelCrocker> THIS MUST BE THE WORK OF.....
[20:40] <+DenzelCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENTS!
[20:40] * DenzelCrocker spazzes
[20:40] == MrsPrimrose [] has joined #Ovivor
[20:40] <+RexTRex> I'm thinking the same thing!
[20:40] <+RexTRex> I get so nervous when flying, honestly.
[20:40] <+Kamek_> I am a KOOPA WIZARD!
[20:40] <+RexTRex> I don't think I'm ready for this!
[20:40] <+Kamek_> Nyah!
[20:40] <+RexTRex> I just don't!
[20:40] <+Bowser|> Ha. You? Fly?
[20:41] == JaclynSchultz has changed nick to Thinking|
[20:41] <+RexTRex> I'm not compelled to do well within disasters!
[20:41] <+Realta> (Keep writing like that and I'll kill you.)
[20:41] <+Bowser|> You're shrimpier than... uh, that shrimp I ate last night!
[20:41] == AnAlmond [457c408c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[20:41] <+Kamek_> Wow! Incredible joke, master!
[20:41] <+DenzelCrocker> "KOOPA"??
[20:41] == AnAlmond [457c408c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[20:41] <+Kamek_> Hyahhayh
[20:41] <+DenzelCrocker> Is this something Timmy wished up??
[20:41] <+DenzelCrocker> I know he has FAIRY GOD PARENTS *spaz*
[20:41] <MrsPrimrose> Hello, all.
[20:41] <+Kamek_> Who is this, "Timmy", you speak of?
[20:41] <@jeffprObst> We have 12
[20:41] <+Bowser|> What are you TALKING about, you loon?! @Denzel
[20:41] <+DenzelCrocker> AAAHHH!!!
[20:41] <+DenzelCrocker> IS THAT...
[20:41] == mode/#Ovivor [+v AnAlmond] by cOnfessional
[20:41] <+DenzelCrocker> A MAGICAL WAND!?!?!
[20:41] <+AnAlmond> You humans and your pathetic beliefs in "gods" and "fairies"
[20:41] == mode/#Ovivor [+v MrsPrimrose] by cOnfessional
[20:41] * DenzelCrocker pulls out net
[20:41] * DenzelCrocker captures Kamek
[20:41] == Peach [ae3c3961@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[20:41] <+Bowser|> I'm an EVIL OVERLORD! I spend most of my time in my CASTLE!
[20:41] <+AnAlmond> There is nothing beyond this world in which we live.
[20:41] <+DenzelCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!
[20:41] <+Bowser|> Back off, wrinkles!
[20:41] <@jeffprObst> PM ME WHO YOU ARE.
[20:42] <+MrsPrimrose> It's great to be in such a wonderful place
[20:42] == mode/#Ovivor [+v Peach] by cOnfessional
[20:42] <+AnAlmond> Only death and cold, cold oblivion.
[20:42] <+Bowser|> ...
[20:42] <+Kamek_> UHAND ME YOU VILE BEING
[20:42] <+Bowser|> P-p-Princess?
[20:42] <+Kamek_> @Denzel
[20:42] == TBA [ae3c3961@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[20:42] * Peach squeals
[20:42] <+Kamek_> MASTER HEL{P
[20:42] <+Peach> MARIOOOOOOO!!!!
[20:42] <+Bowser|> YES! And that dumb old Mario isn't here either!
[20:42] == Peach has changed nick to Guest43230
[20:42] == RexTRex [] has quit [Client Quit]
[20:42] == Guest43230 has changed nick to PrincessPeach_
[20:42] <+Bowser|> Time to set "Operation: Kidnap Peach: Version 98247578428524" into MOTION! WHOO!
[20:42] <+PrincessPeach_> OH WHO AM I KIDDING, HE ISN'T COMING!
[20:42] == thinkingagain [60ead263@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[20:42] <@cOnfessional> Kamek / Peach please stop playing 2
[20:42] <+Realta> *Sits crossed legged and stares at the others*
[20:42] <+Hetero_Hector> So Bowser, I know you're a turtle but are you like, a dude turtle?
[20:42] <+Bowser|> Kamek, you're magicky and stuff! Get YOURSELF out!
[20:42] <+Kamek_> CREEEEEEEEECH
[20:42] <+Kamek_> what @O
[20:42] <@jeffprObst> Kamek/Peach you guys share the same IP
[20:42] <+Kamek_> I'm not playing two though
[20:43] <+PrincessPeach_> CONF: I guess I'll have to deal with Bowser myself... ohhhh Mario, so unreliable! -_-
[20:43] <@jeffprObst> PM ME WHO YOU ARE.
[20:43] * Disgust walks in
[20:43] <+Disgust> Ew. Everyone's outfits here make me want to barf.
[20:43] == thinkingagain has changed nick to MotivationalShia
[20:43] == DeterminedSnail [uid90476@gateway/web/] has joined #Ovivor
[20:43] <+Hetero_Hector> Because I'm totally straight and like, not saying you're hot or anything *unless* you ARE a giant girl turtle thing.
[20:43] <+Bowser|> Uh, yeah, I'm a dude turtle!
[20:43] <+Bowser|> Haven't you SEEN these bulging biceps?
[20:43] <+MrsPrimrose> You know as a woman of god
[20:43] <+Kamek_> On cOnfessional or jeffprObst
[20:43] <+Realta> But this is the traditional outfit of my people. How can it be distasteful?
[20:43] <+MrsPrimrose> Some maassumeI'magainsthomosexuality
[20:43] * Bowser| pulls Kamek aside
[20:43] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): They're so bad about casting they had to cast animals?
[20:43] <+AnAlmond> I am an almond. I am not bound by the hormonal limitations of your species.
[20:43] <MotivationalShia> WOMEN...can have biceps too.
[20:43] * Kamek_ is pulled aside
[20:43] <MotivationalShia> That's okay.
[20:43] <+Bowser|> Okay. Minion. Create a diversion, and I'll snag Peach.
[20:43] <+AnAlmond> I feel no need to mate. Only to consume water.
[20:43] <MotivationalShia> That's an alright thing.
[20:43] <@cOnfessional> %C7,9 jeffprObst
[20:43] <MotivationalShia> Exercise is GOOD!
[20:44] <@cOnfessional> oops
[20:44] <+Hetero_Hector> Oh know i'm fien with the gays
[20:44] <+Hetero_Hector> It's just I'm straight you know
[20:44] <@jeffprObst> you pm me
[20:44] * DeterminedSnail crawls to the contestants
[20:44] <+Kamek_> Why must I always be the one to create the diversion?
[20:44] <+AudreyMiddleton> Hi guys!!!
[20:44] <DeterminedSnail> I can make it you guys!
[20:44] <+MrsPrimrose> But I support it....
[20:44] <@jeffprObst> also nvm
[20:44] <+Hetero_Hector> ANd like?? How do they have sex without a vagubra or whatever you know
[20:44] <+Hetero_Hector> I don't know
[20:44] <+MrsPrimrose> as long as there are no...
[20:44] <+MrsPrimrose> dirty doings.
[20:44] <+AudreyMiddleton> As the first transgender houseguest, I hope to bring a lot of love and acceptance to the world!
[20:44] <+AnAlmond> You will never truly make it. You will just end up subservient to my species, the almond. @Snail
[20:44] <MotivationalShia> Ugh. Dude. That's not APPROPRIATE.
[20:44] <+MrsPrimrose> Dirty doings should NOT be going on.
[20:44] <MotivationalShia> That's not APPROPRIATE to say.
[20:44] <+Hetero_Hector> Just keep your sexuality out of my face tbh :)))
[20:44] * MotivationalShia breathes heavily
[20:44] <MotivationalShia> You can't DO that.
[20:44] <DeterminedSnail> Slowly but surely
[20:44] * Kamek_ runs out into the middle of the field
[20:44] <DeterminedSnail> I'm almost here.
[20:44] <+Realta> You are very brave, Audrey. That is a most excellent trait to carry.
[20:44] <+Kamek_> I AM A DIVERSION
[20:44] <+Bowser|> Slowly but surely? HA! I'll stomp on you all!
[20:44] == mode/#Ovivor [+v DeterminedSnail] by cOnfessional
[20:44] <+DenzelCrocker> HOW ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE JUST APPEARING THERE??????????
[20:44] == mode/#Ovivor [+v MotivationalShia] by cOnfessional
[20:45] <@jeffprObst>
[20:45] <+DenzelCrocker> THIS HAS TO BE THE WORK OF........
[20:45] <+DenzelCrocker> FAIRY
[20:45] <+DenzelCrocker> GOD
[20:45] <+Bowser|> KAMEK! NO MORE YELLIN'!
[20:45] <+DenzelCrocker> PARENTS!!!
[20:45] <@jeffprObst> PM ME WHO YOU ARE
[20:45] <@jeffprObst> PM ME WHO YOU ARE
[20:45] <@jeffprObst> PM ME WHO YOU ARE
[20:45] <@jeffprObst> PM ME WHO YOU ARE
[20:45] <+Kamek_> AAAAAAAAAAAAH--okay.
[20:45] <+AnAlmond> There is no God. Only almonds. @Crocker
[20:45] <+AudreyMiddleton> Uhh...
[20:45] <+Bowser|> Okay, that's enough.
[20:45] <+AudreyMiddleton> Are you okay, Crocker?
[20:45] * Bowser| snags Peach
[20:45] <+AnAlmond> We are the beginning AND the end.
[20:45] <@jeffprObst> PM ME WHO YOU ARE
[20:45] <+AudreyMiddleton> What happened to Pepper?
[20:45] <+AnAlmond> The alpha and the omega.
[20:45] <+Bowser|> Oh, Princess Peach! Your cuddly old Bowser's here!
[20:45] <+Bowser|> Haw, haw, haw!
[20:45] <+AnAlmond> The true perfect being.
[20:46] <+Kamek_> Good work, Master Bowser!
[20:46] <+DeterminedSnail> I've made it 1 inch!
[20:46] <+DeterminedSnail> Success!
[20:46] <@cOnfessional> %C7,9 PM ME WHO YOU ARE
[20:46] <+Bowser|> As usual. @Kamek
[20:46] <+DeterminedSnail> Only 235,782 inches to go!
[20:46] <+PrincessPeach_> CONF: He's probably off with that whore Rosalina... no wonder!
[20:46] <+MrsPrimrose> Bowser, Peach.
[20:46] <+MrsPrimrose> I hope there are no....
[20:46] <@cOnfessional> Realta, Disgust, and Audrey - PM ME WHO YOU ARE.
[20:46] <+MrsPrimrose> dirty doings going on between you two.
[20:46] <+Kamek_> Yes, yes as usual my BRILLIANT planning has paid off for you! @Bowser
[20:46] <+MrsPrimrose> I find dirty doingswrong.
[20:46] <+PrincessPeach_> Um yeah... no thank you! :) @Bowser
[20:47] <+AnAlmond> What are these dirty doing you refer to? @MrsPrimrose
[20:47] * PrincessPeach_ takes a large step backwards
[20:47] <+AnAlmond> I do not no anything of them, for as an almond, I have no genitals.
[20:47] <Thinking|> WAIT
[20:47] <+Bowser|> Aw, COME ON!
[20:47] <Thinking|> am i late
[20:47] <Thinking|> WAIT
[20:47] <+AnAlmond> Nothing like that to hold me down.
[20:47] <+Disgust> Literally, tell me what to do again.
[20:47] <+Bowser|> I have to strengthen up before I can attempt this again.
[20:47] <+PrincessPeach_> Maybe later you can... uh... cuddle with me... o-o
[20:47] <@cOnfessional> Audrey/Realta?
[20:47] * DenzelCrocker hides in the bushes with an anti-fairy-escaping net
[20:47] <+DeterminedSnail> I've made it another inch!
[20:47] <+DenzelCrocker> I'll wait for you.............
[20:47] <+PrincessPeach_> but for now, I have princess... duties to attend to!
[20:47] <+DenzelCrocker> And then when I catch you........
[20:47] <+Bowser|> Wait... Cuddling? Did someone say cuddling? And was that someone PEACH?!
[20:47] <+DenzelCrocker> You'll be all MINE!!!
[20:47] <+Bowser|> YES!
[20:47] <+DenzelCrocker> haHAHA a
[20:47] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm going to make it!
[20:47] <+DenzelCrocker> AHAHAHAHAHA
[20:47] <+PrincessPeach_> GO HARASS ANOTHER PRINCESS! -_-
[20:47] * DeterminedSnail finds a slingshot
[20:47] <+DenzelCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!
[20:47] <+Bowser|> See that, Mario?! You're probably... at home! Doing lame stuff! HA!
[20:47] <+PrincessPeach_> WHERE IS DAISY WHEN I NEED HER?!
[20:47] <+Kamek_> Wait, she said no! What do we do now Master Bowser?
[20:48] == Thinking| has changed nick to Nikita|
[20:48] <@cOnfessional> A U D R EY
[20:48] <@cOnfessional> You are being kicked if I don't find out who you are
[20:48] * DeterminedSnail uses the slingshot and lands on Peach
[20:48] <+MotivationalShia> NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.
[20:48] <+DeterminedSnail> Oops sorry Peach!
[20:48] <+AnAlmond> I am an almond and I DEMAND to be respected!
[20:48] <+Bowser|> Uh... To be honest, I didn't really prepare for that part. @Kamek
[20:48] <+MotivationalShia> Get to the point where anybody else would quit. Don't STOP there.
[20:48] <+Kamek_> Curses!
[20:48] * Realta bows to the Princess. You seem very kind.
[20:48] <+Bowser|> I usually just get back to th' castle and start sobbing.
[20:48] <+MotivationalShia> YES YOU CAN!
[20:48] <+AudreyMiddleton> THERE.
[20:48] <+DeterminedSnail> I hope your okay!
[20:48] <+AudreyMiddleton> CONFESSIONAL.
[20:48] <+MotivationalShia> THIS GOES TO EVERYONE!
[20:48] <+Bowser|> Not sobbing. Sweating from my eyes.
[20:48] <+AudreyMiddleton> I TOLD JEFF.
[20:48] <+AudreyMiddleton> Because I TRUST him.
[20:48] <+MrsPrimrose> You are a good almond, AnAlmond.
[20:48] <+Kamek_> Oh, yes I know @Bowser
[20:48] <+Bowser|> Y'know, because I'm MANLY.
[20:48] <+DeterminedSnail> No harm here!
[20:48] <+AudreyMiddleton> Idon't like him, but I trust him.
[20:48] <+Kamek_> I have ot CLEAN your castle floors
[20:48] <+MrsPrimrose> Dirty doings are wrong.
[20:48] <+PrincessPeach_> Haha, I am... most of the time! :) @Realta
[20:48] <+AnAlmond> I am not good. Almonds are not bound by human morals of right and wrong.
[20:48] <+Kamek_> the SALTINESS makes me SHRIVEL AND DIE
[20:48] <+Bowser|> And you do a dang good job at cleaning those floors!
[20:48] <+AnAlmond> We just ARE.
[20:48] <@jeffprObst> Okay, 12 people have told me who they are
[20:49] <+Bowser|> You always show those floors who's BOSS!
[20:49] * Disgust sits on a stump, filing nails
[20:49] <+Kamek_> Yes I do!
[20:49] <+Realta> Oh.. Only most of the time?
[20:49] <+AudreyMiddleton> Um.
[20:49] <+AnAlmond> We are the perfect being, and will eventually be above all others.
[20:49] <+MrsPrimrose> (audrey should change her text bc mine is better ://////)
[20:49] <+AudreyMiddleton> I did tell you
[20:49] <+AudreyMiddleton> Um?
[20:49] == mode/#Ovivor [+v Nikita|] by cOnfessional
[20:49] <+AudreyMiddleton> Excuse me?
[20:49] <+Kamek_> Get off my stump you vile demon! @Disgust
[20:49] <+MrsPrimrose> (and more itting to character ://////////)
[20:49] <+AudreyMiddleton> @MsPrimrose
[20:49] <+MotivationalShia> This argument isn't worth having.
[20:49] <@cOnfessional> does anyone like
[20:49] <@cOnfessional> not want to play
[20:49] <+MotivationalShia> If you're tired of starting over...
[20:49] <@cOnfessional> since I'd personally want 12
[20:49] <+PrincessPeach_> If you want to help, go occupy Bowser! @Realta
[20:49] <+MotivationalShia> wait, no, that doesn't work.
[20:50] <+Bowser|> Occupy me? HA! I don't get occupied!
[20:50] <+Kamek_> Ha!
[20:50] <+Kamek_> Ha
[20:50] <+Kamek_> Ha!
[20:50] <+Kamek_> Ha!
[20:50] <+Kamek_> Ha!

[20:50] <+DeterminedSnail> I am determined to win!
[20:50] <+DenzelCrocker> I seem to have left my FAIRY HUNTING!!!!!!! equipment at home....
[20:50] <+Kamek_> Ha!
[20:50] <+PrincessPeach_> THEN YOU CAN BE MY LOYAL SUBJECT <3
[20:50] <+AnAlmond> Almonds occupy the soil and absorb all of the water.
[20:50] <+Bowser|> Funny joke, eh, Kamek?
[20:50] <+Bowser|> I can tell.
[20:50] <+AnAlmond> Not some of the water.
[20:50] <+DeterminedSnail> Just because I'm a snail doesn't mean I can't win!
[20:50] <+Kamek_> Yes, quite funny!
[20:50] <+AnAlmond> All of the water.
[20:50] <+DenzelCrocker> I'll just have to use what I've brought WITH ME!! *pulls out fairy hunting device*
[20:50] <+Kamek_> HA!
[20:50] <+MrsPrimrose> I would enjoy the experience of playing, even though I am very wealthy.
[20:50] <+DenzelCrocker> *device beeps*
[20:50] <+DenzelCrocker> FAIRIES!!!
[20:50] <+Kamek_> Get AWAY from me! @Denzel
[20:50] <+AnAlmond> We as a species intend to absorb every last drop of water on earth.
[20:50] <+DeterminedSnail> I will avenge the snails who have been misjudged!
[20:50] <+MotivationalShia> We all would, Mrs. Primrose.
[20:50] * Kamek_ waves me want and turns Denzel into a toad
[20:50] <+Kamek_> HA!
[20:50] <+MotivationalShia> We all want an opportunity to SUCCEED.
[20:50] <+Kamek_> HAHAHAHAHAHA!
[20:50] <+AnAlmond> And there's nothing you inferior beings can do to stop us.
[20:50] <+MotivationalShia> To DO IT.
[20:50] <+Kamek_> HAHHAHA
[20:50] <@cOnfessional> Someone is coming 1 moment (sun)
[20:51] <+Kamek_> NOT MUCH YOU CAN DO NOW, TOAD?
[20:51] <+Kamek_> HAHAHAHA
[20:51] <+Kamek_> @Denzel
[20:51] <+Realta> That seems rather dark, Sir Almond.
[20:51] <+MrsPrimrose> Success is a very nice feeling.
[20:51] <+AnAlmond> (denzel is Toad confirmed)
[20:51] * DeterminedSnail crawls to Disgust
[20:51] == Riley_Blue [49b47970@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[20:51] <+PrincessPeach_> Um, you obviously do... considering you spend your entire life trying to get with me! -_- @Bowser
[20:51] <+MotivationalShia> Every time I see a man on a motorbike, I think he's my dad.
[20:51] == mode/#Ovivor [+v Riley_Blue] by cOnfessional
[20:51] <+MotivationalShia> I'm not sure why this is.
[20:51] <+DeterminedSnail> Hello Disgust
[20:51] <+Disgust> Riley? :o
[20:51] * DenzelCrocker looks around
[20:51] <+Disgust> Ew, you are disgusting.
[20:51] <+DenzelCrocker> ribbit!
[20:51] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[20:51] * Riley_Blue looks over at Disgust
[20:51] <+PrincessPeach_> But that isn't happening... this princess is TAKEN! Go find Daisy, she's desperate!
[20:51] <+DeterminedSnail> I hope you're not afraid of me
[20:51] <+MotivationalShia> He used to paint pictures of naked women in crash helmets.
[20:51] <+Disgust> You are slimy and gross.
[20:51] <@jeffprObst>
[20:51] <@jeffprObst> Test
[20:51] <+DenzelCrocker> ribbit!!
[20:51] * Riley_Blue looks back at the ground and adjusts headphones
[20:51] <@jeffprObst> Alright, please be quiet (sun)
[20:51] <+MotivationalShia> Their shiny black round heads like lollipops.
[20:51] <+MotivationalShia> Who were they, dad?
[20:51] == Nikita| has changed nick to Jacinta|
[20:51] <@jeffprObst> -------
[20:51] <+Disgust> Get a towel, get a moist wipe, someone get this thing away!
[20:51] <+DenzelCrocker> ribbit!!
[20:51] <+Kamek_> Never!
[20:51] <+Bowser|> Denzel is looking small and un-threatening! Perfect time for me to assert myself as THE TRUE DOMINATOR!
[20:51] <+AudreyMiddleton> Can you please change your font
[20:51] <+DeterminedSnail> Disgust: you're so mean!
[20:52] <+DenzelCrocker> RIBBIT!!!!
[20:52] <+DeterminedSnail> And negative!
[20:52] <@jeffprObst> *FLIES TO IRISH ISLAND ON JETSKI*
[20:52] <+AudreyMiddleton> It hurts my eyes mor.
[20:52] * DenzelCrocker looks at Bowser
[20:52] <+AudreyMiddleton> EXCUSE ME.
[20:52] <+DenzelCrocker> RIBBIT RIBBIT RIB!!!!!! *spazzes*
[20:52] <+Kamek_> Haha!
[20:52] <+AudreyMiddleton> Jeff?
[20:52] <+AudreyMiddleton> Uh Jeff?
[20:52] <+AudreyMiddleton> Jeffrey?
[20:52] <+AnAlmond> ("flying on a jetski")
[20:52] <+AnAlmond> (k)
[20:52] <+AudreyMiddleton> Are you there?
[20:52] <@jeffprObst> *CASTLE IS OVERLOOKING A CLIFF*
[20:52] <+DenzelCrocker> *looks into a mirror as a frog and sees that my froggy ear is still on my neck*
[20:52] <+DeterminedSnail> I will win this Disgust
[20:52] <+DenzelCrocker> ribbit....
[20:52] <+MotivationalShia> ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!
[20:52] <+MotivationalShia> WE FLEW ON A JETSKI!
[20:52] <+PrincessPeach_> Like, she's the obvious second wheel and is just jealous of my status. ;)
[20:52] <+DeterminedSnail> Just you wait and see...
[20:52] <+MotivationalShia> THIS IS A SIGN...that we all need to succeed.
[20:52] * Disgust starts shooing the snail away
[20:52] <+Disgust> EWWW EWWW EWWW GROSS
[20:52] <+AudreyMiddleton> ALL-STARS?
[20:52] <+AudreyMiddleton> WE GOT TO PLAY WITH ALL-STARS?
[20:52] <+PrincessPeach_> And the nonexistent relationship she thinks I have with Mario!
[20:53] <+AnAlmond> The only almond contestant ever would surely be among the greatest ever.
[20:53] * Riley_Blue hums to herself
[20:53] <+PrincessPeach_> Ohhh Mario.. you seemed like such a great guy.... :(
[20:53] * DeterminedSnail crawls away
[20:53] <+AnAlmond> For we are naturally superior to all other beings.
[20:53] <+MotivationalShia> The gods will often give chances.
[20:53] <+MotivationalShia> Know them.
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> "I'm willing to do whatever the fuck it takes to win this game."
[20:53] <+MotivationalShia> Take them.
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> THEY WILL BE FORCED TO OUTWIT
[20:53] <+Bowser|> Mario? Great guy? HA! And I like eating vegetables!
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> "I am the smartest here."
[20:53] <+MotivationalShia> Everyone needs to take a chance.
[20:53] <+AnAlmond> Soil? Where there's soil, there's water to be absorbed.
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> OUTPLAY
[20:53] <+MotivationalShia> Step forward.
[20:53] <+MotivationalShia> Overtake boundaries.
[20:53] <+MotivationalShia> Everyone here.
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> "Physical challenges will be NO problem for me."
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> AND OUTLAST THE REST
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> "If it means staying up to 3 AM, I will be the next sole Ovivor."
[20:53] * DenzelCrocker hops
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> IN THE END
[20:53] <+PrincessPeach_> BOWSER SHUT YOUR POTATO HOLE! >:(
[20:53] <+MotivationalShia> We will all be the sole Ovivor.
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> 39 DAYS.
[20:53] <+MotivationalShia> In our hearts, if we try as hard as we can, and have enough spirits.
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> FOURTEEN PEOPLE.
[20:53] <+MotivationalShia> This is simple fact.
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> ONE.
[20:53] * MotivationalShia walks melancholily
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> OVIVOR!!!!!!!!!
[20:53] <+Kamek_> Ha! @Bowser
[20:54] <+PrincessPeach_> You're not much better however!
[20:54] <@jeffprObst> -_~_~_~_~_~_~_
[20:54] * PrincessPeach_ turns head
[20:54] <+Disgust> Technically, I'm not a person. I'm an emotional sprite.
[20:54] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[20:54] * DenzelCrocker hops aroun
[20:54] * Kamek_ comes on in
[20:54] <+Disgust> But whatever, have it your way.
[20:54] <+Kamek_> HA!
[20:54] <@jeffprObst> Are you ready to begin the adventure of a lifetime?
[20:54] <+AnAlmond> Hello, jeffprObst.
[20:54] * DeterminedSnail crawls inside
[20:54] <+MotivationalShia> We're all emotional sprites.
[20:54] <+AnAlmond> I am an almond.
[20:54] * PrincessPeach_ elegantly steps in
[20:54] <+Hetero_Hector> I didn't come here to win
[20:54] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm coming guys!
[20:54] <+Bowser|> Silence, Peach! I have to kidna-- I mean, uh, start a serious conversation with you.
[20:54] <+Realta> Are you a nice Sprite?
[20:54] * DenzelCrocker hops around and hops up to the CROCKER MOBILE
[20:54] <+DeterminedSnail> Don't worry!
[20:54] <+Jacinta|> Yes!
[20:54] * DenzelCrocker hops inside
[20:54] <@jeffprObst> Before we begin, we are splitting you guys up into two tribes.
[20:54] <+Bowser|> But first this lame-o is about to speak.
[20:54] * Riley_Blue nods
[20:54] <+MotivationalShia> Inside, our significance...means nothing. But that doesn't mean we can't try.
[20:54] <+Kamek_> (so I just send confessionals to cOnfessional right and not jeffprObst)
[20:54] * DenzelCrocker can't reach the button to turn myself back to normal
[20:54] <+Hetero_Hector> I came here to meet hot girls and let the bros back home that I'm 100% straight
[20:54] <+DenzelCrocker> ribbit
[20:54] <+Jacinta|> Booooooo
[20:54] <+DeterminedSnail> I may be slow but I can win!
[20:54] <+Disgust> Ew, did you literally just ask me if I want Sprite?
[20:54] <+AnAlmond> Any tribe I am put on will not be good enough for a nut of my excellence.
[20:54] <+MrsPrimrose> Oh, this is so exciting!  :D
[20:54] <@jeffprObst> The first tribe will consist of...
[20:55] <+Bowser|> I'll KILL these challenges! Just gotta pretend they're Mario!
[20:55] <+MotivationalShia> You never kill Mario.
[20:55] <+Jacinta|> Hector you're not going to get laid out here.
[20:55] <+MotivationalShia> The good guy always wins.
[20:55] <+Kamek_> Yes, and I will pretend they are that cursed dinosaur!
[20:55] <+MotivationalShia> You know that.
[20:55] <@jeffprObst> Almond, Audrey, Bowser, Denzel, Snail, Disgust and Hector.
[20:55] <+Disgust> That wasn't very motivational, Shia.
[20:55] <+DenzelCrocker> RIBBIT!!!!!
[20:55] <+Hetero_Hector> Jacinta I highly doubt that
[20:55] <+Bowser|> What are you talking about, beardo? @Shia
[20:55] <+Kamek_> MASTER NO!
[20:55] <+Bowser|> WHAT?
[20:55] <+PrincessPeach_> Try to kidnap me then..
[20:55] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: I hope I'm on a good team!
[20:55] <+DenzelCrocker> ribbit ribbit................................
[20:55] <+Bowser|> Away from Peach AND Kamek?
[20:55] <+Bowser|> Man, today SUCKS!
[20:55] <+DenzelCrocker> RIBBIT RIBBIT RIBBIT!!!! *flails*
[20:55] * PrincessPeach_ flips hair
[20:55] <+Kamek_> CURSES!
[20:55] <+Bowser|> Worse than that day when it was revealed that my wedding with Peach wasn't OFFICIATED!
[20:55] <@jeffprObst> You guys will be wearing ORANGE buffs.
[20:55] <+Kamek_> Worse than that?
[20:55] <+Bowser|> I bet MARIO was behind this!
[20:55] <+Hetero_Hector> I'm really good at anal, I like it but not in a gay way. I just like the feel of my best friend's penis tearing through me like a jackhammer
[20:55] <+Kamek_> You cried for WEEKS!
[20:55] <+MotivationalShia> Stop talking, fam. This isn't okay.
[20:55] <+DeterminedSnail> Disgust: welcome to our team!
[20:55] <+Bowser|> ... Okay, maybe not worse.
[20:55] <+Kamek_> @Bowser
[20:55] <+AnAlmond> That tribe is not good enough for a nut of my quality.
[20:55] <+MotivationalShia> I consider my videos living paintings.
[20:56] <+DeterminedSnail> Glad to have you here.
[20:56] <+MotivationalShia> I use the camera, and the actors, as brushes.
[20:56] <+Realta> (brb)
[20:56] <+AnAlmond> However it will have to do.
[20:56] <+MotivationalShia> What could my world be made of?
[20:56] == Realta [63c024bf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[20:56] <+Bowser|> ...Shhhhh. @Kamek
[20:56] <+MrsPrimrose> Oh, how sad.
[20:56] * DenzelCrocker jumps back into the CROCKER MOBILE and leaps up to the button
[20:56] == Realta [63c024bf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[20:56] <+MrsPrimrose> I'm sure Realta was a nice soul.
[20:56] <+MrsPrimrose> Oh, hello again Realta!
[20:56] <+Kamek_> I will NEVER shh!
[20:56] <+Disgust> EW. GET AWAY SNAIL.
[20:56] <@jeffprObst> (well)
[20:56] * DenzelCrocker jumps into the CROCKER-TRANSFORM-A-TRON!!!!!!
[20:56] <+DeterminedSnail> Orange matches my skin! jeffprObst
[20:56] <Realta> (back)
[20:56] * Disgust kicks the snail
[20:56] <+MrsPrimrose> Glad to seeyou.
[20:56] <@jeffprObst> k
[20:56] <@jeffprObst> sorry one second lmao
[20:56] <+MotivationalShia> This high-quality plastic Japanese weapon is a traditional Japanese longsword which will ad a finishing touch to your Asian outfit.
[20:56] <+Disgust> EW, EW, EW IT'S SECRETING MUCUS.
[20:56] <+Disgust> EW, EW, EW I JUST SAID MUCUS.
[20:56] * DenzelCrocker steps out a hybrid of a frog and crocker
[20:56] <+DenzelCrocker> AAAAAHHH!!!!
[20:56] <+Disgust> EW, EW, EW, I JUST SAID SECRETE.
[20:56] <+DenzelCrocker> KAMEK!!!!!
[20:57] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: Disgust isn't been the slightest nice to me.
[20:57] <+DenzelCrocker> KAMEK IS....IS A FAIRY!!
[20:57] <+Bowser|> What's our tribe name, then?
[20:57] <+DenzelCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!
[20:57] <+MotivationalShia> Don't THINK negative thoughts. @Disgust
[20:57] <+Kamek_> I am a wizard you ignorant BUFFOON!
[20:57] <+MotivationalShia> You can't LIVE that way.
[20:57] <+AnAlmond> I feel no disgust. Us almonds have evolved past that.
[20:57] <+Kamek_> @Denzel
[20:57] <+MotivationalShia> You gotta wake up. You gotta work HARD.
[20:57] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: I'm just here to win like her!
[20:57] <+DenzelCrocker> WIZARD????
[20:57] <+AnAlmond> We can stand anything, no matter how disgusting. We are superior.
[20:57] <+DenzelCrocker> THAT'S JUST CODE WORD FOR
[20:57] <+Bowser|> As long as our tribe name is "Big Bad Bowser's Big Bad Bullying Bad Guys," then I'm totally fine with everything.
[20:57] <+DenzelCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!!
[20:57] <+PrincessPeach_> CONF: Ugh when will this Bowser guy just leave! Hasn't Mario defeated him enough times!?
[20:57] * DenzelCrocker spazzes out in the air
[20:57] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[20:57] <+PrincessPeach_> CONF: He NEEDS to get a life!
[20:57] <@jeffprObst> sorry
[20:57] <+MotivationalShia> All these fucking jellyfish.
[20:57] <+AnAlmond> (ugh it isn't scrolling for me rn)
[20:57] <+Disgust> Excuse me, did that nut just say my name? @AnAlmond
[20:57] <+MotivationalShia> (same)
[20:57] <@jeffprObst> Almond, Audrey, Bowser, Denzel, Snail, Disgust and Hector - you are wearing ORANGE buffs and you are on DROGHEDA.
[20:58] <+Bowser|> Wait, maybe Big Boss Bowser's Big Bad Bullying Bad Guys.
[20:58] <+Bowser|> That's got a better ring to it.
[20:58] <+PrincessPeach_> CONF: Stop chasing young and innocent princesses... what a freak! o_o
[20:58] <+Bowser|> Gwarharharhar!
[20:58] <+MrsPrimrose> Both are very nicenames.
[20:58] <+AnAlmond> Yes, this nut did.
[20:58] <+DenzelCrocker> DROGHEDA?????????
[20:58] <+Hetero_Hector> Oh yes I'm witht eh hot turtle
[20:58] <+AnAlmond> But I am not just any nut.
[20:58] <+DenzelCrocker> THAT'S AN ANAGRAM FOR.....
[20:58] <+MrsPrimrose> :)
[20:58] <+MrsPrimrose> @Bowser
[20:58] <+Kamek_> Ha! @Bowser
[20:58] * Riley_Blue looks around
[20:58] <+DenzelCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!!
[20:58] <+DenzelCrocker> *spaz*
[20:58] <+Riley_Blue> Is this just... alphabetical?
[20:58] <+Hetero_Hector> You're a girl right? Bowser is a girl's name
[20:58] <+Kamek_> And I shall name my team
[20:58] <+AnAlmond> I am an almond, the most perfect nut, nay being, on earth.
[20:58] <+Disgust> Drogheda, what are we, a yeast infection medication?
[20:58] <+MotivationalShia> Anagrams are just...words...revitalized.
[20:58] <@jeffprObst> The rest of you. Jacinta, Kamek, Shia, Primrose, Peach, Riley and Realta - you are wearing GREEN buffs and you are called GALWAY.
[20:58] <+MotivationalShia> Given their own sense of purpose.
[20:58] <+Bowser|> Thanks! Glad to see someone around here has COMMON SENSE! @Primrose
[20:58] <+AudreyMiddleton> You guys need to CALM DOWN.
[20:58] <+Kamek_> KAMEK'S KOOL KIDS CLUB! HA!
[20:58] <+DeterminedSnail> Drogheda will win!
[20:58] <+Kamek_> wait
[20:58] <+MotivationalShia> Everything can be morphed, and shaped, into something new.
[20:58] <@jeffprObst> JOIN: #Drogheda #Galway
[20:58] <+MrsPrimrose> Hooray Galaway!
[20:58] <@jeffprObst> Your first challenge is soon!
[20:58] <+DeterminedSnail> We will bond and we will become strong!
[20:59] <+MotivationalShia> You think we could fall in love on the internet?
[20:59] <Realta> Green is such a wonderous color. It is the color of the grass.
[20:59] * Bowser| shows off his green shell
[20:59] <+Bowser|> HAW!
[20:59] <+Bowser|> Ladies, calm down
[20:59] <+AnAlmond> I have a shell as well. It is brown.
[20:59] == DenzelCrocker has changed nick to FroggyCroker
[21:00] == FroggyCroker has changed nick to FroggyCrocker
[21:00] <@cOnfessional> (please switch back)
[21:00] <@cOnfessional> (ive already started recording)
[21:00] <+FroggyCrocker> (I'm still crocker...........)
[21:00] <@cOnfessional> (o)
[21:00] == cOnfessional changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor #Drogheda - Almond, Audrey, Bowser, Denzel, Snail, Disgust and Hector | #Galway - Jacinta, Kamek, Shia, Primrose, Peach, Riley and Realta
[21:00] <+FroggyCrocker> *hops around because he is a hybrid of a frog and Crocker*
[21:00] * FroggyCrocker eats flies

