Peih-Gee Law
Contestant Profile
Username 1dra7

Sri Lanka

Tribe(s) Tamil
Placement 1st
Votes Against 0
Day(s) Lasted 21
I'm a natural born leader.

Peih-Gee Law is a contestant from Ovivor: Sri Lanka.

Peih-Gee is notable for playing one of the strongest winning games of all time. She was able to keep a strong control on the game, while ensuring that none of her ties to the jury members were affected – such as giving MinionMom her idol rather than playing it or voting with Alecia Holden despite knowing that she would go home. Her natural competitive drive meant that she often turned the game on its head by flipping, forcing ties, and mastering the art of voting blocs. She was able to advance to the end with zero votes against her and no immunity wins, then proceeded to dominate her two opponents in a 5–1–1 vote, a complete blow-out.

Ovivor: Sri LankaEdit

Voting HistoryEdit

Peih-Gee's Voting History
Episode Vote Voted Against
1 Hugo
2 Jaden;
3 Moors Tribe Immune
4 Minion
5 Ted;
6 Ineligible
7 Shii-Ann
8 Bernie
Sole Ovivor, Day 21
Jury Votes
for Peih-Gee
Alecia, Daisy, Minion,
Shii-Ann, Weather