This page contains the rankings for every castaway in Ovivor: Nova Scotia.


Contestant Reasoning
12th KimJongThumb
I usually love JE's characters. For the most part, they're unintentionally hilarious, and Kim Jong-Possible follows the same pattern. My problem is that he was too reliant on Archer, to the point where his voting confessionals were literally just "Archer told me to do this." I also don't really remember much from him except being a weird hybrid of Kim Possible and Kim Jong-Un. Overall, I just liked the rest of the cast more.
11th PayneThumb
Payne was actually amazing in the first episode. He was a tough drill sergeant that forced his team to do push-ups, and referred to the game as a war. Unfortunately, after that, he kind of dropped off the face of the planet until his blindside, which was a highlight of the season. I can't rank him higher because of his inactivity, especially post-swap, but the times he actually showed up were really fun and memorable.
10th BrittanyThumb
Although I definitely appreciate Brittany more after re-reading the transcript, and understand her gimmick a lot better, I think she was too reliant on Santana which doesn't help because she was the less visible of the pair. Although I understand what her character is supposed to be, sometimes her lines came out as forced and cringey. However, there were moment that genuinely made me laugh and admire her effort.
9th SallyThumb
Sally is really, really underrated. Besides the fact that her character picture is just her at an awkward distance from the camera, she had lots of fun, innocent moments, like thinking Aviva was a robot because of her prosthetic leg. I also enjoyed her conflicts with Agatha, and she was just a fun character that could have been promising had she gone farther in the game. Unfortunately, I can't put her higher because of her placing.
8th BATAMNThumb
Batamn was a funny parody of superheroes, playing the role of Batman if he was five years old and drawn poorly. Sometimes, comic relief is important, and Batamn certainly brought it. I think he went out at the perfect time, so that his shtick didn't become overbearing and annoying. His interactions with the Snye tribe were really fun, and he was certainly one of the bigger stars of the pre-merge.
7th AvivaThumb
Aviva was your stereotypical reality TV persona. She was confrontational and loud, and not afraid to get in your face. Her actions eventually influenced the entire tribe, and Chenail degenerated into a catty mess, and the effects lasted long after Aviva was gone. To top it all off, she proceeded to throw her prosthetic limb into the fire after she was voted out, a reference to one of the most bizarre moments on television, ever.
6th WesThumb
Wes in San Juan Del Sur was pretty boring until his boot episode. The good thing about Wes in Nova Scotia, though, is that those funny, redeeming qualities in that one episode were highlighted a lot more. Yes, I do like plots and arcs and all those sorts of things. But I can appreciate a joke character if the jokes aren't shoved down our throats, and Wes especially is a good example of subtle humor.
5th NiceThumb
Niceboy was a foil to the infamous badgrl2, and was exactly what his name suggests, a nice boy. The whole nice person gag has been tried before, but it works for Niceboy because it's exaggerated. His character wasn't just about complimenting people, it was also about doing risky things because someone asked him nicely. So, in a way, what started out as a joke character, became a complex and heroic character.
4th SantanaThumb
Santana is someone who shot up in my rankings when I reviewed the transcript. She was a spunky character who used her looks to her advantage, and was part of the reason the Chenail tribe was such a trainwreck. What makes her a compelling character is the fact that she had realized Archer was controlling things too little too late, and I'm a sucker for people who can't do anything when their back is against the wall.
3rd SunThumb
A lot of people don't get Sun's character because they don't watch LOST, but she still had a fascinating storyline. She began the game unable to speak English, immediately isolating herself from her tribe, though she became their last hope post-merge. Her elimination was the beginning of the end, as she was voted out just before people woke up, but by then, it was too late. It also doesn't hurt that she's really in-character.
2nd AgathaThumb
Agatha started the game with a punch. She was voted as the weakest, and instead of trying to improve that perception with the women, simply mutinied. She had strong interactions with Archer, Sally, and several other characters, but my favorite thing about Agatha was refusing to flip back to the women to vote out Archer. Whether or not that first vote changed the course of the season, Agatha can surely hold a grudge.
1st ArcherThumb
Archer was a breath of fresh air. Although I appreciate characters and plots, strategy is definitely something that's interesting, but not exclusively. Archer managed to combine a good character with good strategy. He made sure he ran a tight ship even though his sexist comments rubbed people the wrong way. His confessionals were also really insightful and ensured that Nova Scotia was seen through his eyes.