[21:00] * FroggyCrocker eats flies
[21:01] * Riley_Blue cringes
[21:01] <+Riley_Blue> Isn't that a tad unhealthy?
[21:01] <+PrincessPeach_> I don't think koopas can swim, so it would be appreciated! ;)
[21:01] <+Bowser|> Flies are always good for strengthening my glutes!
[21:01] <+Bowser|> H-HUH? Can't swim?! @Peach
[21:01] <+FroggyCrocker> RIBBIT!!! @Riley
[21:01] <+FroggyCrocker> uh I MEAN
[21:01] <+FroggyCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!
[21:01] <+Bowser|> Now, I know you're disenfranchised with the current state of our relationship...
[21:01] <+Bowser|> But that doesn't mean you have to go around spreading LIES like that!
[21:02] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[21:02] <+Bowser|> C'mon, we can have a movie marathon when we get back to the ol' castle!
[21:02] <+Bowser|> Kamek can make popcorn!
[21:02] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your FIRST immunity challenge?
[21:02] <+Bowser|> Riiiight, Kamek?
[21:02] * Riley_Blue looks at Bowser and shudders
[21:02] * Riley_Blue puts her headphones back on
[21:02] <+AnAlmond> I am an almond. Of course not.
[21:02] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm ready!
[21:02] <+FroggyCrocker> STOP RIGHT THERE KAMEK!!!
[21:02] * FroggyCrocker catches Kamek in the ANTI FAIRY NET
[21:02] <+FroggyCrocker> HAHA
[21:02] <+FroggyCrocker> I GOT ONE
[21:02] <@jeffprObst> Today's challenge is simple
[21:02] <+Kamek_> Um yes right!
[21:02] <+FroggyCrocker> I CAUGHT A FAIRY GOD PARENT!!!!!!
[21:02] <@jeffprObst> Using a letter/number decoder (1 = A, 2 = B, etc) - you will decode countries in Ireland.
[21:02] <+FroggyCrocker> I give myself an A+
[21:02] * Kamek_ gets out of fairy net easily because its not even on me
[21:02] <+Kamek_> FAILURE!
[21:02] == AnAlmond [457c408c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #Ovivor []
[21:02] <+FroggyCrocker> NO THE FAIRY HAS ESCAPED!!!!!
[21:02] <@jeffprObst> The first person to get it right scores for their tribe. First tribe to 3 wins immunity!
[21:03] == AnAlmond [457c408c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[21:03] <+Kamek_> AHAHA!
[21:03] <+FroggyCrocker> THIS CAN ONLY BE THE WORK OF................................
[21:03] <+FroggyCrocker> FAIRY
[21:03] <+FroggyCrocker> GOD
[21:03] <+Bowser|> Hm? Reading?
[21:03] <+FroggyCrocker> PARENTS!!!!
[21:03] <+Bowser|> You know, not my strong suit.
[21:03] <+Hetero_Hector> There's only one country in ireland
[21:03] <AnAlmond> Almonds cannot read.
[21:03] <AnAlmond> We do not have eyes.
[21:03] <@jeffprObst> Ready?
[21:03] <+DeterminedSnail> Yes!
[21:03] <@jeffprObst> Round one: 4-21-2-12-9-14
[21:03] <+PrincessPeach_> OHHHH MARIO... WHERE ARE YOU WHEN I NEED YOU!? :(
[21:03] <+Jacinta|> Do you mean counties?
[21:03] <AnAlmond> Dublin
[21:03] <+Kamek_> BOWSER COUNTRY
[21:03] <+AudreyMiddleton> Dublin
[21:03] <+Bowser|> Eh?
[21:03] <+Bowser|> Dublin? Yeah, let's go with that.
[21:03] <+Jacinta|> Dublin
[21:03] <@jeffprObst> Dublin is right, Almond gets it!
[21:03] <+Bowser|> CRUD!!! I lost!
[21:04] <@jeffprObst> Almond scores for Galway
[21:04] <+Kamek_> wow that almond is smart!
[21:04] <@jeffprObst> Galway - 1
[21:04] <@jeffprObst> Next round.
[21:04] <+FroggyCrocker> IT HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION THAT DETERMINED SNAIL IS ACTUALLY A.....................
[21:04] <+Bowser|> (you mean Drogheda)
[21:04] <+FroggyCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENT!!!!!!
[21:04] * FroggyCrocker captures him
[21:04] * PrincessPeach_ sits on rock and pouts
[21:04] <+FroggyCrocker> HAHAHAHAHAHA-RIBBIT!!
[21:04] <@jeffprObst> 6-9-14-7-1-12
[21:04] <+PrincessPeach_> FINGAL.
[21:04] <+Bowser|> fingal
[21:04] <+Jacinta|> Fermanagh
[21:04] * DeterminedSnail squirms in a net
[21:04] <+DeterminedSnail> HELP!!!!!!
[21:04] <@jeffprObst> Fingal is right, Peach scores for Galway! Galway - 2
[21:04] <+Jacinta|> CRAP.
[21:04] <+PrincessPeach_> That's right Bowser! :)
[21:04] <@jeffprObst> Galway needs one more for the win.
[21:04] <+Kamek_> HAHA! YES WE ARE AHEAD!
[21:04] <+Kamek_> AHAHA!
[21:04] <AnAlmond> I am on the other tirbe.
[21:04] <+Bowser|> (...)
[21:04] <AnAlmond> You have the wrong tribe a point for me
[21:04] <+PrincessPeach_> YOU'RE GETTING BEAT BY A PRINCESS!!! HOW DOES IT FEEL!? -_-
[21:04] <+Jacinta|> Almond is on Drogheda...
[21:04] <+Bowser|> (almond is on Drogheda)
[21:04] <+DeterminedSnail> FroggyCrocker trapped me in a net!
[21:05] <@jeffprObst> (oops)
[21:05] <@jeffprObst> 1-1
[21:05] <+DeterminedSnail> I must find a way to get out!
[21:05] <+Kamek_> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:05] <+MrsPrimrose> Good job peach!
[21:05] <+AudreyMiddleton> NO :(
[21:05] <+Kamek_> CURSES!
[21:05] <+Kamek_> FOILED AGAIN
[21:05] <+Bowser|> Your lying schemes have been EXPOSED, Porbst!
[21:05] <@jeffprObst> Round Three: 23-1-20-5-18-6-15-18-4
[21:05] <+FroggyCrocker> WATERFORD
[21:05] <+FroggyCrocker> HAHA!!!
[21:05] * Riley_Blue bobs her head to music
[21:05] <+Kamek_> CROCKER IS CHEATING
[21:05] <+PrincessPeach_> Oh shoot! -_-
[21:05] <@jeffprObst> Waterford is right, Crocker gets it for Drogheda. 2-1
[21:05] <+Bowser|> WATERFORD!
[21:05] <+Bowser|> HAW!
[21:05] <+Jacinta|> Waterford
[21:05] <@jeffprObst> Next round!
[21:05] <+FroggyCrocker> A+!
[21:05] <+DeterminedSnail> Help!
[21:05] <+Bowser|> DARN! Late again!
[21:05] <+FroggyCrocker> EVERYONE ELSE GETS AN F!!
[21:05] <+Hetero_Hector> Waterford
[21:05] <+MrsPrimrose> We can do it Galway!
[21:05] <+Disgust> DAMN ARE WE IN A CHALLENGE
[21:05] <+AudreyMiddleton> Nice Crocker!
[21:05] <@jeffprObst> 3-1-18-12-15-23
[21:05] <+Kamek_> CURSES!
[21:06] <+Bowser|> CARLOW
[21:06] <+FroggyCrocker> CARLOW
[21:06] <+Bowser|> GOT IT!
[21:06] * DeterminedSnail squirms around in his backpack
[21:06] <+Kamek_> CARLOW
[21:06] <+Kamek_> AH!
[21:06] <+Hetero_Hector> Carlow
[21:06] <+Kamek_> AH!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[21:06] <@jeffprObst> Bowser gets it... meaning DROGHEDA WINS IMMUNITY!
[21:06] <+Jacinta|> Carlow
[21:06] <+DeterminedSnail> I always bring me a handy dandy pocket knife!
[21:06] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): At this point, I'm hoping my tribe loses so shit hits the fan and every seed I've planted works out
[21:06] <AnAlmond> Excellent.
[21:06] <+Jacinta|> UGH
[21:06] <@jeffprObst> ,7 Congratulations, Drogheda, you are immune from tonight's Tribal Council.
[21:06] <+PrincessPeach_> if Mario can beat 'em, so can we! o_o
[21:06] <+Kamek_> I AM ANGERED!
[21:06] <AnAlmond> If almonds could be pleased, I would be pleased.
[21:06] <+Kamek_> CURSES!
[21:06] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): Shit.
[21:06] <@jeffprObst> Galway, you guys have a date with me at Tribal.
[21:06] * DeterminedSnail cuts the net and gets out
[21:06] * MotivationalShia bikes on in
[21:06] <+Bowser|> AlRIGHT! Finally, evil prevails in this situation!
[21:06] <+DeterminedSnail> Yes!
[21:06] <+DeterminedSnail> Success!
[21:06] <+MrsPrimrose> Good try team
[21:06] <+Bowser|> Though, these pristine little fields could use a bit more BOWSERIZATION
[21:06] <Realta> My first date! I am so excited!
[21:06] <@jeffprObst> Also Drogheda, you guys will get a clue at your camp. You can guess for the idol once per round.
[21:06] * Riley_Blue takes off her headphones
[21:06] <Realta> Princess, will you help me dress?
[21:06] <+Bowser|> Kamek? Where are all those Goombas?
[21:06] <+Riley_Blue> Have we lost?
[21:07] <+Bowser|> I need to... um, speak with them.
[21:07] <+PrincessPeach_> CONF: Oh that Bowser, he just won't STOP!
[21:07] <+MotivationalShia> ...I was too late.
[21:07] <@jeffprObst> Galway, welcome to Tribal Council.
[21:07] <+MotivationalShia> I was too save my tribe.
[21:07] <@jeffprObst> Grab a torch, dip it in the flames.
[21:07] <+Kamek_> Curses!
[21:07] <+MotivationalShia> We are all children of the universe.
[21:07] * MotivationalShia bikes back
[21:07] <+Bowser|> Ol' Porbst may wake up tonight with a Goomba overload in his bedroom. Haw-haw-haw!
[21:07] <@jeffprObst> In this game fire represents your life. Once it's out, so are you.
[21:07] * Kamek_ dips torch into fire
[21:07] <@jeffprObst> GALWAY - How does it feel to lose the first challenge?
[21:07] * Riley_Blue grabs her torch
[21:07] <@jeffprObst> Send me votes on jeffprobst ASAP.
[21:07] <+PrincessPeach_> Oh sweet! :)
[21:07] <@jeffprObst> Please, we started late so hurry.
[21:07] <+Jacinta|> It SUCKS, Jeff.
[21:07] * Riley_Blue smiles at its artistic intricacies before dipping it in the fire
[21:07] == mode/#Ovivor [+v AnAlmond] by cOnfessional
[21:07] == mode/#Ovivor [+v Realta] by cOnfessional
[21:07] <+AnAlmond> (BRB)
[21:07] <+PrincessPeach_> Finally a place WITHOUT that crook Bowser!
[21:07] <+Riley_Blue> It's a nice piece of art.
[21:07] == AnAlmond [457c408c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[21:08] <+AudreyMiddleton> Good job, Drogheda
[21:08] <+Disgust> Audrey, you are so nice.
[21:08] <+PrincessPeach_> I better enjoy this little vacation while it lasts! Oh, it's been so long...
[21:08] <+Disgust> It's almost disgusting.
[21:08] <+DeterminedSnail> Who won?
[21:08] <@jeffprObst> Also, since some of you are new - when you send me a vote you must send me a sentence REASONING or it does -not- count.
[21:08] <@jeffprObst> 1/7 votes
[21:08] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): My strategy is to play every player on my tribe, and when the merge comes, pick them ALL off.
[21:08] <@jeffprObst> Drogheda wons
[21:08] <@jeffprObst> won*
[21:08] <@jeffprObst> that grammar
[21:08] == AnAlmond [457c408c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[21:08] <AnAlmond> The almond has returned.
[21:08] <+Kamek_> do I send in my confessionals/votes to you or to cOnfessional

[21:08] <+Kamek_> do I send in my confessionals/votes to you or to cOnfessional
[21:09] <@jeffprObst> me
[21:09] <+Kamek_> this is quite an important question
[21:09] <@jeffprObst> I'm using a new IRC chat so I can get PMs on this.
[21:10] == DenzelCrocker [ac38152a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[21:10] == FroggyCrocker [d03646e8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[21:10] <DenzelCrocker> MY DISAPPEARANCE MUST BE THE WORK OF..........
[21:10] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): Right now, Crocker is the one not really taking the bait out of everyone. I think I need to take out Crocker first. But I'll need to plant seeds of doubt in my tribe about his loyalty
[21:10] <+Bowser|> (CONF): I have no time to STRATEGIZE when I have to chase down Peach all the time! I'm just trying to be a COMPASSIONATE hubby!
[21:10] <DenzelCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!!!
[21:10] <+Kamek_> Did you get my confessional then?! @jeff
[21:10] * DenzelCrocker puts DeterminedSnail into a jar
[21:11] * DenzelCrocker puts him next to a pile of Timmy Turner's tests marked with very large Fs
[21:11] <+DeterminedSnail> Help!
[21:11] <+PrincessPeach_> CONF: He keeps sending me love letters, how awful is that!?
[21:11] <+PrincessPeach_> CONF: They're not even good ones!!!
[21:11] <DenzelCrocker> HMM??????
[21:11] <DenzelCrocker> WHERE ARE THE OTHER...
[21:11] <+AudreyMiddleton> Crocker what are you DOING?!
[21:11] <DenzelCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENTS!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!
[21:11] <DenzelCrocker> TAKE ME TO FAIRY WORLD.
[21:11] <+DeterminedSnail> I can't!
[21:11] <DenzelCrocker> AUDREY YOU TOLD ME WHAT HE IS!!!!
[21:11] <+AudreyMiddleton> You're on an ISLAND.
[21:11] <+AudreyMiddleton> I did what?
[21:11] <DenzelCrocker> FILLED WITH....
[21:11] <DenzelCrocker> FAIRIES!!!
[21:11] <+DeterminedSnail> All my family is gone!
[21:11] <+Hetero_Hector> Guys it isn't our tridal don't be rude come on now
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> 3 / 7 votes.
[21:12] <+Hetero_Hector> Snail we can save you tomorrow okay
[21:12] <+Hetero_Hector> Love you buddy
[21:12] <+DeterminedSnail> I put them behind to come here!
[21:12] <+Disgust> Ew, don't preach falsitude to the snail.
[21:12] * DeterminedSnail reaches for his pocket knife.
[21:12] * DeterminedSnail starts trying to cut the net
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> 5/7
[21:12] <DenzelCrocker> WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!!?!?
[21:12] <+DeterminedSnail> It's not working!
[21:12] <+PrincessPeach_> CONF: NO, I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE IN YOUR KOOPA KINGDOM AND DEAL WITH YOUR NUMEROUS NAUGHTY KOOPALINGS!!! *me shreds letter in front of the camera*
[21:12] * DenzelCrocker takes the knife
[21:12] <DenzelCrocker> YOU POOFED THAT UP DIDN'T YOU...
[21:12] <DenzelCrocker> FAIRY?!?!?!?!?!
[21:13] <DenzelCrocker> GRANT MY WISHES SNAIL.
[21:13] <DenzelCrocker> I WISH FOR..............
[21:13] <DenzelCrocker> WORLD DOMINATION!!!!
[21:13] <DenzelCrocker> AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!
[21:13] <+Bowser|> (CONF): Aw, COME ON! My Koopalings are NOT naughty! They're the best-behaving kids I know!
[21:13] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm no fairy!
[21:13] <+Bowser|> What's taking you guys so long to vote?
[21:13] <+Bowser|> What are you, Snaily McSnailersons?
[21:13] <@jeffprObst> I have votes from Jacinta, Kamek, Shia, Primrose, Riley and Realta. I need a vote from Peach.
[21:13] * Riley_Blue sits waiting, bobbing her head to music
[21:13] <@jeffprObst> Test
[21:13] <+Bowser|> You're slower than Kamek when he's cleaning my private quarters!
[21:13] <+Realta> I'm sorry mr.Probst, but this doesn't look like a very calming date. And why are there so many people watching?
[21:13] <DenzelCrocker> SNAILS??? THERE ARE MORE SNAILS??? @BOWSER
[21:13] <DenzelCrocker> THIS MEANS THERE ARE MORE...
[21:13] <+Riley_Blue> and I said, hey...
[21:13] <DenzelCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!!
[21:13] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: I'm trapped in a net and can't get out. I need help!
[21:13] <+Riley_Blue> ...what's going on...
[21:13] <DenzelCrocker> ALL SNAILS ARE FAIRIES!!!!!
[21:13] <+PrincessPeach_> I sent it already... I think... grr Bowser!
[21:13] <+Bowser|> YEAH! Dude! That's totally what I said! There are more snails!
[21:13] <+Bowser|> Haw! Stomp 'em all!
[21:14] * DenzelCrocker puts face up to the glass jar
[21:14] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: You don't need help. You can do it!
[21:14] <+MotivationalShia> Your life is a series of paranoia, jumbling oddysies. @Denzel
[21:14] <DenzelCrocker> SNAIL.
[21:14] <DenzelCrocker> WHERE ARE THE OTHERS.
[21:14] <AnAlmond> Denzel, there is no God. That is a creation of the weak human mind.
[21:14] <+MotivationalShia> Your our society's problem.
[21:14] <+PrincessPeach_> You're invading my personal princess space! THIS IS NOT. OKAY!!! @BOWSER
[21:14] <+Bowser|> What's all that mumbo-jumbo?
[21:14] <AnAlmond> There is only darkness and oblivion and almonds.
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> Okay. I'll read the votes.
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> 1st vote.......
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:14] <+DeterminedSnail> DenzelCrocker I will never tell!
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> Riley.
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote....
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:14] * PrincessPeach_ lets out a sigh
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta.
[21:14] <DenzelCrocker> WHAT IF I DID THIS....????
[21:14] <+PrincessPeach_> OH, THE STRUGGLES OF BEING A PRINCESS!!!
[21:14] * DenzelCrocker pulls out salt
[21:14] <DenzelCrocker> HUH??
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote....
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:14] <DenzelCrocker> FAIRY SNAILS HATE SALT!!!
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> Realta.
[21:14] <+Kamek_> You monster! @Denzel
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Realta, 1 vote Jacinta, 1 vote Riley.
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> Riley.
[21:14] <@jeffprObst> 5th vote..
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <+PrincessPeach_> Ohhhh Mario...
[21:15] <+Realta> ... My people would never forgive me!
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> Realta.
[21:15] <+DeterminedSnail> You wouldn't dare @Denzel
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Riley, 2 votes Realta, 1 vote Jacinta.
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> 6th vote...
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> Riley.
[21:15] == MrsPrimrose [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> 3 votes Riley, 2 votes Realta, 1 vote Jacinta. 1 vote left.
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> Final vote...
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> 1st person voted out of Ireland.... Riley.
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> Riley, you need to bring me your torch.
[21:15] <+Bowser|> Who?
[21:15] <+Riley_Blue> ...Oh.
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[21:15] <+AudreyMiddleton> ...Uh.
[21:15] * Riley_Blue giggles
[21:15] <+AudreyMiddleton> Sorry, Riley!
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> Riley, the tribe has spoken. Time for you to go.
[21:15] <+Riley_Blue> That's fine, I guess...
[21:15] <+AudreyMiddleton> You seemed really nice and all
[21:16] <+PrincessPeach_> Oh hey Riley! :o
[21:16] <+Jacinta|> Lying fucks.
[21:16] <@cOnfessional> NEXT CHALLENGE SOON.
[21:16] <+PrincessPeach_> Nice to finally meet you... I never seemed to notice you, haha!
[21:16] <+Disgust> Audrey, she's not even on your team.
[21:16] == cOnfessional changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor #Drogheda - Almond, Audrey, Bowser, Denzel, Snail, Disgust and Hector | #Galway - Jacinta, Kamek, Shia, Primrose, Peach and Realta
[21:16] <+Bowser|> Who's that? Hey, she's HOT!
[21:16] <+PrincessPeach_> Have you been here?
[21:16] <+Disgust> Stick to the focus at hand.
[21:16] * Riley_Blue walks out of tribal
[21:16] <+Bowser|> And gone! Ol' Bowser doesn't get a break, huh, does he?
[21:16] <+Bowser|> Kamek? Can you massage my shell or something? I'm feeling TIGHT!
[21:16] == MrsPrimrose [] has joined #Ovivor
[21:16] <+DeterminedSnail> I've made it another day!
[21:16] <MrsPrimrose> Sorry for leaving, all!
[21:16] <+DeterminedSnail> Still stuck in a jar but I'll make it!
[21:16] <+Kamek_> Your shell is spiky and hurt-y!
[21:16] <+DeterminedSnail> My teammates said they would save me.
[21:16] <+Kamek_> and Painful-y
[21:17] <+Kamek_> So

