[20:28] == cOnfessionals [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:29] == PrincessDaisy [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:29] == TedCruz [457c4403@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:29] == BernieSanders [ad3f78e4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:30] == ShiiAnnHuang [5f92fe25@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:30] == MrsWeather [3280eeae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:30] <@jeffprObst> We'll start momentarily, once we get 12-14. :)
[20:30] == idk [32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:30] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+o cOnfessionals] by jeffprObst
[20:30] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v BernieSanders] by jeffprObst
[20:30] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v MrsWeather] by jeffprObst
[20:30] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v ShiiAnnHuang] by jeffprObst
[20:30] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v PrincessDaisy] by jeffprObst
[20:30] == idk has changed nick to Guest62462
[20:30] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v TedCruz] by jeffprObst
[20:31] <+TedCruz> (step off m8 @Bernie)
[20:31] <@jeffprObst> 5 people
[20:31] <+ShiiAnnHuang> xox
[20:31] <+MrsWeather> Hello class!
[20:31] <+MrsWeather> Welcome to Hell!
[20:31] <+MrsWeather> Oops, I mean math class :)
[20:32] == MinionMom [60ea9345@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:32] == Age_Of_Alecia [440df3be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:32] <@jeffprObst> PM ME WHO YOU ARE! (3 people have done so)
[20:32] <@jeffprObst> We'll start once we get enough :)
[20:32] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v MinionMom] by jeffprObst
[20:32] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v Age_Of_Alecia] by jeffprObst
[20:32] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Hiii!
[20:32] <+BernieSanders> IT IS TIME
[20:32] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Hi.
[20:33] <Guest62462> (Don't ruin Bernie's career Nate)
[20:33] <+PrincessDaisy> HI I'M DAISY!
[20:33] <@jeffprObst> PM me who you are! 6 people have done so :)
[20:33] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Hey Daisy!
[20:33] <@jeffprObst> Bernie, Shii Ann, Ted, Alecia, MInion, and MrsWeather have PMd me their identity.
[20:33] <@jeffprObst> If you do not PM me who you are you will NOT have a spot.
[20:33] <+MinionMom> Ok Bernie.......tell me more about how we can buy "Free College" with $$$10 trillion in debt!!! Huh...?
[20:34] <+BernieSanders> WE MUST TAX THE STOCK TRADE
[20:34] <+MrsWeather> Hey, my names Wendy Weather. And I'm here to fuck up your GPA
[20:34] <@jeffprObst> 7 people have PMd me!
[20:34] <+MrsWeather> So yeah
[20:34] <+PrincessDaisy> Hey sweetie! :)
[20:34] <+MrsWeather> Pay attention bitches.
[20:34] == JennaMaroney [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:34] <@jeffprObst> Jenna - PM me who you are.
[20:34] <+PrincessDaisy> *giggles*
[20:34] <JennaMaroney> Hello.
[20:34] <+MinionMom> So true!!! @BernieSanders
[20:35] <JennaMaroney> I took a break from my sexcapades with Mickey Rourke to be here.
[20:35] <+MrsWeather> Shut up, and take notes @daisy
[20:35] <@jeffprObst> Some of you are new to this so I'll explain momentarily!
[20:35] <JennaMaroney> You should be VERY honored. @PROBST
[20:35] <@jeffprObst> Jenna, PM me who you are. <3
[20:35] <+MinionMom> Its not funny if you dont have a "LIEberal Freakout"
[20:35] == Meghan [490fbf36@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:35] == Peih-Gee [ac381523@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:35] <+MrsWeather> Everyone shut up before I double the homework, don't test meee
[20:35] <Meghan> ji
[20:35] <Meghan> hi
[20:35] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Hi
[20:36] <+Age_Of_Alecia> So... I'm Alecia... I'm 24 years old and I'm form Dallas, Texas.
[20:36] <+MrsWeather> My class isn't for socializing! @Meghan/Shii
[20:36] <@jeffprObst> Meghan, PG - PM ME WHO YOU ARE.
[20:36] <@jeffprObst> You confirm your spot in the game once you PM me your identity.
[20:36] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Sure.
[20:36] <Peih-Gee> Being Chinese, it's so amazing coming to do Survivor in China. My grandfather passed away, like, a couple weeks ago and he would have just gotten such a kick out of seeing me here, y'know, doing this.
[20:36] <+MinionMom> LMBO!!!!!! This is so true...Except theyre not HALF as cute...@BernieSanders
[20:36] * Age_Of_Alecia does poses to overpowering background music
[20:36] <+ShiiAnnHuang> @Peih-Gee Let's be Asian friends.
[20:37] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v Meghan] by jeffprObst
[20:37] <+MrsWeather> (CONF) It's going to be a fun school year, bout to fail all these losers. Social lives? Ha. They'll be spending their weekends doing my homeworkkk
[20:37] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v Peih-Gee] by jeffprObst
[20:37] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v JennaMaroney] by jeffprObst
[20:37] <@jeffprObst> We have 10 :) 2-4 more.
[20:37] <@jeffprObst> Keep inviting people
[20:37] <@jeffprObst> We'll start by 8:45 the LATEST
[20:37] <+Meghan> hi
[20:37] <+MrsWeather> Shut up and take notes bitch @jeff
[20:37] == FloMoscani [43564484@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:37] == Hurley [bb05f04d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:37] <@jeffprObst> Flo, PM me who you are!
[20:38] <@jeffprObst> Hurley, PM me who are you!
[20:38] <+MrsWeather> Preach @Bernie
[20:38] <+BernieSanders> FOR ALL THE GREAT WORK THEY DO
[20:38] <@jeffprObst> You confirm your spot in the game when you PM me your identity
[20:38] <+MrsWeather> I am very under respected ~
[20:38] <Guest62462> (I have no ideas)
[20:38] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: Yeehaw! I'm Daisy and I'm a superstar. Mhm, that's right. Champion of Mario Tennis and Golf. Also the founder of a movement called #Daisy4DLC! When will your faves?
[20:38] <+MinionMom> Bernie says that...But he REALLY only means the democRAT teachers that teach LIEberal CRAP like Evolution...
[20:38] <+MinionMom> Isnt that right...? @BernieSanders
[20:38] <Hurley> Okay, dude. I got it.
[20:38] <+BernieSanders> IT IS TIME
[20:38] <@jeffprObst> We have 13, one more :)
[20:39] <+BernieSanders> NOT ME,
[20:39] <+BernieSanders> US.
[20:39] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v FloMoscani] by jeffprObst
[20:39] == FloMoscani has changed nick to Flo|
[20:39] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v Hurley] by jeffprObst
[20:39] <+MrsWeather> You're getting an F in my class @jeff
[20:39] <+MrsWeather> Just saying
[20:39] <+BernieSanders> #FORUS #NOTTHEBILLIONAIRES
[20:39] <@jeffprObst> 12 actually
[20:39] <+Hurley> Oh, dude! I have a + in my name now!!!
[20:39] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Good for you?
[20:39] <+MinionMom> U cant see this and tell me People "evolved" from monkeys...Why is there still monkeys!
[20:39] <@jeffprObst> We need 2 more. Someone is coming and Guest is thinking for a char
[20:40] <+Flo|> Why are you still here...?
[20:40] <+MrsWeather> Just chilling writing Fs on my students papers as I listen to Amy Winehouse
[20:40] <+MrsWeather> rip
[20:40] <+MinionMom> Preach!! @SteveHarvey
[20:40] <@jeffprObst> I'll explain everything if this is your first time
[20:40] <@jeffprObst> Right now just be patient and let's wait to get enough
[20:40] <+MrsWeather> I'm sorry it's not take-your-grandma to work day @minionmom
[20:40] <+Flo|> I had my first time a long time ago, honey.
[20:40] <+MrsWeather> get out my class
[20:40] <+Hurley> Dude...
[20:40] <+BernieSanders> LISTEN TO YOUR KIDS
[20:40] <+BernieSanders> AND FEEL THE BERN
[20:40] <+MrsWeather> Back to Black
[20:40] <+MrsWeather> Listen
[20:41] <+Hurley> I feel like I traveled in time... Weird.
[20:41] <+MrsWeather> Me @this kid spelling your instead of you're
[20:41] <+MrsWeather> F bitch
[20:42] <+MinionMom> #Share This today if you have someone you're thankfu lfor!
[20:42] <+Hurley> I feel like I traveled in time... Weird.
[20:42] == Hurley [bb05f04d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[20:42] <+JennaMaroney> I'm thankful for Mickey Rourke.
[20:42] <@jeffprObst> Hurley is coming back
[20:42] <@jeffprObst> His internet is acting up
[20:42] <+MrsWeather> You probably eat lunch alone, loser @jenny
[20:42] == Hurley [bd0ade46@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:42] <+JennaMaroney> He's taught me approximately 35 of the sex positions I knw.
[20:42] <Hurley> Jeff
[20:42] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v Hurley] by jeffprObst
[20:42] <@jeffprObst> 2 more :)
[20:42] <+MrsWeather> I have a teacher squad of course #living
[20:43] <+Hurley> PM Wiki
[20:43] <@jeffprObst> IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE SO - PM ME WHO YOU ARE
[20:43] <+MrsWeather> I'm just that cool
[20:43] == Peih-Gee| [~Peih-Gee|@] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:43] <Peih-Gee|> Kick the other one
[20:43] == Peih-Gee was kicked from #OvivorSriLanka by jeffprObst [Peih-Gee]
[20:43] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v Peih-Gee|] by jeffprObst
[20:43] <+Peih-Gee|> This is much better.
[20:43] * Guest62462 FlabbyMaria
[20:44] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Welcome back, Peih-Gee!
[20:44] <+Peih-Gee|> The colorful text reminds me a LOT of the beauty of Chin.
[20:44] <+Peih-Gee|> China*.
[20:44] == Guest62462 has changed nick to FlabbyMaria
[20:44] <+MrsWeather> do you want CSI? I don't think so
[20:44] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v FlabbyMaria] by jeffprObst
[20:44] <+FlabbyMaria> I got the curves
[20:44] <+MrsWeather> Amy Winehouse yes bitch
[20:44] <@jeffprObst> Waiting on one more :)
[20:44] * FlabbyMaria shakes her booty
[20:44] <+MrsWeather> Of course @Bernie
[20:44] <+MrsWeather> What do you expect
[20:44] <+MrsWeather> Im fab
[20:45] <+FlabbyMaria> I'm flab :*
[20:45] <@jeffprObst> thanks for being so patient guys <3
[20:45] <@jeffprObst> this is starting momentarily, someone is ahving trouble getting into the channel
[20:46] <+ShiiAnnHuang> No problem.
[20:46] <+MrsWeather> start?
[20:46] == FlabbyMaria has changed nick to JadenSmith
[20:46] <@jeffprObst> We have 13
[20:46] <@jeffprObst> We need 1 more
[20:46] <+MrsWeather>
[20:46] <+MrsWeather> yes
[20:46] <@jeffprObst> Let me just explain for anyone new
[20:46] <@jeffprObst> ~
[20:47] <@jeffprObst> Any votes or questions you can PM to ME (JeffprObst)
[20:47] <@jeffprObst> However, you are also expected to send confessionals to "cOnfessional"
[20:47] == Peih-Gee| [~Peih-Gee|@] has quit [Client Quit]
[20:47] <+JadenSmith> The Great Gatsby Is One Of The Greatest Movies Of All Time, Coachella
[20:47] <@cOnfessionals> that's me
[20:47] <@jeffprObst> Confessionals are not REQUIRED but
[20:47] <+MrsWeather> Welcome to the first day of school! :) *hands out syllabus* First things first, I will ruin your GPAs hmm
[20:47] <@jeffprObst> They really help your character shine
[20:47] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Got it.
[20:47] <@jeffprObst> Also
[20:47] <+JadenSmith> (CONF): If Ella Is A Coach Why Is She Jennifer Anniston?
[20:47] <@jeffprObst> At tribal council, you will be given a picture of parchment paper
[20:48] <+MinionMom> #BanGreatGatsby?? @JadenSmith
[20:48] <@jeffprObst> You can write your name down and customize your vote however you want
[20:48] <@jeffprObst> Not your name lol *
[20:48] <@jeffprObst> The person you are voting for
[20:48] <+MinionMom> Are you for the Hashtag? We need to BAN Explicit Books from Our Kids Schools!!!
[20:48] <@jeffprObst> If you don't have an art program
[20:48] <@jeffprObst> You can tell me and I'll make the vote for you
[20:48] == Peih-Gee| [~Peih-Gee|@] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:48] <@jeffprObst> Furthermore
[20:48] <Peih-Gee|> test
[20:48] <@jeffprObst> When you are split into 2 tribes
[20:48] <+TedCruz> (what the fuck is that parchment shit)
[20:48] <@jeffprObst> You'll be given a link to the hidden immunity idol which is a "choose your own adventure"-esque thin
[20:48] <@jeffprObst> thing *
[20:48] <+BernieSanders> (CONF) I need some money for my campaign. I NEED MY FELLOW SURVIVORS MONEY!
[20:48] <@jeffprObst> It's first come first serve. Whoever finds it sends me the code and gets it.
[20:48] <Peih-Gee|> Sorry, JeffProbst, but I'm gonna need you to explain that again.
[20:48] <Peih-Gee|> I'm new to Survivor :)
[20:48] <+Hurley> Back
[20:48] <+Meghan> what my tribe
[20:49] <@jeffprObst> no
[20:49] <Peih-Gee|> Totally kidding, I'm obviously not new.
[20:49] <+MinionMom> Our kids should read books like This instead!!,204,203,200_.jpg
[20:49] <Peih-Gee|> You all know who I am, there's no point in hiding it.
[20:49] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Just be patient, Meghan.
[20:49] <Peih-Gee|> I -AM- Peih-Gee Law.
[20:49] <+JadenSmith> If Newborn Babies Could Speak They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Planet Earth.
[20:49] <@jeffprObst> Any questions?
[20:49] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Peih-Gee, this is my third time, too! :)
[20:49] <+PrincessDaisy> Walking into the arena like.
[20:49] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v Peih-Gee|] by jeffprObst
[20:49] <+MinionMom> (CONF): I signed onto # Survivor to show my kids anyone can win the American Dream!!!
[20:49] <@jeffprObst> Everything will be recorded.
[20:49] <+MinionMom> (CONF): Even a 42 year Old Mama like me!
[20:49] <+Flo|> Survivor is the American dream?
[20:49] <+MrsWeather> Welcome to the first day of school! :) *hands out syllabus* First things first, I will ruin your GPAs hmm
[20:49] <+MrsWeather> also I like to watch a lol of films because I'm lazy so yea
[20:49] <+Hurley> Dude, I was listening to music. I didn't hear anything. Sorry.
[20:50] <+MinionMom> This is probly what theyll say to m.e..
[20:50] <+JadenSmith> People Think A RelationShip Makes You Whole, That It's Two 50%'s Coming Together To Make 100% When It Should Be Two 100%'s Making 200%•••
[20:50] <+Peih-Gee|> I think this season should definitely have some sort of leaders twist.
[20:50] <+Peih-Gee|> I'm a natural born leader.
[20:50] <@jeffprObst> (try to send a confessional now, if you can, while we wait for 1 more person)
[20:50] <@jeffprObst> they're having trouble with the IRC
[20:50] <+BernieSanders> ITS TIME FOR THE 1/10TH OF 1% TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE
[20:50] <+BernieSanders> FREE COLLEGE
[20:50] <+MrsWeather>
[20:50] <+Peih-Gee|> Aside from that, I make excellent jewelry.
[20:51] <+Hurley> .
[20:51] <+MrsWeather> Amy
[20:51] <+MrsWeather> Queen
[20:51] <+BernieSanders> *SURVIVE
[20:51] * Peih-Gee| sneaks into the set of Ovivor wearing a hand crafted necklace...that has flint attached to it
[20:51] <+Hurley> .
[20:51] <+Peih-Gee|> This is a necklace given to me by my grandmother.
[20:51] <+MrsWeather> Okay we get it shut up, or you're going to detention @bernie
[20:51] <+Peih-Gee|> Isn't it beautiful?
[20:51] <+Peih-Gee|> It's my good luck charm.
[20:51] <+MinionMom> Danggggg Bernie Back at it again with the Unattainable Dreams!!!!!!
[20:51] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I am so excited to prove myself! :)
[20:51] * Age_Of_Alecia trips over a rock
[20:51] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Ahahaha oops!
[20:51] <+JadenSmith> People Use To Ask Me What Do You Wanna Be When You Get Older And I Would Say What A Stupid Question The Real Question Is What Am I Right Now
[20:51] <@jeffprObst> Test
[20:51] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :)
[20:51] <@jeffprObst> Okay IRC is working for them now, they're coming
[20:51] * ShiiAnnHuang rolls eyes at alecia
[20:52] <+MrsWeather> (CONF) I'm not afraid to expel these losers just saying
[20:52] <+BernieSanders> Danggggggg MinionMom back at it with no friends
[20:52] == HelloKatya [98eef26c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:52] <@jeffprObst> OKAY.
[20:52] <@jeffprObst> LET'S BEGIN.
[20:52] <@jeffprObst> ~~~~
[20:52] <+MrsWeather> (You better include the stuff i already said)
[20:53] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: HI I'M DAISY!
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> *flashes to idol plays, blindsides, arguments*
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> THIS TIME... IN THE HEART OF SRI LANKA.
[20:53] * Age_Of_Alecia smiles to the camera
[20:53] * Age_Of_Alecia is hit by a bird
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> *TIGERS LUNG AT CAMERA*
[20:53] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: By the time this is over, nobody is gonna be wondering why Bowser doesn't come after me. All right! :D
[20:53] <@jeffprObst> FOR SOME, THEY CALL THIS HOME.
[20:53] <+MrsWeather> Welcome to the first day of school! :) *hands out syllabus* First things first, I will ruin your GPAs bitches
[20:53] <+Flo|> (lunge)
[20:53] * BernieSanders smiles to the camera
[20:53] <+MrsWeather> Also I'm really lazy so we'll be watching tooooons of films
[20:53] <+BernieSanders> POLITICAL REVOLUTION
[20:53] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Hi.
[20:54] <+JadenSmith> Anyone Born On This Planet Should Have A Planetary Citizenship Enabling Them To Freely Explore There Home
[20:54] <+TedCruz> CONF: I am EXACTLY the type of COURAGEOUS CONSERVATIVE that Ovivor needs! A contestant for the people, by the people... um, with the people? Not the Muslims, but like, the REAL people!
[20:54] <@jeffprObst> THE ANIMALS
[20:54] <+MrsWeather> stop screaming in my class @bernie lil bitch
[20:54] <+Hurley> .
[20:54] <@jeffprObst> THE BLISTERING HEAT
[20:54] <@jeffprObst> THE STARVATION
[20:54] <+Hurley> .
[20:54] <+Hurley> .
[20:54] <@jeffprObst> BUT WORST OF ALL... EACH OTHER.
[20:54] <+MrsWeather> Not afraid to expel all of you.
[20:54] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: This won't be my first! Throwback.
[20:54] <@jeffprObst> 21 DAYS.
[20:54] <+MrsWeather> CSI? Don't test me. I will send you.
[20:54] <@jeffprObst> 14 PEOPLE.
[20:54] <@jeffprObst> 1. OVIVOR!
[20:54] <@jeffprObst> ~~~~~~~~~
[20:54] <+PrincessDaisy> Hi, I'm Daisy! :) @MrsWeather
[20:54] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[20:54] <+JennaMaroney> CONF: I am ready to play. As an esteemed actress, I am ready to dominate.
[20:54] <@jeffprObst> *boats pull up*
[20:54] * JennaMaroney struts in
[20:54] <+TedCruz> Why, thank you, Jeff.
[20:54] * Age_Of_Alecia walks in, and falls over
[20:54] <+Flo|> *hops off the boat*
[20:54] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Hello, Jeff, nice to see you.
[20:54] * Peih-Gee| steps off of the boat
[20:54] <+JadenSmith> Everybody Get Of Your Phones And Go Do What You Actually Wanna Do
[20:54] <+TedCruz> God bless you, and God bless America.
[20:54] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Oopsies!
[20:54] <+MrsWeather> Hey losers
[20:54] <HelloKatya> greetings, comrades!
[20:54] <@jeffprObst> Alright, here's how this is gonna work.
[20:55] * Peih-Gee| stands with her hips cocked to the side
[20:55] * TedCruz stands awkwardly
[20:55] <+JadenSmith> #Jennifer #Lawrence
[20:55] * PrincessDaisy leaps off boat
[20:55] <+Peih-Gee|> I'm ready.
[20:55] <@jeffprObst> You guys are gonna split into 2 tribes, and then we'll begin our first challenge.
[20:55] <+BernieSanders> HAS NO REAL POLICIES
[20:55] <+Hurley> CONF: This is so awesome! Finally I am on a island and I don't have to afraid polar bears and black smokes!
[20:55] <+TedCruz> Now, Bernie, there's no need to yell!
[20:55] <@jeffprObst> When I call your name, you are on "SINHALA."
[20:55] <@jeffprObst> You will wear PURPLE buffs.
[20:55] <+Meghan> i love purple
[20:55] <+MrsWeather> (CONF) I work in some shitty alabama high school teaching braindead fools how do to Algebra. But I'm really a star I promiseeeee
[20:55] <+ShiiAnnHuang> CONF: It's so nice to be back around these... interesting people.
[20:55] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Purple is my favorite color!
[20:55] <+MinionMom> SINhala? I never sin........At least i try not to!
[20:55] <HelloKatya> I want the RED one
[20:55] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Well
[20:55] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Pink is too.
[20:55] <+TedCruz> Just because you're a Muslim-loving husk who is going to Hell in a knock-off Gucci handbag doesn't mean you can attack my character.
[20:55] <+Age_Of_Alecia> So is red
[20:55] <HelloKatya> is there a red tribe?
[20:55] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: When it comes to beauty, there's no denying Daisy is fairest of all! There's no need to battle.
[20:55] <+Age_Of_Alecia> and blue
[20:55] <+MinionMom> Jesus's Promise makes it really easy!
[20:55] <+MrsWeather> here to fuck up all your GPAs
[20:55] <@jeffprObst> Bernie, Shii-Ann, Ted, Alecia, Minion, Mrs.Weather and PrincessDaisy.
[20:55] <+MrsWeather> 4.00 to a 2.33 no problem
[20:55] <+MrsWeather> i will ruin you
[20:55] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Purple would be nice; to remind me of my SHITTY Sook Jai past.
[20:55] <+JadenSmith> I Encourage You All To Unfollow Me So I Can Be Left With The People Who Actually Appreciate Philosophy And Poetry
[20:56] <+MrsWeather> @jeff
[20:56] <+TedCruz> Now, MinionMom, that's the kind of woman I can GET BEHIND.
[20:56] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Nice.
[20:56] <+TedCruz> Not in a sexual manner, of course.
[20:56] <@jeffprObst> The rest of you are on TAMIL.
[20:56] <HelloKatya> yes I'm on the RED tribe
[20:56] <+TedCruz> Only missionary position for me, yessiree.
[20:56] <@jeffprObst> You will always wear YELLOW.
[20:56] <HelloKatya> right?
[20:56] <@jeffprObst> That is...
[20:56] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Oh boy! I think our team will be the BEST OF FRIENDS <3
[20:56] <HelloKatya> AW SHIT
[20:56] <@jeffprObst> Jenna, Meghan, PG, Hurley, Flo, JAden, and Katya.
[20:56] <+Hurley> TAMIL, DUDE! THAT'S COOL!
[20:56] <+Peih-Gee|> Interesting.
[20:56] <+JennaMaroney> Yellow is my best color.
[20:56] <@jeffprObst> FOR NOW - JOIN YOUR TRIBE CHATS. #Sinhala and #Tamil
[20:56] <+Hurley> #Tamil
[20:56] <+Peih-Gee|> I think I'm on the losing tribe. Just seeing, like, half the people want to just stand around and talk about the most ridiculous stuff I've ever heard. I can't connect to the wackiness out here. Like, I mean I can probably do it at home, but I just... I feel so serious.
[20:56] <@jeffprObst> IDOLS WILL BE POSTED THERE.
[20:56] <+TedCruz> Sinhala... is that an A-rab name
[20:56] <+Hurley> lol
[20:56] == jeffprObst [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 43.0.2/20151221130713]]
[20:56] <+JennaMaroney> Along with orange, blue, green, purple, red, brown, black, pink, and white.
[20:56] <@cOnfessionals> whoops
[20:57] <@cOnfessionals> give me a sec
[20:57] <+JennaMaroney> Essentially, I look good in everything.
[20:57] == jeffprObst [] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[20:57] <jeffprObst> .
[20:57] <jeffprObst> oops
[20:57] <+MrsWeather> (CONF) Naturally all of the retards are placed into my classroom hmm
[20:58] <jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[20:58] <jeffprObst> Ready to get to your first immunity challenge?
