Steve Minecraft
Steve Minecraft
Contestant Profile
Username DerbyDog
Gender Male ♂


Tribe(s) Kuta
Placement 11th
Challenges 1
Votes Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 4
I never had a childhood, I was born a man of pixels.

Steve Minecraft is a contestant from Ovivor: Bali.

Ovivor: BaliEdit

Upon his arrival in "Master of Stealth and Disguise," Steve hoped he would be placed on a good "clan." He then asked everyone where he could find diamonds. When he was put on the Kuta tribe, he expressed his disinterest in the tribe camp, as there was no caves for mining minerals.

He offered to build the tribe camp, fish, and grow wheat for hunger bars. At the challenge, Steve told his tribe that he would not be participating, as his health would go down and that marine life did not exist in the world of blocks. He did, however, mention that he was good at puzzles.

Steve was relatively a non-entity in "Missing Just Like My Uterus." Kuta lost the challenge, and at tribal, he received two votes along with Hope and Darek, causing a tie. In the re-vote, nobody switched their votes, causing a deadlocked tie, forcing everyone to draw rocks. Steve drew the purple rock, and his torch was snuffed that night. In the end, it was sheer luck that led to his end.

Voting HistoryEdit

Steve's Voting History
Episode Steve's
Voted Against
1 Kuta Tribe Immune
2 Ed;
Jaclyn, Steve;
Crustle, Jaclyn
Eliminated, Day 4