[21:16] <+Kamek_> and Painful-y
[21:17] <+Kamek_> So
[21:17] <+Kamek_> No thank you Master Bowser!
[21:17] <AnAlmond> Almonds are occasionally trapped in jars by lesser beings.
[21:17] <+DeterminedSnail> They will surely save me!
[21:17] <+PrincessPeach_> When he says no Bowser, don't even ask!!!!
[21:17] <AnAlmond> We do not like that.
[21:17] * PrincessPeach_ turns away from Bowser and folds arms
[21:17] <AnAlmond> One day, though, we will rise up, and we will trap other beings in jars.
[21:17] <AnAlmond> See how they like it.
[21:17] <AnAlmond> They won't.
[21:17] <AnAlmond> It's quite uncomfortable.
[21:17] <@cOnfessional> Idol clue was given out
[21:17] == Riley_Blue [49b47970@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[21:17] <+PrincessPeach_> In fact, don't talk to me at ALL!
[21:17] <+PrincessPeach_> And stop with the love letters!
[21:17] <+PrincessPeach_> Pretend your princess is in another castle!!!
[21:18] <+Bowser|> Aw, come ON!
[21:18] <+Bowser|> You didn't even like that one letter I made completely out of authentic Koopasaur coprolites?
[21:18] <+Bowser|> It had a personal touch!
[21:18] <+MotivationalShia> The headache returns.
[21:18] <+MotivationalShia> It spreads, through my face.
[21:18] <+MotivationalShia> It's a disease.
[21:18] * DeterminedSnail rummages through his backpack
[21:18] <+MotivationalShia> Here lies the problem with our life.
[21:18] <+Bowser|> Alright, well, Peach and Kamek, I don't even CARE anymore.
[21:18] <+DeterminedSnail> What can I use?!
[21:18] <+Bowser|> Because I've got a new hot lady.
[21:18] <+MotivationalShia> We get pain, we get injured, and we dull it.
[21:18] <AnAlmond> Your foolish concept of love does not exist and is a pointless endeavour. @Bowser
[21:18] <+PrincessPeach_> You aren't good with women are you!? @Bowser
[21:18] * Bowser| grabs Audrey and holds her up
[21:18] <+Bowser|> SEE?!
[21:18] <+MotivationalShia> We take probiotics.
[21:18] <AnAlmond> Simply give up.
[21:18] <+Kamek_> Calm down Master Bowser!
[21:18] <+MotivationalShia> We ingest pills.
[21:18] <+Bowser|> I'm TOTALLY good with women!
[21:18] <+MotivationalShia> We don't do what's right.
[21:18] <+MotivationalShia> We don't embrace pain.
[21:19] <+PrincessPeach_> WHATEVER THOSE ARE...
[21:19] <+MotivationalShia> And yet nobody in this fucking society
[21:19] <+Kamek_> Wow yes Master Bowser you sure are the ladies man!
[21:19] <+MotivationalShia> seems to believe that pain
[21:19] <+MotivationalShia> is what's necessary for life.
[21:19] <+AudreyMiddleton> Uh...
[21:19] <+AudreyMiddleton> Hi?
[21:19] <+PrincessPeach_> Try something a bit more subtle...
[21:19] * MotivationalShia holds up bike
[21:19] <+AudreyMiddleton> :s @Peach/Kamek
[21:19] <+MotivationalShia> When I got this bike
[21:19] <+Kamek_> Hello, um, Audrey, do you like Master Bowser?
[21:19] <+Realta> I thought you wanted to do what was right, Sir Shia?
[21:19] <+DeterminedSnail> Another knife!
[21:19] <+Bowser|> Who doesn't?! @Kamek
[21:19] <+MotivationalShia> I fell off 99 times.
[21:19] <+Realta> I thought you were a good person?
[21:19] <+DeterminedSnail> Yes!
[21:19] * Disgust walks in
[21:19] <+AudreyMiddleton> He is very kind.
[21:19] * DeterminedSnail cuts through the net
[21:19] <+Disgust> So does this place have breakfast or something.
[21:19] <+MotivationalShia> And what happened to me? I'm alive now.
[21:19] <+Bowser|> Wow, Kamek, I KNOW I'm a ladies' man! I've gotten married like ten times!
[21:19] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm making it!
[21:19] <+MotivationalShia> You're dead. You're all dead.
[21:19] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm going to win!
[21:19] <+Disgust> If I don't have food, I will throw a fit.
[21:19] <+Kamek_> Wow! Master Bowser you really are the ladies man! She actually likes you!
[21:19] <DenzelCrocker> I HAVE RETURNED
[21:19] <DenzelCrocker> ONCE AGAIN
[21:19] <AnAlmond> I will need to find a good source of water around here.
[21:19] <+MotivationalShia> Anyone who doesn't...see how life matters.
[21:19] <+Bowser|> Good gravy, you're ugly! @Denzel
[21:19] * PrincessPeach_ brushes hair out
[21:19] <+Disgust> You wan't #BreakfastBreakdown2k15
[21:19] * DeterminedSnail makes it out
[21:19] <AnAlmond> Almonds consume vast amounts of water.
[21:19] <+MotivationalShia> Is just...they're dead men.
[21:19] == Cameraman [4a58ccc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[21:19] <+DeterminedSnail> Success!
[21:20] <AnAlmond> We want to eventually consume all of the water on earth.
[21:20] <+Bowser|> Aw, Audrey, you think I'm kind? NO! I'M NOT KIND!
[21:20] <+Bowser|> I'm EVIL!
[21:20] <Cameraman> Hey prObst
[21:20] <DenzelCrocker> [21:17] <@cOnfessional> Idol clue was given out
[21:20] <Cameraman> We keep finding stickers that say
[21:20] <DenzelCrocker> I THOUGHT THIS WAS BACK TO BASICS????????
[21:20] <DenzelCrocker> THIS MUST BE THE WORK OF.....
[21:20] <DenzelCrocker> FAIRY
[21:20] <DenzelCrocker> GOD
[21:20] <DenzelCrocker> PARENTS!!!!
[21:20] <Cameraman> "Repent for the time is at hand" in production camp
[21:20] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[21:20] <+MotivationalShia> We're pretending to talk to a you that doesn't exist yet...fuck, I don't think any of us doesn't understand.
[21:20] <+AudreyMiddleton> Oh, I'm sorry Bowsie.
[21:20] <@jeffprObst> Are you ready to get to your next immunity challenge?
[21:20] <+AudreyMiddleton> :(
[21:20] * Kamek_ comes on in
[21:20] <+PrincessPeach_> CONF: Well now with Bowser off my back... I can focus on the better things in life!!! It won't be the same though... what is the world without Bowser pursuing me and Mario saving me time after time!?
[21:20] <+Bowser|> Of course!
[21:20] <+Jacinta|> Yes!
[21:20] <Cameraman> I think it's one of the contestants.
[21:20] * DeterminedSnail crawls to the challenge
[21:20] <@jeffprObst> This challenge is called "Mix & Match"
[21:20] <+DeterminedSnail> YES!
[21:20] <@jeffprObst> It's simple.
[21:20] == Cameraman [4a58ccc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[21:20] <@jeffprObst> In front of you is a 5 x 5 board.
[21:20] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): *shudders* That guy is BEYOND disgusting.
[21:21] <+Bowser|> Audrey LIKES me?!
[21:21] <+Bowser|> Huuuuurgh! My brain hurts! I can't keep up with plot points this complicated!
[21:21] <+DeterminedSnail> If I can make it through Denzel I can make it through anything!
[21:21] <+MotivationalShia> What is an art school? Presented then, in the form of a bookshop, as opposed to a library, arguably a democratic equivalent.
[21:21] <+Disgust> Ew, anyone who mixes and matches is gross. I mean overalls with flip-flops? CALL THE FASHION POLICE
[21:21] <+PrincessPeach_> Oh, haha, I did this at Mario's last party! :)
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> One by one, someone will pick two pieces
[21:21] * MotivationalShia sits down
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> If they match, you score a point.
[21:21] <+MotivationalShia> I need to concentrate.
[21:21] <AnAlmond> Audrey must have quite the unusual sexual fetish to be attracted to a giant turtle-thing.
[21:21] <AnAlmond> This is most suspicious...
[21:21] <+Bowser|> Mario Party 10? HAW! I crashed that one!
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> Once the board is all cleared out, whoever has the most wins.
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> Simple enough?
[21:21] <DenzelCrocker> SNAIL.
[21:21] <+Bowser|> Don't tell me that Bowser Party wasn't the only interesting part of that snooze-fest!
[21:21] <+Bowser|> Because it totally was.
[21:21] <DenzelCrocker> PROVE TO ME THAT YOU'RE A....
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> There are 25 pieces alltogether, ONE piece doesn't have a match.
[21:21] <DenzelCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENT!!!!!!
[21:21] <+DeterminedSnail> I will never!
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> Alright, let's begin.
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> I'm going by the sidebar. So Audrey, you are first.
[21:22] <+Disgust> Ew, odd numbers are so disgusting. So unnatural. Like Crocker.
[21:22] * MotivationalShia stretches
[21:22] <+DeterminedSnail> You won't crack me! Denzel
[21:22] <+MotivationalShia> I would be last, if not for the fact that I am motivation. To anyone. To everyone.
[21:22] <@jeffprObst> 1 second
[21:22] <+MotivationalShia> My creations are a project.
[21:22] <@jeffprObst> Audrey?
[21:22] <+PrincessPeach_> Haha, no! Bowser you aren't FUNNY or COOL like you seem to think! It's the same formula every single time.. it gets boring after 20 or so times!!!
[21:22] <+MotivationalShia> I am a work of art.
[21:22] <+AudreyMiddleton> Um.
[21:22] <+AudreyMiddleton> 5 and 25?
[21:22] <+Kamek_> Wow Peach has gotten quite sassy!
[21:22] <+Hetero_Hector> Bowser, don't let her get you down
[21:22] <@jeffprObst> Hang on
[21:22] <+PrincessPeach_> You capture me, take me across a bunch of castles and then Mario saves the day!!!
[21:22] <+Hetero_Hector> You are cool bro
[21:22] <@jeffprObst> Actually I'm gonna shrink the board because it's 9:30 l0l
[21:22] <+Hetero_Hector> You're the coolest bro I know
[21:23] <+DeterminedSnail> Go Audrey!
[21:23] <+PrincessPeach_> You're not even scary, just yawn...
[21:23] <@jeffprObst> This is 4x4
[21:23] <+DeterminedSnail> You got this!
[21:23] <+AudreyMiddleton> ...
[21:23] <@jeffprObst> So 16 pieces, Audrey go again
[21:23] <+AudreyMiddleton> Ugh?
[21:23] * PrincessPeach_ lets out a yawn
[21:23] <+AudreyMiddleton> 3 and 7
[21:23] * Bowser| yawns obnoxiously
[21:23] <+Disgust> Gosh, production is so lazy this year.
[21:23] <+Kamek_> um that means out team gets all of the last pieces @Jeff
[21:23] <@jeffprObst> 3 is a castle, 7 is a pirate. Not a match.
[21:23] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): I am PRAYING that my tribe loses this. I need to start cutting them down. Galway needs to a better job actually WINNING the challenges.
[21:23] <+PrincessPeach_> Can you maybe do something different next time? FOR THE LOVE OF TOADSTOOL!!!
[21:23] <+DeterminedSnail> It's okay Audrey!
[21:23] <+Bowser|> For the love of Toadsworth's saggy trousers!
[21:23] <+DeterminedSnail> We can still win!
[21:23] <AnAlmond> Guessing games are the creation of an inferior mind.
[21:24] <+PrincessPeach_> At least take me somewhere other than a dusty old castle!
[21:24] <+PrincessPeach_> How about the BEACH!?
[21:24] <+PrincessPeach_> Or even space!
[21:24] <AnAlmond> Almonds have evolved past games of luck.
[21:24] <+PrincessPeach_> Oh wait...
[21:24] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Jacinta
[21:24] <+Hetero_Hector> You tried Audrey!
[21:24] <+MotivationalShia> The almond's got it.
[21:24] <AnAlmond> We only participate in lacrosse and connect 4
[21:24] <+Kamek_> We do not speak of the saggy traousers! @Bowser
[21:24] <+Bowser|> Alright! Then you can see my smashing beach bod-- oh, wait, that already happened
[21:24] <+Jacinta|> 3 and 13.
[21:24] <+MotivationalShia> This is just...a meaningless luck game.
[21:24] <AnAlmond> The two true games of skill.
[21:24] <+Bowser|> HAW! Remember the panty raid? Good times, minion! @Kamek
[21:24] <+MotivationalShia> What can we do in life that earns us some kind of confirmation, that we, in fact, are vulnerable, living human beings?
[21:24] <+MotivationalShia> Not luck challenges.
[21:24] <MrsPrimrose> Let light compell you jacinta!
[21:24] <+MotivationalShia> Those don' anything.
[21:24] <+MotivationalShia> They don't FUCKING do anything.
[21:24] <@jeffprObst> Give me one second
[21:24] <+Kamek_> Yes I do remember that! HAHAHA! they did not see it coming! @Bowser
[21:24] * MotivationalShia sits on a stool
[21:25] <+AudreyMiddleton> One second?
[21:25] <+Bowser|> They didn't! And... uh, then we didn't see it coming when we realized that it was Toadsworth's closet, not Peach's.
[21:25] <+Bowser|> :|
[21:25] <+AudreyMiddleton> How long do you NEED for this challenge?
[21:25] <@jeffprObst> 1 second as in 5 minutes :]
[21:25] <+Disgust> AUDREY
[21:25] <+Disgust> CALM YOUR SELF
[21:25] <AnAlmond> The host is quite obviously unprepared.
[21:25] <AnAlmond> Foolish being.
[21:25] <+AudreyMiddleton> I'm sorry.
[21:25] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: If my team doesn't win, I know I will live another day! I can't be backed down now!
[21:25] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta, pick again.
[21:25] <AnAlmond> If an almond were hosting, this game would be running far more efficiently.
[21:25] <+PrincessPeach_> Have you been sneaking in my room, Bowser!?
[21:25] <AnAlmond> Also we would all require far more water.
[21:25] <+MotivationalShia> Do you see my face, Jeff?
[21:25] <+Bowser|> ... No!
[21:25] <+Bowser|> Of course not!
[21:25] <+PrincessPeach_> How is this possible! Toad is supposed to be keeping watch!
[21:25] <+Bowser|> It's all...
[21:25] <+MotivationalShia> Imagine my face...on a cereal box.
[21:25] <DenzelCrocker> DETERMINEDSNAIL ??????????????
[21:25] <+Bowser|> uh, Mario!
[21:25] <+PrincessPeach_> That RASCAL!!!
[21:25] * DenzelCrocker taps jar
[21:25] <+Bowser|> It's MARIO!
[21:25] <@jeffprObst> 3 and 13 k
[21:25] <+Jacinta|> 3 and 13.
[21:25] <+Bowser|> He's a PERV!
[21:25] <@jeffprObst> 3 is a castle
[21:25] <+MotivationalShia> What does that do to your perception of my face?
[21:25] <@jeffprObst> 13 is a ship
[21:25] <+MotivationalShia> Does it change anything? About my face?
[21:25] <@jeffprObst> Not a match
[21:25] <DenzelCrocker> ANSWER ME SNAIL.
[21:26] <MrsPrimrose> Bowser, sneaking into people's rooms is very close to dirty doings....
[21:26] <+PrincessPeach_> OH MARIO!!! O-O
[21:26] <+Jacinta|> Kay.
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> Bowser, your turn
[21:26] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm out of the jar Denzel!
[21:26] <+DeterminedSnail> I made it out!
[21:26] <+Bowser|> (CONF): HAW! Now Peach will turn back to me because she knows of Mario's true, unscrupulous nature!
[21:26] <+DeterminedSnail> I will stay out!
[21:26] <+DeterminedSnail> You won't catch me!
[21:26] <+Bowser|> uh... I wasn't paying attention. Too busy yelling.
[21:26] <AnAlmond> Bowser. Always guess one previously turned over number. It makes our odds better.
[21:26] <+Kamek_> Nice!
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> Bowser, pick.
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> I need a decision
[21:26] <+MotivationalShia> My life, displayed in a Wikipedia article, doesn't change anything about your perception of it.
[21:26] <+Bowser|> 8 and 13
[21:26] <+MotivationalShia> But if you saw my face, advertising cereal, advertising a video game.
[21:26] <+Realta> You are so determined Mr.Snail, *picks it up* That is very honourable!
[21:26] <+MotivationalShia> That would change your perception.
[21:26] <+Bowser|> 8 looks like B, and B stands for BOWSER
[21:26] <+MotivationalShia> It's that sipmle, really.
[21:27] <@jeffprObst> 13 is a ship, 8 is a bridge. Not a match
[21:27] <+MotivationalShia> It's the way content is distributed...that forms our perception of the people in it.
[21:27] <AnAlmond> A jump in logic only a simple-minded being could pull off.
[21:27] <AnAlmond> @Bowser
[21:27] <+Kamek_> and 13 looks like a B, which also stands for BOWSER!
[21:27] <@jeffprObst> No matches yet!!
[21:27] <+MotivationalShia> I'm not trying to make an argument here.
[21:27] <+MotivationalShia> I'm just reading from what people said.
[21:27] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: Almond's skills really showed in this challenge. They're good to have on our team!
[21:27] <@jeffprObst> Also let me tweak the challenge - first to THREE matches will win.
[21:27] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): Sadly if I can't throw this challenge, I might as well help win it.
[21:27] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Kamek
[21:27] <+PrincessPeach_> CONF: Who knows what else he does in there!
[21:27] <+Kamek_> Hmm.
[21:27] <+Jacinta|> Kamek, try 3 and 10.
[21:27] <+Kamek_> it's 1 through 20 correct?
[21:27] <+Bowser|> YEP! You know my thoughts too well, Kamek!
[21:27] <+Hetero_Hector> try 8 and 13 again Kamek
[21:27] <+Kamek_> I choose what I want!
[21:27] <+PrincessPeach_> CONF: But then again it's Bowser telling me this.... hm....
[21:27] <+MotivationalShia> When I was young, my dad told me that my brother fought in World War Two. That's why he's not here anymore.
[21:27] <@jeffprObst> 1 through 16. 4x4 board
[21:27] <+Jacinta|> 1 through 16.
[21:27] <+MotivationalShia> I now know that to be a lie.
[21:27] <+Bowser|> Haw! 8 and 13 are the best letters around! Since I'm the best DUDE around1
[21:27] <+PrincessPeach_> CONF: Welp, I guess I'll believe him! :D
[21:27] <+MotivationalShia> World War One is what we're living through now.
[21:28] <+Kamek_> I choose 3 and 10 anyways!
[21:28] <+MotivationalShia> World War a future.
[21:28] <+Kamek_> That is EXACTLY what I was going to choose! HA!
[21:28] <+MotivationalShia> A future filled with smugness.
[21:28] <+MotivationalShia> Foppery.
[21:28] <+MotivationalShia> Privilege.
[21:28] <+Jacinta|> Kay.
[21:28] * DenzelCrocker shakes DeterminedSnail's jar
[21:28] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm still alive!
[21:28] <DenzelCrocker> SNAIL ANSWER ME!!!!!
[21:28] <@jeffprObst> 3 is a castle, 10 is a sword. No match
[21:28] <+MotivationalShia> Our sons and daughters...will have to fight that war.
[21:28] <+Kamek_> Curses!
[21:28] <DenzelCrocker> FAIRY GOd PARENTS!!!!
[21:28] <+Bowser|> Hmm... My stomach is a-rumblin'.
[21:28] <@jeffprObst> Denzel go
[21:28] <+Bowser|> And I'm in the mood for escargot.
[21:28] <DenzelCrocker> 3 AND 15
[21:28] <+Kamek_> YOU MADE ME LOSE
[21:28] <DenzelCrocker> HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
[21:28] <+DeterminedSnail> I WILL NOT HELP YOU OUT! DenzelCrocker
[21:28] <+PrincessPeach_> No you AREN'T... that would be Mario! If you ignore every single trait of his aside from bravery that is... @Bowser
[21:28] <DenzelCrocker> YES YOU WILL, SNAIL!
[21:28] * DenzelCrocker shakes the jar
[21:28] <AnAlmond> Snail. Calm yourself.
[21:28] <@jeffprObst> 3 is a castle, 15 is a tree. NOT a match.
[21:28] <MrsPrimrose> Jacinta, making people lose is very mean.
[21:28] <+Bowser|> COME ON!
[21:28] <AnAlmond> Your outburst can only be a detriment to our team.
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Shia.
[21:29] <+Kamek_> This challenge sucks and I am angry!
[21:29] * MotivationalShia breathes heavily
[21:29] <+MotivationalShia> I can believe it.
[21:29] <+Hetero_Hector> You got this SHia
[21:29] <+Bowser|> Sometimes I burn trees!
[21:29] <+Bowser|> With my Flame-O-Breath!
[21:29] <+Disgust> Mouthbreathing is so disgusting @Shia
[21:29] <+MotivationalShia> 15 and 7.
[21:29] <DenzelCrocker> FLAME O BREATH????
[21:29] <+Disgust> And so is your Flame-O-Breath @Bowser
[21:29] <DenzelCrocker> NORMAL PEOPLE DON'T HAVE THAT......
[21:29] <+MotivationalShia> I'm not mouthbreathing, it's a fucking calming tactic.
[21:29] <DenzelCrocker> are you a....
[21:29] <+PrincessPeach_> Is this my castle... or another princesses? :o
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> 15 is a tree, 7 is a pirate. Not a match.
[21:29] <+MotivationalShia> You take your pills, I breathe.
[21:29] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): Plus if I help my tribe win, they won't have any mistrust because I keep helping them win.
[21:29] <DenzelCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENT!?!?!?!??!?!?!!??!
[21:29] <+MotivationalShia> I'm natural that way.
[21:29] <+DeterminedSnail> YOU MAY THINK YOU'RE A BIG STRONG PERSON BUT YOURE NOT! DenzelCrocker
[21:29] <+PrincessPeach_> I have a tree in my yard!
[21:29] <+DeterminedSnail> I
[21:29] <+MotivationalShia> GODDDDDDDDDDDDDAMMIT
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Snail
[21:29] <+Hetero_Hector> I'm breathing the same air as Shia Labeouf!
[21:29] <+Bowser|> HAW! I know you're jealous, Disgust, but try to keep calm!
[21:29] <DenzelCrocker> USE YOUR MAGIC SNAIL
[21:29] <+Hetero_Hector> That's so hot, in a straight way of course
[21:30] <+Realta> I believe in your Little Snail!
[21:30] <+AudreyMiddleton> You got this, Snail!
[21:30] <+DeterminedSnail> 15 and 6!
[21:30] <+Bowser|> Hey! Who wants some exclusive help from the mighty Koopa King?
[21:30] <+Bowser|> 8 and 13 are a match!
[21:30] <+Disgust> And if you don't your ass is on the block.
[21:30] <+Bowser|> I SWEAR!
[21:30] <+DeterminedSnail> I think this is correct!
[21:30] <AnAlmond> There is no disputing that the snail is real. What do you mean? @Realta
[21:30] * PrincessPeach_ cheers
[21:30] <@jeffprObst> 15 is a tree, 6 is bread. No match.
[21:30] <+Bowser|> Bread?
[21:30] <+Kamek_> I am sure they are, Master Bowser! You should choose them again!
[21:30] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Primrose.
[21:30] <+Kamek_> @Bowser
[21:30] <+Hetero_Hector> You tried Snail
[21:30] <+Bowser|> GREAT IDEA! @Kamek
[21:30] <+DeterminedSnail> It's okay!
[21:30] <@jeffprObst> If you are keeping track, there should be a match already.
[21:30] <+Realta> I meant to wish him luck, I am sorry Sir Almond!
[21:30] <+Bowser|> You've got so many bright ideas! Haw! You should be my head minion or something!
[21:30] <AnAlmond> How do none of the tiles have a potato on it?
[21:30] <+PrincessPeach_> GO PRIM!! GET IT!! :o
[21:30] <+DeterminedSnail> We have this in the bag!
[21:30] <+Bowser|> Wait, you... uh, you already are.
[21:31] <MrsPrimrose> hmm
[21:31] == Jacinta|_ [457aac8a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[21:31] == Jacinta|_ has changed nick to Jacinta_
[21:31] <Jacinta_> Kick the other one.
[21:31] == Jacinta| was kicked from #Ovivor by cOnfessional [wibble]
[21:31] == mode/#Ovivor [+v MrsPrimrose] by cOnfessional
[21:31] == mode/#Ovivor [+v Jacinta_] by cOnfessional
[21:31] == mode/#Ovivor [+v DenzelCrocker] by cOnfessional
[21:31] == mode/#Ovivor [+v AnAlmond] by cOnfessional
[21:31] <+DenzelCrocker> I have an idea.....on how to capture the.....GIANT FAIRY.......BOWSER!!!!
[21:31] <+DenzelCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!!!!!!!

[21:32] * DenzelCrocker goes to the CROCKER MOBILE
[21:32] <+Bowser|> Giant Fairy Bowser?
[21:32] <+Bowser|> Nice! I like that!
[21:32] <+PrincessPeach_> Wow...
[21:32] <+AnAlmond> Denzel, your outbursts are concerning.
[21:32] <+AudreyMiddleton> ...
[21:32] <+Kamek_> Let us hurry this up!
[21:32] <@jeffprObst> Okay
[21:32] <+Bowser|> That'll be my new codename! Sound threatening enough, Peach?
[21:32] <+PrincessPeach_> BOWSER BEING CAPTURED!? O-O WHAT IS THIS?
[21:32] <+AnAlmond> You are likely mentally unstable.
[21:32] * DenzelCrocker presses big shiny red button to raise a massive anti-fairy net
[21:32] <+AudreyMiddleton> How do you have a car here, Denzel?
[21:32] <+AnAlmond> Did you have a father figure present in your childhood?
[21:32] * DenzelCrocker plows through the forest and launches the net on top of Bowser
[21:32] <+MrsPrimrose> I can't find the match :(
[21:32] <+DenzelCrocker> HAHAHA!!!
[21:32] <+PrincessPeach_> Maybe he'll get a taste of his own medicine for once!
[21:32] <+Jacinta_> Who's turn is it?
[21:32] <+DenzelCrocker> I HAVE CAUGHT MY SECOND FAIRY!!!
[21:32] <+MrsPrimrose> 3 and 9?
[21:32] <+Hetero_Hector> My dad calls me a fairy! Haha! I wonder what that means
[21:32] <+Bowser|> Whuh-WHAAAAAAAAT?!?
[21:32] <+MotivationalShia> My mother is a queen.
[21:32] <@jeffprObst> Primrose...?
[21:32] <@jeffprObst> I need a decision
[21:32] <+Hetero_Hector> *cries a little*
[21:32] <+Bowser|> YAAAAARGH! Get OFFA me!
[21:32] <@jeffprObst> 3 and 9 k
[21:32] * DenzelCrocker launches a massive jar out of the roof of the CROCKER MOBILE onto Bowser
[21:32] <+DenzelCrocker> HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
[21:32] <+Jacinta_> What did Denzel pick?
[21:32] <+DenzelCrocker> TWO FAIRIES CONTAINED!!!
[21:32] <@jeffprObst> 3 is a castle, 9 is a cliff. No match
[21:33] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Disgust
[21:33] * DenzelCrocker jumps out and walks around with Snail
[21:33] <+DenzelCrocker> HAHA
[21:33] <+MrsPrimrose> Oh:(
[21:33] <+DeterminedSnail> Bowser| we have to team up to overtake Crocker!
[21:33] <+Disgust> 1 and 6.
[21:33] <+PrincessPeach_> WHEN WILL THE PRINCESS GET A TURN? :(
[21:33] <+MrsPrimrose> I'm sorry, Galway.
[21:33] <+MrsPrimrose> :(
[21:33] <+MotivationalShia>
[21:33] <+PrincessPeach_> Hmph, I guess this guy doesn't have any manners! -_-
[21:33] <+Bowser|> YEAH!
[21:33] <+PrincessPeach_> Just as bad as Bowser!
[21:33] <+MotivationalShia> #LIFEMOTTO
[21:33] <@jeffprObst> 1 is a rock, 6 is water. No match
[21:33] <+DeterminedSnail> You won't catch me Crocker!
[21:33] <+Bowser|> Snail, wanna be my new minion? Too bad! No choice! You're enrolled!
[21:33] <+Disgust> 6 IS BREAD.
[21:33] <+Kamek_> You said six was bread!
[21:33] <@jeffprObst> hang on
[21:33] <+Bowser|> (Are you just trolling us)
[21:33] <+DenzelCrocker> MINIONS?
[21:33] <+DenzelCrocker> ARE YOU....
[21:33] <@jeffprObst> oops forgot to update after primrose
[21:33] <+DenzelCrocker> PLANNING AN ESCAPE!??!?!?!?!?!?!
[21:33] <@jeffprObst> (no)
[21:33] <+Disgust> THIS SHOW IS SO DISGUSTING.
[21:33] * DeterminedSnail crawls aways from Crocker
[21:34] <@jeffprObst> 1 is rock, 6 is bread
[21:34] <+Disgust> I CAN'T HANDLE RIGGERY,
[21:34] <+DenzelCrocker> WHERE DID HE GO!?!?!?
[21:34] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Peach
[21:34] <+DenzelCrocker> OH NO I'VE LOST THE FAIRY GOD PARENT!!!!!!!!
[21:34] <+DenzelCrocker> FAIRY
[21:34] <+DenzelCrocker> GOD
[21:34] <+DenzelCrocker> PARENTS!!!!
[21:34] * DenzelCrocker searches rapidly for DeterminedSnail
[21:34] <+DeterminedSnail> I'll gladly be your minion Bowser|
[21:34] <+DeterminedSnail> :)
[21:34] <+Jacinta_> Peach, do 6 and 14 maybe?
[21:34] <+Bowser|> Haw! Sounds great!
[21:34] * AudreyMiddleton hugs Bowser
[21:34] * DeterminedSnail ducks into a bush
[21:34] <+Bowser|> Bowser's Big Buff Bad Billains Brigade will be meeting shortly!
[21:34] <+DenzelCrocker> THERE YOU ARE!!
[21:34] <+Bowser|> Peach, you can still join ;)
[21:34] <+AudreyMiddleton> You're actually kind when you want to be, Bowser.
[21:34] * DenzelCrocker kidnaps an ordinary snail
[21:34] <+DenzelCrocker> HAHA
[21:34] <+DenzelCrocker> HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
[21:34] <+Bowser|> YEAH, Audrey! Really feelin' the love!
[21:34] * DeterminedSnail frantically crawls away
[21:34] * DenzelCrocker puts the ordinary snail into a jar
[21:34] <@jeffprObst> Peach?
[21:35] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): Okay, I may actually have feelings for a turtle. DON'T LAUGH.
[21:35] <+MotivationalShia> My body is your castle.
[21:35] <+PrincessPeach_> Hm uh!!!
[21:35] <+PrincessPeach_> 3 AND 9!!!
[21:35] <+Jacinta_> Peach, try 6 and 14.
[21:35] <+Jacinta_> Oh my gosh Peach.
[21:35] <+Jacinta_> THOSE WERE ALREADY PICKED.
[21:35] <+PrincessPeach_> WAIT NO 6 AND 14!!! :)
[21:35] <+PrincessPeach_> EXCUSE ME, I AM UNDER PRESSURE! -_-
[21:35] <+Jacinta_> Fuck my life.
[21:35] <@jeffprObst> 6 is bread, 14 is castle. No match
[21:35] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm trapped!
[21:35] <+Kamek_> MY TURN PICK ME
[21:35] <+Kamek_> LET ME GO
[21:35] <+Kamek_> LET ME GO
[21:35] <+DeterminedSnail> BOWSER!
[21:35] <+Bowser|> Castle?
[21:35] <+Kamek_> LET ME GO
[21:35] <+Bowser|> Wait.
[21:35] <+Kamek_> LET ME GO
[21:35] <+Realta> Jacinta please calm down, that is not very human-like of you!
[21:35] <+DeterminedSnail> I have a plan!
[21:35] <+Bowser|> BOWSER'S castle?!
[21:35] <+Bowser|> WHAT DO YOU WANT, SNAILY??!
[21:35] <+Kamek_> Master Bowser choose 8 and 13!
[21:35] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Hector
[21:36] <+Jacinta_> Realta why don't you like ever talk except to try and shit on others?
[21:36] <+AnAlmond> I have not gone yet.
[21:36] <+MotivationalShia> Did it take you this long to make a pun?
[21:36] <+Hetero_Hector> 3 and 14. I choose them.
[21:36] <+MotivationalShia> @Bowser
[21:36] <+Bowser|> YEAH! Great idea! I think I'll do that! @Kamek
[21:36] <+DeterminedSnail> Roll over and you can get out of your jar!
[21:36] <+AudreyMiddleton> Good job, Hector!
[21:36] * Bowser| (CONF): Man, am I glad that I have a minion as brainy as Kamek.
[21:36] <+AnAlmond> Well done, Hector.
[21:36] <+Bowser|> True... This jar really is cramping my style...
[21:36] <+DeterminedSnail> Lean to one side and you can win!
[21:36] * Bowser| rolls over then howls in pain
[21:36] <@jeffprObst> 3 is a cliff, 14 is a cliff. That is a match! Drogheda scores!
[21:36] <+Realta> I would never do that! That is not a very kind thing to do
[21:36] <@jeffprObst> Drogheda - 1
[21:36] <+Disgust> >_>
[21:36] <+Disgust> IT'S A CASTLE.
[21:36] <+Kamek_> I thought 3 and 14 were CASTLES
[21:36] <@jeffprObst> oops wrong c word
[21:36] <+Hetero_Hector> *mimes throwing down a football and then lying on the ground and crying*
[21:36] <+PrincessPeach_> FINALLY...
[21:36] <+Disgust> I SWEAR
[21:36] <@jeffprObst> Next up isssss
[21:36] <+Disgust> I COULD JUST QUIT.
[21:36] <@jeffprObst> Realta
[21:36] <+Kamek_> WHAT DO YOU EVEN MEAN ANYMORE!!!!
[21:36] <+PrincessPeach_> But it just had to be Bowser's team?
[21:36] * DeterminedSnail rolls over
[21:37] <+Realta> 2 and 11
[21:37] <+PrincessPeach_> Oh, evil won't prevail for much longer!
[21:37] <+Bowser|> Evil ALWAYS prevails!
[21:37] * PrincessPeach_ turns to team
[21:37] <+Kamek_> Hey I'm evil too!
[21:37] <+Kamek_> See!
[21:37] <+PrincessPeach_> Isn't that right guys? :)
[21:37] <+Bowser|> The Big Bad Buff Billain Bowser Brigade is destroying the competition!
[21:37] <@jeffprObst> 11 is bread, 2 is bridge. No match
[21:37] <+MotivationalShia> [21:32] <@jeffprObst> 3 is a castle, 9 is a cliff. No match
[21:37] <+Realta> That is not true Sir Bowser! Evil must be banished!
[21:37] <@jeffprObst> wait.
[21:37] <+MotivationalShia> You said this.
[21:37] <@jeffprObst> 2 is a tree, not a bridge, my fault
[21:37] <+MotivationalShia> The truth can not be unpublished.
[21:37] <@jeffprObst> Still not a match
[21:37] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Almond
[21:37] <+Kamek_> When do I get to go???
[21:37] <+Jacinta_> Jeff sucking at life.
[21:37] * DenzelCrocker shakes the ordinary snail in a jar
[21:37] <+MotivationalShia> The thing is, this is all writing.
[21:38] <+DenzelCrocker> Wait a minute.....
[21:38] <+MotivationalShia> This is what we deal with in life.
[21:38] <+AnAlmond> 11 and 6.
[21:38] <+DenzelCrocker> This is not my snail!
[21:38] <+AnAlmond> Those are my choices.
[21:38] * DenzelCrocker frees the snail
[21:38] <+AnAlmond> This is a juvenile game.
[21:38] <+Bowser|> YI am Bowser, businessman of legend! Fear my accounting!
[21:38] <+MotivationalShia> Do you think we could have fun on the internet?
[21:38] <+DenzelCrocker> DETERMINED SNAIL HAS ESCAPED!!!!!
[21:38] <+DenzelCrocker> HE USED...
[21:38] <+Bowser|> *I
[21:38] <+DenzelCrocker> MAGIC!!!!
[21:38] <+DenzelCrocker> FAIRY
[21:38] <+DenzelCrocker> GOD
[21:38] <@jeffprObst> 11 and 6 are both bread - that is a match! Drogheda scores another point!
[21:38] <+PrincessPeach_> We totally need to amp things up around here if we want to beat him guys! WE CAN'T LET HIM CAPTURE ANOTHER WIN!
[21:38] <+DenzelCrocker> PARENTS!!!!!
[21:38] <+Disgust> Give us this day, our daily WIN :)
[21:38] <+AnAlmond> I find my species above it, but if I must, I will participate.
[21:38] <@jeffprObst> Drogheda - 2
[21:38] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm free!
[21:38] <+Kamek_> MY TURN
[21:38] <@jeffprObst> One more and they win.
[21:38] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Kamek
[21:38] <@jeffprObst> er Jacinta*
[21:38] <+MotivationalShia> In the end--this is all meaningless.
[21:38] <+Jacinta_> Kamek, try 2 and 15.
[21:38] <+Kamek_> fUCK YOU PROBST
[21:38] <+Jacinta_> They're both trees.
[21:38] <@jeffprObst> whatever just go
[21:38] <+Jacinta_> Oh
[21:38] <+Hetero_Hector> 8 and 13 pick 8 and 13
[21:38] <+MotivationalShia> We'll take away someone else from our tribe.
[21:38] <+Jacinta_> 2 and 15.
[21:38] <@jeffprObst> 2 and 15 are both trees, that is a match!
[21:38] <@jeffprObst> 2-1
[21:38] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Audrey
[21:38] <+PrincessPeach_> Sweet!
[21:38] * MotivationalShia tebows
[21:39] <+Bowser|> AR HAR!
[21:39] <+DeterminedSnail> You got this Audrey!
[21:39] <+Kamek_> SCREEECH
[21:39] <+DenzelCrocker> THERE YOU ARE!
[21:39] <+Realta> That makes up for being unkind Jacinta!
[21:39] <+Hetero_Hector> You can do it Oddy!
[21:39] * DenzelCrocker dives down on DeterminedSnail
[21:39] * DenzelCrocker kidnaps him
[21:39] * DeterminedSnail squirms
[21:39] * DenzelCrocker puts him back in the jar
[21:39] <+PrincessPeach_> Audrey, I swear! You hand Bowser this win and you'll never get to come to one of my grand parties!! >:(
[21:39] * DeterminedSnail frees
[21:39] <@jeffprObst> Audrey,,,?
[21:39] <+AudreyMiddleton> 8 & 16
[21:39] <+Jacinta_> As long as I don't go home, that's fine Realta.
[21:39] <+DenzelCrocker> WHAT
[21:39] <+DenzelCrocker> WHERE DID HE GO???
[21:39] * DeterminedSnail runs away
[21:39] <+DenzelCrocker> THIS MUST BE THE WORK OF.......
[21:39] <+DenzelCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!!!!!
[21:39] <@jeffprObst> 16 is a rock, 8 is a cliff. No match
[21:39] <+AnAlmond> Audrey, I gave you advice and you didn't follow it.
[21:39] * DeterminedSnail runs to a cliff
[21:39] * MotivationalShia does not sleep
[21:39] <+AnAlmond> Foolish if you ask me.
[21:40] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Kamek
[21:40] <+DeterminedSnail> You'll never catch me!
[21:40] <+Disgust> 8 is a bridge!
[21:40] <+Jacinta_> 8 is a bridge...
[21:40] <+Kamek_> I choose 1 and 16!!!!
[21:40] <+PrincessPeach_> Crocker, would you be interested in becoming my super sweet personal assistant?
[21:40] <+Kamek_> HA!
[21:40] <@jeffprObst> (o)
[21:40] <+Jacinta_> Yassss Kamek!
[21:40] <@jeffprObst> hang on
[21:40] <+Jacinta_> Slay!
[21:40] <+Kamek_> HAHAHAHAHAHA!
[21:40] <+MotivationalShia> Yaaaaaas.
[21:40] <+MotivationalShia> This is what matters in life.
[21:40] <+PrincessPeach_> WE CAN CAPTURE BOWSER TOGETHER <3
[21:40] <+Bowser|> Porbst, you think you're evil?
[21:40] <+PrincessPeach_> Show him what it's like!
[21:40] <+DeterminedSnail> DenzelCrocker COME CATCH ME AT THIS CLIFF!
[21:40] <+Bowser|> Haw! Try again, lame-o!
[21:40] <+DeterminedSnail> If you can!
[21:40] <@jeffprObst> oops but either way not a match
[21:40] <+MotivationalShia> Overenthused interjections are peeling away at the easel that is life.
[21:40] <+DeterminedSnail> >:)
[21:40] <+MotivationalShia> Life is a painting.
[21:40] <+DenzelCrocker> OK
[21:40] * DenzelCrocker runs over to the cliff
[21:40] <+Kamek_> WHAT
[21:40] <+Bowser|> Just wait until I make my next guess! Big bad Bowser is about to be even big-badder!
[21:40] <@jeffprObst> 1 and 16 are both rocks, that is a match!
[21:40] <@jeffprObst> 2-2
[21:40] * DeterminedSnail falls off cliff
[21:40] <+Kamek_> oh.
[21:40] <+Jacinta_> Kamek, not us.
[21:40] <+Kamek_> HA!
[21:40] <@jeffprObst> The next point wins it.
[21:40] <+MotivationalShia> And the continued use of--memes--of--anything--just...
[21:40] <+MotivationalShia> It ruins life.
[21:40] * DenzelCrocker dives off the cliff
[21:40] <+MotivationalShia> Quite frankly.
[21:40] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Bowser.
[21:40] <+MotivationalShia> Quite fucking frankly.
[21:41] <+DeterminedSnail> AAAAHHH!
[21:41] <+PrincessPeach_> BOWSER YOU'RE THE ONLY LAME-O I SEE! ~_~
[21:41] <+Bowser|> DANG!
[21:41] <+AnAlmond> Bowser.
[21:41] <+AnAlmond> Guess 8 and 9.
[21:41] * Realta hugs Kamek, you are helping me stay on my mission!
[21:41] * DeterminedSnail falls into toxic waste
[21:41] <+DenzelCrocker> SAVE ME SNAIL!!!!!! USE YOUR MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:41] <+Bowser|> Um...
[21:41] * DenzelCrocker lands in the toxic waste
[21:41] <+Hetero_Hector> Bowser listen to Almy
[21:41] <+Bowser|> Alright, Almond is smart!
[21:41] <+Bowser|> 8 and 9!
[21:41] <+Hetero_Hector> 8 and 9 bro
[21:41] <@jeffprObst> 1 sec!
[21:41] <+Bowser|> If you're wrong I'm gonna pummel you all!
[21:41] * DenzelCrocker stands up out of the toxic waste
[21:41] <+Hetero_Hector> Wait no
[21:41] <+DenzelCrocker> I feel funny.........
[21:41] <+Disgust> HECTOR
[21:41] <+Jacinta_> Shit I know what they're doing.
[21:41] <+Bowser|> WAIT!
[21:41] <+Disgust> ALMY.
[21:41] * DeterminedSnail crawls out of toxic waste
[21:41] <+Bowser|> Let me consult with my teamies!
[21:41] <+Disgust> WE JUST LOST.
[21:41] * DenzelCrocker grows two more legs
[21:41] <+DenzelCrocker> WHAT
[21:41] <+DenzelCrocker> AAAHHH!!!!
[21:41] <+Hetero_Hector> I just listened to Almond
[21:41] <+Bowser|> That isn't my final answer, Porbst!
[21:41] <@jeffprObst> 8 is a bridge. 9 is a cliff.
[21:42] <+DenzelCrocker> SNAIL WHAT HAVE YOU DONE
[21:42] <@jeffprObst> Not a match
[21:42] <+Hetero_Hector> Hey guys don't worry
[21:42] <+Bowser|> AAAAAAAARGH!
[21:42] <@jeffprObst> Next up is shia
[21:42] <+DenzelCrocker> YOU FAIRY GOD PARENT!!!!!!!!
[21:42] * DeterminedSnail grows a rocket on his back
[21:42] <+Jacinta_> SHIA
[21:42] <+Hetero_Hector> They don't know the next match either
[21:42] <+Jacinta_> BEFORE YOU GUESS
[21:42] <+DeterminedSnail> I
[21:42] <+Jacinta_> We have to think this out.
[21:42] <+MotivationalShia> Give me something to pick.
[21:42] <+DeterminedSnail> Have rockets?
[21:42] <+Bowser|> Hmph! I don't work well with others!
[21:42] * DenzelCrocker walks around on four legs
[21:42] <+Hetero_Hector> If they pick the wrong one we win
[21:42] <+AudreyMiddleton> 8 & 9, Shia
[21:42] <+MotivationalShia> It's not thinking, it's just observing.
[21:42] * DenzelCrocker crawls up the cliff
[21:42] <+Jacinta_> Shia, if we choose 8 and 9 again, we force them to reveal one.
[21:42] <+AudreyMiddleton> That'd be an AMAZING pick, truly.
[21:42] <+Jacinta_> But we could also lose.
[21:42] <+Bowser|> Do 8 and 13! It's always REALLY reliable!
[21:42] <@jeffprObst> Shia please pick
[21:42] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm fast?
[21:42] <+AudreyMiddleton> 9 and 9, Shia.
[21:42] <+Jacinta_> Shut the hell up.
[21:42] <+DeterminedSnail> HALLELUJAH!
[21:42] <+MotivationalShia> Um.
[21:42] <+AudreyMiddleton> 8 and 9 is a GREAT choice. <3
[21:42] <+PrincessPeach_> Oh of course it isn't 8 and 13!
[21:42] <+Jacinta_> Shia, just do 5 and 9.
[21:42] <+Jacinta_> Go in all or nothing.
[21:42] <+Disgust> Maybe it's 1 and 16 :)
[21:43] <+PrincessPeach_> Don't listen to that crusty ol' Bowser! He'll only lead you to no good!
[21:43] <+MotivationalShia> 6 and 15.
[21:43] <+Realta> We believe in you!
[21:43] <+MotivationalShia> Are either of those already matched?
[21:43] <+Jacinta_> SHIA WHAT THE FUCK
[21:43] <+AudreyMiddleton> Peach, Bowser has changed.
[21:43] <+Jacinta_> NO
[21:43] <+MotivationalShia> I don't fucking know honestly.
[21:43] <+Jacinta_> SHIA FUCK STOP
[21:43] <+Disgust> Slay my soul, Shia! <3
[21:43] <+MotivationalShia> I went with my heart.
[21:43] <@jeffprObst> 6 is bread, 15 is a cliff
[21:43] <+Bowser|> Listen to me! I'm not crusty OR old, my dad Morton Koopa Sr. always told me that I was young and spry!
[21:43] <@jeffprObst> Not a match
[21:43] <+MotivationalShia> I went with my heart.
[21:43] <+Jacinta_> 5 AND 9
[21:43] <+Kamek_> SHIA WHAT ARE YOU DOING
[21:43] <@jeffprObst> Denzel go
[21:43] * DenzelCrocker chases DeterminedSnail on his four spider legs
[21:43] <+Bowser|> GWARHARHAR!
[21:43] <+MrsPrimrose> Shia...:(
[21:43] <+MotivationalShia> I went on instinct.
[21:43] <+DenzelCrocker> GET BACK HERE YOU FEIND!!!
[21:43] <+Jacinta_> 15 is a tree Jeff
[21:43] * DeterminedSnail throws up
[21:43] <+MotivationalShia> Are you fucking scapegoating me now. This is not...this is not okay.
[21:43] <+MotivationalShia> I am a victim.
[21:43] <+DeterminedSnail> My rockets!
[21:43] <+MotivationalShia> I am a victim of enough already.
[21:43] <@jeffprObst> omg im fucking this up so much
[21:43] <+DeterminedSnail> They're gone!
[21:43] <@jeffprObst> hang on
[21:43] <+PrincessPeach_> You're right... you're not crusty OR old! You're crusty AND old! <_<
[21:43] <@jeffprObst> !!
[21:43] * MotivationalShia climbs a wall
[21:44] <+Bowser|> Oh, so you like older men? @Peach
[21:44] * DeterminedSnail passes out
[21:44] <@jeffprObst> OKAY sorry yeah it's tree
[21:44] <+Bowser|> Sure! I'm already the dad to eight! One more is no big deal!
[21:44] <+AnAlmond> If an almond was hosting this, we'd have finished this challenge by now
[21:44] <+PrincessPeach_> What is it with you and young princesses!?
[21:44] <@jeffprObst> But shia that still is not a match
[21:44] <@jeffprObst> Denzel go
[21:44] <+AnAlmond> Well, more accurately, we wouldn't be doing such a dumb challenge in the first place.
[21:44] * DeterminedSnail 's rockets fall out
[21:44] <+AnAlmond> But I digress.
[21:44] <+DenzelCrocker> 7 AND 16
[21:44] * DeterminedSnail wakes up
[21:44] <+DenzelCrocker> NO WAIT
[21:44] <+DenzelCrocker> 8 AND 15
[21:44] <+DeterminedSnail> Where am I?
[21:44] <+Disgust> ...
[21:44] <+Disgust> what.
[21:44] <+MotivationalShia> Eight. Seven. Eight. One. Two. Three. Seven. Seven. Space.
[21:44] <+Kamek_> AHAHAHAHHAHA
[21:44] <+Kamek_> aHA
[21:44] <+Kamek_> aHAAHa
[21:44] <+PrincessPeach_> I'll never have the man of my dreams, not with Mario around! :( @Bowser
[21:45] <+Disgust> ...
[21:45] <+DenzelCrocker> NO WAIT!!!
[21:45] <+MotivationalShia> Four. Two. Eight. Seven. Seven. Six. Eight. Three. Four. Nine. Seven. Space.
[21:45] <+DenzelCrocker> 7 AND 16!!
[21:45] * Realta craddles the Snail
[21:45] <+Kamek_> TOO LATE
[21:45] <+DenzelCrocker> FINAL CHOICE HAHAHAHAHA
[21:45] <+Bowser|> DENNY! YOU'RE WRONG AGAIN!
[21:45] <+Kamek_> @Denzel
[21:45] <+DeterminedSnail> What show am I one?
[21:45] <+Disgust> I really am surrounded by idiots aren't I.
[21:45] <+Realta> Hush little Snail, don't say a word
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> Crocker pick one answer. And stop spamming
[21:45] <+Disgust> I can't do this. I really can't.
[21:45] <+PrincessPeach_> And you on top of it!
[21:45] <+Bowser|> Stand back and let Big Bad Brainy Bowser handle this.
[21:45] <+Realta> Realta's going to sing about a mocking bird.
[21:45] <+Kamek_> 8 and 13 @Bowser
[21:45] <+Disgust> I am disgusted.
[21:45] <+DenzelCrocker> 7 AND 12.
[21:45] <+DenzelCrocker> FINA.
[21:45] <+DeterminedSnail> Realta thanks
[21:45] <+DenzelCrocker> ANSWER.
[21:45] <+DenzelCrocker> THIS BETTER BE RIGHT OR IT IS THE WORK OF.......
[21:45] <+DeterminedSnail> You're really nice. :)
[21:45] <+DenzelCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:45] <+Bowser|> Mario?!
[21:45] <+Bowser|> oh.
[21:45] <+PrincessPeach_> How about Big Bald Brickhead Bowser! >:(
[21:45] <+Bowser|> Th... that works, I guess.
[21:45] <+Bowser|> Blargh.
[21:45] <@jeffprObst> 12 is a bridge, 7 is a sword. Not a match
[21:45] <+PrincessPeach_> That's much better suited! :P
[21:45] <+Bowser|> I'm not BALD! Do you see my luscious flow?! @Peach
[21:46] <+MotivationalShia> Some white men are black men too.
[21:46] <+MotivationalShia> Some white men are black men too.
[21:46] <@jeffprObst> Next up is Prim
[21:46] <+PrincessPeach_> You call that hair!? @Bowser
[21:46] <+Jacinta_> 8 and 12! 8 and 12! DO FUCKING 8 AND 12!
[21:46] <+Realta> Shhhhh, sleep little Snail friend.
[21:46] <+Jacinta_> PRIM.
[21:46] <+Jacinta_> 8. AND. 12.
[21:46] <+PrincessPeach_> Take a look at these golden locks! ^_^
[21:46] * PrincessPeach_ flips hair
[21:46] <+Kamek_> 18 and 12 or 7 and 10
[21:46] <+AudreyMiddleton> Prim, ignore Jacinta
[21:46] <+Disgust> 7 IS A PIRATE
[21:46] <+Disgust> AHHHHHH
[21:46] <+Bowser|> Golden locks? Haw! I've seen better locks on Iggy Koopa!
[21:46] <+Kamek_> oh then not 7 and 10
[21:46] <+Jacinta_> PRIM. DO 8 AND 12.
[21:46] <+Disgust> I AM DONE.
[21:46] <+AnAlmond> No Prim
[21:46] <+Kamek_> 8 and 12!!!!!!!
[21:46] <+PrincessPeach_> What is with you, Bowser!?
[21:46] <+Jacinta_> Do not listen to anyone BUT me.
[21:46] <+MrsPrimrose> 8 and 12! :D
[21:46] <+AnAlmond> Do not listen to her.
[21:46] * Bowser| (CONF): Urgh... Insulting Peach makes my heart hurt... But I HAVE to, otherwise I'll never win her over!
[21:46] <+AudreyMiddleton> 7 is a pirate, Jeff.
[21:46] <+AudreyMiddleton> What the hell?
[21:47] <+Jacinta_> Shut up motherfuckers.
[21:47] * DeterminedSnail throws up again
[21:47] <+Bowser|> Yargh!
[21:47] <@jeffprObst> 8 is a bridge. 12 is a bridge. That is a match.
[21:47] <+Disgust> ALRIGHT.
[21:47] <@jeffprObst> GALWAY WINS IMMUNITY
[21:47] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): Can this guy actually HOST a challenge.
[21:47] <+DeterminedSnail> What's wrong with me?
[21:47] <+Disgust> I CANNOT DO THIS ANYMORE.
[21:47] <+Jacinta_> YASSSSSSSSS.
[21:47] <+MrsPrimrose> Hooray!
[21:47] <@jeffprObst> (soz for that shitty challenge)
[21:47] <+DenzelCrocker> NO!!!!!!
[21:47] <+Bowser|> WH-WH-WHAAAAAAAAAAAARGH?!
[21:47] <+DenzelCrocker> WE LOST!!!!
[21:47] * MotivationalShia falls into Jacinta's arms
[21:47] <+MrsPrimrose> Good job tribe!
[21:47] <+MotivationalShia> Carry me home.
[21:47] <+DenzelCrocker> THIS MUST BE THE WORK OF.......
[21:47] <+DenzelCrocker> FAIRY
[21:47] <+DenzelCrocker> GOD
[21:47] <+DenzelCrocker> PARENTS!!!!
[21:47] <+PrincessPeach_> Urgh, what a dumbo!
[21:47] * DeterminedSnail becomes faint
[21:47] <@jeffprObst> Alright, Drogheda, send me votes immediately on THIS account. (jeffprObst)
[21:47] <+Realta> The light side prevailed for you Primrose!
[21:47] <+DeterminedSnail> The radioactive waste!
[21:47] <+PrincessPeach_> I'm off to the beach Bowser, don't you dare try to kidnap me down there AGAIN!
[21:47] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys. Set your torches down & take a seat.
[21:47] <+PrincessPeach_> Oh shoot!
[21:47] * PrincessPeach_ covers mouth
[21:47] <@jeffprObst> DROGHEDA - You guys were close. Do you think that means you can still gain a lead at the next challenge? Are you the superior tribe?
[21:47] <+PrincessPeach_> Maybe I should have just kept quiet...
[21:47] <@jeffprObst> SEND ME VOTES IMMEDIATELY.
[21:48] <+PrincessPeach_> Whatever, Bowser I'm armed!!!
[21:48] <+Disgust> I don't know, Jeff.
[21:48] <+Bowser|> My arms?
[21:48] <+Bowser|> Yeah, yeah, I know my arms are buff.
[21:48] <+Bowser|> Tell me something I don't know, Peachy!
[21:48] <+PrincessPeach_> With a PAN!
[21:48] <+Disgust> Can our host learn his rules and regulations, or do I need to regulate his ruling.
[21:48] <+Disgust> #GETOUTPROBST2K15