[20:58] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+o jeffprObst] by cOnfessionals
[20:58] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Sure.
[20:58] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v HelloKatya] by cOnfessionals
[20:58] * JadenSmith Looks At PG
[20:58] <+JadenSmith> You Must Not Know Fashion
[20:58] <+PrincessDaisy> Aw, brutal! @MrsWeather
[20:58] * PrincessDaisy cracks knuckles
[20:58] <+HelloKatya> not really
[20:58] <+MrsWeather> no
[20:58] <+Peih-Gee|> (CONF): This season is troublesome for me. After getting fifth place in Survivor: China and eighteenth in Cambodia, I'm nervous about getting out even earlier.
[20:58] <+MrsWeather> BUT WHO IS READY FOR A POP QUIZ! :) :) :)
[20:58] <+TedCruz> I am ready. Just like this great nation is ready for a new wave of COURAGEOUS CONSERVATIVES.
[20:58] <+MrsWeather> nobody i know
[20:58] <+HelloKatya> I haven't finished my Cuban cigar excuse me
[20:58] <+MrsWeather> failing all of youuuu
[20:58] <+TedCruz> Yes, my voice may be a bit funny.
[20:58] <+Peih-Gee|> (CONF): But I know one thing. This season, I'm bringing in the Law.
[20:58] <+MrsWeather> *passes out quiz*
[20:58] <@jeffprObst> Today's challenge is called "cryptogram." You will get a link to a custom cryptogram. (A=1, B=2, etc.) Then, I'll post the NUMBERS and it is your job to translate it to the letters.
[20:58] <+HelloKatya> *EXPECTORATES LOUDLY*
[20:58] <+TedCruz> And my face may be very ugly.
[20:59] <+MrsWeather> enjoy ^_^
[20:59] <@jeffprObst> The answer will be a location in Sri Lanka.
[20:59] <+TedCruz> And my personality may leave a lot to be desired.
[20:59] <+TedCruz> But, by golly, elect me anywy?
[20:59] <+HelloKatya> what the hell is a scriptogram?
[20:59] <@jeffprObst> Understood? This is the cryptogram:
[20:59] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Oh boy!
[20:59] <+PrincessDaisy> What's up? I'm new, but golf is my thing! And I'll go toe-to-toe to prove it.
[20:59] <+MinionMom> Oh.....Challenges? Working hard is overrated...
[20:59] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I love word puzzles!
[20:59] <+HelloKatya> I'm pretty sure they don't have those in mother russia
[20:59] <+HelloKatya> oh
[20:59] <+HelloKatya> nevermind
[20:59] <+HelloKatya> we do
[20:59] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I'm kind of a mental giant, you know? ;)
[20:59] <@jeffprObst> ROUND ONE.
[20:59] <+HelloKatya> But guys, I have an idea
[20:59] <+MrsWeather> uhm
[20:59] <+Peih-Gee|> I'm ready.
[20:59] <+MrsWeather> excuse me
[20:59] <+Peih-Gee|> Let's go Tamil!
[20:59] <+MrsWeather> do my pop quiz
[20:59] <@jeffprObst> 14, 11, 21, 11, 2, 17 | 8, 10, 23, 1, 17
[21:00] <+MrsWeather> not this dumb challenge
[21:00] <+TedCruz> Hm. Now, I'm not the smartest. I'm a blue collar kind of guy. Definitely not a career politician, despite what my seat in Congress would suggest.
[21:00] <@jeffprObst> | indicates a new word.
[21:00] <+HelloKatya> Why don't we all throw the challenge and
[21:00] <+JadenSmith> You Think You Get It. YOU DONT YOU DONT YOU DONT!!!!!!!
[21:00] <+TedCruz> But I'll try my best, like the greatest Americans do.
[21:00] <+HelloKatya> Split the money equally between all of us?
[21:00] <+JadenSmith> @ Other tribe
[21:00] <+MinionMom> @My Tribe!!!!
[21:00] <+MinionMom> Im a 42 year old mama slayving over whats left of her life.......Nothing for me.....
[21:00] <+HelloKatya> no?
[21:00] <+MrsWeather> MinionMom
[21:00] <+Peih-Gee|> NUWURA ELIYA
[21:00] <+PrincessDaisy> We're ALL superstars! ;)
[21:00] <@jeffprObst> There will be 5 rounds.
[21:00] <+HelloKatya> No one agrees?
[21:00] <+TedCruz> Nuwara eliya
[21:00] <@jeffprObst> PEIH GEE GETS IT.
[21:00] <+MrsWeather> this isn't take your grandma to work day
[21:00] <+TedCruz> Aw, shucks.
[21:00] <+PrincessDaisy> Here comes Daisy.
[21:00] <+MrsWeather> get the hell out of my classroom bitch
[21:00] <+Peih-Gee|> Yes!
[21:00] <+TedCruz> Looks like ol' Ted goofed up a bit.
[21:00] <+MrsWeather> you're not invited.
[21:01] <+BernieSanders> GOOD OL TED
[21:01] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Ahaha that was just a warm up!
[21:01] == cOnfessionals changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: SINHALA:
[21:01] <+BernieSanders> GOOD JOB, DIPSHIT
[21:01] <@cOnfessionals> oop
[21:01] <+TedCruz> I destroy healthcare for NONworking families, Bernie.
[21:01] <+TedCruz> Why don't you go smoke marijuana drugs or something?
[21:01] <+Peih-Gee|> (CONF): Luckily, I got straight As in every class I ever took. This includes a college course over secret codes of the ancient world. I can decode any military document you want!
[21:01] <+Hurley> CONF: Dude, she is fast.
[21:01] == cOnfessionals changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: SINHALA:
[21:01] <+MrsWeather> only outside of school! @ted
[21:01] <@cOnfessionals> why is that not working lol
[21:01] <+BernieSanders> oops
[21:01] <+BernieSanders> sorry
[21:01] <@jeffprObst> Anyway
[21:01] <+ShiiAnnHuang> CONF: I was damn close, but Peih-Gee got it.
[21:01] <+BernieSanders> POLITICAL REVOLUTION
[21:02] <@jeffprObst> NEXT ROUND.
[21:02] <+PrincessDaisy> Daw! :(
[21:02] <+TedCruz> No, never. Marijuana is evil. Blunts are the Devil's penis!
[21:02] <+Peih-Gee|> But I'm on Tamil
[21:02] <+TedCruz> Well... figuratively.
[21:02] <@jeffprObst> 24, 8, 8, 16, 11, 21, 17
[21:02] * JadenSmith Sits In Front Of The Camera Man And Sips Wine
[21:02] <+JadenSmith> Water In The Eyes And Alcohol In The Eyes Are Pretty Much The Same I Know This From First Hand Experience.
[21:02] <+TedCruz> seeduwa
[21:02] <@cOnfessionals> (oops yeah tamil)
[21:02] <+BernieSanders> SEEDWA
[21:02] == MinionMom changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: SINHALA: Bernie, Shii-Ann, Ted, Alecia, Minion, Mrs.Weather and PrincessDaisy | TAMIL: Jenna, Meghan, PG, Hurley, Flo, JAden, and Katya
[21:02] <+Peih-Gee|> SEEDUWA
[21:02] <+BernieSanders> SEEDUWA!
[21:03] <+ShiiAnnHuang> :)
[21:03] <+Peih-Gee|> SEEDJA
[21:03] <+Age_Of_Alecia> seedwua
[21:03] <@jeffprObst> Seeduwa is correct!
[21:03] <+Hurley> SEEDUWA.
[21:03] <+MrsWeather> be more proactive
[21:03] <+Meghan> o
[21:03] <@jeffprObst> PG SCORES AGAIN!
[21:03] <+TedCruz> Wait!
[21:03] <@jeffprObst> FOR REFERENCE:
[21:03] <+Age_Of_Alecia> What?
[21:03] <@jeffprObst> SINHALA: Bernie, Shii-Ann, Ted, Alecia, Minion, Mrs.Weather, Daisy ||| TAMIL: Jenna, Meghan, PG, Hurley, Flo, Jaden, Katya.
[21:03] <+ShiiAnnHuang> ted got it
[21:03] <+MrsWeather> everyone's getting an F in effort if we dont win! -_-
[21:03] <@jeffprObst> TAMIL IS AT 2.
[21:03] <+Meghan> did the challenge start
[21:03] <+TedCruz> I believe that I, Ted Cruz, said it before her!
[21:03] <+MrsWeather> JUST SAYING
[21:03] <+BernieSanders> (that was ted but w/e)
[21:03] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Ted got it way earlier.
[21:03] <@jeffprObst> ted cruz * whoops
[21:03] <+ShiiAnnHuang> ^
[21:03] <+TedCruz> Look at this
[21:03] <+JennaMaroney> Go team.
[21:03] <@jeffprObst> sorry I hate republicans
[21:03] <+TedCruz> Another instance of the liberal media trying to bring me down!
[21:03] <@jeffprObst> 1 - 1.
[21:03] <+Peih-Gee|> There is no 21 on the cryptogram though...
[21:03] <+Peih-Gee|> U is 11
[21:03] <+PrincessDaisy> Woo! Not too bad! Let's get em girls.
[21:03] <+ShiiAnnHuang> It's ok Jeff xx
[21:03] <+TedCruz> They scrutinize me unfairly!
[21:03] <+BernieSanders> (sinhala is at two)
[21:03] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Goodness Jeff, you need to get your shit together haha! I hate republicans too but still!
[21:03] <+TedCruz> THIS IS NOT AMERICAN!
[21:03] <+BernieSanders> (sinhala is at two)
[21:03] <@jeffprObst> Look at the w.
[21:03] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Haha!
[21:03] <@jeffprObst> (PG is on TAmil)
[21:03] <+JennaMaroney> I haven't seen a team this proactve since my visits to the Laker's locker rooms!
[21:04] <+Peih-Gee|> hm.
[21:04] <@jeffprObst> (I made a mistake the first time, PG -> Ted. 1-1)
[21:04] <@jeffprObst> SINHALA: Bernie, Shii-Ann, Ted, Alecia, Minion, Mrs.Weather, Daisy ||| TAMIL: Jenna, Meghan, PG, Hurley, Flo, Jaden, Katya.
[21:04] <@jeffprObst> NETX ROUND.
[21:04] <+JennaMaroney> Slam dunk.
[21:04] <@jeffprObst> 6, 17, 14, 16, 1
[21:04] * JadenSmith Picks Up An Apple And Begins To Eat It
[21:04] <+JadenSmith> You Would Have To Eat 5 Apples Today To Get The Same Nutritional Value As An Apple From 1950. #Fallow
[21:04] <+BernieSanders> ([21:02] <@jeffprObst> SINHALA SCORES THE FIRST POINT.)
[21:04] <+MrsWeather> um ya
[21:04] <@jeffprObst> (I made a mistake the first time)
[21:04] <+Peih-Gee|> KANDY
[21:04] <@jeffprObst> (PG is on Tamil)
[21:04] <+TedCruz> kandy
[21:04] <+Meghan> im confused
[21:04] <+Age_Of_Alecia> kandy
[21:04] <+MinionMom> WtF Has the Govt been putting In our Food???????????? @JadenSmith
[21:04] <@jeffprObst> KANDY is correct. PG gets it and PG scores for Tamil again!
[21:04] <@jeffprObst> Sinhala is at 1 point. Tamil is at 2 points.
[21:04] <+Peih-Gee|> Let's go Tamil!
[21:04] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Damn~!
[21:04] <@jeffprObst> FOURTH ROUND.
[21:04] <+JennaMaroney> Go Peih-Gee!
[21:04] * Age_Of_Alecia kicks rock.
[21:04] <+TedCruz> CONF: It appears that this challenge is coming down to me against the Asian woman. Or one of them. Who can tell them apart, anyway
[21:04] <+MinionMom> Can You answer t othis...Establishment Haxxx? @TedCruz/BernieSanders
[21:04] <+MinionMom> #Trump 4 LYfe!
[21:04] <+MrsWeather> wow clap clap @some girl in my class who is basic
[21:04] <+Flo|> That feeling when Bernie's startin' to go senile and can't keep track of the score....
[21:04] <@jeffprObst> 2, 17, 25, 14, 17, 20, 11, 2, 17
[21:04] <+Hurley> CONF: Peih Gee is fast, dude! I apreaciate it!
[21:05] <+MrsWeather> Alyssa is it?
[21:05] <+MrsWeather> eh
[21:05] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: Who is this elusive Peih-Gee and why is she coming to snatch my crown? >:(
[21:05] <+MrsWeather> i dont care
[21:05] <+TedCruz> ratnapura
[21:05] <+MrsWeather> you're failing either way
[21:05] <+Age_Of_Alecia> ratnapura
[21:05] <+BernieSanders> RATNAPURA
[21:05] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Ha!
[21:05] <+Peih-Gee|> RATNAPURA
[21:05] <@jeffprObst> Ted gets it!
[21:05] <@jeffprObst> 2-2!
[21:05] <@jeffprObst> THIS IS THE FINAL ROUND.
[21:05] <@jeffprObst> FOR IMMUNITY.
[21:05] <+TedCruz> Tee hee hee HONK! I know a lot about geography! While the other kids smoked marijuana drugs, I stayed inside and studied@
[21:05] <+MrsWeather> me when i can smell students smoking weed in the bathroom lol #living
[21:05] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: I'm the Mario Party champion. Get it together girl... alright! *cheers*
[21:05] <+TedCruz> I am sad.
[21:05] <+TedCruz> Ha!
[21:05] <@jeffprObst> 13, 17, 25, 17, 2, 17
[21:05] <+JadenSmith> Dying Is MainStream #MONEY
[21:05] <+JadenSmith> When I Die. Then You Will Realize
[21:05] <+HelloKatya> ZAMOLODCHIKOVA
[21:05] <+MinionMom> matara
[21:05] <+JennaMaroney> matara
[21:05] <+BernieSanders> MATARA
[21:05] <+MrsWeather> honey you're nothing @jaden
[21:06] <+MrsWeather> life check
[21:06] <+Age_Of_Alecia> matara
[21:06] <+TedCruz> matar
[21:06] <+TedCruz> a
[21:06] <+MrsWeather> when you get 25000 dollars a year you'll release
[21:06] <@jeffprObst> MINIONMOM GETS IT
[21:06] <+HelloKatya> matar
[21:06] <+HelloKatya> cadela
[21:06] <+HelloKatya> burra
[21:06] <+MrsWeather> life fucks us in the ass
[21:06] <+Peih-Gee|> I tried, guys. :(
[21:06] <+TedCruz> Well done, my fellow COURAGEOUS CONSERVATIVE!
[21:06] <@jeffprObst> SINHALA WINS IMMUNITY!!!
[21:06] * Age_Of_Alecia tries to hug my tribe but nobody wants to
[21:06] <@jeffprObst> Congratulations guys, no Tribal for you tonight. *gives immunity idol to Sinhala*
[21:06] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Yes!!!
[21:06] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :(
[21:06] <+PrincessDaisy> WHOA YEAH!
[21:06] <+TedCruz> You have led our tribe, the tribe favored by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to VICTORY!
[21:06] <+MinionMom> Comingg In Clutch!!!!!! *Vroom Vroom* 😎
[21:06] * PrincessDaisy spin boosts
[21:06] <@jeffprObst> Tamil... I'm afraid I can't say the same. Tribal tonight.
[21:06] <+Flo|> ... :/
[21:06] * TedCruz awkwardly tries to embrace MinionMom
[21:06] <+TedCruz> Sorry, I've never touched a woman before.
[21:06] <+PrincessDaisy>
[21:07] <+TedCruz> My wife only lets me touch her on holidays.
[21:07] <+TedCruz> Every other year.
[21:07] <+TedCruz> Droppings?
[21:07] <+TedCruz> DROPPINGS!
[21:07] <+MinionMom> Im sorry Ted...Youre a nice guy...But I dont touch politicians with Unclean Hands!
[21:07] <+TedCruz> TEE HEE HEE HONK!
[21:07] <+JadenSmith> I Finna Pull Up To The Theater And Go See My Man Shia
[21:07] * JadenSmith gets in Limo, drives away
[21:07] <+TedCruz> That's another word for poop!
[21:07] <+TedCruz> HA!
[21:07] <+TedCruz> What a world we live in WHAT A WORLD.
[21:07] <+MrsWeather> So i guess I'll bump you up a grade for being a overachiever @mom
[21:07] <+MinionMom> #FightTheGROSSveremnent #TrumpTrumpTrump
[21:07] <+MinionMom> #3Cheers4Trump
[21:08] <@jeffprObst> (idols aren't working give me a sec)
[21:08] <+TedCruz> Hey, MinionMom, I'm a political outsider, too.
[21:08] <+TedCruz> I have a WAY better pro-life record than Trump.
[21:08] <+TedCruz> Say, I have a joke about Donald Trump.
[21:08] <+MinionMom> The minions agree with me....We need a BRIDGE to progresss!
[21:08] <+TedCruz> What does Donald Trump have when he's angry?
[21:08] <+MrsWeather> im pro whoever pays me better so
[21:08] <+TedCruz> A TRUMP-er tantrum!
[21:08] <+TedCruz> TEE HEE HEE HONK!
[21:08] * MinionMom stifles laugh
[21:09] <+TedCruz> Man, I am funny when someone scripts my jokes.
[21:09] == Hurley_ [b101ac36@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[21:09] <Hurley_> (Sorry, my internet flopped)

[21:09] == Hurley [bd0ade46@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[21:09] <+TedCruz> What I lack in handsomeness, or charm, or human decency, I make up for in my courageous conservativeness.
[21:09] <+BernieSanders> TED CRUZ
[21:09] <+BernieSanders> YOU LOOK LIKE A CANDLE MELTING
[21:09] <Hurley_> What I lose?
[21:09] <+BernieSanders> NOW SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP
[21:09] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: My tribe is more of a hot mess than PGP's existence in Mario Kart 8! I need to pull it together because right now, Daisy is NOT the best.
[21:09] <Hurley_> #Tamil
[21:10] <Hurley_> #join Tamil
[21:10] <+BernieSanders> POLITICAL REVOLUTION
[21:10] <+MrsWeather> ohmigod
[21:10] <+MrsWeather> i need coffie
[21:10] <+MrsWeather> *coffee
[21:10] <+Flo|> Hurley, do /join Tamil
[21:10] <+MrsWeather> fuck my students are annoying -_-
[21:10] <+MrsWeather> I'm talking to all of you btw
[21:10] <Hurley_> fsdgisaigaijskgasd
[21:10] <Hurley_> shhh
[21:10] <+Peih-Gee|> (CONF): We are not going to win any challenges if we don't have, like, a decent shelter.
[21:10] <+PrincessDaisy> Go get some them? Daisy is NOT your slave. @MrsWeather
[21:10] <@jeffprObst> ~ TRIBAL COUNCIL ~
[21:10] <+Peih-Gee|> (CONF): It is hard out here. Moreso than I ever imagined and I'm trying to get through it without being down about it.
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys.
[21:11] <+JadenSmith> Currently Working With Cody Simpson On His New Death Metal Project.
[21:11] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down and have a seat.
[21:11] <+Peih-Gee|> (CONF): Chicken won't give an opinion on how he thinks anything should be done. It's not worth anything to me if he chooses not to apply his strength.
[21:11] <+JadenSmith> #New #Sound #Album
[21:11] <Hurley_> (My internet is flopping, srry)
[21:11] <+HelloKatya> oooh, beautiful background jeffprObst
[21:12] <@jeffprObst> 0 votes so far
[21:13] <Hurley_> CONF: I really want to stay. I think I will do a good job if they give me a second chance. Dude, I'm a loser. ):
[21:14] <+MrsWeather> no @that font
[21:14] <+MrsWeather> stop
[21:14] <+MrsWeather> i only grade papers in blue/black ink
[21:14] <+MrsWeather> so change bitch
[21:14] <+MrsWeather> jeff pm
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> I have 1 vote
[21:15] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes
[21:15] <+PrincessDaisy> Are you insulting Daisy's infamous *color scheme*? Sit down. @MrsWeather
[21:15] <+PrincessDaisy>
[21:16] <+Peih-Gee|> Tribal Council is an interesting setting. Even more interesting when the host asks you questions.
[21:16] <+Peih-Gee|> What happened, Jeff?
[21:16] <+MrsWeather> daisy
[21:16] <@cOnfessionals> .
[21:16] <+Peih-Gee|> Did you start editing out questions to save time?
[21:16] <@cOnfessionals> Yes
[21:16] <+MrsWeather> put your phone away!
[21:16] <+Peih-Gee|> Just like the Final Tribal Council?
[21:16] <+MrsWeather> no texting in my class
[21:16] <+MrsWeather> who do you think you are
[21:16] == jeffprObst [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[21:16] <@cOnfessionals> coming back
[21:16] <@cOnfessionals> my thing just flopped
[21:16] <@cOnfessionals> send me votes as of now
[21:16] <+PrincessDaisy> I'm Daisy! :D Who are you again?
[21:16] <+PrincessDaisy> Daisy me rollin, they hatin.
[21:16] <+MrsWeather> your GPA is already horrific but i will make that 1.50 a 0.76
[21:16] * JadenSmith Takes A Moment To Appreciate His Surroundings
[21:17] <+MrsWeather> dont test me
[21:17] <Hurley_> .
[21:17] <+MinionMom> Is that a Rap song reference......? @Daisy
[21:17] <+JadenSmith> People Tell Me I'm An Old Soul, But I Will Be Young Forever
[21:17] <+MinionMom> Dont judge me God. I heard it on the radio w/ my kids!!!!!
[21:17] == jeffprObst [] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[21:17] <jeffprObst> .
[21:17] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+o jeffprObst] by cOnfessionals
[21:17] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v Hurley_] by cOnfessionals
[21:17] <+MinionMom> Evil stuff...Icant believe what these Upity Bl***cks are Making these days...
[21:17] <+JadenSmith> Stop Gossiping Reflect Internally You Will Find Yourself A Neglected Part Of Your Self.
[21:17] <+JadenSmith> @ MinionMom
[21:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:17] <+MinionMom> I can gossip all I want, Baby....... @JadenSmith
[21:17] <@jeffprObst> (Jenna, Meghan, Peih-Gee, Hurley, Flo, Jaden and Katya - send me or re-send me your votes.)
[21:17] <@jeffprObst> (I only had 2/7_
[21:18] <+MrsWeather> it's been a stressful day tbh, dealing with legit FIVE years olds
[21:18] <+MinionMom> After all...Thats what a 42 Year old Mama gotta do sometimes! Air out the #Dirty Laundry...
[21:18] <+MrsWeather> like what is this
[21:18] <+MrsWeather> I did not sign up for Pre-K
[21:18] <+MrsWeather> I was expecting sophomores!
[21:18] <+MrsWeather> btw i called your mom, you're grounded xo @daisy
[21:18] * JadenSmith Whips Very Hard
[21:18] <+MrsWeather> also *takes phone*
[21:18] <+JadenSmith> That Moment When You, "Whip" So Hard, You Tear A Ligament In Your Neck.
[21:18] <+MrsWeather> this is mine now :)
[21:18] <+MrsWeather> claim it in 5 days whoops ~
[21:19] <+PrincessDaisy> Hey sweetie, stop undermining the fact that I'm a strong, independent woman. Daisy aims for victory! @MrsWeather
[21:19] <@jeffprObst> 4 votes
[21:19] <+Hurley_> CONF: Well, before vote, I was thinking about what Jack said me one time. "Take easy, Hurley". Deep, dude. Deep.
[21:19] <@jeffprObst> Please send them if you have not already
[21:19] <+MinionMom> That Moment when U "Whip" so hard...............YOU GO TO HELL 😈😈😈😈 He is "There" for you if you want to do Sins.......
[21:19] <+MrsWeather> It's MISS Weather. I don't have a wrinkly old man.
[21:19] <+MrsWeather> Also no.
[21:19] <+MinionMom> Did U know "Whipping" is based off a drug maneuever, to produce CRACK cocaine?????
[21:19] <+MrsWeather> You're barely passing my class bitch, wait correction. It's a D-.
[21:19] <@jeffprObst> I NEED ONE MORE VOTE.
[21:20] <+MrsWeather> So enjoy ghetto community college :o
[21:20] <+JadenSmith> You Think You Get It. YOU DONT YOU DONT YOU DONT!!!!!!!
[21:20] <@jeffprObst> Hurley, Katya, PG, Jaden Jenna and Meghan have sent in votes.
[21:20] <+JadenSmith> @ MinionMom
[21:20] <@jeffprObst> Just need Flo
[21:20] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[21:20] <@jeffprObst> The votes are in.
[21:20] <@jeffprObst> Once the votes are read, the decision is final.
[21:20] <@jeffprObst> *grabs urn*
[21:20] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it now would be the time to do so.
