This page contains the rankings for every castaway in Ovivor: Sri Lanka.


Contestant Reasoning
14th MeghanThumb
I didn't really get a grasp of Meghan's character at all. I only found out who Meghan was, and what show she was a reference to, after the game ended. She had zero personality, and only said one-word answers. Things like "hi", "did the challenge start", or "ok" was all she said - if anything at all. To me, it seems like the user didn't really know how to roleplay and was just along for the ride. Which is frustrating.
13th FloThumb
Flo is another character with no personality. She was just another generic woman played by Sunny with a randomized name. She was meant to be a brawny, take-no-prisoners woman but that didn't come across at all. Throughout the hour that Flo was in, she said one generic sentence. She's only above Meghan because of the way she got eliminated - a.k.a. a purple rock due to Sunny's #severegastrointestinaldistress.
12th WeatherThumb
Mrs. Weather
Mrs. Weather had some really bad dialogue. Stuff like "shut up and take notes, bitch" or "here to fuck up all your GPAs" were basic and cringeworthy and the cursing was excessive. Plus, at times, she went out of character by mentioning Amy Winehouse. In theory, she's a good character and the whole bitchy teacher thing could have been as good as Agatha. But her lines felt really contrived and stereotypically-Mika.
11th HurleyThumb
Hurley was a little bit of a disappointment because I love LOST and I think he could have been a really, really great character had he stayed around. Unfortunately, due to this being Muffine's first roleplay, he was a little... lost (ba dum tss). It doesn't help that the user was having a lot of internet trouble, and was disconnecting every five seconds. I have him in gold because he was fun and in-character for the brief moments he was there. 
10th TedThumb
Ted was a super generic, stereotypical Trey character. A male strategy-bot, a little self-depracating, sarcastic, etc. It's endearing when it's done with Archer, for example, but it just didn't work for Ted at all. He was made to be the foil to Bernie, but it ended up being Archer with slight conservative comments. That being said, I do appreciate his level of activity and confessionals sent (something Trey has been really consistent with.)
9th DaisyThumb
Daisy was a fun, positive force in the season with villainous tendencies. She wasn't just a generic, nice princess but actually had some layers of complexity. She was impulsive, a bit of a feminist, had a huge ego and referred to herself as a "superstar," etc. Although I didn't care for her gif-posting, she was enjoyable and even moreso after becoming an underdog once her closest ally, Mrs. Weather, was eliminated.
8th JennaThumb
You don't need to watch 30 Rock to understand Jenna's character, which she made clear from the very beginning. She was flirty, shallow, open about her sex life, and strut around her status as an "esteemed actress." Everything she said was hilarious, from looking good in every color to hoping her tribe wouldn't vote her out due to her physical imperfections to calling herself a soul-sucking monster. Jenna has a ton of untapped potential.
7th JadenThumb
I might be a little biased here, because I recommended Reddy play Jaden after he didn't have a character idea - but Jaden was hilarious for his pseudo-deep comments that were (unfortunately) actual quotes. He was always in-character and all of his "wise" lines had me cracking up. I think the best thing about Jaden is how he was intended to be a throwaway, early boot (and came close to being one) that... somehow made it all the way to the final three.
6th ShiiAnnThumb
Shii-Ann was definitely done justice in Ovivor, by being sassy, confident, and referring back to a lot of great Shii-Ann moments ("stupid, stupid people"). After watching Thailand, and seeing how Shii-Ann was isolated because of her different cultural upbringing, her alliance with Peih-Gee was engaging and totally in-character. I was pleasantly surprised at how Wendy, a newcomer, was able to play such a compelling character.
5th AleciaThumb
Despite Alecia being centered around only one episode of Kaóh Rōng, she was hilarious and surprisingly complex. She started the game as an inept, basic blonde trying to prove herself. Barely scraping by, she managed to survive on the skin of her teeth and voted in the minority constantly. In a shocking turn of events, the same person that injured herself from thinking too hard was voted out for being a threat - accomplishing the goal she set.
4th BernieThumb
Bernie was another pleasant surprise. Nate was able to stay true to his political character shtick while playing someone that was enjoyable. His extremist political views affected every interaction he had with people, like aligning with fellow socialist Katya, calling MinionMom a racist Trump supporter, or defending Weather for being part of the middle class. The epitome of "over the top," Bernie's movement for a political revolution changed the season for the better.
3rd KatyaThumb
Hello Katya
Being a stereotypical Russian, Katya's approach to the game was extremely unique - from insulting the bourgeois to wanting to split the prize money evenly. Her socialist ideologies meant that she formed unlikely bonds and constantly tried to overthrow the rich. Minor things, like wanting to wear red or drawing the communist star on her votes were hilarious. She was like a cockroach in that she could never be squashed, despite being everyone's target.
2nd PeihGeeThumb
If you had told me before the roleplay that Dra would win with a beloved character, I wouldn't have belived you. Although I was hesitant at first, because Peih-Gee is not easy to play, she was absolutely in-character. She was sassy, bitchy, and played one of the best winning games of all time. Her constant idol plays and flip-flopping was the catalyst for the Sri Lanka post-merge being as insane as it was. Somehow, Peih-Gee worked really well. 
1st MinionThumb
There's no other character that matches up to MinionMom's comedic value. She was, bar none, one of the most original and entertaining characters ever. A conservative, religious, and slightly racist wine mom, she benefitted from having a cast with totally opposite views. Her rivalries with Bernie and Ted about their political stances, saying "LMBO," putting memes on her votes, and being a complete outsider made her character that much greater and realistic.