[21:48] <+PrincessPeach_> I'll slap you right across the face with this nifty lil tool if I even see you!
[21:49] * PrincessPeach_ pulls out frying pan
[21:49] * PrincessPeach_ frolicks off and hums
[21:50] == DenzelCrocker [ac38152a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[21:50] * DeterminedSnail sluggishly crawls to the ceremony
[21:50] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): So tonight, my first tribemate will fall victim to my lie. And best of all, my entire tribe is eating out of my hand. Every queen needs her loyal henchmen, and I've got five. <3
[21:50] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm okay guys!
[21:50] == DenzelCrocker [ac38152a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[21:50] <+DeterminedSnail> I make look weak, but I'm perfectly fine.
[21:50] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes
[21:50] <+Hetero_Hector> There's a few kinks in our team
[21:50] <+Hetero_Hector> Once we work them out we'll be good
[21:51] <+Hetero_Hector> I feel like a lot of them don't trust me, I've heard rumors going around
[21:51] <+Disgust> Excuse me. Jeff. Can I just say something, really quick?
[21:51] <@cOnfessional> no
[21:51] <+Disgust> I didn't ask the confessional.
[21:51] <+DeterminedSnail> :o
[21:52] <+Disgust> Anyways, I have just recently been informed that I've been lied to this whole game.
[21:52] <+Disgust> By mainly people, but none hurt so much as an almond.
[21:52] <+Disgust> I am disgusted.
[21:52] <+AnAlmond> Being the only almond here, I assume you're talking about me.
[21:52] <@jeffprObst> 4/7
[21:53] <+Disgust> The distrust, the lies, and the fashion here is, oh god, horrendous.
[21:53] <+Bowser|> The fashion? Horrendous?!
[21:53] <+Hetero_Hector> I was in the middle of, okay well.
[21:53] <+Hetero_Hector> Go ahead
[21:53] <+Bowser|> Okay then! Call me when you're on the front page of Klassy Koopa Magazine!
[21:53] <+Disgust> And upon learning I am the target for elimination, I just need to say something.
[21:53] <+Bowser|> Uh, shout-out to Kamek for creating, shooting, and editing that magazine... Heh-heh...
[21:54] <+DeterminedSnail> This team is going to be okay!
[21:54] <+Disgust> NO IT'S NOT SNAIL.
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> 5/7
[21:54] <+DeterminedSnail> Once the eliminated contestant goes away, we can become better!
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> I have votes from Denzel, Hector, Bowser, Snail & Audrey
[21:54] == Realta [63c024bf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> Disgust + Almond please vote.
[21:55] <+Disgust> I plead everyone to eliminate me and save me from further trauma.
[21:55] <+AnAlmond> (I voted)
[21:55] <+PrincessPeach_> Have you read the latest issue of Toadstool Magazine!? I'm on the cover! :o
[21:55] <+DeterminedSnail> Listen Disgust you may not like it here but it's okay.
[21:55] <+Disgust> Well, frankly, I don't like anything. I'm Disgust.
[21:55] <+DeterminedSnail> This team may crumble, but it's all Denzel's fault.
[21:55] <+Bowser|> Haw! Of course I read it! I even memorized that interview you did with Toadsworth!
[21:55] <+Bowser|> Wait, did I say that one out loud?
[21:56] <+DeterminedSnail> He's been trying to catch me all day.
[21:56] * DeterminedSnail coughs
[21:56] <+PrincessPeach_> Haha, for the fiftieth time!
[21:56] <DenzelCrocker> I have come to the conclusion that this game is ENTIRELY run by.....
[21:56] <DenzelCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!
[21:56] <+DeterminedSnail> He made me sick!
[21:56] <DenzelCrocker> FAIRY
[21:56] <+PrincessPeach_> ISN'T THAT JUST AWE-SOME <3
[21:56] <DenzelCrocker> GOD
[21:56] <DenzelCrocker> PARENTS!!!!!
[21:56] <DenzelCrocker> haha
[21:56] <DenzelCrocker> HAAHAHAHAH
[21:56] <+Bowser|> No! It's run by
[21:56] <+Bowser|> ME!
[21:56] <DenzelCrocker> HHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
[21:56] <@jeffprObst> Almond/Disgust I need your votes or it is a self-vote.
[21:56] <+Bowser|> Bowser the KING!
[21:56] <DenzelCrocker> YOU'RE A FAIRY GOD PARENT!!!!
[21:56] <+AnAlmond> (I VOTED TWICE)
[21:56] <@cOnfessional> (to jeffprObst)
[21:56] <+DeterminedSnail> Denzel should be the target not Disgust.
[21:56] <@cOnfessional> (confessionals are for confessional can u read bitch)
[21:56] <+AnAlmond> (o well)
[21:56] <+Hetero_Hector> *fiddles with thumbs*
[21:56] <+DeterminedSnail> DENZEL IS TRYING TO CRUMBLE US!
[21:56] <+DeterminedSnail> I won't let that-
[21:57] * DeterminedSnail throws up
[21:57] <+DeterminedSnail> Happe-
[21:57] <+DeterminedSnail> He's been trying to capture me!
[21:57] <+AnAlmond> All of this fighting is illogical.
[21:57] <+AnAlmond> As the only almond on the team, I find myself above it.
[21:57] <+Jacinta_> ...
[21:57] * DeterminedSnail becomes faint
[21:57] <+DeterminedSnail> I need water, food.
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> Okay. First vote...
[21:58] <+Disgust> I have salt.
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:58] * DeterminedSnail passes out and falls off the chair
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:58] <+Disgust> Not literal, figurative.
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> Crocker.
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> Hector.
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Hector, 1 vote Crocker.
[21:58] <DenzelCrocker> VOTES AGAINST ME!?!?!??!
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote... Hector.
[21:58] <DenzelCrocker> THIS MUST BE THE WORK OF....
[21:58] <DenzelCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!!
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Hector, 1 vote Crocker.
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:58] <+PrincessPeach_> HOW ABOUT BOWSER? -_- @DENZEL
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:58] <+Bowser|> Hmmm...
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> Crocker.
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Crocker, 2 votes Hector.
[21:58] <+Bowser|> No votes against Bowser? HA! I am LOVING this!
[21:58] <DenzelCrocker> FAIRY GOD PARENTS!!!!
[21:58] <+AnAlmond> Nobody would dare vote for an almond.
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> 5th vote.....
[21:58] <+PrincessPeach_> THAT DASTARDLY KOOPA!!!!!
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> Crocker.
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> 3 votes Crocker, 2 votes Hector.
[21:59] <+AnAlmond> They do not know the bounds my mind can reach that theirs cannot.
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:59] <+Bowser|> Dastardly? Keep it coming! That's the EXACT word to use!
[21:59] <DenzelCrocker> NO!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> 2nd person voted out of Ovivor: Ireland....
[21:59] <@jeffprObst>
[21:59] * AudreyMiddleton sits on stump next to Snail
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> Crocker.
[21:59] <+AnAlmond> I would tear them apart psychologically, to the point where they no longer had the will to live.
[21:59] <DenzelCrocker> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> Crocker, you need to bring me your torch.
[21:59] <+AnAlmond> I AM ALMOND! AND I AM EVIL!
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[21:59] <+AudreyMiddleton> Sorry, Crocker.
[21:59] <DenzelCrocker> THE FAIRY GOD PARENTS HAVE SUCCEEDED!!!!!!!!
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> Time for you to go.
[21:59] * PrincessPeach_ brushes off gown
[21:59] <+AudreyMiddleton> It was fun playing with you!
[21:59] <DenzelCrocker> TO THE CROCKER MOBILE!!!!
[21:59] * DenzelCrocker races out
[21:59] <+DeterminedSnail> Yay!
[21:59] <+PrincessPeach_> Excuse me, you're the NICEST and SWEETEST man I have ever met! :) @Bowser
[21:59] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): Two down, eleven to go. I'm owning this game.
[21:59] * DenzelCrocker ducks down into a bush to watch the fairies without leaving the game
[21:59] * DeterminedSnail comes back alive
[21:59] <+Bowser|> It WASN'T fun playing with you, Denny!
[21:59] <+Bowser|> Off you go!
[22:00] <@cOnfessional> (give me a sec to record)
[22:00] <+Kamek_> Haha!
[22:00] <+Bowser|> Hey, Kamek, you can give him a job scrubbing the basement toilet in the ol' castle or something!
[22:00] <+Bowser|> I bet there are some fairy godparents down there. Heh-heh-heh.
[22:00] <+PrincessPeach_> You wouldn't hurt a fly! EVIL AND YOU IN THE SAME SENTENCE IS JUST PREPOSTEROUS! :)
[22:00] <+Kamek_> Yes I shall!
[22:00] == cOnfessional changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor #Drogheda - Almond, Audrey, Bowser, Snail, Disgust and Hector | #Galway - Jacinta, Kamek, Shia, Primrose, Peach
[22:00] <+DeterminedSnail> Great job team!
[22:00] <+PrincessPeach_> Are you feeling it now Bowser?
[22:00] <+AnAlmond> Denzel. You were far too unstable. And your ear is on your neck. Seriously, what the fuck?
[22:00] * Kamek_ hits Crocker with wand, turning him into a rat
[22:00] * PrincessPeach_ giggles
[22:00] <+Kamek_> GO CLEAN THE BATHROOMS
[22:00] <+AnAlmond> I truly hope I never see you again.
[22:00] <+DeterminedSnail> We got out Denzel, he was trying to kill me!
[22:01] <+PrincessPeach_> CONF: When will Mario get here and kick Bowser's ass? :( Tired of waiting!
[22:01] <+Bowser|> Rise and shine, wimps! Today's the day I flush a plumber down the drain!
[22:01] <+Bowser|> I'm really feeling it! @Peach
[22:02] <@jeffprObst> Guys Realta is coming back
[22:02] <+Kamek_> Okay!
[22:02] <+PrincessPeach_> CONF: But you can't count on him all the time now can you? Urgh he's probably out in who-knows-what galaxy with that hoe Rosalina... exploring all kinds of new places!
[22:03] == ProductionMember [4a58ccc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[22:03] <ProductionMember> Audrey
[22:03] <ProductionMember> We don't mean to alarm you
[22:03] <ProductionMember> but
[22:03] <+PrincessPeach_> CONF: Mario, as the hero you are, this is VERY un-heroic!!!
[22:03] <+AudreyMiddleton> Um?
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> Okay, let's just begin the next challenge
[22:03] <ProductionMember> yoursunglassesand blanketboth havestickersthatsa
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your next immunity challenge?
[22:03] <ProductionMember> "repent for the time is at hand" on them
[22:03] <+AudreyMiddleton> Do they?
[22:03] == ProductionMember [4a58ccc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[22:03] * PrincessPeach_ walks in with arms folded
[22:03] <+AudreyMiddleton> Pretty sure they're prescription.
[22:03] * Kamek_ wizards on in
[22:03] <+DeterminedSnail> Yes!
[22:03] <+Disgust> Is this challenge going to run smoothly.
[22:04] * DeterminedSnail throws up
[22:04] * MotivationalShia bikes in with one hand in the air
[22:04] <+Disgust> Or is this another Ovivor Holocaust cahllenge
[22:04] * DeterminedSnail coughs
[22:04] <+MotivationalShia> Yes. Yes. We are us.
[22:04] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm sick!
[22:04] <+DeterminedSnail> Crocker made me sick!
[22:04] <+DeterminedSnail> I can make it through!
[22:04] <+AnAlmond> Almonds are about to start a new holocaust. One with water. Against all other beings.
[22:04] <+AudreyMiddleton> Is this one going to take 46 hours?
[22:04] <+AnAlmond> But I digress.
[22:04] <+PrincessPeach_> Can we BRAWL so I can show Bowser who is BOSS around here!? I'm tired of waiting on Mario! :(
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> Alright, today's challenge is called Irish Trivia.
[22:04] <+Bowser|> Irish Trivia?
[22:04] <+PrincessPeach_> Thankfully I brought these gloves so I don't get my hands dirty!
[22:04] <+Bowser|> Ha! As long as it's about beer, I GOT THIS!
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> The objective is simple. I will ask you question about our host country.
[22:04] * PrincessPeach_ chuckles
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> Get it right and you score.
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> First team to 3 points wins immunity.
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> Simple enough?
[22:04] <+Bowser|> YEAH! Let's brawl! Turn this into Smash, Porbst!
[22:05] <+Bowser|> I'll pummel you all!
[22:05] <+AnAlmond> Far too simple, Jeff.
[22:05] <+MotivationalShia> Host countries.
[22:05] <+PrincessPeach_> Trivia!? WHERE IS THE COMBAT!? -_-
[22:05] <+MotivationalShia> I just went to Limerick.
[22:05] <+Disgust> What country are we even in?
[22:05] <+AnAlmond> Of course, why would I expect more from such a low-level life form?
[22:05] <+MotivationalShia> I learned about the art and beauty of a bawdy poem.
[22:05] <+DeterminedSnail> We got this!
[22:05] <+AnAlmond> I am ready to begin.
[22:05] <+MotivationalShia> People can't handle the truth.
[22:05] <+PrincessPeach_> I can SMASH him and all of his koopaling bros!!!
[22:05] <+Kamek_> No!
[22:05] <+PrincessPeach_> Enough with being sweet! :)
[22:05] <+Kamek_> I do not live in this plane therefore it is not fair!
[22:05] <@jeffprObst> Q#1: What is the largest settlement of Ireland?
[22:05] <+Hetero_Hector> I know a lot about Ireland. Chad and I got drunk and had sex in almost every pub that had a bathroom. Good times
[22:05] * Kamek_ sulks
[22:05] <+Disgust> DUBLIN
[22:05] <+MotivationalShia> dublin.
[22:05] <+Hetero_Hector> I mean, not in a gay way
[22:05] <+DeterminedSnail> Ireland!
[22:05] <+Bowser|> The Koopalings are lifting weights! They've gotten SWOLE! Try to beat 'em now, Peachy!
[22:05] <+Kamek_> CURSES
[22:05] <@jeffprObst> Dublin is right, Disgust scores.
[22:05] <+AudreyMiddleton> Largest settlement of Ireland
[22:05] <+Bowser|> And plus---
[22:05] <+Bowser|> Look!
[22:05] * Bowser| holds up Audrey
[22:05] <@jeffprObst> Drogheda - 1
[22:05] <+MotivationalShia> Irish people know a lot about film and art.
[22:05] <+Bowser|> We're officially a couple!
[22:05] == cOnfessional changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor #Drogheda - Almond, Audrey, Bowser, Snail, Disgust and Hector | #Galway - Jacinta, Kamek, Shia, Primrose, Peach, Realta
[22:06] <+Bowser|> See that, Peach?! Go back to your crappy little MARIO. I've got a real woman.
[22:06] <+Kamek_> SWOLE?
[22:06] <+Kamek_> Wow!
[22:06] <+AudreyMiddleton> Uhh..
[22:06] <+AudreyMiddleton> Hi?
[22:06] <@jeffprObst> Q#2: What percent of the Irish population is black?
[22:06] <+PrincessPeach_> BUT I DON'T WANT MARIO!!!
[22:06] <+AnAlmond> Bowser still evidently has feelings for Peach. @Audrey
[22:06] <+AudreyMiddleton> 0$
[22:06] <+Disgust> 0%
[22:06] <+DeterminedSnail> 70%
[22:06] <@jeffprObst> No you racists
[22:06] <+AudreyMiddleton> 0%*
[22:06] <+MotivationalShia> 1,1
[22:06] <+MotivationalShia> '1.1%
[22:06] <+Bowser|> 100%!
[22:06] <@jeffprObst> 1.1% is correct, Shia gets it.
[22:06] <@jeffprObst> 1-1
[22:06] <+MotivationalShia> One point one percent.
[22:06] <@jeffprObst> Next question
[22:06] * MotivationalShia squats hard
[22:06] <+Bowser|> They'll ALL be literally black when I char 'em with my flames!
[22:06] <+MrsPrimrose> Good job Shia!
[22:06] <+PrincessPeach_> Hm... I'm not familiar with this Ireland! -_-
[22:06] <+MotivationalShia> Racism evicts black men.
[22:06] <+AudreyMiddleton> 1.06*
[22:06] <+PrincessPeach_> But anyways Bowser, bug off!
[22:07] <+AudreyMiddleton> I think he means 1.06
[22:07] <+AudreyMiddleton> Jeff?
[22:07] <+PrincessPeach_> Mario and I never had anything specia!
[22:07] <+Disgust> I'm sorry, Bowser, are they currently figuratively black?
[22:07] <+AnAlmond> I do not characterize people by color like that, because to me, they all look the same.
[22:07] <+AudreyMiddleton> It's approximately 1.06
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> Who is the president of Ireland?
[22:07] <+Disgust> I hate bigotry.
[22:07] <+AudreyMiddleton> not 1.1
[22:07] <+PrincessPeach_> Well we did.. till I found out his true ways! o-o
[22:07] <+Bowser|> Me!
[22:07] <+AnAlmond> I see no difference from person to person.
[22:07] <+DeterminedSnail> Renos!
[22:07] <+Bowser|> Once I take it over, that is!
[22:07] <+Bowser|> HAW HAW HAW!
[22:07] <+MotivationalShia> Mike Higgins.
[22:07] <+AudreyMiddleton> Michael D. Higgins
[22:07] <+PrincessPeach_> Um, I think I'm the princess of Ireland!
[22:07] <+MotivationalShia> Michael Higgins.
[22:07] <+AnAlmond> Michael Higgin
[22:07] <+MotivationalShia> President of Ireland, that's who he is.
[22:07] <+PrincessPeach_> That's where I come from, right?
[22:07] <+Kamek_> ME
[22:07] <+Kamek_> I AM THE PRESIDENT
[22:07] <+Kamek_> OF IRELAND
[22:07] <+Bowser|> KAMEK!
[22:07] <+Bowser|> I SAID IT WAS ME!
[22:07] <+PrincessPeach_> Ohhhh I'm so confused...
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> I'll accept Mike Higgins. Shia gets it.
[22:07] <+MotivationalShia> Do you accept short names?
[22:07] <+Bowser|> BUG OFF, HAGGY!
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> 1-2
[22:07] <+AudreyMiddleton> WHAT?!
[22:07] <+Kamek_> HOW DARE YOU
[22:07] * MotivationalShia pixelizes
[22:07] * PrincessPeach_ scratches head
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> In the future, full names please! I'll accept it now because I didn't specify.
[22:07] <+Kamek_> @Bowser
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> Next question
[22:08] <+AudreyMiddleton> .
[22:08] <+DeterminedSnail> Come on guys!
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> What are the TWO languages of Ireland?
[22:08] <+Disgust> IRISH AND ENGLISH
[22:08] <+DeterminedSnail> Irish
[22:08] <+Bowser|> English and... uh, Gaelic?
[22:08] <+MotivationalShia> Irish, Gaelic
[22:08] <+DeterminedSnail> English
[22:08] <+AudreyMiddleton> two language of Irleand
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> Disgust gets it!
[22:08] <+Hetero_Hector> Celtic and English
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> 2-2
[22:08] <+Kamek_> irish and english
[22:08] <+Kamek_> CURSES
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> This is the final question.
[22:08] <+Bowser|> WHOO!
[22:08] <+AudreyMiddleton> Nice,, Disgust!
[22:08] <+PrincessPeach_> LET'S GO TEAM!!! DOWN WITH BOWSER!!!
[22:08] <+PrincessPeach_> I have to take this into my own hands!
[22:08] <+DeterminedSnail> We got this!
[22:08] * PrincessPeach_ cracks knuckles
[22:08] <+Bowser|> Hey! I know you're jealous of my new, hot girlfriend, Peach.
[22:08] * DeterminedSnail coughs
[22:08] <+Bowser|> But you've just gotta can it until we TROUNCE you AGAIN!
[22:08] <@jeffprObst> As of 2013, what % of Ireland is wooded areas?
[22:08] * DeterminedSnail dizzied
[22:09] <+Kamek_> 25
[22:09] <+DeterminedSnail> 6%
[22:09] <+Kamek_> idk
[22:09] <+MotivationalShia> 11
[22:09] <+Disgust> 1.1%
[22:09] <+MotivationalShia> 11
[22:09] <+MrsPrimrose> Galway, let's give a holy effort!
[22:09] <+MotivationalShia> 11%
[22:09] <+AudreyMiddleton> % of Ireland wooded areas
[22:09] <+Bowser|> 10
[22:09] <@jeffprObst> 11% is correct!
[22:09] <+Disgust> ...SHIT
[22:09] * DeterminedSnail falls over
[22:09] <+Kamek_> YES! HAHA!
[22:09] <+Disgust> I DIDN'T MEAN THE PERIOD
[22:09] <+Bowser|> CRAP!
[22:09] <+Disgust> IT WAS A MISTAKE
[22:09] <@jeffprObst> Shia gets it, as Disgust said 1.1
[22:09] <+AudreyMiddleton> 10$
[22:09] <@jeffprObst> GALWAY
[22:09] <@jeffprObst> WINS IMMUNITY
[22:09] <+Bowser|> GLAAAAAAARGH!
[22:09] <+Jacinta_> YES! GO SHIA!
[22:09] <+AudreyMiddleton> UGH.
[22:09] <+MotivationalShia> I am invincible.
[22:09] <+PrincessPeach_> Bowser, please enlighten me as to who your new flame is! -_-
[22:09] <+MotivationalShia> No man can touch me.
[22:09] <+AudreyMiddleton> Good try, tribe.
[22:09] * MotivationalShia hops on bike and pedals back
[22:09] <+PrincessPeach_> SHE CAN'T BEAT PRINCESS TOADSTOOL!!!
[22:09] <+Bowser|> My new flame? Heh! Good punning, Peachy!
[22:09] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys.
[22:09] <+Bowser|> But it's Audrey!
[22:09] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down & take a seat.
[22:09] <+Bowser|> Now are you jealous? Look how glam she is!
[22:09] <+MrsPrimrose> Great job Galway!
[22:09] <+Kamek_> HAHA!
[22:10] <+Kamek_> HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA
[22:10] <+PrincessPeach_> Who is this? DAISY!
[22:10] <+MrsPrimrose> The lord compelled us to victory!
[22:10] * DeterminedSnail slowly crawls in
[22:10] <+Kamek_> I AM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!
[22:10] <+PrincessPeach_> Oh... Audrey!
[22:10] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm sick!
[22:10] * Kamek_ shoots spell at random, covering Snail with salt
[22:10] <+Bowser|> I wanna see a big smackdown!
[22:10] <+Kamek_> Oh no!
[22:10] <@jeffprObst> ALL - This is your second loss, and you were VERY close to the win. Are you expecting a swap?
[22:10] <+PrincessPeach_> My mistake!
[22:10] <+Bowser|> Peach vs. Audrey? I'd take it!
[22:10] <+Bowser|> I'd be in front-row seating for that one! Haw!
[22:10] <+PrincessPeach_> You must be just as desperate though...
[22:10] <+Kamek_> SNAIL ARE YOU OKAY
[22:10] <+PrincessPeach_> Now whose shadow do you live in? :)
[22:10] <+Kamek_> SNAIL
[22:10] <+Kamek_> DID THE SALT KILL YOU
[22:11] == DenzelCrocker [ac38152a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[22:11] <+Kamek_> SNAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!
[22:11] * DeterminedSnail coughs
[22:11] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm alive!
[22:11] <@jeffprObst> %
[22:11] <+DeterminedSnail> Thank you!
[22:11] <+AudreyMiddleton> We don't need a SWAP. This is merely a bump in the road.
[22:11] <+Bowser|> Don't be so ASSERTIVE! This is MY kingdom! @Porbst
[22:11] <@jeffprObst> Galway you guys get another clue in your tribe chat. send me votes
[22:11] <+Bowser|> Blah, blah, blah. Clues, clues, clues.
[22:11] <+Hetero_Hector> *sulks into Tribal*
[22:11] <+Bowser|> Nobody cares about these dang clues unless it's Peach, and it's a clue to winning my heart.
[22:12] <@jeffprObst> REMEMBER - YOU CAN GUESS ONCE PER DAY. Each tribe has at least one clue.
[22:12] <+PrincessPeach_> By the way, I have a man too!
[22:12] * PrincessPeach_ grabs Shia's hand and pulls him forward
[22:12] <+PrincessPeach_> HERE HE IS BOWSER!!! TRY GETTING PAST HIM!
[22:12] <+PrincessPeach_> Mario trembles in fear at the mere sight of him! :)
[22:13] <+Bowser|> ...
[22:13] <+Bowser|> Whuh?
[22:13] <+PrincessPeach_> This guy... he's brave, he's handsome!
[22:13] <+PrincessPeach_> HE'S THE MAN OF MY WILDEST DREAMS < 3
[22:13] * MotivationalShia is mute and deadpan