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> ... Okay.
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> First vote.
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> Hurley.
[21:21] == SnowSpec [425774c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[21:21] <+Hurley_> CONF: Dude.
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> Hurley.
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote....
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:21] <@jeffprObst> Jenna.
[21:22] <+Peih-Gee|> That doesn't even make sense!
[21:22] <@jeffprObst> That's 2 votes Hurley, 1 vote Jenna.
[21:22] <+Peih-Gee|> At least Jenna helped us build the shelter.
[21:22] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[21:22] <+JennaMaroney> I'm shoked.
[21:22] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:22] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:22] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:22] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:22] <+MrsWeather> (CONF) glad minionmom homeschool her kids. dont want her snooty fat blobs in my classroom anyway
[21:22] <@jeffprObst>
[21:22] <+HelloKatya> Who is Jenna?
[21:22] <@jeffprObst> (rather long link)
[21:22] <@jeffprObst> Hurley.
[21:22] <@jeffprObst> .... 1st person voted out of Ovivor: Sri Lanka,
[21:22] <+BernieSanders> This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
[21:22] <@jeffprObst> Hurley.
[21:23] <+JadenSmith> Love Yourself, And Watch.
[21:23] <+JadenSmith> @Hurley
[21:23] <@jeffprObst> Hurley, you need to bring me your torch.
[21:23] <@jeffprObst> The tribe has spoken.
[21:23] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[21:23] <+JennaMaroney> Goodbye!
[21:23] <+JennaMaroney> We won't miss you!
[21:23] <+Peih-Gee|> Good.
[21:23] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [-v Hurley_] by jeffprObst
[21:23] <+Peih-Gee|> Maybe now we'll actually get some help around here.
[21:23] == cOnfessionals changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: SINHALA: Bernie, Shii-Ann, Ted, Alecia, Minion, Mrs.Weather and PrincessDaisy | TAMIL: Jenna, Meghan, PG, Flo, JAden, and Katya
[21:24] <+Peih-Gee|> (CONF): Jenna and I work pretty well together. We both kinda do it in different ways. So if anything, we're... we're not being competitive about, like, who can be, like, leader.
[21:24] <+MrsWeather> (CONF) you can't judge me for mixing my morning coffee with cherry vodka, do you SEE the freaks i have to teach??
[21:24] <@jeffprObst> SECOND CHALLENGE SOON
[21:24] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: I'm educating my tribe on this new movement called #Daisy4DlC. C'mon!
[21:25] <+Meghan> so ill go get water
[21:25] <+MrsWeather> um
[21:25] <+MrsWeather> sweetie
[21:25] <+Meghan> *walks out to get water*
[21:25] <+MrsWeather> no
[21:25] <+MrsWeather> @daisy
[21:25] * JadenSmith Sits All By Maaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh Sayulf
[21:25] == Hurley [bd0adeb7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[21:25] <+JadenSmith> Peopel Tell Me To Smile I Tell Them The Lack Of Emotion In My Face Doesn't Mean I'm Unhappy
[21:25] <+MrsWeather> sit down and study your notes, it's the best you could do
[21:25] <Hurley> (again ¬¬)
[21:25] <+MinionMom> I never let my kids play VIolent video games......
[21:25] <+Peih-Gee|> (you got voted out)
[21:25] <Hurley> (someone can send me the votes?)
[21:25] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: MrsWeather is on my case. Yeah, too bad for her! What can you expect when you're a superstar? ^-^
[21:25] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: MrsWeather is on my case. Yeah, too bad for her! What can you expect when you're a superstar? ^-^
[21:25] <@jeffprObst> (hurley you got voted out, sorry :()
[21:25] <Hurley> (oh)
[21:25] <+TedCruz> Violent video games are Satan's way of making your kids act in hardcore BDSM porn movies HE CREATES.
[21:25] <Hurley> (okay)
[21:25] <+TedCruz> Those movies being those video games.
[21:25] == Hurley_ [b101ac36@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[21:25] <+Peih-Gee|> I feel like we're going to do a great job this time! This Tribe is going to benefit by that loss.
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> Test
[21:26] <+Peih-Gee|> Everything happens for a reason.
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> COME ON IN, GUYS!
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> Ready for your next immunity challenge?
[21:26] == PopcornEater [425774c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[21:26] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Another day, another battle. All's fair in love, war and sur
[21:26] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Survivor.*
[21:26] <+PrincessDaisy> After this is over, can we have a party in Sarasaland? I'm hosting! Woopee!
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> This challenge is called "Tower of Hanoi."
[21:26] <+MinionMom> .
[21:26] <+MinionMom> .
[21:26] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Oh boy! Another challenge for me to beast!
[21:26] <PopcornEater> *eats popcorn and watches the drama*
[21:26] <+MinionMom> .
[21:26] <+TedCruz> Is that an ethnic name, Hanoi?
[21:26] <+TedCruz> I don't know how I feel about that.
[21:26] * JadenSmith Stares Into Space
[21:26] <+JadenSmith> If I Was Moises Where Would I Be?
[21:26] <+MrsWeather> (this rp >)
[21:26] <+MinionMom> im So Far behind the Chat.......Do I need to call my Son to hel pme out? I dont Trust IT men...Theyre all from India
[21:26] <@jeffprObst> The Tower of Hanoi is a game that dates back in Asian culture for thousands of years.
[21:26] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Not racist at all....
[21:27] <+TedCruz> Oh... ew... I mean... interesting?
[21:27] <@jeffprObst> There is a story about an Indian temple in Kashi Vishwanath which contains a large room with three time-worn posts in it surrounded by 64 golden disks.
[21:27] <+TedCruz> I love Asian culture.
[21:27] <PopcornEater> *watches*
[21:27] <+TedCruz> PF Changs
[21:27] <+MinionMom> Asians?????? My daughter Married an asian man. Very nice guy.
[21:27] <+MinionMom> But he says his names Sean.......I dont believe him
[21:27] <@jeffprObst> If the legend were true, and if the priests were able to move disks at a rate of one per second, using the smallest number of moves, it would take them 264−1 seconds or roughly 585 billion years or 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 turns to finish, or about 127 times the current age of the sun.
[21:27] <+MinionMom> Its probably something like, Tang Tang Ting.
[21:27] <+Peih-Gee|> I'm great at the Tower of Hanoi! My parents used to make me play it when I was a little girl.
[21:27] <+MinionMom> Im just saying! #FreeSpeech
[21:27] <+Flo|> Kinda lost me there, Jeff.
[21:27] <+MrsWeather> I'm just too fab for myself to handle
[21:27] <@jeffprObst> When I give you a link to the Tower of Hanoi simulator, you will change the number of pieces to FIVE. Once you finish, screenshot it and post it here.
[21:27] <+JadenSmith> "Jaden, Where Can We Expect You To Be In 5 Years?" " Gone."
[21:27] == SnowSpec [425774c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[21:27] <@jeffprObst> The first team to do so will win immunity.
[21:27] <@jeffprObst> Ready?
[21:27] <+TedCruz> Yes!
[21:27] <+TedCruz> I love puzzles!
[21:28] <+Flo|> Ready.
[21:28] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Of course!
[21:28] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Ready!
[21:28] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Wait
[21:28] <+TedCruz> Whenever I feel like having sex with my wife
[21:28] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I'm not good at puzzles.
[21:28] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :[
[21:28] <@jeffprObst> ? @alecia
[21:28] * Age_Of_Alecia sulks
[21:28] <@jeffprObst> o
[21:28] <+TedCruz> she just suggests we sit down and do a puzzle instead@
[21:28] <@jeffprObst> GO!!!!!!!!!
[21:28] <+TedCruz> It's awesome!
[21:29] <+BernieSanders>
[21:29] <+BernieSanders> !!
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> BERNIE GETS IT.
[21:29] <PopcornEater> *eats the popcorn
[21:29] <@jeffprObst> SINHALA WINS IMMUNITY AGAIN!
[21:29] <+Peih-Gee|> (when there's an autosolve feature)
[21:29] <+MinionMom> I was always the Best at puzzles on Gamew Night.....
[21:30] <@jeffprObst> (o is there)
[21:30] <+PrincessDaisy> Aw, shucks! I was too slow! -_-
[21:30] <+Peih-Gee|> (yes)
[21:30] <+TedCruz> Well, Bernie, I hate to admit it, but you did it.
[21:30] <+Peih-Gee|> (there is a solve button)
[21:30] == Hurley [bd0adeb7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[21:30] <+TedCruz> I will shake your hand, albeit hesitantly.
[21:30] <+PrincessDaisy> Better luck next time, babe.
[21:30] <+Peih-Gee|> I would say good game, but I don't honor CHEATERS.
[21:30] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Yes!
[21:30] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Another challenge I totally beasted!
[21:30] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Good job me!
[21:30] <@jeffprObst> Alright, idea
[21:30] <+Peih-Gee|> We play by the book. We follow the Law.
[21:30] <+Peih-Gee|> ;)
[21:30] * Age_Of_Alecia high fives myself
[21:30] <@jeffprObst> There will be 3 rounds.
[21:30] <+JadenSmith>
[21:30] <@jeffprObst> The stakes will go up with every round
[21:31] <@jeffprObst> Bernie scores for Sinhala
[21:31] <PopcornEater> *eats popcorn and watches*
[21:31] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Ugh!
[21:31] * Age_Of_Alecia ugh's loudly
[21:31] <+MrsWeather> go bernie i guess
[21:31] <@jeffprObst> This time, you'll add SIX pieces.
[21:31] <@jeffprObst> DO NOT USE THE AUTO SOLVE FEATURE.
[21:31] <@jeffprObst>
[21:31] <@jeffprObst> Go!
[21:32] <+Peih-Gee|>
[21:32] <+Age_Of_Alecia> The second highest piece keeps sticking
[21:32] * Age_Of_Alecia sobs hysterically
[21:32] <@jeffprObst> wow you definitely did that legitimately @pg
[21:32] <+Peih-Gee|> Totally!
[21:32] <@jeffprObst> I can do sudoku :)
[21:32] <+Peih-Gee|> Unless, of course, you did a Tower of Hanoi WITHOUT an autosolve feature.
[21:33] <+JadenSmith> Whoever Hasn't Seen My New Music Video Should Probably Peep.🔺🔻🔺#Scarface
[21:33] <PopcornEater> *throws popcorn at PG to show I think she cheated*
[21:33] <+MrsWeather> honestly
[21:33] <+MrsWeather> if my students cheat
[21:33] <+MrsWeather> i dont give a fuck
[21:33] <+MrsWeather> just write an F and move on
[21:33] <+MrsWeather> it's my motto :)
[21:33] <+Age_Of_Alecia> The stupid thing won't move!
[21:33] <+MrsWeather> sliding y'all Fs day in day out
[21:34] <+Peih-Gee|>
[21:34] <+Peih-Gee|> (this one was legit!)
[21:34] <@jeffprObst> it is the same picture
[21:34] * JadenSmith Watches Finale Oaxaca
[21:34] <+JadenSmith> London You Are Not Ready, I'll See You At The Meet Up. |||
[21:34] <@jeffprObst> Both tribes struggling.
[21:34] <+Peih-Gee|> No it's not
[21:34] <@jeffprObst> YOU HAVE TO DIG DEEP.
[21:34] <PopcornEater> *boos PG and holds up a team Abi sign*
[21:34] <+MrsWeather> sit down
[21:34] <+Peih-Gee|> The link is different?
[21:34] <+MrsWeather> going to just
[21:35] <+MinionMom> (you could make it so they have to do it in more than 63 moves)
[21:35] <+MrsWeather> and sit my coffee (cherry vodka flavor)
[21:35] <+Peih-Gee|> the first link is MeqyoGN and the second and legitimate one is EafGot4
[21:35] <@jeffprObst> (well yeah that's how I can tell) @MinionMom
[21:35] <+Peih-Gee|> So...I think you need to check yourself?
[21:35] <PopcornEater> *holds a team Abi sign*
[21:35] <+Peih-Gee|> I knew you hated me. There was a reason you didn't bring me back for so many years.
[21:36] <+Meghan> :(
[21:36] * JadenSmith Wanders Into The Forest
[21:36] <+JadenSmith> Trees Are Never Sad Look At Them Once In Awhile They're Quite Beautiful.
[21:36] == HelloKatya_ [bb0ec21c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[21:36] <@jeffprObst> (katya is coming back)
[21:36] == HelloKatya [98eef26c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[21:36] <@jeffprObst> (Didn't expect this challenge to take so long -- since Sinhala clearly cheated in the first round, I WON'T count that. THIS ROUND IS THE FINAL ROUND.)
[21:36] <HelloKatya_> ahm back
[21:36] * Age_Of_Alecia sulks
[21:36] <+Meghan> wb
[21:37] <PopcornEater> *glares at PG*
[21:37] <+JennaMaroney> can we do like
[21:37] <@jeffprObst> (... so are you guys like trying it)
[21:37] <+JennaMaroney> (4 pieces pls)
[21:37] <+JennaMaroney> (or 3)
[21:38] <+JennaMaroney> (this is like impossible)
[21:38] <+Meghan> 2
[21:38] <@jeffprObst> okay
[21:38] <@jeffprObst> ~~
[21:38] <+MrsWeather> wow
[21:38] <+MrsWeather> weak
[21:38] <@jeffprObst> You CAN do 4, 5 or 6 pieces.
[21:38] <+MrsWeather> conforming to your students
[21:38] <+MrsWeather> W E A K
[21:38] <@jeffprObst> If you finish it and you have 6, that will still count.
[21:38] <+JadenSmith> (OHF pm)
[21:38] <+MrsWeather> ass teacher
[21:38] <@jeffprObst> (replied)
[21:38] <+TedCruz> damnit I finished 5 before I switched to 6
[21:39] <+MinionMom>
[21:39] <+MrsWeather> clap clap
[21:39] <+MinionMom>
[21:39] <+JadenSmith> QQR332
[21:39] <+JadenSmith> All Of Your Idols Are Going To Start Writing Their Own Articles, And These Uninformed "Journalists" Will Become Obsolete.
[21:39] <@jeffprObst> (scream @jaden)
[21:39] <+JadenSmith> @ My Fam
[21:39] <+Age_Of_Alecia> : o
[21:39] <@jeffprObst> MINIONMOM GETS IT!
[21:39] <PopcornEater> *throws popcorn at Jaden*
[21:39] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Minion Mom doing better than me in a MENTAL GIANT challenge?
[21:39] <+Flo|>
[21:39] <@jeffprObst> SINHALA WINS IMMUNITY
[21:39] <+Age_Of_Alecia> That's real determination!
[21:39] <+TedCruz> Okay!
[21:40] <+TedCruz> Good job whoever1
[21:40] <+MrsWeather> of course, your welcome @my students
[21:40] <+MinionMom> Oh shucks..........Calm down everyone, Im just a hard working American. Anyone can do it....
[21:40] * TedCruz throws away puzzle pieces, very visibly angry
[21:40] <@jeffprObst> (oh boy @ that)
[21:40] <+MrsWeather> me passing on my knowledge to mom allows us to win
[21:40] <+BernieSanders> YEAH WE WON
[21:40] <@jeffprObst> Tamil - back to tribal council for you.
[21:40] <HelloKatya_> #Tamil
[21:40] <+TedCruz> Luckily... it's not like you have to solve difficult puzzles in high-pressure situations as the president... tee hee hee HONK.
[21:40] <@jeffprObst> (YOU HAVE 5 MINUTES TO STRATEGIZE)
[21:40] <+JadenSmith> I Really Dislike When All The Pretty Girls Hangout At Once • • • #CauseImNeverThere
[21:40] <+BernieSanders> WE WON THE CAUCUS
[21:40] <+BernieSanders> WE DID
[21:40] <+BernieSanders> IT
[21:40] <+BernieSanders> POLTICAL REVOLUTION
[21:41] == Flo| has changed nick to FloMoscani
JadenSmith Yeah Your Girl Is Bad But She Doesn't Smile. @ Bernie
MinionMom 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
=-= Mode #OvivorSriLanka +v HelloKatya_ by jeffprObst
MrsWeather *sips cherry vodka / coffee and frowns*
BernieSanders (CONF) Is that what the kids say these days?
JadenSmith "Every Rich Kid Has A Sweet 16 So Why Didn't We Hear About Jaden's?" OHH Wait He Didn't Have One!
JadenSmith Breaks Down Like A Keurig
jeffprObst Come on in, guys.
jeffprObst Set your torches down and take a seat.
jeffprObst ALL - Are you expecting a swap? How does it feel to lose twice in a row? Can you bounce back from this loss?
-->| SnowSpec (425774c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #OvivorSriLanka
JadenSmith I Scare People Away
Peih-Gee| It reminds me of my time on Ta Keo. Filled with people that weren't sure of what they were doing but were glad to be back on the show.
MrsWeather daisy
JadenSmith Looks At His Tribe
Peih-Gee| I'm thinking a swap will come soon, surely.
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MrsWeather by the way you are super gross and disgusting and probably my least favorite student i've had in the past fifteen years
|<-- cOnfessionals has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
MrsWeather so gj
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TedCruz .
=-= Mode #OvivorSriLanka +o cOnfessionals by jeffprObst
Age_Of_Alecia RIP?

[21:43] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:43] <@jeffprObst> (No votes so far)
[21:44] == PopcornEater [425774c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[21:44] <+JennaMaroney> ,
[21:44] <OvivorSuperFan> *watches*
[21:44] <+MrsWeather> My names not Wendy Weather for nothing? Here to hurricane your chances of getting into your dream colleges ~
[21:44] == Meghan [490fbf36@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[21:45] <OvivorSuperFan> *holds up a I LOVE JEFF SIGN*
[21:45] == MinionMom [60ea9345@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[21:45] <+JadenSmith> .
[21:45] <+FloMoscani|> ...
[21:45] <+MrsWeather> um?
[21:46] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:46] <@jeffprObst> (some people are having trouble with webchat js)
[21:46] <+MrsWeather> why'd they both leave
[21:46] <+MrsWeather> skipping class -_- ?!
[21:46] <@cOnfessionals> (they're coming back)
[21:46] <+BernieSanders> (CONF) I was told by my PR Team that that was a "meme". Am I doing it right?
[21:46] <+MrsWeather> CSI @them
[21:46] == SnowSpec [425774c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[21:46] <+Age_Of_Alecia> .
[21:46] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: Now is the time to make an ANNOUNCEMENT on live television.
[21:46] <+Peih-Gee|> (CONF): Tonight's a rough night. I don't want this person to go...she's very nice, but she has to.
[21:46] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: Nintendo, I hope you're hearing this.
[21:46] == JennaMaroney [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[21:46] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Hello?
[21:46] <+Peih-Gee|> (there's literally three men in the cast)
[21:46] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Am I alive?
[21:46] == Meghan [490fbf36@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[21:46] == MinionMom_ [60ea9345@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[21:46] <Meghan> hi am i still in
[21:46] <@jeffprObst> wb
[21:46] <+TedCruz> (there WERE four)
[21:46] <+JadenSmith> .
[21:47] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: Because you ARE going to put me in the next Smash Bros game, and you're gonna like it! >:D
[21:47] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v Meghan] by jeffprObst
[21:47] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v MinionMom_] by jeffprObst
[21:47] == OvivorSuperFan_ [425774c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[21:47] == JennaMaroney [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[21:47] <JennaMaroney> I'm back!
[21:47] <+MinionMom_> Thankx Jeff........
[21:47] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+v JennaMaroney] by jeffprObst
[21:47] <+JennaMaroney> I know I was missed dearly.
[21:47] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: #Daisy4DLC #Daisy4Free
[21:47] * JadenSmith Coutns The Peopel Who Left
[21:47] <+JadenSmith> That Moment When You Can't Sleep Soo You Start Doing Math.
[21:47] <@jeffprObst> Jenna, Meghan, PG, Flo, Jaden and Katya - vote.
[21:47] <@jeffprObst> I have votes from Jaden + Flo.
[21:47] <+Meghan> ok
[21:47] <+PrincessDaisy> Hi, I'm Daisy! :-) @Jenna
[21:47] <OvivorSuperFan_> *holds up a I still love Jeff Sign*
[21:47] <+JadenSmith> .
[21:48] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Oh, I am still alive!
[21:48] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Yay!
[21:48] * Age_Of_Alecia runs back to camp
[21:48] <@jeffprObst> I have 2 votes!!
[21:48] <@jeffprObst> Please vote
[21:48] <+MrsWeather> Midterms are soon, study your butts off :)
[21:48] <+JadenSmith> Swerve
[21:48] <+MrsWeather> or dont
[21:48] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: Pfftt, that Jenna girl thinking she's hilarious ignoring me. Try again sweetheart.
[21:48] <+MrsWeather> either way you're failing
[21:48] <@jeffprObst> Jenna, PG, Katya and Meghan -- VOTE.
[21:48] <+PrincessDaisy> I'm too busy working on my tan! @MrsWeather
[21:49] <+Meghan> voted
[21:49] <+JadenSmith> Instagram Is Not The Answer. 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
[21:49] <+PrincessDaisy> MP3Art.PNG Goals.
[21:49] <+JadenSmith> (I'm going to hell for that joke I'm so sorry)
[21:49] == OvivorSuperFan [425774c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[21:49] <OvivorSuperFan_> H
[21:49] <@jeffprObst> Katya vote
[21:49] <+MinionMom_> Kids committing suiside thes edays due to LIEberal #Music tellig them too...
[21:49] <+MrsWeather> stricking out @daisy
[21:49] <+MrsWeather> you're not going anywhere in life sweetie
[21:49] <+MrsWeather> js :)
[21:50] <@jeffprObst> KATYA PG SHII ANN vote
[21:50] <+MrsWeather> Shii Ann is on my tribe.
[21:50] <+ShiiAnnHuang> ???
[21:50] <+MrsWeather> damn you're retared
[21:50] <+BernieSanders> Maybe that's why you got stuck with that lame husband, MinionMom_
[21:50] <+MrsWeather> yes
[21:50] <+MinionMom_> #Fact: ALL pop songs, when BACKWARDS, are messages to #Satan, or a BUDIST HIGHER POWER, Not God.....
[21:50] <+MrsWeather> jam with mee
[21:50] <+JadenSmith> Whenever You Disagree With Somebody Just Remember The Dress And Accept That You Guys Are SEEING Two Different Things.
[21:50] <+JadenSmith> : )
[21:51] <+JennaMaroney> CONF: I hpe my tribe doesn't vote me out due to physical imperfectons. I have an eye that doesn't open all the way because my sister peed in it when I was a child, but hopefully they see what's on the inside of me: a soul-sucking monster.
[21:51] <@jeffprObst> Still missing 50% of the votes
[21:51] <+MinionMom_> That doesn't even make sense, @BernieSanders
[21:51] <+MrsWeather> so #gossiptime
[21:51] <+MrsWeather> apparently Susie broke up with Austin! :o
[21:51] <@jeffprObst> Shii Ann, PG, Katya vote please
[21:51] <+JadenSmith> Stop Gossiping Reflect Internally You Will Find Yourself A Neglected Part Of Your Self.
[21:51] <+MrsWeather> She's a lil hoe though, she it'll do him good.
[21:51] <+JadenSmith> @ MrsWeather
[21:51] <+MrsWeather> Plus her grades? They're shit.
[21:52] <+JennaMaroney> (shii ann isn't on our tribe)
[21:52] <+PrincessDaisy> MrsWeather, sit your pasty behind down. You're just mad you'll never have golden skin like me! I think it's best tho, since if you tried to get one it'd look more like you've been rolling around in Doritos.
[21:52] <+MrsWeather> Stop living in the shadow of your father. @Jaden
[21:52] <+JadenSmith> If Everybody In The World Dropped Out Of School We Would Have A Much More Intelligent Society
[21:52] <+JadenSmith> @ MrsWeather
[21:52] <+MrsWeather> I'm actually half columbian @Daisy
[21:52] <+PrincessDaisy> I give your style game an F.
[21:52] <+MrsWeather> but okay
[21:52] <+MrsWeather> Continue talking as I call school security on you :)
[21:52] <+JadenSmith> School Is The Tool To Brainwash The Youth
[21:52] <@jeffprObst> PG voted
[21:52] <@jeffprObst> Katya + Shii Ann vote or you get self votes
[21:52] <+PrincessDaisy> You won't teach me anything I don't already know :*
[21:53] <+JadenSmith> (shii ann isnt on our tribe)
[21:53] <+JennaMaroney> (shii ann isn't on our tribe)
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> whoops
[21:53] <+ShiiAnnHuang> (im not on tamil)
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> Katya *** vote
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> or you get a self vote
[21:53] <+PrincessDaisy> Brushing off these haters like.
[21:53] <+JadenSmith> Shia Labeouf Is Life.
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> ~
[21:53] <+Peih-Gee|> It's about damn time!
