Regina Mills
Contestant Profile
Username Reddude
Gender Female ♀


Tribe(s) Trădare
The Outcasts
Placement 11th
Challenges 1
Votes Against 2
Day(s) Lasted 6

Regina Mills is a contestant from Ovivor: Transylvania.

Ovivor: TransylvaniaEdit

Regina entered the game frustrated that no one recognized her. She also mentioned to Raphael, regarding his religious beliefs, that there is no God - only magic, and she conjured a fireball in her hand. Regina also ordered Mary to kneel before her, and was shocked when she disobeyed. She yelled at Mary for defying the "Evil Queen," and hurled a fireball at her. After overhearing that Fiona was a witch, she exclaimed that Fiona had no idea who she was dealing with - and that Regina herself was the superior witch. Just before the challenge, she called herself "fear itself" and arrived to the challenge arena in a cloud of dark magic. Regina was frustrated that the "whore of babylon," Sister Mary Eunice, became team captain - as she was "hardly qualified to choose any sort of army." Regina added that she would rather take her chances alone than force herself to work with the level of incompetence on Trădare. Regina tried to conjure up another fireball after growing frustrated with Spoderman, when she realized she was in a realm with no magic. When Brenda referred to Regina by her name, she corrected it to the "Evil Queen" and told her to know her boundaries.

When Trădare lost the second immunity challenge, Regina yelled at her tribe about their level of incompetence. She blamed Brenda for the source of all that was wrong, and mentioned that she would enjoy cooking her to a crisp. At Tribal Council, Regina asked the host what curse they would be casting tonight. Luckily for Regina, Winnifred was evacuated, and they were given a slight reprieve. Once Trădare lost yet again, Regina shoved Brenda to ground and yelled at her to "kneel, peasant." She called Brenda pathetic, and Peach a half-wit. At Tribal Council, in a moment of rage, she lashed out at Ken to get the Hell out of his fairy tale world, and told the other contestants that the Evil Queen deserves respect. She told the host that she was done with the incompetent fools, and wanted out. With only vote against her, the votes deadlocked, forcing Trădare to draw rocks. Regina proceeded to enchant the bag of rocks, adding that magic should get her what she wanted. To her delight, she had drawn the purple rock, and left the game in a cloud of dark magic - stating that the Evil Queen will always get her way.

Returning momentarily for the Outcasts twist, Regina voted for Raphael in an attempt to stay eliminated.

Voting HistoryEdit

Regina's Voting History
Episode Regina's
Voted Against
1 Trădare Tribe Immune
2 No Tribal Council
3 Brenda;
Eliminated, Day 6
6 Raphael -
Eliminated, Day 11