[22:13] * MotivationalShia opens mouth
[22:13] <+MotivationalShia> recognition of power.
[22:13] * PrincessPeach_ covers Shia's mouth with hand
[22:13] <+MotivationalShia> It is complicitness.
[22:13] <+MotivationalShia> It's smmmmthn mm trynnnn t vvvvh
[22:14] * PrincessPeach_ hugs Shia
[22:14] <+MotivationalShia> bbbbb ivvvvv rnnn inntt nnnn
[22:14] <+MotivationalShia> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[22:14] <+AudreyMiddleton> Jeff.
[22:14] <+AudreyMiddleton> I'd like to say something to MY tribe.
[22:14] <+Disgust> ...
[22:14] <+AudreyMiddleton> I just wanted you guys to know that Almond.
[22:14] <+AudreyMiddleton> Has been spreading lies about all of us.
[22:14] <+AnAlmond> No I haven't.
[22:14] * DeterminedSnail becomes drowsy
[22:14] <+AnAlmond> Almonds do not lie.
[22:14] <+Bowser|> WHA?!
[22:14] <+AudreyMiddleton> Snail, he told Crocker you were a FairyGodParent.
[22:14] <+Disgust> ... He'd have to be nutty to do that! #DISGUSTJUSTSAIDTHAT
[22:14] <+AudreyMiddleton> Bowser, he's the one tHAT told Peach to stray away.
[22:14] <+AnAlmond> I didn't do that.
[22:14] <+Bowser|> Hungh?! WARGH! What?!
[22:14] <+AnAlmond> I am not a nut.
[22:14] <+AnAlmond> Well, I am.
[22:14] <+Bowser|> You're NUTTY!
[22:14] * DeterminedSnail shrivels up into a ball
[22:14] <+AnAlmond> But not in the figurative sense.
[22:14] <+AudreyMiddleton> Disgust, he's trying to turn you and Hector against each other.
[22:15] <+Disgust> ...
[22:15] <+AudreyMiddleton> and Hector, you're just his gullible little sidekick.
[22:15] <+Disgust> What?
[22:15] <+Disgust> Almy is a guy?
[22:15] <+AudreyMiddleton> If you want to survive in this game.
[22:15] <+AnAlmond> These are obviously lies.
[22:15] <+AudreyMiddleton> Vote.
[22:15] <+AudreyMiddleton> out.
[22:15] <+AudreyMiddleton> Almond.
[22:15] <+AnAlmond> I am genderless.
[22:15] <+Disgust> This is my biggest shock.
[22:15] <+AnAlmond> I am a nut.
[22:15] <+AudreyMiddleton> MERRY FRICKIN' CHRISTMAS.
[22:15] <+Hetero_Hector> I'm no one's sidekick man
[22:15] * MotivationalShia headbutts Peach in the head
[22:15] * MotivationalShia slips out of her grasp
[22:15] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[22:15] <@jeffprObst> 1st vote....
[22:15] * MotivationalShia rolls back to tribe
[22:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:15] * DeterminedSnail falls
[22:15] <+Hetero_Hector> Sidekick's are, um, they're like, gay or something right?
[22:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:15] <@jeffprObst> Almond.
[22:15] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[22:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:15] <+AudreyMiddleton> Um.
[22:15] <@jeffprObst> Disgust.
[22:15] <+AudreyMiddleton> Um.
[22:15] <+AudreyMiddleton> Um.
[22:15] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[22:15] <+AudreyMiddleton> Um.
[22:15] <+AudreyMiddleton> Um.
[22:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:15] <+AudreyMiddleton> Um.
[22:15] <+AudreyMiddleton> Um.
[22:15] <+AudreyMiddleton> Um.
[22:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:15] <+AudreyMiddleton> Um.
[22:15] <@jeffprObst> Hector.
[22:15] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Almond, 1 vote Disgust, 1 vote Hector.
[22:15] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[22:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:15] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> Bowser.
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Almond, 1 vote Disgust, 1 vote Hector, 1 vote Bowser.
[22:16] <+Hetero_Hector> Guys, come on. We're a team
[22:16] <+AnAlmond> Split vote, it seems.
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> 5th vote...
[22:16] * DeterminedSnail 's heart starts to slow.
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:16] <+Kamek_> THIS IS A DELIVIOUS VOTE
[22:16] <+Bowser|> WHA?1
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> Disgust.
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Disgust, 1 vote Almond/Hector/Bowser
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> Final vote...
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:16] <+AudreyMiddleton> Jeff?
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:16] <+AudreyMiddleton> Jeff?
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:16] <+AudreyMiddleton> Jeff?
[22:16] <+AudreyMiddleton> Jeff?
[22:16] <+AudreyMiddleton> Jeff?
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> 3rd person voted out of Ovivor: Ireland.
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> Disgust.
[22:16] <+AudreyMiddleton> JEFF
[22:16] <+Bowser|> Which one of you CRETINS voted for ME?!
[22:16] <+AudreyMiddleton> I BEG TO DIFFER.
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> what
[22:16] * DeterminedSnail starts to become slow in heart rate
[22:16] <+AudreyMiddleton> YOU NEVER ASKED
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> You need to bring me your torch.
[22:16] <+AudreyMiddleton> IF ANYONE WANTED TO PLAY AN IDOL?1
[22:16] <+AnAlmond> Audrey was lying.
[22:16] <+Disgust> ...What
[22:16] <+AudreyMiddleton> YOU NEVER ASKED THAT.
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> o
[22:16] <+AudreyMiddleton> IF ANYONE WANTED TO PLAY AN IDOL
[22:16] <+AnAlmond> That is what the votes meant.
[22:16] <+AudreyMiddleton> AND I DID
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> you should have told me in pm that you wanted to play it :S
[22:16] <+AudreyMiddleton> I WANT TO PLAY MY IDOL
[22:17] <@jeffprObst> okay
[22:17] <+AudreyMiddleton> ...
[22:17] <@jeffprObst> on?
[22:17] <+AudreyMiddleton> you never said I had to
[22:17] <+AudreyMiddleton> Disgust.
[22:17] <+AnAlmond> The votes were read>
[22:17] <+Hetero_Hector> Does she have an
[22:17] <+Disgust> :o
[22:17] <+Bowser|> ...
[22:17] <+Disgust> ON ME.
[22:17] <+AnAlmond> This is unfair, she already knows who went home.
[22:17] <@jeffprObst> (tbf I never asked for it)
[22:17] <+MotivationalShia> This is so fucked.
[22:17] <+MotivationalShia> I am back at galway.
[22:17] * DeterminedSnail speaks his final breath
[22:17] <+Bowser|> (Yeah no this is unfair)
[22:17] <+AudreyMiddleton> but
[22:17] <@jeffprObst> (er)
[22:17] <+Kamek_> THIS IS EVIL EVEN FOR ME!
[22:17] <@jeffprObst> Okay
[22:17] <+AudreyMiddleton> Since the votes were read
[22:17] <@jeffprObst> Hang on
[22:17] <+AudreyMiddleton> I'm going to keep my idol
[22:17] <+AudreyMiddleton> the same
[22:17] <@jeffprObst> We're gonna re-do
[22:17] <+AudreyMiddleton> in my pocket.
[22:17] <+AudreyMiddleton> Bye Disgust.
[22:17] <+DeterminedSnail> I AM DYING FROM Kamek_
[22:17] <@jeffprObst> Audrey, you get to keep your idol (at the risk that everyone knows you have it)
[22:17] <+Hetero_Hector> Oh god
[22:17] <+AnAlmond> (seems like that settled itself)
[22:17] <+AudreyMiddleton> ....
[22:17] <+AudreyMiddleton> :/
[22:17] <+Disgust> ...
[22:17] <@jeffprObst> However we are going to re-vote.
[22:17] <+AudreyMiddleton> Um
[22:17] <@jeffprObst> Send in votes now
[22:17] <+AudreyMiddleton> Rude/
[22:17] <+AudreyMiddleton> ?
[22:17] <+Hetero_Hector> I'm gonna be sick *throws up*
[22:17] <+Bowser|> (... she just said she wanted to keep her idol)
[22:17] <+AnAlmond> (no let's not re-vote)
[22:18] * DeterminedSnail starts to twitch
[22:18] <+Bowser|> (can we not re-vote pls)
[22:18] <+Disgust> (can we revote pls)
[22:18] <+Hetero_Hector> No!
[22:18] <+Hetero_Hector> No no no no!
[22:18] <@jeffprObst> (oh)
[22:18] <@jeffprObst> me @audrey
[22:18] <@jeffprObst> okay...then.
[22:18] <+Hetero_Hector> Please let her go.
[22:18] * DeterminedSnail starts to die
[22:18] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[22:18] <+Hetero_Hector> Hurry, please
[22:18] <@jeffprObst> Disgust, the tribe has spoken.
[22:18] <@jeffprObst> Time for you to go.
[22:18] <+Bowser|> That was... weird.
[22:18] <+Bowser|> TOO MANY WORDS.
[22:18] <+Hetero_Hector> *quickly turns to his little snail buddy*
[22:18] <+Bowser|> My head hurts!
[22:18] <+Hetero_Hector> SNAIL
[22:18] <+Disgust> Alright.
[22:18] * Disgust walks out, sassily
[22:18] <+DeterminedSnail> (This stupid salt)
[22:18] <+AudreyMiddleton> I'm sorry, Disgust.
[22:18] <@jeffprObst> really just ignore that whole stretch after the final vote was read til the torch snuffing
[22:19] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): That isn't exactly how I planned to get Disgust out...
[22:19] * DeterminedSnail tries to stay alive
[22:19] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): I really messed up my game this week, and need to deflect the target onto somebody else.
[22:19] <+Hetero_Hector> *presses his straight ear on Snail's little itty bitty snail bro heart* Talk to me buddy
[22:19] <+AudreyMiddleton> Snail?
[22:19] <+Hetero_Hector> His heart is weak!
[22:19] <+Bowser|> Haw! I'm like one of those tiny fleas that gets on your bod and never leaves! Get used to me, Peachy!
[22:19] <+PrincessPeach_> LET'S BRAWL!!!!!!
[22:19] == cOnfessional changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor #Drogheda - Almond, Audrey, Bowser, Snail, Hector | #Galway - Jacinta, Kamek, Shia, Primrose, Peach, Realta
[22:19] <+Hetero_Hector> Almond, you're his size. Can you do something for our little buddy?
[22:19] <@jeffprObst> Okay so
[22:19] <+PrincessPeach_> Turn this into Ovivor: Smash Bros., shall we?!
[22:19] * DeterminedSnail 's heart rate is diminishing rapidly
[22:19] <@jeffprObst> I gave Realta until the next tribal
[22:19] <+PrincessPeach_> Things are going to get DIRTY!
[22:19] <+PrincessPeach_> Sorry in advance Toady! :D
[22:19] <+AnAlmond> No. I only know of almond anatomy.
[22:19] <@jeffprObst> She hasn't returned
[22:19] <+DeterminedSnail> Help......
[22:20] <@jeffprObst> So she is medically evacuated and Disgust will get the higher placing
[22:20] <+AnAlmond> I am ignorant of the anatomy of lesser beings.
[22:20] == cOnfessional changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor #Drogheda - Almond, Audrey, Bowser, Snail, Hector | #Galway - Jacinta, Kamek, Shia, Primrose, Peach
[22:20] <+DeterminedSnail> me
[22:20] <+Disgust> (Can't Disgust return? :D)
[22:20] <+Bowser|> Things are ALREADY dirty!
[22:20] <+AnAlmond> What a turn of events.
[22:20] == mode/#Ovivor [-v Disgust] by cOnfessional
[22:20] * DeterminedSnail dies
[22:20] <+Bowser|> And by that, I mean that I haven't bathed for weeks.
[22:20] <+Bowser|> And I'm feeling gross.
[22:20] <+Bowser|> KAMEK! SWAB MY TAIL!
[22:20] <@cOnfessional> (no, she was on the other tribe, that wouldn't affect your vote-off)
[22:20] <+AnAlmond> The weak body of a lesser being was destroyed by the elements.
[22:20] * AudreyMiddleton hugs Bowser
[22:20] <+AnAlmond> How pathetic.
[22:20] <+AudreyMiddleton> That's right, Bowsie.
[22:20] <+AudreyMiddleton> <3
[22:20] * Kamek_ hustles over
[22:20] <+PrincessPeach_> Wow, you certainly aren't going to get the ladies at this rate! O-O @Bowser
[22:21] <+Bowser|> Gwah ha ha ha! Feeling the love, Auds!
[22:21] <+PrincessPeach_> WHO IS THIS PRINCESS YOU'RE WITH!?
[22:21] <@cOnfessional> (gotta record)
[22:21] * DeterminedSnail turns into a ghost
[22:21] * Kamek_ takes a towel and rubs Bowser's tail excactly seven times
[22:21] <+Kamek_> THERE
[22:21] <+PrincessPeach_> Let me meet her, puh-lease!
[22:21] <+Kamek_> ARE YOU HAPPY MASTER
[22:21] <+PrincessPeach_> I need to talk some SENSE into her!
[22:21] * AudreyMiddleton gives Bowser a massage
[22:21] <+Bowser|> I've already gotten the ladies! And that means you too, because I know you still can't resist my rugged charms @Peach
[22:21] <+AudreyMiddleton> Oh, hi Peach
[22:21] == Disgust [ae19f218@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:21] <+Bowser|> YES! Kamek, you're the bomb!
[22:21] == DeterminedSnail has changed nick to DeterminedSnailG
[22:21] <+AnAlmond> Ghosts are not real.
[22:21] <+AnAlmond> This must be an illusion.
[22:21] <+Kamek_> Thank you!
[22:22] <+PrincessPeach_> You haven't gotten me yet, Bowsie!
[22:22] <+PrincessPeach_> NOR WILL YOU EVER!
[22:22] <+Bowser|> Oh, you think you're a G? @Snail
[22:22] == DeterminedSnailG has changed nick to DeterminedSnail
[22:22] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm alive!
[22:22] <+Bowser|> OKAY! I challenge you! Rap battle! Here and now!
[22:22] <+Bowser|> ...
[22:22] <+Bowser|> I thought so.
[22:22] <+PrincessPeach_> THE AUTHORITIES WILL BE ALERTED...
[22:22] <+Bowser|> Hmph.
[22:22] <+PrincessPeach_> HAHA! :)
[22:22] <+PrincessPeach_> AND GUESS WHERE YOU
[22:22] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[22:22] <+Bowser|> Authorities? You mean that puny Toadsworth?!
[22:22] <@jeffprObst> You ready to get to your next immunity challenge?
[22:22] * Kamek_ comes on in
[22:22] <+Kamek_> NOT REALLY
[22:22] <+MrsPrimrose> Definitely!
[22:23] <+Kamek_> BUT I GUESS I WILL
[22:23] <+AnAlmond> I am ready.
[22:23] <+AnAlmond> I am also an almond.
[22:23] <+AnAlmond> Strange combination, I know.
[22:23] <+PrincessPeach_> No, I heard the security here is a lil better! BUT TOADSWORTH IS NOT PUNY TAKE IT BACK!!!!
[22:23] <@jeffprObst> For today's challenge, I will post two pictures. It will show a phrase.
[22:23] <+PrincessPeach_> He is just... funsized! :)
[22:23] <+DeterminedSnail> I've lived again!
[22:23] <@jeffprObst> So for example, if I posted a picture of a baby and then a cat - the word would be "kitten."
[22:23] <@jeffprObst> Simple enough?
[22:23] <+DeterminedSnail> This must be a sign!
[22:23] <+Kamek_> YES
[22:23] <@jeffprObst> Okay, let's begin.
[22:24] <+PrincessPeach_> if Bowser just gets out of my hair then yes, it'll be mighty simple! :)
[22:24] <+Bowser|> Okay, good! I LOVE picture books!
[22:24] <+Kamek_> I know
[22:24] <+MotivationalShia> I care about visuals.
[22:24] <+Kamek_> I have to read Bowser a bedtime story
[22:24] <+Kamek_> Every day
[22:24] <+Kamek_> :/
[22:24] <@jeffprObst> There are five rounds to this
[22:24] <@jeffprObst> First team to 3 will win
[22:24] <+MotivationalShia> Dialogue leads into itself, gets repetitive. Colours are everything.
[22:24] * MotivationalShia sets bike down
[22:24] <+MotivationalShia> I'm ready, captain.
[22:24] <+AnAlmond> This challenge is below me.
[22:24] <@jeffprObst> AND
[22:24] <+AnAlmond> As are most things.
[22:24] <@jeffprObst> Go!
[22:24] <+MotivationalShia> handshake
[22:25] <@jeffprObst> Handshake is correct.
[22:25] <+DeterminedSnail> Blowjob
[22:25] <@jeffprObst> Shia gets it.
[22:25] <+PrincessPeach_> SHAKING... hands.... hand... shake... handshake?
[22:25] * MotivationalShia breathes
[22:25] <+PrincessPeach_> HANDSHAKE! THAT'S IT!!!!
[22:25] <+Hetero_Hector> Anal Sex
[22:25] <@jeffprObst> 0-1
[22:25] <+PrincessPeach_> I GOT IT!!! WOO!!! :D
[22:25] <@jeffprObst> Alright, next round.
[22:25] <+PrincessPeach_> EAT IT BOWSER! ~_~
[22:25] <+MrsPrimrose> ( :) @being on PJIRC)
[22:25] <+Bowser|> KOOPAS!
[22:25] <+Bowser|> ATTACK HER!
[22:25] <+Bowser|> Where are they?
[22:25] <+MrsPrimrose> Great job Shia!
[22:25] <+Kamek_> THEY ARE ON VACATION
[22:25] <+AnAlmond> There are no koopas here. @Bowser
[22:25] <+MotivationalShia> Thanks, fam.
[22:25] <+AnAlmond> That was foolish of you to say.
[22:25] <+Bowser|> Aw, rats.
[22:25] <+MrsPrimrose> Hector
[22:25] <@jeffprObst> 2000px-Heart_coraz%C3%B3n.svg.png AND
[22:25] <+MrsPrimrose> that is dirty doings!
[22:26] <+Bowser|> heartbroken
[22:26] <+MotivationalShia> broken heart
[22:26] <+MrsPrimrose> you should not be talking about that here!
[22:26] <+AnAlmond> heartbreak
[22:26] <+Kamek_> HEARTBREAK
[22:26] <@jeffprObst> "Heartbroken" is correct. Bowser gets it.
[22:26] <+Hetero_Hector> Sorry Mrs P
[22:26] * MotivationalShia eyes bowser
[22:26] <@jeffprObst> 1-1
[22:26] <+MotivationalShia> This isn't okay.
[22:26] <+PrincessPeach_> Yeah, you don't have your little minions to do all the dirty work for you! @Bowser
[22:26] <+Jacinta_> These word mix-ups are terrible.
[22:26] <+MotivationalShia> You're a dinosaur. A fucking dinosaur.
[22:26] <+Bowser|> See? Porbst is describing my feelings when Peach constantly goes for MARIO instead!
[22:26] == AudreyMiddleton [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[22:26] <+Bowser|> ;_;
[22:26] <+Jacinta_> Like really.
[22:26] <+MotivationalShia> What can you do?
[22:26] <+Hetero_Hector> Sorry, bro.
[22:26] <+PrincessPeach_> HOW ABOUT YOU FACE ME!!! BY YOURSLF!!!
[22:26] <+MotivationalShia> You're nothing.
[22:26] * Kamek_ comforts Bowser
[22:26] <+Hetero_Hector> *pats Bowser on the back*
[22:26] <+Kamek_> it's okay boss
[22:26] <+MotivationalShia> Humanity is the soul of kindred spirit.
[22:26] <@jeffprObst> AND
[22:26] <+Bowser|> breadstick
[22:26] <+MotivationalShia> Dinosaurs breadstick
[22:26] <+MotivationalShia> @jef
[22:26] <+DeterminedSnail> Breadsticks
[22:26] <+MotivationalShia> FUCK!
[22:26] <+Kamek_> BREATSTICK
[22:26] <+Kamek_> I AM ANGRY
[22:26] <+Kamek_> GRR
[22:26] <+Bowser|> One of the carbiest carbs of carbdom!
[22:26] <+Kamek_> GRR
[22:26] <@jeffprObst> Bowser scores again!
[22:26] <@jeffprObst> 2-1
[22:26] <+Hetero_Hector> dildos
[22:26] <+MotivationalShia> This ISN'T okay!
[22:26] == AudreyMiddleton [] has joined #Ovivor
[22:27] <+Bowser|> Welcome back bae
[22:27] <+Jacinta_> These are literally horrible Jeff.
[22:27] <AudreyMiddleton> Thank you Bowsie! <3
[22:27] * MotivationalShia is seething
[22:27] <+Jacinta_> They have bread and stick in the links.
[22:27] <@jeffprObst> AND
[22:27] <+Bowser|> toy box
[22:27] <AudreyMiddleton> Sorry but like, those pictures FROSZE my comp
[22:27] <+MotivationalShia> t9oybnoy
[22:27] <+Jacinta_> Toybox
[22:27] <+Kamek_> TOYBOX
[22:27] <+Kamek_> FUCK
[22:27] <+MotivationalShia> FAUGFBHRSFFFFFFFF
[22:27] <+AnAlmond> boxtory
[22:27] <@jeffprObst> Bowser gets it!
[22:27] <+MotivationalShia> NO!
[22:27] <+Kamek_> :/
[22:27] <+Jacinta_> NO
[22:27] <@jeffprObst> DROGHEDA WINS IMMUNITY!
[22:27] <+Hetero_Hector> House
[22:27] <+Jacinta_> HE DIDN'T MAKE A WORD
[22:27] <+Bowser|> Not feelin' too motivational now, eh? @Shia
[22:27] * MotivationalShia runs to bowser
[22:27] <AudreyMiddleton> YES! <3
[22:27] <AudreyMiddleton> BOWSIE! <3
[22:27] <+DeterminedSnail> We won!
[22:27] <+MotivationalShia> I'm going to KILL YOU you FUCKING DINOSAUR
[22:27] <+AnAlmond> Well done Bowser. You have proven your usefulness in challenges.
[22:27] <+MotivationalShia> I'm going to--
[22:27] <+PrincessPeach_> WELL... WELL....
[22:27] <+Jacinta_> HE SAID "TOY BOX"
[22:27] * AudreyMiddleton kisses on the lips
[22:27] <+Jacinta_> NOT TOYBOX
[22:27] <+Kamek_> WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME
[22:27] <+MotivationalShia> I'm just staring you down right now
[22:27] <+MotivationalShia> but this ISN'T ALRIGHT
[22:27] <+MrsPrimrose> Good try team.
[22:27] <+MotivationalShia> LOOK AT ME
[22:27] <+PrincessPeach_> I'LL GET YOU NEXT TIME BOWSIE! -_-
[22:27] <@jeffprObst> don't nitpick
[22:27] <+Jacinta_> Would you have accepted Heart broken? NO
[22:27] <+Bowser|> Great! About time something worked out for old Bowser!
[22:27] <+PrincessPeach_> YOU'RE DEAD MEAT!
[22:27] <+MotivationalShia> LOOK AT ME YOU FUCKING RETARD
[22:27] <+Jacinta_> You wouldn't have motherfucker.
[22:27] <+MotivationalShia> LOOK AT MY GODDAMN FACE
[22:27] <@jeffprObst> Galway, I'll see you guys at Tribal Council.
[22:27] <+Jacinta_> So don't accept toy box.
[22:27] <+Bowser|> ...
[22:27] <@jeffprObst> --
[22:27] <+Jacinta_> Fuck off.
[22:28] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys.
[22:28] * MotivationalShia stares at bowser
[22:28] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down & take a seat.
[22:28] * MotivationalShia shakes head
[22:28] * MotivationalShia walks off
[22:28] <@jeffprObst> ALL - When are you expecting a merge?
[22:28] <@jeffprObst> Send in votes to THIS account asap.
[22:28] <@jeffprObst> Drogheda gets another clue.
[22:28] <+Bowser|> (CONF): That motivational lame-o has a severe case of BowserJealousyitis.
[22:28] <+Jacinta_> When you stop cheating as a host.
[22:29] <+MrsPrimrose> I don't know. I quite enjoy our tribe. I think we all have lots of light in us.