[21:53] <+MrsWeather> you're as basic as it comes @daisy
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:53] <+MrsWeather> living in the shadows of peach
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> Katya [self-vote]
[21:53] <+MrsWeather> goodluck
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[21:53] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:54] <@jeffprObst>
[21:54] == OvivorSuperFan_ [425774c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> Jaden
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[21:54] * JadenSmith Stares Into Space
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> ..
[21:54] <+PrincessDaisy> I don't know who that is, sorry.
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> ..
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> Katya.
[21:54] <+JadenSmith> The Great Gatsby Is One Of The Greatest Movies Of All Time, Coachella.
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Katya, 1 vote Jaden
[21:54] <+JadenSmith> @ My Fam
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:54] <+JadenSmith> (no parchment?)
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:54] <@jeffprObst>
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> (nope)
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> Katya.
[21:54] <@jeffprObst> 3 votes Katya, 1 vote Jaden.
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> 5th vote....
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> Jaden. (no parchment)
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> 3 votes Katya, 2 votes Jaden.
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> Final vote....
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> ..
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> 2nd person voted out of Ovivor: Sri Lanka
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> No one.
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> This vote is for Jaden.
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> We have a tie.
[21:55] * PrincessDaisy puts on SARASALAND exclusive shades and lays down under the sun
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> Here's how this will work;
[21:55] == Snow [425774c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[21:55] <+MrsWeather> Also FYI, vote me out and I'll fuck up your GPA @Everyone
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> Jaden and Katya will NOT vote.
[21:55] <@jeffprObst> The rest will re-vote.
[21:55] <+HelloKatya_> oh thank-
[21:55] <+Peih-Gee|> :o
[21:56] <+Peih-Gee|> At least I'm safe tonight.
[21:56] <+HelloKatya_> oh
[21:56] <+HelloKatya_> damn
[21:56] <+JadenSmith> Why Is It Always 3 WHY IS IT ALWAYS 3!!!!!
[21:56] <+JadenSmith> Why Is It Always 3 WHY IS IT ALWAYS 3!!!!!
[21:56] <+JadenSmith> Why Is It Always 3 WHY IS IT ALWAYS 3!!!!!
[21:56] <+MinionMom_> At LEAST its not 666.....
[21:56] <+ShiiAnnHuang> (its already 3am here <3)
[21:56] * JadenSmith Looks At My Fam
[21:57] <+JadenSmith> I Just Scrolled Through My Tweets And "I" Started Laughing.
[21:57] <+JadenSmith> :)
[21:57] <@jeffprObst> Flo + PG vote
[21:57] <+HelloKatya_> COMRADES PLEASE
[21:57] <+HelloKatya_> I believe in you
[21:57] <+HelloKatya_> I have faith
[21:57] <+HelloKatya_> you will keep me
[21:57] <+HelloKatya_> a (sex) working class citizen
[21:57] <@jeffprObst> Flo V O T E
[21:57] <+MrsWeather> that's nice sweetie
[21:57] <+HelloKatya_> over this BURGEOIS
[21:57] * JadenSmith Sees Katya Looked At Him
[21:57] <+JadenSmith> This Cute Little Blonde Baby Just Looked At Me.
[21:57] <+HelloKatya_> this POST-MODERNIST bourgeois trash
[21:57] <+Peih-Gee|> The amount of time this is taking is RIDICULOUS
[21:58] <+Peih-Gee|> I can see the sun coming up over the horizon.
[21:58] <+Peih-Gee|> It makes me want to write a haiku.
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> FloMoscani|
[21:58] <+HelloKatya_> with those genderqueer ideas
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> Vote
[21:58] <+HelloKatya_> and
[21:58] <+HelloKatya_> no-binary clothes
[21:58] <+HelloKatya_> THE ONLY WAR IS THE CLASS WAR
[21:58] <+JadenSmith> People Think They Have To Choose.
[21:58] <@jeffprObst> (should I count flo's vote as her original vote?)
[21:58] <+Meghan> sure
[21:58] <+JadenSmith> Don't Worry Bae I'll Talk To You About SpaceTime Over FaceTime.
[21:58] <+JadenSmith> @ Katya
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> okay...
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> ~
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> 1st re-vote...
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> Katya. (no parchment)
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> 2nd re-vote....
[21:59] <+MrsWeather> not me ~
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> Jaden. (no parchment)
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> 3rd re-vote....
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> Jaden. (no parchment)
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> .... 2nd person voted out of Ovivor: Sri Lanka
[21:59] <+JadenSmith> I Scare People Away
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> No one.
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> This vote is for Katya.
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> We are deadlocked.
[21:59] <+Peih-Gee|> ....
[21:59] <+ShiiAnnHuang> (why)
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> Katya, Jaden - you two will not draw rocks.
[21:59] <+Peih-Gee|> I've had about ENOUGH of waitig here at Tribal Council for this to end.
[21:59] <+MrsWeather> Daisy can you please fix your hair it's gross
[21:59] <@jeffprObst> The rest of you - pick a number between 1 and 4.
[22:00] <+Meghan> um
[22:00] <+MrsWeather> i dont want cockroaches in my classroom
[22:00] <+JadenSmith> When I Die. Then You Will Realize.
[22:00] <+Meghan> what
[22:00] <+MinionMom_> Wowww
[22:00] <+Meghan> thats not how daring rocks work
[22:00] <+MinionMom_> * Gasp *
[22:00] <@jeffprObst> Pick a number!
[22:00] <+Meghan> we still have the choice
[22:00] <+MinionMom_> Imagine if a REal Vote went like this
[22:00] <+Peih-Gee|> I pick....rock 3.
[22:00] <+Meghan> to do a Umi vote?
[22:00] <+Peih-Gee|> I'm not sure how good I am at rocks. I've never drawn one.
[22:00] <@jeffprObst> x x Peih-Gee (3) x
[22:00] <+Peih-Gee|> But I can do Sudoku!
[22:00] <+PrincessDaisy> Why would I? It's on fleek. 8)
[22:00] <+Meghan> stop
[22:00] <+HelloKatya_> guys
[22:00] <+JennaMaroney> I pick rock 4
[22:00] <+PrincessDaisy> Style evolution!
[22:00] <+Meghan> this isnt how rocks work
[22:00] <+HelloKatya_> why don't we ALL
[22:00] <@jeffprObst> x x Peih-Gee (3) Jenna (4)
[22:00] <+HelloKatya_> go together to the end
[22:00] <@jeffprObst> Meghan pick a rock number
[22:00] <+Meghan> but rock 2
[22:00] <+PrincessDaisy> Study this, MrsWeather! :)
[22:00] <+HelloKatya_> and split the prize money?
[22:01] <+MrsWeather> mess @other tribe
[22:01] <@jeffprObst> Flo (1) Meghan (2) Peih-Gee (3) Jenna (4)
[22:01] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[22:01] <+PrincessDaisy> You might pick up something useful. x
[22:01] <+Peih-Gee|> our Tribe is a hot mess, and I'm loving every second of it.
[22:01] <+PrincessDaisy> Are you even listening to me?
[22:01] <+JadenSmith> If I Had A Nickel For Every Time I've Cried In The Back Of An Uber, I Would Have Another Pair Of Yeezy's.
[22:01] <+ShiiAnnHuang> The suspense!
[22:01] * PrincessDaisy growls
[22:01] <+JadenSmith> @ This Fam
[22:01] <+TedCruz> Wow, I sure am glad the presidential election isn't decided like this.
[22:01] <+MrsWeather> I'm listening just it took me a minute to fully process how stupid you truly are
[22:01] <+MrsWeather> @Daisy
[22:01] <+TedCruz> Tee hee hee HONK.
[22:01] <+HelloKatya_> Uber is sheer CAPITALISM
[22:01] <+HelloKatya_> it is
[22:01] <@jeffprObst> 3. 2. 1.
[22:01] <@jeffprObst> REVEAL.
[22:01] <+Peih-Gee|> (CONF): I don't care about the chaos going on right now. It makes the game more fun for ME. I just want to survive this rock draw and go home and take a nap on our poorly constructed shelter.
[22:01] <@jeffprObst>
[22:01] <+MinionMom_> Take them boys to schoooool......Swagganometry!!!!!!!
[22:02] <@jeffprObst> Rock number 1, aka, Flo.
[22:02] <+Peih-Gee|> :o
[22:02] <@jeffprObst> Flo, the tribe has spoken.
[22:02] <@jeffprObst> Time for you to go.
[22:02] <+Peih-Gee|> Flo!!!!!!!!
[22:02] <+TedCruz> Who?
[22:02] <+HelloKatya_> #DownWithUber
[22:02] <+HelloKatya_> destroying the state's cab services
[22:02] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[22:02] <+FloMoscani|> (can this be a medivac)
[22:02] <+Peih-Gee|> Damn it why did it have to be Flo!!
[22:02] <+FloMoscani|> (I legit got an extreme case of diarrhea
[22:02] <+FloMoscani|> I couldn't be here :(
[22:02] <+JadenSmith> Yeah Yeah, But How Many Pull Ups Can You Do.
[22:02] <+MrsWeather> i might be smiling but i actually hate all of you
[22:02] <+BernieSanders> (DEAD)
[22:02] <+JadenSmith> @ Jeff PrObst
[22:02] <+MinionMom_> My Kids told me that came from a country song.....I like BL**ck culture so long as its used by Pure people!
[22:02] == cOnfessionals changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: SINHALA: Bernie, Shii-Ann, Ted, Alecia, Minion, Mrs.Weather and PrincessDaisy | TAMIL: Jenna, Meghan, PG, Jaden, and Katya
[22:02] == Snow [425774c2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[22:02] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Bye.
[22:02] <+JennaMaroney> Another one bites the dust.
[22:03] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: ABC, 123... MrsWeathers wish she looked like me! <.<
[22:03] <+ShiiAnnHuang> ^
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[22:03] * Age_Of_Alecia comes on in
[22:03] <+JadenSmith> It's Okay To Cry Guys.
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your next immunity challenge?
[22:03] <+HelloKatya_> greetings
[22:03] <+JadenSmith> @ All The Men
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> Before we do that...
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> Drop your buffs.
[22:03] <+HelloKatya_> not really
[22:03] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Yes.
[22:03] <+TedCruz> Ted Cruz is always ready.
[22:03] <+TedCruz> Cruz..
[22:03] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Oh my gosh.
[22:03] <+TedCruz> for... president
[22:03] <+MrsWeather> ABCDEF, that's the great you get! @Daisy
[22:03] <+TedCruz> :(
[22:03] <+HelloKatya_> I have something on my lungs
[22:03] <+TedCruz> I don't like change.
[22:03] <+Peih-Gee|> :O
[22:03] <@jeffprObst> We are SWITCHING tribes!
[22:03] <+TedCruz> Jeff... you do realize...
[22:03] <+Peih-Gee|> Finally! A tribe swap!
[22:03] <+TedCruz> I fight change
[22:03] <+TedCruz> EVERY
[22:03] <+TedCruz> DAY
[22:03] <+Peih-Gee|> Maybe this time we won't lose.
[22:03] <+TedCruz> OF MY LIFE
[22:03] <+JadenSmith> Look Around, What's Going On.
[22:03] <+MrsWeather> you're such a little bitch @jeff
[22:03] <+Meghan> :O
[22:03] * Peih-Gee| removes my buff
[22:04] <+TedCruz> This is not good.
[22:04] <+PrincessDaisy> DAW! But I like my tribe! :(
[22:04] * Meghan removes buff
[22:04] <@jeffprObst> Okay. Let me randomize your names
[22:04] <+ShiiAnnHuang> These always go SO well for me. *drops buff*
[22:04] == cOnfessionals changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: SINHALA: Bernie, Shii-Ann, Ted, Alecia, Minion, Mrs.Weather and PrincessDaisy | TAMIL: Jenna, Meghan, PG, Jaden, and Katya
[22:04] <+HelloKatya_> it is
[22:04] <+HelloKatya_> the same thing
[22:04] <+HelloKatya_> ?
[22:04] <+ShiiAnnHuang> ^
[22:05] <+MrsWeather> we don't like you @daisy
[22:05] <+MinionMom_> LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[22:05] <@jeffprObst> When I call your name, you are on NEW SINHALA:
[22:05] <+MinionMom_> New tribe, New me!!!!!!!!
[22:05] <+TedCruz> I sure hope I get on a tribe with good, conservative, Judeo Christian values.
[22:05] <+MinionMom_> But Ill still post the same stuff......I really like my Politics
[22:05] <+TedCruz> I like your politics too, sweetie!
[22:05] <+TedCruz> @MinionMom
[22:05] <@jeffprObst> Meghan, Daisy, MinionMom and Katya.
[22:05] <+Peih-Gee|> But that's only four people...
[22:05] <+TedCruz> CONF: Should I not have called her Sweetie? Was that creepy? I don't know.
[22:05] <@jeffprObst> When I call your name, you are on NEW TAMIL:
[22:05] <+PrincessDaisy> Speak for yourself, babe. @MrsWeathers
[22:05] <+JadenSmith> Female Energy
[22:05] <+Peih-Gee|> ....
[22:05] * Peih-Gee| begins to gawk
[22:05] <+JadenSmith> @ New Sin Holla
[22:05] <+TedCruz> Um...
[22:05] <@jeffprObst> Jaden, Jenna, PG and Ted
[22:05] <+PrincessDaisy> Nobody likes a washed, crabby ass teacher like yourself. x_x
[22:05] <+Peih-Gee|> Dear Buddha
[22:05] <+TedCruz> I think I've figured your twist out, Jeffrey!
[22:06] <+HelloKatya_> greetings
[22:06] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Oooh
[22:06] <+TedCruz> There are THREE tribes, now!
[22:06] == FloMoscani| [43564484@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:06] <+TedCruz> You can't get one past ME, Probst!
[22:06] <@jeffprObst> wait
[22:06] <+MrsWeather> wow such a creative twist
[22:06] <+MrsWeather> clap clap
[22:06] <+MrsWeather> amazing
[22:06] * JadenSmith Walks Up To PG
[22:06] <@jeffprObst> Sorry about that, Alecia * instead of PG
[22:06] <+JadenSmith> When She's So Fine That You See A Picture And Immediately Start Doing Push Up.
[22:06] <@jeffprObst> As for the rest of you
[22:06] <+Peih-Gee|> ....
[22:06] * JadenSmith Does A Push Up
[22:06] <+MrsWeather> but your grammar is terrible, honestly go back to school @jeff
[22:06] <+Peih-Gee|> (mess)
[22:06] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :o
[22:06] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Fuck you bitches, I've played 3 tribes b4, it isn't hard??
[22:06] <@jeffprObst> PG, Bernie, Shii Ann and and Weather
[22:07] <+MinionMom_> Dont Go t oschool!!!!!!! Its controlled by Democrats
[22:07] <+MinionMom_> And COOMMON CORE
[22:07] <+MrsWeather> you said PG twice.
[22:07] * Peih-Gee| turns to the other four
[22:07] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: Cute new outfit to DIE for! x_x
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> (alecia instead of pg for the nu tamil)
[22:07] <+MinionMom_>
[22:07] <+Age_Of_Alecia> where am I?
[22:07] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Tamil
[22:07] <+Age_Of_Alecia> oh haha!
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> PG, Bernie, Shii and Weather - you are on a NEW tribe called Pai.
[22:07] <+JadenSmith> Currently Going Through Customs Even Though I Was Born On This Planet.
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> Pali **
[22:07] <+TedCruz> Glad you're still with me, Alecia!
[22:07] <@jeffprObst> You will wear PINK.
[22:07] <+TedCruz> You're a good kid!
[22:07] * JadenSmith Flies To New Tamil
[22:07] <+Peih-Gee|> This is going to be Angkor all over again!
[22:08] <+TedCruz> Probably hate the gays!
[22:08] <+MinionMom_> ALl Girls! #ConservativeWomenPower
[22:08] * Peih-Gee| stomps on the pink buff
[22:08] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Cool. *grabs buff*
[22:08] <+Peih-Gee|> I am NOT going out this way! NOT again! This is my time to shine after two seasons of adversity!
[22:08] <+MrsWeather> Angkor? sounds like me.
[22:08] == cOnfessionals changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: SINHALA: Meghan, Daisy, MinionMom, Katya ||
[22:08] <+MrsWeather> dragging others grades to the bottom of the ocean ;)
[22:08] <+HelloKatya_> #Sinhala
[22:08] <+PrincessDaisy> And what color are we?
[22:08] <+HelloKatya_> (self link)
[22:08] <+MrsWeather> #Angkor
[22:08] == cOnfessionals changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: SINHALA: Meghan, Daisy, MinionMom, Katya || TAMIL: Jaden, Jenna, PG, Ted || PALI: PG, Bernie, Shii Ann, Weather
[22:09] <+PrincessDaisy> Yellow or orange... or both! To honor the queen. #Daisy4DLC
[22:09] <+PrincessDaisy> Pink is NOT my color!
[22:09] <+MrsWeather> you wrote PG again
[22:09] <+MrsWeather> ohmigod
[22:09] <+MrsWeather> jeff
[22:09] <@cOnfessionals> e
[22:09] <@cOnfessionals> me
[22:09] <+MrsWeather> are you braindead
[22:09] <+MrsWeather> yes
[22:09] <+MrsWeather> go to regular classes
[22:09] == cOnfessionals changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: SINHALA: Meghan, Daisy, MinionMom, Katya || TAMIL: Jaden, Jenna, Alecia, Ted || PALI: PG, Bernie, Shii Ann, Weather
[22:09] <@cOnfessionals> okay
[22:09] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I WANT PINK
[22:09] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to today's challenge?
[22:09] <+Age_Of_Alecia> ME
[22:09] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :(
[22:09] <@jeffprObst> Tonight will be a double tribal council.
[22:09] <+Meghan> yes
[22:09] <+Meghan> o
[22:09] <@jeffprObst> Meaning only ONE tribe will be winning immunity.
[22:09] <+TedCruz> Oh golly.
[22:09] <+HelloKatya_> da
[22:09] <+TedCruz> Let's pull together, new teammates!
[22:10] <@jeffprObst> Today's challenge is called Tangram. You WILL need an art program for this
[22:10] <+ShiiAnnHuang> #Pali
[22:10] <+TedCruz> crap I'm out
[22:10] * JadenSmith Raises His Hand
[22:10] <+Peih-Gee|> (CONF): We have no shelter....we have to start all over agai!
[22:10] <+Peih-Gee|> again*
[22:10] <+BernieSanders> riggage against WORKING FAMILIES
[22:10] * JadenSmith Waves To Jeff For Attention
[22:10] <+BernieSanders> WITHOUT AN ART PROGRAM
[22:10] * JadenSmith Waves
[22:10] * JadenSmith Waves
[22:10] <@jeffprObst> I will link you to a SILHOUETTE of a shaped tangram.
[22:10] <@jeffprObst> You will then receive a link to the pieces
[22:10] <+PrincessDaisy> The hell is a tangram!? We don't have those back in Sarasaland!
[22:10] <@jeffprObst> ? @jaden
[22:10] <+JennaMaroney> uuuuUGhhhhhh
[22:10] <+MinionMom_> Cmon Bernie...................Art programs Arent needed, when your Liberal Wussie Families could just teach the kids themselves? Ehhh? Isnt that what you want? @BernieSanders
[22:10] <+JadenSmith> I Don't Want You Guys To Think Because I Was Born In America That I Speak And Abide By English Grammar. I Speak Jaden, Indefinitely.
[22:11] <+JadenSmith> @ Jeff
[22:11] <+JennaMaroney> @challenge that requires art program
[22:11] <+MrsWeather> this is pointless busy work... just like my assignments
[22:11] <+TedCruz> Jaden, Alecia... do either of you have an art program?
[22:11] <@jeffprObst> Put the pieces in the correct order
[22:11] <@jeffprObst> We're doing this in rounds
[22:11] <@jeffprObst> So, the first round - the first TWO teams to get it right move on.
[22:11] <+PrincessDaisy> WOOHOO! DAISY WINS!
[22:11] <@jeffprObst> And then the final round will determine a winner.
[22:11] <@jeffprObst> Ready?
[22:11] <+HelloKatya_> #Sinhala
[22:11] <+PrincessDaisy> If you didn't know, I'm an ARTISTE.
[22:11] <+HelloKatya_> #SINHALA
[22:12] * JadenSmith Turns Back On Finale Oaxaca
[22:12] <@jeffprObst> LINKING TO THE PIECES:
[22:12] <+JadenSmith> LONDON IM HOME.
[22:12] <@jeffprObst> 3.
[22:12] <@jeffprObst> 2.
[22:12] <@jeffprObst> 1.
[22:12] <@jeffprObst>
[22:12] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Um, I'm not good at puzzles.
[22:12] <@jeffprObst> GO!!!!
[22:12] <+Peih-Gee|> What exactly do we do?
[22:12] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Um
[22:12] <+Age_Of_Alecia> when I pasted the image
[22:12] <@jeffprObst> Order the pieces around so that it matches the silhouette.
[22:12] <@jeffprObst> Use paint or an art program
[22:12] <+Age_Of_Alecia> it is just a black box
[22:12] <@jeffprObst> That's because it's transparent @alecia
[22:13] <@jeffprObst> do you have anything else?
[22:13] <+MinionMom_> Wheres the silhouette?
[22:13] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Um
[22:13] <+Age_Of_Alecia> No
[22:13] <@jeffprObst> I linked it
[22:13] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :(
[22:13] <@jeffprObst> Work TOGETHER
[22:13] <+Meghan> i dont have an art program
[22:13] <+TedCruz> Nor do I.
[22:13] <+TedCruz> I've never been much good at art.
[22:13] <+BernieSanders> (yeah honestly windows 10 DOES NOT come with a paint program)
[22:13] <+JadenSmith> (The pieces are bigger than the tangram)
[22:13] <+TedCruz> I lack... what's it called... creativity?
[22:14] <+MrsWeather> lmao when jeff doesn't realize I'm a lazy shit
[22:14] <@jeffprObst> (does anyone in Sinhala / Tamil / Pali have an art program)
[22:14] <@jeffprObst> (well some people aren't talking so I think they're doing it)
[22:14] <+Peih-Gee|> I do
[22:14] <@jeffprObst> (anyone on sinhala/tamil?)
[22:14] <+JennaMaroney> (not I)
[22:14] <+JadenSmith> (I have one)
[22:14] <+Age_Of_Alecia> It's not workingfor me. : (
[22:14] <@jeffprObst> (and sinhala?)
[22:14] <+HelloKatya_> I only know one way to start fires
[22:14] <@jeffprObst> (I believe minionmom is doing it)
[22:15] <+MrsWeather> go whoever is doing it ~
[22:15] <+MrsWeather> win it or your getting an F in effort :o
[22:15] <+Meghan> (i don't)
[22:15] <+MrsWeather> js
[22:15] <+ShiiAnnHuang> :)
[22:15] <+TedCruz> So... anybody wanna talk the Bible with me?
[22:15] <+TedCruz> I know a LOT about the Bible.
[22:15] <+Peih-Gee|>
[22:15] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Mmmm, no.
[22:16] <+Age_Of_Alecia> can I put the numbers on the puzzle?
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> PALI MOVES ON.
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> DOWN TO SINHALA + TAMIL
[22:16] <+Peih-Gee|> (this is actually really cool)
[22:16] <+BernieSanders> YEAH LETS GO
[22:16] <+TedCruz> Come on, Tamil!
[22:16] <+BernieSanders> POLITICAL REVOLUTION!
[22:16] <+MrsWeather> go Shii Ann, you're not Shiit
[22:16] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Thanks xx
[22:16] <+HelloKatya_> GO MOM
[22:16] <@jeffprObst> (thanks)
[22:16] <+JadenSmith> (will we have to flip the puzzle pieces at all?)
[22:17] <+PrincessDaisy> HI I'M DAISY! @KATYA
[22:17] <@jeffprObst> (no)
[22:17] <@jeffprObst> (it's in the correct rotation)
[22:17] <+Peih-Gee|> Where's my love?
[22:17] <+Peih-Gee|> I was the one who got this for us?
[22:17] <+HelloKatya_>
[22:17] <+MrsWeather> Okay so we're on a new chapter! :o
[22:17] <+HelloKatya_> i started fire
[22:17] <+MrsWeather> Kay bitches listen up.
[22:17] <+MrsWeather> 2 + 2 = 4
[22:17] <+MrsWeather> ya?
[22:17] <+HelloKatya_> MOTHER RUSSIA WAY
[22:17] <@jeffprObst> katya... does not get it.
[22:17] <+MrsWeather> K practice problems, what is 2 + 3?
[22:17] <+MrsWeather> hello?
[22:17] <+MrsWeather> ohmigod
[22:17] <+HelloKatya_> ugh
[22:17] <+HelloKatya_> LETS GO MOM!
[22:17] <+HelloKatya_> YOU CAN DO IT
[22:17] <+MrsWeather> you guys are actually useless
[22:18] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Our tribe is safe anyway.
[22:18] <+Age_Of_Alecia> ICANT DO THE THING
[22:18] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Well, I mean, it's moving on.
[22:18] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I DID SOMETHING ELSE
[22:18] <+Age_Of_Alecia> CHECK YOUR PM JEFF
[22:18] <+Age_Of_Alecia> PLEASE
[22:18] <@jeffprObst> I replied
[22:18] <+JadenSmith>
[22:18] <+PrincessDaisy> All right! I got it!
[22:18] <@jeffprObst> JADEN GETS IT
[22:18] <+TedCruz> YES!
[22:18] <+TedCruz> JADEN!
[22:18] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Yay!
[22:18] <+TedCruz> I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!
[22:18] <+JadenSmith> (Sniped bitch @ Daisy)
[22:18] <@jeffprObst> Tamil moves on. Sinhala is going to tribal council tonight.
[22:19] <@jeffprObst> NEXT AND FINAL ROUND.
[22:19] <+Peih-Gee|> :o
[22:19] <+Peih-Gee|> I'm ready.
[22:19] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Oooh.
[22:19] <+MinionMom_>
[22:19] <+MinionMom_> ?
[22:19] <@jeffprObst> Sorry MinionMom, Sinhala already lost.
[22:19] <+PrincessDaisy> Owhhh..
[22:19] <+MinionMom_> Would that have been right? Whole thing was confusing.
[22:19] <+PrincessDaisy> But I'm a superstar! :(
[22:19] <+MinionMom_> Damn teachers.....
[22:19] <+HelloKatya_> You did great, Mom!
[22:19] <@jeffprObst> Pieces coming up...
[22:19] <+JadenSmith> No Pain No Gain Young Kurt Cobain.
[22:19] <+JadenSmith> @ Daisy
[22:19] <+PrincessDaisy> I never LOSE! NOT EVEN TO MY DAD!
[22:19] <@jeffprObst>
[22:19] <@jeffprObst> GO
[22:19] <+HelloKatya_> *hugs Mom*
[22:19] <+BernieSanders> LETS GO PEIH GEE
[22:20] <+TedCruz> GO JADEN!
[22:20] <+HelloKatya_> want some Vodka?
[22:20] <+Meghan> jeff pm
[22:20] <+MrsWeather> You have the lowest GPA i've seen in the past five years. Do you feel special? @Daisy
[22:20] <+MrsWeather> *sips cherry vodka*
[22:21] <@jeffprObst> Both tribes working hard on that puzzle.
[22:21] <@jeffprObst> YOU HAVE TO DIG DEEP.
[22:21] <+MrsWeather> peace and quiet? just how i like it.
[22:21] <+Peih-Gee|>
[22:21] <+Peih-Gee|> xx
[22:21] <+ShiiAnnHuang> WOW!!
[22:21] <+MrsWeather> xo
[22:22] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Thanks Peih-Gee!
[22:22] <+MrsWeather> Me and a couple of asian nerds winning >
[22:22] <+BernieSanders> YAS PEIH GEE
[22:22] <@jeffprObst> PEIH GEE GETS IT
[22:22] <@jeffprObst> PALI WINS IMMUNITY!
[22:22] <+Peih-Gee|> YES!
[22:22] <+MrsWeather> Also there is Bernie, I don't know what it is.
[22:22] <@jeffprObst> Sinhala and Tamil going to tribal council.
[22:22] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Yesss! *hugs tribe*
[22:22] <@jeffprObst> Sinhala will go first.
[22:22] <@jeffprObst> Then Tamil.
[22:22] <+JennaMaroney> Ugh!
[22:22] <+Peih-Gee|> (CONF): Thank God that this isn't anything like Cambodia! For once our tribe, despite it being piss poor, is winning!
[22:22] <+JennaMaroney> So close to victory, yet foiled.
[22:22] <@jeffprObst> (5 minutes to strategize for BOTH tribes.)
[22:22] <+BernieSanders> I AM A 74 YEAR OLD WHITE MALE FROM VERMONT
[22:22] <+BernieSanders> I AM *DIVERSE*
[22:22] <+JennaMaroney> This reminds me of the time I broke into Orlando Bloom's house.
[22:22] <+TedCruz> Oh, crap.
[22:22] <+TedCruz> We lost.
[22:22] <+TedCruz> Shucks.
[22:22] <@jeffprObst> #Pali
[22:22] <+Peih-Gee|> (CONF): I remember reading through the Art of War. I need to recall that information and learn how to overcome these people that are targetting me.)
[22:22] <@jeffprObst> (only for pali though)
[22:22] <+JadenSmith> Dear Everybody Who Can Rap Better Than Me. Please Show Me
[22:22] <+JadenSmith> @ Peih-Gee
[22:22] <+MrsWeather> ...and also smelly @bernie
[22:23] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: Let me just say. I KNOW my name is going around. Too much sass for these basic bitches to handle!
[22:23] <+MrsWeather> I was thinking the 2015-2016 school year had promise. N-O-P-E, it's reached a new looow
[22:23] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: But they had be ready. This is the year of Daisy!
[22:23] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Oh.
[22:23] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :(
[22:23] <+PrincessDaisy> (*better be)
[22:23] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Ijust noticed this.
[22:24] <+BernieSanders> (MrsWeather join #Pali )
[22:24] <+PrincessDaisy> #DecadeofDaisy
[22:24] <+Age_Of_Alecia> #Tamil
[22:24] <@jeffprObst> Come on in guys
[22:24] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down and take a seat.
[22:25] * Age_Of_Alecia sulks
[22:25] <+Age_Of_Alecia> : (
[22:25] <@jeffprObst> SINHALA - With 4 people, there's nowhere to hide. Do you prefer a smaller tribe or a bigger tribe?
[22:25] <@jeffprObst> SINHALA ONLY WILL SEND ME VOTES.
[22:25] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Okay!
[22:25] <+Age_Of_Alecia> : )
[22:25] <@jeffprObst> SEND VOTES ASAP SINHALA.
[22:25] <+MrsWeather> honestly I'm so ready to test the fuck out of all of you, and ruin lives.
[22:25] <+MrsWeather> including you jeff
[22:25] <+Meghan> i like a small tribe cuz its easy to know everyone
[22:25] <+MinionMom_> (can I get the parchment)
[22:25] <+ShiiAnnHuang> This will be a juicy tribal.
[22:25] <+Meghan> i feel like we all get along really well
[22:25] <+MrsWeather> learn your biology bitch!
[22:25] <+PrincessDaisy> A smaller tribe, since Daisy stands out more!
[22:26] <+HelloKatya_> A smaller tribe is easier to handle as a functioning society
[22:26] <+PrincessDaisy> Haha my banner is GOALS!
[22:26] <+HelloKatya_> and more fun with friends
[22:26] <+ShiiAnnHuang> @Daisy xx
[22:27] <+MrsWeather> hm @daisy
[22:27] <+Peih-Gee|> (CONF): I'm glad to be on a tribe with the other asian woman. It's nice to see two Asian Sensations together, fighting for justice.
[22:27] <+MrsWeather> I've had enough.
[22:27] <+Peih-Gee|> -#ASIANSENSATION hashtag appears on the screen-
[22:27] <+MrsWeather> *picks up phone*
[22:27] <+MrsWeather> *dials Daisy's moms #*
[22:27] <@jeffprObst> 1/4 votes.
[22:27] <@jeffprObst> Daisy, Minion, Katya -- vote.
[22:27] <+MrsWeather> Come here bitch.
[22:28] <@jeffprObst> (katya if making parchments is a struggle dont make them)
[22:28] <+ShiiAnnHuang>
[22:28] <+BernieSanders> ITS UNBELIEVEABLE
[22:28] <+BernieSanders> AND HUGE
[22:28] <+BernieSanders> AND I MEAN HUGE
[22:28] == MomOfDaisy [3280eeae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[22:28] <MomOfDaisy> yes? :o
[22:28] <+MrsWeather> Well.
[22:28] <+BernieSanders> 27
[22:28] <+BernieSanders> DOLLARS
[22:28] <+BernieSanders> PER
[22:28] <+BernieSanders> PERSON
[22:28] <+MrsWeather> Get your disgusting child
[22:28] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Go Bernie!
[22:28] <@jeffprObst>
[22:28] <+MrsWeather> Out of my classroom
[22:28] <@jeffprObst> Parchment, btw
[22:28] <MomOfDaisy> :o what
[22:28] <+TedCruz> Wow, Bernie.
[22:28] <MomOfDaisy> rude
[22:29] <+TedCruz> Never heard that number before.
[22:29] * Age_Of_Alecia is doodling in the sand, waiting for tribal.
[22:29] <+HelloKatya_> uploading vote!
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> kk
[22:29] <@jeffprObst> self-votes begin at 10:33
[22:29] <+BernieSanders> TED CRUZ
[22:29] <+BernieSanders> IS BOUGHT AND PAID FOR
[22:29] <+MrsWeather> Also she's got detention 3 times a week for 6 weeks :)
[22:29] <+MrsWeather> xoxo
[22:29] <+BernieSanders> BY ANTONIN SCALIAS WHORES
[22:29] <MomOfDaisy> :( aw
[22:29] <+BernieSanders> ....
[22:29] <MomOfDaisy> k bye @daisy
[22:29] <MomOfDaisy> you're dumb tbh
[22:29] <+BernieSanders> am i not supposed to say that
[22:29] == MomOfDaisy [3280eeae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[22:30] <@jeffprObst> MinionMom I need your vote.
[22:30] <+ShiiAnnHuang> @minionmom
[22:31] <+Meghan> hi
[22:31] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: I have seen the light. I know who the TRUE villain of this tribe is! Don't mess with someone straight outta Sarasaland.
[22:31] <+JadenSmith> School=Depression. Learning+Creation = Happiness. Happiness=Art.Art=Intelligence. Intelligence=Rebellion. And Rebellion Is Bad For The
[22:31] <+JadenSmith> #Tea
[22:31] <+ShiiAnnHuang> @daisy
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[22:31] <+JadenSmith> (lag check)
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[22:31] <+MrsWeather> Okay everyone, it's teacher time :) so stfu and let me read my magazines
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> 1st vote....
[22:31] <+MrsWeather> ~
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:31] * PrincessDaisy sits elegantly
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> ..
[22:31] <+Meghan> wait
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:31] <@jeffprObst>
[22:31] <@jeffprObst> Meghan.
[22:31] <+Meghan> im playing my idol
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> whoops
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> ~
[22:32] <+PrincessDaisy> >:)
[22:32] <+Peih-Gee|> (MESSY)
[22:32] <+Meghan> *gives jeff idol*
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> Alright.
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> Any votes for Meghan will NOT count.
[22:32] <+ShiiAnnHuang> (omg)
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> (thankfully you said that .2 seconds after I read the vote)
[22:32] <+PrincessDaisy> (omfg)
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> 1st vote...
[22:32] <+MrsWeather> queen
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:32] <+TedCruz> Wowsers in my trousers!
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:32] <+PrincessDaisy> (daisy)
[22:32] <+PrincessDaisy> (daisy)
[22:32] <+PrincessDaisy> (daisy)
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> oh whoops
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> Any votes for Meghan will NOT count.
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> ... if this was an idol
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> *throws fake idol in fire*
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:32] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:32] <+ShiiAnnHuang> (HELP)
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:33] <+Peih-Gee|> (SCREAM@THIS MESSINESS)
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:33] <+MrsWeather> Legit giving you 50 A+'s in the gradebook right now @meghan
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> Meghan. Definitely does count.
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[22:33] <+Peih-Gee|> (I'm on the ground bleeding)
[22:33] <+MrsWeather> wait.
[22:33] <+MrsWeather> me.
[22:33] <@jeffprObst>
[22:33] <+MrsWeather> deceiving a teacher? :o
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> Katya.
[22:33] <+MrsWeather> i think that referral material miss meghan!
[22:33] <+BernieSanders> (scream @fake idol)
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Katya, 1 vote Meghan
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote....
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> .

[22:33] <@jeffprObst> Katya (no parchment)
[22:33] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Katya, 1 vote Meghan.
[22:34] * JadenSmith Stares Into Space
[22:34] <+JadenSmith> I'm Slowly Realizing I Need To Make A Trip Out To Norway
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> 4th and final vote...
[22:34] <+PrincessDaisy> WHOA-WHOA-WHOA-WHOA-WHOA-YOW!
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] * ShiiAnnHuang eats yo rice
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> -- Meghan. We are tied.
[22:34] <+MrsWeather> everyone just take a moment and just
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> Here's how this will work.
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> Since there's four of you, we are NOT going to rocks.
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> We are going to a firemaking tiebreaker.
[22:34] <+HelloKatya_> oh my Stalin
[22:34] <+Meghan> revote?
[22:34] <+HelloKatya_> WAIT
[22:34] <+HelloKatya_> they can revote
[22:34] <@jeffprObst> (no revotes at f4)
[22:34] <+Meghan> wtf
[22:35] <+HelloKatya_> no, there are
[22:35] <+MrsWeather> (there are lol)
[22:35] <+JadenSmith> (there are)
[22:35] <+MrsWeather> (premerge)
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> (alright this will take forever but k)
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> Katya Meghan
[22:35] <+Meghan> have u not watched survivor b4?
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> Do NOT vote
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> (no, never)
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> (im kidding)
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> Daisy + Minion - SEND ME REVOTES.
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> If we tie again
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> We are not drawing rocks
[22:35] <@jeffprObst> We are going to a firemaking tiebreaker
[22:35] <+MrsWeather> quick note: when i test i purposely blast Amy Winehouse's top tracks to distract my students so they fail ;) it gives me great pleasure watching them struggle in life
[22:36] <+MrsWeather> am i a villain? hm we shall see
[22:36] <+Meghan> Minion listen
[22:36] <+Meghan> if u save me
[22:36] <+Meghan> I will be loyal to you
[22:36] <+Meghan> I will do whatever u say
[22:36] <+Meghan> no matter what
[22:37] <@jeffprObst> Daisy vote
[22:37] <+Meghan> i swear on my son's life
[22:37] <+MrsWeather> me @the kiss up method
[22:37] <+ShiiAnnHuang> @this vote
[22:37] * Peih-Gee| walks back to camp in the middle of the night with a fish
[22:37] <+Peih-Gee|> Bernie, Shii Ann, Weather.
[22:37] <+MrsWeather> won't deny it works though, this one bitch brought me guava cake. Ofc she got an A
[22:37] <+Peih-Gee|> We have this one fish to share.
[22:37] <+Peih-Gee|> Good thing our tribe isn't chaotic. I bet the others are having a hell of a time at tribal.
[22:37] <+ShiiAnnHuang> @peih-gee
[22:37] <+Meghan> i will do whatever i can to help YOU win this game
[22:37] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[22:37] <+Meghan> I swear
[22:37] <@jeffprObst> First vote....
[22:37] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:38] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:38] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:38] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:38] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:38] <@jeffprObst>
[22:38] <@jeffprObst> Meghan.
[22:38] <@jeffprObst> Second vote...
[22:38] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:38] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:38] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:38] <+Meghan> bitch
[22:38] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:38] <@jeffprObst> Katya.
[22:38] <+MrsWeather> i have to deal with this mess in the classroom next door
[22:38] <@jeffprObst> We are deadlocked.
[22:38] <@jeffprObst> Katya + meghan, can you guys screenshot?
[22:38] <+MinionMom_> brb
[22:38] <+PrincessDaisy> OH NO!
[22:38] <+Meghan> maybe
[22:38] <+Meghan> yeah
[22:38] <+PrincessDaisy> #DecadeofDaisy is coming to an end!
[22:38] <+HelloKatya_> yes
[22:38] <+MrsWeather> thank god
[22:38] <+PrincessDaisy> Aw, brutal.
[22:39] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[22:39] <@jeffprObst> You are going to "make fire"
[22:39] <+HelloKatya_> can I use Molotov?
[22:39] <+PrincessDaisy> MrsWeather, at this rate you're BANISHED from Sarasaland.
[22:39] <+PrincessDaisy> You missed out big time.
[22:39] <+PrincessDaisy> You too, MinionMom.
[22:39] <+JadenSmith> I Should Just Stop Tweeting, The Human Consciousness Must Raise Before I Speak My Juvenile Philosophy.
[22:39] <+MrsWeather> Whoop.
[22:39] <+PrincessDaisy> I ain't from AMERICA! Nobody this angelic could be.
[22:39] <+MrsWeather> I'm jetting off to Vegas in a week anyway so xoxo
[22:40] <+Meghan> how do u make fire?
[22:40] <+PrincessDaisy> @outcome
[22:40] <@jeffprObst> GO!!!!!
[22:40] <+MrsWeather> fab video
[22:40] <+MrsWeather> @daisy you should watch :)
[22:40] <+MinionMom_> It looks a lot more than 22 Pieces....Just the Foreigners deceiving you again!!!!!!
[22:41] <+MrsWeather> me @her eye snot
[22:41] <+Meghan> o
[22:42] <@jeffprObst> 6 days in... you should know how to make fire already.
[22:42] <+MrsWeather> and you should know how to host
[22:42] <+MrsWeather> but oh well
[22:42] <@jeffprObst> rude
[22:43] <+TedCruz> I've been about to go to Tribal Council for hours.
[22:43] <+MrsWeather> deal with it I'm the teacher bitch
[22:43] <+Meghan>
[22:43] <@jeffprObst> Post the full screen please
[22:43] <@jeffprObst> so I know it's legitimate
[22:43] <+Meghan> ok
[22:44] <+BernieSanders> (for the challenge we should do the 247 piece triangle cut)
[22:44] <+JadenSmith> .
[22:44] <@jeffprObst> (yas!)
[22:44] <+PrincessDaisy>
[22:45] <+MrsWeather> btw I'm making a test on friday
[22:45] <+JadenSmith> .
[22:45] <+MrsWeather> specifically for you
[22:45] <+MrsWeather> so gl :)
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> YOU HAVE TO DIG DEEP.
[22:45] <+MrsWeather> @daisy
[22:45] <+JadenSmith> (How long does it take yo)\
[22:45] <+BernieSanders> But it's SATURDAY, MS WEATHER
[22:45] <@jeffprObst> ((^)
[22:45] <+MrsWeather> NEXT FRIDAY BITCH @Bernie
[22:45] <+MrsWeather> smart ass
[22:46] <+BernieSanders> (yeah seriously meghan had it done but all she had to do was post the whole tab)
[22:46] <+BernieSanders> (that takes 5 seconds)
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> (I don't think she did it legitimately)
[22:46] <+BernieSanders> (unless she tried to cheat oh well)
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> - 5 hours later -
[22:46] <@jeffprObst> this is sundra vs becky
[22:46] <+MrsWeather> don't see why you have to cheat lol
[22:46] <+TedCruz> (the jury is not amused)
[22:46] * JadenSmith Gives Each Of Them A Box Of Matches
[22:46] <+MrsWeather> unless they're braindead
[22:46] <+JadenSmith> I'm Here For You. We're About To Flip Things Around :)
[22:46] <+BernieSanders> (btw the average for the 22 polygon is around 16 minutes i think
[22:46] <+MrsWeather> which they are
[22:47] <+BernieSanders> (oh no its 4 minutes)
[22:47] <+TedCruz> (can Meghan be out for trying to cheat so we can mvoe on?)
[22:47] <+HelloKatya_>
[22:47] <+HelloKatya_> YAS
[22:47] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Please hurry!
[22:47] <+BernieSanders> (these survivors are not avera-)
[22:47] <@jeffprObst> KATYA GETS IT
[22:47] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Wow!
[22:47] <@jeffprObst> KATYA STAYS ALIVE!
[22:47] <@jeffprObst> Meghan, the tribe has spoken.
[22:47] <+JadenSmith> Pray For Boston
[22:47] <+Meghan> that isnt a full screenshot?
[22:47] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: SINHALA: Daisy, MinionMom, Katya || TAMIL: Jaden, Jenna, Alecia, Ted || PALI: PG, Bernie, Shii Ann, Weather
[22:47] <@jeffprObst> (yes it is, I wanted to see the time taken)
[22:47] <+JadenSmith> (I've scrolled through 3 years of Jaden Smith tweets waiting for you sloths)
[22:48] <+BernieSanders> (yes it is are you dumb)
[22:48] <+JadenSmith> (Fucking wasting my character)
[22:48] <+MrsWeather> have fun at the loser lodge @meghan. also you'll need an admit to do make up tests
[22:48] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [-v Meghan] by jeffprObst
[22:48] <+MrsWeather> EXCUSED admit too
[22:48] <+MrsWeather> :)
[22:48] <@jeffprObst> OKAY.
[22:48] <+MrsWeather> im so sweet
[22:48] <@jeffprObst> Tamil, come on in.
[22:48] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :(
[22:48] <+PrincessDaisy> ...
[22:48] <+BernieSanders> (WAIT)
[22:48] <Meghan> do i get jury
[22:48] <+BernieSanders> (THAT HELPED HER DO IT)
[22:49] <+Peih-Gee|> (scream)
[22:49] <+MrsWeather> Just do simple challenges my god
[22:49] <+ShiiAnnHuang> (yes, the average and fastest time there are different to the polygon ones)
[22:49] <+TedCruz> (can we move on?)
[22:49] <+MrsWeather> these two years can't do it otherwise
[22:49] <@jeffprObst> (yeah im not re-doing that)
[22:49] <@jeffprObst> Send votes.
[22:49] <@jeffprObst> I have 1 vote
[22:49] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: THE LOSS! IT HURTS! :( But I am NOT bowing to any man... or whatever Katya is.
[22:49] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Give me a parchment!
[22:49] <+Age_Of_Alecia> @Jeff
[22:49] <@jeffprObst>
[22:49] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: Watch out, #DecadeofDaisy is more alive than ever before! #MVPMode
[22:50] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote
[22:50] <+Peih-Gee|> I wonder when our next challenge will be?
[22:50] <+Peih-Gee|> It's been longer than three days.
[22:50] == Meghan [490fbf36@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:50] <+Peih-Gee|> At least, it feels that damn way.
[22:50] <+PrincessDaisy> Stormy_gentleman_and_thorny_lady.jpg But you all are invited to come and party at my castle! DRINKS ARE ON ME!!!
[22:50] <+BernieSanders> (can we not tie this vote)
[22:50] <+MrsWeather> um i really really really don't like you @daisy
[22:50] <+MrsWeather> did i mention that?
[22:51] <+Age_Of_Alecia> we send the vote to you, right? @Jeff
[22:51] <@jeffprObst> ye
[22:51] <@jeffprObst> also I'm retconning the tribe colors for wiki purposes
[22:52] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Well Jeff, I am a mental giant.
[22:52] <+TedCruz> That's fine.
[22:52] <+TedCruz> The only colors I care about are RED
[22:52] <+TedCruz> WHITE
[22:52] <+Age_Of_Alecia> So I hope my tribe doesn't vote me off.
[22:52] <+TedCruz> and...
[22:52] <+TedCruz> the third one!
[22:52] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I am quite the asset!
[22:52] * Age_Of_Alecia is staring at a bee and falls over
[22:52] <+JadenSmith> You Must Not Know Fashion
[22:52] <+JadenSmith> @Ted
[22:52] <@jeffprObst> Jenna vote
[22:52] <+JennaMaroney> Do you have my vote?
[22:53] <+MrsWeather> So apparently teacher are supposed to nice and supportive? Hm I am
[22:53] <+JennaMaroney> I am a VERY dedicated voter.
[22:53] <@jeffprObst> JENNA vote.
[22:53] <+ShiiAnnHuang> @this taking five years
[22:53] <+TedCruz> Voting is important.
[22:53] <@jeffprObst> I don't have it no
[22:53] <+JennaMaroney> I vote republican every year, because red is my best color.
[22:53] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Did you get my vote, Jeff?
[22:53] <+TedCruz> Especially voting for Ted Cruz this election season.
[22:53] <+Age_Of_Alecia> teehee
[22:54] <+TedCruz> Not at this Tribal Council, though.
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol & would like to play it now would be the time
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:54] <+TedCruz> Just like... at the primary.
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> ... Okay.
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> 1st vote....
[22:54] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :o
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> ..
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:54] <@jeffprObst>
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> Jenna.
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Jenna.
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> Jaden. (no parchment)
[22:54] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Jenna, 1 vote Jaden.
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote....
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:55] <+JadenSmith> UH We Got Haters..... We Got Haters
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:55] <@jeffprObst>
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Jenna, 1 vote Jaden.
[22:55] <+MrsWeather> Yes, and I'm included in that @Jaden
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> ..... 4th person voted out of Ovivor: Sri Lanka
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> .
[22:55] <+MrsWeather> Today's society? Damn, they're fucked
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> . Jenna.