[22:29] <+PrincessPeach_> Merge!? Does that mean I have to live in the same camp as Bowser! Ohhhh I couldn't take it!
[22:29] == mode/#Ovivor [+v AudreyMiddleton] by cOnfessional
[22:29] <+Bowser|> I could. ;) @peach
[22:30] <+PrincessPeach_> BOWSER, YOU PERV! ~_~
[22:30] <+AudreyMiddleton> ...
[22:30] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: Me defying death is totally a good thing!
[22:30] <+AudreyMiddleton> Bowsie?
[22:30] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: I'm so going to win.
[22:31] <+Bowser|> What?
[22:31] <+Bowser|> ME? A perv?!
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> I have one vote. Please send them ASAP!
[22:31] <+Bowser|> Quit spreading those rumors! I'm valiant and stuff!
[22:31] <+Bowser|> Isn't that right, Audrey?
[22:31] <+Kamek_> DO NOT RUSH GENIUS
[22:31] <+Kamek_> @Jeff
[22:31] <+AudreyMiddleton> Why did you wink at her?
[22:31] == ProductionMember [4a58ccc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[22:32] <ProductionMember> Bowser, we found another sticker that says "repent for the time is at hand" on your shell
[22:32] <ProductionMember> No clue where these are comingfrom
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> 3/5 votes received!
[22:32] == ProductionMember [4a58ccc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[22:33] <+Bowser|> Eh?
[22:33] <+Bowser|> Oh, was that from that one time I went to jail?
[22:33] <+Bowser|> Yeah, that was rough. At least Kamek bailed me out.
[22:33] * DeterminedSnail coughs
[22:33] <+PrincessPeach_> CONF: MARIOOOOOO!!!!!!!
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[22:33] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm coughing again!
[22:33] <+AudreyMiddleton> I got arrested too Bowser, it's okay.
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a Hidden Immunity Idol and would like to play it now would be the time.
[22:33] <+AudreyMiddleton> Wekkm mine was shoplifting.
[22:33] <+AudreyMiddleton> But still.
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> *glances*
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[22:33] <+DeterminedSnail> Why am I still showing side effects?
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> I'll read the votes.
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> 1st vote...
[22:34] <+DeterminedSnail> This isn't okay!
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta.
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[22:34] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm just trying to win!
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> Peach.
[22:34] * PrincessPeach_ bites nails
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <+PrincessPeach_> I KNEW IT!!!
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta.
[22:34] <+PrincessPeach_> BOWSER, YOU'RE SUCH A LAME-O
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> Peach.
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Peach, 2 votes Jacinta.
[22:34] <+AudreyMiddleton> Says the one going home, Peach.
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> 1. Vote. Left.
[22:34] <+MotivationalShia> I am a calm.
[22:34] <+DeterminedSnail> Audrey!
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> 5th person voted out of Ovivor: Ireland....
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <+PrincessPeach_> AUDREY, SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE! -_-
[22:34] <+MotivationalShia> My heart does not race--at the thought of suspense.
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> Peach.
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> Peach, the tribe has spoken.
[22:34] <+PrincessPeach_> I'm going back to my KINGDOM!!!!
[22:34] <+Bowser|> ...
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[22:34] <+Bowser|> WHAT?!
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> Time for you to go.
[22:34] <+MrsPrimrose> :O
[22:34] <+DeterminedSnail> Don't cut in on the other team's shenanigans.
[22:34] <+Bowser|> B-b-but...
[22:34] <+MrsPrimrose> Well.
[22:34] * MotivationalShia runs hands through hair
[22:35] <+DeterminedSnail> We're trying to win!
[22:35] <+AudreyMiddleton> Sorry, Snail.
[22:35] * MotivationalShia breathes heavily
[22:35] * AudreyMiddleton gently pets Snail
[22:35] <+MrsPrimrose> I feel that I have been a victim ofdirtydoings
[22:35] <+MotivationalShia> Goodbye, princess.
[22:35] <+MrsPrimrose> I'm sorry Peach.
[22:35] * DeterminedSnail blushes
[22:35] <+MrsPrimrose> I had no idea
[22:35] <+DeterminedSnail> That felt nice.
[22:35] <+MotivationalShia> This isn't alright. There's been a great our world.
[22:35] <+Bowser|> She's GONE! And she wasn't kidnapped by me this time!
[22:35] <+Bowser|> This is TREASON!
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[22:35] <+MotivationalShia> The damsel has been distressed.
[22:35] <+Kamek_> Wow!
[22:35] * Bowser| (CONF): Oh, no, I feel another wave of sorrow coming on...
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> Before we get to the next immunity challenge.
[22:35] * Kamek_ wizards on in
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> ...
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> Drop. Your. Buffs.
[22:35] <+DeterminedSnail> Merge?
[22:35] <+AudreyMiddleton> Why do you care, babe?
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> We are ... MERGED!
[22:35] <+PrincessPeach_> (whoever Jacinta is is horrible lmao, but bye it was fun ~)
[22:35] <+Bowser|> Whuh?
[22:35] * MotivationalShia drinks
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> *throws yellow buffs at everyone*
[22:35] <+Kamek_> LOVELY!
[22:35] * DeterminedSnail cheers
[22:35] <+AudreyMiddleton> YAY! <3
[22:35] <+DeterminedSnail> Yes!
[22:35] <+Hetero_Hector> *drops pants in front of Shia*
[22:35] <+Bowser|> Yellow! So it blends in my skin, and makes me even more buff!
[22:36] <+Bowser|> YEAH!
[22:36] <+AnAlmond> Ah, a merge.
[22:36] <+MotivationalShia> Jesus. Merging. Like a cell.
[22:36] <+Hetero_Hector> um SHia, not to be rude man, but it's your turn
[22:36] <+MotivationalShia> Or like...a road of traffic--turning into one.
[22:36] <+AnAlmond> The next logical step in this VERY predictable game.
[22:36] <+MotivationalShia> One coexisting group of members.
[22:36] <+Hetero_Hector> you can look down at it by the way
[22:36] <+Hetero_Hector> my penis
[22:36] <+MrsPrimrose> I'm so happy I have made the merge!
[22:36] <+Hetero_Hector> I won't think you're gay
[22:36] <+Hetero_Hector> just um
[22:36] <@jeffprObst> Congratulations to the 9 of you. Per tradition, you will pm THIS ACCOUNT (jeffprObst) a merged tribe name idea. Best one wins.
[22:36] <+MotivationalShia> Sexuality is fluid.
[22:36] * AudreyMiddleton raises hand
[22:36] * MotivationalShia in one sweeping motion grabs hector's penis
[22:36] <+AudreyMiddleton> Hi!
[22:36] <+Hetero_Hector> Yeah it is but I'm not gay
[22:36] <+Kamek_> I HAVE A QUESTION
[22:36] * MotivationalShia keeps direct eye contact with him
[22:36] <@jeffprObst> You will have 10 minutes to do so (until 10:46). Feel free to pee/eat/do whatever in that meantime but be sure to send in a submission.
[22:36] <+Hetero_Hector> oh my god
[22:36] <+Kamek_> DID WE MAKE THE JURY
[22:36] <+MotivationalShia> a brotherhood.
[22:36] <@jeffprObst> Yes jury starts now
[22:36] * MotivationalShia lets go of penis
[22:36] <+Bowser|> Oh, YEAH!
[22:36] <+Kamek_> HURRAH!
[22:36] <+Hetero_Hector> Oh my god
[22:36] * MotivationalShia continues eye contact
[22:36] <@jeffprObst> brb.
[22:37] <+Hetero_Hector> You just grabbed my dick
[22:37] <+Bowser|> Finally I'll be able to put my sick naming skills to the test!
[22:37] <+Hetero_Hector> sweet...
[22:37] <+Hetero_Hector> oh my god
[22:37] <+MotivationalShia> Sexuality is fluid.
[22:37] <+AnAlmond> See Hector, you're gay.
[22:37] <+AnAlmond> It's obvious.
[22:37] <+Hetero_Hector> Dad? Did you see that?!
[22:37] <+AnAlmond> Just accep tit.
[22:37] <+MotivationalShia> Virginity is not precious, it's not something to be reserved.
[22:37] <+MotivationalShia> Nakedness is an art.

[22:37] * MotivationalShia shakes head
[22:37] <+MotivationalShia> Just do it.
[22:37] <+Hetero_Hector> well I mean
[22:37] * MotivationalShia walks away
[22:37] <+Hetero_Hector> Shia
[22:37] <+Hetero_Hector> Come back
[22:37] * MotivationalShia turns around
[22:37] <+MotivationalShia> What.
[22:37] <+MotivationalShia> I respond to questions only.
[22:38] <+Hetero_Hector> Shia, can we be more than like brothers? Or less than brothers really cause incest isn't really my jam.
[22:38] <+Hetero_Hector> But like,
[22:38] <+DeterminedSnail> It's merge time!
[22:38] <+Hetero_Hector> you're my idol man
[22:38] <+AnAlmond> The real question is, how did an almond get cast on this show?
[22:38] <+DeterminedSnail> Let's all feast!
[22:38] <+AnAlmond> #meta
[22:38] <+MotivationalShia> Thanks fam.
[22:38] <@jeffprObst> One more thing. Since you guys are now merged a NEW IDOL is hidden.
[22:38] <+MotivationalShia> But I don't believe in idols.
[22:38] <+MotivationalShia> To you, I'm just Shia LaBeouf.
[22:38] <+MotivationalShia> To me, you're just flaming.
[22:38] <+Kamek_> WOW!
[22:39] <+MotivationalShia> Together...we share a voice.
[22:39] <+Hetero_Hector> *tears well up* okay man that's fine dude whatever brotherhood hell yeah w00t
[22:39] <+AnAlmond> Almonds are above such idols. It is all about the individual almond making sacrifices for all of almondkind.
[22:39] <+AnAlmond> That is why I'm on this show.
[22:39] <+AnAlmond> I was chosen as the sole almond
[22:39] <+AnAlmond> Who would show off our superiority on national television.
[22:40] <+AnAlmond> And I'm doing an adequate job so far.
[22:40] <+Jacinta_> ...
[22:41] <+MotivationalShia> Almonds have worth, really.
[22:41] <+MotivationalShia> Everything has worth.
[22:41] <+DeterminedSnail> Cool
[22:41] <+Bowser|> You know what else has worth?
[22:41] <+AnAlmond> I see you are rendered speechless by my intelligence, Jacinta.
[22:41] <+Hetero_Hector> You're so wise Shia
[22:41] <+AnAlmond> I do not blame you.
[22:41] <+Bowser|> That massive pile of treasure in my castle!
[22:41] <+Bowser|> I'm so wise!
[22:41] <+Hetero_Hector> I wish I could be more like you
[22:41] <+Bowser|> Just call me Mr. Wise Guy!
[22:41] <+MotivationalShia> Get the fuck out, Bowser.
[22:41] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: Now that it's merge time, time for my true colors to shine!
[22:41] <+AudreyMiddleton> Easy guys!
[22:41] * MotivationalShia points at bowser
[22:41] * MotivationalShia stands still
[22:41] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): Every queen needs her loyal henchmen. And a good one can play all sides beautifully.
[22:43] <+DeterminedSnail> .
[22:43] <@jeffprObst> 7/9 tribe names. Just two minutes left.
[22:44] <@jeffprObst> 8/9
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> Okay!
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> I have a submission from everyone
[22:45] <+Kamek_> excellent!
[22:45] <+AudreyMiddleton> Good! <3
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> In last place is "Kamek's Kool Kids Club" by Kamek.
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> He is out of the challenge.
[22:45] <+Kamek_> ARE YOU KIDDING ME
[22:45] <+Kamek_> I HATE YOU
[22:45] <+AnAlmond> Ah, the KKK.
[22:45] <+Kamek_> >:(
[22:45] <+AnAlmond> I like the ring of that name.
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> In 8th place is Bowser's Big Baddie Brigade by Bowser.
[22:46] <+Bowser|> Aw, that one is LAME! I expect more from a minion of your caliber!
[22:46] * Kamek_ is angry.
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> He is out.
[22:46] <+Bowser|> ...
[22:46] <+Bowser|> WHAT?!
[22:46] <+DeterminedSnail> Oh gosh!
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> in 7th place is StraightMates by Hector.
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> He is out.
[22:46] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: Hopefully I win!
[22:46] <+MotivationalShia> I liked it, Hector.
[22:46] <+Hetero_Hector> I jsut wanted it to come across to the other team that I'm heterosexual
[22:46] <+Hetero_Hector> Thanks Shia
[22:46] <+Hetero_Hector> *squeals silently*
[22:46] <+MotivationalShia> We can all figuratively be men here.
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> In 6th place is NoMoreDirtyDoing by Primrose. She is out.
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> In 5th place is TheSnailingDead by Snail. He is out.
[22:46] <+DeterminedSnail> I liked it too @Hector
[22:47] <+MrsPrimrose> Oh well, I tried!
[22:47] <@jeffprObst> Final four: Almond, Audrey, Jacinta, Shia
[22:47] <+Hetero_Hector> I'm not entirely heterosexual if you want to do something Shia
[22:47] <+Hetero_Hector> I'm just letting you know
[22:47] <+DeterminedSnail> TheSnailingDead was amazing!
[22:47] <+Hetero_Hector> With you
[22:47] <+Hetero_Hector> I'm down
[22:47] <+DeterminedSnail> Why wasn't it picked!
[22:47] <+Hetero_Hector> In a friend way if you want for sure but you know
[22:47] <@jeffprObst> In 4th place is Prunus Dulcis by Almond. He is out.
[22:47] <+Hetero_Hector> if you want it to be more
[22:47] <+Hetero_Hector> that's cool too
[22:47] <@jeffprObst> in 3rd place is Roenkkoe by Shia.
[22:47] <+Bowser|> And I thought Bowser's Big Baddie Brigade was awesome too, but well, well, WELL.
[22:47] <+MotivationalShia> I mean, there we go.
[22:47] <+Bowser|> Sometimes things get taken away from us quicker than Peach was snagged from me.
[22:47] * MotivationalShia moves hands around
[22:47] <+AnAlmond> That probably went way over the idiot host's head.
[22:47] <+AudreyMiddleton> :o
[22:47] <@jeffprObst> Meaning the final 2 is Audrey with Henchmen & Jacinta with An Gorta Mor.
[22:47] <+MotivationalShia> I didn't expect to get #1.
[22:47] <@jeffprObst> And the winner is...
[22:47] <+AnAlmond> He probably doesn't even SPEAK Latin.
[22:47] <@jeffprObst> ...
[22:47] <@jeffprObst> ...
[22:47] <@jeffprObst> ...
[22:48] <@jeffprObst> JACINTA! with An Gorta Mor, meaning "The Famine."
[22:48] <+Jacinta_> YASSSS
[22:48] <+AudreyMiddleton> WHAT?!
[22:48] <+Jacinta_> It means The Great Famine by the way.
[22:48] <+DeterminedSnail> :0
[22:48] <+AudreyMiddleton> How did Henchmen LOSE!?
[22:48] <@jeffprObst> *puts immunity necklace around Jacinta's neck*
[22:48] <+Hetero_Hector> That isn't very funny
[22:48] <@jeffprObst> Congratulations Jacinta on your first immunity win. You will get a clue soon.
[22:48] <+MotivationalShia> You want to compare this new mass starvation?
[22:48] <+MotivationalShia> Jacinta. I'm...not happy.
[22:48] <+MotivationalShia> But you won, so.
[22:48] <+MotivationalShia> Good job.
[22:48] <+Jacinta_> *shrugs*
[22:48] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: I will not loose.
[22:48] * MotivationalShia puts hands on hips
[22:48] <+Kamek_> BUT THE FAMINE IS EVIL
[22:48] <+Kamek_> AND SCARY
[22:48] <+Kamek_> I LIKE FOOD
[22:48] <+AnAlmond> Almonds solve famines.
[22:48] <+Jacinta_> I don't like to lose.
[22:48] <+Kamek_> I LIKE EATING FOOD
[22:48] <+AnAlmond> But we cause droughts.
[22:48] == cOnfessional changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor #AnGortaMor - Almond, Audrey, Bowser, Snail, Hector, Jacinta, Kamek, Shia, Primrose
[22:48] <+AnAlmond> We want all the water.
[22:48] <+AnAlmond> ALL the water.
[22:48] <+AudreyMiddleton> Congrats Jacinta!
[22:48] <@cOnfessional> Go to #AnGortaMor
[22:48] <+AnAlmond> We will drain the earth until nothing can live there.
[22:49] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys. Set your torches down and take a seat.
[22:50] <@jeffprObst> This is your first Tribal Council as a merged tribe.
[22:50] <@jeffprObst> Send me votes as soon as possible.
[22:50] <@jeffprObst> ALL - With the jury starting now, is your social game more important than ever?
[22:50] <+DeterminedSnail> I just threw up.
[22:50] <+DeterminedSnail> That's weird.
[22:50] <+Bowser|> My social game is A+! That's no issue for me!
[22:50] <+DeterminedSnail> I did that before I...
[22:50] <+Kamek_> Mine as well!
[22:50] <+DeterminedSnail> DIED!
[22:50] <+Bowser|> KAMEK!! My toenails are getting gnarly! Uh, massage them?
[22:51] == mode/#Ovivor [-v PrincessPeach_] by cOnfessional
[22:51] <+Kamek_> How do I massage a toenail?
[22:52] <+Bowser|> I... uh, I dunno.
[22:52] <+Hetero_Hector> test
[22:52] <+Bowser|> I leave the brainy parts to you, usually.
[22:54] <+DeterminedSnail> (how many votes)
[22:54] <@cOnfessional> 4
[22:54] <+AnAlmond> If I were fool enough to live subservient to you, Bowser, I'd probably be able to help you. I am hyperintelligent, far beyond your comprehension.
[22:54] <+Bowser|> ...
[22:54] * AudreyMiddleton rubs Bowser's back
[22:54] <+AudreyMiddleton> It's okay
[22:55] <+Kamek_> That almond is really smart!
[22:55] * DeterminedSnail becomes slow
[22:55] <+AnAlmond> That must hurt, rubbing his back, since it's covered in spikes. @Audrey
[22:55] <+DeterminedSnail> I feel really weird today...
[22:55] <+DeterminedSnail> First throwing up and now this!
[22:55] <+AudreyMiddleton> I usually try and avoid them Almond, but you have a point!
[22:55] <+MotivationalShia> My back hurts.
[22:55] <+AudreyMiddleton> Haha!
[22:55] <+AudreyMiddleton> Get it, point?
[22:55] <+MotivationalShia> Isn't it weird--in the real world, that was said all the time, and nobody's ever thought of it as strange.
[22:55] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): Trying to play nice with Almond physically makes me SICK.
[22:55] <+DeterminedSnail> What is wrong with me?
[22:55] <+MotivationalShia> But put it on Twitter.
[22:56] <+Bowser|> Almond, I don't understand you.
[22:56] <+MotivationalShia> Put it on Twitter, and it becomes part of you forever.
[22:56] <+Bowser|> You make my brain hurt. Gwaaargh.
[22:56] <+MotivationalShia> And that's what I'm trying...not to represent.
[22:56] <+MotivationalShia> Meaningless statements like "My back hurts" have a microscopic fraction of the power that a statement like the ones I try to make do.
[22:56] <+Jacinta_> .
[22:56] <+MotivationalShia> I want people to know that I am important, so I say these things.
[22:56] <+MotivationalShia> And I want people to be important.
[22:56] <+MotivationalShia> Confident.
[22:56] <+MotivationalShia> Realistic, but confident.
[22:56] <+Bowser|> TOO. MANY. WORDS.
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> 8/9 votes
[22:57] <+Jacinta_> HEY EVERYONE
[22:57] <+DeterminedSnail> Oh
[22:57] <+Jacinta_> Do not vote for Shia tonight, vote her ass out.
[22:57] * AudreyMiddleton crosses arms
[22:57] <+Jacinta_> She formed an alliance with Shia only to go around behind his back and tell us to vote him out.
[22:57] <+AudreyMiddleton> REALLY?!
[22:57] <+Jacinta_> But I refuse to do that kinda crap.
[22:58] <+MrsPrimrose> Oh...
[22:58] <+Jacinta_> Audrey, you're game is gonna sink with her if you don't jump ship.
[22:58] <+MrsPrimrose> My integrity being called into question....
[22:58] <+Kamek_> Well!
[22:58] <+Jacinta_> So vote her out too or you're going down with her.
[22:58] <+Kamek_> How evil of you Primrose!
[22:58] <+Jacinta_> You don't have integrity.
[22:58] * MotivationalShia rubs neck
[22:58] <+Kamek_> How dare you!
[22:58] <+Jacinta_> Your light bullshit is just that. Bullshit.
[22:58] <+MotivationalShia> I support publicity of all kinds.
[22:58] <+MrsPrimrose> Shia voted against me without telling me last tirbal as well...
[22:58] * DeterminedSnail is shocked of Jacinta
[22:58] <+MotivationalShia> But...this isn't what I wanted to drag myself into.
[22:58] <+MrsPrimrose> So I am hardly the first to betra.
[22:58] * MotivationalShia puts paper bag on head
[22:58] <+DeterminedSnail> We're a team!
[22:58] <+DeterminedSnail> No misinform!
[22:58] <+Jacinta_> Prim, you didn't get any votes.
[22:58] <+Jacinta_> Shut the hell up.
[22:58] <+MrsPrimrose> I just believe that the light has stopped shining on certain people
[22:58] <+Jacinta_> You voted for me.
[22:58] * MotivationalShia clears throat
[22:59] == MotivationalShia has changed nick to PaperBagShia
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[22:59] <+DeterminedSnail> We have to get everyone together!
[22:59] <+MrsPrimrose> But I would hate that to be taken as me being a liar or a backstabber
[22:59] <+DeterminedSnail> It's okay everyone!
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol & would like to play it now would be the time
[22:59] <+Jacinta_> Fuck it.
[22:59] <+Hetero_Hector> (I'm not famous anymore)
[22:59] <+AnAlmond> It's actually quite pathetic watching you lesser beings fight over such petty things.
[22:59] <+AudreyMiddleton> ..
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> *glances*
[22:59] <+Jacinta_> Nobody has an idol read the votes Jeff.
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[22:59] <+AnAlmond> This is why the almonds will become the dominant species.
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> I'll read the votes.
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> (just making sure after last time)
[22:59] * DeterminedSnail stares around
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> 1st vote....
[22:59] <+AnAlmond> We work together, as a unit.
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> Primrose.
[22:59] <+PaperBagShia> We are prosperity.
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:00] <+PaperBagShia> Yellow isn't a colour of cowardice.
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> Shia.
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> Snail.
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Prim, 2 votes Shia, 2 votes Snail
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> oop
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> 1*
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> not
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> 2
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[23:00] <+DeterminedSnail> I got a vote!
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> Prim.
[23:00] <+DeterminedSnail> That's not right!
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Prim, 1 vote Shia, 1 vote Snail
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> 5th vote...
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> Snail.
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Prim, 2 votes Snail
[23:00] <+DeterminedSnail> :o
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> 5th vote...
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> Shia.
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> 2-2-2
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> 3 votes left
[23:01] <+Bowser|> Don't you mean sixth? Hey, even I math better than you!
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> 7th vote...
[23:01] <+DeterminedSnail> I will not take this!
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:01] <+AnAlmond> What a split vote.
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> Primrose.
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> 8th vote...
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:01] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): I would generally apologize about confusing everyone, but it was necessary. Especially in the merge, there needs to be seeds of doubt EVERYWHERE.
[23:01] * DeterminedSnail squirms
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> .... and the 6th person voted out of Ovivor: Ireland & the FIRST member of our jury...
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> Primrose.
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> Primrose, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.
[23:01] * PaperBagShia exhales
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[23:01] == PaperBagShia has changed nick to MotivationalShia
[23:01] == Nephews [4a58ccc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[23:01] == mode/#Ovivor [-v MrsPrimrose] by cOnfessional
[23:02] <Nephews> Aunt Letitia, there you are!
[23:02] == cOnfessional changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor #AnGortaMor - Almond, Audrey, Bowser, Snail, Hector, Jacinta, Kamek, Shia | JURY: Primrose
[23:02] <Nephews> We're sorry guys
[23:02] * MotivationalShia takes paper bag off of head
[23:02] <Nephews> Mrs.Primrose is a religious lunatic
[23:02] <Nephews> She escaped from a mental institution
[23:02] <+AudreyMiddleton> Sorry, Primrose.
[23:02] <+AnAlmond> Primrose. You were average competition. Farewell.
[23:02] <+AudreyMiddleton> (CONF): Working with Jacinta was only for this one time. Her name sounds like placenta. That isn't worthy of a million dollars.

[23:02] <Nephews> We were looking for her, but apparently her irs tthing to do on escape was sign up for a shitt survivor spin-off :|
[23:03] == MrsPrimrose [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[23:03] == Nephews [4a58ccc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[23:04] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: I WILL FIND WHOEVER VOTED FOR ME. I WILL!
[23:04] * Kamek_ barges in confessional
[23:04] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[23:04] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your next immunity challenge?
[23:04] <+Jacinta_> Yes!
[23:05] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: IM OUTRAGED
[23:05] <+DeterminedSnail> GET ME THIS WIN!
[23:05] <@jeffprObst> Alright... welcome to the Survivor auction!
[23:05] <+Bowser|> OH, YEAH!
[23:05] <+Bowser|> Time to get some prime cuts of meaty meaty bits!
[23:05] <@jeffprObst> You each have $500.
[23:05] <+Kamek_> 500
[23:05] <+DeterminedSnail> Yes!
[23:05] <+Bowser|> Bowser's belly needs to be fueled!
[23:05] * MotivationalShia bikes in again
[23:05] <@jeffprObst> Items may be revealed or closed
[23:05] <+MotivationalShia> One of these days this old thing is going to fall apart.
[23:05] <@jeffprObst> The auction will end without warning
[23:05] <+MotivationalShia> I hope it's not today.
[23:05] <@jeffprObst> No sharing of items or money
[23:05] * MotivationalShia rests it down
[23:05] <+AnAlmond> Of course. The only thing I could possibly want is more water to quench my thirst.
[23:05] <@jeffprObst> Simple?
[23:05] <@jeffprObst> Alright lets begin.
[23:05] <+AnAlmond> With the exception of that, I will save for an advantage in the game.
[23:06] <+MotivationalShia> Water's free, man.
[23:06] <@jeffprObst> First item is a "vote -seer". Meaning tonight, and ONLY tonight, you will know the vote of someone of your choice.
[23:06] <@jeffprObst> Bidding is now
[23:06] <+MotivationalShia> Out here it's one of the few unowned products I can see.
[23:06] <+DeterminedSnail> This is tough
[23:06] <+MotivationalShia> The concept of owning doesn't make any fucking sense.
[23:06] <+Bowser|> Uh... 20!
[23:06] <+DeterminedSnail> 25
[23:06] <@jeffprObst> 20 to Bowser
[23:06] <+MotivationalShia> Personal property. Just doesn't make any sense.
[23:06] <+Bowser|> Har har har!
[23:06] <@jeffprObst> oops forgot to mention - increments of $20
[23:06] <@jeffprObst> So still Bowser
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> Going once.
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> Going twice.
[23:07] * MotivationalShia sits back
[23:07] <+MotivationalShia> 40
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> Sold to Bowser!
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> o
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> Shia with 40
[23:07] <+Bowser|> CRAP!
[23:07] <+MotivationalShia> Bring it on, dinosaur.
[23:07] <+Bowser|> 60!
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> 60 to bowser
[23:07] <+MotivationalShia> 80.
[23:07] <+Bowser|> Ehhh, you can have it.
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> 80 to shia
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> Going once
[23:07] <+MotivationalShia> :s
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> Going twice
[23:07] <+Bowser|> Don't need that lame knick-knack anyway.
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> Sold to Shia for $80!
[23:07] <+MotivationalShia> I just did it.
[23:07] <+MotivationalShia> I didn't...want to own property, but that's my stake on the game.
[23:07] <+DeterminedSnail> :o
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> Shia has 420, everyone else has 500.
[23:07] * MotivationalShia yawns
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> Next item will remain sealed.
[23:07] <+DeterminedSnail> BRING IT ON
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> Bidding is now.
[23:07] <+DeterminedSnail> I WILL GET REVENGE
[23:08] <+DeterminedSnail> 20
[23:08] <+AnAlmond> Why would I ever take such a dumb risk
[23:08] <+Jacinta_> 40.
[23:08] <+AnAlmond> Only a lesser being would... oh yes the snail.
[23:08] <+Kamek_> 60!
[23:08] <+MotivationalShia> Inhale, let the blood circulate throughout your body.
[23:08] <@jeffprObst> 60 to kamek
[23:08] <+MotivationalShia> Capillary rush--calmer this time.
[23:08] <+Jacinta_> 80.
[23:08] <+DeterminedSnail> ALMOND IM NO LESSER BEING!
[23:08] <@jeffprObst> 80 to jacinta
[23:08] <+DeterminedSnail> I came here to win!
[23:08] <+Jacinta_> Call me Jay, Jeff.
[23:08] <+Kamek_> I DO NOT NEED PETTY THINGS
[23:08] <@jeffprObst> Sold to Jay!
[23:09] <@jeffprObst> This item is a "vote doubler." Jacinta, at any point of your choosing, you will be allowed to vote twice.
[23:09] <+Jacinta_> Cool.
[23:09] <+Bowser|> Heh. Just kicking back, relaxing, enjoying my villainous mood of villainousness.
[23:09] <@jeffprObst> You have two pieces of parchment meaning they be two seperate votes or just a x2 vote
[23:09] <+MotivationalShia> You're not a villain.
[23:09] <@jeffprObst> can be*
[23:09] <+MotivationalShia> Have you caused any threats?
[23:09] <@jeffprObst> Next item is sealed as well.
[23:09] <+MotivationalShia> No, you haven't.
[23:09] <+DeterminedSnail> 20
[23:09] <+Kamek_> 40
[23:09] <+MotivationalShia> Show some fucking risk, then I'll call you a villain.
[23:09] <+MotivationalShia> 60.
[23:09] <+Jacinta_> 80.
[23:09] <+DeterminedSnail> 60
[23:09] <+Bowser|> 100!
[23:09] <+DeterminedSnail> 100
[23:09] <+Jacinta_> Fuck it. 420. Blaze it.
[23:09] <+Bowser|> Gimme that meat!
[23:09] <+Bowser|> ...
[23:09] <+Bowser|> Oh.
[23:10] <+Bowser|> Blaze it? OKAY!
[23:10] * Bowser| breathes fire
[23:10] <+MotivationalShia> Go further, Bowser.
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> 420 to Jacinta
[23:10] <+Jacinta_> NO.
[23:10] <+AnAlmond> 440.
[23:10] <+Jacinta_> STOP.
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> 440 to Almond
[23:10] <+Bowser|> FEEL THE BURN!
[23:10] <+Kamek_> NICE ONE MASTER
[23:10] * DeterminedSnail pukes
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> Going once
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> going twice
[23:10] <+DeterminedSnail> IM STILL PUKING BUT IM WINNING!
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> Sold to Almond!
[23:10] <+AudreyMiddleton> You okay, Snail?
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> This item is a vacation to Ireland!!!!!!!!
[23:10] <+DeterminedSnail> Yea AudreyMiddleton I'm okay
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> Congratulations, Almond.
[23:10] <+AnAlmond> ...
[23:10] <+AudreyMiddleton> Congrats Almond!! :D
[23:10] <+AnAlmond> I'm a fucking almond.
[23:10] <+DeterminedSnail> I will always be.
[23:10] <+AnAlmond> Almonds never have a vacation
[23:10] <+MotivationalShia> Ireland.
[23:10] <+AnAlmond> We are always working for the betterment of almondkind.
[23:10] <+MotivationalShia> I went to Limerick recently.
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> Okay
[23:11] <+Jacinta_> It's Ireland though!!!
[23:11] <+DeterminedSnail> Just a little ticked at the last vote.
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> Next item is a "poison necklace." You will be immune for tonight BUT you cannot participate in the next challenge
[23:11] <+MotivationalShia> Yeah, but, I mean, you can use it afterward?
[23:11] <+AudreyMiddleton> $500
[23:11] <+Kamek_> 20
[23:11] <+DeterminedSnail> 20
[23:11] <+Kamek_> okay!
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> Sold to Audrey! AUDREY WINS IMMUNITY
[23:11] <+AudreyMiddleton> :D
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[23:11] * MotivationalShia shrugs
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> Next item is sealed. Bidding starts now
[23:11] <+MotivationalShia> At least I got something out of this.
[23:11] <+Kamek_> 66.6 HAHA!
[23:11] * DeterminedSnail is shocked
[23:11] <+Kamek_> 60
[23:11] <+DeterminedSnail> 20
[23:11] <+Jacinta_> 420.
[23:11] <+Jacinta_> 8)
[23:11] <+DeterminedSnail> 100
[23:11] <+Hetero_Hector> One of my dads is a peanut salesman
[23:11] <+Bowser|> Not gonna take ANY chances!
[23:11] <+Hetero_Hector> I know how to do business
[23:12] <+Hetero_Hector> Um, uh
[23:12] <+Bowser|> Gotta work on my self-control this time!
[23:12] <+Hetero_Hector> fuck
[23:12] <+Hetero_Hector> 500
[23:12] <+Hetero_Hector> Dad, did I do that right?
[23:12] <+MotivationalShia> Boldness!
[23:12] <+MotivationalShia> Ambition!
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> Sold ot Hector!
[23:12] <+MotivationalShia> Yes you can!
[23:12] <+MotivationalShia> I like it. I like it.
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> Okay, Hector.
[23:12] * MotivationalShia claps twice
[23:12] * MotivationalShia stands up
[23:12] * MotivationalShia bows
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> You can either take this, option A.
[23:12] * MotivationalShia sits down
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> OR.
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> You can swap it out for option B.
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> Your choice.
[23:12] <+Hetero_Hector> Okay
[23:12] * DeterminedSnail glares
[23:12] <+Hetero_Hector> Let me think for a minute
[23:12] <+MotivationalShia> Don't let your dreams B dreams.
[23:13] <+Hetero_Hector> Then A
[23:13] <+MotivationalShia> It's like what I said, in that repetitive meme.
[23:13] <+MotivationalShia> You got it, man.
[23:13] <@jeffprObst> Option B is...... sewer water.
[23:13] <@jeffprObst> Option A is ..
[23:13] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: I should have bided for more items. Those kinky votes duck.
[23:13] <@jeffprObst> You can send someone back to camp right now and take their money.
[23:13] <+Hetero_Hector> Regular water please
[23:13] <@jeffprObst> The auction will be over for the person you choose.
[23:13] <+Kamek_> wow nice choice!
[23:13] <@jeffprObst> Decide now.
[23:13] <+MotivationalShia> :s
[23:13] <+Bowser|> Whoa! That's beefy!
[23:13] <+Hetero_Hector> Um
[23:13] * MotivationalShia stands up
[23:13] <+Jacinta_> Choose Audrey. She has immunity already.
[23:13] <+Hetero_Hector> Jacinta
[23:14] <+AnAlmond> There's no beef involved whatsoever. @Bowser
[23:14] <+MotivationalShia> ...okay, then.
[23:14] <+Jacinta_> Are you kidding me?
[23:14] <+Hetero_Hector> oh
[23:14] <+DeterminedSnail> Oh my god.
[23:14] <+Kamek_> I am nervous!
[23:14] <+MotivationalShia> Jay doesn't have any money.
[23:14] <+AudreyMiddleton> I don't even have any money left, Jacinta.
[23:14] <+Bowser|> No beef? DANG! What am I supposed to eat, then? VEGGIES? @Almond
[23:14] <+MotivationalShia> Pick me, Hector.
[23:14] <+AudreyMiddleton> I'm just along for the ride <3
[23:14] <@jeffprObst> Okay. Jacinta goes back to camp empty-handed (except her two votes). Hector, you have $420
[23:14] <@jeffprObst> Next item.
[23:14] <@jeffprObst> This item is an advantage in the next challenge'
[23:14] <+Kamek_> nice you spent 80 on nothing!
[23:14] <+Kamek_> @Hector
[23:14] <+Kamek_> 20
[23:14] <+MotivationalShia> 420
[23:14] <+DeterminedSnail> 400
[23:14] <+Bowser|> 40!
[23:14] <@jeffprObst> 420 to Shia.
[23:14] <@jeffprObst> going once
[23:14] * MotivationalShia runs hands through hair anguished
[23:14] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: Should I?
[23:14] <@jeffprObst> going twice
[23:14] <@jeffprObst> sold to shia!
[23:14] * DeterminedSnail shakes head
[23:14] <@jeffprObst> And with that...
[23:15] <@jeffprObst> The auction is over.
[23:15] <+MotivationalShia> DO IT.
[23:15] <+Bowser|> ...Aw, come on, I didn't even get a meat stick?
[23:15] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: Playing it safe.
[23:15] * MotivationalShia hops on bike
[23:15] <+Bowser|> This game is FLAWED!
[23:15] <+Kamek_> I AM ANGRY
[23:15] <+Kamek_> GRR
[23:15] * MotivationalShia runs back
[23:15] <+Kamek_> GRR
[23:15] <+Hetero_Hector> Can I
[23:15] <+Kamek_> GRR
[23:15] <+Hetero_Hector> Can I keep the money?
[23:15] <+Kamek_> BOWSER I AM ANGRY TOO
[23:15] <+Bowser|> ME TOO!
[23:15] <+Bowser|> 1... 2... 3...
[23:15] <+Bowser|> GRR!
[23:15] <+DeterminedSnail> IM SCARED!
[23:15] <+Kamek_> GRR!
[23:15] <+DeterminedSnail> I might be eliminated.
[23:15] <@jeffprObst> THINGS WON: Shia (vote-see and advantage), Jacinta (vote-doubler), Audrey (poison necklace)
[23:15] <@jeffprObst> I believe that's it?
[23:15] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys.
[23:15] <+AnAlmond> Yep.
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down & take a seat.
[23:16] <+AnAlmond> I have a trip to Ireland.
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> ALL - Send in votes!
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> ALL - Are original tribal lines still apparent?
[23:16] <@jeffprObst> Or is it more complex?
[23:16] <+Bowser|> Too complex for a brain like mine!
[23:16] <+Bowser|> Uh, by that, I mean, my brain is TOO BIG!
[23:17] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: I'm shaking. What if I'm eliminated?
[23:17] * DeterminedSnail shakes