[22:55] <@jeffprObst> Jenna, the tribe has spoken. Time for you to go.
[22:55] <+TedCruz> AHA!
[22:55] <+JadenSmith> School Is The Tool To Brainwash The Youth
[22:55] <+Peih-Gee|> NO!
[22:55] <+JennaMaroney> Wow.
[22:55] <+Peih-Gee|> Jenna :(
[22:55] <+JadenSmith> @ Mrs Weather
[22:55] <+TedCruz> That is what you get for trying to TEMPT me!
[22:55] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Bye/
[22:55] <+JadenSmith> (oh my god how am I not out)
[22:55] <+TedCruz> I am a happily married man!
[22:55] <+JennaMaroney> I guess some of you just couldn't handle my assets.
[22:55] <+TedCruz> My wife and I have sex... a lot1
[22:55] <+JadenSmith> (how long has Jaden SMith had twitter help)
[22:55] <+JennaMaroney> Well, if you can't take the heat.
[22:55] <+TedCruz> Like... three times!
[22:56] <+JennaMaroney> get off of Mickey Rourke's sex grill.
[22:56] <+TedCruz> ...I'll be sure to.
[22:56] <+JadenSmith> You Complete Me
[22:56] <+TedCruz> .
[22:56] <+JadenSmith> @Ted
[22:56] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Rest in pies Jenna : (
[22:56] <+MinionMom_> Thats hilarious! (Sarcasm) @JennaMaroney
[22:56] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I will mourn your loss!
[22:56] <+TedCruz> Aw, thanks, Jaden.
[22:56] * TedCruz hugs Jaden
[22:56] <+JadenSmith> (I just reached the end of Jaden's twitter rip me)
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> COME ON IN, GUYS!
[22:57] <+TedCruz> (reuse and recycle)
[22:57] <+TedCruz> Hey, Jeff!
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> Congratulations on making it to the final 10.
[22:57] * Peih-Gee| walks in
[22:57] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Hi!
[22:57] * PrincessDaisy jumps in
[22:57] <+MrsWeather> (CONF) Honestly I'm pretty confident I'm going to win. Well obviously... so I can finally quite that disgusting waste dump of a school. And I'm not only talking about the area.
[22:57] <+PrincessDaisy> HI I'M DAISY!
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> Before we get to the next immunity challenge...
[22:57] <+TedCruz> I feel as good as I did after winning the Iowa Caucus!
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> I want everyone to DROP THEIR BUFFS.
[22:57] <+Peih-Gee|> I'm ready to play. I think my Tribe is strong enough to win another day!
[22:57] <+Peih-Gee|> ...
[22:57] <+JadenSmith> (tribe name chall pls pls pls)
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> We are once again, switching tribes.
[22:57] <+PrincessDaisy> ALRIGHT! WOO!
[22:57] <+MrsWeather> ohmigod
[22:57] <+JadenSmith> :O
[22:57] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Wow.
[22:57] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Oh my goodness!
[22:57] <@jeffprObst> Pali is no more. You are back to Sinhala and Tamil.
[22:57] <+PrincessDaisy> OH MY GAWD!
[22:57] <+ShiiAnnHuang> *drops buff* :O
[22:57] <+TedCruz> Wow.
[22:57] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I like pink though!
[22:57] <+Age_Of_Alecia> NO FAIR
[22:57] <+TedCruz> You just keep changing stuff.
[22:57] <+TedCruz> I hate change.
[22:58] <+Peih-Gee|> But....I liked that Tribe
[22:58] <+Peih-Gee|> :(
[22:58] <@jeffprObst> When I call your name you are on SINHALA.
[22:58] <+PrincessDaisy> I told you #DecadeofDaisy was alive! WOOHOO!
[22:58] <@jeffprObst> (one sec let mer ecord)
[22:58] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Me dropping buff.
[22:58] <@jeffprObst> Okay
[22:59] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: #DestructiveDaisy is here to play. Watch out bitches.
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> Daisy.
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> PG.
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> WEather.
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> Shii Ann.
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> and Minion.
[22:59] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Hi
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> You are the new SINHALA tribe. *tosses purple buffs*
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> The rest of you are on the new TAMIL tribe.
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> That is,
[22:59] <@jeffprObst> Jaden, Katya, Ted, Bernie and Alecia.
[22:59] <+Peih-Gee|> Well, I guess I'm glad to be back with Shii Ann.
[22:59] <+TedCruz> Great. Back with BERNIE.
[22:59] * TedCruz sneers
[22:59] <+Peih-Gee|> Back with the asian sensation!
[22:59] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Hey, Peih-Gee!
[23:00] * TedCruz oh wait that's just his face
[23:00] * JadenSmith Sees A Lot Of Himself In Bernie
[23:00] <+JadenSmith> How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real
[23:00] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Wow
[23:00] <+Age_Of_Alecia> that's SO TRUE
[23:00] <+PrincessDaisy> Back with the Sarasaland sensation!
[23:00] == cOnfessionals changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: SINHALA: Daisy, PG, Weather, Shii-Ann, MinionMom | TAMIL: Jaden, Katya, Ted, Bernie, Alecia
[23:00] <+MrsWeather> Oh great with asian people -_-
[23:00] <+Age_Of_Alecia> You're really smart, Jaden!
[23:00] <+MrsWeather> sure they're smart but damn
[23:00] <+MrsWeather> and also daisy whoops
[23:00] <+ShiiAnnHuang> @Weather
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to today's immunity challenge?
[23:00] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Back off. x
[23:00] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Yes, Jeff.
[23:00] <+JadenSmith> I'm Glad That Our Distance Makes Us Witness Ourselves From A Different Entrance.
[23:00] <+JadenSmith> @ Alecia
[23:00] <+TedCruz> A president must be ready for anything, Jeff!
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> This challenge requires an art program (though it's not as messy)
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> I will link you to a maze
[23:00] <+MrsWeather> she honestly needs to get a schedule change in a regular Algebra because i can't handle her stupidity
[23:00] <+TedCruz> Well, I'm out.
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> It is your job to carry your Sri Lankan dragon to the end of the maze
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> They will INCREASE WITH DIFFICULTY.
[23:00] <+ShiiAnnHuang> oh shit
[23:00] <@jeffprObst> The first round starts as soon as I post the first maze.
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> There are three rounds.
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> Best 2 out of 3.
[23:01] <+TedCruz> well, I can try
[23:01] <+JadenSmith> Korean Fans Are Crazy
[23:01] <+JadenSmith> @ Mrs Weather
[23:01] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: This is gonna be a bitchin' challenge.
[23:01] <+MrsWeather> yeah not doing that ~
[23:01] <@jeffprObst> ROUND ONE STARTS NOW. GO!
[23:01] <+MrsWeather> *sips cherry vodka coffee*
[23:01] <+MrsWeather> just getting my daily energy ;)
[23:01] <+JadenSmith>
[23:02] <+Age_Of_Alecia>
[23:02] <+TedCruz>
[23:02] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I did it! :D
[23:02] <@jeffprObst> JADEN GETS IT.
[23:02] <@jeffprObst> Tamil scores.
[23:02] <+TedCruz> Wow, we really killed that one, teammates.
[23:02] <+Peih-Gee|> Damn it!
[23:02] <+MrsWeather> me when no one on my tribe cares
[23:02] <+MrsWeather> including me
[23:02] <@jeffprObst> GO!
[23:02] <+JadenSmith> Happy Birthday Malia
[23:02] <+MrsWeather> go us i guess i dont really care
[23:03] <+MrsWeather> no one's voting me out either way ~
[23:03] <+MinionMom_> I win?
[23:03] <+JadenSmith>
[23:03] <@jeffprObst> JADEN SCORES AGAIN FOR TAMIL
[23:03] <+PrincessDaisy>
[23:03] <@jeffprObst> TAMIL WINS IMMUNITY!
[23:03] <+TedCruz>
[23:03] <+Peih-Gee|>
[23:03] <@jeffprObst> *hands immunity idol to Tamil*
[23:03] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Yay!
[23:03] <+TedCruz> Wow, good job, Jaden!
[23:03] <+TedCruz> You truly are a beast!
[23:03] <+Peih-Gee|> Damn it! Back to losing on Sinhala!
[23:03] <+Age_Of_Alecia>
[23:03] <+PrincessDaisy> Shucks!
[23:03] <+Age_Of_Alecia> fyi
[23:03] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I DID finish
[23:03] <+Age_Of_Alecia> ;)
[23:03] <@jeffprObst> Sinhala, once again you are heading to Tribal Council.
[23:04] <+JadenSmith> (I never realized how much of a fucking star I am at mazes until this weak)
[23:04] <+MrsWeather> slow @alecia
[23:04] <+MrsWeather> just like your brain
[23:04] <+Peih-Gee|> This is NOT how my survivor journey is going to end!
[23:04] <+MrsWeather> whoops, i forgot teachers are supposed to be "nice and supportive" oh well
[23:04] <+JadenSmith> Everybody Get Off Your Phones And Go Do What You Actually Wanna Do
[23:04] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys.
[23:04] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down and take a seat.
[23:04] <+MrsWeather> My first tribal? Le gasp.
[23:04] <@jeffprObst> ALL - How does it feel to have made the jury but not the merge?
[23:04] <+MrsWeather> I am making the merge excuse me?
[23:04] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Really good. This is my second time making jury.
[23:05] <@jeffprObst>
[23:05] <@jeffprObst> ^ parchment
[23:05] <+PrincessDaisy> Squad!
[23:05] <+MrsWeather> About to turn auto-mean teacher on you.
[23:05] <+ShiiAnnHuang> But if you pull a fake merge again I SWEAR.
[23:05] <+Peih-Gee|> We've made the jury?
[23:05] <+Peih-Gee|> At least we've gotten THAT far, I guess.
[23:05] <+MrsWeather> you legit have no friends except peach is 10x better than you @daisy
[23:05] <+MrsWeather> hows living in her shadows?
[23:05] <+TedCruz> The trial by jury system is a very important part of the American justice system
[23:05] <+TedCruz> and ensuring that black people are found guilty of crimes they may or may not have committed
[23:06] <+BernieSanders> TED CRUZ
[23:06] <+BernieSanders> YOU SIR
[23:06] <+BernieSanders> ARE A DICKWEED
[23:06] <+TedCruz> Eh, can it gramps.
[23:06] <+JadenSmith> Plant Some Stuff.
[23:06] <+JadenSmith> @ Dickweed
[23:06] <+Age_Of_Alecia> OMG OLD PEOPLE FIGHT
[23:06] * Age_Of_Alecia grabs cellphone
[23:07] <+Age_Of_Alecia> STAR WORLD
[23:07] <+Age_Of_Alecia> STAR WORLD
[23:07] <+TedCruz> I am younger than Gwen Stefani!
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> 1/5 votes.
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> 2/5 votes.
[23:07] <+TedCruz> I AM VERY YOUNG AND HIP!
[23:07] <+JadenSmith> I Miss Willow.
[23:07] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Maybe breaking a hit HAHA
[23:07] <+Age_Of_Alecia> hip, I mean
[23:07] <+Age_Of_Alecia> HA!
[23:07] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Still funny
[23:07] <@jeffprObst> I need Daisy + PG + Minion
[23:08] <+ShiiAnnHuang>
[23:09] <@jeffprObst> 4/5
[23:09] <+MinionMom_> Vote!
[23:09] <+MinionMom_> - Me
[23:09] <@jeffprObst> Okay
[23:09] <+MinionMom_>
[23:09] <@jeffprObst> The votes are in.
[23:09] * JadenSmith Suddenly Realizes That The Establishment Controls Us By Voting Principals
[23:09] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol & would like to play it now would be the time
[23:09] <+JadenSmith> This Needs To Stop.
[23:10] <+MrsWeather> K going to the bathroom don't kill yourselves and if anyone locks me out i will personally murder you xo
[23:10] <+MrsWeather> ttyl
[23:10] <+MinionMom_> I play my Idol!
[23:10] * MinionMom_ stands up
[23:10] <+MinionMom_> Me plays idol
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> *grabs Minion's idol*
[23:10] <+Peih-Gee|> :O
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> The rules of Survivor state that if an idol is played no votes cast against that person count
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> This IS an idol.
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> Any votes for Minion do not count.
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> First vote....
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:10] <+MinionMom_> Lord God, I come to you a sinner
[23:10] <+Peih-Gee|> Will my alliances EVER work out!?!
[23:10] <@jeffprObst> Minion, does not count.
[23:10] <+MinionMom_> And I humbly repent for mY Sins.
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> Minion, does not count.
[23:11] <+MrsWeather> wait nvm
[23:11] <+MrsWeather> this is dramatic :o
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> Third vote...
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> ..
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> Minion, does not count. (no parchment)
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[23:11] <+ShiiAnnHuang> mmmm
[23:11] <+MrsWeather> did I mention Minions suck? @Mom
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <+MrsWeather> well the do
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <+MrsWeather> *they
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> Minion, does not count. (no parchment)
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> We still have no votes for anyone,
[23:11] <+JadenSmith> Peace And Love,
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .... the 5th person voted out of Ovivor: Sri Lanka & the 1st member of our jury....
[23:11] <+JadenSmith> @ MinionMom
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> ..
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:11] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:12] <+PrincessDaisy> Yes-yes! We did it, we won! High-five! Yes!
[23:12] <+JadenSmith> PG
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:12] <+Peih-Gee|> ...
[23:12] <@jeffprObst>
[23:12] <+JadenSmith> :(
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> MrsWeather.
[23:12] <+PrincessDaisy> ....
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> MrsWeather, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.
[23:12] <+ShiiAnnHuang> D:
[23:12] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[23:12] <+MrsWeather> My tribe?
[23:12] <+JadenSmith> Let's See If That Gets On The Blogs.
[23:12] <+JadenSmith> @ PG
[23:12] <+MrsWeather> No some overly controlling obese white lady did.
[23:12] == cOnfessionals changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: SINHALA: Daisy, PG, Shii-Ann, MinionMom | TAMIL: Jaden, Katya, Ted, Bernie, Alecia
[23:12] <+Peih-Gee|> Oh goodness
[23:12] <+MrsWeather> Goodluck nobody, I actually hate all of you.
[23:12] <+Peih-Gee|> I thought it was me!
[23:12] <+PrincessDaisy> You've had it coming, ever since you went against the DAISY movement.
[23:12] <+MrsWeather> ~
[23:13] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[23:13] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Hi.
[23:13] <@jeffprObst> Ready to get to your next immunity challenge?
[23:13] <@jeffprObst> Before we do that...
[23:13] <+TedCruz> Yep
[23:13] <@jeffprObst> DROP YOUR BUFFS.
[23:13] <@jeffprObst> You have MERGED!!!
[23:13] <+PrincessDaisy> Guess you were taught a lesson, Mrs. Weathers. :)
[23:13] <+ShiiAnnHuang> *drops buff*
[23:13] <+Peih-Gee|> Are we swapping AGAIN!?!
[23:13] <+TedCruz> ANOTHER CHANGE?
[23:13] <+ShiiAnnHuang> YAY!
[23:13] <+Peih-Gee|> YES!
[23:13] <+Peih-Gee|> THANK GOD!
[23:13] <+TedCruz> DAMNIT I HATE CHANGE!
[23:13] <+TedCruz> I mean...
[23:13] <+Age_Of_Alecia> B-but... I don't WANNA get naked.
[23:13] <@jeffprObst> *throws hot pink buffs at the merged contestants*
[23:13] <+HelloKatya_> greetings
[23:13] <+ShiiAnnHuang> *hugs people*
[23:13] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :(
[23:13] <+TedCruz> *regains composure*
[23:13] <+Peih-Gee|> One more merge for me!
[23:13] <+Age_Of_Alecia> @Jeff
[23:13] * PrincessDaisy jumps in joy
[23:13] <+ShiiAnnHuang> *wears buff* yasss
[23:13] <+Age_Of_Alecia> YES PINK
[23:13] <+HelloKatya_> hmmm
[23:13] <+Age_Of_Alecia> <33333333333
[23:13] <+PrincessDaisy> #DAISY4IMMUNITY!
[23:13] * JadenSmith Drops His Buff Because His Buff Is A Metaphor For The Expectations Of Life And The Universe
[23:13] <+ShiiAnnHuang> @Peih-Gee we have both merged twice!
[23:13] <+HelloKatya_> ugh, when do we get RED buffs?
[23:13] <+PrincessDaisy> VOTE DAISY FOR IMMUNITY! ALRIGHT!
[23:13] <@jeffprObst> You can do that OR you can eat the merge feast
[23:13] <@jeffprObst>
[23:14] <+BernieSanders> BERNIE SANDERS
[23:14] <+BernieSanders> HAS MADE IT TO THE BIG LEAGUES
[23:14] <@jeffprObst> Whatever path you choose, good luck! :) You have ten minutes.
[23:14] <+BernieSanders> I HAVE OVERCOME THE NEGATIVE
[23:14] <+BernieSanders> BY STAYING POSITIVE
[23:14] <+PrincessDaisy> My kingdom! <3 <3 <3

[23:15] <+Peih-Gee|> Do we win immunity for the merged tribe name?
[23:16] <+JadenSmith> Unawareness Is The Only Sin, And If You Were Aware You Would Know.
[23:17] * PrincessDaisy wipes sweat
[23:17] <+PrincessDaisy> I've come up with the perfect name. 8)
[23:17] <+PrincessDaisy> That feast tho!
[23:17] <+JadenSmith> Young Jaden: Here's The Deal For Every Time Out You Give Me, You'll Give Me 15 Dollars For Therapy When I Get Older.
[23:17] <+PrincessDaisy>
[23:18] <+JadenSmith> (Wait are we making flags?)
[23:18] <+JadenSmith> (Give me a minute)
[23:18] <+PrincessDaisy> #SARASALANDSLAYS
[23:19] <+BernieSanders> (that's from last year @jaden)
[23:20] <+BernieSanders> (last time*)
[23:20] <@jeffprObst> I have 8
[23:20] <@jeffprObst> Missing 1 more
[23:20] <@jeffprObst> This ends at 11:22
[23:20] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: #PrincessPower. I've got it going! Can't wait to see Peach crying those weak bitch tears when the news gets back to Mushroom Kingdom I outlasted her. x
[23:21] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: Peach is sweet and playful, while I'm bold and loud. Guess we know which one is better! ;)
[23:21] == WeatherJury [3280eeae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[23:21] <+JadenSmith> I got my flag!
[23:22] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: My tribe name is GENIUS! Haha. UTTER GENIUS. When Daisy me winning, they'll be hating.
[23:22] <+JadenSmith> .
[23:22] <+JadenSmith> (Am I lagging)
[23:22] <@jeffprObst> no
[23:22] <+BernieSanders> (no)
[23:23] == Peih-Gee| changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: MERGED: Daisy, PG, Shii-Ann, MinionMom, Jaden, Katya, Ted, Bernie, Alecia
[23:23] == MrsWeather [3280eeae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[23:23] <+ShiiAnnHuang> hi
[23:23] <@jeffprObst> TIME IS UP.
[23:23] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[23:23] <+PrincessDaisy> Give me that crown and get ready to bow down! ;)
[23:23] <@jeffprObst> IN 8th place is....
[23:24] <@jeffprObst> JadenSmith with "Yo @SuperDuperKyle Fruit Snacks👍"
[23:24] <+JadenSmith>
[23:24] <+JadenSmith> :)
[23:24] <+PrincessDaisy> That isn't cute. Jaden lacks my influence.
[23:24] <+ShiiAnnHuang> amazing
[23:24] <+PrincessDaisy> :*
[23:24] <@jeffprObst> In 7th place is....
[23:24] <@jeffprObst> Katya with Чувственное Ягодицы Иакова -- “Warriors Dressed in Red”
[23:24] <+PrincessDaisy> YEAHYEAHYEAHYEAH!
[23:24] <@jeffprObst> In 6th place is BernieSanders with THEPOLITICALREVOLUTION
[23:24] <+HelloKatya_> ROBBED
[23:24] <+PrincessDaisy>
[23:24] <+ShiiAnnHuang> gone af
[23:25] <@jeffprObst> In 5th place is Ted with Tedmerica
[23:25] <+BernieSanders> RIGGED
[23:25] <+BernieSanders> @6TH PLACE
[23:25] <+PrincessDaisy> @Ted
[23:25] <+Age_Of_Alecia> me crosses fingers that I win
[23:25] <+Age_Of_Alecia> whoop
[23:25] <@jeffprObst> (oops messed up the numbers)
[23:25] <@jeffprObst> (ted should be 6th)
[23:25] <+HelloKatya_> (fun fact, "Чувственное Ягодицы Иакова" actually means "Jacob's Voluptuous Buttocks")
[23:25] <+TedCruz> Robbed.
[23:25] <@jeffprObst> In 5th place is Daisy with Sarasaland
[23:25] <+ShiiAnnHuang> :(
[23:25] <+PrincessDaisy> My feels!
[23:25] <+BernieSanders> (where am I then)
[23:25] <+PrincessDaisy> Don't do Daisy wrong like that.
[23:25] <@jeffprObst> In 4th place is Minionmom -- Tulaliloo which is Minionese for “Thank” or “We Love”
[23:26] <+Peih-Gee|> I'm anxious.
[23:26] <@jeffprObst> in 3rd place is Alecia with "Mental Giants"
[23:26] <+PrincessDaisy> Not too bad!
[23:26] <+Age_Of_Alecia> NO
[23:26] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :(
[23:26] <+ShiiAnnHuang> I Agere
[23:26] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I should've won!
[23:26] <+MinionMom_> My face when....... Minion_angry.jpg
[23:26] <+MinionMom_> @Jefff
[23:26] <@jeffprObst> in 2nd place is Peih-Gee with Divi Galava Gat -- meaning "Survivors" in Sinhalese
[23:26] <+Peih-Gee|> :(
[23:26] <@jeffprObst> which means SHII ANN WINS IMMUNITY WITH "CEYLON"!
[23:26] <+PrincessDaisy> #SarasalandSensation
[23:26] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Yay!
[23:26] <+HelloKatya_> I hope #1 is "Stupid, Stupid People"
[23:26] <@jeffprObst> *puts immunity necklace around Shii-Ann*
[23:26] <+BernieSanders> Um
[23:26] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Go Asians!
[23:26] <+BernieSanders> (You didn't place me)
[23:26] <+MinionMom_> (that was literally just the British name of sri lanka)
[23:26] == cOnfessionals changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: CEYLON: Daisy, PG, Shii-Ann, MinionMom, Jaden, Katya, Ted, Bernie, Alecia
[23:26] <+BernieSanders> (but okay)
[23:26] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Thank you, Jeff.
[23:26] <+MinionMom_> (also: me @no MIA references)
[23:26] <+TedCruz> Wow, what does that name even MEAN?
[23:26] <+Peih-Gee|> Congratulations Shii-Ann!!!
[23:26] <+TedCruz> Congrats, though, Shin Ho!
[23:26] <@jeffprObst> (i know)
[23:27] <+MinionMom_> It was the British name of Shri Lanka!! @Ted
[23:27] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys.
[23:27] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down and take a seat.
[23:27] <+JadenSmith> I Scare People Away
[23:27] <+MinionMom_> Back when White men ruled the world. Not saying thats good or bad. Words mean only what u think they mean. STAY OPEN MINDED
[23:27] * Peih-Gee| walks in
[23:27] <@jeffprObst> ALL - How does it feel to have merged?
[23:27] * Peih-Gee| sits down torch
[23:27] <@jeffprObst> Shii Ann - How does it feel to be immune?
[23:27] <@jeffprObst> SEND IN VOTES.
[23:27] <@jeffprObst> QUICKLY PLEASE
[23:27] * JadenSmith Realizes That He Lost The Challenge Because The System Is Impotent
[23:27] <+Peih-Gee|> It feels good to merge. I've been to every single Tribal Council except for the three-tribe swap.
[23:27] <+TedCruz> (can I have the parchment template?_
[23:28] <+PrincessDaisy> To sum it up in once word it feels...
[23:28] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Feels so good!!!
[23:28] <+Age_Of_Alecia> PARCHMENT TEMPLATE
[23:29] <+TedCruz> ^
[23:29] <@jeffprObst>
[23:29] == jeffprObst changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: CEYLON: Daisy, PG, Shii-Ann, MinionMom, Jaden, Katya, Ted, Bernie, Alecia | JURY: MrsWeather
[23:29] == JennaMaroney [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #OvivorSriLanka []
[23:31] <+Peih-Gee|> Can you link us to the parchment?
[23:31] <+JadenSmith> (literally two lines of reading above)
[23:31] <+Peih-Gee|> o
[23:31] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: I'm stickin' with my squad tonight and taking it easy. My gameplay is GOALS!