[23:17] * DeterminedSnail shakes
[23:17] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: GET IT TOGETHER. YOURE IN THIS TO WIN!
[23:18] == PrincessPeach_ [ae3c3961@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:19] <+DeterminedSnail> We don't have U-N-I-T-Y!
[23:19] <+DeterminedSnail> We're a tribe right?
[23:19] * DeterminedSnail nervously stares around
[23:19] <@jeffprObst> 3/8 votes.
[23:21] <@jeffprObst> I have votes from Snail, Bowser, Almond, Audrey & Shia
[23:21] * DeterminedSnail cries
[23:22] <@jeffprObst> 5/8
[23:22] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: I'm really scared for this vote.
[23:22] <@jeffprObst> Bowser. Hector. Jacinta. Need a vote.
[23:22] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: What if my story is ending? I'm just trying to win!
[23:22] <+Bowser|> I voted already, you CRETIN!
[23:24] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta, please vote
[23:24] <+Jacinta_> Give me ONE minute Jeff.
[23:24] <@cOnfessional> ok
[23:26] <+Jacinta_> ...
[23:27] <@jeffprObst> One sec
[23:27] <@jeffprObst> brb!
[23:27] <+Bowser|> Zzzzz!
[23:27] <+Bowser|> Come ON!
[23:27] <+Kamek_> I AM TIRED OF WAITING
[23:27] <+Bowser|> This is more of a snooze than MARIO TEACHES TYPING!
[23:27] <+Kamek_> I wouldn't go that far, master!
[23:27] * MotivationalShia lies on a bench
[23:27] <+MotivationalShia> Breathing, in moderation, is good.
[23:27] <+MotivationalShia> If you take out your lungs.
[23:28] <+Bowser|>
[23:28] <+Bowser|> Just kidding! I look as burly and radiant as ever in this pic!
[23:28] <+MotivationalShia> Good game.
[23:28] <+AnAlmond> Almonds never breathe.
[23:28] <+MotivationalShia> Teaching kids to try and overcome stupid, meaningless "struggles" like...typing...
[23:28] <+Jacinta_> *glances around*
[23:28] <+MotivationalShia> The best kind of video game.
[23:28] * DeterminedSnail sweats
[23:29] <+MotivationalShia> Represents its entire medium.
[23:29] * Kamek_ dresses up as Peach
[23:29] <+Kamek_> I feel pretty!
[23:29] <+Bowser|> ... Peach?! That you?!
[23:29] <+Kamek_> What? No I am Kamek!
[23:29] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[23:29] <+Jacinta_> Can we get on with this, Jeff?
[23:29] <+AudreyMiddleton> It isn't Peach, babe.
[23:29] <@jeffprObst> I'll read the votes.
[23:29] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol & would like to play it now would be the time.
[23:29] <@jeffprObst> *glances*
[23:29] <+Jacinta_> *looks at Audrey*
[23:29] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[23:29] <@jeffprObst> I'll read the votes...
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> 1st vote...
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> Almond.
[23:30] <+AnAlmond> A travesty, really.
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta.
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> Shia.
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Almond, 1 vote Jacinta, 1 vote Shia.
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[23:30] <+AudreyMiddleton> ...
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:30] <+MotivationalShia> I won't hurt you none.
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> Shia.
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> 5th vote...
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta.
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> 6th vote...
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta.
[23:30] <@jeffprObst> 3 votes Jacinta, 2 votes Shia, 1 vote Almond
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> 7th vote...
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:31] <+DeterminedSnail> WHAT
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> Almond.
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> 3 Jacinta, 2 Shia, 2 Almond
[23:31] * MotivationalShia shifts slightly
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> 8th vote...
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> Almond.
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> 3 votes Jacinta, 3 votes Almond, 2 votes Shia.
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> 1. Vote. Left.
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> ...
[23:31] <+DeterminedSnail> Oh
[23:31] <+Bowser|> WHOA!
[23:31] <+AnAlmond> Audrey bamboozled me.
[23:31] * MotivationalShia shakes head
[23:31] <+AnAlmond> And all of you.
[23:31] <+Jacinta_> I'm going...
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> 7th person voted out of Ovivor: Ireland & the 2nd member of our jury..
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:31] <+AnAlmond> if I go, of course.
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:32] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:32] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:32] <@jeffprObst> Almond. #BLINDSIDE
[23:32] <@jeffprObst> Almond, you need to bring me your torch.
[23:32] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[23:32] <+DeterminedSnail> BYE ALMOND!
[23:32] <+AnAlmond> Not a blindside.
[23:32] <+Jacinta_> HOLY SHIT YES.
[23:32] <@jeffprObst> Almond, the tribe has spoken. Time for you to go.
[23:32] * DeterminedSnail cries
[23:32] <+AnAlmond> Not the definition of blindside.
[23:32] * MotivationalShia raises arms forcefully
[23:32] <+AnAlmond> I am superior to all of you.
[23:32] <+DeterminedSnail> IM SAFE!
[23:32] <+Bowser|> ...
[23:32] <+AnAlmond> I will have my revenge in the end times.
[23:32] <+Bowser|> WHAT?!
[23:32] <+DeterminedSnail> YES!!!!!!!!!
[23:32] == AnAlmond [457c408c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:32] <+Bowser|> MY MINION!
[23:32] <+AudreyMiddleton> WHAT THE HELL
[23:32] <+MotivationalShia> Well, we worked.
[23:33] <+Bowser|> DARN IT!
[23:33] <+Bowser|> Who do I have now? Audrey? I mean, she's a prime hottie, but...
[23:33] <@jeffprObst> Alright guys
[23:33] <@jeffprObst> Get your torches and...
[23:33] <@jeffprObst> Put them back in their slots.
[23:33] <@jeffprObst> Tonight is not done.
[23:33] <@jeffprObst> We have more business to attend to.
[23:33] <+DeterminedSnail> What the...
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> Tonight is a double elimination.
[23:34] <+AudreyMiddleton> WHAT?!
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> Audrey, I'll take the immunity necklace back.
[23:34] <+AudreyMiddleton> um.
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> No one is immune tonight.
[23:34] <+Bowser|> ...
[23:34] <+AudreyMiddleton> No?
[23:34] <+Bowser|> What.
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> You will send me votes again.
[23:34] <+DeterminedSnail> WHAT!
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> A second person will be following Almond tonight.
[23:34] <+DeterminedSnail> IM DOOMED!
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> Send votes asap.
[23:34] <+DeterminedSnail> IM ACARED.
[23:34] <+DeterminedSnail> SCARED RIGHT NOW.
[23:34] <+DeterminedSnail> IM NOT READY FOR THIS.
[23:34] <+Bowser|> This is TERRIFYING!
[23:34] <+Bowser|> And fear is not one of my most common emotions, let's just say!
[23:35] <+Kamek_> I AM NOT READY
[23:35] <+Kamek_> WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME
[23:35] <+MotivationalShia> Surprises are the friend of risk, ambition, and safety.
[23:35] <+Jacinta_> ....
[23:35] <+MotivationalShia> The enemy of strategy.
[23:35] <+MotivationalShia> Let's take to it.

[23:35] <+MotivationalShia> Let's take to it.
[23:36] <+DeterminedSnail> THIS ISNT RIGHT.
[23:36] <+AudreyMiddleton> I PUSH IT DOWNNNNN
[23:36] <+DeterminedSnail> I WAS TORMENTED TODAY.
[23:36] <+Bowser|> Don't worry, these fools will be STOMPED!
[23:36] == cOnfessional changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor #AnGortaMor - Audrey, Bowser, Snail, Hector, Jacinta, Kamek, Shia | JURY: Primrose, Almond
[23:36] <+Bowser|> Stomping fools is my business! Show me a fool, and I'll stomp it! I don't even need a reason!
[23:36] <+DeterminedSnail> ALL THIS GAME.
[23:36] <+DeterminedSnail> IM SO DONE.
[23:36] <+DeterminedSnail> EVERYONE'S GOING TO VOTE FOR ME.
[23:36] <+Kamek_> SNAIL DO NOT GIVE UP
[23:36] * DeterminedSnail cries
[23:36] <+AudreyMiddleton> SNAIL.
[23:37] <+AudreyMiddleton> Look at me.
[23:37] <+AudreyMiddleton> You fight.
[23:37] <+AudreyMiddleton> You fight it.
[23:37] <+AudreyMiddleton> You don't give up.
[23:37] <+AudreyMiddleton> You're stronger than this.
[23:37] <+Bowser|> SNAIL!
[23:37] <+AudreyMiddleton> You're smarter than this.
[23:37] <+Bowser|> Want a pep talk from ol' Bowser?
[23:37] <+AudreyMiddleton> You've got this.
[23:37] <+Bowser|> TOO BAD! You're getting one!
[23:37] <+AudreyMiddleton> We have to take them down.
[23:37] <+AudreyMiddleton> For Almond.
[23:37] <+Bowser|> Seize the day!
[23:37] <+AudreyMiddleton> For Prim.
[23:37] <+Bowser|> Take control of your emotions!
[23:37] <+AudreyMiddleton> UNderstand?
[23:37] <+Bowser|> Be the true evil guy that you were BORN to be!
[23:37] <+Bowser|> Do it!
[23:37] * DeterminedSnail cries more
[23:37] <+AudreyMiddleton> HEY.
[23:37] <+Bowser|> Uh, okay, Audrey, just steal my thunder!
[23:37] <+DeterminedSnail> I destructing.
[23:37] <+AudreyMiddleton> NO MORE TEARS.
[23:37] <+AudreyMiddleton> NO MORE TEARS.
[23:37] <+AudreyMiddleton> I DON'T COMFORT CRIERS.
[23:37] <+AudreyMiddleton> I COMFORT WINNERS.
[23:37] <+AudreyMiddleton> ARE YOU A WINNER OR A CRIER?
[23:38] <@jeffprObst> 3 votes out of 7
[23:38] <+DeterminedSnail> Winner!
[23:38] <+AudreyMiddleton> THEN PLAY LIKE IT.
[23:38] <+AudreyMiddleton> TAKE. THAT. BITCH. DOWN.
[23:39] <+Bowser|> Yeah! Punch her! Like she's a bag!
[23:39] <+AudreyMiddleton> Okay?
[23:39] <+AudreyMiddleton> You got this!
[23:40] * DeterminedSnail falls over
[23:40] <+DeterminedSnail> I've been playing this tough guy role for so long.
[23:40] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm not tough.
[23:40] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm just a snail.
[23:41] <+AudreyMiddleton> You can quit.
[23:41] <+AudreyMiddleton> Or you can fight.
[23:41] <+AudreyMiddleton> Which is it
[23:41] <+DeterminedSnail> I died due to a crazed maniac and now here I am.
[23:41] <+AudreyMiddleton> ?
[23:41] <+DeterminedSnail> Alive due to it.
[23:41] <+Kamek_> I AM WAITING
[23:41] <+DeterminedSnail> But I have to win.
[23:41] <+DeterminedSnail> I have to get the money I deserve.
[23:41] <+MotivationalShia> Snails.
[23:41] <+MotivationalShia> The weaklings of nature.
[23:41] <+DeterminedSnail> Shia shut up!
[23:41] <+MotivationalShia> Or are they?
[23:42] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[23:42] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm going to win this!
[23:42] <+MotivationalShia> I have full faith in you.
[23:42] <+DeterminedSnail> Don't tell me otherwise!
[23:42] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol & would like to play it... now would be the time to do so
[23:42] * AudreyMiddleton stands.
[23:42] <+Jacinta_> *stands*
[23:42] <+AudreyMiddleton> In this game, nothing is certain.
[23:42] <+Kamek_> Oh my!
[23:42] <@jeffprObst> Audrey, Jacinta...?
[23:42] <+Bowser|> ...
[23:42] <+Jacinta_> I play my idol on myself.
[23:42] <+Bowser|> WhAAAA?!
[23:42] <+AudreyMiddleton> Especially after Almond just left.
[23:42] <@jeffprObst> These... are both hidden immunity idols. Any votes cast against Audrey & Jacinta will not count.
[23:42] <+AudreyMiddleton> I play my idol on my love, Bowser.
[23:42] <@jeffprObst> oh
[23:42] <+Bowser|> ...
[23:42] <+Bowser|> GWAHAHAHAHAHA!
[23:42] <+DeterminedSnail> o
[23:42] <+Bowser|> You're the BEST, Audrey!
[23:42] <+AudreyMiddleton> If it's our decisions that define who we are
[23:42] <@jeffprObst> Audrey, on Bowser or you?
[23:42] <+MotivationalShia> Don't let your dreams be dreams, man.
[23:42] <+AudreyMiddleton> Then this is who I am
[23:42] <+Bowser|> The vacant bed in Bowser's Castle is now GOING TO YOU!
[23:42] <+AudreyMiddleton> Bowser
[23:43] <+MotivationalShia> These twists keep getting pulled out.
[23:43] <+MotivationalShia> I fucking endorse it.
[23:43] <+Hetero_Hector> Anyone else find it weird she's having sex with a turtle?
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> Okay. Any votes for Bowser don't count.
[23:43] * MotivationalShia nods
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> 1st vote....
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> ...
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <+AudreyMiddleton> I love you.
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta. Does not count.
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <+AudreyMiddleton> It's okay if I go
[23:43] <+AudreyMiddleton> I accept it
[23:43] <+DeterminedSnail> O
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta. Does not count.
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <+AudreyMiddleton> (mostly because I have to wake up early tm and am tired (':)
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> Bowser. Does not count.
[23:43] <+Kamek_> What a shocking turn of events!
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> Audrey.
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> 5th vote..
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <+AudreyMiddleton> That's okay!
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> Audrey.
[23:43] <@jeffprObst> Next person voted out of Ovivor: Ireland and the 3rd member of our jury..
[23:43] <+Bowser|> ...
[23:44] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:44] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:44] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:44] <@jeffprObst> Audrey.
[23:44] <@jeffprObst> Audrey, the tribe has spoken.
[23:44] * AudreyMiddleton hugs Bowser
[23:44] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[23:44] <@jeffprObst> Time for you to go.
[23:44] * AudreyMiddleton kisses Boswer
[23:44] <+Bowser|> AW!
[23:44] <+AudreyMiddleton> Best of luck, guys!
[23:44] <+Bowser|> I figured that'd happen!
[23:44] == AudreyMiddleton [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[23:44] <+Bowser|> My scaly eyelids are gettin' a bit teary!
[23:44] <+Bowser|> ...Aaand she's gone.
[23:45] <+Kamek_> Don't cry on the floor Bowser I just cleaned it!
[23:45] <+Hetero_Hector> TOugh luck buddy
[23:45] <+DeterminedSnail> Bye Audrey!
[23:45] <+DeterminedSnail> You helped me out
[23:45] <+DeterminedSnail> <3
[23:45] <+Bowser|> I'M NOT CRYING!
[23:45] * Bowser| is a blubbering mess
[23:45] * DeterminedSnail comforts Bowser
[23:45] <+DeterminedSnail> For Audrey we fight!
[23:46] <+DeterminedSnail> .
[23:46] <@jeffprObst> Challenge soon.
[23:46] == Jacinta_ changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor #AnGortaMor - Bowser, Snail, Hector, Jacinta, Kamek, Shia | JURY: Primrose, Almond, Audrey
[23:47] == Jacinta_ has changed nick to Jacinta|
[23:47] * Bowser| coughs loudly and suddenly stops being a blubbering mess
[23:47] <+Bowser|> OKAY.
[23:47] <+Bowser|> I... I'm back.
[23:47] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[23:47] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your next immunity challenge?
[23:47] <@jeffprObst> This challenge is called Hula Dance. It's simple.
[23:48] <+Bowser|> Hula dance?
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> In Ireland, there is a traditional dance that the celtics did.
[23:48] <+Jacinta|> Ohhhh I love dancing.
[23:48] <+Jacinta|> Oh never mind.
[23:48] <+Jacinta|> Not that.
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> I will say the dance and it's your job to repeat it exactly.
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> There are three specific moves.
[23:48] <+Kamek_> No!
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> C = Crouch, S = Spin and T = Twirl
[23:48] <+Hetero_Hector> I'm straight I can't dance
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> So if I said...
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> CTS
[23:48] <+DeterminedSnail> Ok
[23:48] <+MotivationalShia> I get an advantage, right?
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> You would say Crouch Twirl Spin
[23:48] <+Hetero_Hector> (CONF): This is how I get outed.
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> Yes, Shia
[23:48] <+Bowser|> YEAH! I knew that that hula dance I did with the Goombas the other day would pay off!
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> First to 3 points wins immunity. Shia already has 1 point due to his advanage.
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> Advantage*
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> Simple enough?
[23:49] <+DeterminedSnail> Yes
[23:49] <+MotivationalShia> Can I give the advantage to someone else?
[23:49] <+MotivationalShia> I don't really feel like being capitalistic.
[23:49] <+MotivationalShia> I'd like to be courteous.
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> Alright, lets begin.
[23:49] <+Hetero_Hector> Shia can dance with no advantage
[23:49] <+Bowser|> BLARGH! Give it to the hottest, most charismatic contestant still around!
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> Round one.
[23:49] <+Bowser|> And that's me!
[23:49] * MotivationalShia shrugs
[23:49] <+MotivationalShia> Okay then.
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> TCSSTCS
[23:49] <+Kamek_> GIVE ME THE ADVANTAGE
[23:49] <+DeterminedSnail> O
[23:49] <+MotivationalShia> I just need to DO IT I guess.
[23:49] <+Bowser|> twist crouch spin spin twist crouch spin
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> Twirl, not twist.
[23:49] <+Jacinta|> twirl crouch spin spin twirl crouch spin
[23:49] <+Bowser|> ...DAMN!
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta gets it.
[23:49] <+Kamek_> twirl crouch spin spin twirld croush spin
[23:49] <+Hetero_Hector> Twirl Crouch Spin Spin Twirl Crouch Spin
[23:49] <+Bowser|> My eyes failing me again!
[23:49] <+Jacinta|> Cool.
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta/Shia - 1
[23:49] <+DeterminedSnail> :o
[23:49] <+Bowser|> CRAP!
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> Okay. Next round.
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> SSSCTSCT
[23:50] <+Bowser|> spin spin spin crouch twirl spin crouch twirl
[23:50] <+MotivationalShia> spin spin spin crouch twirl spin crouch twirl
[23:50] <+Kamek_> spin spin spin crouch twirl spin crouch twirl
[23:50] <+Jacinta|> spin spin spin crouch twirl spin crouch twirl
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> Bowser gets it.
[23:50] <+Kamek_> curses!
[23:50] <+Hetero_Hector> Spin SPin Spin Crouhch Trwirl Spin Crouch Twirl
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> Bowser/Jacinta/Shia - 1
[23:50] <+DeterminedSnail> Spin spin
[23:50] <+Bowser|> This time I'm in the mood!
[23:50] <+MotivationalShia> Everyone's even here.
[23:50] <+Bowser|> Har har har!
[23:50] <+Hetero_Hector> Not me...
[23:50] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm failing!
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> Next round. These will go fast.
[23:50] <+Bowser|> Peach and Audrey are gone? No problem! I can still DESTROY!
[23:50] <+DeterminedSnail> Get it together!
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> TSCSCT
[23:50] <+MotivationalShia> Twirl spin crouch spin crouch twirl
[23:50] <+Bowser|> twirl spin crouch spin crouch twirl
[23:50] <+Jacinta|> twirl spin crouch spin crouch twirl
[23:50] <+Kamek_> twirl spin crouch spin crough triwl
[23:50] <+Hetero_Hector> Twirl Spin Crouc h SPin Crouch Twirl
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> Shia gets it
[23:50] <+DeterminedSnail> Twirl
[23:50] <+DeterminedSnail> Spin
[23:50] * MotivationalShia is out of breateh
[23:50] <+MotivationalShia> Two dances.
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> Shia - 2, Jacinta/Bowser - 1
[23:51] <+MotivationalShia> That's a lot of dances.
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> Next round, Shia can win it.
[23:51] <+Kamek_> curses!
[23:51] * DeterminedSnail shakes his head
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> CSTSSCST
[23:51] <+MotivationalShia> I'm not the type of person who gets out and does all this stuff--I do this for money.
[23:51] <+DeterminedSnail> SNAIL GET IT RIGHT.
[23:51] <+Bowser|> crouch spin twirl spin spin crouch spin twirl
[23:51] <+MotivationalShia> Crouch spin twirl spin spin crouch spin tiwrl
[23:51] <+Kamek_> crouch spin twirl spin spin crouch spint twist
[23:51] <+Jacinta|> crouch spin twirl spin spin crouch spin twirl
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> Bowser gets it.
[23:51] <+Hetero_Hector> Crouch SPin Twirl Spin Spin Crouch Spin Twirl
[23:51] <+MotivationalShia> Yeah, no, bowser gets it.
[23:51] <+Bowser|> I'M FEELING IT NOW!
[23:51] <+DeterminedSnail> YOU CAN MAKE IT!
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> Bowser/Shia - 2, Jacinta - 1
[23:51] <+Kamek_> I am angry! Grr!
[23:51] <+Kamek_> When will I get a point!
[23:51] <+Kamek_> SCREEEEEEEEEECH
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> Next round. Again, these will go fast so pay attention
[23:51] <+Bowser|> Calm down, dude! You can wipe my floors when we get back!
[23:51] <+DeterminedSnail> YOURE GOING TO WIN!
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> TSCCCTTS
[23:51] <+Bowser|> twirl spin crouch crouch crouch twirl twirl spin
[23:51] <+Jacinta|> twirl spin crouch crouch crouch twirl twirl spin
[23:51] <+MotivationalShia> twirl spin crouch crouch crouch twirl--
[23:51] * MotivationalShia stops
[23:51] <+Kamek_> twirl spin crouch crouch crocuh twirl twirl spin
[23:51] <+Hetero_Hector> Twirl SPin Crouch Crouch Crouch Twirl twirl spin
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> Bowser gets it!
[23:51] <+DeterminedSnail> Twirls spin crouch crouch crouch twirl twirl spin
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> BOWSER
[23:52] * MotivationalShia is out of breath
[23:52] <@jeffprObst> WINS
[23:52] <+MotivationalShia> Even with an advantage.
[23:52] <@jeffprObst> IMMUNITY!
[23:52] * MotivationalShia shakes head
[23:52] <+DeterminedSnail> FOR AUDREY!
[23:52] <+Bowser|> Whoa, baby! AWESOME! I won! Talk about lucky! I guess rage really pays!
[23:52] <+DeterminedSnail> I LOST?
[23:52] <+Jacinta|> Ugh, shut up.
[23:52] <+DeterminedSnail> This can't be!
[23:52] <@jeffprObst> Congratulations, Bowser, you are immune from tonight's Tribal.
[23:52] <@jeffprObst> Alright.
[23:52] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys.
[23:52] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down & take a seat.
[23:52] <+DeterminedSnail> Ok
[23:52] * Kamek_ sits
[23:52] <@jeffprObst> ALL - It's 3-3 in original tribes. Could tonight end in a tie?
[23:52] * MotivationalShia bikes in frustratedly
[23:52] <@jeffprObst> SEND IN VOTES ASAP.
[23:53] <+DeterminedSnail> O
[23:53] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm done
[23:53] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm so done
[23:53] <+Bowser|> DON'T GIVE UP, HARDY MINION!
[23:54] <+DeterminedSnail> MAYBE IF YOU WIN SOMETHING SNAIL!
[23:54] <+Bowser|> Just remember what Grandma Koopa always said to me...
[23:54] <+Bowser|> "If you don't win, then you're a disgrace to the whole family"
[23:54] <+Bowser|> Sound advice, eh?
[23:54] <+DeterminedSnail> I have to stay positive.
[23:54] <+DeterminedSnail> Yes Bowser
[23:54] <@jeffprObst> Send in votes.
[23:55] <+DeterminedSnail> We only have six people left.
[23:55] <+DeterminedSnail> Only four eliminations until I win!
[23:55] <+DeterminedSnail> You're still in this!
[23:55] <+DeterminedSnail> I can still win!
[23:56] <+DeterminedSnail> After Crocker's horrid antics, Almond's shocking elimination, and Audrey's powerful goodbye, I must win.
[23:56] <+DeterminedSnail> The three spirits but live on.
[23:56] <+Hetero_Hector> You can do it little buddy
[23:57] <+DeterminedSnail> I know I can
[23:57] <+MotivationalShia> How many votes, Jeff?
[23:57] <+MotivationalShia> I just want to keep track.
[23:57] <+MotivationalShia> You have to stay on your toes in this game.
[23:57] * MotivationalShia bends knees
[23:58] * Kamek_ yawns
[23:58] <+Kamek_> Nyeh! I am tired.
[23:58] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[23:58] <@jeffprObst> I'll read the votes.
[23:58] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol & would like to play it now would be the time to do so.
[23:58] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:58] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:58] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:58] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[23:58] <@jeffprObst> I'll read the votes...
[23:58] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[23:58] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:58] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:58] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:58] <@jeffprObst> Hector.
[23:58] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> Shia.
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> Third vote...
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> Snail.
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Shia/Hector/Snail
[23:59] <+DeterminedSnail> Me?
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:59] * MotivationalShia rubs thighs
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> ..
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> Hector.
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Hector, 1 vote Shia/Snail
[23:59] <+Hetero_Hector> *tugs collar*
[23:59] * DeterminedSnail sighs
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> .... Next person voted out of Ovivor: Ireland & the 4th member of our jury
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> Hector.
[23:59] <+Bowser|> Haw!
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> Hector, you need to bring me your torch.
[23:59] <+Bowser|> More like Haw-ctor!
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[23:59] <+DeterminedSnail> Yes I'm safe!
[23:59] <+Kamek_> Wow good one Master!
[23:59] <+Hetero_Hector> Shia...
[23:59] * MotivationalShia puts hand to head
[23:59] <@jeffprObst> Hector, the tribe has spoken. Time for you to go.
[23:59] == mode/#Ovivor [-v Hetero_Hector] by cOnfessional
[23:59] * MotivationalShia walks up to Hector
[00:00] <+MotivationalShia> #IAMSORRY
[00:00] == cOnfessional changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor #AnGortaMor - Bowser, Snail, Jacinta, Kamek, Shia | JURY: Primrose, Almond, Audrey, Hector
[00:00] <+MotivationalShia> Look it up.
[00:00] <Hetero_Hector> Bowser
[00:00] * MotivationalShia walks back to tree
[00:00] <+Jacinta|> I told you that you weren't going to get laid, Hector.
[00:00] <Hetero_Hector> Kamek isn't to be trusted

[00:00] <Hetero_Hector> Jacinta
[00:00] <+MotivationalShia> He'll get laid.
[00:00] <Hetero_Hector> I'm gay I wouldn't want to have sex with your crusty ass or anyone else here
[00:00] <+Kamek_> What are you blaterning on about?
[00:00] <Hetero_Hector> Chad, my brofriend
[00:00] <Hetero_Hector> He's my
[00:00] <+Kamek_> How DARE you say I cannot be trusted?
[00:00] <+Jacinta|> I'm a girl, so if you're gay why would you have sex with me?
[00:00] <Hetero_Hector> BOYFRIEND
[00:00] <+Bowser|> Kamek isn't able to be trusted?HA
[00:00] <+DeterminedSnail> UNITY!
[00:00] <+Bowser|> HA!
[00:00] <+Bowser|> In other news, water is BLUE!
[00:00] <+MotivationalShia> Nice, fam.
[00:00] <+DeterminedSnail> Come on!
[00:00] <+Jacinta|> Why the fuck is your name Hetero Hector then?
[00:00] <Hetero_Hector> Because I'm bisexual dawg
[00:01] <+MotivationalShia> You went out...and you just did it.
[00:01] <+Bowser|> Once I told him to mop my room and he only mopped one square millimeter!
[00:01] <+MotivationalShia> I support that.
[00:01] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm back at it!
[00:01] <+Kamek_> And I regret that to this day. @Bowser
[00:01] <Hetero_Hector> Because I'm an insecure liar and my two dads are dicks
[00:01] <+Bowser|> And he was a REALLY bad nanny when I was a wee lad!
[00:01] <+MotivationalShia> And I also support melting down into public spaces.
[00:01] <+MotivationalShia> So keep going!
[00:01] <+MotivationalShia> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
[00:01] <+Kamek_> I MOLDED YOU @Bowser
[00:01] <+Bowser|> True... Maybe my burly physique wouldn't be present if you hadn't been there...
[00:01] <+Kamek_> Thank you.
[00:01] <+Jacinta|> Burly?
[00:02] <+DeterminedSnail> I COULD BE OUT NEXT...
[00:02] <+Jacinta|> Try bloated.
[00:02] * MotivationalShia puts paper bag on head
[00:02] <+DeterminedSnail> STOP IT!
[00:02] <+MotivationalShia> I am anonymous.
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[00:02] <+MotivationalShia> I am no longer Shia.
[00:02] <+Kamek_> No!
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your next immunity challenge?
[00:02] == MotivationalShia has changed nick to PaperBagMan
[00:02] <+PaperBagMan> Do you still love me?
[00:02] * DeterminedSnail rolls around on floor
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> Today's challenge is called "unscrambler"
[00:02] <+DeterminedSnail> I must win.
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> Here's how it works
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> I'll post a scrambled area in Ireland
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> It is your job to unscramble and post the correct Irish location
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> First person to 3 points wins immunity.
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> Simple enough?
[00:03] <+DeterminedSnail> Yes!
[00:03] <+Bowser|> Simple for some brainy fool!
[00:03] <+PaperBagMan> I guess?
[00:03] <+Jacinta|> Joy...
[00:03] <+PaperBagMan> I am not a wickedly smart man.
[00:03] * DeterminedSnail continues to roll around
[00:03] * DeterminedSnail must win
[00:03] <+PaperBagMan> I am the humble everyman--I try in challenges, eat the bread, and get swept off my feet by a woman.
[00:04] <+PaperBagMan> Only to lose that woman to a handsome man.
[00:04] <+Bowser|> Whuh?
[00:04] <+PaperBagMan> I am not famous anymore.
[00:04] <@jeffprObst> One sec
[00:04] <+Kamek_> What are you even talking about anyome? I do not have time for this foolish foolery!
[00:04] <+PaperBagMan> I am not famous anymore.
[00:04] <+DeterminedSnail> .
[00:04] <+Bowser|> Boo-hoo! A sob story for the ages!
[00:04] * DeterminedSnail snaps out of trance
[00:05] <+Bowser|> My hankie is WET and full of TEARS!
[00:05] <@jeffprObst> Alright, ready?
[00:05] <+DeterminedSnail> Yes.
[00:05] <+DeterminedSnail> ..
[00:05] <@jeffprObst> Round one: Nilubd
[00:05] <+Kamek_> Your hankie is always wet and full of tears, master!
[00:05] <+PaperBagMan> I am the Don.
[00:05] <+PaperBagMan> Dublin
[00:05] <+Kamek_> dublin
[00:05] <+DeterminedSnail> Belinda
[00:05] <+Bowser|> Dry Bones?
[00:05] <@jeffprObst> Who is paperbagman
[00:05] <+Jacinta|> Dublin
[00:05] <+Bowser|> ME!
[00:05] <+PaperBagMan> I am not Shia.
[00:05] <+Kamek_> Kamrk!
[00:05] <+Bowser|> Under a second account!
[00:05] <+PaperBagMan> I am not famous anymore.
[00:05] <+Bowser|> Gotcha!
[00:05] <Hetero_Hector> (He's not famous that's for sure)
[00:05] <@cOnfessional> (can you guys not change your name at final 5)
[00:05] <+PaperBagMan> Do with me as you please, masters.
[00:06] <@cOnfessional> (switch back please)
[00:06] == PaperBagMan has changed nick to PaperBagMan_Shia
[00:06] <@cOnfessional> (thx)
[00:06] <+PaperBagMan_Shia> I am still not famous anymore.
[00:06] <@jeffprObst> Shia gets the first point.
[00:06] <@jeffprObst> Next round.
[00:06] <+PaperBagMan_Shia> I am irrelevant in the grand scheme.
[00:06] <@jeffprObst> Ngldeoa
[00:06] <+DeterminedSnail> .
[00:06] <+Bowser|> Uh...
[00:06] <+Kamek_> VICTORY
[00:06] <+Kamek_> idk
[00:06] <+DeterminedSnail> Agledoa
[00:06] <+Bowser|> Drogheda?
[00:06] <+Jacinta|> Donegal
[00:06] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta gets it
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta/Shia - 1
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> Next round.
[00:07] <+Jacinta|> But gals are not done. :/
[00:07] <+DeterminedSnail> Aww
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> Etwarfrod
[00:07] <+Bowser|> waterford
[00:07] <+PaperBagMan_Shia> Waterford
[00:07] <+Kamek_> waterford
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> Bowser gets it
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> 1-1-1
[00:07] <+Kamek_> Curses!
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> Next round...
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> Kcor
[00:07] <+Bowser|> Rock
[00:07] <+Jacinta|> Cork
[00:07] <+DeterminedSnail> :/
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> Cork is correct
[00:07] <+Kamek_> cork
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> Jacintal gets it
[00:07] <+Kamek_> curses again!
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> Jacintal with 2, others with 1
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> Next round
[00:08] <+Jacinta|> Just call me Jay, Jeff.
[00:08] <+Bowser|> Aw, really? Not rock? But that's much more of a hardy and manly name!
[00:08] <+DeterminedSnail> :/
[00:08] <+PaperBagMan_Shia> Manliness isn't necessary.
[00:08] <+DeterminedSnail> I must win
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> Kwwilco
[00:08] <+PaperBagMan_Shia> My weak femininity pertains to the world.
[00:08] <+DeterminedSnail> Wil cokes
[00:08] <+Jacinta|> Wicklow
[00:08] <+PaperBagMan_Shia> wicklow
[00:08] <+DeterminedSnail> Wicklow
[00:08] <+Bowser|> Will Cokeman
[00:08] <+PaperBagMan_Shia> I know everything about Ireland, however.
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta gets it
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> JACINTA
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> WINS
[00:08] <@jeffprObst> IMMUNITY!
[00:08] <+Jacinta|> SLAY.
[00:08] <+Kamek_> When will I have my turn!?
[00:08] <+DeterminedSnail> THIS ISNT RIGHT!
[00:08] <+Bowser|> AW, COME ON!
[00:08] <+DeterminedSnail> I was going to win!
[00:09] <+Kamek_> I AM LIVID AT NOT WINNING
[00:09] <+Bowser|> SO CLOSE!
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys.
[00:09] * DeterminedSnail cries
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down & take a seat.
[00:09] <+DeterminedSnail> So going home.
[00:09] <+Bowser|> Why do I always lose?! What is WRONG with me?!
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> ALL - With only three Tribals til the end of the game, are you thinking about who you want to sit next to?
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> Vote asap
[00:09] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: There are other threats!
[00:09] <+DeterminedSnail> CONF: Get them out!
[00:10] <+Bowser|> Argh!
[00:10] == Spec_ [ae3c3961@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[00:10] <+Bowser|> Good gravy, I'm tired!
[00:10] <+Bowser|> I figured I'd be mopping the floor with these schmuck.
[00:10] <+Bowser|> Schmucks.
[00:10] == PaperBagMan_Shia has changed nick to MotivationalShia
[00:12] <+DeterminedSnail> I'm an emotional mess.
[00:12] <+Kamek_> I don't like mopping the floor, master.
[00:12] <+DeterminedSnail> I have to get it together.
[00:12] <+MotivationalShia> You'll be alright, snail.
[00:13] <+MotivationalShia> I don't like to use such faux-comfortable language in a world where everyone's blind to criticism and wide-open-armed to praise, but it's true.
[00:13] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta, need your vote
[00:14] <+DeterminedSnail> Let's get to revealing!
[00:14] <+Kamek_> I AM NOT WANTING TO WAIT
[00:14] <+DeterminedSnail> Hopefully I'm safe!
[00:14] <+Kamek_> I AM NOT ONE TO WAIT
[00:14] <+DeterminedSnail> I must win!
[00:14] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[00:14] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it now would be the time to do so
[00:14] <+Bowser|> HEY!
[00:14] <+Bowser|> PORBST!
[00:15] <+DeterminedSnail> :o
[00:15] <+Bowser|> So, Jacinta or whatever gave me this suspicious object.
[00:15] <+Bowser|> Not sure whether it's real, or what...
[00:15] <+Jacinta|> No...?
[00:15] <+Kamek_> :O
[00:15] <+Bowser|> But I have NO shame anymore. Nope, not after all these women who have been taken away from me.
[00:15] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[00:15] <@jeffprObst> This........ is a hidden immunity idol.
[00:15] * Bowser| holds up a giant idol that looks like a slab of meat
[00:15] <@jeffprObst> Any votes for Bowser do not count.
[00:15] <+Bowser|> BEHOLD!
[00:15] <+Jacinta|> What.
[00:15] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[00:16] <+DeterminedSnail> Woah
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> Bowser, does not count.
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[00:16] <+Kamek_> Wait I am confused
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> Bowser, does not count.
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> Third vote...
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> Bowser, does not count.
[00:16] <+DeterminedSnail> Four Audrey! Bowser
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> We still have no votes for anyone.
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> Fourth vote...
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> Shia,
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Shia.
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> Fifth vote..
[00:16] <+MotivationalShia> :D
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> Snail.
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> We are tied.
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> Snail and Shia will not re-vote.
[00:16] <+DeterminedSnail> Me?
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta, Kamek & Bowser will instead.
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> Send in re-votes now.
[00:16] <+DeterminedSnail> This isn't okay.
[00:17] <+MotivationalShia> No.
[00:17] <+MotivationalShia> It's not.
[00:17] <+MotivationalShia> But I'm used to being kicked down.
[00:17] <+MotivationalShia> Nobody liked me.
[00:17] <+Bowser|> Haw! How do you like them apples? I'm grade-A, 100% prime-cut final boss!
[00:17] <+DeterminedSnail> I have to be okay.
[00:17] <+DeterminedSnail> I have to win.

[00:17] == Spec_ [ae3c3961@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[00:18] <@jeffprObst> 0/3 votes
[00:19] <+DeterminedSnail> .
[00:19] * DeterminedSnail squirms
[00:19] <+Bowser|> Har har har! Done with my voting!
[00:20] * DeterminedSnail glances
[00:20] * MotivationalShia stands proudly and doesn't squirm
[00:21] * Kamek_ walks back.
[00:21] <+Kamek_> I have
[00:21] <+Kamek_> RETURNED
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> I'll read the votes...
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> 1st vote..
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> Shia.
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> ..
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> Next person voted out of Ovivor: Ireland & the 5th member of our jury
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> Shia.
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> Shia, you need to bring me your torch.
[00:21] * MotivationalShia grins
[00:21] <+DeterminedSnail> Thanks guys!
[00:21] <+MotivationalShia> Well, I went out and did it.
[00:21] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[00:22] <@jeffprObst> Shia, the tribe has spoken
[00:22] <+MotivationalShia> I am still famous.
[00:22] <@jeffprObst> Time for you to go
[00:22] <+Kamek_> This elimination does actually feel sad.
[00:22] <+DeterminedSnail> I've made it to the final four!
[00:22] <+Kamek_> I am feeling... sadness?
[00:22] <+Kamek_> What is this?
[00:22] <+MotivationalShia> I approve of melting down in public, but, I don't really have anything to say.
[00:22] <+Bowser|> Aw, I'm feeling it too!
[00:22] * DeterminedSnail waves at Shia
[00:22] <+Bowser|> Ol' Bowser is feeling weepy!
[00:22] <+MotivationalShia> Fuck Jacinta, I guess?
[00:22] <+MotivationalShia> But I won't be bitter.
[00:22] <+Bowser|> And it's NOT because of a woman this time!
[00:22] <+MotivationalShia> Thanks, guys!
[00:22] * MotivationalShia bikes away
[00:22] <+Bowser|> ;_;
[00:22] <+MotivationalShia> I leave you this
[00:22] <+Jacinta|> What the hell did I do?
[00:22] == MotivationalShia has changed nick to JuryShia
[00:23] <+DeterminedSnail> I've survived another elimination!
[00:23] <+DeterminedSnail> I have to win these next ones!
[00:23] <+Bowser|> And I will always make my minions bike in your memory too!
[00:23] <+DeterminedSnail> So I can get that million!
[00:23] <+Kamek_> :(
[00:23] <+Bowser|> Nah, just kidding. My legs need to fatten up anyway!
[00:25] <+Jacinta|> :/
[00:25] <+DeterminedSnail> Final four guys!
[00:25] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[00:25] <+Kamek_> Indeed.
[00:25] <@jeffprObst> Come on in guys!
[00:25] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your next immunity challenge?
[00:25] <+DeterminedSnail> Come on we can make it through!
[00:25] <+Kamek_> What a lovely, sexy, EVIL final four.
[00:25] == Speccy [ae3c3961@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[00:25] <@jeffprObst> Okay
[00:26] <@jeffprObst> Today's challenge is called Cages
[00:26] <+DeterminedSnail> Yay!
[00:26] <@jeffprObst> It's simple
[00:26] <@jeffprObst> In front of you are three cages being suspended over a cliff
[00:26] <+Kamek_> Seems LAME.
[00:26] <@jeffprObst> Cage A, B and C
[00:26] <+Bowser|> I second that, Kamek
[00:26] <@jeffprObst> In PM, you will tell me what cage you want to go inside.
[00:26] <+DeterminedSnail> Ok
[00:26] <@jeffprObst> I'll the cages and the first cage on the list will drop and remove anyone in it out of the challenge
[00:26] <@jeffprObst> Simple?
[00:26] <+DeterminedSnail> This is fun!
[00:26] <@jeffprObst> Round one. PM me Cage A, B or C.
[00:27] <+Bowser|> Will a man of my girth be able to fit in a cage?
[00:27] <+Kamek_> Well, this seems incredibly easy.
[00:27] <+DeterminedSnail> Hope this works!
[00:27] <@jeffprObst> Jactina quickly plz
[00:28] <+DeterminedSnail> .
[00:28] <@jeffprObst> Jactina picks A, Bowser/Kamek pick B, and Snail picks C.
[00:28] <@jeffprObst> Cage C drops and Snail is out of this challenge.
[00:28] <+Kamek_> Great minds think alike, eh master?
[00:28] <@jeffprObst> Bowser/Kamek/Jactina are left.
[00:28] <+DeterminedSnail> Boohoo!
[00:28] <@jeffprObst> Next round, send me a guess
[00:28] <+DeterminedSnail> No!
[00:28] <+Bowser|> Haw!
[00:28] <+Bowser|> I guess choosing B for Bowser had its perks!
[00:28] <+DeterminedSnail> I was supposed to win!
[00:29] <+Kamek_> wow I didn't even think of it like that!
[00:29] <+Kamek_> fantastic!
[00:29] <@jeffprObst> Kamek and Jacinta pick A, Bowser picks B
[00:29] <@jeffprObst> C*
[00:29] <@jeffprObst> Cage B drops
[00:29] <@jeffprObst> No one is out
[00:29] <@jeffprObst> Next round
[00:29] <@jeffprObst> Send me guesses again
[00:30] <+Jacinta|> .
[00:30] <+Jacinta|> Wow, quiet.
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta and Kamek pick A, Bowser picks B
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> Cage A drops
[00:30] <+Jacinta|> ....
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> BOWSER WINS IMMUNITY
[00:30] <+Jacinta|> Shit.
[00:30] <+Kamek_> curses!
[00:30] <+DeterminedSnail> Oh my gosh
[00:30] <@jeffprObst> Congratulations Bowser, you have a 1 in 3 shot at winning this game
[00:30] <+Kamek_> WHEN WILL IT BE MY DAY
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> As for the rest of you, someone will be the sixth member of our jury tonight.
[00:31] <+DeterminedSnail> For Audrey!
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> Come on in guys.
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down & take a seat.
[00:31] <+DeterminedSnail> I can't loose now!
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> ALL - Are you expecting a firemaking tiebreaker tonight?
[00:31] <@jeffprObst> Send in votes ASAP.
[00:31] <+Bowser|> WHOOP WHOOP!
[00:31] <+Jacinta|> No.

[00:32] == Speccy [ae3c3961@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[00:32] <+Kamek_> I WILL VOTE WHEN I WANT TO
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> I'll read the votes.
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:33] <+DeterminedSnail> :o
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta.
[00:33] <+Jacinta|> *sighs*
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> Snail.
[00:33] <+Bowser|> I LIKE your independence, Kamek!
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Jacinta, 1 vote Snail
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:33] * DeterminedSnail sweats
[00:33] <+Kamek_> Thank you!
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:33] <+Bowser|> That earns you a 9.84645654/10 on the Minion-O-Meter!
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> Snail.
[00:33] * DeterminedSnail squirms
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> ... next person voted out of Ovivor: Ireland & the 6th member of our jury
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> Snail.
[00:33] * DeterminedSnail sweats more
[00:33] <+Kamek_> Wow! That's the highest I've ever gotten!
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> Snail, you need to bring me your torch.
[00:33] <+Jacinta|> *sighs in relief*
[00:33] <+DeterminedSnail> I LOST?!
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[00:33] <+Kamek_> SNAIL NO DONT SWEAT
[00:33] <+Kamek_> SWEAT IS SALTTY
[00:33] <@jeffprObst> Snail the tribe has spoken. Time for you to go.
[00:33] <+DeterminedSnail> This is not okay!
[00:34] <+Kamek_> NOT SALTY SWEAT
[00:34] <+Bowser|> Aw, SNAIL!
[00:34] == Bowser| [~Bowser|] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[00:34] == Spectatorrrr [ae3c3961@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[00:34] == cOnfessional changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor #AnGortaMor - Bowser, Jacinta, Kamek | JURY: Primrose, Almond, Audrey, Hector, Shia, Snail
[00:34] == mode/#Ovivor [-v JuryShia] by cOnfessional
[00:34] == Bowser| [~Bowser|] has joined #Ovivor
[00:34] <+DeterminedSnail> ILL NOT DO THIS!
[00:34] == mode/#Ovivor [+v Bowser|] by cOnfessional
[00:34] == mode/#Ovivor [-v DeterminedSnail] by cOnfessional
[00:34] <+Bowser|> Disconnected, now THAT'S a bummer.
[00:34] <+Kamek_> Ha!
[00:34] <+Kamek_> I mean
[00:34] <+Kamek_> that is terrible!
[00:34] <+Bowser|> Hrrrngh?
[00:36] == Spectato [ae3c3961@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[00:36] <+Kamek_> Hello I cannot hear you guys.
[00:36] <+Kamek_> I am an old wizard.
[00:36] <+Bowser|> Old? Yeah, THAT'S for sure! I see that gray, curly hair peeking out from your hat!
[00:36] <+Kamek_> Hey I'm not THAT old you doddering fool!
[00:37] <+Bowser|> Doddering? You call ME doddering? When you can't even get up from a chair without shaking like a big bowl o' gelatin?!
[00:37] <@jeffprObst> Come on in guys!
[00:37] <@jeffprObst> Everyone ready to get to their final immunity challenge?
[00:37] <+Kamek_> Hey! @Bowser
[00:37] <+Bowser|> YEAH! Fool-stomping time!
[00:37] <+Kamek_> We don't talk about that.
[00:37] <+Kamek_> :(
[00:38] <+Jacinta|> Yes.
[00:38] <+Bowser|> Hrngh. Sorry, Kamek. There are some... erm, incidents that I'd prefer to keep under wraps, too.
[00:38] * Bowser| starts whistling innocently
[00:38] == Spectatorrrr [ae3c3961@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[00:38] <@jeffprObst> Alright.
[00:38] <+Kamek_> Thank you.
[00:38] <@jeffprObst> Today's challenge is Ovivor trivia.
[00:38] <@jeffprObst> I recommend you use the wiki.
[00:38] <+Kamek_> Curses!
[00:38] <@jeffprObst> You each have 5 ropes.
[00:38] <@jeffprObst> If you get the question right, you chop someone's rope.
[00:38] <@jeffprObst> Last person remaining wins immunity.
[00:38] <@jeffprObst> Simple>
[00:38] <@jeffprObst> ?
[00:39] <+Kamek_> Indeed.
[00:39] <+Bowser|> Mmhmm!
[00:39] <@jeffprObst> Okay, question #1. Which user has won twice?
[00:39] <+Kamek_> matt
[00:39] <+Jacinta|> Trey.
[00:39] <+Kamek_> trey
[00:39] <+Bowser|> Matt
[00:39] <+Jacinta|> EnTrey.
[00:39] <@jeffprObst> Okay sorry, I should have been more specific, I needed the full username. Re-do.
[00:39] <+Kamek_> :/
[00:39] <+Kamek_> >:(
[00:39] <@jeffprObst> Which user won Ovivor: Bali? FULL username.
[00:39] <+Jacinta|> EnTrey.
[00:39] <+Bowser|> Ben109
[00:39] <+Kamek_> entrey
[00:39] <@jeffprObst> Bowser is correct.
[00:39] <+Kamek_> oh wait!
[00:40] <@jeffprObst> Bowser who are you cutting?
[00:40] <+Bowser|> Argh, this is hard...
[00:40] <+Bowser|> I cut Jacinta! Because... um.
[00:40] <+Kamek_> haha you fooled me you conniving trickster.
[00:40] <+Bowser|> Because reasons!
[00:40] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta to 4 ropes.
[00:40] <@jeffprObst> Next round...
[00:40] <@jeffprObst> What season took place in Canada?
[00:40] <+Bowser|> Ovivor: Nova Scotia
[00:40] <+Kamek_> nova scotir
[00:40] <+Jacinta|> Ovivor: Nova Scotia
[00:40] <+Kamek_> CURSES
[00:40] <@jeffprObst> Bowser gets it.
[00:40] <+Bowser|> FLARGH!
[00:40] <@jeffprObst> Bowser, who are you chopping?
[00:40] <+Bowser|> Jacinta again!
[00:40] == merchant [49b47970@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[00:40] == Hetero_Hector [40cbbd8d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:40] <merchant> buy my wares
[00:40] <+Jacinta|> *groans*
[00:40] == merchant [49b47970@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[00:40] <+Jacinta|> Of course.
[00:40] <+Jacinta|> Everyone just sees Kamek as the brains, Bowser.
[00:41] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta to 3 ropes.
[00:41] <+Jacinta|> Like if you go with him, you won't win.
[00:41] <@jeffprObst> Next round...
[00:41] <+Bowser|> The brains? HEY! I've got a big brain!
[00:41] <+Kamek_> What?!
[00:41] <+Jacinta|> People think he bossed you around.
[00:41] <+Bowser|> My brain is GIGANTOR!
[00:41] <@jeffprObst> What season had the first yellow tribe?
[00:41] <+Kamek_> Bali
[00:41] <+Bowser|> Bali
[00:41] <+Kamek_> Ovivor: Bali
[00:41] <@jeffprObst> Incorrect
[00:41] <+Bowser|> Transylvania
[00:41] <+Bowser|> ?
[00:41] <+Jacinta|> Bali is correct....
[00:41] <@jeffprObst> Bowser gets it
[00:41] <@jeffprObst> No, Bali's merged tribe was green
[00:41] <+Kamek_> Bali is correct
[00:41] <+Jacinta|> Rahim was Bali.
[00:41] <@jeffprObst> Rahim was green
[00:41] <+Jacinta|> *Rahim was yellow.
[00:41] <+Kamek_> That is literally yellow.
[00:42] <+Jacinta|> No. Yellow.
[00:42] <@jeffprObst> I know my color schemes lmao
[00:42] <+Bowser|> Aw, I am DESTROYING this competition! It's like a tray of meats on Koopsgiving dinner!
[00:42] <+Bowser|> I cut Kamek this time! For fair 'n square stuff!
[00:42] <+Kamek_> How is that not yellow?!
[00:42] <@jeffprObst> It's green... anyway
[00:42] <+Kamek_> bowser how could you?!
[00:42] <+Kamek_> :/
[00:42] <@jeffprObst> Who are you chopping?
[00:42] <+Kamek_> yeah whatever
[00:42] <+Bowser|> Kamek!
[00:42] <+Bowser|> See?!
[00:42] <@jeffprObst> Kamek down to 4.
[00:42] <@jeffprObst> Next round.
[00:42] <+Kamek_> .
[00:42] <@jeffprObst> Which season had an Outcasts twist?
[00:43] <+Kamek_> Transylvania
[00:43] <+Bowser|> Transylvania
[00:43] == Spectato [ae3c3961@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:43] <@jeffprObst> Kamek gets it
[00:43] <@jeffprObst> Kamek, who are you chopping?
[00:43] <+Jacinta|> Ovivor: TRansylvania
[00:43] <+Kamek_> I am cutting Bowser!
[00:43] <+Kamek_> Haha!
[00:43] <@jeffprObst> Bowser to 4.
[00:43] <@jeffprObst> Next round...
[00:43] <+Bowser|> COME ON!
[00:43] <+Kamek_> you started it
[00:43] <+Bowser|> Gah! Now I know that that was a terrible idea!
[00:43] <@jeffprObst> Which season had 3 starting tribes?
[00:43] <+Jacinta|> Ovivor: Venezuela
[00:43] <+Bowser|> Ethiopia
[00:43] <+Kamek_> Ethiopia
[00:43] <@jeffprObst> Ethiopia is correct
[00:43] <@jeffprObst> Bowser?
[00:43] <+Bowser|> Jacinta! Gwarharhar!
[00:43] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta down to 2.
[00:44] <@jeffprObst> 2-4-4
[00:44] <@jeffprObst> Next round..
[00:44] <+Kamek_> .
[00:44] <@jeffprObst> Which season took place in Badung, Indonesia?
[00:44] <+Bowser|> Bali?
[00:44] <+Jacinta|> Bali
[00:44] <+Kamek_> Bali
[00:44] <@jeffprObst> Bowser gets it.
[00:44] <JuryShia> fucking hell
[00:44] <DeterminedSnail> I
[00:44] <+Kamek_> I am getting irritated!
[00:44] <@jeffprObst> Chopping?
[00:44] <DeterminedSnail> O
[00:44] <+Bowser|> I am getting HAPPY!
[00:44] <+Bowser|> Happy of happiness!
[00:44] <+Bowser|> Jacinta!
[00:44] <+Bowser|> Haw!
[00:44] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta down to just 1
[00:44] <@jeffprObst> Next round...
[00:44] <+Jacinta|> Ugh....
[00:45] <@jeffprObst> Which season had the first orange tribe?
[00:45] <+Jacinta|> TRanslyvania
[00:45] <+Kamek_> Transylvania
[00:45] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta gets it.
[00:45] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta?
[00:45] <+Jacinta|> Bowser.
[00:45] <@jeffprObst> Bowser down to 3
[00:45] <+Bowser|> ...Crap!
[00:45] <@jeffprObst> 1-4-3
[00:45] <+Jacinta|> Sorry, just returning the favor.
[00:45] <@jeffprObst> Next round.
[00:45] <+Bowser|> You'll PAY for that!
[00:45] <@jeffprObst> Which season's merged tribe was only numbers?
[00:45] <+Jacinta|> I already have....?
[00:45] <+Bowser|> Nova Scotia
[00:45] <+Kamek_> Nova Scotia
[00:45] <@jeffprObst> Bowser gets it
[00:45] <+Kamek_> Curses!
[00:46] <+Bowser|> Jacinta! So we can have a Koopa King vs. His Cool, Smart Minion showdown!
[00:46] <@jeffprObst> *jacinta's ropes break*
[00:46] <+Kamek_> Wow thanks Bowser!
[00:46] <@jeffprObst> *jacinta falls in the water*
[00:46] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta is out of this challenge
[00:46] <@jeffprObst> Next round.
[00:46] <+Kamek_> .
[00:46] <@jeffprObst> Which season did EnTrey receive his second win?
[00:46] <+Kamek_> Venesuals
[00:46] <+Bowser|> Venezuela
[00:46] <+Kamek_> AH
[00:46] <@jeffprObst> Okay
[00:46] <@jeffprObst> I'll count that but in the future - please no spelling mistakes
[00:46] <+Kamek_> I misspelled it terribly but I did get the answer.
[00:46] <+Kamek_> :)
[00:46] <@jeffprObst> That's being enforced now
[00:46] <@jeffprObst> 4-2
[00:47] <+Kamek_> I am typing at LIGHTNING SPEED
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> From now on, if you get it you automatically chop the other
[00:47] <+Kamek_> I am sorry.
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> Next round.
[00:47] <+Bowser|> ARGH! Comeback time!
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> Which season featured a rattlesnake in its logo?
[00:47] <+Bowser|> Venezuela
[00:47] <+Kamek_> Ethiopai
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> Bowser gets it.
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> 3-2
[00:47] <+Kamek_> Curses!
[00:47] <@jeffprObst> Next round
[00:47] <+Bowser|> Just evening it out, buddy!
[00:47] <+Kamek_> .
[00:48] <+Bowser|> .
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> What user played Straight Korra?
[00:48] <+Kamek_> dylan
[00:48] <+Bowser|> Blondieee
[00:48] <+Kamek_> Blondiee
[00:48] <+Kamek_> FUCK
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> Full usernames
[00:48] <+Kamek_> ugh
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> 2-2
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> Next round
[00:48] <+Kamek_> fucking shit
[00:48] <+Kamek_> .
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> What jury vote is the most common? 3-2, 4-1, or 5-0
[00:48] <+Bowser|> 3-2
[00:48] <+Kamek_> 3-2
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> Bowser gets it
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> 1-2
[00:48] <@jeffprObst> Next round
[00:48] <+Kamek_> :/
[00:49] <+Kamek_> .
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> Transylvania was named what originally?
[00:49] <+Bowser|> .
[00:49] == Hhhh [ae3c3961@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #Ovivor
[00:49] <+Bowser|> Sleepy Hollow
[00:49] <+Kamek_> Spooky Hollow
[00:49] <+Kamek_> how the fuck am I supposed to remember that.
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> need to double check this one lmao
[00:49] <+Kamek_> I wasn't even in this.
[00:49] <+Kamek_> Or around when it happened.
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> Sleepy Hollow is correct.
[00:49] <@jeffprObst> BOWSER WINS FINAL IMMUNITY
[00:49] <+Kamek_> ugh now I'm gonna lose
[00:49] <+Kamek_> ;-;
[00:50] <@jeffprObst> Bowser, you have the final decision tonight.
[00:50] <+Bowser|> Just steamrolling the competition like your average day at the gym!
[00:50] <+Bowser|> Hmm...
[00:50] <+Bowser|> This is a toughie...
[00:50] <+Bowser|> Tougher than that one math problem Mario MADE me do.
[00:50] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys.
[00:50] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down and take a seat.
[00:50] <@jeffprObst> Tonight, only Bowser will vote.
[00:50] <@jeffprObst> Bowser, send me your vote when you're ready.
[00:50] <+Bowser|> Har har. It might be a while, Porbst.
[00:50] <@jeffprObst> Take your time
[00:51] <+Kamek_> Bowser do not vote me out. I am your loyal minion!
[00:51] <+Jacinta|> Then why did you vote him when he played his idol?
[00:52] <+Bowser|> Wh-wh-wHAaaa?
[00:52] <+Kamek_> lol you're really pullingthis shit lmfao

[00:52] <+Kamek_> okay.
[00:52] <+Kamek_> Because Bowser made it seem hopeless for him.
[00:52] <+Kamek_> and didn't tell me about his idol.
[00:52] <+Kamek_> That's why.
[00:53] <+Kamek_> I just voted in the majority to keep myself away from suspicion.
[00:53] <+Kamek_> If he had actually told me he had an idol.
[00:53] <+Kamek_> I would've voted with him.
[00:54] <+Kamek_> So yeah. That's why.,
[00:54] <+Jacinta|> Is this like going on?
[00:54] <+Bowser|> Yep!
[00:55] <+Bowser|> Haw-haw, bring your best popcorn!
[00:55] <+Bowser|> It's about to get juicy!
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[00:55] <+Kamek_> It's about to get salty if I get voted out!!!!!!!!!!
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> I'll read the vote.
[00:55] <DeterminedSnail> wow
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> The 12th person voted out of Ovivor: Ireland & the 7th and final member of our jury...
[00:55] <@jeffprObst>
[00:55] <@jeffprObst>
[00:55] <@jeffprObst>
[00:55] <@jeffprObst>
[00:55] <@jeffprObst>
[00:55] <@jeffprObst>
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> ....
[00:55] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta.
[00:56] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta, you need to bring me your torch
[00:56] <+Kamek_> wait really?
[00:56] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[00:56] <+Kamek_> okay then!
[00:56] <@jeffprObst> Jacinta, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.
[00:56] == mode/#Ovivor [-v Jacinta|] by cOnfessional
[00:56] <JuryShia> no fam
[00:56] == cOnfessional changed the topic of #Ovivor to: #Ovivor #AnGortaMor - Bowser, Kamek | JURY: Primrose, Almond, Audrey, Hector, Shia, Snail, Jacinta
[00:56] * DeterminedSnail cheers
[00:56] <@jeffprObst> Now... the power shifts to the jury.
[00:56] <@jeffprObst> The seven people YOU had a hand in voting out will determine your fate in this game.
[00:56] <+Kamek_> am I about to get reamed?
[00:56] <+Bowser|> Aha! Jacinta, you were great and all...
[00:56] <DeterminedSnail> Let me at them.
[00:56] <@jeffprObst> Primrose. Almond. Audrey. Hector. Shia. Snail. Jacinta.
[00:56] <DeterminedSnail> THEY ELIMINATED ME!
[00:56] <@jeffprObst> They will all vote for a winner.
[00:56] <+Bowser|> but, like... Kamek took care of me when I was, like, a baby.
[00:56] <Jacinta|> Congrats Kamek.
[00:56] <+Bowser|> And that's all that I care about.
[00:56] <DeterminedSnail> I WONT TAKE THIS!
[00:56] <@jeffprObst> Jury, finalists, you guys can chat as long as you send me a jury vote quickly.
[00:56] <Jacinta|> Bowser, everything I said was true.
[00:56] <+Bowser|> That a burly baby turned into a burly villain like me.
[00:56] <+Kamek_> Thanks. @Jacinta
[00:57] <Jacinta|> People think Kamek was smarter.
[00:57] <Jacinta|> Good job. That's all I have to say.
[00:57] <+Kamek_> I was!
[00:57] <+Bowser|> You know what? I don't mind! Because what gets you far in life? Being BUFF
[00:57] <+Bowser|> AND having minimal amounts of brains!
[00:57] <JuryShia> Well, hey, I'm back.
[00:57] <JuryShia> I didn't want to have to do this.
[00:57] <JuryShia> But, uh
[00:57] <JuryShia> I guess if I had a question
[00:58] <JuryShia> it'd be who do you think was in power during the game
[00:58] <JuryShia> like actually in power
[00:58] <DeterminedSnail> Kamek you didn't even try.
[00:58] <+Kamek_> lol yeah I did.
[00:58] <DeterminedSnail> If you would have taken me you would've won.
[00:58] <+Kamek_> I was in power every week!
[00:58] <@jeffprObst> 5/7 votes to win.
[00:58] <+Bowser|> I was in power ALL DAY EVERY DAY!
[00:58] <+Bowser|> Who's more powerful than ME?
[00:58] <JuryShia> Um, alright.
[00:58] <+Kamek_> I just didn't really consider you in my plans! @Snail.
[00:58] <JuryShia> Good attitudes.
[00:58] <+Bowser|> King Bowser, the Koopa Krusher?
[00:58] <JuryShia> Thank you.
[00:58] <+Bowser|> Or, uh, Koopa King?
[00:58] <DeterminedSnail> BOWSER IS THE TRUE WINNER
[00:58] <@jeffprObst> I just need Shia's vote
[00:59] * JuryShia breathes heavily
[00:59] <DeterminedSnail> BOWSER IS MY VOTE FOR AUDREY!
[00:59] <+Kamek_> Yeah whatever @Snail
[00:59] <+Bowser|> Aw, MAN, Audrey couldn't make it?
[00:59] <+Bowser|> Pssssssbbbbffft.
[00:59] <DeterminedSnail> IM NOT THAT ANYMORE.
[00:59] <DeterminedSnail> IM A WINNER.
[00:59] <+Kamek_> It's funny because I masterminded like every single vote @Snail.
[00:59] <DeterminedSnail> IM GOING TO BE A FAVORITE.
[01:00] <+Bowser|> ME! I masterminded them all too!
[01:00] <+Bowser|> It was a tag team of mastermindification!
[01:00] <+Kamek_> I masterminded your BIRTH
[01:00] == Hhhh [ae3c3961@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[01:00] <+Bowser|> ...
[01:00] <+Bowser|> You got me there.
[01:00] <+Bowser|> :|
[01:01] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[01:01] <@jeffprObst> I have the votes.
[01:01] <@jeffprObst> But... they won't be read now.
[01:01] <@jeffprObst> They'll be read in four months.
[01:01] <@jeffprObst> bye guys gonna sleep
[01:01] <@jeffprObst> jk
[01:01] <@jeffprObst> They'll be read LIVE in AMERICA! (chat)
[01:01] <@jeffprObst> *flies to chat*
[01:01] == Jacinta| [457aac8a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[01:01] <+Kamek_>
[01:05] == DeterminedSnail [uid90476@gateway/web/] has left #Ovivor []
[01:12] == JuryShia [60ead263@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]