[23:32] <+JadenSmith> If I Die In My Flannel Will You Write My Poems On Tyler's 5 Panels And Jesusus Sandals This Plane Is Just To Much To Handle.
[23:32] <+JadenSmith> @ PG
[23:32] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: Thank you #DaisyDomain! Keeping the fire in me alive!
[23:33] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Wow that is so relatable, Jaden!
[23:33] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Tell it how it is!
[23:33] <+TedCruz> Jaden is a real role model.
[23:33] <+TedCruz> I admire him and his work greatly.
[23:33] <+JadenSmith> The Sky Is Purple
[23:33] <+JadenSmith> @ Alecia
[23:33] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: My fans are the reason I'm still here. *sheds tear*
[23:33] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Woah!
[23:33] <+Age_Of_Alecia> IT IS
[23:34] <+Age_Of_Alecia> @Jaden
[23:34] <+PrincessDaisy> I don't know who Jaden is.
[23:34] <+PrincessDaisy> HI I'M DAISY!
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> I just need PG's vote
[23:34] * JadenSmith Realizes That He Needs A Girlfriend Or He'll Never Believe In True Love
[23:34] <+JadenSmith> Hey @AustinMahone (;
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol & would like to play it now would be the time
[23:34] <+MinionMom_> Call Justine Beaver!!!!!! Lamo....... @JadenSmith
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> 1st vote...
[23:34] <+MinionMom_> Get it? "He" Looks like a 14-year-old Girl. XD
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:34] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> Ted.
[23:35] <+PrincessDaisy> :')
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> Katya.
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <+JadenSmith> (dam that calligraphy)
[23:35] <@jeffprObst>
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> Daisy.
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> 1 Katya, 1 ted, 1 daisy.
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> ..
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] * PrincessDaisy falls out of her seat
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:35] <+TedCruz> These aren't the votes I wanted, if you know what I mean.
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> Katya.
[23:35] <+TedCruz> Tee hee hee HONK.
[23:35] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes Katya, 1 Ted, 1 Daisy
[23:36] <+PrincessDaisy> I guess some people can't handle the Sarasa sass. Boohoo.
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> 5th vote....
[23:36] <+HelloKatya_> NO
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <+HelloKatya_> #SocialistLivesMatter
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> Ted.
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> 2-2-1
[23:36] <+ShiiAnnHuang> #SocialistLivesMatter
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> 6th vote...
[23:36] <+HelloKatya_> #FeelTheVara
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <+PrincessDaisy> But I'm...
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <+PrincessDaisy> A SUPERSTAR!
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> Katya.
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> 3 Katya, 2 Ted, 1 Daisy
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> 7th vote...
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <+BernieSanders> MAKE IT TREND
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> Ted.
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> 3 - 3 - 1
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> 8th vote....
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:36] <+HelloKatya_> #StandWithStalin
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> Katya.
[23:36] <@jeffprObst> 4 votes Katya, 3 votes Ted, 1 vote Daisy.
[23:37] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote left.
[23:37] <+JadenSmith> Shouts To TaTa
[23:37] <@jeffprObst> .... 6th person voted out & the 2nd member of our jury
[23:37] <@jeffprObst> No one.
[23:37] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: Daisy is also a huge supporter of the demisexual community! #Demis4Daisy
[23:37] <@jeffprObst> This is for Ted.
[23:37] <+HelloKatya_> TEDTADTED- o
[23:37] <@jeffprObst> We have a tie.
[23:37] <+ShiiAnnHuang> WHY
[23:37] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: LGBTQ+ icon!
[23:37] <+TedCruz> Look.
[23:37] <+Peih-Gee|> Again!?
[23:37] <+TedCruz> I want you to vote for me, just LATER.
[23:37] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: :D
[23:37] <+TedCruz> In the election!
[23:37] <+TedCruz> Everyone... I am the courageous conservative leader this nation needs... I can't leave now!
[23:37] <+TedCruz> Don't keep this socialist over ME!
[23:38] <+ShiiAnnHuang> yrue
[23:38] <+ShiiAnnHuang> true
[23:38] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes
[23:38] <@jeffprObst> out of 7
[23:38] <+MinionMom_> Easy there, "BERn"......You cant destroy anyone, when youre in your 70s.....
[23:38] <@jeffprObst> 3/7
[23:39] <+JadenSmith> Anything You See In Any Magazine Ever Is Fake.
[23:39] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: When I was going for that golden tan, this is NOT what I had in mind!
[23:39] <+BernieSanders> BUT I DIGRESS
[23:39] <@jeffprObst> just missing daisy's re-vote
[23:39] <+MinionMom_> Who would I be cheating on my Husband with? Lmbo.........Im havent "Done the deed" except to conceieve
[23:39] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Same tbh
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[23:40] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Minion we have much in common... :)
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> I have the re-votes.
[23:40] <+BernieSanders> I HAVE THE VIDEO
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> 1st vote...
[23:40] <+BernieSanders> MINIONMOM_
[23:40] * TedCruz stress throws u
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <+BernieSanders> YOU AND......
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <+BernieSanders> TED
[23:40] <+HelloKatya_> *grabs hammer and sickle*
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <+BernieSanders> DUN DUN DUNNNN
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> Ted.
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Ted.
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> Katya.
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> 1-1
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> Katya.
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> 2 -1
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> ..
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> Katya.
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> 3-1
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> 5th vote...
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:40] <+HelloKatya_> RIP
[23:40] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> Ted.
[23:41] <+HelloKatya_> </3
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> That's 3 votes Katya, 2 votes Ted.
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> 6th vote....
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> Ted.
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> 3 votes katya. 3 votes ted.
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> ONE.
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> Vote.
[23:41] <+TedCruz> Oh deary me.
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> left.
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> .... the Fifth person voted out of Ovivor: Sri Lanka & the 2nd member of our jury....
[23:41] <+ShiiAnnHuang> OMG
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> .
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> TedCruz.
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> Ted, you'll need to bring me your torch.
[23:41] <+BernieSanders> SOCIALIST LIVES MATTER
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> Ted, the tribe has spoken. Time for you to go.
[23:41] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :o
[23:41] * PrincessDaisy blows kiss to Ted
[23:41] <@jeffprObst> (challenge shortly yall let me record)
[23:41] <+BernieSanders> TED CRUZ LOSES
[23:41] <+JadenSmith> (read my parchment)
[23:41] <+TedCruz> Well, time for my concession speech.
[23:41] * TedCruz runs away crying
[23:41] <+Peih-Gee|> Well.
[23:41] <+Peih-Gee|> That was anticlimactic.
[23:41] <+ShiiAnnHuang> bye ted
[23:41] <+MinionMom_> AW, Ted... :(
[23:41] <+JadenSmith> Jaden Smith ‏@officialjaden 27 Aug 2014 SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!
[23:41] <+JadenSmith> @ Ted
[23:41] <+Peih-Gee|> Almost as anticlimactic as my elimination in Survivor Cambodia, where that bitch Abi thought I stole her bracelet.
[23:42] == TedCruz [457c4403@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:43] <+JadenSmith> My Parents Are The Trillest People I Know
[23:43] == Peih-Gee| changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: CEYLON: Daisy, PG, Shii-Ann, MinionMom, Jaden, Katya, Bernie, Alecia | JURY: MrsWeather, TedCruz
[23:43] <+MinionMom_> Same! Ya Know when they say..."Love and Respect your Elders......" Doesn't matter WAHT culture, thats ALWAYS true!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[23:43] <+MinionMom_> I snuck out from my parents, One THOUSAND times....Doesnt matter! I still love them.

[23:44] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[23:44] <@jeffprObst> Welcome to the SURVIVOR AUCTION!
[23:44] <+JadenSmith> I Love Kylie Jenner.
[23:44] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :o
[23:44] <+MinionMom_> XD
[23:44] <+Age_Of_Alecia> oh em gee!
[23:44] * JadenSmith Bids On Kylie Jenner
[23:44] * Age_Of_Alecia trips over my own two feet
[23:44] <@jeffprObst> You each have $500. You can bid on items in increments of $20. No trading items or money.
[23:44] <+PrincessDaisy> OMG, send a pair of platform boots my way!
[23:44] <@jeffprObst> Is everyone ready?
[23:44] <@jeffprObst> The auction will end without warning.
[23:44] <+Age_Of_Alecia> 36 dollars!
[23:45] <+Peih-Gee|> Yes! An Auction!
[23:45] <@jeffprObst> The first item remains sealed.
[23:45] <+BernieSanders> $27 DOLLARS
[23:45] <+JadenSmith> 500
[23:45] <+Age_Of_Alecia> 43 dollars!
[23:45] <+PrincessDaisy> MY DAISY SENSES ARE TINGLING!
[23:45] <+PrincessDaisy> THIS IS NOT A GOOD ITEM!
[23:45] <+PrincessDaisy> Pass!
[23:45] <+JadenSmith> 500
[23:45] <@jeffprObst> 500 to jaden.
[23:45] <+HelloKatya_> I suggest we all buy everything
[23:45] <+HelloKatya_> AND DIVIDE EQUALLY
[23:46] <@jeffprObst> Jaden, this item allows you to see ONE person's vote at THIS upcoming tribal council
[23:46] <+JadenSmith> When You Call Someone Out On Something, You Neglect That 1% Of You That Would Be Down To Do What There Doing.
[23:46] <@jeffprObst> However, you are out of the auction.
[23:46] <+JadenSmith> HAHAHAHAHAHAH
[23:46] <+HelloKatya_> lol
[23:46] <@jeffprObst> Next item remains sealed as well.
[23:46] * JadenSmith Realizes He's Out Of The Auction Because The Man Is Supreme
[23:46] <+Age_Of_Alecia> 60
[23:46] <+MinionMom_>
[23:46] <+BernieSanders> $27
[23:46] <+MinionMom_> $500!
[23:46] <+Age_Of_Alecia> UGH!
[23:46] <@jeffprObst> 500 to minionmom.
[23:46] <+Age_Of_Alecia> THIS ISHARD
[23:46] <+Peih-Gee|> I'm saving up for immunity.
[23:46] <+Peih-Gee|> I know I need it tonight.
[23:46] <@jeffprObst> Minion, this allows you to take someone's money and send them back to camp.
[23:47] <+Peih-Gee|> :o
[23:47] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :o
[23:47] <+MinionMom_> Asian lady
[23:47] <+ShiiAnnHuang> which one
[23:47] <+BernieSanders> which one you racist
[23:47] * MinionMom_ looks unsure
[23:47] <+MinionMom_> Uhhhhhh
[23:47] <+Peih-Gee|> Pick Shii-Ann!
[23:47] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Why is MinionMom so racist?
[23:47] * MinionMom_ points to Peih-Gee
[23:47] <+Peih-Gee|> she already won immunity.
[23:47] <@jeffprObst> Which one?
[23:47] <+ShiiAnnHuang> oop
[23:47] <+Peih-Gee|> ...but....
[23:47] <+MinionMom_> WAITT
[23:47] <+HelloKatya_> Well, Russia is technically in Asia too
[23:47] <+MinionMom_> OMG are you the
[23:47] <+HelloKatya_> so
[23:47] <+Peih-Gee|> Shii Ann was the one that won immunity already!
[23:47] <+Peih-Gee|> Come on MinionMom, give me a chance!
[23:48] <+ShiiAnnHuang> :(
[23:48] <+Peih-Gee|> I'll give ya a hug after this.
[23:48] <+ShiiAnnHuang> im cool
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> NEED a decision
[23:48] <+MinionMom_> .............
[23:48] * MinionMom_ points to Katya
[23:48] <+MinionMom_> Im staying safe
[23:48] <+Peih-Gee|> (scream)
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> Katya is out of this auction.
[23:48] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Oh!
[23:48] <+BernieSanders> (screaming0
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> Next round is a "vote doubler." You are allowed to vote twice at any tribal council of your choosing BEFORE the final five.
[23:48] <+BernieSanders> 500
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> Bernie gets it.
[23:48] <+JadenSmith> Ayy Me And Willow Legit Bout To Be At The Beats Store So Come Thru
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> Bernie, Katya + Jaden are out.
[23:48] * JadenSmith Drives To Meet Willow At The Beats Store
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> Next round is sealed.
[23:48] <+Peih-Gee|> 500.
[23:48] <@jeffprObst> PG gets it.
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> *opens up*
[23:49] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Ugh!
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> You have received a spa date to the beautiful Sri Lanka!
[23:49] <+Peih-Gee|> :o
[23:49] <+BernieSanders> CONGRATS!
[23:49] <+PrincessDaisy> You go gurl!
[23:49] <+Peih-Gee|> I've always wanted to go to the spa!
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> However, this spa is tonight.
[23:49] <+PrincessDaisy> Can I come with you? :)
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> You will not be going to Tribal Council.
[23:49] <+Peih-Gee|> I need to wash my hair. I'm gonna get clean!
[23:49] <+Peih-Gee|> :o
[23:49] <+Peih-Gee|> Does that...make me immune?
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> You are immune, but you also cannot vote.
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> Yes.
[23:49] <+PrincessDaisy> I need a mani-pedi.
[23:49] <+Peih-Gee|> Alrighty!
[23:49] <+Age_Of_Alecia> ugh!
[23:49] <@jeffprObst> A boat is waiting for you out front, PG.
[23:49] <+PrincessDaisy> My nails are ratchet!!
[23:50] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Saaaaaame
[23:50] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :(
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> one sec
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> This next item is an ADVANTAGE in the next immunity challenge
[23:50] <+Age_Of_Alecia> 20
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> Bidding begins now
[23:50] <+Age_Of_Alecia> 20
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> 20 to Alecia.
[23:50] <@jeffprObst> Going once... going twice ....
[23:50] <+ShiiAnnHuang> 3-
[23:50] <+ShiiAnnHuang> 30
[23:50] <+Peih-Gee|> I'm so excited about my spa date!
[23:50] <+Peih-Gee|> :D
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> increments of 20
[23:51] <+ShiiAnnHuang> o
[23:51] <+ShiiAnnHuang> 40
[23:51] <+Age_Of_Alecia> do I get it?
[23:51] <+Age_Of_Alecia> 60
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> 40 to shii ann
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> 60 to alecia
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> Going once.
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> Going twice.
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> Going... thrice.
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> S O L D to Alecia!
[23:51] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I am a MENTAL GIANT.
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> And with that - the auction is over.
[23:51] <+PrincessDaisy> HAHAHAHAHA AND I'M PEACH!
[23:51] <@jeffprObst> Head back to camp, tribal council tonight where PG will not be attending.
[23:51] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Nice to meet you, Peach! :)
[23:51] <+Peih-Gee|> :D
[23:52] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[23:52] <+Peih-Gee|> I hope you all have fun...
[23:52] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down and take a seat.
[23:52] <+Peih-Gee|> but kiss my ass! I'm going to the SPA!!!!
[23:52] <@jeffprObst> SEND ME VOTES ASAP.
[23:52] * Peih-Gee| gets on a boat and rides away
[23:52] <+PrincessDaisy> When you don't snatch that immunity...
[23:52] <+PrincessDaisy>
[23:52] <+Age_Of_Alecia> truuuuuuuuuuuue
[23:52] <+Age_Of_Alecia> hah!
[23:53] <+Peih-Gee|> (CONF):I know it's a game where it's everyone for themself, but I really do have a lot of faith in our tribe and you kinda... You gotta look out for each other if we want to do well at challenges.
[23:53] <+Age_Of_Alecia> parchment??
[23:53] <@jeffprObst>
[23:53] * JadenSmith Sits Here As He Realizes He Doesn't Have Anyone To Vote Because The Sky Doesn't Foretell It
[23:53] <@jeffprObst> test
[23:53] <@jeffprObst> test
[23:53] <@jeffprObst> k
[23:54] * PrincessDaisy files nails
[23:54] <+PrincessDaisy> ON FLEEK!
[23:55] <+Age_Of_Alecia> My parchment is almost done!
[23:55] <@jeffprObst> 33 votes
[23:55] <@jeffprObst> 3**
[23:56] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Hey guys have you seen that show about the talking sponge?
[23:56] <+Age_Of_Alecia> it's so good!
[23:56] <+Age_Of_Alecia> like
[23:56] <+Age_Of_Alecia> it's so smart and relatable
[23:56] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I'm in college.
[23:56] <@jeffprObst> need 2 more votes
[23:57] <@jeffprObst> I need Jaden + Katya
[23:58] <+ShiiAnnHuang> hi
[23:59] * Peih-Gee| washes hair at th spa
[23:59] <+Age_Of_Alecia> hello!
[23:59] <+MinionMom_> Good riddance!!!!! I wish.....
[23:59] <+Age_Of_Alecia> your hair is so good!
[23:59] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Why are you so racist? :(
[23:59] <+Age_Of_Alecia> @Minion Mom
[23:59] == WeatherJury [3280eeae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:59] <+MinionMom_> HOW is that racist? Explain it to me.....
[00:00] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Why would that dude kill tupac?
[00:00] <+MinionMom_> NOT everything involving black people is #RACIST! Im dont see color.....
[00:00] <+Age_Of_Alecia> He's like
[00:00] <+Age_Of_Alecia> old!
[00:00] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Oh! You don't?
[00:00] <+MinionMom_> Its a joke......dumba$$
[00:00] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Well
[00:00] <+Age_Of_Alecia> how many fingers am I holding up?
[00:00] * Age_Of_Alecia holds up four fingers
[00:00] <+Age_Of_Alecia> You can't tell huh?
[00:00] <+Peih-Gee|> (why is this taking 10 years)
[00:00] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Color blind people
[00:00] <+MinionMom_> Xzibit-meme-generator-what-was-that-i-don-t-even-know-c01eb6.jpg
[00:00] <@jeffprObst> I'm missing 2 votes
[00:01] <+ShiiAnnHuang> :-)
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> KATYA + JADEN VOTE
[00:01] <+HelloKatya_> i did
[00:01] <+HelloKatya_> gonna go again
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> re-vote pls?
[00:01] <+JadenSmith> If Voting Made Any Difference They Wouldn't Let Us Do It
[00:01] <+JadenSmith> @ Jeff
[00:01] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play it now would be the time.
[00:02] <+ShiiAnnHuang> Jeff,
[00:02] <+ShiiAnnHuang> *stands*
[00:02] <+Age_Of_Alecia> omg
[00:02] <+Age_Of_Alecia> u go girl!
[00:02] <+Age_Of_Alecia> yas!
[00:02] <+ShiiAnnHuang> I'd like to play my idol...
[00:02] <+ShiiAnnHuang> On Daisy. x
[00:02] <+PrincessDaisy> @Minion
[00:02] * Peih-Gee| has no idea what's happening because she's at the spa
[00:02] <+Age_Of_Alecia> omg girl :o
[00:02] <+PrincessDaisy> @Katya
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> Okay. This is indeed a hidden immunity idol. Any votes for Daisy will NOT count.
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> 1st vote...
[00:02] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Wait
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:02] <+Age_Of_Alecia> people wanted Daisy out?
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:02] <+Age_Of_Alecia> o.O
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> MinionMom.
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:02] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> Shii-Ann.
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> Bernie
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote Bernie, 1 vote Shii Ann, 1 vote MinionMom.
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:03] <@jeffprObst>
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> MinionMom.
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> 2-1-1-
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> 6th vote...
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> Bernie.
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> 7th vote..
[00:03] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:04] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:04] <+BernieSanders> WHAT
[00:04] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:04] <+BernieSanders> BUT
[00:04] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:04] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:04] <+JadenSmith> (LMAO WHAT)
[00:04] <@jeffprObst> wait
[00:04] <+BernieSanders> MY POLITICAL REVOLUTION
[00:04] <@jeffprObst> MinionMom** sorry my brother yelled at me and I got confused
[00:04] <@jeffprObst> We are at 3 votes Minion, 1-1 for Bernie and Daisy
[00:04] <@jeffprObst> 6th vote...
[00:04] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:04] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:04] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:04] <@jeffprObst> Minion.
[00:04] <@jeffprObst> Next person voted out of Sri Lanka & the 3rd member of our jury
[00:04] <+BernieSanders> (Oh thank you god)
[00:04] <@jeffprObst> MinionMom.
[00:04] <+Peih-Gee|> ( :( )
[00:04] <@jeffprObst> MInionMom, the tribe has spoken. *snuffs torch*
[00:04] <+ShiiAnnHuang> me
[00:04] <+PrincessDaisy> BYE I'M DAISY! @MINION
[00:04] <+BernieSanders> (MinionMom </3)
[00:04] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Ha! Racism in our country will not be tolerated!
[00:04] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I have like
[00:04] <+MinionMom_>
[00:04] <+Age_Of_Alecia> six black friends
[00:04] <+Age_Of_Alecia> : )
[00:04] <+MinionMom_> Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:04] <+MinionMom_> Love u
[00:04] <+BernieSanders> (why would you use the idol)
[00:05] <+ShiiAnnHuang> (oopsee)
[00:05] <+HelloKatya_> to EXPOSE
[00:05] == cOnfessionals changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: CEYLON: Daisy, PG, Shii-Ann, Jaden, Katya, Bernie, Alecia | JURY: MrsWeather, TedCruz, Minion
[00:05] <+HelloKatya_> that she's working with THE ENEMY
[00:05] <+MinionMom_> Bye xoxo
[00:05] * MinionMom_ leaves to comfy ass ponderosa
[00:05] <+PrincessDaisy> Daisy me rollin
[00:05] <+PrincessDaisy> they hatin
[00:05] * Peih-Gee| returns from the spa, clean and happy
[00:05] <+Peih-Gee|> .....
[00:05] <+PrincessDaisy> @Katya
[00:05] <+Peih-Gee|> Where....
[00:05] <+Peih-Gee|> Where's MinionMom?
[00:05] == Weather_Jury [3280eeae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[00:06] <+PrincessDaisy> She was banished from my kingdom. xoxoxo
[00:06] <@jeffprObst> (give me one second)
[00:06] == MinionMom_ has changed nick to Minion_Jury
[00:06] <+JadenSmith> The Age Of Adaline Might Be The Best Movie I've Ever Seen, Excluding Twilight.
[00:06] <+Age_Of_Alecia> She got really racist!
[00:06] <+Age_Of_Alecia> @Peih-Gee
[00:06] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> Do NOT grab your torches and exit just yet.
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> Sit back down.
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> Tonight is a double tribal council.
[00:07] <+ShiiAnnHuang> ah.
[00:07] <+Peih-Gee|> I still at the spa
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> No
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> Peih-Gee is back.
[00:07] * JadenSmith Dials On His Phone
[00:07] <+JadenSmith> Shia Labeouf Do Not Leave New York City Without Letting Me See You.
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> *boat pulls up*
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> No one is immune.
[00:07] <@jeffprObst> SEND ME VOTES ASAP.
[00:07] <+Age_Of_Alecia> oh my goodness!
[00:07] <+Peih-Gee|> Oh dear...
[00:07] * Age_Of_Alecia falls out of my chair
[00:07] * Age_Of_Alecia falls out of my chair in real life
[00:07] * Age_Of_Alecia falls out of my chair literally
[00:08] * Age_Of_Alecia gets back in my chair
[00:08] * Age_Of_Alecia falls back out of my chair
[00:08] <+PrincessDaisy> CONF: I'm fire! Working that SSB exposure!
[00:09] == HelloKatya_ [bb0ec21c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> please send votes asap
[00:09] == HelloKatya [bb0ec21c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> (guys if I need to leave we'll continue this another day)
[00:09] <@jeffprObst> (but just keep sending votes)
[00:10] <HelloKatya> a
[00:10] <HelloKatya> test
[00:11] <+Age_Of_Alecia> but who is there
[00:11] <+BernieSanders> THIS IS TAKING SO LONG
[00:11] <+BernieSanders> I HEAR THE RIGGAGE TAKING PLACE
[00:12] <@jeffprObst> katya vote
[00:14] <+BernieSanders> (.)
[00:14] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Come on Katya!
[00:15] <@jeffprObst> (guys im not gonna read parchment for this tribal bear with me pls)
[00:15] <@jeffprObst> wait nvm chrome is back
[00:15] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[00:15] <+Peih-Gee|> (pm)
[00:15] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol *& would like to play it now would be the time
[00:15] <+Peih-Gee|> (PM!!!)
[00:15] <+PrincessDaisy> ^-^ <3
[00:15] * Peih-Gee| stands
[00:15] * Peih-Gee| turns to the crowd
[00:15] * JadenSmith Stares Into Space
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> ?
[00:16] * Peih-Gee| turns to Jaden
[00:16] <+Peih-Gee|> I have not gotten the chance to know you yet, Jaden.
[00:16] <+Peih-Gee|> and I'm ashamed of that.
[00:16] * Age_Of_Alecia spaces out
[00:16] * JadenSmith Stares Into Space More
[00:16] <+Peih-Gee|> So I hope by doing this tonight, you'll be my friend and let me be yours.
[00:16] * Peih-Gee| walks up to Jeff
[00:16] <+Peih-Gee|> This is for Jaden.
[00:16] <+JadenSmith> That Moment When You, "Whip" So Hard, You Tear A Ligament In Your Neck.
[00:16] <+BernieSanders> (i'm crying)
[00:16] * Peih-Gee| skips back to my seat
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> This IS a hidden immunity idol. Any votes cast for Jaden will not count.
[00:16] <+Peih-Gee|> Big moves only, I guess!
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> First vote....
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:16] <+BernieSanders> (I'M CRYING)
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:16] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> Jaden does not count
[00:17] <+ShiiAnnHuang> (me irl)
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> Jaden does not count
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <+PrincessDaisy> SAME! #DAISYSDEATH
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> Jaden does not count
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> Jaden does not count.
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> 5th vote...
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] * JadenSmith Stares Into Space Cuz He Realize
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> Jaden, does not count.
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> We still have no votes for anyone
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> 6th vote...
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:17] <@jeffprObst> ... PrincessDaisy.
[00:18] <@jeffprObst> 7th vote....
[00:18] <+JadenSmith>
[00:18] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :o
[00:18] <+BernieSanders> OH
[00:18] <@jeffprObst> .... Next person voted out of Ovivor: Sri Lanka & the 4th member of our jury
[00:18] <@jeffprObst> Daisy.
[00:18] <+Peih-Gee|> xx
[00:18] <@jeffprObst> Daisy, you need to bring me your torch.
[00:18] <+Peih-Gee|> You have to play hard sometimes.
[00:18] <@jeffprObst> It's clear that in this game - no one is safe.
[00:18] <+BernieSanders> (And I used my double vote for that damnit)
[00:18] <@jeffprObst> Grab your stuff and head back to camp.
[00:18] <@jeffprObst> G'night.
[00:19] <+JadenSmith> Either I Lie To You Or We Cry Together
[00:19] <+JadenSmith> @ PG
[00:19] == cOnfessionals changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: CEYLON: PG, Shii-Ann, Jaden, Katya, Bernie, Alecia | JURY: MrsWeather, TedCruz, Minion, Daisy
jeffprObst Alecia, how many flags are you removing?
jeffprObst 1 2 or 3?
Age_Of_Alecia Two
Peih-Gee| oh
BernieSanders do I go?
jeffprObst Next up is Bernie
jeffprObst 1 2 or 3?
JadenSmith Stares Into Space As It Rains
JadenSmith Raining Again, Seems Pretty Consistent.
jeffprObst Bernie
jeffprObst hurry please
BernieSanders test
jeffprObst works
jeffprObst pick
Age_Of_Alecia Bernie is going senile!
BernieSanders test
BernieSanders hello
jeffprObst it works
jeffprObst go!!!
BernieSanders 2 flags
HelloKatya Can I take 13?
HelloKatya If not, let's go with 1
jeffprObst 2 flags k
BernieSanders test
|<-- PrincessDaisy has left freenode (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
ShiiDevilJury hi
jeffprObst Next round -- PG
=-= Mode #OvivorSriLanka +v HelloKatya by jeffprObst
Peih-Gee| 3 flags
|<-- BernieSanders has left freenode (Quit: Page closed)
=-= Mode #OvivorSriLanka -v Minion_Jury by jeffprObst
jeffprObst entire first row is gone
jeffprObst next up is Katya
-->| BernieSanders (ad3f78e4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #OvivorSriLanka
=-= Mode #OvivorSriLanka -v ShiiDevilJury by jeffprObst
=-= Mode #OvivorSriLanka +v BernieSanders by jeffprObst
jeffprObst Katya 1 2 or 3 flags?
BernieSanders i picked two flags jsyk
HelloKatya 3
|<-- cOnfessionals has left freenode (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
jeffprObst now the order is re-starting
jeffprObst Alecia, go
jeffprObst (this round will be Alecia -> Bernie -> Jaden -> PG -> Katya
JadenSmith Age_Of_Alecia
Age_Of_Alecia Yes?
Age_Of_Alecia okay!
Minion_Jury #RIPScalia
Age_Of_Alecia Hmm
Age_Of_Alecia Three!
jeffprObst Next up is Bernie
BernieSanders 1
jeffprObst 2nd row is gone
jeffprObst Jaden, go
jeffprObst there are 7 flags left.
JadenSmith Okay
JadenSmith 3
BernieSanders (you are so dumb)
BernieSanders (now someone else is gonna win agh)
jeffprObst PG go
Peih-Gee| 1.
jeffprObst Katya, your turn.
jeffprObst There are 3 flags left.
JadenSmith (As long as it's not you why the fuck do I care biiiiiiiitch) \
JadenSmith @Bernie
HelloKatya 3
Age_Of_Alecia I was so close!
JadenSmith Stares Into Space
jeffprObst *puts immunity necklace around Katya's neck*
jeffprObst Congratulations, you have a 1 in 4 chance at winning this game.
Peih-Gee| Yay Katya
jeffprObst The rest of you - tribal is tonight.
jeffprObst Come on in, guys.
jeffprObst Set your torches down and take a seat.
Peih-Gee| I'm nervous, but I think I can pull through.
jeffprObst ALL - How does it feel to be so close to the f3?
jeffprObst SEND IN VOTES ASAP!!!
HelloKatya Well, it's... strange
jeffprObst guys
HelloKatya I mean
jeffprObst webchat is flopping
jeffprObst dont send me confs just yet
jeffprObst if you were planning on doing that
HelloKatya My plan of sharing the prize money equally kind of blew up
HelloKatya so I'm surprised I'm still here
[00:54] == cOnfessional [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[00:54] == mode/#OvivorSriLanka [+o cOnfessional] by jeffprObst
[00:54] * ShiiDevilJury glares @jury
[00:55] * JadenSmith Sniffs
[00:55] <+JadenSmith> I Don't Smell Good, But I Don't Smell Bad You Feel Me.

[00:56] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I feel you!
[00:56] <+HelloKatya> nah, you feel bad
[00:56] <+HelloKatya> we've been here for DAYS
[00:57] <+HelloKatya> can you imagine how the homeless must feel?
[00:57] <+HelloKatya> living like this their ENTIRE LIFE?
[00:57] <@jeffprObst> katya + bernie
[00:57] <+JadenSmith> ...
[00:57] <+JadenSmith> I Just Dropped A Song
[00:57] <@jeffprObst> vote
[00:57] <+JadenSmith> @ Katya
[00:57] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I am withering away
[00:57] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :(
[00:57] <+Peih-Gee|> I'm very nervous tonight.
[00:58] * Age_Of_Alecia pretends to blow away in the wind by hiding behind her seat
[00:58] <@jeffprObst> Okay...
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> my arm is hurting
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> If anyone has a hidden immunity idol tonight is the LAST NIGHT to play it!
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> I'll read the votes.
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> 1st vote...
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> ..
[00:59] <@jeffprObst>
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> Alecia.
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:59] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Jaden, how rude!
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:59] <@jeffprObst>
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> Bernie.
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> 1-1
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote...
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> ..
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:59] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Oh no...
[00:59] <@jeffprObst> .
[00:59] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :(
[01:00] <@jeffprObst>
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> Alecia
[01:00] <+Peih-Gee|> ...
[01:00] <+JadenSmith> It's Okay To Cry Guys.
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> 2-1
[01:00] <+Age_Of_Alecia> Okay
[01:00] <+Age_Of_Alecia> rude!
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> 4th vote...
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> Bernie.
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes bernie, 2 votes alecia.
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> 1 vote left.
[01:00] <+Age_Of_Alecia> thanks whoever helped me <3
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> 9th person voted out of Ovivor: Sri Lanka & the 6th member of our jury...
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> ..
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> ... Alecia.
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> Alecia, the tribe has spoken.
[01:00] * ShiiDevilJury cries
[01:00] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[01:00] <+BernieSanders> PHEW
[01:00] <+Peih-Gee|> ...
[01:00] <Weather_Jury> (stop robbing all the good people)
[01:00] <+Age_Of_Alecia> B-but
[01:00] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I'm a mental giant!
[01:00] <+BernieSanders> CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES CMON
[01:01] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :(
[01:01] <+Peih-Gee|> Alecia :( :( :(
[01:01] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I AM THE MASTERMIND!
[01:01] <+JadenSmith> I'm To Emotional For All That Relationship Stuff.
[01:01] <+Age_Of_Alecia> HOW AM I OUT?
[01:01] * BernieSanders dances to Cake By The Ocean
[01:01] <+Age_Of_Alecia> :(
[01:02] <+HelloKatya> a
[01:02] <+BernieSanders> test
[01:03] <+HelloKatya> do we have to wait here while the host strokes his weiner?
[01:03] <Minion_Jury> test
[01:03] <+JadenSmith> Look Around, What's Going On.

[01:03] <+HelloKatya> prObst is FappingViolentlyInCrowd
[01:03] <ShiiDevilJury> test
[01:04] <@jeffprObst> setting up the chall
[01:04] <@jeffprObst> sorry 1 moment
[01:04] <+BernieSanders> WITHOUT BEING STOP BY THE COPS
[01:05] <+BernieSanders> THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS AND WRONG
[01:05] <@jeffprObst> okay
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> come on in, guys!
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> Welcome to your Final. Immunity. Challenge
[01:06] * Peih-Gee| walks in, nervously
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> today's challenge is ENTRAPMENT.
[01:06] <@jeffprObst>
[01:06] * JadenSmith Walks In But Realizes
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> ^^ This is the board you are currently playing on.
[01:06] <+Peih-Gee|> (can we do this on a google doc)
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> No
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> When I ask for moves
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> When I ask for moves
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> Move your piece to a coordinate
[01:06] <@jeffprObst> It is first come first serve
[01:07] <@jeffprObst> So if you are fighting for a spot
[01:07] <@jeffprObst> Whoever says it first gets it
[01:07] <@jeffprObst> If you have no more places to move you are out
[01:07] <@jeffprObst> Last person remaining wins
[01:07] <@jeffprObst> Everyone understand?
[01:07] <@jeffprObst> you can move anywhere 1 piece at a time
[01:07] <+JadenSmith> Currently Going Through Customs Even Though I Was Born On This Planet.
[01:07] <@jeffprObst> ROUND ONE
[01:07] <@jeffprObst> MOVE.
[01:07] <+BernieSanders> B5
[01:07] <+JadenSmith> wait
[01:08] <+Peih-Gee|> Aren't we supposed to go in turns?
[01:08] <+JadenSmith> D1
[01:08] <+Peih-Gee|> For entrapment?
[01:08] <@jeffprObst> no
[01:08] <+JadenSmith> (can we move diagonally?)
[01:08] <@jeffprObst> yes
[01:08] <@jeffprObst> Katya + PG move
[01:08] <+BernieSanders> (can we move backwards)
[01:08] <+Peih-Gee|> E4
[01:08] <@jeffprObst> um
[01:08] <@jeffprObst> like
[01:08] <@jeffprObst> no you can't revert a move
[01:08] <+JadenSmith> (has to be an open space)
[01:08] <@jeffprObst> KATYA MOVE
[01:09] <+BernieSanders> like if i was at b3
[01:09] <+BernieSanders> and moved to a3
[01:09] <+HelloKatya> o
[01:09] <+HelloKatya> umm
[01:09] <@jeffprObst> o yes @bernie
[01:09] <+HelloKatya> A2
[01:09] <+HelloKatya> idk
[01:09] <+HelloKatya> sure, A2
[01:09] <@jeffprObst> When I post the link to the next board, you make your moves then
[01:09] <@jeffprObst>
[01:09] <@jeffprObst> Go
[01:09] <+JadenSmith> C1
[01:10] <+BernieSanders> c4
[01:10] <+Peih-Gee|> E3
[01:10] <+HelloKatya> B2
[01:10] <@jeffprObst> When I post the next board, move
[01:10] <@jeffprObst>
[01:10] <+JadenSmith> C2
[01:10] <+BernieSanders> c3
[01:11] <+Peih-Gee|> E2
[01:11] <@jeffprObst> Katya?
[01:11] <+HelloKatya> C2
[01:11] <+HelloKatya> o
[01:11] <+HelloKatya> wait
[01:11] <+HelloKatya> B3
[01:12] <@jeffprObst> okay
[01:12] <+Peih-Gee|> .
[01:12] <@jeffprObst> when I post the next board
[01:12] <@jeffprObst> you make your moves
[01:12] <@jeffprObst>
[01:12] <+BernieSanders> d2
[01:12] <+JadenSmith> D4
[01:12] <+Peih-Gee|> D2
[01:12] <+HelloKatya> A3
[01:12] <@jeffprObst> Bernie goes to d2
[01:12] <+JadenSmith> er d3*
[01:12] <@jeffprObst> peih gee
[01:12] <+Peih-Gee|> o
[01:12] <@jeffprObst> is out of this challenge
[01:13] <@jeffprObst> Bernie is out
[01:13] <+BernieSanders> literally everyone is out
[01:13] <@jeffprObst> Katya has 2 more spaces to go
[01:13] <@jeffprObst> Jaden has 3 more spaces to go
[01:13] <@jeffprObst> meaning
[01:13] <+BernieSanders> actually no I'm not
[01:13] <@jeffprObst> JADEN WINS FINAL IMMUNITY
[01:13] <@jeffprObst> you went to d2
[01:13] <+BernieSanders> (i have 4 spaces to go
[01:13] <@jeffprObst> hang on
[01:13] <@jeffprObst> let me
[01:13] <+JadenSmith> (O post the board so he sees)
[01:13] <@jeffprObst> screenshot
[01:13] <+BernieSanders> you said i can do down and backwards
[01:13] <@jeffprObst>
[01:13] <+JadenSmith> you can't
[01:13] <@jeffprObst> here
[01:13] <@jeffprObst> okay
[01:14] <@jeffprObst> go to Jaden
[01:14] <@jeffprObst> and
[01:14] <@jeffprObst> try to go against bernie
[01:14] <+JadenSmith> ?
[01:14] <+BernieSanders> um but jeff
[01:14] <+BernieSanders> you should chose only the first move that he picks
[01:14] <+JadenSmith> I couldn't do d4
[01:14] <+BernieSanders> he souldn't be able to change after I pick.
[01:14] <+JadenSmith> (Stop arguing I won)
[01:14] <@jeffprObst> i said it's first come first serve
[01:14] <@jeffprObst> you got it first
[01:14] <+BernieSanders> (ugh)
[01:15] <+JadenSmith> Girls Don't Like Gentlemen
[01:15] <+JadenSmith> @ Bernie
[01:15] <@jeffprObst> Come on in guys
[01:15] <@jeffprObst> Set your torches down and take a seat
[01:15] <+HelloKatya> OOOOH
[01:15] <@jeffprObst> ALL - send votes pls
[01:15] <+HelloKatya> Red background and yellow text
[01:15] <+HelloKatya> I love when prObst comes in socialistically <3
[01:15] <Minion_Jury> #OvivorSriLanka: CEYLON: PG, Jaden, Katya, Bernie | JURY: MrsWeather, TedCruz, Minion, Daisy, Shii-Ann, Alecia
[01:16] <ShiiDevilJury> plox update xx
[01:16] <Minion_Jury> .
[01:16] <Minion_Jury> i can't
[01:16] == Minion_Jury changed the topic of #OvivorSriLanka to: OvivorSriLanka: CEYLON: PG, Jaden, Katya, Bernie | JURY: MrsWeather, TedCruz, Minion, Daisy, Shii-Ann, Alecia
[01:16] <Minion_Jury> nvm there we go
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> 2 votes
[01:16] <@jeffprObst> Katya + bernie vote
[01:16] == Weather_Jury [3280eeae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> Bernie
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> need ya vote
[01:17] <@jeffprObst> bernie vote!bernie vote!bernie vote!bernie vote!bernie vote!
[01:17] <+Age_Of_Alecia> (bernie not voting, ha!)
[01:18] <@jeffprObst> bernie vote by 1:20 or it's a self vote
[01:18] <+BernieSanders> okay]

[01:18] <+BernieSanders> okay]
[01:19] <+BernieSanders> I done did it.
[01:19] <@jeffprObst> Okay.
[01:19] <@jeffprObst> First vote...
[01:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:19] <@jeffprObst>
[01:19] <@jeffprObst> Katya
[01:19] <@jeffprObst> (not doing colored font bc tired)
[01:19] <@jeffprObst> 2nd vote...
[01:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:19] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:19] <@jeffprObst> Bernie.
[01:19] <@jeffprObst> 3rd vote....
[01:19] <+Peih-Gee|> ...
[01:19] <@jeffprObst> ..
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:20] <+Peih-Gee|> I'm so nervous!
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> .
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> Bernie.
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> .... 11th person voted out of Ovivor: sri Lanka & the 7th and final member of our jury
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> BernieSanders.
[01:20] <+BernieSanders> YOU LIE
[01:20] <+Peih-Gee|> :O
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> Bernie, the tribe has spoken.
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> *snuffs torch*
[01:20] <+BernieSanders> @PEIH GEE
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> ~~~
[01:20] <ShiiDevilJury> omg robbed
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> Alright.
[01:20] <+Peih-Gee|> Well.......I did it!
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> Peih-Gee.
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> Jaden.
[01:20] <+BernieSanders> THE POLITICAL REVOLUTION
[01:20] <ShiiDevilJury> bernie <3
[01:20] <+HelloKatya>
[01:20] <+Peih-Gee|> I finallyy made the final tribal council!
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> and Katya.
[01:20] <+Peih-Gee|> :O
[01:20] <+BernieSanders> WILL LIVE ON
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> You have made it as far as you can in this game.
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> This is it.
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> Now...
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> the power shifts to the jury
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> the seven people you had a hand in voting out
[01:20] <Minion_Jury> [feel the bern(ing of the torch)]
[01:20] <+HelloKatya> I'm sorry Bernie
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> will now vote for a winner.
[01:20] <+JadenSmith> I've Bin Drinking Distilled Water For So Long That When I Drink Normal Water It Feels Like I'm Swallowing Huge Chunks Of Aluminum.
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> Come on in, guys!
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> MrsWeather.
[01:20] <+Peih-Gee|> I'm sorry Bernie but it had to be done :(
[01:20] <+HelloKatya> you're too much of a DEMOCRATIC Socialist
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> Ted.
[01:20] <ShiiDevilJury> Hi
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> Minion.
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> Daisy.
[01:20] <+HelloKatya> I WANT DICTATORSHIP
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> Shii-Ann.
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> Alecia.
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> And Bernie, voted out at the last tribal.
[01:20] <+HelloKatya> #StandWithStalin
[01:20] <@jeffprObst> You guys can speak your mind and berate the contestants.
[01:21] <@jeffprObst> Finalists - feel free to give a speech on why you should win
[01:21] <+Peih-Gee|> I just want to thank everyone for making this game so much fun!
[01:21] <+HelloKatya> okay guys
[01:21] <+HelloKatya> If I win
[01:21] <@jeffprObst> VOTE AS SOON AS YOU CAN!
[01:21] <+HelloKatya> I will be a good communist
[01:21] <+JadenSmith> When You Are Uncertain You Worry When You Are Certain You Relax.
[01:21] <+HelloKatya> And share the prize money equally with ALL OF US
[01:21] <+Peih-Gee|> I'm so happy to have made it to the end with Katya <3
[01:21] <+Peih-Gee|> She's my best friend out here!
[01:21] <Minion_Jury> HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[01:21] <+HelloKatya> I will pay Jane Bright's mortgage too
[01:21] <+JadenSmith> No Pain No Gain Young Kurt Cobain.
[01:22] <+JadenSmith> (mortgages are capitalistic???? @ Katya)
[01:22] <ShiiDevilJury> Um, Peih-Gee, even though you probably had some hand in eliminating me idk, I appreciate your game. Katya, Jaden; I didn't really talk to you both but you played good games, obviously, because you made it this far. I don't have much else to say. I
[01:22] <Minion_Jury> Now...As you know, I am a proud Conservative......and I am a Mother. I <3 ALL moms!!!
[01:22] <+Peih-Gee|> Thanks Shii Ann!
[01:22] <+Peih-Gee|> You're always going to be my favorite Asian Sensation <3 <3 <3
[01:22] <+Peih-Gee|> MINIONMOM!!! :D
[01:22] <Minion_Jury> Tel lme how you most used Family and MOTHERLY values in this game.........And i Will vote for U.
[01:22] <+Peih-Gee|> I'm so happy to see you again!
[01:23] <+BernieSanders> NOW.
[01:23] <Minion_Jury> @Peih-Gee|, JadenSmith, HelloKatya
[01:23] <ShiiDevilJury> ily @pg
[01:23] <+JadenSmith> Kanye West Is The Greatest Dancer Of Our Generation.
[01:23] <+JadenSmith> Shia Labeouf Is Life.
[01:23] <+JadenSmith> @ Minion Mom
[01:24] <Minion_Jury> ...??? I wil lnever Understand you, Jaden. XD
[01:24] <ShiiDevilJury> same!!
[01:24] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I VOTED
[01:24] <+HelloKatya> umm
[01:24] * Age_Of_Alecia puts sticker on
[01:24] <+Peih-Gee|> MinionMom, when we get back home, PLEASE friend me on facebook!
[01:24] <+Peih-Gee|> I love your memes.
[01:24] * Age_Of_Alecia takes photo of breasts
[01:24] <+Age_Of_Alecia> I VOTED
[01:24] <+Age_Of_Alecia> : )
[01:24] <+HelloKatya> The communist Utopia is just like the Kingdom of G*d
[01:24] <+HelloKatya> (:
[01:24] <+HelloKatya> @Mom
[01:24] <Minion_Jury> yeah its no question.
[01:24] <+BernieSanders> NOW
[01:24] <Minion_Jury> <3 You though katya!!!!!!!
[01:24] <+BernieSanders> WHERE WE WERE
[01:24] <+BernieSanders> NOT EVEN THREE MINUTES AGO
[01:25] <+BernieSanders> PEIH-GEE
[01:25] <+HelloKatya> thanks mom
[01:25] <+BernieSanders> WHAT CAUSED YOU TO FLIP THE VOTE
[01:25] <ShiiDevilJury> I also voted :))))))
[01:25] <+BernieSanders> WAS IT.....
[01:25] * BernieSanders twitches
[01:25] <+BernieSanders> THE KOCH BROTHERS
[01:25] <+Peih-Gee|> Um...
[01:25] <+Peih-Gee|> No?
[01:25] <+JadenSmith> Just Stare In The Mirror And Cry And You'll Be Good. 👍 @ Bernie
[01:25] <+Peih-Gee|> I didn't want to vote you out Bernie :(
[01:26] <+Peih-Gee|> But Jaden won immunity...I wanted to take you to the end with Katya.
[01:26] <+BernieSanders> BUT
[01:26] * BernieSanders twitches
[01:26] <+BernieSanders> LOOK WHERE I AM TODAY
[01:26] <+BernieSanders> NOT WITH YOU
[01:26] <+BernieSanders> BUT WITH THE JURY
[01:26] <+BernieSanders> YOU HAVE BEEN
[01:26] * BernieSanders twitches
[01:26] <+Peih-Gee|> Like I said, I REALLY wanted you here!
[01:26] <+BernieSanders> BOUGHT AND PAID FOR..........
[01:26] <+Peih-Gee|> But it couldn't be done. Jaden was undefeatable in entrapment.
[01:26] <+BernieSanders> BY THE BILLIONAIRES
[01:26] <ShiiDevilJury> Ah, Peih-Gee, I have a question... Did you really want to take me to the end; or was it false?
[01:26] <+BernieSanders> DAMN YOU PEIH-GEE.
[01:27] <+Peih-Gee|> Yes I did!
[01:27] <+Peih-Gee|> @ShiiAnn
[01:27] <+BernieSanders> FOR THE OTHER CANDIDATES-
[01:27] <@jeffprObst> ALRIGHT.
[01:27] <@jeffprObst> THE VOTES ARE IN.
[01:27] <+Peih-Gee|> You're always going to be my favorite Asian Sensation!
[01:27] <ShiiDevilJury> xox
[01:27] <@jeffprObst> THEY WILL BE READ LIVE IN NEW YORK! (go to main chat)
[01:27] <@jeffprObst> ~~~ GOES ON JET SKI ~~~
[01:27] <ShiiDevilJury> bernie ur an stupid people
[01:27] <ShiiDevilJury> honestly.
[01:30] == MissWeather [3280eeae@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #OvivorSriLanka
[01:30] <MissWeather> (who won?)
[01:30] <MissWeather> (do i vote or?)
[01:30] <Minion_Jury> peih-gee
[01:31] <Minion_Jury> you left a blacklist so I think thats what he went off of
[01:32] == HelloKatya [bb0ec21c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[01:32] == BernieSanders [ad3f78e4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[01:32] == JadenSmith [32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]